Friday, August 2, 2013

Real Challenges?

Author, Kevin Ding, covers the Lakers for the OC Register:

Dude doesn't think he's ever wrong


  1. LOL. I get it. You were just jealous last time.

  2. "Just don’t be surprised if something hits the fan with these guys at some point."

    After Rockets win game:

    Harden: Dwight why didn't you pass me the rock?

    D12: what does it matter? we won!

    Harden: it matters to me!

    D12: it matters not to me!

    Harden: you're off my xmas party guest list!

    D12: i wasn't planning on going to a strip club with you for xmas eve anyways.

    Harden: i will get the last laugh.

    The end of NBA's most prolific PnR duo.

    Harden: hey Jeremy wut are you doing for xmas eve?

    Jeremy: spend it with family, why?

    Harden: let's ice Dwight out.

    Jeremy: oh...

    1. Jeremy: oh...

      Jeremy: Just like when you iced me last season?

    2. "Hey, Jeremy, what you doin' tonight?"

      "Um, just some soup noodles downtown."

      "Want to hang with me and Howard?"

      "Nah, he's coming with me. His mom's in town."

    3. That's...just painful.

      You're either funny or you're not. Clearly, Etane, you're not.

      I'd advise you not to quit your day job, but in this crummy, Democrat-controlled joke of an economy, who in their right mind would employ a dimwitted deadbeat like you?

      As a palate cleanser, here's my "Liberal Stupidity - you can't make this up" contribution of the day:

      Video summary: Obama tells his audience about Obamacare's reducing insurance premiums by 3,000% and his supporters break out into wild applause.

      Newsflash to you Dimocrats: IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO REDUCE PREMIUMS – OR THE PRICE OF ANYTHING ELSE - BEYOND 100%. At a 100% reduction, the product is FREE.

    4. your whole fox news paid tea parties have nothing to stand on if not for a few misspoken sound bytes like "you didn't build that".

      "But as a matter of fairness, the Senate bill requires large employers(i.e., those with more than 50 workers) to make paymentsonlyif taxpayers are supporting thehealth insurance for their workers. The assessmenton the employeris $3,000
      per full-timeworkerobtaining tax creditsin the exchange if that employer’s coverage is unaffordable."

      just because he said "percent" instead of "dollar" in one out of millions of speeches given, you finally got something on obama.. nice.

    5. I think FFL's assertion isn't about Obama flubbing his speeches or nitpicking typos/misspeaking.

      It's how his supporters seem to just accept assertions without any critical thinking. 3000% percent should have produced incredulous whaaattts instead of just robotic wild applause.

      The disclaimer is I'm assuming that video is cut authentically and not spliced with wild applause from another segment.

      There is a slight condescending undertone to FFL's posts by painting all liberals with targeted examples. I do like some of the thinking in FFL's posts but not so much the style. However, there is no doubt about the passion of FFL!

    6. but of course they will clap. only the diehards show up at those rallies. they are there to clap and smooze no to think critically.

  3. Hmm interesting. Not sure if a lakers beat writer is trying make something out of nothing in a vindictive way or there is something there. I thought it was kinda weird though that harden wasn't at the Dwight day. I thought it was because he didn't want to steal the spot light.

    It would be weird for him to start envying the very player he tried his best to get. It sure will be interesting. It's not like he is dealing with Lin, who doesn't have an ego.

    1. Kevin Ding definitely has an agenda, probably in helping the Lakers organization lay seeds to the undoing of the Houston Rockets supposed dynamic duo....

      Kevin Ding is also a Jeremy Lin fan somewhere deep down inside having done his own Linsanity in becoming the Laker's beat writer for the OC Register. I remember him writing something about how Lin gives his own son new hopes and dreams as a little AA kid after Linsanity happened.

      Back to Lin, the guy is a high achiever in every way since being a child. I am not worried about his ability to make a difference with the Rockets in order to star or get traded. Also, Lin's handlers knows how to train. Seeing Lin do Sparta training and now doing dynamic lifting means Lin is preparing for big things this season.

      I knew Lin was going to be good that Linsanity year after seeing him do Sparta if he ever got the chance to play. And now he is doing even more than what he did at Sparta so I really expect a good year, barring injury.

      Basketball at the NBA level is about confidence and athleticism. Everyone has the basic skills at that level. Lin is getting his athleticism up there. He will never be a high leaper but he's got everything else athletically.

      And with that he will gain steady confidence. Lin will become Steve Nash (the all star version of Nash) on steroids. It's just a matter of time. Why nobody in the NBA can see this coming is beyond me....I can see it coming a mile away..

      When Lin bails on the Rockets after being traded or after he bails in Free Agency after next summer, the pundits will just say "Lin was a hard worker who worked on his many weaknesses and now he is a solid starter capable of leading a team." That's a bunch of BS and we all know it but that's how the story will be sold.

    2. Swing, I really really really really really really hope you are right.

    3. Swing u r right. I don't know where this conversation took the wrong turn but last year's performance was really never about Jeremy's off season training last year (except maybe conditioning).

      It was being placed in the wrong position by the rox coaching staff throughout the season.

      I am in the camp that Jeremy could excel linsanity level if placed in the roght role. However, i dont think he is not versatile enough to excel if he is going to be used as a role player like he was last year.

      If so, he could be solid but not an (all) star. This is not gonna change with the rox upcoming year. Don't care what the false optimists say on this site.

      But to reiterate, off season won't mean much if Lin will not be utilized to his strengths. People are putting too much weight in thisz

  4. Replies
    1. One thing you guys who think Jeremy has either bulked up or slimmed down need to remember is that camera lenses distort. One lens may make a person look bigger, another will make a person look slimmer.

    2. Lin looked MUCH thicker around the torso and body in person at the game I attended. I was actually quite surprised since I thought he'd look rail thin. I think his lack of traps makes him appear to be smaller than he is in photos.

      Either way, the guy isn't weak. Westbrook looks skinny too but I guarantee you that guy has tons of force in what appears to be a skinny body.

    3. Sometimes I understand Jlin's predicament.

      He gives the fans some inside shots. Hardcore fans automatically think they are all trainers/nutritionists/shot doctors/sports psychologists.

    4. haha, you hit it nail on the head, Pierrot!

      The powerful video clearly achieved its PR goal to let the world know that Lin is working so hard despite all the trade rumors swirling around. There is a reason why it shows many training sites with weight and basketball training.

      As a result, there have been more positive articles on him, more inspired Lin fans and many non-Lin fans begrudgingly admitted how hard-working he is. Mission accomplished!

      But amidst the slow news, here we are analyzing the video to death when it makes no claims that that's all the training he did in the off-season :D Sometimes we're just so desperate for news that there's nothing else to do.

      Lin's physique looks like Bruce Lee's now so it must have packed a punch!

      We should give a little more trust to Doc and Josh Fan who helped Lin make dramatic improvement since the ASG game in his shooting and athleticism. So they must have done something right to earn Lin's trust.

    5. psalm, I'm with you because it is a PR piece that is ok'd by his entourage, and who knows if he has a PR person on the team. Anybody know?

    6. we know he has a publicist (Meredith Geisler?) so it could be part of her team, JoeTeam.

      I have to say they did a superb PR job judging from all the positive reactions (except for Etane's high standard :D)

    7. psalm, interesting on _Meredith Geisler_.

