Sunday, October 13, 2013

Pre-Season Game 3 Rockets vs Pacers in Taiwan - Post Game Thread

Jeremy shows flashes of domination in win over Pacers. Here's his line:

17 pts
4 asts
3 stls
1 blk

After 3 games Jeremy's shooting has been incredible:

fg % (13-21) 62%
3pt fg % (4-6) 66%
ft % (12-12) 100%

If the Rockets have any thoughts of sending Jeremy to the bench, this game made it plainly obvious how insane those ideas are. All they need to do is stagger his minutes with Harden's. Case closed.


If Jeremy is not the clear starting point guard after this game, he will never be. Too me, this is just plain racism. What else can you call it?

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