Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Lets Move!"

From, for today:

'LET'S MOVE!' EVENT AT DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Houston Rockets point guard Jeremy Lin, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier, CSI: NY star Hill Harper, and former Washington Redskins running back Brian Mitchell will host the fourth of five 2013 "Let's Move!" events to promote summer reading, healthy eating, and physical activity at noon at 400 Maryland Avenue SW.


  1. Kiran Ahuja ‏@KiranAhujaAAPI
    Great mtg w/ @JLin7, discussed aapi education, bullying prev & dispelling model minority @WhiteHouseAAPI @usedgov
    9:28 AM - 1 Aug 13

    1. Awww.. so heart-warming! I like that Lin cares about the community.

    2. “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
      ― Mahatma Gandhi

      JLin living the life. :-)

      "Infuse your life with action. Don't wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your own future. Make your own hope. Make your own love. And whatever your beliefs, honor your creator, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen... yourself, right now, right down here on Earth."

      ~Bradley Whitford

      wu kong the quote master ;-)

    3. Jeremy Lin (@JLin7)
      "@hillharper: Me & @JLin7 at the Dept. of Education right before reading to 250 DC school kids!!" yessir!!

      He needs corrective lenses? Or are they just hipster glasses. Maybe too much candy crush?

    4. Nice to see LIN reading books for the kids and doing something for the community agian....nice to see him again.

      thanks for sharing the news....

  2. omg I'm so close I can walk there.

  3. Sweet! Hope he gets on some boards of national initiatives. He'd give it his best, rather than pad his resume.

  4. Hey FFL, u gotta post here more! Your rant on last thread was epic. You managed to call out everyone on both side of the fence. That is much better than the typical circle jerking going around here. I can't stand the typical "spoken like a true pro!", " You are awesome!", "Jeremy wouldn't approve" posts that pervade this site. Feel free to call me out too!

    1. no.................we finally got a new thread without name calling...yet...

    2. lol i went back to read her/his post and found he called me treasonous. but we're not the ones supporting the bush family's nazi ambitions. i think FFL is.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. "bush family's nazi ambitions?"

      Don't you mean the Kennedys instead?

      Typical low-information leftist who can't get a single fact right.

      You are one of the stupidest people on this site, and that is saying something considering how this board is infested - a word which I use advisedly here - with dumbassed democrats.

      Saw where you were going on about me "conflating" the national auto industry with Detroit's. You el stupido's industrial-strength stupidity is beyond belief.

      Obama spent $80 billion on the bailout, and you don't think a big chunk of that went into the "rescue" of the MOTOR CITY?

      And if anybody was doing any "conflating," it was your Economic-Illiterate-in-Chief, you boob. Why else did he declare Detroit "is coming back" after the bailout?

      Mere decades after the Holocaust, you repugnant liberals are still trying to do in the Jews en masse.

      There's a special place in hell for shitheads like you.

    5. First it was religion, now it is politics...pls stop..

    6. I don't really expect you to see the evil of your ways, because liberalism is truly a mental disease, and goodness knows one rarely recovers from insanity.

      But here's a reminder of the unbridgeable divide between the right and the modern left:

      To conservatives, few issues are more important than the security of Israel.

      To a far-too-large number of liberals, including many in the Obama administration, Israel's 6 million Jews have no right to exist.

      Six million Jews...does that statistic ring a bell?

    7. bla bla all talk no substance:

      U.S. likely to make a profit on bailouts, Treasury says

      WASHINGTON — The Obama administration probably will make a profit on all the bailout money spent to prop up banks and other companies, as well as struggling homeowners, devastated by the Great Recession, according to the latest federal projections.

      Over the next 10 years, the taxpayer-funded bailouts could produce as much as $163 billion in profits, in a best-case scenario, from repayments, stock sales, dividends and interest paid by banking and insurance firms, auto companies and mortgage finance companies.

    8. "To conservatives, few issues are more important than the security of Israel."

      only to you neo conservatives who use the death of 6 million jews as reason to dictate over middle east affairs.

    9. Seriously, no reason to argue over politics or religion. Let's just stick to mocking each other over our idolatry of Lin.

    10. "bla bla all talk no substance"

      Once again, you can't help projecting. Typical liberal.

      And really, is there no limit to your gullibility?

      When was the last time the Obama administration made an accurate prediction about the cost of anything?

      Obamacare? LOL.

      Detroit has declared bankruptcy. US-made cars are still as cost-inefficient and uncompetitive as ever, thanks to the out-of-control UAW and its assorted affiliates. Typically, leftists throw money at a problem and voila! declare it solved.

      Of course, you're the same moron who believes Jerry Brown has balanced California's budget. LOL.

      California - which is subsidizing roughly half of Mexico's deadbeat population.

      California - which is bleeding businesses to red states hand over fist.

      California - which hasn't even factored the upcoming high-speed rail and water projects estimated to cost over $100 billion (X 10 at least for the real cost) into the budget.

      That California has balanced its budget?


      The stoooooopeeeeeed just never stops with you, does it?

    11. "only to you neo conservatives who use the death of 6 million jews as reason to dictate over middle east affairs."

      You dare to say that in the face of the Samantha Power video?

      You soulless shithead. I'm done with you.

      May you rot in hell.

    12. Both of you are only interested in point scoring. Why not assume good faith? Why not assume the person on the other side of the screen is a person with a family and friends and pain and joy and opinions based on imperfect information...people who are just trying to do the best they can. If you really want to discuss politics, why not try to understand each others' points of view, rather than rage against each other.

    13. FFL, now u r scaring me. I hate Obama as the next person but getting into politics here is a no win situation.

      U r much more convincing and personable when u are just visciously obliterating Khuang for his delusions. I am not even close to your level. So please stick to khuang bashing. Thank you.

    14. "Both of you are only interested in point scoring."

      MT where is YOUR good faith?

      = P

    15. Fanforlife, stick to agreeing with Solidz75 when he as an LIN ONLY HATER is trashing his shooting, his dribbling, his scoring, his defending, his race, his heart, his fans, his .....

    16. his best buddies JT and khuang.