      She hasn't tweeted anything but seems to for her other clients. Hopefully, they are working behind the scenes as you say, in private practice scenarios.

    8. and impressive list of clients with "good guys" reputation such as Grant Hill, Jeremy Lin, Shane Battier, Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, and Tamika Catchings, pro golfer Annika Sorenstam, baseball pros Derek Jeter and Cal Ripken.

      I think Lin is in good PR hands.

    9. Actually, checking out her twitters, she only has 159 so far and she started it in 2010. Instagram is recent, but here's a _goodie_.

      So, it's great that JLin hangs with kevjumba et al because he's on the cusp of the big AA voice on social media, and he has an old school coach who can help them improve their messaging from a strategic level.

      Funny she reps Battier too, LOL, tweeting June 21 he was at Dennys after the finals. Hope she can get Lin close to Duncan and others in her network.

    10. good stalking, err.. intelligence, JoeTeam :p

      That must be why Duncan was nice enough to help Lin up after a hard fall during the 38pt Spurs game. They share the same publicist.

    11. LOL ... yikes, you are going to get me flamed. Kirk out!

    12. hey i wasn't judging the pr piece! (definitely not judging lin's work out)

      just thought lin should put a bit more zing into his release during practice to emulate game time tempo.

    13. yes, yes .. it's okay to have high standards, Etane :p

  5. I think everything will be fine while the Rockets are winning. But when they start losing it's going to get ugly. Neither Harden nor Howard have shown the character to overcome adversity in the past. Harden showed his true character in the finals against Miami. Howard... well...

    1. Last preseason there was euphoria that Lin was joining Rockets to be a main focus player. Just before the season started Harden signed up and even then no one thought how much of a star he wanted to be and how much Lin's stats would degrade.

      There's a high probability that the same will happen, a third high profile player is signed up and Lin is degraded even further. Nothing is impossible! Lin might even go to a scrub team after his Taiwan duties are completed.

      It's not to blame McHale, Lin's team mates, GM whoever. Just accept the facts that Rox is a risk taking, high changing team not like Spurs who have more of a team strategy. The market will decide Lin's fate and he's on notice to improve his personal stats.

    2. Lin is really going to be a huge X-factor in terms of chemistry.

      He may only be A point guard and not THE point guard, but he's by far the best passer/playmaker and he has the least ego.

      If he can feed Dwight in the post for easy buckets, Dwight will be Jeremy's biggest fan. And if Dwight trusts Jeremy, so will Harden and Parsons. They'll be forced to.

    3. BTW, I was watching a compilation of epic Dwight alley-oops and the lobs he received were pretty crappy compared to Jeremy's lobs to Fields/Tyson/Shumpert.

      In other words: Jeremy could make Dwight look even better than his "prime years." Not to mention it'll be nice to get a decent screen for a change.

      I mean, Jeremy had to spoon-feed Asik on offense just to make him look competent...but Dwight is a guy who can actually help J-Lin as much as Jeremy helps him.

      Harden's addition hurt Lin because he's a ball-dominant guard. Howard's addition can only help Jeremy.

    4. Love it. Khuang can't even respond to that. Lol

    5. Of course I can't truly respond to my own post about Thomas Robinson

      - I wrote it myself.

      LOL at YOU, Solidz75z

  6. Replies
    1. NIce, the connection with HBS and Duncan. For his future and AA in general. Thanks.

    2. Someone should tell him to lose the black-rimmed glasses. What is it with Asian-American men? Do they look in the mirror and go, "I don't look derpy enough for mainstream America...let me uglify myself?"

    3. youre suggesting fashion tips for jlin and commenting on asian men fanforlife? interesting...

    4. c'mon, FFL, everyone knows revenge of the nerds has made it cool to be awesome-nerdy. People 'affect' that all the time, but Lin has the real chops in Haaavad and NBA. I'd give him some 60s Wayfarers, high water pants, and black penny loafers too. Retro cooler than Johnny Depp.

    5. "What is it with Asian-American men?"

      where is our resident enforcer against racists?

    6. FFL is right.

      He probably thinks this is cooler.

  7. Odd articles today on BR. First Ding with the Harden/DHO Article.

    Houston must have paid BR more money with the "Lin to take next step with Howard" article."

    1. Liked the shot chart in the latter article.

      Couple of Q's:

      1. Can someone explain to me why shooting from the left is so much better than the right? Is there something fundamental about shot mechanics that favors a side?

      2. On Harden PnR ... I don't remember him being a PnR king. Is my memory biased, or are they just writing about his pick and no roll pass? I don't remember him volunteering any scoring opportunities - more, just took it in for the foul.

    2. From my own experience, if you are right handed, you will shoot better from left. But I do not know about others.

    3. "Can someone explain to me why shooting from the left is so much better than the right? Is there something fundamental about shot mechanics that favors a side?"

      In general, a pure/textbook shooter who is right handed prefers to shoot going left. This is because they like to have their right shoulder and foot in front of their left shoulder and foot. So when they're going left, they're already aligned properly naturally.

      Lin's shot chart is somewhat unpredictable. His midrange jumper is better from right side, but 3 pt better from left corner. Then again, he's not a textbook jump shooter, so there you go.

    4. Thanks, I'm into understanding this ...

    5. The second article wrote: "And he shot poorly from outside as a whole last season, hitting just 34 percent of his attempts from downtown."

      Funny how Lin shoots 34% from 3pt and he's labeled across the board as a poor 3pt shooter. Meanwhile, Jason Kidd is a career 35% 3pt shooter, and is labeled as a good 3-pt shooter. Also, Carmelo's career 3pt% is 33%. I don't hear anyone labeling Carmelo as a poor 3pt shooter.

      Granted, 34% isn't great, but it isn't that bad either. It's higher than what Chris Paul, Kobe, Westbrook, Dragic, Monta shot last year. If you call 34% a poor 3pt shooter, then what do you call John Wall (24%) or DWade (29%)?

    6. "Odd" articles?

      No they just want you to click on them with farmed content.

      People can't resist with their baiting headlines.

      Hence, BR makes more money and keeps this strategy due to people not having the self control to ignore.

    7. @real-dsb
      The league average for 3s is 34-36%. So, yeah, it doesn't make sense for the article to call Lin's 34% 'poor shooting.' But it's Bleacher Report right? which is the standard for garbage writing.

      Also, if Lin's first two months recovering from injury are removed from the sample, his 3P percentage is good. And that number trends upward throughout the season.

    8. "So, yeah, it doesn't make sense for the article to call Lin's 34% 'poor shooting.' But it's Bleacher Report right? which is the standard for garbage writing."

      I wouldn't care if it was only Bleacher Report, but it seems to be the general perception across the board, which is what annoys me. Oh well, I'm confident that Lin will shoot > 37% from 3pt this year, so that should shut up the critics.

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  10. i am pissed this michael terry guy can come in here and disparage christians but won't respond to me.

    new thread here.

    if you put luggage that weighs hundreds of pounds into the trunk, will the car get fewer miles per gallon? YES OR NO!!

    it's the same engine in the car. if you increase your weight with fat and muscle by 20 pounds, you will still have the same skeletal structure and heart and lungs. maybe there will be a little cardiac hypertrophy, but the efficiency will not be the same. TRUE OR FALSE?!

    if you add 20 pounds, will jeremy still be susceptible to eyepokes or getting a tooth knocked out if he doesn't wear a mouthguard, or how about a scratch on the skin that causes it to bleed? YES OR NO!

    do 153-pound kickboxers "take hits" a lot more than nba players? YES OR NO.


    if you start asking world champion tennis players to buff up to 210 pounds, will they reject you? YES OR NO.

