Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Motivation for JLin

Rockets taking a point guard in the 2nd round reminds me of the Warriors taking Charles Jenkins in the 2nd a few years back. It's just more motivation for JLin. I bet none of the Rockets brass saw any of this:


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  2. Hey, I welcome Lin being traded. He needs to get out of a bad situation where he's not even allowed to play his position. What did Nash put up in LA in the same role? 12/7 with no D.

    If he stays...he'll find a way to win games as always. If he goes...his contract ensures at least a Jarrett Jack 6th-man type role. Which means he'll put up great stats AND win games.

    1. For the record, I don't think Caanan has much to do with Lin. He's arguably the best player left at 34 (I would have chosen him or Muscala) and a JJ Barea-type backup.

      The reason I suspect a possible Lin trade is because Thomas Robinson wasn't traded like people have been saying all week.

      So either Dwight ain't coming...or Rockets will unload someone else. And Dwight wants Asik to stay to take the heavy-workload off him.

    2. Caanan could very well be just the 3rd point guard on the roster, just like Machado was last year. He's just a cheap prospect that ensures the Rockets don't spend more than they should so they can offer everything else to Dwight.

    3. U don't know. First time I heard on NBA "insider" bringing up Lin in trade talks.

      The pg position for rox is dispensable I just don't see rox getting value out of Lin withthe role he is asked to play on the team. Lin will be traded one way or another. Just matter of time.

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  3. Thomas Robinson was not traded for a pick as expected. Lin could be moved.

  4. Can someone tell me if the lakers picked seth curry? I found on wikipedia and it's written selected by the lakers... Can someone confirm this?

    1. A simple google search should help.

    2. Tried but didn't find answer :D

    3. The Lakers picked Duke big man - Ryan Kelly. Not Seth Curry, who went undrafted.

    4. Poor seth... He's really a good player, he's gonna prove his doubters wrong

  5. I hope this was a wake up call for Lin. I think he is too loyal and rusting to a fault.

    He needs to know that the Rox will try to move him. Wouldn't be surprised rox getting yet another pg is a preparation for the inevitable.

    He needs to look out for himself.

    My feeling is rox shot themselves in the foot bringing his value down last season. With so many competent pg out there, noone wants to overpay especially the 15 mil in two years.

    I anticipate that the Rox will try to get Lin's value up and then trade him before the Feb eadline unless they find a suitor for him this off season.

    1. Jeremy already opened his eyes since new york days. He said that. We'll see what happens now

    2. But it is always tough to go thru it. I mean did u see how emotionsl he got when ppat and markus were traded?

      Lin is a loyal guy. He said how happy he was establishing himself in Houston despite it all, and how much he hates changing teams.

      He's been rejected many times - it's gotta hurt every time it happens. Ask your buddy, Khuang, he will tell u.

    3. Of course it's tough.... Anyway, why so much hate on khuang? What he did to you? Why you keep trash talking him like reggie miller to john starks ? :D

    4. Solidz, there's no such thing as too loyal when it comes to a teammate or friend. As to trusting to a fault, I think you might be looking at it too simplistically.

      Try this one on: game theory says the winning strategy is to trust and cooperate first, then tit-for-tat. Over the long run, this strategy wins.

      So, for a 24 yr old, it's a good idea to trust and cooperate first. That opens up the world of possibilities for high growth, and gives the young person a chance to learn from winning (and losing too). Lin doesn't have as much to lose right now, so why not try to be open so later, when the stakes are higher, he can discriminate?

      So, he trusted GSW, then didn't have anyone to trust. Then he went with Linsanity and you could see he was fighting the hype and still being open/honest. NY attempted to nail him on contract stuff, and his management team caused him to play tit-for-tat and so, he got HOU. Pretty good, I'd day, and NY lost out - ask any real Knicks fan.

      I don't think he's overly trusting at HOU - he's just playing an ever evolving tit-for-tat on that because McHale and others kept changing their trust and reliance in him all season.

      The biggest challenge I've found is to pick how many strikes are enough to stop cooperating and go tit-for-tat. Is it 1 or 5? Sometimes with some people, it is 1. Sometimes, you only get one chance, like if you were being robbed. Do you cooperate, run, or fight? And it isn't 10 strikes, that's for sure, else you get dysfunctional systems.

