Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"Linsanity" hits the Big Screen

"Linsanity" the Movie


  1. Thanks, Jlinfan#1. You Da Best!

  2. Just for fun, I'll repost the 603rd message. My fingers just thanked me.

    I have an idea. Open 2 threads at once, one with [FIGHTING and NAME-CALLING allowed] but the other one with civil discussions :D

    We might get to the point where the personal fight is detrimental (and drives people away) because it takes away from the quality of discussion. Plus, "Load More" induces Carpal Tunnel syndrome. I know because my fingers agreed with me :}

    1. It will ended up that both threads will be flooded with name calling and but nice try tho...

    2. That would be nice psalm. Flame wars are often the cause of death of forums. I hope it doesn't happen here.

    3. yes Brent, people will be arguing for who needs to go to the FIGHTING thread first :D

      Very true, Dave T. Sooner than later, it would be so toxic full of hatred that people just leave. I'm just sad to see it's already happening. I wish people extend more grace to others however undeserved it might be.

    4. no flame wars? wut about water wars?

  3. I really hope I can watch this film soon.

    1. too bad Phoenix is not in the list of cities. Lucky you who live in bigger cities :D

    2. Almost forgot about that kickstarter pledge... the DVD should ship this Sep

    3. yes wilc, DVD in Sept and theatres in Oct. I want them all :D

      So far, it's not much fun watching those buttons they sent in mail.

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    5. They did say the movie will show in 10 to 15 other cities besides LA, NY, Boston, and San Francisco. So I'm guessing Phoenix should be on the list, as well as Chicago and Houston.

    6. thx for giving back the hope, ABC Baller. It will be great watching in a big theater.

  4. Wow.. I've been a way for a few days and this site goes to shitters. Lol

    But I just wanna way this Smoothie dude is a DB just like I suspected he was.

    Remember folks, this is the dude who stated that he had no idea what Clutchfan was and still uses the term LOF that originated from that site.

    This is the dude who supposedly watched every game Jeremy has ever played and still states the onus is on Lin to improve -that if he plays better everything will just magically take care of itself. Now who here who HONESTLY watched every game last year truly believe that it's just a matter of Lin improving? Did u guys not see when Lin was shamelessly yanked when he was playing well? Did u guys see how Lin was just able to take over games only to see him getting yelled at inexplicably by Mchale or asked to stand in the corner the next game. So u really think his demotion had to do only with his play?

    Now before this joker says that I give lin fans a bad name by blaming everyone else but Lin, u guys know I've called out Lin about his passivity and mediocre shooting as ell. But if you truly watched every game like I have, u know this organization whether morey or Mchale was never behind Lin. U guys really think they are blameless like Rico stupid smoothie says?

    Remember, He points out preseason and the Miami game as the reasons why he was demoted. K smitb's initial intuition is right. This is exactly something he prototypical clutch fan LOH would say.

    U guys can knock me for using foul language, being a dick, asshole and all that, but at least try to listen to what these other so called well behaved poster have to say and think a bit.

    I guarantee you when (not if) Lin gets marginalized upcoming season (just like last) because Lin is forced into a position he is handcuffed at, DB's like Smoovie will be the first to blame Lin for sucking. He is just too stupid to know it yet, but he is really a Lin hater at heart.

    1. And let's not forget blaming Lin fans for voting him the ASG? Are u effing kidding me? This is EXACTLY what LOH's say!

    2. I think both "he been marginalized" and "Lin improving" are true. I watched every games as well, some not live tho.

    3. Nice solidz, take my comments out of context. I have stated that last year was both a combination of Lin's inconsistent shooting, not having a big who can finish AND being marginalized. I'm one of the few people on this site who has repeatedly predicted a breakout year this season and that the signing of Howard will be good for Jeremy's game.
      "I guarantee you when (not if) Lin gets marginalized upcoming season (just like last) "
      Why is it you can "guarantee" and almost wish that Lin will have another mediocre year? Wouldn't a true fan say that Jeremy will once again overcome this obstacle in his life and prove his critics wrong? Do you doubt that Jeremy can adapt and remake his game and lead this team deep in the playoffs? Why must you wish him poorly so you can look good?

    4. As far as your All Star Game comment, do you forget that Jeremy was glad he didn't get voted into the All Star Game?

      He knows he didn't deserve to start in the all star game, I know it, every sensible person on the planet knows it except those who want Jeremy to be something he doesn't want to be. Why would you want to go against Jeremy's own wishes?

    5. "As far as your All Star Game comment, do you forget that Jeremy was glad he didn't get voted into the All Star Game?"

      But did Jeremy go out and tell people not to vote for him and telling his fans they are hysterically stupid and shaming his "real" fans for voting for him like you are?

    6. Etane, if you were a personal friend of Jeremy and you asked him whether you should vote for him, I bet you he would say no. But there is no way Jeremy can stop people from voting for him. If he had a way that he could have opted out of the voting, my bet is that he would have. That is the type of character I admire about Jeremy. Read the article I mentioned above. He wants to earn his way onto the all star team not just because he has the "asian" vote. Nobody with any basketball sense can argue that Jeremy had a better year than Chris Paul. Etane, you never gave a reason why you think Jeremy should have started over Chris Paul in the all star game. I'm just asking you to give me a reasonable answer.

    7. similarly you are not a personal friend of anyone on this board. so it's not your place to tell anyone here not to vote for Jeremy.

    8. k gunner, I just want someone to give me a reasonable answer as to why you would vote for Jeremy on the All Star Team last year over Chris Paul. Can you give me an answer?

    9. Earn? What the fuck are you talking about Smoov? This is All Star Games, a popularity contest and not fucking 1st,2nd,3rd All NBA Team or 1st and 2nd Defensive Team which dictated certain stat numbers.

      Just because Jeremy "wished" he didn't get voted in does not mean we should not vote for him. For me, Jeremy is the brightest and the only star, the rest are just fucking glitters which means I only have one option.

      Also since you quickly called out Solidz for predicting another frustrating next season, why don't we use the same logic as you did for Jeremy's All Star? Why do you think if Jeremy got voted in as All Star starter is automatically a bad thing? Who knows maybe Jeremy would realize that he is truly an All Star and start acted like one or The Rockets will be forced to feature him more in offense thus increased his usage rate and production, right? So fuck you, your statement about Lin not deserving All Star last season is not very different in terms with Solidz next season prediction, you fucking hypocrite.

      Also your "Do you doubt that Jeremy can adapt and remake his game and lead this team deep in the playoffs?" statement.
      1. Is it the right thing to do? Jeremy's real game is already the best game that many of us believe will result the most wins. Shouldn't the teams adapt to Lin's game instead?
      2. "Lead" this team deep in the playoff? This "team" will not allow Lin to lead on anything you idiot. He is not their superstars, he is not their team captain(Harden), he is not even their team vice captain(Parsons), he doesn't have the full support from the coaching staff and the front office, he absolutely have nothing with this Rockets team.

    10. Speaking as a fan who voted for Lin like 30 times for last year's ASG, I must say that ironically I don't care what Jeremy thinks about this.
      We who like him want him to be a star more than he wants to be a star himself.
      Plus we think he'll be in a better position to deal with McHale if he was an All Star. So we try to boost him up.
      I don't hate on CP3 but I hardly know what's up with him except that he's in the Clippers.

    11. I don't mind Smoov's position because it's his and he says it with respect. What I like about Jeremy is every time he gets into the game, I'm living with the possibility of Spurs 38, Lakers 38, OKC 29, Toronto clutch 3, UConn scoring ferocity, Tyson/Fields/Shump alley oop (now with D12), and so on. So, I can't wait for the start of a HOU game, and I can't wait for him to be under pressure to see what he does.

      Last season, he did it mostly, and where I got deflated was coaching and org support. I've meandered between CF and here, and when people feel the same about the infinite potential of a Jeremy touch, I'm in. When they flame him for disappointing play (recall Duncan's miss in the final seconds too), I don't get to live with sports as I want it to be.

      To me, it's facing the challenge, and achieving greatness or accepting defeat. That to me is why I love JLin7, and so, I'll keep voting for him to be ASG if you don't mind.

    12. Rik, let's say this year Lin has an awesome first half of the season. He's averaging 30 pts, 12 asts, shooting 50% from the floor, 40% from 3, 95% at the line. Then there is a guy on another team who is having a mediocre year averaging 7 pts a game and 3 assists, but he has blond hair, blue eyes, is a snappy dresser, funny and charismatic who can do an amazing impression of Jack Nicholson. People love him because he is an entertainer and he makes them laugh. There is also a campaign going on not to vote for Jeremy because he is "made in taiwan". Now this guy gets voted onto the all-star game over Jeremy. What would your view be then? You can't claim Jeremy is the target of racism until you take the plank out of your own eye.

    13. JoeTeam, I respect your view and I appreciate your rational response. When Jeremy was on the Knicks I was all for Jeremy being chosen to be on the rising all-stars game. He earned and deserved it that year. However last year was an off year for Jeremy by his own admission. It partly was due to his recovering knee, partly due to his inconsisten shot, partly due to astronomical expectations of living up to Linsanity, partly due to not having a big man who could finish and partly due to coaches misuing him. He did not deserve to be a starter on the all-star team year, especially over a player like Chris Paul. To me all great people must go through adversity to achieve greatness, trials and testing makes one stronger. This year I believe Jeremy could have an all-star year to justify his selection. Maybe his opportunity will come through an injury to Harden or a slumping Parsons, Jeremy will once again shine when we least expect it! Jeremy's character is what makes him unique. There have been many talented basketball players but not may with the integrity he exhibits.

    14. Smoovies, I'm not saying your view is wrong. It's just that you don't get the opinions of many people here.

      If you are married, imagine if your wife was running for some position and you didn't vote for her because the other candidate is stronger.

      If you are a father, imagine if your kid was running for little league all star and you didn't vote for him cos he's not the best player.

      If you're a brother, imagine if your brother was running for class president and you didn't vote for him because you thought the other guy was better.

      If you have a best friend, imagine if he couldn't count on you for support because you always take things so objectively.

      You're on a Jeremy Lin fan site right? Not an NBA site, not Houston Rockets site. That should tell you everything you need to know.