    Nadal is 6'1" and 188 pounds. Compare that a guy like Federer who is listed at 6'1" and 187 pounds

    this faker michael terry has no experience whatsoever training elite tennis players or elite point guards or elite soccer players. he might be trying to sabotage jeremy lin's career.

    1. About your car-weight analogy. I think if you increase your muscle, which means you increase both weight and your engine power. Not in disagreement with you, just saying you need a better analogy. lol

    2. lin2improve is another combative poster on this site. learn some manners, man.

    3. lin2improve is obviously trolling. He keeps making the same statement about Lin's weight again and again. Never talks about anything else.
      Maybe he's obsessive.

    4. OccupatiO is another wimpy, pedantic bore who's symptomatic of what ails the Asian-American male. Grow a pair, she-man.

      Better yet, go back to whatever Occupy event is taking place in your neck of the woods.

      Oooohh, here's another difference between conservatives and liberals:

      Conservatives: Tea Party. Taxed Enough Already.

      Liberals: Occupy Movement. Where rape happens.

    5. Don't worry about it too much lin2improve. You are one of the few posters actually using your brain and not just assuming! Major kudos, the signal to noise ratio is noisy on this site. Very rare to get quality thinking!!

      Michael Terry's posts are usually illogical. I already rebutted on him on several points and now, just gloss over his replies as they are usually "fluff".

      However, his popularity is due to his writing style that is easy to read but with no substance. I wouldn't judge anyone who eats that stuff up.

      You also can't ignore he is a white guy championing Jlin7. Just like everybody loves females on the internet, it might explain why everybody loves to cite him.

      Don't know why someone here is accusing you of being "combative" or "fixated" when you are using analogies and evidence to support your claims.

    6. LIn2improve,

      I am replying to your comments in a different thread, you may not have checked it out so I am including your original reply with mine down below.


      can you quantify how being "stocky" will make you be able to take hits?

      when 2 objects are in the air, the 180-pound body will be moved more easily than a 210-pound body.

      can you clarify how being 5' 9" and 180 pounds will better protect nate robinson's eyes from being poked? or his tooth from getting knocked out by an elbow? or his skin being scratched and causing it to bleed?

      can you clarify how being 180 pounds and weaker than a 210-pound, muscular man will make him easier to take hits?

      can you clarify how 155-pound muay thai fighters can punch each other, knee each other, kick each other without being "stocky"?

      lin2improveAugust 2, 2013 at 9:18 PM
      this will be a nice test on the football field. we can put a 180-pound, short and stocky guy and a 210-pound 6' 3" athlete together and ask players who is harder to move.


      My answer:

      You just answered your own question. Being 180 lbs will be moved much more easily than a 210 lb body. Hence, MT wants Jlin to gain muscle mass and not slim down. A stocky person has a lower center of gravity and thus will be harder to move.

      Of course a 180 "short guy" will be moved easier then a 6'3' 210 lb guy. What is your point? That is MT argument. Lin doesn't weight 210 anyway, if anything it looks like he is slimming down

      You are nitpicking really strange scenarios about eye-gouging, Muay Thai fighters and etc. This isn't a street fight. It's basketball. Of course there will be elbows, Lin received some, but slimming down certainly won't help reduce that. Everyone get's scratched and bumped in the paint.

    7. @Brent I liked his car example actually. At some point beyond an optimal level(different for everyone), something gives. You don't gain weight and muscles and everything is just greater and better after forever. Meaning the car engine doesn't upgrade forever.

      For example, Bruce Lee did not bulk up on chest muscles because it was an obstacle to his ability to punch straight and fast. Yao Ming gained muscle and weight tremendously and then his feet shattered. I'm betting the bones in his feet never expected to run and jump with 100+ extra pounds throughout an NBA season.

      If Jeremy bulks up, he might be more able to take impact, but for sure he'll be slower, and may have injuries elsewhere like knee or foot issues from extra weight wear and tear.

    8. Pop Doggy,

      It's true that more weight adds pressure to a person's knees. I think that was of the reasons why Lin trimmed down last season. I remember him saying it in an interview.

      Each person is indeed different and this may just be a better weight for Lin.

    9. FWIW, I don't think the contact part is going to win in the long run either way. L2I is right in terms of his examples and MT is right as to more muscle gives you mass and protects joints. Others talk about inertia, which is right too.

      I still think having speed and brains to create that half a second of space and then execute into the easy assist or bucket is where the meat of a strong career lies. That extra split second is about 5' of space in the NBA, and that's all Lin needs to make his stats, ASG status, and PG role strengthen. Getting to the foul line is important, but look how that collapsed on Harden at the end of last season when whistles got silent.

    10. "Getting to the foul line is important, but look how that collapsed on Harden at the end of last season when whistles got silent."

      Harden is a kind of unusual example so it doesn't really apply to Lin or most cases. At the end of the season, Harden was looking for the foul call as the first priority, such as swinging his arms into opponents' arms to initiate contact, which compromised his ability to actually get the ball in the bucket. That's not the same as driving in the lane and trying firstmost to make the shot and considering an And-1 situation to be a nice bonus if it happened.

      For Lin, and-1 opportunities will come as a natural extension of aggressive dribble drive penetration, and being able to finish without relying on the call is really important.

      Brandon Jennings' numbers for finishing at the rim are terrible; certainly, his slight frame -- he's less than 170 pounds -- is a big part of the reason for this. He also is terrible at finishing layouts with his right hand (barely even tries to do so), but I think his lack of mass and muscle is certainly a big factor in his at-rim numbers.

    11. a corvette probably can't out lap an M3 in the twisties.

    12. Basketball is a contact sport. There is no controversy in the sporting community regarding who will be more likely to be injured in a collision between a bigger player and a smaller player. There's a reason combat sports are divided into weight classes. There's a reason football teams value SPARQ ratings.

    13. Michael Jordan got bigger and more muscular throughout his career. Contrary to shortening his career by putting stress on his knees, it extended his career and allowed him to continue to play at a high level.

      Many Olympic sprinters have been extremely muscular, a muscularity they developed in the weight room. Patrick Willis and Vernon Davis both run 4.3 40s. They also can both C&J over 300 lbs. Building muscle does not slow you down (per se).

      Jeremy Lin gained 12 lbs of muscle in 2 months with his pre-Knicks trainers. He also improved his vertical and lateral speed over the same period. This documented fact should make you pause when concluding that gaining muscle makes you slow.

    14. jordan weight gain probably age related. jordan's career prolonged because he changed his game from dunker to fadeaway to save his knees.

      sprinters can run in a straight line not side ways and doesn't have endurance vis-a-vis nba starting pgs.

    15. Jordan's weight gain is well known to anyone who followed his career and so are the reasons. Jordan and Scottie Pippen lifted weights together every morning, sometimes with other teammates such as Scottie Harper. Jordan purposefully put on weight to withstand the rigors and physicality of the tough NBA season. Feel free to watch videos of Jordan as a rookie vs Jordan during his later championships. You won't see a lot of fat, but you will see a different physique.