    17. Etane: Like I said, I like FFL's cogent and on-point style as it is new here for me, and you did it too for a couple of retorts. I like reading your points with backing from sources you select. I would cheer both of you on here, Etane and FFL, if it were on bball because too much politics or religion would make everyone agitated.

      On one hand, I don't like Gov Brown using school kids to fool voters to fund the pensions. Right or wrong, that's how it feels. I've heard stories from teachers who continue to buy their own teaching materials. On the other hand, I just can't listen to Rush Limbaugh and I always stepped away when people were high-fiving his daily rants over the water cooler.

      I really think our political system is in a grind mode, and we voters have a problem discerning because it's black/white 50/50, and that is partly due to the press changing. You exposed the history of Fox News to me, and that was a light to help understand how journalism became highjacked. Add to that now that news orgs cannot afford good editorial from all this web news, and we have a valuable discipline on the decline, not serving people or society.

    18. Suggests not to talk politics and the then dedicates two paragraphs to talk politics. U just can't help yourself can't cha... Lol.

    19. Once again, an amazing post by the guy with an IQ of 6000
      . Are you sure you aren't a car park attendant, Solidz? Won't even open the wu kong mind-killer link because you're more cowardly than Lin, calling him out and all. Talk about true irony. U just can't help yourself can't cha... Lol

      Now go away, I have to talk to my friends on my break.

    20. jt maybe we just have different meanings for the word "cogent" = P.

      ffl is fun to talk to because he/she spouts off all the roger ailes talking points in neat short paragraphs like he/she is auditioning for a job w/ fox but his/her politics leads his/her and not the other way around.

    21. Yeah, you know, Etane, I don't have my finger on it. It probably isn't 'cogent'. I read is as a different kind of extreme disagreement, and though I cringe at some of the attack points, there is passion and a mind there.

      Yo, FFL ... not sure about the far right talk, but you got skillz and I'd love to see a great bball debate. I could learn a lot. Hmmm ... let's see, what can we disagree on? jk.

    22. Yo, JT wassup, bro! Can u share with us your take on other points of your life?! I really admire how you go out of your way to see the good in people! Your posts are so full of awesone points!! That must be why they are like 10-20 patagraphs long!!. I just love jscrolling down and down on my iphone only to see that you still haven't made your point! Oh please tell us how tough it was growing up in the Bay Area! Your childish enthusiasm is really infectious! !

    23. When I see a long basketball related post on this forum, I happily take the time to read it.

      There's excellent NBA commentary in the longer posts by people like JoeTeam, psalm234, Michael Terry, Brent Yen, and others who are true Lin fans on this board.

      Often when I'm reading those long posts, I see viewpoints that I hadn't previously thought of.

      More long posts about basketball is a GOOD THING, as far as I am concerned.

    24. basketball is a team sport with 5 people on each team. each of the 5 members of a team consists of a different position player who each have different functions within the team for a team consists of 5 players.

      the first player within the team the point guard or sometimes called the 1. The point guard,[1] also known as the one, is typically the team's best ball handler and passer. They are often quick and are able to hit shots either outside the three-point line or in the paint, largely depending on the player's skill level.

      Point guards are looked upon as the 'floor general' or the 'coach on the floor. They should study the game and game film to be able to recognize the weaknesses of the defense, and the strengths of their own offense. 'They are responsible for directing plays, making the position equivalent to that of play-making midfielder in association football, setter in volleyball, quarterback in American football, or center in ice hockey. Good point guards increase team efficiency and generally have a high number of assists. The point guard is also stereotypically a shorter or smaller player.

      At the NBA level, most point guards are 6 feet (1.83 m) to 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m). In Europe, point guards' height ranges from 5 feet 11 inches (1.80 m) to 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 m), with a few exceptions. Some call them the dribbler

      The second position player is called the ball hog. The ball hog, also known as the two, is usually the team's best shooter and euro-stepper, and typically is consistently able to hit long range shots (of 20 feet or more). Besides being able to shoot the ball, shooting guards tend to have good ball touching skills and the ability to drive the ball to the net, often creating their own shots off the dribble.

      A versatile shooting guard will have good passing skills, allowing them to assume point guard responsibilities. On defense, shooting guards are often tasked with defending the opponent's strongest perimeter threat. but at times the ball hogger's job is to hold onto the ball until the shot clock runs out so no one else on the team has the chance to shoot the ball.

    Shared publicly - 2:35 PM

    In PP(P+A), which factors in the value of setting up teammates as well as scoring, Jeremy Lin ranked in the 90th percentile. Minimum 1,000 possessions, Lin was 18th in the league in this category, ahead of Raymond Felton (21st), Russell Westbrook (37th), and All Star Jrue Holiday (40th). #DeepStats

    1. Jeremy Lin's main bright spot was in the Pick and Roll, where he ranked in the 76th percentile. Minimum 250 possessions, he was 22nd in the league at Pick and Roll, ahead of Kyrie Irving (27th), Mike Conley (30th), and Russell Westbrook (35th) #DeepStats

    2. Jeremy Lin ranked a bit below average overall in PPP - 41st percentile. He struggled mightily in transition - 20th percentile. #DeepStats

    3. Poor Brent. Because of the unnecessary political debate, he has resorted to having a convo with himself.

      Where is JT to lift up your spirits with his empty and often cheesy rah rah chants?!

    4. Brent, do you sense Jeremy was better in transition in NY? Meaning, did all those long successful passes to Tyson and Fields/Shump make a diff to this stat, or is it driven by some other factors?

    5. Wa wa wa, now Solidz is going to claim I'm baiting him when he is called. Computer hero! Go go, girl.

    6. I'm surprised about the transition stats. Are those from this year? Cuz, his stats in NY for transition plays were not very good. When Lin heard that, he said he was surprised by it since he considered it something he wasn't bad at.

      I thought last season he was very good in transition, including full court passes. What makes me cringe is when Parsons took it upon himself to run the break or penetrate during transition and had the ball poked away many times. CP and the coaching staff think Parsons is a PG.

    7. JT and 0ccupat0, I think (not 100% sure) the transitions here meant those FBs that were finished by him. So...all those outlet passes does not count. Parsons really got bad handles, but because of his height and better passes from Lin, he finishes the FBs better than Lin did I think.

