Monday, July 15, 2013

Lin to Thompson…for the goalllll!!!


  1. Would have been nice if Lin had his own goal, but he lost control of the ball off the crossover and ended up kicking the ball wide right of the goal.

  2. Very cool vid, thanks JLinFan#1.

    ABC Baller, you almost said owngoal :-) Nice windup though, nice low center of grav for power, but just not used to cutting the ball back.

    To the prev thread question on soccer vs bball, the bball players ran with a little higher center of gravity than the soccer guys. Even Nash, who showed great ball skills in the kickaround, ran slightly high on that last goal. Key is to get low so you can lean in radically and cut faster. You can change direction faster in soccer because you aren't dribbling up and down ... you just misdirect the ball and go with it!

    Also, for non soccer players, that kick around also establishes pecking order with pickup teams. Like shoot-around warmups where you have to make it or you don't get a warmup. Everyone here is checking each other out for control. Lin was a bit too straight legged, sorry. I thought I saw a slight Lin knee favor at 0:27 on one of the juggles, but nah ... he'd never be able to play in the NBA if that meniscus was still being favored. So prob just his soccer rust :-)

    Nash showed some nice skills.

    1. Haha. In terms of other sports, something tells me Jeremy could have been a GREAT quarterback. Not just for the Hail Mary lobs down the court, but his general intelligence, mental toughness and speed/strength combination. He has the perfect height as well.

  3. So Jeremy's at the mini-camp this week with Dwight, Harden, Parsons et al? Training camp and preseason will be crucial this year.

    Jeremy needs to get into a great rhythm with Dwight ASAP, feeding him in the low block with smart entry lobs. You throw the ball NOT where the big man is, but where he needs to be. Jeremy's already good at that, so I'm not worried.

    One thing I do need to see is whether Jeremy can make the right decision on WHEN to lob it in. You can go low-post early in the shot clock, even if most teams don't, so Jeremy might have to make that Option #1 to keep Dwight happy at first. The longer Dwight is waiting for the feed, the more annoyed he'll get, and the less Jeremy will play/handle the ball.

    Now if Dwight gets the ball early and regular and still fails to score in the low post? Then Jeremy can shrug and say, "I tried." At which point, they can become the ultimate EPIC pick-and-roll duo for easy dunks and alley-oops.

  4. Replies
    1. They still need someone half-decent at PF.

      They should have picked up KHuang's 2nd favorite underdog, Tyler Hansbrough. He would have been a solid and cheap "blue collar" PF next to Dwight. And if Love or LMA is available next year, Psycho T is a perfect backup.

    2. Finally an intelligent article about how Howard will improve Jeremy's game. This is exactly what I've been saying for the past week. For some reason a large percentage of people on this site view the signing of Howard as a negative thing and would rather Jeremy get traded to a rebuilding team like Orlando or Boston. Dwight Howard is the best thing that could have happened for Jeremy at this stage of his career. Did you really want to see another year of Lin with Asik?

    3. disagree:

      "Last year, Lin suffered because he lacked a center that was skilled offensively. "

      No he suffered because mchell treated him like shit.

    4. Smoothiie, u haven't seen any game since eremy since golden state years. If so how can u make an idiotic claim that Jeremy just needs to improve his skills?

      Jeremy had a mediocre season mostly due to the coaching staff and how they placed him in a position to fail. U r so naive in thinking that things will change now that they got d12.

      Go drink another stupid smoothie, smoothie.

    5. Solidz, did you watch any of the pre-season games last year before the Harden trade? Jeremy struggled even then. You can't entirely blame the coaching staff and Harden for all of Jeremy's short comings. The coaching staff did have Jeremy on a short leash and did yank him prematurely on multiple occassions but I would put 30% of the blame on the erratic substitution patterns of the coaches and 70% on Jeremy's performance. Opposing teams had a game plan for Jeremy and for the most part it worked. On the pick and roll, they would double team him high to cut off his driving lanes daring him to pass to Asik. And when Jeremy would thread the pass to Asik, Asik would be either unable to catch the pass or miss the layup. I've never seen a 7 footer blocked so many times. Solidz, tell me why you rather Jeremy play with Asik than Howard? Please give an intelligent basketball answer and not stoop to childish insults.

    6. who cares about the pre-season games. houston was crushing all teams when jeremy was getting his chances to play pg during the games that counts and the main reason why houston even got to the play offs.

    7. Hey smoothie. Exactly. Morey saw that and just gave up on Lin, knowing very well that he was coming off injury.

      The reason I stoop "low" as u say is because that is the best way to deal with people like u.

      U r a typical ignorant clutchfan in disguise. Oh Jeremy doesn't deserve playing time because he didn't earn it last year. If Jeremy played better he wouldn't be benched in the fourth. The reason Jeremy's stock has fallen is because he sucks. Don't blame the organization, blame Jeremy.

      Yeah yeah yeah.. Go drink another haterade smoothie, u Houston fanboy.

    8. Typical response. How old are you solidz? It is unfortunate that it is people like you who give Jeremy a bad name. I'm predicting a break out year for Jeremy because 1) He's healthy 2) He's had time to work on this 3 point shooting 3) He's got a full NBA season under his belt 4) He's finally got a big man who can finish. You on the other hand solidz wish that Jeremy will have a bad year so you can prove your theory that the Rockets organization is conspiring to sabotage Jeremy's career. Who here is the real supporter of Jeremy? I hate it when people like you defame Jeremy. Why can't we have a rational discussion about Jeremy's strengths and weaknesses? As soon as anybody mentions a part of Jeremy's game that needs work, you immediately cry "it's the coaches fault". Can you please act like an adult and have a constructive, civil discussion?

    9. Waaaaaa. Now smoothie is angry.

      I'm 15 and yes I'm stlill more astute than your blind ass.

      Please save us your adult tantrum and go back to clutchfans. As the self appointed moderator for today, I condemn you to join the likes of u in clutchfan and to go circle jerk each other saying Jeremy is at fault for his marginalization last year.

      Shoo. You are banned..

  5. @real-dsb

    "July 15, 2013 at 2:17 AM
    @JoeTeam: You're right. My bad, I wasn't thinking straight. "HLF" isn't funny given the context of the situation. I retract my statement."

    Thanks for manning up, my man. I respect you for that and thanks for your help to reduce race baiting of all kinds here. We all need some of that given what's in the news now.

