Thursday, September 5, 2013

Linsanity Movie -- Win Two Tickets to the Los Angeles Premiere!

Jeremy Lin fans, will be giving one lucky winner two tickets to the exclusive September 19th Premiere of the Linsanity documentary.  Jeremy Lin and his family will be in attendance along with the rest of Hollywood!

This is your chance to see the movie before it is released to the general public on October 4th as well as to have a once in a lifetime experience of "walking the red carpet" at a Hollywood movie premiere.

Here is a link to the trailer:

Here's how to enter for your chance to win:
  • Follow @jeremylinnet on Twitter
  • Tweet the following message:
Go to for a chance to win 2 free tix to the LA premiere of @linsanitymovie from @jeremylinnet #linsanitythemovie
  • We will search all conforming tweets as of 5:00pm Pacific Time on Friday, September 13th.  A winner will be drawn and announced on our website on Saturday, September 14th.  We will contact the winner via Twitter with details on how to obtain your tickets. 
Good luck!  One entry per Twitter account please!

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  1. First! About time u post a new thread, mod! Is it really that hard to make a new thread? My goodness.

    btw.. dont like this linsanity promo at all. Lin is just putting a big target on his back in what is going to be a very important year. Mchale already hates him for having a movie named after him. Lin doesn't need to invite more haters.

    1. Damn Solidz are you an only child?

    2. No I'm THE only child, biatch..

    3. Man , Jeremy Lin is much bigger than basketball. He transcends basketball. He doesn't live for Mchale , the Rockets , for fans or even for himself. His life has a purpose. His story needs to be shared to the world.

      'can't wait for it to be shown in my country.

    4. I think this promotion is superb!

      If there is anything to that NBA should learn from Lin's huge popularity during the recent Asia trip, they should have a vested interest to make Lin successful to grow their brand in Asia, particularly China as the largest market.

      If Lin's popularity is growing, there would be pressure for the Rockets to define Lin's role in Houston. I might be wrong but Lin can't worry about how much McHale will hate the movie.

      If anything, other players better be nice to Jeremy like Novak and Parsons did because their brand will also grow in China!

    5. Chan c.. U act like no one knows about Lin's story. He rocked the world for two weeks. People know his story

      Psalm: again, Lin has yet to prove himself. He doesn't need more obstacles. How long is he going to hold on to linsanity? He needs to let his play do the talking. No need for this at this point in his career.

    6. and that story needs to be relived... and relived.... and relived... and relived...

      You just don't know how his life will touch more and more lives through this film. That's the reason why Linsanity happened.

      P.S. Haters gonna hate , no matter what. :)

      And we have here - a legend in the making , whether we believe it or not.

    7. Is it even possible to invite even more haters?

    8. Haters? Don't worry about it, it's not your problem,
      it's theirs.

    9. I understand people's simplistic view of this.. And this being a Lin site, I wouldn't see it any other way.

      When I say haters, I'm not talking about your regular Joe Schmo, racist rocket fans.

      I'm talking about the Kevin mchales in the NBA- the old time refs who may be even more hesitant to call a foul due contempt, the coaches, the fellow players who may think lin doesnt deserve this accolades and may gun even harder for him raising his injury risk. these factors have the potential to cause direct detrimental effect in Lin's basketball career.

      U just don't overly celebrate a player who is actively playing when he hasnt done anything. And this is what this farce is...

      Linsanity was already celebrated for two weeks. No need to milk it.

      Lin now needs to prove something on the court .. Otherwise Lin was be placed into the category of Rudy, a tramsient feel good story.

      I think Jackson is really hurting his brand for his own cause. This film didn't need to come out now. It wouldve had a much bigger impact if it can out on 10 year anniversary...

      Lin better step up him game this year. Otherwise people, including some people on this site, will just start to lose faith and Lin will just be remembered only as a feel good story.

    10. Solidz75,

      Well said. As far as how Lin has improved we shall see. He says he worked hard this summer and is coming in without any injuries.

      With the addition of Dwight Howard the stakes have changed and I think Houston's offense will be a lot slower with fewer shots to go around. It goes without saying that this will be a very important season for Lin.

    11. Solidz,

      I also understand the part where the movie might put Lin in a disadvantage as far as his relationship with his coaches and his peers.

      But I also understand the dilemma that the movie-maker faces. They have been shooting for 2-3 years and finally got the ending in Linsanity that noone expected. They only started shooting without any promise that it will hit it big-time. The worst case is Lin would get a nice documentary footage about the plight of Asian-Americans trying to break into D1 college basketball and the NBA.

      The movie should have come out in 2-3 months after Linsanity in 2012 but they didn't have the funding, distributors and backing to release it in theaters.
      They cannot wait 10 years to release it.

      I'd say we should look at the positive aspect of the movie. People's memory is always short-lived. It might do some good for some basketball to watch the movie to see how Lin thrived as the main playmaker in NY, not as a spot-up shooter and secondary/third playmaker in Houston last year.

      I don't see the movie as a celebration of Lin as a basketball player yet because he hasn't accomplished much compared to other players. But it is a celebration of overcoming odds to achieve one's dream despite discrimination and few chances.

      I agree this movie would put more pressure for Lin to perform on court in whatever role he might find. Lin just needs to be smart not to let it affect the chemistry with his teammates and coaches. It might serve as an external factor to remind people what made him good in NY.