    5. Thanks Michael Terry:

      I should have said game theory says you only cooperate once, then tit-for-tat. I've found people are not so conscious so once is a bit harsh. Sometimes, you have to give them 5 strikes. When I was younger, I gave people more than 10. My boss, a very wise Chinese boss who make it as a Tech Exec, asked me how about the batting average of a major league baseball player with 2 strikes. I guessed over 500, and he said it was something like 100-150. I never forgot that lesson, but I've found it's very hard to keep people to 2 strikes and be in positive drive with them.

      Maybe this can help some of you ... can you hold people to 2 strikes and get max output from your teams? If you can, teach me how as every extra strike costs everyone a lot of time and effort.

    6. Didn't see this earlier. Very nice post JoeTeam.

    7. your strike zone widens with 2 strikes.

      your previous post is very good indeed. very consistent with your previous post that you judge friend based on whether they would pick your ass up from airport.

    8. JoeTeam, there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to game theory. I think you might be looking at it too simplistically.

      While not invincible, Tit-for-Tat is a great strategy (my favorite, and not just because of its name) for the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma. I fail to see how any of your examples are an IPD. The decision to cooperate/defect is between two prisoners; when you are applying this to Lin and his teams, seems to me you are changing the game and making the interaction between prisoner/policeman. You could come up with a new game, of course, but the parameters (max/min) would change and TFT is no longer applicable. Save for a precious few (and even that's debatable), the basketball player is always in a dominated position vs the team.

      Your overall message with regards to TFT is well taken; however, you lose me here:

      "Lin doesn't have as much to lose right now, so why not try to be open so later, when the stakes are higher, he can discriminate?"

      Are you really suggesting that he calculate his loyalty/trust just so he can capitalize on it later and "discriminate" for some payoff? Don't you know anything of his character?

    9. Etane - enjoyed the widening strike zone metaphor. Lots to think about there. Just read a baseball article to get some idea of how that works. I only played little league.

      Nom - there's no need to be sarcastic with me by using a parallelism. I accept if you don't agree. I've enjoyed your posts and what you wrote here is nice.

      I like the fact that game theory is being discussed here. I'm no expert, I was just using it as a way to talk about how I see Lin doing pretty well in a tough situation. As with all writing, you don't know where you end up until you write it, and it's nice if it causes good discussion.

      The way I learned about cooperate, then tit-for-tat was reading about computer simulations where they play war or market-share games, and over the long run, cooperate/then tit-for-tat wins because you get minute advantages over many iterations.

      Prisoner's dilemma as I learned it is pretty straight forward as you said. 2 guys in a police station, and the first one to confess gets the better deal. So, who is first? If one goes, both get punished but the one who confesses has a better expected outcome. But, if both don't confess, both get optimal outcomes. So, if confessing is the cooperation, then you are right.

      But, the way I was talking is the market share games simulations, and those are different game scenarios. A minute advantage can get your team a big spread over time. This I think might be used in diplomacy training. Or negotiations training.

      As it applies to people, it's just something to think about because we aren't narrowly programmed algorithms. I'm no mathematician, so anyway, anyone here can know more than me with one hour on the web. What I have done is been through a lot of these cases that I barely remember, and had workgroups to test out some of the theories. That isn't better or worse than anyone else's experience

      To the Lin thing, I don't think he's calculating the game and making a choice. I bet his business team is doing that, and good business people do it by instinct or using Godfather quotes, or Sun Tze. I've heard it all. "It's just business".

      I was just having fun with the idea and it felt right after I wrote it. Thanks to MT, DT, and half of E for saying so. Maybe Etane is being sarcastic, but that's ok. I got something good from his post.

      Lin appearing to be meek is not meek ... he's tit-for-tat. For example, his joke about "I think Patrick Beverly had a great ..." was just that. A little jab at the system to give it back. Or you can use the Christian framework where the last shall be first and leadership through service. Either way, I just don't like people to dis Lin just because he's not mouthing off every interview like some of our sports starts. This decline in character of our sports stars is sad to see. You know what I mean.

      On young people opening up, maybe it means young or old, but anyone who wants to take on risk and expand. You cooperate more, you reach out more, you let yourself be open to experience. You suffer more when you blow it due to newness or getting screwed, but in the end, you are at a higher place. That's all I was talking about, not that Lin is Mr. Math and trying to game anyone. But, having said that, I'd rather think of him as playing tit-for-tat than being meek on every whim of McHale. He has it in him, to push back. He does it by following higher rules for team play, and continuing to do his job under adversity. But, he's not pushing over.

      Anyway, peace to you.