    1. So because of this apology, does he attain thehonor to use Lin's photo as his avatar? Unlike Rikki who should never use Lin's pic because he is not living in Lin's image.

      Some of u guys really crack me up. Lol.

    2. I think Rikki has some good posts and threads. I only have a problem with using the "n-word" instead of the real word in a sentence to convey the same meaning as using the n-word. That was a cute construct, but I'd like us not to use hate speech here. That's because one common thing we are aligned with is Mr. Lin. I am only asking that we honor why we are here, that we respect ourselves a bit and each other because we are here for a reason. Conscious choices.

      While hate speech is protected in some countries like the US unless there is eminent danger being created (not a legal representation), if you search for it, it's reviled by many countries around the world. Check out wikipedia at min.

      And, all I'm trying to convey is we cannot have constructive conversations here if we keep getting waylaid by all these unnecessary race-baiting quips. You can easily show creativity and unique ideas in many other ways. Just a request, respectfully. Please don't mock my attempt to create some positive space at times.

    3. Fime we can't use the N word. so, i will replace every word i use that comtaims the letter N with the letter M.

    4. my like my coffee megro with beans from migeria. man this new "culture" is giving me a fuckin nigraime.

    5. Racist trolls like Etane should not taunt Asians here with the word "chink".

      It's EVIL.

    6. what else is a racist troll supposed to do but taunt asians here with the word "chink"?

      Oh, i know. no one here is as "chunky" as khuang!

    7. Etane, you just proved my point. In the last thread, you worked very hard to get a chance to type 'chink' many times. What drives you to make that choice, to make the choice to hurt people instead of affirm them? How many other identities do you have here on this blog? I am thinking more given some clues, but anyway, it's your choice what you do.

    8. There you go, before I can even respond, you got another chance to type that word.

    9. i didn't mean to hurt anyone.

      so why don't you finish your thought when you said you find via untrustworthy?

      you, on the other hand, hurt people intentionally.

    10. Since Etane calls Asians "chinks", he's therefore calling Jeremy Lin a "chink" too.

      Etane, what did you think when ESPN fired that writer for calling Lin a "chink"?

    11. i think you're actually that writer who wrote that article because you hate chinks.

    12. There goes Etane LYING again, trying to say that I'm the writer of that offensive ESPN article.

      The only thing Etane has been honest about is his openly stated RACISM against Asians. That's why he calls Jeremy Lin and other Asians all sorts of offensive terms.

      By the way Joeteam, I meant to write to you in the other posts that your talk about Lin "bridging" with Dwight Howard was causing Etane to become very hot and bothered and excited and giddy about his discussion of man on man romanticism. I wasn't saying that YOU were becoming that way.

    13. Actually, that is a lie Etane. I don't intentionally hurt people, but you do. I just try to express for the greater good, if I'm able to be on the mark.

      Nice try though. I never said via is untrustworthy. Quite the contrary is how I feel. She's loyal from what I've read. She also works hard to contribute, which everyone appreciates. However, we all do things to break one's trust in each other, and it could range from telling a confidence accidentally to forgetting to pay a $5 loan. Those are temporary breaks in trust that get repaired and actually strengthened over time between people in constructive relationships. If you don't understand timing of trust in relationships, then I understand why you need to bait to create contact. If you do, then you are making a choice and I wonder what you gain from it.

      That's one of your tools you like to use - you change a phrase or world someone uses, and because this place has no thread memory, you create false histories and then you build on it. Add to that your false screen names that you use to bait people and affirm your other identities, and finally, you tend to show obsequious support of other people after you attack people who call you on your baiting and indirect attacks ... that happens a lot when you and KHuang get into it.

    14. i said jeremy is a offensive player. what's wrong with that? only you would rather he not be an offensive player and instead be mchell's lackey bench player behind pbevv.

      there you go with my sexuality again. if you want me then say so. i think you know which truck stop restroom you can go to relieve yourself.

    15. jt: tldr, and you're the liar hahaha.

    16. Khuang, don't worry, I understood your intent. It's not that low, the way you 2 described it getting hot. It was the truth being gently revealed that was heating up the place. It got uncomfortable, so naturally it went to male insecurities. I don't even remember the context, but that's how I read it so it's ok for me when it's guy talk to try to process. No offense taken.

    17. Nice try, just because you say it or scream it, you are the liar and I am not. Keep saying it though, and keep typing in lies as you go and one day, you will win it all. Only, what will you have?

    18. quit sucking up to the forum and face it you're a bold face liar.

    19. yup that's what you are first and foremost, a suck up.

    20. if you like sucking so much, you can do khuang a service. he's hot and bothered at the moment and needs some sucking.

    21. you should take his chinky balls and suck it. his mandarin oranges are waiting for you to peel.

    22. Etane: Again, you are the liar with false screen names, the suckup with obsequious posts after you attack someone, and son on. Feel free to have the last work, be my guest.

    23. i love the image of two grown old asian men getting together shamelessly in secret closets to explore your male sensibilities. it's hot and liberating. perfect change for you to release all your want for sucking up.

    24. i don't want to be your guest. you'd make me pick you up at airport at ungodly hours for who knows what.

    25. You lie about others, Etane, but when it comes to sexuality and racism you definitely tell the truth about yourself.

      That you say that you "love the image" of guys "getting together in secret closets to explore their male sensitivities" is consistent with you constantly proclaiming your manlove for me. Unfortunately, you're not a heterosexual woman so your romantic advances won't work on me. How many times do I have to tell you that before you turn your unrequited affection to other male targets, Etane?

      Etane, I'm trying to HELP YOU even though I'm not the man of your dreams.

      My advice to you, Etane, is this: Find yourself a website where there are others that "love the image" of two men getting in a "closet" just like you. This Jeremy Lin website is a basketball site, not a gay bar for you to vent your frustrations.

      Etane, I appreciate you being openly honest about your preference for men. I don't have any problem with men who prefer other men. I suspect you've had some problems with Asian men in the past, and that's why you're venting your racial frustration here.

      I would suggest that if you like Asian men but are having trouble finding one to date, Etane, you should do an Internet search for sites that cater to men with your tastes.

    26. i am already at the right site with you and jt here keeping me thoroughly entertained for all the purposes you've stated.