      McHale wants to put Lin in his place as a role player and this movie says the opposite. If Houston can't find a role to use Lin's strength as a playmaker, perhaps other teams will be reminded by the movie that Lin is not a role player.

      If Lin shuns this movie and be embarrassed about Linsanity, I would be disappointed in him because it means he doesn't have the self-belief that he can do it again. And that would mean McHale is right, Lin is just a role player.

      Let's just celebrate his accomplishment to break into the NBA. I believe there will be another movie about him in 10 years.

    12. Psalm.. Absolutely not. Let's call this for what it is.. An event that will be viewed as self promotion that will only elevate the hate and pressure, which Lin admittedly had a hard time handling this year.

      Jackson could've totally waited. There was no harm in waiting. But he wanted to get HIS name out there so he could further his career. Movie makers wait all the time before they release films.. Like other hanger-ons in Lin's life, this Jackson is riding lin to fame. I'm sure Lin would prefer not to have to deal with this movie and move away from linsanity. He is too nice to say no...

      Lin's story will be much best served 10 years from now when people who didn't live linsanity can experience it for the first time and those who did can reminisce over it. Time can make stories like this much more precious as it does for wine. And they could've interviewed people in sports who could reminisce with u... and make the movie that much better.. U just don't put out a movie 2 years after an event. Imagine if tebow had a movie about his ride in Denver coming out now called tebow mania.

      Lin has a short window to prove himsel yet again. He doesn't need all this hoopla ..

      It's time to begin the second chapter in his life. The timing of this movie will serve to cheapen the precious time that was linsanity...

    13. Solidz ,

      I am with you 100% in wishing Lin to have a real breakout season. All your concerns basketball wise (i.e. your feared poor outside game of Lin) , I completely understand.

      But with regards to this film , I beg to disagree on your view. I can't wait for 10 yrs. to be able to see this. No way. Life is short. Who knows if I'll still be around by then? 'just saying... ^^

    14. haha, you manage to bring our mortality to ponder, chan c :D

      yes, we just have to agree to disagree on the movie timing because there are pros and cons that can happen.

      But we all agree that Lin needs to come out swinging when the season starts regardless of trade, pressure, chemistry, ambiguous role, etc.

    15. Lin has always had a purpose and message that goes beyond basketball, and that's what this movie is. It's an inspirational message of hope. Who cares if this is taken the wrong way as self promotion? Who cares what HcHale and Morey and any refs and jealous players think? Like Lin always says, I'm just going to focus on doing my best and playing for God. The rest is out of my control and I'm not going to worry about it.

      Will there be more pressure on Lin? More players gunning for him? More bad calls? Probably. But when you let your fear of what others might think dictate your actions, you've already lost. Lin is holding true and that's why I'm a fan.

      Solidz, I say this in all kindness, maybe you should learn this from Lin, instead of wishing Lin would do what you would do in his situation. Otherwise you're going to have many frustrating years as a Lin fan.

    16. Lin "hasn't done anything"?

      That's some haterade.

    17. Trust me, DaveT, attitude like yours will get Lin into situation he was in last year. Didnt he tell u how miserable he was? I've been saying that all last year - how effed up his situation was, even when Lin didn't speak out against the team.

      Lin finally told u that the pressure was too much for him to handle last year. This clearly makes it tougher. It's called being smart.

      His message of hope and inspiration can come later when his entire career can be glorified and admired.

      This type of self promotion which I know wasntt Lin's decision, has a potential to be destructive to his game. Why makes it hard on yourself???

      I'm not saying this movie shouldn't have been made. But this is way premature. This cheapens the value of linsanity and people like u is promoting it.

    18. This movie doesn't "cheapen" Linsanity to genuine Lin fans like myself.

      It seems like eons ago that Lin was a Knick being disrespected and then ejected by that franchise. The Knicks would like nothing more than for Lin and Linsanity to just DISAPPEAR.

      While there are many LOHs who want Lin to fail, genuine Lin fans like myself are happy to see him star in his own documentaries. It isn't as if Lin is insulting anybody or making inflammatory statements.

      Guys in the NBA aren't going to start bashing Lin more because he made what essentially is a glorified home movie.

    19. If Salma Hayak is not Esmeralda in this then I'm not seeing it.

    20. Solidz I did hear Lin say how miserable he was last year, but you and I took different meanings out of it. I didn't hear any regret from Jeremy, he didn't wish his situation was different. He learned from it, and now he's stronger and better able to handle the situation. His situation this year is going to be just as effed up as last year, and I can't wait to see how he handles round 2.

      I'm not sure why you think this movie is self-promotion, because it's not. I know you're not a Lin hater like KHuang likes to call you, but you kind of think like one. You have this expectation of Lin, like he needs to be at a ceratin level (all-star? HOF?) before this movie should be released. The movie is about his journey TO the NBA, and he's in the NBA now so now's the time for this movie. It's only premature or cheapens the value of Linsanity in the eyes of the haters, because they don't understand what the movie is about (and never will).

  2. Jeremy's Mandarin tutor's secret identity is revealed.

    Well, at least I think they look eerily alike.