    8. Very often last season that when Parsons was running the FB with Lin and Harden, Lin got the ball too late (to close to the rim already) and can not do anything about it except just throw the ball up and pray.

    9. So...I think if the tansition is defined like PP (P+A), which includes both his own scores and the scores made by his assists. There is no way he only ranked 20%tile

    10. I'm pretty sure if they were able to adjust this for teammate errors, primarily roll players fumbling passes and missing lay-ups, his number would be higher.

    11. Ok, I see. Thanks, it is not about the assist but the finish. In that case, maybe we include stories of head hacks with no whistle to depress the stat ... muhaha.

    12. Stop baiting me JT. Leave me alone.

    13. MT I might missed your comments b4. What do you think about the training in Lin's video? good, bad or both?

    14. "Solidz75August 1, 2013 at 2:00 PM
      Stop baiting me JT. Leave me alone."

      Look at your time stamps yesterday and today, you idiot. Who's baiting who?

      95% of your posts have no substance. Mostly knee-jerks that one can read all over the net. So, you get hurt when people are reacting to outside press they've written, like it's a personal attack on you. You've cathected Lin into your own id, not being able to see where he ends and you begin. You get hurt every time he doesn't do anything that you feel is important. Weeks back, you were ranting on him not working out. Yesterday's vid proves you are like the rest of the knee jerk press.

      Others have called your posts graffiti spray and diarrhea. Or that you are a child. I doubt that, else this life you've created here would be different and people would support you. I would, but then, you rant against that as if I did something wrong to say that. At least I address what you are writing.

      I don't have time to play with you today. But if you keep baiting me, I'll try to respond when I can, but take this as my blanket - you're just a low EQ person ranting here on everyone except who you perceive as supporters.

    15. Oh, I didn't comment. I've become disillusioned with Jeremy's decision making in training. As far as I can tell third hand, he's wrong about a lot of stuff, and he's not even coming close to practicing and training in an optimal way.

      1. He's not maxing out his lateral speed and one-footed and two-footed vertical. This is stuff that his training facility a couple years ago was doing perfectly, with measured results. His athleticism with the Knicks was the best we've seen, but he doesn't do the same things he did there? It boggles the mind.

      I don't know for sure what they're doing now, but I'm really, really familiar with athletic training and I'm also aware that 99% of facilities do not efficiently train the most important speed indicators and I know precisely how his old trainers do, so the odds are not in favor of his new regimen.

      Plus, he's training at three different facilities. Ugh. Consistency is key. Traveling all over is hard to recover from. It's hard to make gains. You have one freaking off-season, maximize it!

      The Gatorade Institute stuff looks like flash over substance.

      Lin's had a year and a half and as far as I can tell, his vertical and lateral quickness isn't any better than when he was with the Knicks, and maybe worse. His injury is no excuse.

      He seems to prefer loyalty to results. Who is Josh Fan? Who has he trained? What's his model for improving athletic performance?

      2. Lin is getting skinnier, on the mistaken notion that skinniness leads to quickness, possibly because some other black players are skinny and quick. Bad assumption. Building muscle makes you less injury prone and faster. Do you know why Nate Robinson is the fastest ever combine tester and won several dunk competitions? Because his dad was a football player and Robinson played football and lifted weights like a football player.

      Do you know why Lin was so much more effective fighting through contact when he was with the Knicks? Because he was bigger and more muscular.

      3. Why doesn't Lin seek out players or trainers with a history of success? Steve Nash has his same build. Why not train with him? I know how Steve Nash does basketball drills and there is learning literature which strongly supports his methods. Why doesn't Lin train with this guy?

      4. Why is he spending so much time with extracurriculars? His position in the league is by no means cemented, but off the court he acts like he's a star. He should be spending every second figuring out how to become a star, if he's really as competitive as news reports claim he is.

      Quit disavowing Linsanity. Figure out a different way to handle the expectations. Do the best players hide from big expectations? Quit hiding behind God. God helps those who help themselves, I've heard. Quit elevating non-relevant factors above becoming the best player you can be. After you're the best player, use that leverage to promote God and charity.

      Lin is smart, but he's young and independent-minded and doesn't know how to make the right decisions. And soon it will be too late. I know, I was there once.

    16. TL yet again; DR.

      Lol... Waaaaaaaaaaa

    17. Damn, Joeteam.

      You're just KILLING the Lin Only Hater in Solidz75.

      Solid75 came here to flame Lin and his fans, just like Fanforlife and other trolls. Now you've got 'em CRYING.

      When will the anti Lin haters like Solidz75 learn that this is a Jeremy Lin FANSITE where calling Lin a "pussy" and calling Lin's fans "delusional" is just gonna get retaliated against?

    18. Nevertheless, I think Lin will become a star. I'm just disappointed because he's incredibly gifted naturally, and I thought with his brains he'd be able to maximize his gifts more than other players. I thought he had the opportunity to become legendary, perhaps do things that had never been done before. That opportunity seems to be slipping away, and it doesn't matter where he plays for him to be missing these opportunities.

    19. MT...Thanks for the comments. Wow...I guess it is really not good. He is not in the good hands (physical and shooting coaches wise).

    20. Michael Terry, I think Lin's going to be in good form next season.

      As long as he avoids injury and continues to play like he did in the 2nd half of the season, I think he'll be OK.

      I used to be a Doc Scheppler skeptic, but I happily have had to eat my words due to Lin's superlative performance last season.

      I'm all for Lin continuing what works.

    21. Before Linsanity started, I posted that one of the many reasons I viewed Lin as a big time NBA star was because of how he would push the tempo after he corralled a rebound or forced a turnover.

      When Lin forces a possession change, there's a moment of hesitation as both teams realize that possession has shifted. Most players on both teams stand around a bit stunned before play resumes.

      Not Lin. Jeremy Lin, as soon as he forces that turnover, is flying downcourt with that elite athleticism of his in that moment of hesitation before both teams can react. It's as if Lin's trying to score before both teams realize what's happening.

    22. I don't know, Brent. I'm also always open to the idea that I'm wrong and have imperfect information. It'd have to be something pretty significant, though, given what I do know.