    27. @KHuang~ cute. =P

      but seriously, i'm sure there's a middle ground here. Etane is NOT a racist. i can't believe we're back to this.

      no adult poster would allow himself to be cowed/ guilted/ shamed into behaving in a prescribed way by all the behavior-policing, so there'd naturally be pushback, and sometimes it's not pretty.

      [and to insinuate that he's against JLin...C'MON]

      so JT's idea of creating a positive space, it's a good idea. let it be positive AND free. :)

    28. *hides behind via*

      thanks mommy = P

    29. haha how cute you have to shake your head round and round to find me behind you.

    30. The problem I have with you, you try to be this moral authority here. Rikki realized that n word was not cool and as far as I know he erased the post and stopped using it after being called out.

      But even if he did still use it, I find it ludicrous that you think he has no right to use Lin's image as his avatar when it is clear that he is a fan. And ur reasoning is that he is not acting in Lin's image as if Lin is Jesus or something.

      All of us Lin fans are different. There are ones like me who often get abrasive, those who are delusional ( u know who u are), those who are informative, those who are prejudiced, those who are in realistically optimistic, etc. But most of us are Lin fans, that is why we are here, and noone has a moral authority to tell someone else u can't use Lin's image because he is acting like a shmuck.

      We are always have our disagreements. There will be infighting. But stick to the topic .. And not stupid things like needing to act like Lin because we are Lin fans.

    31. or using lin's image to further your own suck up agenda. rather pitiful.

    32. It's fun sometimes to disagree with others on this board. Even the back and forth between Solidz and Khuang is enjoyable to read sometimes because I respect the knowledge both of them have for the game and I respect their views. I also respect Etane's basketball knowledge and views as well and was actually surprised with his use of chink (even though I'm sure he is only joking).
      Having said that, let's all please stop using the N word and calling Asians chinks. I find it really offensive and I really feel like we are all better than that.
      Most importantly, there are a number of kids that are fans of Jlin and they all come on this site as well.

      As an Asian American myself, I hate the fact that Jeremy had to go through so much racism growing up and I hate the fact that he is growing through racism now. So let's not be hypocrites and let's not be racist ourselves.

    33. "It all has to do with power, and perceptions of power, in society. If social power is control over valuable resources, Galinsky argues, then self-labeling is the act of controlling words and their meaning. When black individuals use the derogatory group label nigger, or gay men and women adopt the stigmatizing term queer, it's a defiant action, an attempt to "capture" the label and deny it to others. The end result is to weaken the stigmatizing potency of the slurs."

    34. iow, use it or it will be used against u.

    35. It's unbelievable that people are DEFENDING Etane calling Asians "chinks" here.

      Etane is a RACIST TROLL who hates ALL the Asians here.

      It's pure utter evil, and there are a small cadre of totally misuigded Asians who think that calling other Asians "chinks" is FUNNY.

    36. Let's continue this racial warfare.

      So Etane, you've called Asians "chinks" and "chinkaholics" because you say they drink and eat too much, among other things.

      What else do you hate about Asians like me and Lin?

    37. And via, let's continue.

      Why do you think it's acceptable to call Lin and other Asians "chinks"?

      Etane calls Asians "chinks", and you DEFEND HIS RACIST LYING ASS.

      I'm curious to see why someone like you would defend a racist like Etane who openly calls YOU a "chink", via.

    38. don't be jealous that people here are defending me, khuang. jt has your back. jt always has your back. he covets them. he cups them. strokes them.

    39. and, if one were to do a word count, i am sure you typed the word "chink" more often than i have. keep it up. defuse the word by using it!

    40. I see you're enjoying your homoerotic fantasies, Etane.

      It's good to see that you have heeded my advice to come out of the closet and be your full gay self here. I was beginning to wonder how much fun you and k gunner gold were having hiding behind yourselves as you penetrated each other with more than just your crude clumsy wit.

      Now, back to this racism thing:

      Etane, what can you tell us about the Asians that you call "chinks" and why you wrote here that they're "embarrassing"?

      You've criticized them as being gamblers, druggies, alcoholics, and other toxic things.

      I'm interested to see what other racist hatred you have to add to the list.

    41. "I see you're enjoying your homoerotic fantasie."

      nuff said... HHAHAHAHAH

      no wonder you claimed i am caucasian and going on and on about race and chinks. you got some interracial fetish going on.

    42. @KHuang

      first off, he never called JLin "ch*nk", stop imprinting this association to the board.

      you know very well he kept using the word in an attempt to piss YOU off. sure, i wish he hadn't used that method. he was being juvenile, but he's NOT a racist, KHuang.

      you accused him of being a non-asian. SMH that's just a lie.

      you accused him of being gay [nntawwt]. you don't even understand how ludicrous that is.

      and he never called me a "ch*nk", KHuang. *sigh*

      and once again, you're referring to that old post [gamblers etc] where he's clearly exaggerating for effect. other posters can see this, but you CHOOSE to interpret it to fit your purposes. KHuang, c'mon...

    43. via mommy, khuang is bad man. he offered me candy if i "come out" and pose like a caucasian for him and told me not to tell anyone because it's our lil secret. beat him up, mommy!

    44. Aww, via, your favorite racist just called Asians like you and me "chinks" and "chinkaholics" and such racially inflammatory terms.

      Listen via. You and I just don't see eye to eye, OK. When a racist that hates Asians comes on this board and spews well over a year's worth of hate slurs at Asians, I am not like you who thinks that's FUNNY and gets angry when people denounce the racist for firing those slurs.

      I'm PROUD of being Asian, and no racist calls me "chink" and gets away with it. You don't like that, too bad for you.

    45. [this convo is surreal...]

      there you go again with the insinuations, KHuang. do you really have to stoop this low?

      "...I am not like you who thinks that's FUNNY..."

      - i don't think racial slurs are funny, don't imply that i do. however, i can look at things as a whole, unlike you extracting parts to twist things around.

      "and gets angry when people denounce the racist for firing those slurs."

      - i don't get angry at people denouncing racial slurs. altho you, sir, are not so much denouncing racial slur but gleefully provoking people to act out against you, so you can use their reactions to you against them.

      "I'm PROUD of being Asian, and no racist calls me "chink" and gets away with it. You don't like that, too bad for you."

      - please don't make it seem like you're this righteous hero vs The Evil Racists. you've dishonorably tried every dirty trick to sully my reputation on this board with your passive-aggressive insinuations. your actions cannot help but reveal your true character.