    15. Smoov, I can claim whatever I want just as you can claim whatever the fuck you want. I can claim not only Jeremy is target of racism but also the malice from people who will look absolutely ridiculously stupid when Lin outshines everybody. It is about saving face and maintaining status quo. Seriously how can anyone gain weight when everybody else eating your food and only spare little portion left. Save your hypocrite FAKE positivism or "voice of reason" for somebody else, that shit won't work for me.

    16. Lol at Smoovie. "Taking it out of context" is a phrase uttered by people who are absolutely guilty. Why don't u take the fifth why u are at it.

      Yup u got me. I really want Lin to fail so I can be proven right. How long did it take u to come up with that one, genius.

      And lastly, let me tell u why the fans should vote Lin in. Because the fans are the only ones who truly believe in his abilities. We need to come together to let the NBA know that u don't eff with Lin, that he has the support of the fans and it would be in their best interest to promote him. It's a popularity contest and u let the effing NBA know what is up. He gets hated on regardless so eff those who believe he doesn't deserve it. This is when our voices get heard, u simpleton.

      Without such fan support, things would be even more stacked against Lin, which u in your naive mind fail to realize.

      I stand by comments that you are a LOH in disguise - u just don't know it. U use the exact arguments the haters use to insult Lin. U will prove me right.

    17. @Solidz, good to see you back when we needed you around.

      On the all-star poll:

      1. A poll entails a DEMOCRATIC process for participants to vote. A popularity All-Star poll allows fans to vote for their favourite players.

      2. There are fans voted for their favorite yet unproven players. Can we call these fans EXTREME fans of the unproven players?

      3. If only proven players and the deemed best players should be playing in the all-star game, why do we conduct the poll in the first place?

      On the so-called intelligent discussion on a particular player's FANsite:

      1. Must all fans be intelligent (passed Mensa's requirement for membership score at or above the 98th percentile on certain standardised IQ or a score of 132) enough to post comments?
      The site owner prolly needs to set a standard, or else, nobody should tell other posters to give only intelligent arguments/comments.
      I post comments such as Lin's dress sense sucks at times; his smiles so lovely; his hair funny...oops, not so intelligent post...must i stop? hell no!

    18. Pop Dog, I appreciate the tone of your comments so let me respond to your post. Correct me if I'm wrong but your logic is that you vote subjectively (for your wife, son, brother, friend, etc) even if you know objectively (they are not the best candidate, best player, president). On one level I understand your loyalty but I believe it is misguided and eventually hurts the person your are trying to be loyal to. For example you say
      "If you are a father, imagine if your kid was running for little league all star and you didn't vote for him cos he's not the best player."
      I believe my son should earn the right to be on an all star team. I wouldn't put him on the team just because I am the coach or president of the league. That's called nepotism and is plainly wrong. When I favor my son it also discriminates against another person's son who is more deserving. It also would not teach my son to be the best player he can be and instead would teach him you could cheat the system by calling on daddy. An honorable father would teach his son to earn his way onto the all star team by his own merit. Can you imagine how all the other players on the all star team would treat my son knowing he didn't really earn his way on the team? He would be outcasted and the laughing stock of the team.
      Just because I want Jeremy to earn his way on to the NBA All-Star team does not mean I am a less of supporter of Jeremy than those who want to give him a free pass. Let me ask you this. Do you thing Jeremy's parents and brothers voted for him to be on the all star team? From what I know of the values and integrity of their family, I seriously doubt it. Do you think they voted for him?

    19. You know when you are on shakey ground when you need to resort to profanity and name calling so I won't even bother responding to solidz or rik. They ridicule themselves with their classless comments.

      Liv, you have every right according to the NBA rules to vote for anybody on the NBA all-star ballot. The NBA does this to generate fan participation and excitement, but it does not realistically expect lesser known players like Chandler Parsons to beat out Kevin Durant. Trust me the day Kevin Durant or LeBron James aren't voted to start the NBA all-star game is the day the NBA will change the rules. Do you remember not long ago when there was a contest where you could vote which high school you would like Taylor Swift to peform at? When the results came in and a deaf school won, they voided the results and changed the rules. The same will happen in the NBA.

      In terms of your comment on intelligent discussion, there are obviously no restrictions on what anybody can post to this site. But I would rather have civil, honest and heated debate over topics than just a "your momma's fat", "no, your momma's fat" drivel that some spew on this site. If you want respect you have to give respect. I would love to hear your feedback, you don't need to agree with me, just keep it classy please.

    20. Please reply to my post point by point. Then I will reply to yours.

      Pretending to be classy to disguise your hatred towards Lin and justify the frauds that the NBA committed towards Lin doesn't work, as far as I'm concerned.

    21. For the record, I never say anything about people's mom, people are fat, skinny, short or done any name calling.

      I copied the posts of others to reply to you, and your name apparently changed to ice smoothies, so fat happened to you bad...hahaha.

    22. ooops, typo again. my bad.

      fat = far

    23. "An honorable father would teach his son to earn his way onto the all star team by his own merit."

      Fucker is now preaching to others on how to parent.

    24. Liv, I did respond to your points in my post but if you need me to spell it out I will:

      "1. A poll entails a DEMOCRATIC process for participants to vote. A popularity All-Star poll allows fans to vote for their favourite players."
      No argument here.

      "2. There are fans voted for their favorite yet unproven players. Can we call these fans EXTREME fans of the unproven players?"
      Yes, you can call them extreme fans. If you think Chandler Parsons should start over Kevin Durant in the all-star game, I would call you an extreme Chandler Parsons fan.

      "3. If only proven players and the deemed best players should be playing in the all-star game, why do we conduct the poll in the first place?"
      As I stated in my original response, the NBA implements a voting system to generate fan excitement and participation. It is pure marketing genius.

      "1. Must all fans be intelligent (passed Mensa's requirement for membership score at or above the 98th percentile on certain standardised IQ or a score of 132) enough to post comments?"
      It should be obvious that there is no intelligence test required to post to this site, otherwise many would be disqualified. It should be a forum where people can post their opinions and have rigorous debate about all things concerning Jeremy. I'm not sure what your point is here.

      "For the record, I never say anything about people's mom, people are fat, skinny, short or done any name calling."
      My point is that many people resort to name calling and not posting anything substantial. It seems that english may not be your first language so you may not understand the meaning of the "your momma's fat" context.

      Anyways, hope this clarifies my repsone.

    25. Funny Smoov. Why would I need class dealing with a Lin hater in disguise like you? I do not want your respect for it means nothing to me just as you don't want or need my respect for what your agenda here is clear to me.

      You can keep hiding using your disguised "civil" comments all you want just as I will keep on responding your disguised comments.

    26. Etane, I feel for you man. I really do. You must not have had a father figure growing up to teach you about honor. Never too late to learn though. Look to Jeremy to be good role model on how to act honorably. If you live in the Bay Area I would recommend you attend the Identity Unleashed conference he is hosting in September.

    27. Of course, Not So Smooth will cop out. He can't say shit because its all true.

      Tell me which of you Lin fans use the Miami Airball game and Lin's preseason last year to point out how bad Lin played. Yup, this joker did it.

      This liar also said he has never heard of Clutchfans and then uses the term LOF to mock linfans on a jeremylin fan site.

      And to add to insult he thinks we are embarassing Lin by voting Lin into a popularity contest and has the balls to admonish those who did. He thinks we are the ones tarnishing Lin's image more so than morey or Mchale.

      And then he calls himself the true fan of Lin.

      I don't think anyone will waste their time, but if u go back and read his comments, he uses the exact same logic the haters on clutchfan espouse. It's crazy.

      This is Stoopie's logic. He believes that Lin was more at fault than Morey/Mchale's improper usage of him and Lin needs to own up and play better to get mchale's respects and a more prominent role on the team.

      Do you guys really believe its just a matter of Lin playing better to be considered a part of Rox's future? Does anyone, aside from false hope, believe that Rocket will support Lin to become a better player (like washing dies for John wall, or Cleveland does for irving)?

      Is my pessimism based on false pretenses?

    28. Stoopie will use excuses not to respond. It's okay. I don't need his rebuttal. I'm just exposing him for the fraud he is.

      Lin needs fans support more than ever because it's obvious that rox are not looking out for his self interest.. It's a way for us to show corporate America that there are many many fans down with him, that he should simply not be ignored.

      Dont fool yourselves. Lin is not on an equal footing as his peers. Doobie may naively believe otherwise but most of you know it ain't true.

      Once he loses the fan support Lin will have that big if a task ahead. But I'm sure fans like Toosie will leave if Lin gets effed over again by morey and Mchale next season, blaming Lin for not being a good enough player to earn their respect.

    29. If anyone has the time, please read what I actually posted rather than solidz creative reinterpretation of history.

      I brought up the miami airball game as an example of Jeremy's slow start and the reputation hit he took as a result in the eyes of the media and coaches. It was a turning point in the season for Jeremy. If he hits that shot, the media would be talking about Linsanity in Houston and it would have been a big boost in the eyes of the coaches. Unfortunately he missed the shot by 2 feet and his reputation in the media and in the coaches eyes never fully recovered as the clip of him missing was played over and over on national tv.

      Jeremy will redeem himself this year.

      I believe your pessimism is actually a defense mechanism. Most likely you have unresolved trust issues.

    30. smoov ... yeah people are gettin' on you because you won't vote for JLin for ASG, and you are promoting it's not right. I tend to side with the vote for your friends thing. I bet Lin's family voted for him, not because of integrity issues but it's just support as Pop Doggy said. I mean, it's not really high stakes and all in good fun (except for the ASG contract incentives for some).

      On Lin's comment, I think he meant it and he was also trying to ice all the noise around him given coaching wanted to dampen out Linsanity noise and get him to be a coached part of the the team. Early in the season, it made sense, but later near the end, McHale didn't look too wise. So, I wouldn't peg what he said then as a bedrock to argue for him being AS last year. Your CP3 point is right. But voting fans don't look at it that way and it's all for hype anyway. At least the NBA ASG weekend is not as boring as some other sports, so I'm glad for the hype.