    10. @JoeTeam

      Nothing other than whimsy re: parallelism. If it carries a negative connotation and offended you, my bad.

      I still don't understand what you meant by "later... he can discriminate", but I think your final two paragraphs illustrate your position well so unless you have anything else to add, we're good.

    11. We're good. I just got overly sensitive because of the arguments here. You're right, there is a lot of arguing and it's not about race. Whimsy is delightful.

  6. Hoping for Lin trade news in the next couple of weeks. Just wanna see this kid play. Even this video makes me happy

  7. I tweeted video to DMorey today.

    1. It was DMorey's decision to sign Lin to that contract. It was not Lin's fault. Morey is supposed to be the brilliant strategist, and he dumped his big offseason signing of Lin by getting James Harden right afterwards.

      It rarely happens in the NBA, to sign a player to a big contract, then expect them to play up to it ??? Nobody does that, unless the player is a young 7-foot center who is worth that much potential simply because of his size.

    2. Good reminder for Morey ... Use it or lose it!

  8. This is what Rockets fans want:

    Harden = $16 million
    Howard = $20.4 million (Max)
    Parsons = $800,000
    Chris Paul = $20 million (Max)
    Salary Cap = $58.5 million this year

    Which leaves about $1.5 million to spend on the 9 players to fill out the rest of the team.

    1. Rockets are NOT getting cp3. I still see some clutchfans hoping for it but its NOT gonna happen.

      That is NOT to say Lin is in their future plans. I could totally see them going with bev/ d12, parsons, harden and pf.

      When there is smoke there is fire. Lin is in the trade talks but I don't think anyone wants to spend the dough. Morons.

  9. Wow! 46 pts, 15+ assists? Once again he shows he can always score that much when his threes are falling and he is the true PG. Great Linsanity flashback!

    Will any NBA GMs bite?

    Wednesday, June 26, 2013

    Tonight because of a close family friend my dad and I ventured out to Kezar because we got wind of Jeremy Lin making a guest appearance and playing. Jeremy Lin was indeed playing and he had a phenomenal game as he dropped 46 points and had at least 15 assist that I counted up to. He led a young team called the Dragons to an impressive come from behind win against the Bay Pride team. It was exciting all the way through. The game was forced into overtime because after Lin put the Dragons up two with four seconds to go the Bay Pride team scored a buzzer beating layup to send the game to overtime. As overtime started the Dragons won the tip and Lin nailed a three. The next possession Lin stole the ball and hit another three. The next possession he stole the ball and got fouled going the other way to end his big run. The game was close and both teams scored over 120 points. I believe the final score was 126-123 and Lin hit the free throws to seal the deal. He brought Linsanity to the SF crowd tonight and put on a show for us. Machado, now a Warrior also played but for Bay Pride and he played fairly well as well but nowhere near the level Lin did tonight.

  10. It was already mentioned that Canaan will spend at least a year in the D-League. He has a mouth like Machado. He said he is a great leader and will turn the program around. This guy is not humble at all.

    Hardin tweeted his welcome to the Rockets. Some on CF already saying their good byes to Lin. I'm just shaking my head and laughing because I have a feeling that Lin will have the last laugh. This may sound weird but for some odd reason, I always envision D12 playing with Jeremy.

    1. "He has a mouth like Machado."

      I still wonder if the story we got re: Machado's quote is accurate.

      "I always envision D12 playing with Jeremy."

      Jeremy's a fan.

      Can skip to 1:32 for relevance.

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    1. 'sup @via!

      It's been known for awhile that this year's draft was weak. I wonder how much longer Morey's "awhile" was than everyone else's?

  12. Phillip Jung ‏@phillipjung
    Filming ain't easy. Comin to a #YouTube near you. @allenclu @JWAFAN @JLin7 @eclee9
    12:35 AM - 28 Jun 13

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  14. On paper, Canaan looks like another Aaron Brooks. He's 5'11" without shoes. He's probably a very good offensive player, but doesn't have the size for defense. I doubt he makes the 12-man roster this year.

  15. Free Jeremy Lin! Send him where he will be APPRECIATED, and then we will get to see more pure awesomeness like THIS:

  16. Replies
    1. I hope he greets me on my birthday!!!! lol sounds far fetch'd but hey, trying to keep the positive vibes going

    2. why is Paul George twitching his left shoulder?

    3. IsabeliJane, to you, I guess hopefully, Lin will be still with Rox b4 OCT....

    4. we believe in you, IsabeliJane!