    46. khuang, a year's worth of hate? then how come you only refer back to that same ole post i made about a year ago? you MUST have more material to go on if that's what you refer to as a whole YEARS worth of hate.

      and i doubt you're proud to be asian. other asians to you are only fodder to be used for your self interest. you're a self loathing asian.

    47. You've sullied your OWN character, via.

      Keep on defending Etane calling Asians "chinks", via, just like you've done here.

      Now my question for you is this: Why is OK for Etane to use the word "chinks" to disparage Asians but not OK for ESPN to do the same exact thing?

    48. Etane, you've been lying your ass off about being Asian.

      You're trying to pass yourself off as a self hating Asian in order to flame the other Asians on this board. That won't work with me.

      What ethnicity are you really, and what is your real agenda against Asians? Are you a KKK member or white supremacist or someone of that ilk?

    49. And Etane, stop LYING about me claiming you were Caucasian.

      You've lied your ass off about all sorts of things, and I've come to expect that of you.

      Really, Etane. Answer me with one of those hate filled flame "jokes" in which you tell me how you really are. What's your ethnicity, and are you a sympathizer of KKK or some other anti Asian hate group?

    50. what are you talkin about? i am 100% pure wholesome real deal chink.

      you on the other hand, some artificially made defect wannabe asian who has no roots neither here in the states or anywhere else.

      i know your kind. you loathe people who are secure about themselves and their race. that's why you're a race baiter. that's why you keep claiming you're such a victim.

      trust me, whatever racial hate your suffered was purely self inflicted. everyone hates you not because you're asian but because you are the way you are.

    51. Ah, now we're getting somewhere.

      Etane, why don't you explain what an "artifically made defect wannabe Asian" is all about?

      Are you talking specifically about Asian Americans born in this country, or are you talking about Asian immigrants who were naturalized in America? You lead me to believe that you are talking specifically about Asian Americans born in this country that you call "defect wannabe Asians".

      Also, you calling youself a "chink" confirms my suspicions of you as either lying about your race or you being such a SELF HATER that you loathe being Asian like me. No Asian in his right mind calls himself a "chink", not after horrible race events like Private Danny Chan or the anti Asian Denny's beating events took place because of that racial slur being hurled at Asians.

      So Etane, tell us more about these "defect Asians with no roots". Why do you detest these folks so much?

    52. "You've sullied your OWN character, via."
      - i have a clear conscience. you, however, have revealed a ton about how devious you operate, making insinuations, twisting people's words, trying to manipulate the board to fight your fights by demonizing and labeling your opponents all sorts of bad names.

      "Keep on defending Etane calling Asians "chinks"
      - i never said he didn't use the word. i'm saying he's NOT a racist. you have a personal problem with him that you want to turn into a racial thing. it's despicable how you think it fit to use our people's struggles, this board, JLin to further your own self-interest in this.

      you KNOW Etane was being juvenile in repeating that word, just so you cannot have the satisfaction of shutting him up, the way you try to shut up other posters here with your endless insinuations. YOU KNOW THIS, and you even continue to provoke him.

      don't think the board can't see through you.

      i have no reason to wade into this, but for pointing out the misrepresentation that i see being committed. and of course you can't help but seize every opportunity to discredit my words to the board. pesky little via with her direct quotes, and her links/ evidences, must make her words not count...

    53. Your imagination is just as good as Etane's, via.

      If you look on this board, you'll see that I've not criticized "every opportunity" whenever you've done your self described "pesky" posts. So like I've told you repeatedly before, via, STOP LYING.

      And if you want to COVER UP for Etane's racism by insisting that he's "not a racist", GO AHEAD. You think it's "juvenile" and not racist, you do that. He's laughing right at you, a "chink" as he would call you and other Asians here.

      via, you judge me negatively. I judge you MORE negatively than you judge me, you racist protector.

    54. KHuang, I DO NOT LIE LIKE YOU SHAMELESSLY DO, OVER AND OVER. you take every opportunity to make personal attacks on me whenever i point out the inaccuracies in your claims.

      sure, brand me with another label for you to use, repeat and try to imprint on this board:
      - via The Troll who's instigating a racial war.
      - via The Racist Protector.
      more to come, i'm sure...

    55. yup the defect that i was referring, khuang, is your constant agitation based on social issues to try to turn the crowd against whoever you perceive to be your enemy.

      YOUR defect is not in that yo're an immigrant or naturalized or born here. YOUR DEFECT is on how you have chosen to cope with your environment which is by lying and agitating not to mention character assassinating.

      your crude method is your failure in life, why you are defective.

    56. Your defect, Etane, is that you're a RACIST SOCIOPATH who hates ALL Asians and LIES HIS ASS OFF.

      You came onto this site to stir up anti Asian hatred by calling Asians like me all manner of toxic names.

      The problem is that when you flame Asians, I and others fight back against you and ruin your openly racist agenda. That's why you hate me and the other Asians that you call "artifically made wannabe defect Asians".

      The enemy you talk about, Etane? It's YOU, the ultimate Asian hating racist troll masquerading as a Lin fan on a Lin board.

    57. no you're the defect, khuang.

    58. here's a response to your next 10 posts since you have nothing original to say:

      no you're the defect, khuang.

    59. Actually, let's talk about this thing about "artificially made defect Asians" that you invented, Etane.

      As you've stereotyped me into that group, I now want to know what is your basis of racial animosity against the members of that specific group you're criticizing.

      I can go by your past characterizations of those people as "chinks" and "druggies", but you should explain why you feel that that specific group of Asians is so "offensive to you" (your own words).

    60. khuang, i have no idea what you just said/asked.

      can you make it understandable to people who read English?

    61. btw, combining three unoriginal thoughts doesn't make a single original one. and, you have to be tactful enough to make it understandable to the reader or you just end up sounding like an idiot.

    62. U guys are all crazy. Yup it's me calling y'all crazy.

    63. Your clumsy dodging of my queation shows me that you're not just a racist, Etane, but also a COWARD.

      You're just chickenshit scared of explaining your own quote about "defect Asians", racist.

      You checkmated YOURSELF, troll.

    64. bipolar means you're only crazy half the time. khuang is full tilt crazy. i am just looney.

    65. khuang, why don't you give it a second effort and try to form a question that people here can understand.

      and, why are you going about asking me about "defect asian"? just look in the mirror.