      You have a point on nepotism, but this to me is a gray area just like when a friend asks you to "Like" their website to promote their wares ... even through you don't use them, you might "Like" it out of social graces or just to be nice. Let's be nice to Lin and vote him in this year :-)

    31. Joe, I respect your reasons for voting for Lin and I'm not saying it's not "right" for you to vote for Lin, but I don't think people understand the ramifications for Jeremy if he were voted in. It would damage his credibility as a NBA player. It's like the example I gave of the son who was put on the all-star team because his dad is the coach but really didn't belong. The media would have a field day about how an undeserving player was voted onto the all-star game because of reverse racism. Also do you think the other players would sit idly by and welcome Jeremy into the starting 5 while this "injustice" was occurring? Remember what happened with Taylor Swift when Kanye West though the grammy's disrespected Beyonce? I wouldn't be surprised if other players would boycott the all-star game in support of Chris Paul. Do you think Jeremy wants that type of controversy surrounding him? That's why he was glad he wasn't voted on. Even if he was voted on, I think Jeremy would have found a way to excuse himself.
      It's only speculation, but I disagree with you that Lin's family voted for him. They know the pressure and controversy that would have transpired if Jeremy were voted in. They wouldn't want to wish that on their son.

      Jeremy is going to have a great year and I have hope we can vote Jeremy on to the all-star team this year based on his merit on the court.

    32. Injustice? So Lin become a starter in ASG is injustice? What about the injustice Lin faced in his own team, his own coach, his own teammates? Why they don't talk about that? Shouldn't that be the main problem?

      The real problem is that there many people who don't want him to succeed even within his own team. It is like a bunch of popular mean girls bullying a kind and very beautiful girl who is a prom queen just because she is too beautiful and don't act like a bitch like the rest of them.

      So what is the lesson here? We just have the accept the environment no matter how wrong it is? We shouldn't try to change the environment for the better just to avoid being crucified by everybody that against it and want to maintain the status quo? Wait a minute, isn't that exactly what Jesus Christ did?

    33. This comment has been removed by the author.

    34. @Smoovies
      Just a quick response to your question.
      - I do believe that Lin's friends and family voted for him.
      - You believe ASG qualification is about skill, but I believe in playing in the rules NBA sets out. They let us vote on who we wanted to see, and I wanted to see Jeremy x 30 votes.
      - If my votes result in resentment from other players about their own lack of votes, well that's too bad. They're rich and famous already and I don't care if I hurt their feelings.
      - I respect your anti-nepotism stance but I do favor Lin.

    35. "smoov ... yeah people are gettin' on you because you won't vote for JLin for ASG"

      BS JT. Smothers is an ass for being an ass.

    36. Pop Dog, I appreciate your response and I respect your choice to vote for Lin. Here are my thoughts on your comments:
      -It's possible, but I have a hard time believing Jeremy's parents voted for him knowing the type of backlash and negative publicity Jeremy would have received. You wouldn't wish that upon your son, would you? Now I wouldn't be surprised if his buddies voted for him because they thought it would be cool or thought he could score them some free tickets, but I'm talking about his close family.
      -I agree that ASG qualification is not based upon merit, it is a marketing gimic created by the NBA. Many people vote purely on name recognition. If Michael Jordan was on the ballot he would most likely get voted on today. You are fully within your rights to vote 30x for Jeremy, I'm not taking that away from you. I'm just thinking about what's best for Jeremy and his career.
      -The resentment from other players would result in a unwanted backlash against Lin. They would not respect him as a basketball player and only think he is on the team because he's asian. Would you respect their choice if they boycotted the game out of respect for Chris Paul?
      -I respect your pro-nepotism stance and I too am a Lin supporter.

      -If Jeremy had a somewhat decent first half of the season I would have no qualms with people voting for Lin. But he was shooting 35% from the field and only 25% from 3. It would be like if Tim Tebow started in the Pro Bowl over Peyton Manning. He would have been the biggest laughing stock of all time. I don't want to see Jeremy in the news because of his race, I want to see him in the news because of the basketball talent. If your response is I don't care if Jeremy is the biggest laughing stock of all time, you have to ask yourself: do I want Jeremy in the ASG because I want what is best for Jeremy or because of my own agenda.
      -Appreciate your responses Pop Dog, keep on posting. Just look at etane's post above to see the level of intelligence I have to deal with.

    37. Rik, did you see my quotes around the word "injustice"? I was making a statement that other players would view Jeremy getting voted on over Chris Paul as an "injustice" and wouln't sit by and accept it.

      Jeremy has faced many injustices in his life and career. Voting him into the ASG would not correct those injustices, in fact it would have a reverse effect. People would focus on Jeremy's race, not basketball skill as a reason why he is in the ASG or NBA. It would confirm in people's minds that asians can't play basketball and Jeremy is only being used by the NBA to capture the asian market. We know Jeremy is an all-star caliber player because we all witnessed Linsanity, he just had an off first half of the season. I have no doubt that Jeremy will become an all-star based upon his basketball talents one year, possibly even this year.

    38. @smoovies,

      "1. A poll entails a DEMOCRATIC process for participants to vote. A popularity All-Star poll allows fans to vote for their favourite players."

      you wrote: No argument here."

      - so we agree that fans are free to vote for their favorite players.


      "2. There are fans voted for their favorite yet unproven players. Can we call these fans EXTREME fans of the unproven players?"

      You wrote: Yes, you can call them extreme fans. If you think Chandler Parsons should start over Kevin Durant in the all-star game, I would call you an extreme Chandler Parsons fan.

      "3. If only proven players and the deemed best players should be playing in the all-star game, why do we conduct the poll in the first place?"

      You wrote: As I stated in my original response, the NBA implements a voting system to generate fan excitement and participation. It is pure marketing genius.

      --- Since you don't have argument for "1, then I'ld suggest to you that you should reexamine your stance for "2 and "3.

      In the spirit of democratic balloting, any action by the participant should not be labelled as extreme.
      And you stated very clearly that fans are manipulated to participate in the poll, so why should you labelled NBA fans extreme and their actions tarnish the name of the voted players?


      "1. Must all fans be intelligent (passed Mensa's requirement for membership score at or above the 98th percentile on certain standardised IQ or a score of 132) enough to post comments?"
      It should be obvious that there is no intelligence test required to post to this site, otherwise many would be disqualified. It should be a forum where people can post their opinions and have rigorous debate about all things concerning Jeremy. I'm not sure what your point is here.

      "For the record, I never say anything about people's mom, people are fat, skinny, short or done any name calling."

      Your wrote:My point is that many people resort to name calling and not posting anything substantial. It seems that english may not be your first language so you may not understand the meaning of the "your momma's fat" context.

      --- Your comment about English isn’t my first language reminds me of the English-French Rivalry : Englishmen think Frenchmen are stupid because they don’t speak English well but the Frenchmen are not motivated to learn English because they pride their national language as the most beautiful language in the world and there isn't any need to learn English…but I digress…

      I definitely dislike name-calling. Maybe we can rephrase 'intelligent discussions' to 'civil discussions'.

    39. Liv, yes, let's have more 'civil discussions'.
      Ok, I think I understand what you're saying and perhaps where the disconnect is. My beef isn't with you, the fans that voted for Jeremy. I'm sure you had good intentions in wanting to see your favorite player in the All-Star game. My concern is what the ramifications would be for Jeremy, his career, and his credibility as a basketball player. There are many haters who don't think Jeremy belongs in the NBA and is only a starter to sell jerseys, and voting him as a starter in the ASG would only give evidence to these haters to make their case. I don't fault you for voting for him. If anything the system is flawed where a player like Andrew Bynum (who didn't even play last year) could potentially start over LeBron James. Jeremy would take a major reputation hit if he were voted on the ASG. I, like Jeremy, am glad he didn't get voted on.

      BTW, my comment about English not being your first language wasn't meant to be an insult. "Your momma" is a urban colloquial expression here in the USA.

    40. Lol @ Dopie trying to defend himself.

      "Oh thank you so much for being civil .. Now we can have a civil discussion about how stupid you guys are about voting for Lin for the asg."

      Are u really going to thank everyone for refraining from calling you names ( which are all to appropriate I may add and u know they are thinking it as they try to be nice to u) ) and trying to kiss up to them so u won't get bashed?

      U r lucky I am too lazy to go back and dig up your posts that show your true colors." What da hell is clutchfan? Btw u r acting like LOF?! It's embarassing!"

    41. There is one truth that we can all agree here is NBA All-Star voting is a pure marketing genius. Should fans favorite get it even when the numbers are not the best?

      Just look at how many words are exchanged only by Lin fans so NBA is relevant in people's mind. NBA wins!

      So does it matter for Lin? Of course.

      NBA notices when a player is so popular that it almost gets in the ASG even when the numbers are not quite there. Accommodations will be made, NBA businesses in Asia will flourish more. Ref calls might favor Lin the budding star in the future. NBA likes their money green.

      The recent ASG voting result was perfect when Lin finished closed behind CP3 so he wasn't in the hot water during the SG.

      Majority of Lin fans will vote but some will follow their conviction to base it on pure basketball sense. The point is we all are free to vote.

      I prefer to see how it influences Lin's future so I only voted in the end to keep the numbers close. Fans voting do matter because Lin haters would say, "See, I told you even Asia and his own fans wouldn't vote for him 'cause he's just a fluke."

      So vote away, folks. Keep the peace. In the end NBA wins. If we can help Lin to partake in the win, it'll be great :D

    42. Yes, solidz, I agree with you. You are lazy. Your posts lack any substance.

    43. I might be lazy but I'm not a naive buffoon like u. That and a freaking liar. Nice values u imparting to your kid.

      Of course my posts lack any substsnce to you. U got them stupid blinders on, just like morey and Mchale do in not recognizing Lin's abilities.

      Lastly, before u accuse anyone of having trust issues, perhaps u need to look at yourself and reassess if u r being a naive DB.

      My pessimism ( or "trust issues" ) about the Rox are firmly grounded in how theytreated Lin last year. Tell me what makes u think we as lin fans can cntinue to trust that the rox will help Lin succeed? U don't actually believe that the rox got D12 to improve Lin's game do u?

      Just because u don't curse and pretend to be civil doesn't mean you are not a huge Prick. that and a liar..