      Just wear a name tag with your alias and, he'll pay a special attention to you. Oh yeah, and bring a plush goat :D

  17. From CF: Hi there, I'm Mark Deeks, the man who wrote the tweet and occasional forum poster.

    I feel I should address a few concerns expressed here.

    I appreciate a lot of people do not know who I am, and as such, it's hard to place stock in what I said. All I can do, no matter how empty it may ring, is assure you of my intent. I have no intent to be a journalist or a report or self-whore page count fan or whatever. I have tried to cultivate a reputation of quality over quantity. My basketball output consists of two main areas - salary/CBA information, and player scouting. This is because the two are the most important things that go into team building. And I am a huge fan of that. I love it. I love team building, transactions, long term strategy, and the like, and that's what I tune into. I'm not trying to be a rumour-mongerer - I am much more of a post-transaction analyst. And while I rather did the opposite here, I do put out information occasionally. You know how much of the draft coverage last night was spent talking about Garnett's trade kicker? Search and see who reported it first

    I further appreciate that because this news is unsavoury to many, many people may wish to question the source. Absolutely fine. All I can really offer is that it comes from an extremely legitimate source, i.e. someone who took one of Houston's such calls about Lin. If you choose not to believe me, and would rather make puns off my name or accuse me of doing it to gain 4,000 Twitter followers (it was actually 96), I understand. Just passing it along, t'is all I can do.

    1. I have my info passions too, but that doesn't mean I can just tweet that Bev is better than Lin and get away with it. It isn't factually true, and this attempt to get credibility lies in the face of what he said in bits and pieces. Check out the CF thread on this.

    2. If he'd just passed info, it'd be one thing, but he put a purposefully (and obviously stupid) provocative spin on it.

  18. if Morey trades Jeremy (and I would really like it if he moves to another team which compliments his abilities), I will curse the Rockets not to win any championships again..

    1. I udnerstand how you feel after spending $$$ on HOU vs IND game ticket.

      For now, faithinmind is my hero!

      faithinmind ‏@rocketsfun 28 Jun
      @focus_taiwan Jeremy Lin'll be traded again. Tell people don't buy the tickets.

      faithinmind ‏@rocketsfun 28 Jun
      @dmorey @sip03 try to dump Lin again? Why the hell you apologized to whole world you're wrong. You stupid and no brain. Shame as fan.

      faithinmind ‏@rocketsfun 28 Jun
      @cockymattschaub @markdeeksnba Harden is the TO machine in NBA, missing many clutch shots. You hater.

  19. I didn't actually think the Rockets would trade but now it's looking like it could happen. It seems like Howard is either going to Dallas or Houston as this point because both teams have made moves to free up cap space. It was clear that the Rockets wanted to unload Thomas Robinson but it looks like they were unable to do so. That was their plan A. But now I think unloading Lin is their plan B.

    I'm not saying Lin is gone but I think it's a realistic possibility. Especially since the Rockets are pretty high on Beverly.

    I think it's pretty sad that Lin might be on a different team every single season on his NBA career. Hopefully he will stabilize somewhere preferably on Houston but who knows what will happen.

    1. Howard's arrival to HOU is indeed good news to Harden. Both H like to frequent strip clubs. May they be strip club buddies and club hopping till they drop!

      I don't necessarily think that Harden is a budding superstar and IMO trading Lin away is another stupidity of Morey. Yeah right, instant championship contender...just wait for the two H barking at each other for the brick and the team collapse before the next season ends!

    2. "I don't necessarily think that Harden is a budding superstar"

      Sure, scoring 26 ppg for one of the youngest teams in the NBA and making the playoffs isn't the mark of a budding superstar.

      "and IMO trading Lin away"

      That is precisely what it is ... your opinion. You have no evidence that:
      A) The Rockets want to trade Lin
      B) That anyone wants Lin in a trade
      C) That whoever wants Lin in a trade have a player that the Rockets want in return.

      And seeing as to how if Howard joins the Rockets would make their starting 5 set, the only position that the Rockets would even bother to trade Lin for is another PG. They aren't going to trade their starter at PG for a backup at another position and still have to go out and get a starting PG (because the only ones on the planet who see Beverly as a starting PG in the NBA are Lin haters in Houston and Lin fans who want Lin out of Houston).

      Lin isn't going anywhere. He will do very well in Houston playing with Howard and Harden.

    3. I hope you're right saying Lin isn't going anywhere. I do think he will play well with Howard. Playing well with Harden? Not so much, as we witnessed it last season.