  3. a few threads ago, I posted the following, I still think movie or no movie, JLin is a very unique person in the whole league. And no matter what he does, there will always be jealousy towards him. No need to care what these ignorant and immature people think. We as fans just need to support him no matter what, and wish him improve his jump shots (as Solidz75 said :-) ), and 3-ptr, etc..


    There is NO other story in the history of NBA as unique/inspiring as Lin's.

    The other NBA players should learn to embrace and appreciate his story, and most importantly they should remember that Lin brought back a lot of long-lost bball viewers, so they themselves are the real beneficiary of Lin's fame - i.e. more fans = more money to their pockets.

    1. I respectfully disagree. This could easily be construed as self promotion and even a devoted fan like me is cringing at the timing of this movie.

      I really think this Jackson dude is looking out for himself and is piggy backing on Lin'a popularity to further his own career.

      I hated the fact that he was asking people who bought his film on kick starter to work for free to help him spread this movie as if to say do it for Lin.

      Lin has done more than enough pushing his movie. He ahowed up despite the horrible snowy weather to promote te movie for hjm at sundance. When will this end? Will Lin need to have a signing session to promote the DVD when it comes out? Stop this bullshit Jackson!

      All the promotion is over. Now it's the time for Lin to let his play do the talking. Eff all this extraneous bs.

      This is a movie that would be much more powerful when Lin is retired. This Jackson with his stupid Mohawk haircut couldn't get out of Lin's life fast enough.

    2. Every producer is interested in promoting his work. It's up to Lin to decide how much he wants to get involved. Obviously, Lin sees some positives in the film. Lin is no dummy, so he will do what he thinks he should do, so let's stop bashing damn producer guy. At least he had guts to make a film. From many reviews, it seems like a good movie.

  4. Meh... the contest must be only applied for US citizen only, I'll pass and good luck guys

  5. Jeremy throwing down on an alley-oop from a fan.

    1. nice video, but the old jeremy would've laid it up. He's changed bro...

    2. He should have hung on the rim and teabagged someone like he did to Kev Jumba.

    3. He did that with ease. I would love to see Lin dunk an alley oop in an NBA. That would make my day. =)

    4. Now let's see a two handed dunk. Or even better left handed please!

    5. Lin doesn't need to dunk. He needs to improve his outside game... That is all I wish for..

      Getting close to the season...I hope he allays all my fears..

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


  8. Replies
    1. thanks via! :)

      'hope one with an english sub comes out soon...

    2. yw, Chan c ^^

      [will keep an eye out for it.]

    3. hmm.. correct me if I'm wrong. @41 minute mark, J was asked if he has a gf. I understood that his reply is:

      Jeremy: Right now? Mei you (none).

      Am I right? waah my understanding of Mandarin is too much of tourist-y kind

    4. Hi IsabeliJane, we meet again. :)

      Guy - I'd like to ask, do you currently have a girlfriend?
      Jeremy - Yes, my Mandarin tutor (just kidding he didn't say that).
      Jeremy - Shouldn't a girl be asking this question?
      [Some comments about getting a girl to ask]
      Jeremy - Everyone keeps asking...
      Jeremy - No, not right now.
      Guy - Is there anyone you like?
      Jeremy - Right now? No.
      Guy - Thank you.

    5. Dave T ,

      Is it too much to ask if you could provide the subs for the whole interview? :>

    6. Hi chan c,
      I'd love to but... I just don't have the time right now. Last time it took me about 2 hours to sub 5 minutes so, yeah... hahaha :)

    7. Ni Hao Dave T, xie xie ni! Hopefully, as chan c said,you can hard code translation subtitles to the videos. :)

    8. I'm glad Jeremy's on-line tutor in english is not his girlfriend.

  9. I had been having a problem with "Linsanity" , much like our angst ridden friend Solidz. I saw the Doc, actually. It ends with Lin going to Houston. That was my problem with the film. What happened to Lin in Houston should be exposed. His mistreatment, hand cuffing, humiliation, disrespect, should all be documented as a further reflection about how this young talented man, EVEN after rocking the workd with his gifts, faced predjudice and hate post Linsanity.He will always have to proove himself because there are people that will always hate him. In short, I was annoyed that the film left the "real story" out. Then a friend said to me, "If you don't support this film, you are like all the haters that think Linsanity never happened". That is true. If we believe in Lin, we need to hold the film as a flag. "Look haters, here is the evidence! This kid can ball!" So now I am behind the film. Even though it doesn't tell the FULL story, it tells a beatiful inspirational one that is part of history.

    1. -What happened to Lin in Houston should be exposed.

      That's right. And we're all waiting for that someone who would make a docu about it.

      Anyway , Lin has been through it all ever since. Just look at this vid.

      Jeremy Lin\'s Harvard Story

    2. NBA just will not let that happen, probably ever.

    3. Rose, this is only Part 1 of Lin's NBA journey :D
      The sequel will come later in 5-10 years.

    4. There is NO OTHER FILM that documents the real life prejudice in the 21st century against Asian American males.

      Lin and his biographers are the TRENDSETTERS.

      The haters know this, and that's why they're trying to squelch interest in the film.

    5. people could have different opopinions ,that doesn't mean they hate each other,or someone hate something.

    6. KHuang is spot on. America still has not been able to accept Asian Americans, particularly males, as, well, Americans.