    66. Because you used the term "defect Asian", troll.

      So what do you mean by "defect Asian", Etane?

      Do they have "chinky eyes" like you said that I have in the below post, racist?

    67. Khuang I can't believe I said chinky eyes. What's next n lips?! Wow u mad racist bro

    68. khuang. definition for "defect asian" is 遠在天邊 近在眼前. just look in the mirror, foo. it's written all over your face.

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    1. 50 links in half an hour?

    2. did you outsource a room full of data analysts in india to collect all the data and put it into html link format for you to rapid fire all these links in sync?

    3. you've found me out...

    4. i found you? well there u r. = P

    5. she THE Champ! nobody come close her! :)

    6. Olajuwon charges like 250k for hid summer sessions. The rox are going to have to pay a lot of money to make him walk away from that.

      Not sure if I see the results. They were saying how Lebron still looked uncomfortable posting up.

      But clearly they are doing this for Dwight. They are trying everything to help him succeed... A clear contrast to how they have treated Jeremy thus far.

    7. I just do not think Hakeen can teach those, I mean footworks are not difficult in terms of understanding it. It just need time to actually do it to perfect it. Hakeen is good because he can do those simple footworks very very very fast....

    8. probably need lots of reps to internalise that dream shake like footwork.

      and it seems to me that the Dream was able to do his shake was because defenders would actually bite on those turn around jumper fakes. after all, Hakeem could actually make those turn around jumpers and hook shots.

      with guy like Howard, he can try to pivot away and then towards, but i don't see guys biting on the initial pivot.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks for all links, news, vds...etc.

    2. i'm just trying to up the # of posts, Brent, don't tell anyone... =P [yw]

    3. this guy cant shoot threes!!?? truly confuzzled

    4. his age is closer to mchell's than the rest of the team's.

    5. For the past decade, seems like most championship teams are not really dominate by their PG. Maybe PG is not really important in today's playoff game. Mario Chalmers is a good example. Rox probably just need a guy who can handle the ball, shoot 3s and defend perimeter. Offensive skills are not really required.

      Somehow, the 3 things listed above are considered as the weaknesses of Lin. No wonder McHale and Morey love PB so much.

    6. aging for sure. and four teams are interested? maybe its the veteran leadership for cheap.

      he does appear to be a good passer. so i guess he would be good for feeding the post. (had him on fantasy team last year for a stretch, not bad assists numbers considering limited minutes, but his shooting percentage was killing the team.

      if this is true, rox may be demanding moving away from heavy three ball focus. offense should look quite different this season.

    7. well, some stats that stood out during the past few days of Howard's coverage is Houston has the lowest number of points from post ups. so, morey is trying to fix that with Tinsley I suppose.

      yah, agree on the vet leadership for cheap too.

    8. @Brent

      The three skills are probably core skills which contenders want out of their PGs. Which is why I'm surprised with the alleged interest in Tinsely by Rox.

    9. @etane

      so a possible move may motivated by the view that Lin cannot feed the post properly... I remember Tyson Chandler kinda citing that as one reason for Knicks deciding to let Lin go. if that were the reasoning, it would another wtf moment.

      hey, it may work out for the rox if they want a feed the ball and get out of the way pg. still, what about the three ball when Howard throws the ball out.

    10. They just want a veteran backup, which one could argue was needed last year. The guy scores like 3 ppg and is 35 with an injury history. Plus he had only 1 NBA season where he scored more than 11 ppg and that was years ago. If anyone is threatened by this move it should probably be Beverly. That is, unless they are going to let Canaan spend a year in D-League.

    11. wilc, did tyson say that AFTER lin was "let go"? I think tyson said a lot of pro-knicks things after lin signed with Houston.

      tyson's fg% with lin feeding him is how much higher than without lin feeding him? hehe...

    12. @unknown

      strange thing is the things that rox like about pbev, none of those tinsley brings. so another possibility is to play tinsley and pbev at critical junctures. one provides the d, and the other controls the flow of the game.

    13. yah sounds like pro-knick talk. probably talking up jason kidd and baron davis and maybe even felton to do damage control on how nyk didn't match though they said they will match any offer up to $1B.

    14. @wilc:

      "so another possibility is to play tinsley and pbev at critical junctures. one provides the d, and the other controls the flow of the game."

      Yeah, sure, if they want to lose. Tinsley can't score, and with his age and injury history he can't defend. Patrick Beverly is basically a small forward in a 6'1" body. I would actually rather have an undersized SF as my backup point guard than a backup SG (which is why I prefer Beverley to Toney Douglas), but it really is best to have a PG as your backup PG. And that is what Jamaal Tinsley is. An actual backup PG who can give you 7-8 minutes a game.

    15. @unknown

      so Tinsley may be wanted be to play ahead of pbev, but not on the floor with pbev at the same time.

      it may work out this way: when jlin needs rest, put pbev out there when they are down and need defensive stops. but if they are up, have tinsley slow the game down and protect the lead.

      its interest to describe pbev as a sf. why do you say that?

  9. really tired of those Howard praising news, google Jeremy Lin, those also appear. Very easy to put out empty promises, most people have short memories.

    1. all hype about how he will improve jeremy's game. it's the other way around. it's howard's career that will be turned around with jeremy's easy bucket dishes to howard.

    2. Curious, what empty promises are you referring to?

    3. Both Jeremy's and Howard's game will improve by playing together. "jeremy's easy bucket dishes to howard" result in assists for jeremy. Those assists didn't happen with Asik.

    4. then you missed the whole point to my post.

  10. Replies
    1. Is he circling around the whole State of Cali? lol

    2. going to all the schools that didn't draft him.

    3. USC and UCLA are only 12 miles away from each other. A lot of professional players have pickup games in the UCLA campus. Some time, they will have a pickup "organized" games between UCLA players and pro players.

      That is why Jeremy is in the UCLA campus. I occasionally see Kobe, Mat Barnes (a UCLA grad) the gym to play games.

    4. Thanks, I never been in Cali except LAX Have no idea where those schools are at....

    5. He's going to Berkeley and Stanford next to show case his brand of basketball and saying "neeners should coulda" to the head coaches.

    6. And since you call Lin a "chink", Etane, do you believe that those coaches were correct in rejecting Lin because he's an Asian "chinkaholic" like you called him?

      Explain how the racism of the college coaches was APPROPRIATE in kicking out Lin who you labeled as an "gambler", Etane.