      Baltasar Gracian said, "Do, but also seem." Lin knows about PR off the court, but what about on the court? Fans and coaches and analysts judge your athleticism by certain things you do on the court. If he came down on fast breaks, jumped off of one foot, and dunked two hands a few times, it would transform how people see his athleticism. And the way people perceive you greatly affects how many opportunities you get. Why do you think John Wall has been given so much freedom? He's not better than Lin, but he makes some flashy plays.

      If Lin dunked more, he'd be kept on the court for defense at the end of games. And dunking more is well within his grasp with the proper training for even two freaking months.


      Avoiding injuries is what I'm talking about. Lin plays a physical brand of basketball and being more muscular is better for avoiding injuries in that case. When two people collide, usually (but not always), the smaller player is the one who gets hurt.

      I'm still a massive Scheppler skeptic and nothing can ever change that unless Lin starts shooting with picture perfect form by Doc's training or he makes a post which convincingly explains why Lin should shoot the way he does. It's just lucky that so many other things matter in basketball to drown out his poor shooting form, because if basketball were purely a free throw shooting contest, the players with picture perfect form would win every time. I'm not quite sure why you you'd purposely limit the potential efficiency of your shot.

    23. I should have said avoiding injuries is "part" of what I'm talking about.

    24. MT and KHuang, both got good points. Thanks!

    25. Very interesting feedback, Michael Terry.

      Have you listened to P Villareal analysis on "Reloaded" Youtube video that via posted? He made thorough analysis mostly on the "Rocky" marketing impact to silence the haters by showing his hard training. He also made an interesting point about the scenes of Lin training with Houston coaches due to a possible CP3 trade to Houston.

      I also had a question on why he chose to no longer train with Sparta who launched him into Linsanity. After all he's a loyal guy and he sticks to Doc as his shooting coach helping him with Linsanity performance.
      Perhaps he thinks he needs to reduce some weight to avoid putting too much pressure on his knees? Or the Rockets asked him to prioritize speed over muscle?

      I have a question for you. Is it possible to shed some pounds but still train to be explosive to absorb contact as he did with Sparta? In other words, can he be quick because he's lighter but have enough muscle to finish drives while getting beaten up?

      I personally don't mind with his Asia tour for sponsor obligations (Volvo), build fanbase and his commitment to use the platform to share his faith. He's a loyal guy so it's only right that he wants to spread good news about God because he believes it's part of God's plan to use Linsanity to reach more people.

      And even other players like LeBron, DWade, Harden, Shump go to Asia to build their brand. It's just part of building fanbase and doing what your sponsors asked you to do.

      I do question why he doesn't consult proven experts in physical training (Tim Grover), shooting (Dave Hopla) to gather more feedback to his training regimen. He can still retain Josh Fan and Doc while getting expert feedback. Hopefully he does and we just don't know about it.

      Perhaps you can tweet some of your concern to him. Who knows if his people will actually look into it.

    26. i think we don't have enough information to make any judgements about his work outs?

      do think he will try to lower his center of gravity more probably emulating harden in getting longer more effortless cadence to improve endurance to finish games strong.

    27. I agree completely with Michael Terry here. To me, it just seems as of Lin is working hard, but not really working "smart".

      His handle still doesn't look like it has progressed all that much. He doesn't exactly have the ball on a string and it looks easy to disrupt his dribble.

      I also don't like that the Linsanity movie is hitting theaters. To me, it's a joke, as if he's a gimmicky player whose career has already hit its peak. Save that for when your career is over.

    28. Didn't the conservative media guy say Jeremy is using his correct leg when taking off for a left hand layup? Is it just me or is he using the wrong leg in the video?

    29. I think it's both, Etane. See this in the top comment

      Jash F 1 day ago
      - Jeremy practices shooting left handed lay ups off of left foot and right foot. Nash/Rondo do the same thing to keep defenders guessing. He works on all different types of left handed layups from all spots on the floor (lefty floaters off one foot, lefty floaters off two feet, reverse layups going both ways, off foot lefty layups, trying to dunk left handed jumping off the right foot, lefty finishing against heavy contact)

    30. is that a top comment on youtube? didn't see it... but thanks for pointing that out.

      also just noticed jeremy's biking form is horrible... maybe kenoshi can back me up as he's a cyclist too. what are they testing with that anyways?

    31. Who is thi Jash F. How did he know Lin practiced those? Wondering....

      Anyway, if he did those, I guess he will dunk more like MT hoped?

    32. Wow. MT with the smack down on Lin's work habits.

      I agree with Etane that we don't know much about Lin's training enough to criticize him...

      But I think there are enough signs to believe that what MT is saying may be indeed true.

      I wasn't crying over this video like one person here because honestly, he had a similar video last year. That was just as exciting but didn't mean much when the season started.

      Well if Lin falters again making the same mistakes again, then we know there is definitely something wrong with this approach. I also don't like him going around with this publicity tours when this season will probably the most important season in his career.

    33. TVN .. I think that is one of the reasons Mchale didn't like Lin- he mockinglu mentioned how Lin already had a movie in his young career.

      Completely agree with the movie being a bad timing. But I doubt Lin had anything to do with it. It's that Mohawk haired director looking out for himself and career.

    34. not a good choice on lin's part go to so many "openings" DURING the season. i am sure that gave his teammates some fodder against him. dunno if that has anything to do with lin getting iced out in late december.

    35. There is definitely a sense of jealousy. Here is this Asian kid getting all the accolades and star treatment with a fat contract in relatively short time.
      No one looks at the hardship he had to fight thru to get to this point because I'm sure they think the same thing about themselves.

      Whether Lin is training the right way or not, I hope he realizes this upcoming season is going to be paramount.

    36. jealousy, envy.. maybe. harden and parson seem to wanted to be part of it at first. but, think lin over did it and teammates thought lin was prioritizing the flim over the team.

      recall lin went to san antonio after a game when he was already dead tired. probably should have rested up instead. that was probably the last straw with his teammates who were ignoring mchell previous to that night.

    37. It doesn't matter, they will find anything that can be used as an excuse to hate no matter how absurd it may be if they don't/never want to like him in the first place.

      At least as far as we know, Lin didn't do all types of ill shits like making it rain in the strip club or getting arrested from beating homeless dude.

      As far as how effective his preseason training was, the soonest we can judge is during exhibition game in Asia, just hope it will be televised.