    7. KHuang is spot on. America still has not been able to accept Asian Americans, particularly males, as, well, Americans.

    8. KHuang is spot on. America still has not been able to accept Asian Americans, particularly males, as, well, Americans.

    9. KHuang is spot on. America still has not been able to accept Asian Americans, particularly males, as, well, Americans.

  10. meh! promo available only to US residents. ok fine...

  11. Replies
    1. so what's this? i'm confused. are they commemorating how JLin joined the Rockets last year? because those pics seemed to have been taken last year but the article's dated sept. 4, 2013. :<

  12. Anyone that thinks that once Lin has a great year with superstar stats, he would stop the haters is dreaming. Tiger Woods is popular world wide because of his multi ethnicity. His popularity in Asia is due to his Asian mom. The hate he gets has gotten worst if anything. Recently, I had lunch with a golfer friend from highschool and she asked me what's wrong with Tiger? The question shows how bias the press and media is against Tiger. He has won 5 times this year or 30% of his outings against elite fields. If any other player had won those 5 events, eh would be raved about the next great player. But somehow, tiger is picked on for not winning a major.
    No matter what Lin does, the haters and media will pick on him because they could and because it is what sells to a public that wants to hate.
    Many wonder why cyber bullinging is a problem for kids. The truth is that they learn from the adult world of mass media, talk shows, political ads, TMZ and sports media. They learn that they can twist and use the power of their words to hurt and beat down others with half truths and lies.
    Linsanity is a movie that should be celebrated and seen by all for the power of an individual's faith and perserverence. It shouldn't be about racial discrimination, it should be about the power of the human spirit.

    1. I have to disagree with your take on your friend's comment on Tiger. It's precisely because Tiger has been so great (winning Majors) that your friend is asking "What's wrong with Tiger?" In short, Tiger's not being able to win a Major in something like 5 years is very much unlike him. It's like MJ not being able to take Bulls to a Championship in 5 years, after he took them to Championship in 6 years. Of course, people are going to question him. It's like Federer: If another tennis player was doing as good as Federer right now, everyone would be saying how good the other player is doing. However, it's Federer you are talking about, so of course, it's valid that everyone is questioning Federer right now. Personally, I think Federer will not win another Major and should retire, but that's another story. Also, even most people who do not like him do not question that he's one of the best golfers of all time. They don't like him because of his attitude and his personal life issues. Also, I would say most golfers and the public still love to see Tiger play. Therefore, I do not see that many similarities between Tiger and Lin here. If your point is that there always will be a hater, that's always true; there are many people who do not like Jesus Christ, for God's sake. I would say that if Lin keeps on playing at 16 points/7 assists level for one year and playoff, he will gain a lot more supporters. Not saying Lin doesn't have unreasonable haters. It's just that the general public do not follow every Rockets games, so their impression is shaped by the media and playoff games performances.

    2. I give you another example. Even though Serena Williams is one of the greatest women tennis players of all time, a lot of people "hate" her. Fair or unfair, several instances of her behavior has given very negative impression of her to many different kinds of people. However, even "haters" of Serena will agree that she's a great tennis player. With Lin, many of his haters do not agree that he is a great BB player and that his abilities are overblown due to his being in Asian or being a Harvard graduate. Personally, I think a reasonable viewpoint is that Lin has a lot of talent and potential, but whether he reaches the level he's capable of playing and consistency, I don't know. However, I think anyone who says Lin "sucks" doesn't know basketball.

    3. My point is that with Tiger and Serena, they have been consistently great for very long time, winning Majors. I can assure you that if Serena fails to win a Major in 3 years, people will be questioning her and say she sucks, which is happening to Federer. Their past successes have set the bar very, very high, so I think your friend's comment is valid from this perspective. Obviously, even Federer is very good tennis player from an average tennis pro's perspective, but based on Federer's standard, it's true that Federer "sucks" right now. I do not believe he will ever reach top 3 again in rankings.

    4. U guys are all little naive pawns in Jackson's little selfish game.

      He is using such devotion to make money for himself, push his agenda, and get his little movie to be popular.

      Linsanity needs to be celebrated again but not right now. It's way too early..there is too much to be done.

      U guys continur to live in the past. I'm looking forward to the future.

    5. In what sense am I a pawn to Jackson's little selfish game, when I won't watch it until it comes on cable or TV? I am more interested in Lin's BB game than rehashing what already transpired.

    6. We on this forum are not "pawns in Lin/Jackson's little game".

      The fans here are intelligent unbiased basketball viewers who appreciate Lin and those who celebrate Lin's exploits. Most of us genuine Lin fans couldn't care less what haterade is thrown at Lin by haters that say that Lin "hasn't done anything".

      Lin's history is being documented with his approval, and if LOHs don't like it then that's too bad.

      This is a Lin fansite. LOHs should GTFO when they're coming here to insult Lin fans as "pawns".

    7. Besides, I have been "pawns" of Hollywood movie production companies by watching their dumb movies, so I would not mind watching a decent movie produced by an Asian-American producers like Jackson, even though I will probably wait for the movie to be shown within one or two years in cable.

    8. I agree with eb5attorney.

      The real "pawns" are the LOHs who "naively" think that this movie will negatively impact Lin's career.