    7. those coaches probably were prejudice against jlin because they saw what an ass you are and thought all asians are as much as an ass as you.

    8. I see.

      So you AGREE that those coaches treated Lin the way they treat all Asians - with "prejudice".

      I think you really sum up the anti Asian racist views of Lin haters, Etane. You, like those coaches, denouce ALL Asians as "druggies" and "alcoholics" and "gamblers" while calling them "chinks" and "chinkaholics". That you see Lin as a "chink" is no surprise given how racist you are.

      So Etane, my question to you now is this: Given that you feel that Lin didn't deserve to play in college basketball because of his race, do you feel that he should be kicked out of the NBA because he's a "chink" that doesn't even deserve to play college basketball let alone pro basketball?

    9. yup i denounce all asian druggies and alcoholics and gamblers. you, on the other hand, prefer asians to be druggies, alcoholics and gamblers.

    10. I'm not done with you, racist.

      Why do you hate Asians so much, particularly Lin fans?

      Does it provide some sort of sick racist sport for you to come here and hurl racial slurs at Lin and other Asian members, Etane?

      You've already come out of the closet about being a gay man, Etane. How about you pull off your KKK hoodie and just openly admit that you HATE Asians, Etane?

    11. And Etane, so you do feel that Lin doesn't deserve to play college basketball and NBA ball because of his race?

      I'm taking your "yup" to be a "yes".

    12. you can say all you want about what you interpret as yes. just like when you're in the closet with jt, no to you means yes.

    13. i know you're not done with me until you're done with yourself hahahaha!

    14. Etane, Etane.

      Don't you know that "no means no" whether it's said by women or men?

      Since you've told me that I'm to interpret you as saying "yes" to your belief that Lin doesn't belong in the NBA because of his race, I have more questions for you.

      Etane, what specifically is it about the Asian genetic that you dislike so much in Lin's game?

    15. "Don't you know that "no means no" whether it's said by women or men?

      I'm sure you hear this a lot. Khuang. Lol

      Sorry to interject. Don't mind me. Carry on.

    16. Actually, I say it a lot to guys like Etane and you, Solidz75.

      Neither you nor Etane are my type, Solidz75. Now don't get any misguided fantasies about how my "no means yes" either, Solidz75

      You and Etane, carry on doing whatever you enjoy doing to each other.

    17. solidz and i were talking shit about you. lol

      "I'm to interpret you as saying "yes""

      YOU SEE YOU DO INTERPRET EVERYTHING AS YES!! Take a chill pill old man!

    18. You and Solidz75 should get together in an airport bathroom just like you suggested, Etane.

      I'm sure you'll enjoy getting behind each other, as you've so gleefully stated that you enjoy doing.

      Like I keep telling you, Etane, your sexual interest in me is not going to cause me to fall for you. I'm not even flattered by your romantic interest.

    19. lol can you be any more less original? stop projecting your relationship with JT onto me and solidz. at least come up with your own shit and not co-opt my material.

    20. running on fumes, khuang? repeat the same crap you've been talking about for the last year. even the basketball stuff you talk about is only rewording of what i said in the past. simply, you go no game.

    21. Hey, YOU'RE the one that fires an unending stream of anti Asian hate against Lin and the Asians on this board.

      I don't have to make anything up because you provide all the racial slurs and sexual innuendo.

      My imagination is not as creative as yours when it comes to firing hate slurs against Asians, Etane.

    22. "fires an unending stream of anti Asian hate"

      stop projecting you evil fascist. that's you not me.

      "My imagination is not as creative as yours when it comes to firing hate slurs against Asians, Etane."

      you're imagination is just weak sauce, period.

    23. I agree that my imagination is weak compared to yours, racist.

      You're the one who somehow invented that thing about Hitler out of thin air.

      Now that you're openly out of the closet and are being true to yourself, Etane, I bid you welcome to this board in your new self. I look forward to seeing what other anti Asian stuff your fertile imagination can come up with.

    24. lol you brought up hitler not me. your imagination is improving tho. making shit up out of no where. commendable! now if you can only focus your hate into something productive like use it to make stinky tofu.

      and stop bidding me welcome to your personal desert queen world. i am staying somewhere slightly less gay, California.

    25. What has Etane said specifically which evidence that he is a racist? I always read his stuff as indicating his support for Lin as a basketball player.

    26. Khuang I didn't mean to interject but I couldn't help myself. Having said that, u need to embrace that "no mean no" logic yourself - and I'm not talking about u trying to PLOW yourself into your Jeremy Lin doll against its wishes.

      When Jeremy says no I'm not a good jump- shooter. He means no he is not a good jump shooter. No mean no okay?! Alright carry on.

    27. The stats that you disregard show that Lin has been an EXCELLENT shooter when he's not injured, Solidz75.

      Solidz75, what's this bit about a Jeremy Lin blow up doll? My imagination, unlike yours, does not conjure up such things. Did you conspire with Etane to invent such an object of your fantasies?

      Etane, your LYING is deceiving even yourself.

      7/14, 5:53 pm"
      "I too think Jeremy ball is best. Hitler is bad too. Pretty sure khuang dun care cuz hitler was racist against Jew not chink born in USA."

    28. eb5attorney, go ask Etane.

      He's the one who said that the college coaches probably rejected Lin because he was a "chink".

      You want answers, go to THE SOURCE in Etane.

    29. source = etane.

      khuang = hitler?

      lol i love math.

    30. Your math is so bad, Etane, that it's unbecoming of an Asian - or any other race for that matter.

      And no, I'm not going to accede to your lovesick request that we meet in Phoenix.

      You also should understand that just because you think you live in the "less gay" state of California that you can't escape your own inner preference for men, Etane. If you notice, I'm NOT criticizing you for your innate preferences of partners. At least on this site, you can be yourself and not have to live a double life on two different screen personas to hide your secret mancrushing self from others here.

    31. are you saying arizona is more gay than california?

      i am sure we have more openly gays here in california. but, i am sure you are intimately closeer to az gay population to know it is actually more gay than california.

    32. Once again, you talk about both sides of your mouth.

      In one sentence, you say that California has less gays and then in another sentence you say that California has more.

      You need to come out of the closet, Etane. Your sexual self frustration is making a mess out of you. You will find yourself not so angry, especially at Asian males that have probably rejected your sexual advances just as I have.