      Can you dunk? I can. There is no particularly greater wear and tear on your knees from dunking rather than, say rebounding and making layups (or fade-aways) and there's zero chance dunking less had anything to do with the length of Jordan's career. Basketball requires a tremendous amount of jumping and landing, no matter what you do.

      Lots of players much larger than Lin in the NBA and NFL have world class endurance. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Jordan in his later years, Lebron James, Tim Hardaway, Baron Davis, etc.

      All speed movements come from ground reaction forces and shin angles and it doesn't matter whether you're running in a straight line or backwards or side-to-side: Muscles do that and bigger muscles often do it better. Christine Michael, the Seattle Seahawks rookie, had the 5th best 3-cone drill among all players at the NFL combine. He had the 6th highest shuttle run. He had the best vertical leap, 43 inches, only two off the record. He weighs 220 lbs at 5'10", so, a very big guy, much thicker than JLin.

      The claim that getting skinnier makes you quicker is just a non-starter. It's how you train. The methods of training to gain muscle and speed at the same time are known.

      Again, we already know that Lin got 30% quicker while gaining 12 lbs of muscle. There is no argument here. Lin was the most athletic he's ever been when he played for the Knicks. He dunked several times easily.

    16. Hey I just happen to find this old video about Lin's practice at Sparta.

      They said they bulked up Lin for better speed and vertical. Also for less chance for injuries.

      Just FYI for you guys.

    17. Michael Terry, let's also not forget Jordan's known PED usage.

      At UNC, Jordan was allegedly recorded to have responded to PEDs 3x better than the typical UNC Tarheel college basketball player does. I wouldn't be surprised if Jordan's collegiate PED usage INCREASED in the pros.

      PEDs allow a player to be bulky AND quick in a superhuman way.

      I personally believe that in the drug addled NBA, no true estimations of the speed vs weight debate can truly be made until PEDs are completely eliminated out of the equation.

      What I do know is that Jeremy Lin is a powerful quick elite athlete who can easily keep up with the PED athletes of the NBA. The fact that Lin as a non PED athlete is able to outrun and outjump PED athletes is impressive in itself.

      I'd love to see a drug free NBA, even though it would bankrupy the league because fans are used to seeing superhuman feats done by PED athletes.

    18. andrey silnov is a professional high jumper.

      he's 6 foot 6 and 180 pounds. he won gold at beijing. i'm sure he would know better than the sparta guy who has fancy gadgets and computer software. i'm sure he wouldn't want to add an extra 20 pounds in his upper body to jump higher.

    19. michael terry says, "Lots of players much larger than Lin in the NBA and NFL have world class endurance. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Jordan in his later years, Lebron James, Tim Hardaway, Baron Davis, etc."

      i'd love to see karl malone chasing around steve nash for a 30 minutes.

      i'd love to see michael jordan bulked up and guarding allen iverson who's 165 pounds.

      watch video of iverson against jordan.

      take a look. if your advice for lin is to copy 6 foot 9 karl malone or 6 foot 6 michael jordan who are a power foward and shooting guard respectively, then that is really bad advice.

    20. occupatio says, "Brandon Jennings' numbers for finishing at the rim are terrible; certainly, his slight frame -- he's less than 170 pounds -- is a big part of the reason for this."

      that's a bad argument to use a chucker like brandon jennings who i don't want on my team to shoot.

      you should use steve nash who's listed at 178 pounds as a better example. he has very good percentages at finishing at the rim. in 2006, nash averaged 68.9% at the rim. again, you just want to say only 200+ pound people have a chance at the rim which is simply not true.

    21. tony parker is listed at 6 foot 2 and 185 pounds.

      around march 7, 2012, new york lost to the spurs.

      "Lin struggled against Parker and had a tough time scoring through the first three quarters." tony parker scored 32 points.

      rockets lose to spurs

      "Parker had 27 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists for his first career triple-double". despite having a career high of 38 points, jeremy lin did not have the endurance and quickness to contain tony parker.

      tell me again how a 210-pound jeremy can have better endurance than a 185-pound tony parker champion.

      Lin is near the bottom of the NBA, 22nd percentile, when defending isolations (.933 PPP).

      the biggest problem for lin is lateral quickness to defend isolations. he can hustle and run forward fast with momentum in a straight line, no problem. the problem is shifting your bodyweight side-to-side as a reflex to the opponent's movements. something the champion tennis players like federer or nadal know a lot about.

    22. actually i think one of lin's problems during linsanity was dribbling directly into the defense and then getting stuck with no place to go, so he might jump up in the air try to pass to a teammate, but this resulted in turnovers.

      if lin had better lateral quickness and endurance, he would be able to dribble sideways more easily out of danger and reduce turnovers.

      lateral quickness can be used both for offense and defense.

    23. michael terry says, "Lots of players much larger than Lin in the NBA and NFL have world class endurance. Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Jordan in his later years, Lebron James, Tim Hardaway, Baron Davis, etc."

      michael terry brought up tim hardaway who used to be listed at 6 feet tall and 175 pounds. i think he was more mobile and quicker at this weight.

      rookie season at a lighter weight.

      "Tim Hardaway made weight on Nov. 6 in the first of 24 weekly regular-season weigh-ins. 'He was at 195 pounds today, 7% percent body fat, so he's really committed to conditioning,'"

      after bulking up, tim hardaway became worse. the extra weight did not help.

      from 1999 to 2000, his field goal percentage dropped to below 40%

      “He got out of shape pretty bad," said Clippers head coach Vinny Del Negro. "He’s not in great physical condition."

      you mentioned baron davis. when your own coach says you don't have good conditioning, that could be because you're fat.

      baron davis goes skating in this video.

      baron davis needs to stop doing a gay dance and instead start losing weight. look at how big his rear is.

      michael terry you gave really bad examples of "big" players. lin shouldn't take your advice.

    24. Folks, you are mixing alot of things and things get muddy.

      Big is good but has to be in proportion to your physical ability, height and speed.

      Then comes PED, as I mentioned in previous thread, PED should be regulated, rather than banned. In this ever competitive sport, the demand from the game, coach and fans are really high.

      Hence PED do help these players to be competitive by having higher recovery rate.

      You cant bulk up and train basketball in 2-3 months. It aint gonna happen, without any HGH/PED's help.

      PED by itself, is not going to give you any gain, if one is not training. So its not a standalone super booster as some would think.

      You have to train your ass off in order to see those gains (muscle, speed, recovery...whatever one's target is).

    25. Nobody is saying that athletes who don't use PEDS are expecting to make gains without training.

      The athletes like Michael Jordan who are known PED users also train like crazy, just as hard as Lin does.

      However, PEDS do more than just simply increase recovery time. They improve one's overall athletic performance and make guys capable of superhuman feats.

      Now should PEDS be regulated but legal in pro sports? I think that's a legitimate argument.

      Personally, I'd prefer PEDS to not be in pro sports. When a guy is a known PED user like Lance Armstrong or Michael Jordan or Ben Johnson or Barry Bonds, I tend to think in my mind "Yeah, but that guy isn't really all that good without PEDS". When I see a guy like Lin who's competing without PEDS, I am like "Whoa, that guy legitimately worked so hard to achieve those unbelievable physical feats!"