    44. Can't wait for the season to start so Jeremy can prove you wrong solidz. I feel bad for you man, you've got so much hate in your heart.

    45. I couldnt carel ess about you, dopie , but I feel really bad for your son. His father is a huge liar and a naive prick.

  5. Regrding Psalm's previous post on Mac's praise of Parsons. I have no doubt that Lin experiences racism from many in NBA organizations and NBA and Houston fans -- I actually agree with many posters regarding this. However, I do not think it's productive or wise to keep on repeating every criticism is due to racism because not only this sounds whining but may turn out flat wrong. By the way, I will refrain from making personal attacks even if other posters make personal attacks. Besides, I have nothing more to say until the season starts. :)

    1. Word, eb :D
      By all means defend yourself from attacks then just ignore them. No need to fan the flame eternally. haha

      Even Lin chose to focus his time and effort on what he can do next to fight the injustice. He's definitely surrounded by wise people.

    2. I lost my energy for NBA ever since Ray Allen nailed the winner against Spurs. Good guys don't always win in NBA or life. :)

    3. It's worse than that. The NBA is rigged.

      Before the Finals this year, Lebron James play-off record:

      When Joey Crawford officiates: 23-3

      All other games: 41-50

      There were two games in this Finals that, if Miami had lost, the series would have either been over, or essentially over, games 2 and 6. If Miami had lost game 2, they'd be down 2 and going back for 3 in San Antonio. If they'd lost game 6, series over.

      Guess who officiated both games? Joey Crawford.

      The NBA doesn't care too much who actually wins, but they care very much whether the series is competitive. And that cost San Antonio the series. San Antonio was clearly the best team in this Finals and had Miami on the ropes throughout.

      The shitty thing about conspiracies like this is that there doesn't need to be any communication. Crawford knows what Stern wants and he gives it to him. In return, Crawford gets to be an influential, high-profile referee in the NBA. Who knows, maybe it'll pay off even more handsomely for him down the line, under or over the table. Crawford knows which side his bread is buttered. And Stern can see the effect Crawford has on games so he assigns him where he's needed.

    4. Tim Donaghy's book definitely knocked some sense of reality to NBA fans on how much power these refs have to influence the games. It's a business after all.

      Let's hope Joey Crawford has another grand-grandson who idolizes Lin like his grandson did for Iverson.

    5. shu up dude, Joey crawford was seriously rigging games this year...against Miami. I kind of like this site but the LeBron hate here is unbearable. hes the best player since Jordan and might surpass him and go down as the best NBA player ever even better than Wilt and MJ. Also hes 10 times the player Kobrick Cryant is ffs.
      NBA is rigged, tho, but not to favour Miami but to favour the god damn Lakers. Watch how they got in the playoffs and infront of Houston this year or the pathetically rigged WCFinals against the Kings in 2002. That shit is rigged. refs did everything they could this year to prevent Miami from repeating but it wasnt quite enough

    6. Exactly! And well articulated.

      Look at 2011-2012 ECF: They brazenly GAVE AWAY game #2 to Miami, without which Boston would have won the series in 6 games.

    7. I was replying to Michael Terry's comment.

    8. Why didn't Spurs protest and ask for a different, more "neutral" ref? Not that they will get their wish but at least make the case for it?

    9. Etane..looool Spurs had a fT advantage of like 50 more FTs over the entire series. Against a team with penetrating guards and Wade/LeBron. NBA did everything to rig that shy against Miami. Spurs got BS call after BS call. It just wasnt enough to get their old bums over the edge

    10. The Spurs would be fined heavily if they suggested one of the refs wasn't neutral. Speaking out against the refs in any way is fined by the NBA regularly.

    11. I don't hate Lebron at all. He's a fantastic player and a transcendent athlete. I was rooting for him to win his first title.

      He isn't nearly the leader or competitor that Jordan was, though, and he doesn't play to maximize his talents. He should post up every time, but he doesn't.

      He's also a choker. Finally winning doesn't make that go away. If it weren't for Crawford, his legacy would be winning 1 out of 4 championship series.

    12. We've seen this before. At one time, Danny Crawford (not Joey), if he reffed a Dallas game, it would be a sure loss for Dallas. Mark Cuban was hated by the league. After the media started publishing articles about the Mav's record against Crawford, Dallas mysteriously started winning games when he was officiating. And then Dallas won the title!

    13. LOL sorry but your retarded if you think that Miami got favoured in either the ECF or finals this year. it was the opposite dude both Indiana AND Spurs got heavy FT advantages... are u dumb? both teams arent even nearly as athletic as the Heat and dont attack the basket that often. How come Roy freakin Hibbert only averaged 2 fouls a game. the same Hibbert that tried to alter every single shot and hit LeBron on the Head countless times. it was emarrassing to watch and you have the nerve to say it was rigged for the Heat. i dont know what to say...

    14. I agree that Miami wasn't favored during these playoffs (or in the previous Finals).

      That said, Lebron and Wade (and others "stars") have long received laughable amounts of calls in their favor, esp. during the regular season. And Lebron did choke badly (twice!) down the stretch in Game 6 until Bosh and Allen saved his ass.

      I can't stand the hate for Bosh. I seriously applaud Bosh -- he's the only one of the Big 3 who's actually SACRIFICING his touches and stats for the other two. Rockets should be begging to "take him off their hands."

    15. Well, ref-calls aside, LeBron had a great Q3 in the final a la Curry against the Nuggets (twice or 3 times). And, Genobili really choked in Q4. I think 3 bad TOs, esp. the one he just threw out of bounds. That was the difference. I really wanted to see Duncan win it as I became a fan over the final series. He had a chance too. You can't blame it all on the officials if the players themselves had a chance and made mistakes. That's the 'thrill of victory and the agony of de-feet'. LOL

    16. Let's all remember that the NBA is "entertainment".

      The NBA is not for basketball "purists". The NBA is about one thing: making money off fan hysteria.

      If the NBA felt that it could make more money by having fair officiating where Lebron James can't just draw fouls by barreling into people or Dwight Howard can't elbow and shove his way to position, it would clamp down hard on the refs and clean up the game. But that would be bad for TV ratings and merchandise sales.

      I personally prefer the World Championships and Olympics over the NBA Finals, mainly because the games are properly officiated without superstar bias.

      I'd love to see Jeremy Lin compete against Team USA which would never take him anyway. I think Lin's game is tailormade for international play, which is more rugged and less ref protected than the NBA. I think Lin would put a major scare into Team USA in a way that no single opponent ever has.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. This new season of Lin in Houston will be much worse.
    Now they have Harden, D12 and Parsons to try put in the All Star.
    Lin is playing well will be bench and Lin playing badly too.

    1. Don't know about your logic.

      The fact that Jeremy is healthy and becoming a great jump shooter (40% from 3 in his final 37 games) is reason enough to guarantee a better season than last.

      Also, Dwight is 1000X better than Asik at finishing off the PnR and in the low-post. Finally, now that Harden is proven and Dwight is in Houston, there's much less of a need to inflate your star's stats to attract another star.

      Finally, Dwight wants low-post touches...and lots of them. You need a REAL point guard to do that. Harden doesn't. Again, not saying Jeremy will flourish on this team -- he won't. But it's gonna be better than last season...maybe by a lot.

    2. It really is like Nash in Dallas.

      Jeremy's job is the prove himself as a Top 10 PG by the end of his contract (e.g. putting up 15/9 or 17/7) and then he can go somewhere else as am UFA and become the LEAD guard and realize his full potential (18/10, 20/8) while leading his team to "surprise" top seeds and playoff runs.

    3. zx, I like your script! Go Rocky Balboa-sanity.

    4. And how in the hell Jeremy can get 15/9 or 17/7 night in night out when he doesn't have enough playing time and the ball in his hands? Can somebody tell me?

    5. Lin usage rate last season was 20.6 and ranked 38th among all PGs. Can somebody tell me the name of PG who have usage rate of 20.6 or less that have season average of 15/9 or 17/7? Seriously, humor me please. I desperately need it.

    6. Rikki M - I've been thinking the same thing for awhile. 15/9 or 17/7 is not going to be easy, at all.

      I don't know what's going to happen to his usage rate and FGA's. His FGA's might down a little bit with the addition of D12.

    7. If Lin can make Tyson Chandler such a charm, what would happen if it is Howard D12 in person. You can expect Alley ho passes everywhere to Howard, Asik, James, Parsons from Lin. These players cover lots of areas. McHale will be a fool not to spread the court even more.
      Moreover, Asik has improved significantly with his outlet passes, D12 would be such a C/PF that intimidates end to end.

      Again, the least comforting is the coaching that the Rockets has experienced. All those criticisms of Lin applies to McHale perfectly. From whatever angle I see, Lin is the only element who glue the pieces together unselfishly. He's the only one that the players can trust to bring the best out of them. Just don't yank him out in the 4th. McHale, do yourself a favour or else your coaching career is going to be very short after this season.

    8. Kwok, McHale and Morey will look like bigger fools if Lin shine too much. What would people think when Harden their touted superstar who is being paid $80 million and supposedly superior than Lin in fact is not better than the "chinese" guy who is being paid $25 million?

    9. The sad reality is it is much safer for a lot of people all around the NBA for Lin to fail than having him succeed.

    10. @Rikki

      1) His usage rate will go up as his 3pt% and Dwight's low-post touches go up.

      2) Nash averaged 10.7 assists on a 19.6 usage rate in 2012 (that's why he's the master).

      2) Improved efficiency (both FG% and AST%) will also lead to improved stats.

      3) His continued bonding/chemistry with teammates will also lead to more touches. Sounds stupid but that's how the world works -- you help people you like personally.

      4) Jeremy makes $15M in 2015. Even though the cap hit is only 8.3, that kind of money demands more attention/touches. If Jeremy made less money, you can bet Morey would have found someone to take him (and possibly bury him on the bench). Instead, he's the default starter as long as he keeps up his progress.

      5) I don't expect him to get 15/9 or 17/7 this season...but he can do it by 2015. This season? I predict an efficient 15/7 with 2 spg.

    11. Seriously, doom-and-gloomers. He averaged 13.4/6.1 this "awful" season with:

      - A horrendous finisher in Asik (bless his effort and defense), who struggled to dunk a ball at point blank range for most of the season.