      Harden's scoring 26 ppg achieved at the expense of his teammates. Is he a good scoring machine? No doubt. A superstar? Nope. By NBA standards, maybe. But not by my own assessment.

      I certainly have no evidence that the Rox wants to trade Lin, I am basing on the speculation Lin's traded to clear cap space. I too certainly think that there isn't any team would want Lin in a trade. Thanks to the Rox efforts to limit Lin's PG role. And Did I say C)? Absolutely not.

    4. Unknown. Your view that Lin is in Rox's future plan is yet another opinion.

      At least some of us are formulating our opinion of Rox's misperception of Lin based on how it all went down this past year. Plus the rumors are startin to come out.

      So what makes u think Lin is in Rox's long term plans and that they don't view Beverly as a suitable replacement for Lin as a starting pg as long as they have superstars in other positions?

      I don't want YOUR personal view because no one here is dumb enough to believe that Bev is better than Lin, not to mention a starting pg.


    great article about Lin's game and how D12 can fit into his system.

  21. @Solidz75:

    Do you really believe that the Rockets see Patrick Beverly as a starting PG? Look, none of this "because of what the Rockets will want to run with Harden, Howard and Parsons they don't need a traditional PG anyway ... a guy like Chalmers will do" stuff. Why? Because Mario Chalmers is better than Patrick Beverly. (Actually, Norris Cole is better than Patrick Beverly too but that is besides the point. Well, not really but let's pretend that it is.) Chalmers is a starting caliber NBA pg who could most certainly handle a bigger role - a traditional starting PG role - on most teams in the NBA. The goal isn't to dump players who can start in favor of players who can't like Beverly, especially when you have no reason to when the Rockets don't. (Don't say "salary cap." The Rockets are just as willing to pay the luxury tax as every other contender, which they would become by getting Howard.) The goal is to get guys who can play bigger roles like Chalmers and have them play lesser ones. Another example: Derek Fisher. During his prime, about 9 years, Fisher was a consistent 10 ppg scorer. Remember, Fisher was a former #1 draft pick who dominated at the small college level. Beverly is no Derek Fisher.

    Also, the Rockets aren't trying to replicate the Lakers/Heat formula anyway. The Lakers and the Heat were able to take the ball out of the PG's hands on offense because they had ball-handlers at SG and SF, and even guys who played PF at times who could handle the ball and pass. In Parsons and Howard, the Rockets don't have that type of ball-handling/passing versatility at forward.

    So the Rockets' formula is more likely going to be like the Celtics. The Celtics had their big 3: PF Kevin Garnett, SF Paul Pierce, SG Ray Allen. Their corresponding players on the Rockets would be Howard, Parsons and Harden. And of course, the Celtics had the true PG in all-star Rajon Rondo.

    And that puts to rest the claims of allegedly not being able to afford Lin if they get Howard. Rondo's salary this year: $12 million. So enough with the claims that the Rockets or any other NBA team is going to try to win an NBA championship with Patrick Beverly as their starting PG. It isn't going to happen.

    And no, the Rockets also aren't going to try to win an NBA title with a rookie 2nd round pick either.

    1. Well considered and I appreciate the time you took to write this. You make very good points.

    2. Makes so much sense, unknown.

    3. Unknown.

      U are obviously ooking at this from Lin fan's perspective. Of course it doesn't make sense to us. In fact, it's downright insulting.

      However given how the last season went, u are completely naive it u don't think Rox may deem Bev as an adequate, serviceable, cheap replacement of Lin. Morey has gone as far as saying publically that there is a little drop off on offense whether Lin or Bev is in. How many times did u see Bev in for Lin during the season at crucial junctre in the game. And then u are gonna declare that there is no way that rox value Bev as a startin pg? Are u that naive? And aren't u the on who declared that pg is no linger essential to win a championship with a ling drawn out essay reserved for high school?

      Do not equate my speculations about rox'a view of Lin as my own personal view of Lin. I think I made that clear unless you are khuag, who can't see thru his usual thick cloud of delusions.

      U are gonna hear lin's name he trade talks in the upcoming weeks. And believe it or not, when u come out of your little cocoon, there are many morons out there Bev is as good or even better than Lin. I have no evidence to contrary to believe that rox are not one of them.

    4. Unknown, good points on Bev is not a starting PG material but are you sure the Rockets is following the Celtics blueprint with traditional PG more so than dominant SG like Kobe in the Lakers' blueprint? The numbers simply don't support it.