      At least this movie wasn't made by that racist NY Knicks movie producer fan who asked if "Tom Cruise could play Lin" in a future movie.

    9. Jackson is using Lin' fan to fund his movie ( which I bought) and free labor for devoted lin fans and then has the nerve to ask Lin to promote it at the risk of making Lin's life worse during training camp.

      Such distractions take away from mental preparation Lin needs this season..

      Jackson is using all of u fans for his self gain and u guys are just being deceived.

      God I hope this is the last promotion Lin has to do this with this loser. What a manipulative little prick.

    10. Lin is no dummy and he doesn't have to do what he doesn't want to do.

    11. First, I am for being a "pawn" in helping an independent Asian-American film producer, as long as a movie is decent.

      Second, I am for being a "pawn" to an independent movie producer who worked very hard and had guts to make a film like this, as long as a movie is decent.

      Third, Lin does have some interest in positively affecting kids around the world, so it's not as if he is not gaining anything.

      Fourth, Lin is no dummy, and his effort may actually inspire him to play harder.

      Fifth, we are "pawns" to racist media. I might actually watch this movie now just to make a statement that I am indeed a "pawn" to fight against racism against Asian-Americans in the American media. Rarely, are Asian-American characters portrayed positively.

      Sixth, I actually admire a person like Jackson who is doing something out in the real world.

    12. Ha, ha, one of few times that KHuang and I agree.

    13. i am at a loss. what are we arguing about? the contest thingy is instigated by the mod not jackson leong. or, is jackson leong the real mastermind and the mod is just a secret agent just like khuang is secret agent for the rockets...

    14. Morey et al fabricated half truths and lies about Lin. They bullied him. Lin's NBA career almost ruined but Lin's too strong to break.

      More et al need to be exposed!

    15. First of all, I already supported this douchebag Jackson by giving him 60 bucks for his kickstarter. Who here put their money up? Doubt khuang or eb did.. Like i said, u can say u want to support an asian director all u want, but let me see put your money where your mouth is.

      And i don't know what he used the money for. I think he bought himself a new bimmer.

      Then this prick sends me an email to work for him for free to spread the word of his movie... Umm no way - u cheap ass. Do it on your own.

      Look I think in the heat of the moment my message got muddled.

      But my problem is not with the movie itself, but the TIMING of its release. I bet u they wanna release this movie as soon as possible in case linsanity fizzles out this year. Make that money before its too late..

      And Lin is caught in a bad situation. If he doesn't go to the premiere that could be seen as him dissing linsanity. He goes, it looks like a cheap self promotion.. When this is the year he will need to prove himself.

      Timing of the release is horrible.

      And when u see articles inevitably coming out denouncing this, don't freakinf complain.

      It's put up or shut up time Lin. Ur message of hope from the movie will be much stringer if u succeed. If u don't, it will just remain a folklore.

    16. Ebattorney, my friend didn't even know Tiger had won 5 times this year because the media only harps on his failure to win a major. You fail to factor in the fact that Tiger is on a comeback trail from injuries, self inflicted mental chaos and total swing change. 2 years ago many in the sports media said he wouldn't win again, that he was through. It's easy to be a sports writer now because all you need is an opinion. It's been said that golf is a game you never own, you can only borrow it. To win a major requires peaking at the right time and it also requires a bit of luck. That's why there's only so few multiple major winners in the history of the game. The media chooses to spin that he is a failure, a loser because they want to. The truth is that tiger is progressing and improving on this new swing he is learning. It's a process of refinement that takes time to take but few in the media wants to take that stance.
      The point I'm trying to make is that no matter how great you are, there will be haters that will make you look like a failure. Lin could have a career year, the Rox can win it all and the clutch fans will still say that Beverley is a better player!
      As fans of Lin, you can't take that type of criticism personally. The way this society has made itself has created this ugly monster of cyber bullying.

    17. We are not talking about underlying reasons here. I have seen many times Tiger fold in Majors during several recent years, which is very much sub-par compared to the Tiger of old days. My points are:

      1. Agree with you that some people will always hate Tiger or Lin.

      2. There is a big difference with Tiger in that even his haters admit that he is one of top golfers ever and now; and people do not hate Tiger because they think he's over-rated.

      3. I hate comparing Lin to those athletes who have shown sustained greatness over the course of many years. Linsanity showed that Lin had the potential to be great; whether he does that, no one will ever know. I happen to think Lin did pretty good so far, under the circumstances.

    18. Wow, you are pissed that Jackson didn't give you a full account of how he spent your $60 bucks, and he sent you an email asking you to work for free to promote the Linsanity movie? Just don't if you don't want to. I don't want to, but I am not going to bash Jackson just because he took my $60, just as I am not going to bash a political candidate just because he took my several hundred dollars. I have no doubt that Jackson guy is trying his best to promote himself and his movie. Maybe your $60 went towards buying Starbucks coffee for himself on his road trips to promote Linsanity movie; it's not like he ripped you off.

    19. The movie is one big curse finger extended toward all the haters that STILL insist that Lin isn't talented enough to make the NBA.

      Right now, Lin is more than proving that he can not just make the NBA but STAR in it.

      There are so many guys in the NBA with less game than Lin who aren't constantly being called "undeserving" of making a NBA roster. Many of those guys are starters in the NBA.