      -A bum knee that prevented him from hitting jumpers with any consistency for the first two months.

      - A coach who refused to play him at his position and benched him when he was hot...but eventually gave him MORE freedom as the season went on.

      - A ballhog Harden who was desperate to prove himself as a "star."

      15/7 this year and 15/9 or 17/7 next year is not a "crazy dream."

    12. zxcvb wrote, "The fact that Jeremy is healthy and becoming a great jump shooter (40% from 3 in his final 37 games)".

      "Lin has been criticized for his jump shooting, but after the All-Star break, Lin shot 37.5 percent from three-point range. For the season, Lin shot 36.0 percent from three-point range during home games."

      it says lin shot 37.5% for the final 32 games. can you show me where he shot 40%?

      also i think nash's season in 2011-12 was overrated. gortat is a better ball catcher than asik. plus lin took more shots than nash per 36 while assists get adjusted by being multiplied by 0.33.

      espn hollinger's formula is: "{[FGA + (FT Att. x 0.44) + (Ast x 0.33) + TO] x 40 x League Pace} divided by (Minutes x Team Pace)".

      there's no way nash's lower usage% means that lin was given more opportunities to run the team's offense.


      "Lin’s final few months of the regular season were quite encouraging — he hit 50-125 (40%) of his three-pointers in his final 37 games."

      i found it, zxcvb. hmm, i wonder if clutch or bleacher is right. i hope clutch is being more accurate. can anyone confirm?

    14. It does not matter, I rather see "Lin shoot 45% from 3 in 2013-14"

    15. Even 38% is a high quality 3pt% (esp. for a PG) and great progress for a guy whose jump-shooting is likely his greatest weakness.

      And that number doesn't count the 10-20 "virtual 3s" he made with his toe on the line! And now he gets a healthy offseason to keep improving/practicing his form.

    16. "there's no way nash's lower usage% means that lin was given more opportunities to run the team's offense."

      I'm not claiming that obviously. Nash's usage rate was lower but the offense was 100% built around maximizing his talent when he WAS handling the ball.

      I'm just saying a lower than average usage rate doesn't mean it's impossible for Jeremy to put up quality stats. Like you said, Gortat >>> Asik (in terms of finishing). But Howard > Gortat.

      So instead of Asik blowing 1-2 apg from Jeremy by attempting a weak layup or bobbling a dunk, you'll have Howard DUNKING those point-blank shots -- which means Jeremy's assist totals go up even if he doesn't increase his touches.


    17. Rikki, I also have the feeling that McHale and Morey were trying to keep and contain Lin from giving his best effort.
      They went as far as taking him out in the fourth quarter for absolutely no reason. Then put him back when the games were all but lost in the last four minutes.
      The team basketball in Linsanity with everyone playing in thrills were choked. But I still think that is the most entertaining type of basketball even with Lin playing with the 2nd team. They flashed so well that the opposite teams had to call consecutive timeouts trying to stop his momentum.

      When you shoot basketball, there is a risk of missing too. Taking the risk of turning over the ball in order to make a big play sometimes is just like shooting the ball. Last season, Lin made so many passes around the rim. The most eyesoring ones were passes to James Anderson with his lazy shots blocked.
      Asik is great. He has turned those passes to easy baskets. Asik + Lin are imposing offensive weapons. Not nearly enough credits have been given to the improvements to Omar's catches and drives to the basket.
      The chemistry is already there. Omar can shoot the ball away from the basket too. Next season, both Asik and Lin will thrive together.

  8. We have LOFans and LOHaters. Neither side is going to silence the other. I'm just a Lin fan. I can't comprehend the logic of the Lin haters. Their attitude of anything but Lin sucks. They discredit Lin and claim that the 25 games of Linsanity a small sample. Suddenly they embrace Beverly over Lin for a much smaller sample of 3 games.
    They're just trolls.

    1. It's just latent racism. And it's even worse because it's a Texas-area team.

      It's like latent homophobia -- people who say, "I don't hate gay people...but they's better not shove their issues/lives in my face!"

    2. Nobody, but NOBODY - gay or otherwise - should be shoving their issues/lives in my face if they understand what's good for them.

      The inability of so-called liberals to grasp something as simple as that is just another measure of their, well, immeasurable stoooopidity.

    3. Uh, the problem is that nobody is actually "shoving their issues in your face."

      Intolerant haters who want an excuse to be racist/homophobic/sexist just say that every time a minority of any kind comes to prominence "where they don't belong."

      You know what genuinely tolerant people do? Nothing. Or they applaud.

      For example, I'm not gay, but I didn't complain about Jason Collins getting media attention for coming out (like so many idiots did). It's a rare occurrence in pro sports and I applaud his courage.

    4. That's right, leave your head permanently stuck in your ass.

      The above is just ONE example of how the gay agenda is being shoved down everybody's throat.

      What you soulless atheists fail to understand is that there are people of faith out there who try - albeit not always successfully - to live by their religious precepts. And if they're not comfortable aiding and abetting your lifestyle, then it's their prerogative to behave accordingly. Why penalize them?

      You're telling me prosecuting a photographer for not wanting to take part in a gay wedding is not "shoving" gay issues in her face? Really?

      Your stupidity is staggering. When intercourse involving the exchange of bodily wastes brings about a deadly sexual epidemic, you physiologically-challenged liberals are shocked! Shocked, I tells ya! And then you ululate endlessly about why the government hasn't emptied out the treasury to find a cure for AIDS.

      You still think you gay-loving liberals are not shoving your agenda in everybody else's face?

      Since you're not gay, why don't you go snack on somebody's feces and see how that goes down?

      FYI, I don't give a tootle about gays one way or the other. It's the retardism of moronic liberals like you who don't understand causality that bugs the hell out of me.

    5. Racism and stereotypes stink.
      Specially in a free country.
      You can find so many of those in the Bleach Reports.
      Those writers have been so relentless in preaching their discrimination.
      No other athletes in NBA have been treated like this. It's so unfair.

    6. FanForLife:

      I don't support overly PC behavior either, but it's nothing compared to the centuries of far more severe and common persecution AGAINST minorities (including gays).

      Also, I noticed you're filled with so much hate and rage for your fellow man.

      Do you think that's very Christ-like? Would he tell someone to "go snack on somebody's feces"? I'm not a Bible expert, but my guess is 'probably not.'

    7. "it's nothing compared to the centuries of far more severe and common persecution AGAINST minorities (including gays)"

      See, small-minded liberals like you obsess over persecution of centuries ago. But when was the last time you said anything about Christians and other non-believers being beheaded all over the Muslim world RIGHT NOW?

      And you appear equally nonchalant about Christians in America being prosecuted for not participating in the gay agenda.

      Where is your outrage about the IRS's witch-hunt against Tea Partiers and other conservatives?

      You want to talk about my "hate and rage?" Why don't you take a look in the mirror? Coz that's what you liberals are exceptionally good at - projecting.

      I first came on this site for news about Lin, then had to read all the anti-conservative, anti-Fox News posts from the likes of you, Bob Chan, k. smith, willy-Americans-are-Nazis-dilly, etc.

      You start this crap BUT I'm the hater. Typical liberal.

      Why ASS-ume I aim to be Christ-like? Telling you to go eat shit is my way of suggesting that you need to understand there's a painful price for going against the laws of nature.

      You may disagree with me, but first try to explain away AIDS.

      The likes of you piss me off because your weapons-grade stupidity is responsible for much of what's wrong with the world today.

    8. And while I'm at it, here's another example of your egregious bigotry that you liberals are always projecting on to conservatives:

      "It's just latent racism. And it's even worse because it's a Texas-area team."

      With one arrogant, ignorant, hate-filled, sweeping statement, you're dismissing all Texans as racist.

      Here's Newsflash #1: rednecks don't particularly care for the NBA; they're more into NASCAR. I'm sorry I even have to point that out to you.

      Newsflash #2: From Mayweather to SAS, Lin's most bigoted critics are almost all blacks.

      You know them African Americans...Obama's constituency?

      Ergo, Lin haters are mostly Democrats/liberals.

      As I keep saying - you're staggeringly stupid.

    9. Nope, I didn't say all Texans were racists.

      I said it's "worse" because it's a Texas-area team. And it's true that Southern states tend to be more racist then Northern states for obvious historical reasons.

      But you can go on believing what you want. No one's stopping you. Enjoy! Even as you call me names and make up crap, I wish you nothing but love and peace.

    10. Now you're just splitting hairs.

      This "southern states are more racist" crap is a throwback to Republican Abraham "The Great Emancipator" Lincoln and a figment of your liberal education.

      You liberals are the ones who treat blacks like they're a lower order of homo sapiens - not unlike monkeys - incapable of fending for themselves without the crutch of affirmative action.

      But, of course, conservatives are the racists!

      For crying out loud, just look. In. The. Mirror.

      "Even as you call me names and make up crap, I wish you nothing but love and peace."

      Quoting your very words back at you is making up crap. LOL.

      C' wish me anything but "love and peace."

      You liberals have so poisoned the political landscape for conservatives that none of them would stand an electoral chance against serial, incorrigible perverts like Bob Filner and Anthony Weiner.

      Your hypocrisy is off the charts. If you'd acknowledge that about yourself and your ilk, we'd have a decent chance of civil exchanges.

    11. I thought you said blacks are liberals. so it's black people who treat black people like lower order homosapiens. i didn't know that. but, like bill cosby said, ther's nothing worse than black on black hate.

    12. Kwok Wai Lai, there are a few more categories:

      1) HOLF: Haters of Lin fans, with a subset of "HOLF LF" (haters of Lin fans who are also Lin fans themselves")

      2) NBAOF: NBA only fans who like the entire league but appreciate Lin's basketball skills

      3) COF: Clutchfans only fans

      4) +LF: Christian Lin fans who are into him mainly because of his Christian faith

      Any more categories?

    13. Etane, I swear sometimes you post while under the influence. Of course most blacks are liberals; all that brainwashing and who doesn't like freebies, really?

      Teen pregnancies; children born out of wedlock; fatherless households; "inner-city crime" virtually a synonym for "Democrat-run district." Tell me, which of these rampant AA realities is not a manifestation of liberal "values?"

