Saturday, October 12, 2013

Pre-Season Game 3 Rockets vs Pacers in Taiwan - Pre-Game Thread

It sounds like Jeremy will be starting tonight but you can see the writing on the wall. There are some positives about Jeremy coming off the bench. Obviously, having the ball in his hands will help him play to his strengths. He'll be facing more of the opponents 2nd unit. However, if Jeremy is relegated to the bench, many more questions will arise.

1. Why don't you just stagger his and Harden's minutes?
2. Who will play crunch time minutes?
3. Who pays a backup $15 mil a year ($8.37 mil against the cap)?
4. When will he be traded?

Remember folks, things have not changed with Jeremy since he started playing basketball. He will always have to be way way better than the next guy on his team to play. Not just better but dominatingly better.

Lin>>>Housman (Started at PG over Lin at Harvard)
Lin >>> Law (out of NBA, took all of JLin backup minutes at GSW)
Lin>>>Flynn (out of the NBA, beat out Jeremy for roster spot)
Lin>>>Bibby(was on last legs of career), TD (decent backup) (JLin only got in in NY because they were losing so bad and D'Antoni was probably going to get fired)
Lin>>>Jenkins(JLin cut for this guy who may be out of NBA soon)
Lin>>>Beverly(Solid backup, plays scrappy and can rebound, but starting over Jeremy??????)

I've told you guys this before but things will not change in our era. Jeremy is the one Asian out of 450 NBA players. .22%. He is not going to be treated like other NBA players, that's just the way it is so get used to it.

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