    38. Lin only went to ONE movie screening during the season, at the Sundance Festival in Salt Lake City, just before a game. And that night ... The Rockets beat the Utah Jazz by 45 points on their home court. So it's not like it was a distraction.

      Nobody criticizes Parsons for doing commercials with Dwight Howard, or James Harden touring Taiwan in China last month. EVERY NBA player does something non-basketball related during the season. Some of it is mandatory NBA promotion.

    39. The movie has a life of it's own because Lin probably signed the rights away, So, it's under different business control and goals. Lin's support of it is not offensive to me. He might have contracted for some appearances, maybe not. Why not help a fellow Asian American artist make it, if it doesn't hurt. McHale making fun of Lin makes him smaller, and it does not validate his poor Q4 coaching. Maybe it hurt Lin with the Rox, but I'd say his 2 injuries hurt him more.

      I haven't seen the movie, but remember he allowed the filming when he might have washed out, considering playing in what, Italy? So, he opened himself up and when I get to see it, that's what I'll factor instead of all these 20/20 hindsight views. Really, he could have had nothing but a Boulevard of Broken Dreams, documented for life?

      But instead, he had faith.

    40. I would like to understand why Michael Terry thinks that having bulkier muscles helps in being less injured, compared to having the same amount of muscle fibers but strong and lean?

    41. Regarding my own comment above, if the reason is that in a collision, being heavier allows one to be less rocked...then the trade off would be that Lin would become slower by virtue of the weight gain.

    42. Pop Doggy, are you making the distinction between kinds of training to get a type of muscle out? Some of it is controlled by hereditary. Not being an expert, but I grew up getting coached that if you strengthen, your coordination and quickness go up. The bulk you put on depends on your own body response too. I used to bulk easier than my friends, but they'd get leaner and more wiry with same workouts. Orthopods have told me you can improve knee resilience by strengthening everything around it. I've had friends skip ACL by keeping their quads strong and not going mondo skiing or bball anymore.

      Since someone here noted info is imperfect, then I'd vote that he probably does both strength building and endurance/repeats.

      MT I enjoyed your point of view above and well said. We'll have to see if you are right next season, as he'll have a whole summer to have committed to this instead of just rehab. You said before in detail his shooting form was not good, I think. That was a good thread also. I'd just add that you can't really mess with form in the short term, and I think you are saying that. It's going to take him years of off seasons to improve his form, right? And then, as to his shooting coach, what did you make of JLinFan#1's interview with him? Is Lin working on that from what you've read?

      So far, I haven't seen much info except for that message piece. It's very different than last year, IFRC, because there's a lot of people around him now so he might be saying he has his support team working too. Interesting that to a discriminating eye, they're not as strong for him as I thought.

    43. MT, I really liked the pts your made in your posts, especially
      1. how muscularity and bulk were part of his NY success and he has gone away from that regimen. i have up to this point just accepted the idea that less weight was good for his rehabbing knee but didn't think too much about how this may have limited the best part of his game, namely penetration and finishing with contact.

      2. that Lin should stop disavowing Linsanity. disavowing Linsanity also totally coincides with the naysayers view of it, that it was a fluky part of the past. that's basically McHale's view, which is very representative. I myself have liked how Villareal frames the issue: he's always talking about Linsanity 2.0 -- better version of the original.

      3. that he needs to bring more flash to get the credibility to do what he truly wants to do. this point is so on the money.

    44. Pop Doggy, I am by no means an expert. But I think he also meant stronger muscle (which usually means you will be bulkier) can reduce the chance of you been injured because your joints are been supported more.

      Now...I am not sure how the weight of you muscle correlates to your muscle strength. Obviously, if you are reducing your fat, you gain quickness without sacrificing your power. But if you reduce your muscle mass, it might be another story.

    45. Accidentally ran into JT's yet another verbose post. Realize it was him when he yet again began to talk about his life. Next thing u know he will let us know how tall is and how much he weighs.

      The dude sure loves the sound of his own voice. Let's see what other aspects of his life he generously offers to share with us.

    46. Can JLin Fan #1 (our beloved admin) organize a Doc Scheppler Q&A?

      We can email in questions and Doc can answer the best/most common 10.

    47. Solidz: LIke I said, go away I'm talking and you are spraying your normal useless graffiti and interrupting people. You like to control the conversation, don't you? If you don't get your way, you bait and attack and disrupt threads. Must be fun to be in your life. In the past 3 months, I think you only contributed one thing with eFG. Right-click, search. Good for you, you have a subscription to google. I have Bing.

      I'm sorry guys, I'm done for today. I apologize for interrupting your good discussion.

    48. @zxcvb, great idea, but I think JLinfan#1 is very busy, this is unlikely to happen.

    49. As much as I agree with Michael Terry about for Lin not to disavow Linsanity and "hide" behind God and 0ccu's comment to seek even better Linsanity or Linsanity 2.0 I really don't think that Lin will break his character easily.

    50. Brent, a live Q&A using Google Hangout would be even better, which means also even more unlikely lol.

    51. I dont think Jeremy has reduced muscle mass, he is just more leaner now, as you can see from the vein poppings. Physically he is in a good form. I'm not worried about it.

    52. 6'3" 200lb is his official numbers, I assume it is the weight in 2010. So I guess he is heavier now with more muscle.

    53. More lean muscle, less fat = Less weight overall.

      I'm guessing he's at 190 now. And he's leaner than other NBA point guards like Chris Paul, because he's almost 4 inches taller than Paul. Of course he's going to weight more than a shorter man.

    54. Michael Terry wrote, "Do you know why Nate Robinson is the fastest ever combine tester and won several dunk competitions?"

      that's funny that you brought up nate robinson. he's listed at 5' 9" and 180 pounds on that proves my point about how lin should make his upper body lighter not heavier to become quicker laterally.

      Michael Terry wrote, "Avoiding injuries is what I'm talking about. Lin plays a physical brand of basketball and being more muscular is better for avoiding injuries in that case. When two people collide, usually (but not always), the smaller player is the one who gets hurt."

      have you ever seen allen iverson play? he was listed at 165 pounds, and he attacked the basket a lot, and he didn't get sidelined by game-ending injuries.

      you must be really biased toward 250-pound wrestlers or football players who get hit, but this is the point guard position of basketball we're talking about.

