Thursday, October 10, 2013

Q&A with the director of "Linsanity"

No, not an exclusive wth us, unfortunately (although we do hope to meet Evan Leong since he IS the cousin of one of my co-workers).  This is an interview with the Christian Post.

Here's the link.

And here's the money quote, in my opinion (which is the same view we've taken from the beginning at  It's about how Jeremy's story is multifaceted.  It's about basketball, yes.  But it's also about his faith.  And it's also about his race.  It's about the whole mixture of things that make Jeremy Lin a real person as opposed to just a phenomenon.
For me, in this documentary we wanted to tell his story, and for his story there is no story without his faith. It's a huge component of who he is and how he lives, and so we had to make sure that that's part of it in this film. We obviously wanted to explore other things of who he is; Asian-American, Ivy League, Bay Area, underdog, but if you didn't include all those, or you took one of those out, then you're not really exploring who he is as a person. His faith is really important to who he is.

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