      Just check the AST% (assists ratio while player on the floor) in 2012-2013 season for the SG/PG combo in their teams:
      1. LAL Bryant/Nash 29.7% and 32.8%
      2. HOU Harden/Lin 25.7% and 29.4%
      And SF/PG combo with the highest assist%
      3. BOS Pierce/Rondo 25.1% and 49.1%
      Note: Rondo only played 38 games due to season-ending injury but you get the point of his AST% when he did play.

      Clearly, Lin won't be the true PG like Rondo with such high AST% (49.1%!) but the ratio for Bryant/Nash look similar to Harden/Lin.

      I do wish Lin will be a traditional PG like Rondo in Houston but we all know it is very unlikely as long as Harden is their first option in being playmakers.

    5. Psalm, good point and use of numbers. However, if you think of it like this ... if Lin pressed the ball into Howard vs Asik/Smith, wouldn't his Assist% go up significantly?

      I think so, but maybe not as high as 49%. But, it then makes Unknown's points, logical but not numerically backed, more plausible. What do you think? Didn't people keep saying, even on CF, we'd have 3-5 more assists per game but for butterfingers?

    6. Lol @ Psalm asking if Unknown is sure about Rox's' blueprint for championship.

      I didn't realize Unknown had inside info on Morey's plans.

    7. If "there was no drop-off in performance when Bev played vs Lin playing next to Harden", what I really want to know is if there was also no drop-off in performance between Steve Blake and Steve Nash playing next to Kobe?

      Who can really answer this question? I forgot who the quote came from.

      But this Bev/Lin starting PG issue will continue to be hotly debated because by playing second-fiddle to Harden, Bev's strength (pesky defense, rebounding, energy guy) is leveraged but Lin's strength (playmaking, scoring, assists) is underutilized.

      The real question is if Harden wants to share the spotlight with Lin by letting Lin be the primary playmaker or at least 50-50? And possibly lose his All-Star bonus but win more games?

      Those who think so, please raise both your hands plus all your feet :D

    8. It's always been clear to me part of the pre-ASG hog was about the bonus. People forgot about it and one poster finally put the link up after the ASG. I had searched for that article describing the terms of his contract bonus and couldn't find it.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Psalm that is exactly my point.

      For the role that Rox is asking their pg to play, they are clearly underutilizing Lin. It could be cp3 or isiah Thomas.. It won't make a difference. We are not comparing a player one to one. We are analying it in the context of limited role the pg has on the rox.

      I'm sure if cp3 joined the rox, they would cater the team to his strenghs. I do NOT see them doing that for Lin.

      That is why in rox view, Bev may be adequate for their plans and why Lin and his hefty contract are something to unload in their view.

      This is what unknown simply fails to understand.

    11. JoeTeam, DHoward presence definitely will boost both Harden and Lin's AST% but will Harden or Lin get more opportunities to do so? My guess Harden will get the first opportunities but Lin has more potential knowing how Lin-Tyson Chandler connection worked before.

      If Howard replaces Asik to get 5 more assists per game, I'd say 3 will go to Harden if his PnR skill is up to par to Lin. Just because Harden is the main playmaker.

      And I'm not knocking on Unknown but raising the main issue of playing second-fiddle to Harden in Houston. Bev vs Lin as starter is just a symptom.

      If Kobe/Shaq blueprint was good enough to produce championships, would Harden/Howard blueprint be good enough to do so? Or would it turn out to be Lin/Harden/Howard? Noone really knows at the moment.

    12. Solidz, I got a feeling the Rox knows Bev hasn't proven he's a starter PG material next to Harden. There was one game when he got extended minutes but 0 assists so that simply won't do. And his energy game was so exhaustive so he's only effective for 10-15min span.

      But Lin is definitely expendable if the Rox can find decent starting PG to play next to Harden as the focal point of offense.

      The Rox won't give up Lin unless it brings DHoward or something equally big.

    13. psalm: someone noted Howard won't come out for the PnR, so if that's true, it'll have to be Lin-generated assists because Harden just doesn't work for the assist. He does some nice ones sometimes, and for sure you can count on him for the buzzer assist if you know what I mean.

      So, if you are saying 5 more assists per game and 3 goes to Harden, I'd go the other way and give 4.5 to Lin because he'll create them for Howard/Forwards and quickly, they will trust him and want more. "Feed the big man" We heard that family argument in Lakers this year.