    55. i don't know how micael terry can bring up nate robinson about weight training and how jeremy lin should go back up to 210 pounds like during linsanity or whatever...

      when nate robinson is listed at 180 pounds.. how do you go from 180 to 210 in your argument?

      why aren't there more bulked up runningbacks in the nba then? if bulking up the upper chest and shoulders is supposed to be so good for you?

      this is bad bro-science for lin if he's getting this advice.

    56. i don't know if michael terry has a powerlifting offseason weight of 230 pounds or something, but if you have some sort of wild fantasy to step onto an nba court with that weight, you wouldn't last a second.

      all those cuts, cross-overs, pick-n-rolls, fadeaways, switches, fastbreaks.. a person with fatceps can take a big hit. you're 100% totally right about that... but you might as well use the argument that a sumo wrestler can take big hits too against a smaller person.

      you have to be sleek, quick, agile, and with good conditioning.

      this is steve nash during the 2013 offseason. you can see the veins because he keeps in shape.

    57. I don't know how many of you are Bruce Lee fans, but he trained for speed, strength and power, and not size.

      At Lin's age, he is likely not growing new muscle fibers, but rather just enlarging the ones he already has if he bulks up. By doing low reps of heavy weights, and then high reps of lighter weights, he can increase his strength and endurance without gaining as much muscle mass (and plyometrics for explosiveness).
      I'd like to think that being lighter and equally strong is a benefit for the NBA PG as he doesn't have to hold his ground in the paint, but instead depends on quickness more often.

      But MT says that having more muscle prevents injury, and I'm just curious as to why he thinks that.

    58. From personal experience, I find that losing weight is huge for my health and playing ball.
      I'm about Jeremy's height but 20 lbs heavier (now).
      When I recently lost 15 lbs, I moved faster, the pain in my knees disappeared, my feet stopped swelling, and I was able to jump higher and run longer. Also, when I land on someone's foot, being lighter helps with not getting such a severe ankle sprain.
      Of course, mine was I can't say it's identical to Jeremy's situation. But still weight is weight, and for his position on the team, I don't him to become Derek Fisher!

    59. doggy, congrats on getting healthier and losing weight.

      guys, i'm just trying to see lin improve.

      in boxing, you can see in the 185-pound division, very quick hands and good chins. they can take hits!! like roy jones, jr.

      or what about manny pacquiao! he has fought in the 140-150 pound range. he can take hits and be really, really quick.

    60. Bruce Lee whose stats are 5'7" 120 lbs and DEAD in his 30s would not be the best ideal for Lin, especially since Bruce Lee was not regularly competing as an adult in sanctioned professional sporting events the way Lin is doing against other NBA athletes.

      Also, Lin appears to me to be a PED free athlete unlike the rest of the NBA that has a RAMPANT DRUG PROBLEM.

      I have no doubt that if NBA players stopped taking PEDs, Jeremy Lin would appear even faster and stronger than he is now.

      Lin should not be criticized for poor conditioning against other juiced up NBA players that Lin outruns and overpowers anyway!

    61. Hey MT, wow great insight into Lin's current training.

      Anyway a dumb question for you, what is different between how he trained with Knicks vs what is going on now? Not just curriculum but also personnel?

      Is Josh Fan a big part of the problem? You mentioned Steve Nash, how should Lin train in your POV to maximize his potential taking into account of both his strengths and weaknesses?

    62. lin2improve,

      Michael terry brought up Nate Robinson because of his height and weight combination. Of course Nate Robinson weighs lower then most other players at 180, but that is because he is 5'9''. He is very stocky for his size which is the point MT is making.

      Being stocky makes you able to absorb contact and finish better at the rim, something Lin seemed to have trouble at the beginning of the season when he was slimmer. If you noticed after the all star break, he gained some weight which was interesting.

      I'm not sure if Lin should bulk up a little, or maintain a slim physique, just clarifying what MT said about Nate and how it is in fact logical.

    63. can you quantify how being "stocky" will make you be able to take hits?

      when 2 objects are in the air, the 180-pound body will be moved more easily than a 210-pound body.

      can you clarify how being 5' 9" and 180 pounds will better protect nate robinson's eyes from being poked? or his tooth from getting knocked out by an elbow? or his skin being scratched and causing it to bleed?

      can you clarify how being 180 pounds and weaker than a 210-pound, muscular man will make him easier to take hits?

      can you clarify how 155-pound muay thai fighters can punch each other, knee each other, kick each other without being "stocky"?

    64. this will be a nice test on the football field. we can put a 180-pound, short and stocky guy and a 210-pound 6' 3" athlete together and ask players who is harder to move.

    65. Lots of answers about Lin is found on the new video
      Jeremy Lin - Reloaded.

    66. lin2improve,

      You just answered your own question. Being 180 lbs will be moved much more easily than a 210 lb body. Hence, MT wants Jlin to gain muscle mass and not slim down. A stocky person has a lower center of gravity and thus will be harder to move.

      Of course a 180 "short guy" will be moved easier then a 6'3' 210 lb guy. What is your point? That is MT argument. Lin doesn't weight 210 anyway, if anything it looks like he is slimming down

      You are nitpicking really strange scenarios about eye-gouging, Muay Thai fighters and etc. This isn't a street fight. It's basketball. Of course there will be elbows, Lin received some, but slimming down certainly won't help with that.

  6. Brent Yen, oh yes, you're right. Synergy stats are very compartmentalized so the transition stats must just be his own attempts to finish in transition.

  7. I wonder if there is a double meaning to JLin doing this "Let's Move" event--as in, let me move to a different city and team that will make the most of my talents. LOL.

    1. Haha...well for me in jlin life,..god is number one priority,basketball is number two and giving back to the community is number three.After all his motto is doing good is contagious.

    2. "Doing Good is Contagious" is from Jubilee Project actually, the guys that did Jeremy's "Last Pick" video on youtube. You can get one of those shirts too: :)

    3. Like I said, he's on the "Nash Track." He's got to prove himself in a limited role...and then when he's an UFA, he can be the lead guard elsewhere.