    26. I'd prefer PEDs to be allowed simply because there's no effective way to police them, so the folks who are willing to cheat will always have a huge advantage. Like most things, using PEDs has diminishing returns and a little goes a long way. Players could safely take a little and be able to compete much better against those who OD on them.

    27. @Lin2Improve,

      Since being smaller makes you quicker, can you explain why Barry Sanders had the greatest lateral quickness of any athlete we've ever seen, at 5'8", 200 lbs?

      Can you explain how Lin improved his quickness by 30% while gaining 15 lbs of muscle?

      Since you like to talk about tennis, have you ever noticed that Nadal has much greater glute development than other tennis players? Nadal is considered the best defensive player in tennis. Like all sports, defense comes from great lateral speed. Did you know that your glutes are the difference-making muscle used for lateral speed? Nadal is the best defensive player in tennis because he has more muscle in his glutes and upper legs.

      When a basketball player puts on muscle (gains weight), it should be preferentially in his ass, thighs, and hamstrings. We're not talking about undifferentiated muscle gain here, we're talking about targeted specific weight gain: Explosive muscle in the prime movers of the posterior chain.

    28. "Can you dunk? I can. There is no particularly greater wear and tear on your knees from dunking rather than, say rebounding and making layups (or fade-aways) and there's zero chance dunking less had anything to do with the length of Jordan's career. Basketball requires a tremendous amount of jumping and landing, no matter what you do."

      dunk sure 20 yrs ago. and generally disagree with what you said about dunking is same wear and tear as rebounding and fadeaway.

      but, would like to hear what most have to say about this.

      sure if you're a tyson chandler type of dunker then wear on knee not much of an issue. but if you're a lin/rose/jordan type of slasher dunker then it's not the same as rebounding/fadeaway.

    29. < michael terry says, "Since being smaller makes you quicker, can you explain why Barry Sanders had the greatest lateral quickness of any athlete we've ever seen, at 5'8", 200 lbs?" >

      yes i can. you are a faker on steroids who says we should make drugs legal for players. lol!

      "the average amount of time the ball is in play on the field during an NFL game is about 11 minutes."

      read this article and explain to me how jeremy lin who plays 32 minutes per game is supposed to bulk up like a football player who plays less than 6 minutes per game at only a single game per week? did you know nba games are played more often, sometimes back-to-back nights?

      barry sanders doesn't play any defense. why should jeremy lin, who plays both sides of the game, have to bulk up like him? i think barry sanders at 185-190 pounds would be EVEN QUICKER without having to wear a helmet, pads, and cleats on the grass. last time i checked, basketball was played on hardwood. you don't need bigger muscles in the neck, hands, ribcage, etc. as barry sanders does. he needs a strong grip so as not to fumble the ball, and a football is actually shaped differently than a basketball.

      michael terry, i like how you run away from your boy that you mentioned, baron davis's gay dance video.

      watch the video here.

      < michael terry says, "When a basketball player puts on muscle (gains weight), it should be preferentially in his ass, thighs, and hamstrings." >

      your advice is that basketball players should have big asses. that is hilarious. baron davis has a huge ass in that video, and he should lose weight.

      you can also see iverson being QUICKER than michael jordan who bulked up and became slower in the mid-90's in the video i posted above.

      michael terry, go back to working with football players, wrestlers, and powerlifters with your PED's. leave basketball, tennis, soccer, high jumping, and distance running to the professionals.

    30. < michael terry says, "Can you explain how Lin improved his quickness by 30% while gaining 15 lbs of muscle? >

      those numbers might have been cooked to make him look good and give publicity to sparta.
      "Lin is near the bottom of the NBA, 22nd percentile, when defending isolations (.933 PPP)."

      the "quickness" from sparta didn't help him actually defend isolations where you need to shift your bodyweight to the side.

      maybe jeremy lin actually improved his neuromuscular response and had a bad diet before. that has nothing to do with proving that getting heavier will make you faster. there are so many variables that can affect performance. if jeremy lin was busy eating nacho cheese and drinking soda but then changed with a nutritionist, then his quickness could have improved on diet alone. nothing to do with "weightgain equals speed".

      so maybe jeremy lin became "quicker", but i bet you that lin would do even better at a proven gym facility where champions like federer work out at. i bet jeremy lin would do even better if he was working out together with tony parker (185 pounds) over the summer on a daily basis.

  11. Jeremy will have a big show in Boston next season.

    Rhondo said he would beat Jeremy and the Rockets badly in Boston next season.

    According to what I know about Jeremy, he would make Rhondo regret saying this.

  12. @real-dsb Very good point. Statistics without point of reference or comparison can be very misleading. I believe that statement has got people to think Lin is a very poor shooter, just as it has to me. So either the writer was ignorant about the statistics of those super stars or he was being intentionally misleading. It would be great if you could leave a comment there.

    1. @Khuang Thanks for the response. I've seen comparison and discussion between Lin's and Harden's shooting percentage, and I remember learning that Lin's is not necessarily lower than Harden's (need to check again.) But somehow, most people just assume Harden is a much better shooter while Lin is the poor one. Well, this past season, Lin did have too many ups and downs. I hope--and believe--he'll be savvier and more stable next season, bringing his performance to the next level.

  13. JJ went fishing:

    Some people here just have to relax, just like JJ is.

    1. Good post, HY.

      The Lin only haters on this forum will probably trash Lin for "not working on his game", though.

  14. JLinfan#1, thank you for cleaning up this forum.

    I respect everything you do.

    Being here as your gues is a privilege to me.

    Best regards,

    1. damn wut i miss? i snooze i looze.

    2. U erase all the posts u are left with khuang's delusions lol

    3. Etane let's just say khuang is extremely grateful. Extremely.

    4. And Solidz75 is ANGRY that the flaming he was doing was shut down.

    5. And I wish that was me. But noone can't touch FFL when it comes to pwnning u. It was beautiful.

    6. if nothing else, she/he is an agent to blow away the staleness.

    7. He rendered Khuang speechless. Khuang couldn't even make a reply longer than one sentence. In the boxing world, this would be considered a KTFO.

      When u r able to work in a Riley Cooper reference into your tirade, u got talents.

    8. mod deleted khuang's one sentence response too? geez.

    9. This forum actually benefits from having two LOHs like you two trolls, Etane and Solidz75.

      Anytime somebody wants to come here to hate on Asians, you two Lin haters are always right there to add to the racial epithets.

      Unfortunately for you guys, Lin is outplaying your hater hopes of his failure.

    10. Just think about this. The mod rarely ever deletes our insulting comments. But because he/she felt so bad for the way khuang got destroyed today,, he made the comments completely disappear - not even the typical "this post has been deleted by mod" trace.,

      That is an epic accomplishment - the goal we should all strive for.

    11. Destroyed?

      Pfeh. I'm still here.

      As usual, you're just INVENTING stuff in order to keep trolling.

      Like most people have said here, you never offer any basketball analysis because you don't know the game of basketball at all and are here strictly to flame this board.

      I look forward to your continued DELUSIONS as far as trashing Lin and Lin's fans goes, Solidz75.

  15. BTW, Oden will sign with the Heat.

    So we're about to see what Pelicans are willing to give up to get Asik.