      Also, here, we are forgetting the TTNN stats where Lin, Harden create the shots, and Parsons not so much. So, Lin is integral to a lot of scoring that got the team to the playoffs. If he's traded, they have a hole and I'll be gloating as a lot of us here will. If Lin stays and they get Howard, we shall see but I think it's a combo of your point and Unknown's.

    14. I don't know Paalm. I am not as trusting as you are of the Rox - an opinion that has now been cemented by an entire year of recurrent frustration.

      Like I said, there are people who believe Bev is as good as Lin ( even better) and I would not be surprised if the Rox are in that camp. It was really telling for morey to point out publucally that Bev/Lin drop off stat. I think they are high in Bev, which makes Lin dispensable.

      I truly believe that the rox really wanna trade Lin but there aren't any takers with the upcoming salary (not cap) hit of 15 mil 2 years from now. So in a sense they are stuck.

      So if Lin is traded, it will be a package deal Lin/asik perhaps trob for another but older all star.

      If they trade anyone it will easier to deal asik because. Big men are always valued more in the NBA.

    15. I'd really like if rockets would play like the Celtics but i don't think that is gonna happen.

      When Morey tweeted that sergio lull is the perfect backcourt partner of james harden he reveals what is his plan: he wants a good defensive player who can hit 3s. Sometimes lull reminds of italian hero Gianluca Basile but basile was a better defender and especially a killer from 3 point line.

      Anyway the point is solidz is right, rockets don't want jeremy anymore. And just the conspiracy theorist it was Morey who ordered Mchale to use Lin as spot up shooter knowing that was his main weakness, he had the permission to play hard on him but not on Parsons and harden etc etc

      Probably jeremy will be traded. We'll see where. Another point is t-rob wasn't traded on draft night.... We'll see

    16. If Lin stays with the Rox, I sure hope I'm wrong that Lin will just be the secondary playmaker after Harden (or even 3rd after Parsons).

      Perhaps a reliable DHoward will force the Rox's hand to let Lin be the primary playmaker to make more plays for Dwight than Harden. But this is very unlikely judging on how last season played out for Lin.

      But as Solidz said, we need to recognize the fact that throughout last season Lin was not rewarded with more playmaking as he elevated his 3PT% post-All Star and had improved chemistry with Asik.

      You would have thought that as the season was ending, they would solidify Harden be the playmaker then Lin be the secondary one. But we saw games when Parsons was the primary playmaker with Harden and Lin on the bench.
      It got so bad that even Lin tried to force to play one-on-one driving to the rim without much success. IMO, the struggle in the season-ending games continued to the 1st game in the playoff.

      To me, it solidified the fact that Rox truly wants Harden/Lin/Parsons be the primary playmakers with Howard as the big men.

      There has been no evidence that they want Lin to be the true PG or the main playmaker at all. I hope I'm wrong if Dwight comes aboard.

  22. Last season, I wrote that getting Thomas Robinson was essentially getting a top lottery pick for the 2013-2014 season.

    I hope Houston is working with him, even if they're trying to trade him. Thomas Robinson has real NBA talent and can become a very useful player down the line.

    If Houston kept him and Lin, I'd like to see them on the court together. Unlike the other Rockets big men, Robinson has the foot speed and athleticism to help Lin defend the pick and roll on the perimeter. Too many times last year, Lin had to fight through screen after screen with absolutely no help from teammates.

    In my eyes, Thomas Robinson may not become an elite All Star scorer but he can become a solid two way player on Lin's winning team.

    1. What do you make of TRob not getting any action on trades?

    2. I don't know, JoeTeam.

      What I do know is that teams like the Bulls and Cavs and Spurs that were offering very low first round draft picks or second rounders for him were offering way too little for a player of his ability.

      Thomas Robinson had the misfortune of being drafted onto a BAD team in Sacramento and then having his season wasted by good ol' Keith Smart who wasted Lin's first season too. By the time he got to the Rockets, he had arrived as essentially an uncoached player that the Rockets couldn't develop in midseason.

      Thomas Robinson has something that Dmo and Terrence Jones don't have - NBA footspeed and NBA strength. Dmo lacks the footspeed, Tjones lacks the strength. If Robinson works on his game with Kevin McHale, attends a full training camp, and gets used to the "leader of the team" in Lin (Robinson's words), I think that he'll start to show why he was actually considered a potential #1 pick last year.

