Saturday, October 26, 2013

Best 6th Man Ever

Here are my top 3 "Best 6th Man Ever":

1. Kevin McHale
2. Manu Ginobli
3. James Harden

McHale and Harden, hmm.

Also, if Jeremy blows up playing off the bench, wouldn't it be funny/crazy if he was voted as a starter on the All-Star team?

Kobe would get the most votes at guard even without playing much, if at all.

Jeremy would get the angry Asian vote if he's playing great. Remember, he almost beat out Chris Paul last year playing mediocre.

Update: 9:56am

Thanks ForgeBond. Yes, I forgot about John Havlicek and Michael Cooper.

My new top 3:

1. John Havlicek
2. Kevin McHale
3. Manu Ginobli

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