      And look at the post beneath yours. So much garbageous pointlessness.

      I'd call you and KHuang the Twin Towers of Stupidville, but at 5'5", the guy towers over nothing but his own shit.

    14. Hey KHuang, I've got 3 more categories for you:

      1) Lin fans under 5'5"

      2) Lin fans at 5'5"

      3) Lin fans over 5'5"

      You're welcome!

    15. FFL, please don't tell me you're a Christian because you sure aren't acting like one. You are so filled with rage and hatred.

    16. LOL i am surprised you didn't accuse me of posting while liberal.

      not sure race is the determining factor for broken homes. think income or lack of it is the determining factor. only reason why red neck trailer park homes are less broken than inner city ones is because red necks procreate w/ family members and think it's a sin to abort.

      and, don't group me with that pathological liar.

    17. That's because you're so filled with liberal BS.

      I'd like you to think back to what you've said about people like Sarah Palin and George Bush before you ever, ever call me out again. And go back and read every one of KHuang's posts to me while you're at it, too.

      You're just not used to a conservative who won't roll over for you. I'm sick of your semi-literate idiocy, if you must know.

    18. See, "rednecks procreate w/ family members."

      But hey, conservatives are the bigots!

      As for grouping you with "that pathological liar"....if the shoe fits...

      KHuang is clearly a liberal, too:

      1) Asian American ... check
      2) (Non-country) musician ... check
      3) Pathological liar ... check

      Yuppers...a dyed-in-the-wool liberal.

    19. You got it wrong. Older Asian Americans lean conservative. So are those at or under 5'5".

      Lots of artists/musicians are conservative especially ones from arizona the jan brewer id check state.

      You and Khuang are two peas in a pod!

    20. "You and KHuang are two peas in a pod!"

      Sorry, that's what I said about you and KHuang. Enough of the I-know-what-you-are-but-what-am-I, typically liberal nonsense.

      No freakin' way he's a conservative. Conservatives work. You and KHuang spend far too much time here - 24/7/365, in fact - to be economically productive citizens. No doubt you're both sucking off the government's teat.

      KHuang's probably living off some seriously misguided NEA grant. Speaking of which, that's another leech of a liberal body that needs to be dismantled ASAP.

    21. Seriously you started the "i know what you are...." argument1

      I stated long ago that Khuang is a conservative land you're simply jumping on the bandwagon but riding in the opposite direction!

      Conservative/Red states are welfare net deficit states just like Arizona is. So, Khuang must be conservative!

      You did know blue states are supporting red states welfare programs, right?

    22. So now I'm being lumped in with both Etane/kgunnergoldownsme and Fanforlife.

      OK, am I supposed to be insulted or flattered?

      Am I supposed to be disgusted or titillated?

    23. 9 of top 10 welfare states are RED.

      Top Ten (Source: Tax Foundation):

      1. New Mexico Indian reservations, military bases, federal research labs, farm subsidies, retirement programs

      2. Mississippi Farm subsidies, military spending, nutrition and anti-poverty aid, retirement programs.

      3. Alaska Per capita No 1 recipient of federal benefits; infrastructure projects, DOT and pork projects.

      4. Louisiana Disaster relief, farm subsidies, anti-poverty and nutrition aid, military spending.

      5. W. Virginia Farm subsidies, anti-poverty and nutrition aid.

      6. N. Dakota Farm subsidies, energy subsidies, retirement and anti-poverty programs, Indian reservations.

      7. Alabama Retirement programs, anti-poverty and nutrition aid, federal space/military spending, farm subsidies.

      8. S. Dakota Retirement programs, nutrition aid, farm subsidies, military spending, Indian reservations.

      9. Virginia Civil service pensions, military spending, veterans benefits, retirement, anti-poverty aid.

      10. Kentucky Retirement programs, nutritional and anti-poverty aid, farm subsidies.


    24. Now consider the bottom 10, i.e., the ones that give more to the federal government in taxes than they get in return. From 1 to 10, they are:

      New Jersey, Nevada, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Illinois, Delaware, California, New York, Colorado.

      Anything strange about that list? Yes, they are all blue states (or the deepest of purple).

    25. Khuang, you should be titillated because FFL is almost as delusional as you are. = D

    26. I already know YOU'RE titillated at being included with me, Etane/kgunnergoldownsme.

      But like I keep telling you, I have no interest in dating you as a man.

      To no small extent, I firmly believe that the idea of you and me in a pod excited not just you but Fanforlife.

      Hey Etane, you and Fanforlife???
      just sayin'...

    27. You and your rubbishy stats. LOL.

      Two years ago, after "bailing out" Detroit's auto industry with billions borrowed from China, Obama declared "the city is coming back." Naturally, Detroit just filed for Chapter 11.

      As with Gov. Moonbeam's "balanced budget", you liberals just make up stats and then interpret them according to your bias. Then when a Detroit happens, you're completely dumbfounded.

      Rinse lather repeat.

      Just look at the numbers that were bandied about for Obamacare when it was promulgated and the harsh realities that are emerging now.

      Deja stupid.

      And sorry, KHuang is definitely of your ilk - the triple whammy of AA + unemployable musician + pathological liar is undeniable proof.

    28. KHuang, you're no longer even coherent.

    29. Since when did you ever call me "coherent", FanForLife?

      I did not know your opinion of me was that high to begin with. Can you provide us all with examples where you considered me "coherent?"

      So being "AA" is a "whammy" too, huh? Fanforlife, I'm interested in your views on that matter.

      Perhaps you will be able to turn others here to your way of thinking.

    30. You've seriously devolved, KHuang. You've always been stupid but at least you used to spew your drivel in an articulate way. Now, not so much.

      You have no idea how many people you've put off this site with your intransigent idiocy.

      I'm sure I've done my share of the "putting-off" work. For instance, the Lin-hating geronimo and the America-hating willy-dilly are nowhere to be seen these days. Sorry to deprive you of 2 of your BFFs.

      Oh well, it's been fun "chatting" with you. But, alas, it's back to the salt mines for a worker bee such as moi.

    31. Given that you're a self hating sub 5'5" Asian American male, I'm DISAPPOINTED that you weren't calling me "stupid" earlier.

      Once you outed yourself as a little Asian guy who calls Asians "crazy", FanForLife, I realized that being insulted by a self loathing little dude like you means that I'm doing quite a bit that's CORRECT.

      I think that you as a little Asian guy, Fanforlife, need to reevaluate your life and stop the self loathing and personal attacks on others. If you learn to accept your short Asian stature, you won't be in constant anger internally and won't spill that anger out on others the way you've done to everyone here.

    32. "Two years ago, after "bailing out" Detroit's auto industry with billions borrowed from China, Obama declared "the city is coming back." Naturally, Detroit just filed for Chapter 11."

      You're conflating the US auto industry with the city of detroit.

      You're just like khuang the master of conflating! two peas in a pod!

    33. I'm sorry khuang. I know u r sensitive and all but as a 5'6" male, u don't have the right to call anyone short. That is just messed up.

    34. Solidz75, it's Fanforlife who's calling people like you a "crazy Asian mental midget" and not me.

      Go ask Fanforlife what he means. I'm just parroting his words back at him and you.

  9. @via, hope you're just being busy.

    Please come back to this site. I miss you already.

  10. omg, so does this mean it will be aired in most cities or just major cities?
    please god, I want to see it so bad!!!!!!!

  11. Rikki M, it's strange that I have received 2 of your posts through email but they are not shown on this site.

    1. Maybe it got deleted because it was too controversial. It happened quite often actually.

  12. You remember that Lin lost control of the second unit to Parsons
    So Lin never had control of the ball because they always played with Harden
    At the end Lin also lost time to Patrick

    1. exactly. everything went pretty well when Lin got to run w/ the second unit, idk why they abandoned that idea, even if he does, its PB that runs the point not lin. I don't get it Harden is more of TO machine, yet he handles more? PB isn't one either but I thought that time was for Lin, since he is ball dominant but apparently he doesn't get a chance.
      Also i don't know why Parsons got to run w/the 2nd unit, he's not Lin or Harden.
      Wasn't the purpose to stagger their minutes and give them each some time to have the ball in their hands? For this, I think McHale is not the coach to coach them to a championship, Lin and Harden are ball dominant players, easiest solution could've been for Lin to run w/ the 2nd as the PG, but McHale insists on letting Lin run w/PB as the PG or let Parsons run w/the 2nd unit.
      I just don't know if he's hating on Lin or just clueless? or

  13. It has been a while but I wanna chime in when I came across this on ESPN.

    John Wall is expected to get a "franchise" type extension that's worth around 80 million. Looking at his stats alone, there's nothing JLin can't match or even surpass. So what is with the obsession of an unproven player as many have claimed WAll to be to receive this type of contract? While I could point to color as an overarching factor, theré's another undeniable factor: athletcism.

    Athletcim sells I suppose, especially if you're freakishly athletic, and everything else can be improved on which seems to be the case with Wall. JLin is athletic but not "Wall athletic" except for speed. Having said that, JLin needs to carve out his place on the Rockets given his current situation and leverage. He's probably never going to be a franchise player as evident when no team budged during the trade. I wished JLin could be afforded another opportunity to land on a team that has a talented big where he can actually run a team like a "franchise" player but again that'll probably never happen. In retrospect, JLin could have flourished playing with Tyson even with Melo as a thorn to the side.

    But let bygones be bygone. We have Dwight now and I can only see it tilt in JLin's favor. Lets be honest, JLin is not a sharp shooter and probably never will but his ability to utilize a capable big is uncanny. Harden and Parsons will not be able to match JLin in this category; moreover, I have a hunch that Dwight will not be happy if either of them tries to play hero ball. Dwight is the man on the team, not Harden or Parsons. Everything will revolve around Dwight. Dwight will demand touches and JLin will give it to him without hesitation.

    I think if JLin can click with Dwight, not only will we see JLin become the primary ball-handler consistently but it will springboard him to new heights and exceed that of Linsanity. If JLIn is going have a breakout season, this will be it.

    1. I just don buy that JLin will not be a sharp shooter talk. But, good post...

    2. Good post Racha, I agree with much that you say. Dwight will springboard Jeremy to new heights. Jeremy will have a breakout season, but I don't think he will have peaked yet until he is 28 which means he will be even better in 2 or 3 years. His shooting will only improve with time.