      I should send you a BILL for all the therapy I've given you.

    33. lol california is not less gay than arizona but it IS less gay than the immediate proximity where you are at.

      i am only as sexually frustrated as you are of being asian. you know you are totally unconformtable with your yellow skin that's why you worship pasty white basketball players.

      and, i know you like to bill people by asking them to get on your couch even when they say no.

    34. I'm totally comfortable and proud of my Asian skin, just as you're proud of your attraction to men Etane.

      You're out of the closet on this site, and that's an excellent start. I don't know how you're going to do that in real life.

      If you ever want a new start in life for whatever reason, Etane, I strongly urge you to apply for a job at Papa John's in Harlem NY. I posted a very helpful link to an article describing how a guy like you would fit in whenever you see an Asian with the "chinky eyes" you wrote about here.

    35. lol no wonder you wishing i am caucasian. you're so proud of your mix ethnicity dating history that you wish you could date me then you can come back to this forum and show off your eharmony resume.

  11. ESPN Insider: Summer's most improved rosters
    Los Angeles Clippers solidify their standing among NBA's elite teams
    Updated: July 15, 2013, 1:08 PM ET
    By Amin Elhassan | ESPN Insider

    It's mid-July, and most of the league is convening for the Las Vegas Summer League. Teams all over the league have altered their destinies with a variety of blockbuster transactions from draft picks to trades and, of course, free-agent signings -- 25 of the top 30 free agentsare off the board. While there are still free agents to be signed and trades to be made, most of the roster overhauling has already occurred, as the league prepares to enter its unofficial "slow" period, the six-week stretch between the end of summer league and the beginning of informal team pickup games that usually commence after Labor Day. Here's an evaluation and rank of the five most improved teams this summer and why.

    1. Los Angeles Clippers

    Re-signing Chris Paul: Putting the Clippers in first place was actually an easy decision. Of all the teams with successful offseasons, the Clippers risked losing the most. Re-signing Paul, the No. 2 free agent on my Big Board, was the difference between solidifying the Clippers -- long thought of as L.A.'s "other" team -- as a winner or going back to the Dark Ages. By keeping Paul in the fold, the Clippers gained the credibility needed to pursue other free agents (both now and in the future) without having to overpay for their services.

    New coaching staff: Of course, keeping Paul was an easy task after the Clippers managed to acquire former Celtics head coach Doc Rivers. Rivers brings a championship pedigree (whether that pedigree is real or imagined is beside the point). He brings the credibility of having been to the mountaintop, giving his words more weight in the locker room. Also, signing former Phoenix Suns head coach Alvin Gentry as associate head coach brings much-needed creativity to the Clippers' offense.

    Signing J.J. Redick and trading for Jared Dudley: By adding Redick and Dudley, the Clippers added two bona fide sharpshooters, providing much-needed spacing for Paul andBlake Griffin to operate in pick-and-roll situations; they will allow Griffin to post up with more breathing room. Additionally, both Redick and Dudley are consummate professionals and high basketball IQ players on both ends of the court.

    Re-signing Matt Barnes: Barnes was a major component of the Clippers' success, bringing toughness and defensive intensity. Re-signing him maintains some continuity, and his defensive versatility was invaluable. He guarded 2s, 3s and even some 4s.

    1. 2. Houston Rockets

      Signing Dwight Howard: Years of hoarding assets and careful cap management finally provided Houston the opportunity to add their bona fide superstar in Howard, who will team with rising superstar James Harden to form a devastating inside-outside combination. Reportedly, one of Howard's issues with the Los Angeles Lakers was head coach Mike D'Antoni's pick-and-roll heavy offense. Luckily for the Rockets, Howard apparently didn't subscribe to NBA League Pass last year, which indicated that Houston ran a ton of pick-and-rolls, including many borrowed sets from D'Antoni's playbook. (And despite Howard's protests, he was successful at it.) His fit in Houston is nigh perfect, which bodes well forKevin McHale.

      The Rockets added Dwight Howard while retaining their best assets.
      Not giving up core assets: Sometimes the best deals are the ones that aren't made. Houston was able to acquire a franchise-caliber player in Howard without divesting any of their other tantalizing young assets -- Harden, small forward Chandler Parsons or centerOmer Asik. This makes them a deeper team for now, but the true value is in the Rockets' ability to shop these players -- if needed -- in separate deals to bring back more assets.

      Re-signing Francisco Garcia: Although Houston fell in six games, Garcia proved his value (not bad for a trade-deadline acquisition) as a 3-point shooter (38.6 3P% in regular season, 45.9 3P% in playoffs) with enough length and quickness to cover Kevin Durant.

      Trading Royce White: In the ultimate "addition-by-subtraction" move, the Rockets were able to dump White onto the Philadelphia 76ers. It comes at a hefty price -- cash to pay for his deal, plus the rights to promising young Turkish prospect Furkan Aldemir. But it was a necessary move to clear the locker room of any lingering negativity.

      3. Golden State Warriors

      Signing Andre Iguodala: Golden State added the No. 5 free agent on my Big Board at a great value without giving up a major asset to acquire him and moved roughly $24 million in salaries (representing less than 1,100 minutes in combined court time). In the process, they went from sitting on the tax threshold to having the cap space to sign Iguodala outright. Convincing Denver to agree to a sign-and-trade allowed the Warriors to retain the use of their salary cap exceptions.

      Raised profile by entering Howard sweepstakes: The Warriors were the only over-the-cap team (other than the Lakers) who were named as legitimate contenders for Howard, and by all accounts, they wowed him in their presentation (especially head coach Mark Jackson). They wisely bowed out early, which allowed them to snag Iguodala, but there was substantial value in establishing themselves as a desirable free-agent destination -- value they hope to capitalize on next summer when they'll have significant cap space. However, health still will determine their ultimate success this season.

    2. Solidified bench: Golden State added three value-deal veterans -- backup point guardToney Douglas, an excellent one-on-one and team defender and 3-point shooter; backup F/C Marreese Speights, a skilled inside-outside offensive player; and backup C Jermaine O'Neal, who brings 17 years of experience and was rejuvenated in Phoenix. Speights' deal was the highest AAV at $3.7 million per year, once again representing great value. Conversely, by relinquishing overpaid bench players like Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry, the Warriors were able to add an Olympian and three solid vets to boot. Moreover, they avoided being tied up long term by paying two easily replaceable talents in Landry and Jack.

