Monday, October 14, 2013

A Short Linsanity Movie Review & A Couple of Links Regarding Sunday's Game

I know you've probably all read the reviews, but I wanted to give you a different perspective on the movie:

So I took my family to see the Linsanity Movie on Sunday in San Francisco.  The Sundance Theater in Japantown was showing the movie in Theater 7, which is pretty small with probably only about 50 seats, most of which were filled.

Much to my chagrin, none of the other members of my family are big basketball fans.  But they all -- my wife, teenage daughter, and elementary school aged son -- loved the movie.  My son, especially, laughed heartily at the scenes of Jeremy singing karaoke, playing piano at his recitals, and typing on his laptop with his Lion King blanket.

Frankly, I think the movie -- showing the background of Jeremy as a young boy, leading Palo Alto to the State Championship, and overcoming the odds -- probably went a long way towards explaining to them why I spend any time on the project.

Yes, the movie is about basketball.  But it's also about facing and overcoming racial stereotypes.  And, for our family especially, it's about faith (even when -- and perhaps especially when -- things aren't going your way).  I think, however, those are themes/stories that resonate with everyone to a degree:  whether you are a basketball fan or not; whether you are of Asian ancestry or not; and whether you are Christian or not.  [But, of course, if you are all three, then Jeremy's story is even more special.]

Anyway, it's not clear to me how much longer the movie will be in theaters.  So, if you are thinking about taking your family to the movie, I strongly recommend that you do it soon, even if they are not basketball fans.


More highlights and a post-game interview

Jeremy saying "all the right things" (of course, what else could he say?)

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