      The timing of the movie is perfect, given how Lin's played so well that Linsanity seems like ancient history.

    20. No, eb. I'm pissed that Jackson keeps on asking for more and more when I've already supported his movie. How much more will he try to milk shit out Lin's fans? Money, free help, holding own private screening.

      I don't like that this douchebag is promoting himself at the expense of negatively effecting Lin's basketball career at this juncture. He has the backing of a movie Studio and still asking for free shit. Can this fucker do anything by himself.

      If Jackson wasn't associated with Lin, would u even care to support him because u want to help a fellow Asian out?! Exactly.

      The bottomline is Jackson is using Lin's fans and fans to further career. Lin's been more than generous thus far. Stop putting Lin into a tough situation.

    21. The difference is, people can hate Tiger Woods for his ego or the women he sleeps with, but they still respect him as a golf player, dude has won tournaments against the best in the world.

      With Lin it's different. They hate him, and they have no respect for him as an athlete. They think he's a mediocre player who's getting a chance because he's Asian.

  13. Has anyone watched this Japanese HD production of Linsanity?

    2012 - New York miraculous 50 days - Linsanity - Documentary (Japan WOWOW production)

    It's very well made and it has some nice footage I never seen before:
    - [8:32] D'Antoni said to let Lin play more minutes days before they wanted to drop him so other teams can see him play.
    - [15:14] His Harvard teammate said he went from the weakest player during freshmen year to the strongest player in his senior year. That's a testament of Lin's ability to make his weakness to be his strength

    1. That's why it needs to be relived and retold.

      Who knows if I'll still be around in 5-10 yrs? Life is short. That's why , I need to see it in my time. And that time is NOW.

    2. A Lin tweet - 2nd Cor ... 'for my power is made prefect in weakness'

  14. Jeremy Lin Talks "Linsanity" the Movie and Big YouTube Collaborations at SXSW 2013 (WATCH)

    Finally, he points out what he'd like viewers to take away from his new film: "The main themes of the film is, first, my faith, how big of a role it was for me and is for me," adding, "other things like pursuing your dream and, whether its unconventional or not, perseverance."

    1. I can't wait to take my boys to watch the movie and be inspired by it.
      I know how much it can inspire the youth at my church to persevere, stay strong in their faith and never give up to pursue their dreams.

    2. I think that Lin's movie is the ONLY American movie that doesn't cast an Asian male as a villain loser.

    3. I do agree there is no need to bash the producer, because every producer will want to promote his movie. Lin is no dummy, so he will do what he thinks he should do, and he probably wants to inspire kids rather than promote himself, so their goals intersect. I don't see any big deal here.

    4. From the Youtube interview, it's clear that it's very important for Lin to promote his faith so the message of hope, perseverance, and pursuing our dreams resonates with others.

      I remember one girl in one of the birthday video said Lin's story gave her hope so she decided to stay here on earth. His message of hope is worth fighting for because it has reached so many people.

    5. Disagree. Lin you are getting ahead of yourself. What message is it if u end up sucking and gettingthrown out of the league as a scrub.

      I'm not bashing the movie itself but the timing of of it. It would be freaking meaningless if he ends up on the bench this year because he can't make his jumpshots.

      If Lin wants the message in linsanity to stick, he needs to come back with full force this year. That' message would be much more powerful than some film only two years after it happened. He hasn't gotten anywhere yet, unless his aspiration is to just be in the NBA.. This is way too premature..

    6. There is a 0.00000000% chance of Lin "sucking and getting thrown out of the league as a scrub".

      There is also a very low chance that Lin will miss so many jumpshots that he gets benched. Lin shoots too high a percentage, plus he does so much more than shoot jump shots.

      Lin is an ESTABLISHED player in the NBA who is performing very well on both ends of the court. He's not some sort of minimum wage scrub struggling to survive in the league, contrary to what the haters say.

      The movie will likely have no impact on how Lin is perceived by the NBA. I'll bet that most guys in the NBA don't even CARE.

    7. Umm .. It's 0% chance - u don't need the extra 0's .. U sure u r Asian?

    8. The extra zeros are for the zeros like Hunchback that insist Lin can't play in the NBA.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Just like psalm , I also can't wait to see the movie with my 3 boys , my nephews and my nieces who were all inspired by Lin's story. Young as they are , I am seeing how they are shaping their dreams and persevering to achieve them.

  15. Yay, the NBA is going to install the SportVU motion tracking cameras in every arena now. Now, all teams will have the complete data. Previously, only the ~15 teams participating had access, so it was exclusive and private. Hopefully, now we'll see more of the summarized metrics being published publicly. I would think media organizations could buy licenses to access the data.

    I'm dying to see advanced defensive metrics, so that it can be proven that Lin's overall defense is better than other guards that wave their hands a lot.

    1. Some folks will insist that Lin can't defend no matter what the stats say.

      Lin does his best on every defensive possession, which can't be said for most of the NBA.

      We fans here know that Lin's superb defense is a major reason why he's won at every level of the game.

    2. I was about to post exactly what Khuang wrote. Lin will always be considered sub par in something, right now it's defense. It is funny how he was considered the GSW defensive specialist when the GSW team and media use to think he couldn't score, dribble, or pass the ball.

      This is a big year for Lin. I believe he will do well, better than last season for sure. Many others think he will collapse. Let's keep tabs...

