Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Couple of thoughts

Two articles today on JLin's new challenges.

This "article" is a joke.  Harden is "the most efficient offensive player in the league?"  Howard is an "incredibly talented offensive player?"  Seriously?  This one is slightly better.

My view?  I think that Harden is overrated and difficult to play with on the offensive end, especially when he thinks he's "the man."  At least in OKC, it was clear that Durant was the focus and Harden was the one who needed to adjust.  Since arriving at Houston, Harden has been somewhat of a Melo-lite.

I think it will be important to see how Harden (and Beverley for that matter) play with Howard vs. how Lin plays with Howard.  If Howard feels slighted by taking a backseat to Harden, things could get interesting.  I think Lin will fit better with Howard and will feed him the ball more than Harden or Beverley will.

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