      Now, thanks to his race and Harden's ball-dominance, it'll probably be a cellar dweller desperate to "gamble" on Jeremy. Or maybe he'll have to take a mediocre contract. But still, I have no doubt Jeremy can turn a loser into a winner if given the chance.

    4. ha ha, nice one!

    5. lin already turned two losers into winners.

    6. I agree.
      Without Lin, the Knicks and the Rockets remain losers.
      But people have short memory.

      Also Rhondo of the Celtics said the Celtics and him will beat Jeremy and the Rockets badly in Boston. Let's see how Rhondo put his shoes in his big mouth next season.

  8. Replies
    1. Warning heeded. But still mind boggling but well no surprise coming out from Dime Magazine which have James Harden cover as twitter avatar and tweeting Jeremy Lin got savagely dunked on during SF PRO AM instead of Jeremy Lin drops 45 points and lead his team to win.

    2. I think it's okay not to get stupid acknowledgements like that because:
      1. Jeremy is not going to get a raise being on that list this year.
      2. It'll be fun to watch him blitz by the other 'faster' players. Deceptively quickly of course.

    3. It is probably better he doesn't get too much attention at this time. During Linsanity other players were jealous and gunning for him. He was a marked man. Better to stay low key right now, he will get enough attention when he and later the Team goes to Taiwan in the pre-season. He says he's used to and likes to be underestimated by opponents.

  9. "Dream Big, Be Yourself" PROMO
    「勇敢夢、做自己」 林書豪青少年之夜

  10. LinsanityMovie ‏@LinsanityMovie
    The LINconic Layup Contest begins! Copy JLin's layup on Time Magazine. Use #Linsanitythemovie #iwanttoLIN #LINconicLayup FB has more details
    1:02 PM - 1 Aug 13

  11. I agree with MT's flash over substance about Gatorade's SI. I'm sure it's due to his sponsorship deal with Gatorade. My personal preference would be Sparta but what do I know :P

    JLin's Gatorade Commercial

    The Making of JLin's Gatorade Commercial

    JLin's Gatorade Drink

  12. Jeremy Lin Being a Better 3-Point Shooter Would Make it Easier for Rockets to Trade Him

    Jeremy Lin’s questionable status with the Houston Rockets is mostly a byproduct of circumstance, not his own lack of talent. Whereas some players become marginalized because their skills deteriorate from what they were when they signed with a given ballclub, Lin remains today what he was a year ago. No, the only reason why Daryl Morey tried to trade him prior to acquiring Dwight Howard, and the reason why he’ll continue to try to move him until he and James Harden prove that they can play together, is because his style no longer meshes with the way the team was supposed to look once upon a time.

    With that in mind, it’s worth noting: there are certain aspects of Lin’s game that could use fine-tuning. By now, everyone knows what he’s good at. He’s a starter-level point guard in the NBA; he has solid court vision; he has good handles, albeit not going both ways; he’s lanky; and he can score, provided you give him enough opportunities to get comfortable. Along the same lines, everyone now knows his weaknesses. He is turnover prone; he regularly gets smoked on defense (and he hasn’t become an expert flopper like Harden, who is also an awful defender); and he can’t shoot especially well.

    he reason why it’s important for Lin to be an above average shooter, though, is because it will a.) serve him well if the Rockets can’t trade him and b.) make him moderately more appealing trade bait.

    If he stays in Houston, Lin’s role will not change. If anything, his usage will only go down because Howard will command the ball a lot more than Omer Asik used to. And seeing as Harden won’t be giving up his ball-handling responsibilities anytime soon, the onus will be on Lin to adjust. Between Harden’s fondness for driving and dishing and Howard’s bad passing limiting him to only passing the ball back outside, there will be plenty of opportunities for guys who stand on the 3-point line. That’s great for Chandler Parsons – and it can be great for Lin, too.

    Similarly, showing that he can be a threat from outside will make other teams take another look at Lin. While he has all of the skills necessary to complement a franchise-type big, squads continue to view him as a third option. And if they already have a ball-dominating shooting guard, a Harden-lite, they won’t pull the trigger on a move because they’ll assume that the same redundancy that is making Lin expendable in Houston will make him expendable in his new spot. If he can develop a shot, though, then Lin suddenly becomes a piece you can plug into just about any roster in the league.

  13. Replies
    1. Good one, via.

      I really hope NBA will be pressured to do regular PED testing because it will level the playing field for players who don't use PED.

      Come on, Biogenesis whistleblower, spill the name of NBA PED players!

    2. its a very sensitive topic, especially if you add the ever demanding game and performance for a long duration season.

      Personally I feel PEDS usage should be allowed but regulated.

      One may argue both ways, there is no true winner here.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Michael Terry wrote, "Sorry, but being fat makes you slow laterally, not being muscled. Barry Sanders had the quickest lateral speed of any athlete in history and he is much thicker than Lin."

    wow, i didn't know football was the same as basketball.

    last time i checked i remembered that barry sanders only played offense and didn't play any defense.

    "the average amount of time the ball is in play on the field during an NFL game is about 11 minutes."

    last time i checked, jeremy lin was playing about 32 minutes per game.

    if this is the type of advice that jeremy lin is getting, then he's going to be in trouble. why should an nba point guard try to bulk up to be the same size as barry sanders?

    chris paul's listed weight is 175 pounds. steve nash, 178 pounds. westbrook, 187 pounds. derrick rose, 190 pounds.

    i really hope lin's buddies don't tease him with bro-science by saying, "do you even lift, bro? just pump up your arms to make the girls go wild. it will make no difference in your playing career."

    1. I don't think CP3 and Nash are relevant models for Lin's training since their game does not emphasize finishing with contact. Nor, at this point in their careers, is explosiveness a key part of their game.

      Lin is definitely leaner this year. At one point in NY, he was cited as being ~208 pounds. An eight pound difference is huge, not just the mass but the explosiveness. Muscle size does not equal explosiveness (after all, gym bodies are for looks and not necessarily real power), but there must be some price in explosiveness by losing 8 pounds of mostly muscle.

      As an example of a wing player with mass, Harden is listed as 220 pounds and he finishes exceptionally well with contact.