    Personally, I don't think Morey will give up Asik for Anderson. Houston needs more defensive presence for the playoff run more so than adding another shooter.

    1. There's been absolutely no criticism whatsoever of Omer Asik's sense of loyalty after he requested to be traded.

      Had that been Lin making a trade request, the media would be criticizing his heart just like they did in the playoffs when Lin got injured.

      There is such a cultural double standard when it comes to Jeremy Lin.

    2. I think still think they should trade Asik while his value is inflated. The reason he's considered a quality starting center now is that Jeremy made him look competent on offense by giving easy point-blank shots (that he still screwed up regularly).

      There was a rumor that Dwight wanted a quality backup center like Asik to take heat off him -- i.e. reduce his minutes and "hold down the fort" if he's injured. So I'm guessing Morey really is keeping him on Dwight's orders.

      Similarly, I also believe that Harden wants Jeremy here -- if only for selfish reasons. He wants to be The Man and bringing in Rondo or CP3 takes away his spotlight and touches. Even if Jeremy reasserts himself this season (now that he's healthy), he will never throw a tantrum or demand the ball as much as they do.

      They'll probably go to the deadline with this core intact. But Al Harrington on a cheap two-year deal could be a nice stop-gap at PF.

    3. Good point, @zxcvb. As this article points out, I'm sure Harden has mixed feelings about Howard being with Houston. He wants to be the man. The more superstars land on Houston the less credit he gets. Right now, Lin is doing a lot of work and getting virtually zero credit. Good for Harden.

      We can't completely discount the idea that, after Lin shared the spotlight for the first couple of games last season, Harden had a word with management. It may very well be that Harden's signing a long term deal with Houston was contingent on the idea that Howard was the undisputed Man on the team. It's shortsighted and dumb, and someone smart should have talked him out of it, but...

    4. Should Asik get traded to the Pelicans, the entire NBA will find out how Asik is nowhere as good a player without Jeremy Lin protecting him.

      Offensively, Jeremy Lin forced the ball into Asik to get him involved offensively. This forced Asik to become a serviceable offensive center.

      Defensively, Lin stopped drive after drive while also double teaming the post. This resulted in Asik getting all the credit for Lin's defensive hustle. Asik didn't bother stepping out to help Lin when Lin was hit by perimeter screens, though. Lin kept Asik out of foul trouble and helped him defend the post against the really dangerous inside scorers.

      Lin positively impacted Omer Asik the way Lin positively impacted Steve Novak, maybe more so because Asik played big minutes due to Lin protecting him.

  16. clearing cap space is really high priority. I would even trade asik for draft picks.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Compliments from last thread:

    "KHuang - August 2, 2013 at 7:51 AM
    When I see a long basketball related post on this forum, I happily take the time to read it."

    > yes, even if MT and L2I don't agree, it's good discussion to factor as we coach from the sofa.

    "Etane August 2, 2013 at 2:18 PM
    "basketball is a team sport with 5 people on each team.
    The second position player is called the ball hog. The ball hog, also known as the two, is usually the team's best shooter and euro-stepper, and typically is consistently able to hit long range shots (of 20 feet or more)."

    > Etane, see those are the skillz I like. You had me going ho hum and then bam! LOL.

    Great posts, guys. Sorry the thread machine moved on - just read it.

    "Solidz75 August 2, 2013 at 12:33 AM
    Yo, JT wassup, bro! Can u share with us your take on other points of your life?!"

    > Nothin's up. Just takin' crap with my peeps. You're doing good, just lighten up and we're solid.

    1. i just made some stuff up and spliced it with some copy and paste off wiki.

      see all it takes is length to turn the readers on. too bad i am lazy.

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. Replies
    1. Those glasses need to go.

    2. Thanks Via for the nice pics!

    3. it's okay, he thinks he's this guy

      only guys with real power need alter egos

    4. What is it with Afrrican-American men? Do they look in the mirror and go, "I don't look derpy enough for mainstream America...let me uglify myself?"

    5. Etane,

      You made that comment from a picture of 4 African-American basketball players?

      I agree, they do look goofy though...

    6. The Rise of NBA Nerds

      Not exactly new but that's the trend of nerd jocks.

    7. That's Etane again, firing racial slurs again.

      Instead of Asians that he calls "chinks", now it's African Americans that he's calling "derpy".

      Racism is racism, no matter what ethnic group is being targeted.

    8. Interesting article psalm234. I hadn't thought about those dress choices in the larger context of black masculinity before, and didn't connect with Stern's dress code policy though that should be obvious.

      On that topic -- Lin needs someone to help him with his clothes. None of his suits fits right, even simple things like how/where the pants break at the bottom. It's like he bought it off a rack instead of having it tailored for him, and I wouldn't be surprised if he did buy them off the rack. Some of the stuff he wore for the GQ shoot were also like ew; there is no way Stat would have let any stylist put him in that stuff.

    9. Ooh u talking crap about Lin's style... U better be careful. U r gonna be labeled a LOH by KHuang.

    10. Guys to be fair to Etane, he's retaliating for FFL's comment on Via's 'Let's Read. Let's Move' post about Lin and his glasses earlier.

      I wanted to say what he said. But I also didn't want to fight racism with racism. Anyway, it's said. LOL.

    11. And what's wrong about me labeling you a LOH when you consistently trash everything about Lin and Lin's fans, Solidz75?

      You absolutely HATE LIN and are on this forum to degrade him and his fans.

      You can't even explain how you as a troll are NOT a Lin hater.

    12. lol solidz i was paraphrasing FFL's quote from above and wanted to see whether kh responds to either me or FFL. He responded to my post but not FFL's. kh is obviously scared of FFL.

      suxxorz i missed those posts.. DAMN YOU MODERATOR!

    13. No Etane, I'm not like you cowering in fear of Fanforlife's flaming when you're dodging the flames coming at you.

      You posted a toxic tacist remark against African Americans, just like you've repeatedly posted toxic remarks against the Asians you hate.

      And don't be "damning" our moderator, you disrespectful troll. You like to make this toxic jokes on people when you're actually flaming them.

      Go back to your closet, troll.

    14. dear moderator i totally respect you. could you please delete what khuang typed above just like how you deleted everything ffl wrote about khuang? i will be your best buddy. i don't want to reply to khuang directly because i am cowering in fear just like how khuang can't reply to ffl because khuang is cowering in fear from ffl.

    15. 0ccupati0, I also found the article to make an interesting observation of how black masculinity made a 180 degree turn to embrace the white-style Carlton in the Fresh Prince of Bell Air.

      I don't know if it was intentional or not but the fact is these NBA stars are not afraid to be labeled as Uncle Tom. I think this was just an outward appearance of new generations in the "CAA Family" (3 Heat stars+coach and Melo+coach Woodson who tried to recruit CP3, Durant/Jay Z agency) who tried to differentiate themselves from MJ's generation.

      Linsanity broke up the plan of Melo's CAA family in NY for a while and he did not join CAA agency. Had he done so, he would still stay in NY and received mostly positive publications from powerful CAA media outlets.

      Jeremy had always bucked the trend so that's why he's disliked by the CAA family now. But I believe this story of unlikely underdog refusing to join the establishment is just beginning.

      It's not about black, white or yellow (remember Spoelstra is a Filipino-American) but it's green, the color of money.