      I will never discount Lin, and oddly I don't base this on his basketball. Rather, I base this on the fact Lin has always succeeded in whatever he does. It's infinitely harder to balance being a star HS player, honor roll student, newspaper editor, and ASB member, and the like, than it is to bounce a ball on hardwood. And as I've said before, Lin use to have to balance all those things till he hit the NBA. Now all he has to do is mostly lift weights and work on his game 24/7. He is going to excel just fine.

      The one thing I would note is that objectively, Lin is a smart team defender, and when allowed to play loose D, he can steal the heck out of the ball, and even block guys like D Rose. With Mchale and Sampson on Lin's butt about staying in front of his man, Lin does have some lateral struggles. And the Rocket's idiotic focus of harping on those Lin weaknesses saps Lin's strengths on D.

      That's why I believe Lin's blocks and steals dropped off a lot - because the Rockets were harping and yelling at him about his weaknesses staying in front of his man and not getting screened off.

      And nobody aside from us will point out that Lin is physical and plays "heady" defense. It's almost like that refuse to give him the credit...

      Lin should also be leading the NBA in steals and be in the top 5 for guards in blocks if he was just allowed to play with coaches who had even some confidence in his abilities. We'll see if Lin can tune them out or take a page out of the Art of War and make his coaches his allies even though they have no faith in him.

    3. Last training camp, Lin was dealing with these issues:

      1) new team, new coach, new teammates

      2) recovery from season ending knee surgery

      3) unfamiliarity with 75% of the NBA since he played so few games before Houston signed him

      4) opponents double and triple teaming him to stop him

      This season, Lin has

      1) familiarity with teammates and coaches and te city of Houston

      2) a completely healthy and productive offseason

      3) familiarity with the NBA and the things he'll face

      4) less double teams because of Harden and Howard

      The only way Lin is going to play poorly is if somebody knocks him out via injury the way they did the last two seasons.

    4. Lin is still an anomaly defensively to me and most other people. He has at times capable of shutting down LBJ, other huge mismatches, better guards Jennings/John Wall and then he is out there on roller skates getting blown left and right, posted up by Lilard/Barea and overall completely lost on D.

    5. KHuang pretty much summed it up. The more I think about it, the more excited I am about this season. He won't realize his full potential stat-wise on a team with a ball-dominant SG like Harden, but he's primed for a "bounce back" season for all the reasons above.

      I would also add:

      5) Jeremy is playing with a chip on his shoulder. And that's when he plays his best.

      The last time he was miserable and decided to "play for God" was right before Linsanity. And now he's recommitted to that style (and healthy enough to do it).

      Just knowing stone-hands Asik isn't going to bobble every other pass is a relief. Now he has Dwight frickin' Howard.

      And seeing how much his 3pt shooting improved in the last two months is another clear-cut reason to be excited.

    6. i think both swinglinegzigzag and hunchback are right.

      yes, jeremy lin is a good team defender. he puts himself in positions to try to funnel the opponent into traffic. lin also has good hands for steals and knows how to play the piano.

      but then lin's worst weakness is lateral movement. Lin is near the bottom of the NBA, 22nd percentile, when defending isolations (.933 PPP). you don't need missile-tracking cameras. we already have defensive stats.

      on the ATP website, Nadal is 6'1" and 188 pounds. Compare that a guy like Federer who is listed at 6'1" and 187 pounds. tennis champions are some of the best at lateral quickness. if you've ever played tennis at a high level, you would know that the ball can travel over 100 miles per hour. moving the bodyweight side-to-side is more difficult because you don't have the benefit of momentum. running forward in a straight line is easier because you can build speed.

      jeremy needs to try not to get top-heavy and should ignore the asian wannabes with tattoos and bro-science, "yo, you look like a twinky. do you even lift? you need to take growth hormone and insulin and synthol to impress the ladies on the beach. my arms are bigger than yours."

      also, "sup, this party is rockin' at the night club. here's some ecstasy. this sh*t is hot!"

      or "i can gain 25 pounds of muscle and not lose any speed nor lose any conditioning, even though i have no idea what it's like to be a pro player. just trust me, bro."

      training for a few reps in a gym with cables is NOT the same as playing in a real basketball game for 30 minutes when you're sweating, heart is pounding, and you're breathing hard. some steroid guy just wants to get big and be over 200 pounds, but he doesn't know what a cross-over is, he doesn't know what a eurostep is, he doesn't know what a hesitation dribble is, he doesn't know what a dream shake is.

    7. Exactly. The kid has game. To me, he just need to belief in himself and have the confidence that he had previously.

      Go Lin

    8. Good discussion, everyone. I'm glad to see we can still have a respectful debate with different points of views.

      @swingline, good points about the coaching staff not letting Lin play to his strengths on defense. That's entirely consistent with how they treat him on offense too--minimizing his strengths and maximizing his weaknesses.

      I'm hoping that the media will publish metrics that show that Lin is an elite team defender, and that will finally get through to McHale that he's not using Lin properly. (Wishful thinking, I know, but I still wish).

    9. NEVER trust stats.

      With all the stat lying that went on with Lin last year, it's pointless to try to use stats to explain Lin's performance good or bad.

      It wasn't Lin's fault that his teammates refused to help him defensively when Lin would get sandwiched in two or three picks without help.