    3. The offensively inept Shumpert has turned into something of a 3-point specialist under the guidance of Dave Hopla.

      Meanwhile, Lin appears happy to stick with a girls' HS coach, suspect shooting mechanics and a limp-wristed release. And wonders why he shot like a freakin' fairy in the playoffs.

      Hey, Jeremy, there's a reason Doc teaches basketball to high school girls and not NBA dudes.

      An Economics grad from Harvard who doesn't understand that when you pay peanuts, you get monkeys?

      This situation reminds me of another Taiwanese American, Michael Chang, who had his barely-out-of-college brother rapidly coach him out of the rankings, probably because he wanted to keep all the money in the family or something.

    4. Not surprising, if it's Jeremy's parents who control his money and financial decisions.

    5. He shot poorly in the playoffs because he was injured and OKC is a great team.

      Everyone was awful in Game 1 and Jeremy was 3-7 in the only healthy half he did play in Game 2. Finally, as repeated ad nauseum, he shot well in the 2nd half of the season once his knee was full strength.

      Jeremy uses elite trainers in Sparta Sports and used an "elite" trainer during his pre-draft prep, so it's not like he's averse to the idea. People are extrapolating from a bad, injury affected sample size.

      I mean, who was complaining about Doc during Linsanity?

    6. There's no excuse for a 1-7, 4 TOs to 4 assists performance (or whatever the hell his horrible stats were exactly) when you're already battling detractors left, right and center. The playoffs were his best opportunity to shine; instead, he shrank.

      Yes, "as repeated ad nauseum", everyone was awful in Game 1, but unlike Lin, everyone else redeemed themselves in subsequent games.

      The greatest knock against Lin is arguably his inconsistency. That's been a problem since his HS days. As the playoffs show, he no longer has the luxury of bringing it only on certain nights. One lousy game and his trade value plunges into a black hole.

      I blame McHale for virtually everything bad that happened to Lin last season, but Jeremy really did himself no favors with that 1-7 display in Game 1.

      And if you think that game was an aberration, go check his shooting numbers at the tail end of the regular season. He was missing with even the simplest of layups.

      As for complaining about Doc during Linsanity, you know why Lin's fans still bring up the Toronto buzzer-beater after all this time? Coz it's the "blind squirrel finding a nut" syndrome; Lin hasn't repeated the feat since.

      Check out the low-IQ JR Smith for a record of last-second game winners.

      Another logic fail by a liberal. LOL.

    7. Everyone is entitled to have a bad game once in a while. Lin has had many good games. He has played against with all the PGs in the league and he has held his own at the end.
      Lin's in the class of the elite PGs. It takes one to know one. Ask CP3 how good Lin is. CP3 double teamed Lin every time they played. That is the kind of high respect you can get from your very competent opponent.

    8. FanForLife
      could you please go away and never come back here again???
      Lin had exactly ONE bad playoff game and guess what? It was his first Playoff game, against the top seed in the loaded West and he played against the probably best and most athletic PG in the NBA, Russel Westbrook. Also he had an elite shot blocker waiting at the rim in Ibaka. The whole team moved like headless chickens and were ALL super nervous, ass you could see in the awful performce of EVERYBODY. James Hogden was 6/19 with 5 TO, Parsons i think had like 10 Points or something and Asik failed miserably on Offense. Also he was yanked FOR NO REASON AT ALL at the end of the season or sat out like 12 minutes playing time at the end of the last and most important regular season game against the Lakers. Even though he improved drastically and played at borderline All-Star level the last few month. so u have a young PG( most complicated position) who got his confidence stomped in by a racist son of a whore who appears to be his coach. He also plays with the biggest and worst ballhog in NBA history James" i spent 20.000 $ per week on hoes" Hogden ( who averaged 38,7 % FG vs OKC btw which is just atrocious for a SG). The offense of the team is without a concept so its even ahrder for a PG to shine. then with all these obstacles from his own team, he has to face the athletic freak of nature and best PG in the entire NBA, Russel Westbrook who appears to be an elite Defender as well as an experienced thunder team with great shotblocking. Also the played in probably the loudest arena in the NBA in OKC. And you except him to go ham in this game. ur dumb and beyond pathitic. you speak just like the average dumb absketball fan in America waiting for Lin to fail or even speakin like a Lin hater. Oh btw he bounced back next game and had 7 points and 4 assists at half and was 3/4 till he got injured early in the second half. His inconsistency is Bullshit, too because once he ws healthy and allowed to actually run the point for a few games, Rockets blew teams out and he averaged all star numbers. then they went back to the Harden show. Your just a Lin Hater, plain and simple. GET OUT OF HERE!

    9. Wow...a German telling me to "GET OUT OF HERE!"

      Lemme guess, you think I'm a Jew?


      BTW, anybody who can't paragraph has no business posting entire theses on a fan blog. Just sayin'...

    10. @Kwok Wai Lai

      FWIW, I think Lin has the makings of an elite PG. We saw him outplay the likes of Steph Curry more than once.

      BUT he's so inconsistent that:

      a) Knicks fans can claim with a straight face that Felton is better than Lin, by comparing their stats.

      b) His contract makes him hard to trade.

      c) He vindicates the haters (including McHale) who suggest Lin doesn't belong on a contending team. I can just imagine how happy the booing of Lin at Dwight's welcome rally must've made McHale feel.

      I'm harshing on Lin because unlike some others here, I believe he can turn into a Nash-like sharpshooter. So yes, I see his ceiling as higher than a Nash coz he plays defense.

    11. He was injured. End of story.

      If you want to call him "soft," you're free to do so. But even then, it doesn't really have anything to do with his shooting form.

    12. All I know is that, when healthy, Jeremy has made HUGE strides in his all-around shooting while working with Doc.

      I actually watched him regularly in college and he had almost NONE of the arsenal and success that he does now. For example, his floaters were non-existent and his 3pt jumper often had an ugly leg-kick.

    13. End of story?

      He was injured in the final stretch of the regular season and in Game 1? Really?

      When your shooting mechanics are unsound, your shot is the first thing to abandon you in a tight game.

      You realize with the way the Rox are set up, his jumpshot next season will be all-important to his game?

    14. Like you said:

      "Everyone was awful in Game 1, but unlike Lin, everyone else redeemed themselves in subsequent games."

      The reason Lin didn't redeem himself later on was that he was injured. In fact, he played well in the first half of Game 2 until he got that deep chest bruise.

      I don't see what was so wrong about his final stretch. Not saying he can't play better -- obviously he can -- but it's not about paying money for a "proper" shooting coach. It's about staying healthy, adjusting to his new role, and building chemistry with his new teammates.

    15. Making 3 of 7 shots isn't exactly stellar. If he'd been halfway decent in Game 1, he wouldn't be in this position of being disrespected by all and sundry.

      You don't think coaching makes a difference; I beg to differ.

      I've given the example of Shumpert. There's a reason the Knicks broke the 3-point record last season out of nowhere: Hopla.

      I'm an avid sports fan, and can tell you you can't overestimate the importance of a coach as a difference-maker. It's why I'm certain the Rox aren't going anywhere near a chip with McHale.

    16. Not "all" people disrespect Jeremy Lin for having a rough 1st playoff game that his entire team did poorly with.

      Similarly, many of us Lin fans see Lin as actually being a very CONSISTENT player when he's not being knocked out by injury. We Lin fans do not blame Jeremy Lin for being injured, unlike the Lin haters that love to trash his playoff games.

      Also, Lin has enough detractors who love to criticize him when he gets injured. We Lin fans refuse to add our vitriol to the chorus of Lin bashers out there.

    17. Racha, a nonAsian player with Lin's athleticism and game would be paid at least as much as John Wall.

      Years ago, Jason Kidd was the darling of the NBA in his 3rd year. He had Jeremy Lin athleticism but did not have Lin's overwhelming skills. Kidd was celebrated and paid very well for his Linferior skills.

      Most people don't think that Lin can play because he's Asian, no matter how badly he outperforms elite players.


      We delusional Lin fans live in our own make-believe world.

      We think Lin is the mostest bestest young guard in the entire universe. That's why all the other 29 GMs were falling all over themselves to wrest Lin from Morey's hands...oh wait.

      We think Dwight Howard doesn't belong in ANY offense. So it's a complete and utter mystery to us why Les Alexander, Mark Cuban, Joe Lacob et all plus their entourages were genuflecting all the way to L.A. to try to sign him up.

      We think anyone who criticizes Lin's playoffs performance is a HATER of the highest order, rather than someone who understands why the Rox are having a hell of a problem moving him.

      We viciously rubbish Lin's teammates and expect there to be no repercussions on his relationships with them when stuff we say gets repeated on other boards.

      We say the dumbest things here because we believe this blog should be renamed Or maybe TwitsRus. Actually, BraindeadNBonkers would work as well.


      Gee, I hope I didn't leave out any important stuff from KHuang's nutty tract above.


      And, oh, Kevin McHale was our (read: KHuang's) candidate for COTY last season.

    20. FFL are u trying to take away the biggest asshole of from me? Lol.

      I don't share all of your views, but I do agree that Lin's situation reminds me Michael chang's Changgang cult - not surrounding himself the best of the best to improve his situation. His shooting mechanics is the reason for his inconsistency and Mchale/morey is the biggest reason for the massive derailment of Lin's career at this point.

      But as much as I hated it, his poor playoff showing was clearly due to injury. But It is unfair that he doesn't have the luxury of having excuses no matter how legit they are because of who he is.

      According to Whopie, I apparently have huge trust issues because I refuse to believe in morey and Mchale based on all they did to Lin last year, but I do fear that we r gonna see more of the same next season and Lin being further forgotten with d12 I'm board.

      And one conspiracy thought, morey will trade Lin to a bad a situation so that he doesn't t succeed.. So that he won't be embarrassed for letting Lin I twice.

    21. Michael Chang simply doesn't have a power stroke to stay dominant no matter who's coaching him.

      "morey will trade Lin to a bad a situation so that he doesn't t succeed.. So that he won't be embarrassed for letting Lin I twice."