    16. BTW, I know Etane was just being funny mimicking FFL's statement above but you might want to be more careful because I know Lin haters visited this site to find incriminating things to flame Lin fans.

      Man u guys like to bait KHuang too much! Don't fall for it, KHuang :p

    17. we don't have to always talk about lin.

      in this government report, it shows that blacks make up 39.4% of the prisoners in jail even though they are 12.6% of the population in america.

      "In a 2004 United States Department of Justice report which analyzed carjacking trends over the previous decade, carjacking victims identified 56% of the offenders as black, 21% as white, and 16% as members of other races."

      i'm not racist, just stating the facts. black leaders need to do a better job in their communities to make the black youth more moral.

      and you have this gangsta culture in rap music about "pimps" and "hoes" with thug tattoos. they don't listen to country music.

  21. Replies
    1. there's obama girl and ron paul girl. maybe you can be our jlin girl. just need to start a jlin girl youtube channel and webcam away.

    2. whoa, "JLin girl"...there's going to be a stampede, fangirls fr all corners!

    3. but there can only be ONE jlin girl.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. a 5 foot 5 man who is 133 pounds can never survive in the nba. there are too many scary 7 foot monsters at the rim.

    if he attacks the basket, then one shove or one hand slap will send him to the emergency room!

    earl boykins video at youtube.

    even though a 150-pound fighter from thailand can kick your ass, you need a bare minimum of 210 pounds to absorb the contact from those 7 foot monsters.

    he has to bulk up and add as much weight as he can to his neck, jaw muscles, fingers, and rib cage just like a football player. even though a football has a different shape than a basketball and allows a strong grip with one hand, still a point guard needs all that extra weight on his body.

    just wear a 20-pound backpack while you're playing basketball for 32 minutes per game. you won't lose any quickness, and you won't get tired. just trust me.


    1. You need like a dozen redundant, rambling paragraphs to even make a stab at trying to make a convincing argument. Try again. Oh wait, you already did that endless times.

    2. 5 foot 4 boykins with shaq

      occupatio is saying you should just get discouraged and stop following your dream of being a basketball player because you're just too short and too weak.

      you can't even click on the picture and form a logical, convincing counter-argument even though you've tried squeaking like a mouse endless times with your tongue.

    3. earl boykins with a 7 footer

      occuPATIO go back to sitting on your patio and eating cookies to fatten up.

      you'll never be an elite point guard, and you'll never be an elite tennis player with quick lateral movements with the crap that you're typing.

    4. andray silnov, gold medal winner in beijing.

      you can see from this professional jumper how his leg muscles are huge in comparison to his upper body. exactly WHAT KIND Of "proportions" are you talking about?

      i never said jeremy lin should do zero training for his arms, but he should concentrate on quickness, speed, agility, and conditioning. he shouldn't just focus on ONE JUMP for a vertical measurement.

      or little kids should just follow occopatio's advice and be depressed because you're too small and light to take the hits in the nba.

    5. Conditioning is extremely easy to acquire. Athleticism is hard.

      Quickness, speed, and agility are athleticism. If Lin is improving his athleticism, he should be able to dunk easily now, one-footed and two-footed. He can't, therefore he is not appreciably improving his athleticism.

      No one is claiming he should ONLY improve his vertical. As a matter of fact he should improve his lateral speed, too. There are very simple ways to measure that. However, since his vertical is not going up, it's very doubtful his lateral speed is going up either. The same muscles are involved and all of these athletic qualities are very highly correlated. That's why Christine Michael had the highest vertical in the combine AND led all RB's in both of the lateral agility drills.

  24. "just wear a 20-pound backpack"

    I'd rather strap on 20 pounds of well distributed muscle.

    I wouldn't want Lin looking like a football player, but I wouldn't want him to emulate westbrook or rose.

    Lebron James at 260 or Kevin Durant at ???

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. if distributed muscle increased at an even ratio with equal or improved performance, then why do we see the weights of professional track athletes trending downward as you go from 100 meters to 400 meters to 1500 meters?

      why do you see boxing heavyweights on average be slower with worse endurance than middleweights? or what about manny pacquiao at 147 pounds with his speed? he's heavier than bruce lee was.

    3. @lin2improve
      I'm on your side on this. But I think you should give up. There's a reason why there are those grunting gorillas at the gym even though they look ugly and slow as heck. There's a reason why the hulk is popular in North America.

    4. Besides, I don't think Jeremy is looking at our posts looking for tips on improving his body and game. So there's no need to 'win' so to speak.

    5. thanks for the tip. i'm just trying to give evidence for lin's strategy based on statistics and results.

  25. You're getting way too hostile with your one note obsession. No one wears 20 lbs of deadweight to an nba game.

    You want Lin to out-Westbrook Westbrook and to out-Rose Rose. That's just not going to happen. Not saying he can't be nearly as quick and agile as them but when you're competing you have to be smart. You have to play more to your strengths. Lin seems able to acquire size and strength while staying pretty damn quick then why not persue that.

    Lebron is plenty quick and he uses that 260 to his advantage. That's an example of a pretty heavy dude who's able to exel at his position and has been remarkably durable.

    Kevin Durant is rail thin and exels at his position. But I'd rather Lin be Lebron James of his position than the Kevin Durant.

    1. alright you can stick with your eye test at home and say lin is good enough and should increase his weight to 250 pounds like lebron james.

      i'll use a professional statistics service to see jeremy lin's weaknesses and try to find ways for him to improve.

      "Lin is near the bottom of the NBA, 22nd percentile, when defending isolations (.933 PPP)."

      i'll also compare lin to actual point guards who play the same position and are around the same height of 6 foot 3. i'll also look at historical cases of successful point guards.

      i'll also be able to talk about jeremy lin's favorite color, food, or movies if you want, but my primary desire is for jeremy lin to succeed and be an all-star player for the future with dwight howard.

    2. oh that was my mistake gametheory, sorry i didn't mean to say that you should go back to school. that was intended for occupatio but i replied to your post instead. i'll take that off.

    3. Basketball isn't like baseball. Stats, even advanced stats can lie.

      Before I take that ISO stat seriously, I need certain questions answered (seriously, I don't know the answer, so I'd actually love to know):

      1) What is J-Lin's rank among PGs?

      This is a PG's league right now (rule-wise, talent-wise) and NO ONE can consistently defend a quality starting PG one-on-one. In other words, I'm guessing almost all starting PGs rank pretty low.

      2) What does Synergy's ISO stat specifically mean?

      Jeremy constantly has to leave his man to over-help because his teammates suck at defense (even Asik struggles with one-on-one post-ups). So if Jeremy help his big man and fails to close out tightly on a 3pt shooter (which we've seen a lot)...does he get -3 PPP for ISO defense on that play? Because technically it was a one-on-one defensive assignment.

      3) Why do you doubt Jeremy's NBA expertise and the expertise of his million dollar NBA training staff (both Houston's and Sparta/Gatorade's?

      I know you were replaying to occupatio, but you bring up a good point. We're not experts. Synergy is just a stat service. A tool. Jeremy is an expert. Houston's trainers are experts. Sparta Sports are experts. Gatorade Sports Institute are experts.

    4. "Lebron James.... That's an example of a pretty heavy dude who's able to exel AT HIS POSITION and has been remarkably durable."