    2. first, did i say that jeremy lin should drop to chris paul's weight? or did i say he should drop to westbrook's or derrick rose's?

      i just gave an example of good point guards and their weights. plus chris paul is no slouch either. i dare you to defend his quick cross-over.

      and are you talking about james harden's belly?

      last time i checked, james harden was a shooting guard and taller at 6' 5". it's irrelevant to bring him up. you might as well bring up how athletic amare stoudemire is for being 6' 10" and 245 pounds. in phoenix, he slashed to the basket a lot instead of having a traditional big man role. jeremy lin also slashes to the basket.

    3. i'm going to argue that barry sanders might have been EVEN QUICKER if he dropped to 185-190 pounds.

      barry sanders had to wear a helmet, pads, and cleats. he had to worry about not fumbling the ball and going through big 300-pound men. that's extra muscle size unnecessarily going toward the arms even the neck muscles if you want pure quickness.

      football is not the same as basketball.

    4. I am no expert, I know when I was light (about 155lbs) I can dunk the ball. Now I am (195lbs), I barely touches the rim. So....I do not know if it is because of the weight or the muscle power, or maybe both.

    5. But I do know it is hard to take the hit with a 155lbs body. Now is like no body can move me LOL....

    6. Brent, it's a simple question to answer. When you were 155 lbs, do you think you could've dunked with a 40 lbs weight strapped to your body?

      If not, then it's the weight!

    7. thank you brent for your personal story.

      allen iverson was not far off your 155 lb weight. he was listed at 165 pounds yet could attack the basket and get fouls. you shouldn't be forced to sacrifice quickness and conditioning just to deal with the big men. i think this is a mental issue to stand back up and keep playing your own game. then taking the appropriate amount of time for rest and recovery.

      isiah thomas was listed at 182 pounds. tony parker is listed at 185 pounds.

    8. lin2improve, one thing to look tho. IF i add 40 pound of muscle, instead of fat (sadly..I have too much of those). I might still able to dunk?

    9. a professional high jumper.

      the proportion has to be correct. you can see here the difference in muscle mass between the legs and the upper body.

      i am against this notion that jeremy lin is like a school boy who has to bulk up to stand up to bullies.

    10. weight goes in proposition to ones height. either one doesnt measure up by itself.

    11. let me get this straight.

      jeremy lin at 210 pounds WILL NOT prevent him from getting a tooth knocked out. it WILL NOT prevent him from getting poked in the eye. it WILL NOT prevent him from getting scrached and getting a superficial cut on the skin. he would then have to go off the court to get stitched or whatever because the nba has a no-blood rule in the game.

      bulking up to take hits is bullshit.

    12. If you believe the listed height/weight measurements on the ATP website, Nadal is 6'1" and 188 pounds. Compare that a guy like Federer who is listed at 6'1" and 187 pounds

      why don't you ask the tennis players, nadal and federer, to bulk up to 210 pounds?

      tennis requires a lot more side-to-side movement compared to basketball.

    13. if you put a lot of heavy stuff in the backseat of the car and in the trunk, then you'll get fewer miles per gallon when driving because of all that weight.

      2 kickboxers fight.

      they were at the 153-pound weight division or whatever. they take much more punishment than nba players. they take punches to the face, knees to the stomach, and kicks to the thighs.

      it's dumb to think that an nba point guard can hide behind 20 extra pounds of weight and think he'll be safer. i think jeremy lin is being right by trying to be a good christian, and he will only be more mentally strong when facing adversity instead of whining to the media or quitting on his team.

      at the same time i'm open to new information and am willing to listen to the other side about gaining an extra 20 pounds if derrick rose already was 190 and winning an mvp award, but it's going to take a lot of hard evidence to convince me.

    14. Until Lin stops outracing and overpowering people, I consider him an ELITE athletic specimen at the NBA level.

      Lin needs no improvement in his conditioning, as far as I'm concerned.

    15. You have to play to your body's strengths. Good answer in regards to Barry Sanders. Lin should probably not aspire to the physique of Sanders, however, nor should he seek to get the physique of Westbrook. They all have different body types.

      If Lin were to work actively to get his body weight similar to Westbrook's, Westbrook could still probably do what he normally does against Lin on the perimeter and be able to bully Lin in the post. Again different body types.

      Do you tell Artest to get his weight in line with the other small forwards? Do you tell other sprinters to get their weights in line with Bolt?

    16. So...from all of your commets, I guess it really depends on each individual's body. And we still do not know having more muscle is good or bad?

    17. bleh barry sanders. lin should bulk up like emmitt smith. not only will lin not get hurt but he can hurt other players who try to get in his way.

    18. gametheory, usain bolt is listed at 6' 5" and 190-198 pounds.

      he is the tallest sprinter when he races. naturally, taller people are already heavier than shorter people.

      what people have been saying here is that jeremy lin should bulk up just to "take hits". why don't you criticize them for trying to dictate jeremy lin's body configuration?

      all i've been saying is that jeremy lin should not add excess weight to decrease his quickness and endurance just for the expressed purpose of taking contact in the paint. i also have said jeremy lin should not train like a football player and gain excess weight in his neck or fingers. a runningback needs a strong grip so that he won't fumble the ball. guess what? a football is shaped differently than a basketball, so you don't need all that baggage.

      jeremy lin is listed at the same height as westbrook and derrick rose at 6' 3". that is a whole different way to compare than a 6' 5" usain bolt. also, i've said i prefer derrick rose's body build over westbrook, because rose is sleek, agile, and long. obviously jeremy lin CANNOT MATCH 100% with a different person.

      YOU HAVE TO BE TWINS TO MATCH THE HAIR, SKIN, HEIGHT, AND BODY. obviously i wasn't talking about jeremy lin becoming a twin or clone, so you should take your criticism to michael terry.

  16. Replies
    1. He looks like Bradley Cooper...
      It appears that Harden is his 2nd fav Rox player though his answer is Lin.

    2. my bad...the website is So Lin is a close 2nd. That's right.

    3. thanks for sharing the news.....

      it's nice to know LIN is one of his fave Rocket player aside from his bro. I suddenly realized Chandler & LIN has lot things in common, having brothers as siblings & playing basketball while they were young.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. It is disappointing that Lin will fade back as an obscure player again (;へ:)