      4. Brooklyn Nets

      Traded for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry: Presently, this was a terrific deal for the Nets. They dumped an ugly contract in Gerald Wallaceand a bunch of filler and got three, championship-proven vets who will rapidly advance the culture of the Nets' locker room. It cost three future first-round picks (two of which are completely unprotected) and a right to swap picks, but it's a price future generations will have to bear.

      Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce bring veteran leadership to the Nets.
      Signing Andrei Kirilenko: This was one of the best free-agent signings of the summer. Brooklyn added an elite, versatile defensive player in Kirilenko, who can also serve as a big playmaker and ballhandler at a fraction of what his market value was. When other teams are calling a transaction "unfair," there's a good chance you're doing something right.

      Re-signing Andray Blatche: I called Blatche one of my five best value dealsearlier last season, and the Nets managed to retain him without committing a common mistake teams make: overpaying someone who was once on a value deal.

      Drafting Mason Plumlee: The Nets' roster is starved for young talent and trading away a bevy of picks will make it difficult to restock. Plumlee gives them a solid piece to look forward to, as an athletic F/C who rebounds well and can be a finishing threat out of the pick-and-roll.

      5. Cleveland Cavaliers

      Signing Andrew Bynum: If Cleveland is going to go from the lottery to the playoffs, it will be based on the health and performance of the fourth-best free agent on my Big Board. It is easy to forget that, a year ago, the general consensus was that Bynum would sign a max extension upon arriving in Philadelphia. To sign him to a two-year, $24 million deal with a team option on the second year and just $6 million guaranteed in the first year is nothing short of a home run. But the Cavs will gladly turn in the cost savings in favor of Bynum actually playing. Health will be key for both Bynum and Kyrie Irving.

      Drafting Anthony Bennett and Sergey Karasev: It almost seems unfair that Cleveland should draw the No. 1 overall pick a mere two seasons after drafting Irving first overall. While Bennett is currently injured, he brings a lot upside as an inside-outside frontcourt threat. Bennett might also allow Cleveland to pursue trades for Tristan Thompson. Karasev also was an excellent selection. A 6-foot-7 wing with deep range and good feel, Karasev has the potential to fill the hole the Cavs have at small forward, providing Irving with another spacer on the floor.

      Signing Jarrett Jack: While paying $6.25 million per year for a backup point guard is a little steep for my taste (I had Jack valued at $4.5 million per year), it is a luxury Cleveland can afford. Irving has missed an average of 19 games per year so far in his career, and Jack not only gives them an insurance policy should he go down, but also a means to reduce the wear and tear on the All-Star guard by shortening his minutes. The Cavs may come to rue that deal in the future, but for now, it is a solid enhancement of their bench. [Solo/ hupu]

    3. Not a single peep about Lin. This is how far Lin's stock has fallen. Thanks morey.

    4. I'm not sure that Lin's stock has "fallen", given that nobody in the entire NBA other than his Houston Rockets even bothered offering him a contract.

      Personally, I think Lin never had any "stock" to begin with in the eyes of misguided NBA personnel who STILL believe that Lin can't play in the NBA.

    5. maybe in your chinky eyes, khuang, that jeremy never had any stock to begin with.

    6. And maybe not, Etane.

      Explain what you mean by "chinky eyes", racist.

    7. That whole argument about nobody but Houston offered him a contact is sooooo misunderstood.

      Toronto and Mavs were interested but a formal offer was never made because this douche bag of morey gave him the effing poison pill. And it was made to believe that the knicks would match. it's like an auction. U want an item but when the price gets too high, do u waste time bidding?

      Houston sure acted like they wanted him. But we now know it was a ploy. They did much to damage his career. If Lin had stayed on as a knick and given the role Felton was given this year, we'd be talking about how Lin makes Knicks a NBA contender right now.

    8. khuang, what is there to explain? are you saying you DO NOT have chinky eyes? did you have cosmetic surgery to make yourself look more caucasian because you are not comfortable with looking asian?

    9. Once again, racist, you taunt people with hateful speech like "chinky eyes".

      This is why we fight. You as a nonAsian are doing everything you can to flame Asians using the most disgusting racial epithets you can think of.

      Why don't you describe the look of these "chinky eyes", racist? And why don't you describe the racial animosity you feel when you see somebody with what you call "chinky eyes"?

      Etane, you as an Asian hating racist should work for Papa John's pizza. Send your "chinky eyes" racial slurs to Papa John's as a RESUME:

    10. lol i am the shift manager at the said papa john restaurant. i fired the foo for typing that out on the receipt.

      unlike you, i don't try to hide behind other people or corporations when i call people chinky eyes.

      you, on the other hand, constantly try to agitate people into fighting FOR you. how well has that gone for you thus far? you got... ZERO people supporting you?

      if your eyes can't see how high jeremy's stock was last year, then, for sure there's something wrong with your eyes. it's probably not just chinky. it's positively blind.

    11. Oh Etane, are you that racist "Jerome" from that article then?

      Given how much you've lied about yourself and others here, I don't believe anything you write about who you are.

      You're talking out of both sides of your mouth again, first in one sentence saying that Lin should've been rejected in college for being an "ass" in the eyes of the college coaches and then talking trash about Lin's high stock that was high in the eyes of one single team (YOUR Rockets) that actually offered him a genuine contract.

      Maybe you should resurrect your "k gunner gold owns me" personality, even though you've already solved your closet gay issues on this board.

  12. Replies
    1. Rockets with Howard will be "less fluid".

    2. 2nd top scoring offense due to speed...

  13. JLinFan#1, thank you for providing this site as a forum for supporters of Jeremy to express our thoughts and opinions. I know you tend to take a hands off approach to this site and allow people to post whatever they want, but recently a few extremists have hijacked this site and filled it will profanity, hate speech, and downright rudeness. This type of behavior does not reflect the values that Jeremy holds on to and I now no longer allow my son to visit this site. I know you are a busy person and do not have the time to moderate every post, but you may have to warn people to clean up their act or they will be banned. Thanks again for your site, I've been reading and posting to this site even before Linsanity.

    1. Man, stop tattle tailing like a little biatch cause u can't handle your own argument. And. why would u let your son on this site. Why kinda irresponsible adult are u?

    2. maybe you can teach your son to come here and learn how NOT to act.