      Houston was supposed to be a bunch of young basement salary players anyways.

    22. ""

      Ah, Fanforlife, you've got interesting names for this site that we're posting on.

      What other cool names can you and Solidz75 and Etane come up with to mock the people on this site?

    23. FanForLife, I'm sure there are some good points in your post but it's hard to see them through the barrage of insults.

    24. "Houston was supposed to be a bunch of young basement salary players anyways."

      You're hopelessly full of crap. What does the above statement have to do with anything said in this thread? Talk about non sequiturs.

      Sure, Chang's game lacked power. All the more reason he needed the best coach money could buy to make the most of his talent. And talent he did have. One Slam and 7 Masters titles are nothing to sniff at, after all. He got to #2 after Carl took over as his coach owing to a quirk in the ranking system IIRC, then fell out of the top 100 in very short order.

      Lin's shooting will probably improve incrementally under Doc, but incremental improvement is not good enough for the Rox as currently constituted. He needs a Hopla to take him to the next level of marksmanship, methinks.

      And yes, I've long believed that Morey will not trade him to a team where he could recreate Linsanity. It's not a conspiracy theory; he's that devious. Unless, of course, he gets a superstar in return, in which case he could probably live with the possibility of being proved wrong about Lin again.

      And Solidz, WTH do you mean by "I don't share all of your views?" Do I have to come after you as well now? ;)

    25. KHuang, how about "Mental&"...

      Hey, any more and I'll have to start charging you real money. Unlike you, I have to work for a living, you know.

    26. psalm

      You'd actually have a little more credibility with me if you hadn't been such a buddy of willy-Americans-are-nazis-dilly. You have no idea how pukesomely traitorous I found the lot of you who were palling around with that Eurothing.

      Sorry, I feel filthy just talking to you.

    27. Pretty good, Fanforlife.

      I like how your names manage to flame everybody on this board, since that is your sole goal here.

      But Fanforlife, haven't you realized by now that you post here and thus are incriminating YOURSELF?

      Right now, I have this mental image of you as a sub 5'5" "crazy Asian twit who's braindead and bonkers who's a mental and actual midget who is here to celebrate California's balanced budget".

      My suggestion is that instead of FLAMING YOURSELF with screennames that make you as a member look bad, you come up with alternative names that somehow set you as being superior to the average "crazy Asians" on this board that you feel are beneath you.

    28. Jeremy needs to get rid of that clown, Josh Fan. Exactly what purpose does he serve? Supposedly, the guy is a "trainer", but The kid has a terrible physique. Never trust a chubby trainer.

    29. Awwwww, you sound like you've been belittled, KHuang.

      Poor little Khuang. Very, very little KHuang. Five-foot-five little, in fact.

      Look, you dumbo shrimp, if your posts about Lin and his teammates ever get broadcast anywhere mainstream, Asian Americans everywhere would become the laughingstock of the country.

      Anyone who believes otherwise needs to see a shrink.

    30. C'mon, Fanforlife.

      Are you telling me that you indeed are a "sub 5'5" crazy Asian twit who's bonkers" among other things?

      How could little ol'me be insulted by one like you who's calling himself as short or shorter than I am while also calling himself all sorts of foul names.

      Dude, I think you should embrace your lack of height and your Asian American heritage. Guys like you don't have to feel inferior to others, and you certainly don't have to call yourself names.

      Or if you aren't a sub 5'5" Asian male, STOP CALLING YOURSELF ONE.

    31. How is any of that babble supposed to even pass for an argument?

      You've seriously lost it, KHuang. Get help.

    32. I seem to have struck a nerve in Fanforlife.

      Trust me, buddy, it's OK for you to be a 5'5" Asian male on this site that you say is for "midgets" like yourself.

    33. Khuang why are u always fighting with people? Maybe it's not them. It's you.

    34. No, it's because LIN ONLY HATER trolls like you and Fanforlife come here specifically bash Lin and his fans, Solidz75.

      You are here for only one reason: to FLAME PEOPLE.

    35. Yeah yeah yeah. Do u copy and paste this same exact quote every time?

      And u can't blame people for making fun of your height. I mean u did put it out there. Did u say u r 5'6" and 180lbs? That translates to a BMi of 45. Damn u r obese. Stop posting and go exercise a little. Much better for your health.

    36. Wow. Have I been gone that long? There are people attacking Psalm? Psalm is one of the least confrontational members on this board. What is going on?

    37. khuang has flamed just about every lin fan on this forum.

      he is his own self fulfilling prophecy.

      "No, it's because LIN ONLY HATER trolls like you and Fanforlife come here specifically bash Lin and his fans, Solidz75.

      You are here for only one reason: to FLAME PEOPLE. "

    38. haha, Justsayno :)

      not much, just a lot of nervous energy in the off-season where people take out frustrations on one another because of the uncertainty of Lin's role in Houston.

      To trade or not to trade? That's the question in people's mind.

      That and the missing links from via to discuss something new and interesting. Pls come back soon, via! Pls just ignore the noise from the ignoramous crowd for the rest of us, innocent folks :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. McHale has never been a good coach of guards. He just couldn't get the most out of them. There were so many guards that the Rockets simply dumped and they become franchise players now. Lowry, Gorgan...

    McHale isn't good enough for big time basketball.

    1. Or in a way, McHale's coaching infuriates his guards so much that they ended up becoming terrific in order to defy him!

    2. Lowry didnt even want to play for MCHell anymore. If i were Lin and his treatment torwards me wouldnt change, i would start swearing at him and play completely disrespecting his orders. What shall they do? either trade him which is great or finally use him right which is even better.

    3. they become terrific after they leave the team and have a new coach to play under.

    4. McHale reminds me of Darth Sidious from Star Wars lol.

    5. Khuang, I know you felt Mchale was positive for Lin last season. Do you still feel the same way?

    6. He just made a long post about how great Mchell is for Lin's game in the previous thread.

    7. really? I don't think Lowry, Gorgan are franchise players, and they did not get better after they change team or change coaches.

      per 36 min, Dragic stay exact the same as last season, and Lowry was worse.

      Not sure what you are talking about..... Could we support Lin without hating everybody?

      McHale might not be the best coach for Jeremy, but you can't have everything lined up your way.

    8. Justsayno2Hardeniso, my answer to your question is "I don't know".

      Last season, Lin started out hobbled. In the 2nd half of the season, he played at a near Linsanity level UNDER MCHALE'S WATCH. McHale gets some credit for playing Lin 30 MPG and overseeing Lin's All Star level play in the 2nd half pf the season.

      Next season, I don't know what Mchale will do with a completely different lineup. NBA coaches change their gameplans based on personnel. Thus I have no idea what McHale will do with Lin.

      What I do know is that Lin will walk into training camp healthy, prepared, and seasoned. Lin will do everything in his power to play well for the Houston franchise he's signed to.

    9. TN4, we have LIN HATERS like Etane and Solidz75 and Fanforlife who call Lin a "pussy" and say that he's a "bad shooter" and that his fans are "mental midgets who are delusional".

      These three LOHs are here to try to flame as many people as they can using Lin as the tool.

      They won't quit at flaming this forum which they claim is full of "delusional alcoholic crazy Asian chinks".

    10. khuang: just to let you know that i don't take it personally whenever you say something about my sexual preference or use racial epitaphs against me. i know it's a rant sourced from a maligned and angry 5'5" asian american who blames the world for your own failings.

      i know truly it's you, not me.

  16. Both Lin and Asik's contrats are up in like 2 years from now, while Harden, Dwight and maybe Parsons won't be for like 2-3 years after them.
    I don't see them winning a title or anything if both Lin and Asik are traded or leaving when their time is up. idk if Harden can even lead a team to finals, on OKC he was the 3rd option behind KD and Westbrook and they couldn't get it done. Dwight did it w/the Magics but he's already past his prime years, idk if he can make it again too.
    Personally i think for the rockets since they don't have the talents like Lebron or Kobe, they're going to need a team effort to even pull an upset or to win a championship. Well unless they get some elite players to join the train, then it's possible but i think it'll take some time to build chemistry then talk about wining.
    it's just too unlikely that Rox will win anything when 2 of the 5 are leaving. Reallly i think they need all Lin, Asik,Harden, Parsons, and Howard to even make a run for the title. and i do hope that Lin and Asik GTFO when they're up to leave. But then it may take them awhile to be on a team to be championship caliber, unless they happen to sign w/one that already is one and just contribute. but gosh this may make it that they might stay for a few more years w/them just to get a ring then hopefully leave?

    1. Houston didn't upgrade with D12, they merely moved side ways.

      Asik/D12 is an improvement in post points and defense. But, Houston's speed and perimeter shooting is sacrificed.

      Also, Houston can never win a championship even with Lebron and Kobe as long as McHell is coach.

  17. Replies
    1. Trying to assess how much Harden needs Lin to gain fans in Asia.

      It might translate to how open he is to let Lin have a bigger role on-court.

    2. Don't count on it psalm. Harden at first stole jeremy nickname (beardsanity ... It's horrible) then stole the jeremy role in the team and now he's stealing the asia fanbase. He's just a fake man just like Parsons was a guy who was catching the fame... Now he's got a more popular friend in Howard.

      This team reminds me of the minnesota built by Mchale: they had cassell they had kg they had sprewell maybe even szrbyak i don't remember... And they achieved nothing.

      I'm just wondering if they will trade jeremy this year or they will decrease his value till pre Linsanity. See what happens. Don't think they will like to pay 15 mln to a benchwarmer. It's better for them to trade him soon and get their beloved sergio lull or whoever....

    3. Sadly all points to sign that Lin is a redundant dominant ball-handler in Houston and Harden is unwilling to share the playmaking roles.

      And there have been no signs since Game 2 of regular season that Harden wants to equally take turns of being the playmaker. Otherwise, we'll see a lot more Lin-2-Harden with Harden moving without the ball highlights rather than Harden ISOs.

      Hope Lin2Dwight plays will change things around. Otherwise trade is the best way for Lin to thrive.

    4. Anyway if we think about in which situation jeremy was in two years ago ... I'm not worried what will happen to jeremy.

      P.S.: Ulysses are you watching the Pope in brazil ? He's really a God's gift...