      It doesn't bother me that Lin is "heavy" for his position. I never said 250. Also, I've said it before, Westbrook would bully him in the post if he weren't "heavy" or strong. Others would do it too. Lin should be the one who's bullying the other guards by posting them up.

      In an organization, if you are too willing or are pretty good at some of the grunt work, that's your coworkers will want you to focus on so that they don't have to.... That's the way I feel about his defense.

    5. Magic Johnson at 240 lbs was bigger than Lin, and he was adequate (albeit barely) on defense against smaller guards.

      Jason Kidd was the exact same size as Lin, right down to the weight. He was one of the best defensive point guards to play the game.

      Jeremy Lin is one of the biggest and strongest and quickest players in the NBA at the point guard position, but he's well within normal limits for the shooting guard position. Lin often does guard 2s, and with no problem either because of his size and speed.

      Like I said earlier, I'm not seeing players outrace and outmuscle Lin. Until that starts happening, I see nothing wrong with his conditioning.

      I'd even go so far as to say that other NBA players maybe should be looking to what Lin's doing in order to improve their own games.

    6. Dammit, @KHuang. Lin's awesome but he's not perfect. :)

      One of the things I like about Lin is that not only does he have elite athleticism, but he's got a Harvard IQ. I thought that would mean he could use that IQ to his advantage. IQ doesn't really help you on the court, but it does help you in preparation. I thought he'd be able to use that IQ to prepare in a cutting edge way and make the gap between him and other players get bigger. I also thought his selection of a high concept gym in SV was more evidence I was right about this.

      Instead, he's fallen into the usual NBA preparation machine. Unfortunately, there's just a lot of bro science and ineffective wastes of time going on there. And guess what, the things he's doing now are the exact same things every other player is doing. So he's not separating himself in any special way anymore. Like Bill Walsh said, "If everyone's thinking alike, no one's thinking."

      Of course, maybe some of this is mandated by the Rockets. Big shame. Icing injuries doesn't do shit, but it's still prevalent throughout pro sports.

    7. There's an absolute human limit to how much training one can do, Michael Terry.

      If one exceeds that, injuries occur. Just look at Blake Griffin who famously appeared in that Sports Illustrated article raving about his "marine boot camp" training and proceeded to miss his entire rookie year because the excessive training knocked him out.

      Similarly, what's wrong with Lin using tried-and-true methods of NBA training that have worked for other players?

      In my decades of watching the NBA, I've observed that it's TALENT that separates the elite players like Lin from the rest of the crowd that is working equally as hard.

    8. < xgametheory said, "Also, I've said it before, Westbrook would bully him in the post if he weren't "heavy" or strong. Others would do it too." >

      that's really funny that you're scared that jeremy lin will get bullied by westbrook who is listed at 6' 3" and 190 pounds. tony parker did just fine against westbrook, and parker is listed at 185 pounds.

      as you can see from actual hard evidence, tony parker had the advantage with a 47.7% field goal percentage compared to westbrook's 36.8%.

      your concern for jeremy is admirable but unfounded.

      if anybody doubts the legitimacy of synergy statistics, then you should tell that to the general manager of the houston rockets, daryl morey.

      "For Rockets GM Daryl Morey, Live 09 is a scouting tool. 'We already use Synergy to game-plan,' he says."

    9. < khuang says, "Like I said earlier, I'm not seeing players outrace and outmuscle Lin. Until that starts happening, I see nothing wrong with his conditioning." >

      you should get your eyes checked by an optometrist if that's what you're seeing.

      at the end of the season, jeremy lin said, "looking at my turnovers, missed shots, my defensive breakdowns. I have it all right now. I spent a lot of time talking about all that".

      i don't know why khuang is calling jeremy lin a liar. i thought you were a fan of lin. he clearly says that he has "defensive breakdowns."

    10. All players occasionally (more like regularly) get beaten on defense. That's the nature of basketball.

      Jeremy Lin says he has to work on his game, sure. That would be true even if he were the MVP of MVPs.

      Lin's elite athleticism, contrary to what lin2improve insists, is more than enough for him to continue getting the job done. Many less athletic players than Lin have enjoyed long and successful NBA careers.

  26. Replies
    1. i agree completely. lin has to beware.

      that is exactly the kind of stuff i was talking about before. i said jeremy lin should watch out for asian gansta wannabes who introduce him to the ecstacy drug at a night club. they want his attention and will give him bad advice like, "you should pump up your arms, bro. do u even lift? you have to impress the ladies."

  27. "Has anyone in the league, of late, become more underrated than Jeremy Lin? I have people in my Twitter mentions talking about him like he’s Matt Maloney or something. Now, he certainly had a disappointing postseason, but I don’t think his year went as poorly as people are making it out to have gone. I’ll resume my series on Lin next week, with Part 2, but as a teaser, I actually expect Lin to have the most surprising breakout of any player on the team next year, given one caveat." ----Red94

    With all those articles saying Lin is going to have a breakout season (I guess they meant BECAUSE of DH). I think they are really setting up the expectations so they can trash him again next yr,,,,darn...

    1. Let's not overlook a simple factor in why Lin is underrated now. The playoffs (in which Lin performed poorly and was injured) got a national viewership while Rockets regular season games (in which played very well post-All Star game) got few national broadcasts, so you really had to go out of your way to watch Rockets games. (And locally in Texas, you couldnt necessarily watch the games due to the dispute with CSN.) And suppose you did dial in to one of the regular Rockets games, there's a good chance you might have seen the Lin who wasn't sure what his role was without dominating the ball, etc -- inconsistent Lin, esp at first half of season.

      A player's reputation is just heavily weighted to favor playoff performances and part of that is nothing more than a matter of more TV and media coverage.

  28. If you check out the stats page for Jeremy Lin, you will see his similarity score based on the career stats so far. The similarity score is defined as "Players with careers of similar quality and shape "

    Names on that list for Jeremy Lin include
    Matt Maloney
    Smush Parker

    1. Whoa, I'm comparable to Nerlens Noel.

      I didn't know I was that good.

    2. truth doesn't seem to understand the stats he is linking to. He probably thinks that winshares on a high scoring offense team, actually means anything.

  29. Replies
    1. Jeremy is in NYC? Is there an event here besides the Knick reunion that he is attending? He looks happy. Too bad he didn't get traded to the Raptors. He could have worked with Landry, and Novak again :(

    2. will let you know if there's any news on that, Rose. :)

      [true about Landry and Novak.] *sigh*

  30. LinsanityMovie ‏@LinsanityMovie
    Want to own these PRIZES? Submit your imitation of @JLin7 's Time mag layup.
    6:23 PM - 3 Aug 13


    tony parker said of lin: "I think you have to be patient with his growth. When I first came into the league, I was a little raw. I was very aggressive. At the same time, I had to learn the point guard position and when to score, when to pass and try to find that happy middle, find the balance. I think Jeremy Lin is at that point.

    "He's trying to find his position on the team. And he needs to fit with another guy who is very aggressive with James Harden. I had to do the same thing when I had Manu Ginobili being super aggressive. You have to find your spots. He will."

    i think it would be great if jeremy lin could practice with tony parker over the summer. parker can teach him how to handle playing with harden. also parker's workout for lateral quickness would be beneficial instead of working with wannabes looking for the spotlight.