Thursday, October 10, 2013


From Jonathan Feigen @ Ultimate Rockets:  "A rowdy reception in Taipei after Lin comes off bench in Manila"

And the excitement begins.  Here's a link:
It was nearly 4 a.m. in Taipei. Most were moving slowly, with another hour of travel waiting before the hotel arrival. But then one-by-one, as the Rockets and every member of the very large traveling party reached that corridor and the walk to the busses, they were greeted with shouts and screams and well-wishes from the hundreds that came out to the airports because the Rockets, and particularly Jeremy Lin, were in town.
There were fans in Lin uniforms, including the Rockets’ striped pajamas uniforms that he never wore. There were signs and banners. There was a poster with Lin holding two giant hamburgers on his shoulders for reasons that were not apparent, though he is a Californian and is in the NBA so he probably loves In N’ Out.
Mostly though, after the screams there were shouts.
“Ni Hao!!”
I don’t know how that last one got in there. I can only assume that these people were so happy to see anyone connected with Houston they would have cheered Matt Schaub.
What will they do to McHale if he doesn't start Lin?  Stay tuned . . . 

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