      Since the midseason trade that ejected two useless defenders in Morris and Patterson, Lin STOMPED ON little guards like Barea and Lillard defensively.

      That's also some BS that Barea destroyed Lin. Those who actually saw the game watched Barea killing HARDEN, not Lin.

      Haters love to blame Lin for other player's failures.

    10. I don't agree with lin2jmprove or eb5attorney.

      Euro step, crossover, hesitation dribble - Lin does those EVERY GAME. Video analysis would easily debunk the notion that Lin lacks those moves.

      Time after time, we all saw Lin outrace the NBA's fastest point guards. Even when Lin was hobbled, he still prevented wasy dribble penetration and contested opposing jumpshots. Often Lin gor multiple stops within a single possession.

      It doean't matter how fast Lin or any NBA player is laterally - nobody can truly guard a pick and roll successfully without big men stepping out to provide assistance. All season long, Lin was left put on thw perimeter to fight through moving screens against perimwter shooters while the Houston big men refused to step out to provide Lin assistance. It was REALLY BAD with Morris and Patterson, qho both refused to step up defensively or set picks offensively. That's likely why those two players were dumped.

      Lin is an ELITE defender, and opponents plan against that accordingly.

  16. How is this trade? Lin's bum knee, concaved back, horrible shooting for Steph Curry's bum ankle and super sweet jump shot?

    1. If Curry come to Houston ,he could turn into a bad shooter . If Lin go to Golden State , he will improve his shooting a lot . Why ? Lin was not a spot up shooter and Curry was never a catch and shoot without any ball handling .

    2. Dan Dan, are you seriously talking to it?

    3. I'll talk to the LOH.

      It's a STUPID trade proposal.

    4. Actually, the deal is not possible , Curry is a close friend of Lin , he understand what Lin went thru last season as a PG .It looks great on the paper , in reality it is not a easy situation as PG play under Michale's system when you have to play along with Howard and Harden . Stay in golden is much better option for him........... .


  17. New Jeremy Lin Documentary Inspires

    New Jeremy Lin Documentary Inspires
    Yes, the documentary is called Linsanity, but its genius is not dwelling primarily on the wild success even Lin describes as “miraculous” or leaning too hard on those highlights all the world already savored in February 2012.

    There is a deep, meaningful understanding built up over the movie’s first hour about Lin’s unwavering dedication and small-time achievements—and the heart of the movie grows strong from being behind the scenes for so long before reaching center stage.
    Lin even recalls asking then-Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni if Lin should ship his car out to New York so he’s not taking taxis everywhere the rest of the season after getting claimed by the Knicks. D’Antoni’s stuttering reply: “Uh, no. Probably not.”

    Hi-res-141349016_crop_exact Chris Trotman/Getty Images

    “Oh, hell,” Lin said. “I’m going to get waived.”

    Instead, with Lin given one last chance in one last game, the world got Linsanity.

    Yes, the documentary is called Linsanity, but its genius is not dwelling primarily on the wild success even Lin describes as “miraculous” or leaning too hard on those highlights all the world already savored in February 2012.

    There is a deep, meaningful understanding built up over the movie’s first hour about Lin’s unwavering dedication and small-time achievements—and the heart of the movie grows strong from being behind the scenes for so long before reaching center stage.
    Lin even recalls asking then-Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni if Lin should ship his car out to New York so he’s not taking taxis everywhere the rest of the season after getting claimed by the Knicks. D’Antoni’s stuttering reply: “Uh, no. Probably not.”

    Hi-res-141349016_crop_exact Chris Trotman/Getty Images

    “Oh, hell,” Lin said. “I’m going to get waived.”

    Instead, with Lin given one last chance in one last game, the world got Linsanity.

    1. Thanks for the article, Maknusia.

      Only a true Jeremy's fan like Keven Ding has a deep understanding of Linsanity and can come out with such a nice piece of work. If only Ho Chen could do the same, I would greet him personally[as if he cares ;)] if I have a chance to watch Jeremy plays at the Toyota Centre[provided Jeremy still remains on the Rockets roster] this coming season.

      As Chan C, psalm234 and many others put it aptly, Jeremy transcends basketball, and Linsanity transcends the mists of time. Take a look at these:

      What Linsanity means for America

      Lessons from Linsanity – Perseverance Essential to Leadership Success , the list goes on…

      I am glad that Linsanity the movie released a year and a half after Jeremy’s story has inspired and is still inspiring so many people around the globe. The Linsanity movie needs to be shown now, not years later.

    2. oops, my bad. He's Kevin Ding.

  18. Seriously folks, so what if there's a movie called Linsanity? Let the boy do what he wants. Besides didn't this project start way before he had his breakout game?

    Sometimes we fans forget Lin isn't required to provide fan service to keep us fascinated all the time. He will lead his life however he feels like. If you relate to him and like what he is about, then join the club, and its cool if you don't like him as well. I do respect everyone's opinion, but what I don't understand is the need to constantly criticize everything he does, on court or off court.

    Even if someone does something with Lin's name on it, he gets criticized...Heck Morey gets crucified for his Reddit comments for saying what he thinks of the situation. Hakeem gets made fun of for tweeting he is with JLin. I mean seriously, doesn't this get old?