    3. Cool, I was just wondering. I like his potential at HOU, but that latter part of the season as a mess in that McHale almost lost the playoff run - he and Harden ISO. So, we only got to see smatterings of TRob.

    4. Even though I've taken a lot of criticism (mostly race based) criticism for defending Kevin McHale, I can see why he plowed the offense through James Harden.

      There were many games when the referees decided to act like God and let opponents absolutely pummel not just Lin, but the entire Rockets team. James Harden was the only guy on the team that could get a semblance of normal calls.

      Am I agreeing with McHale's iso Harden? No. Do I think the Rockets would've been better off with Lin in charge? Heck yeah. But does McHale have a point in utilizing Harden in order to offset the referee cheating? I think so.

      This season, I expect to see more ref bashing of Jeremy Lin. However, Lin knows the NBA game now and will create ways to combat that. In my mind, the illegal ref cheating is far more of a problem than McHale because the bad officiating directly influences how McHale uses and views Lin.

      Even on this board, plenty of people who criticize Lin don't realize that the refs have created a toxic situation for Lin in which he's literally playing a different NBA game from everybody else in the league.

    5. I appreciate that Lin got a different game on him, by both the refs and the spin his own team and McHale put on (against) his excellence.

      But I still think McHale nearly lost the season in his own right. I don't think he made a conscious choice to go with ISO Harden due to the refs - I think it was unconscious bias and the 'safe bet'. He can't get blamed if Harden fails. That's pretty weak leadership.

    6. "I've taken a lot of criticism (mostly race based) criticism"


      This martyr complex of yours is really insulting. How many times have you pointed out (example) that the source of your "persecution" is your Asian screen name? Do Bob Chan, Brent Yen, or Via Wong (sorry for bringing you into this, guys) suffer from the same phenomena?

      You get criticism because of what you post. Own up.

    7. Nom, I haven't done anything to you.

      You wanna start with me? FINE.

      You are oblivious to the race war going on here that via and the other trolls are stoking.

    8. So u r now calling via a troll?

    9. No, you haven't. The post is not meant to be a personal attack (hey, I did say "Please").

      Nevertheless, I think the observation is correct. Are you not aware that you make this claim, *a lot*? If it were true, wouldn't other posters with Asian screen names be sharing the same experience?

      The reason I said it was insulting is because there are actual legitimate instances of racism, and a trivial claim like this undermine issues that actually hold substance.

      Indirectly, I suppose I'm a little annoyed at the bandwidth spent on your many perseverations. Another "favorite" is how many decades you've been watching the NBA. It's a logical fallacy to equate that with expertise. I think once you told Solidz75 that you've been watching the NBA longer than he's been alive. Solidz75 is smart and funny, but he's not original, so based on his name alone I put him at 38 years old. You're free to keep your age to yourself (only your hairdresser knows, unless you don't have any hair) but I don't put you much farther out than that.

      Unfortunately, I'm not oblivious to the war going on here, but I don't think it's about race...

    10. didn't even see this...SMDH.

      "You are oblivious to the race war going on here that via and the other trolls are stoking."

      Let's be clear:


    11. I accept that, Nom.

      I don't agree with you, but I'm not going to hold it against you either. Unlike the trolls here, I can live with differences of opinion.

      As for via, she needs to get better at her GAMES. I find her whining about me maligning her to be UTTERLY PATHETIC, given all the flames she fires and stokes in her TROLLING.

    12. Life is no fun without differences of opinion.

      As for via, you need to stop. She's not a troll; she's not playing games. She's just standing up for what she believes in and speaking what she sees as the truth. Is this not acceptable? Is this not good?

      You either don't see this, or you are being disingenuous. Either way, you are coming off as a bully. You don't want to be a bully, do you? Then we'd have to ask, why are you so insecure?

      Look, we're all guests of JLinfan#1 here, at least on this we all agree? He's obviously very light with the moderation, which is nice, but it does give license for things to get out of hand. You should stand up for what you feel is the truth, too, but when your words start hurting other people, you need to back it up, otherwise it's just libel.

      "A delusion is a belief held with strong conviction despite superior evidence to the contrary."

      You bothered when others call you delusional? Show your evidence; back up your words.

      Maybe I'm wrong/off base, and you are completely aware of all this and actually desire it. In that case, delusion away, HuangK-xote, dream the impossible dream!

    13. Lol, the dude just got insulted pretty visciously and he will just take the plowing. (But I have to say, Nom, u are much more clever than me at dishing out profound insults - Martyr Complex? - nice! - and then u got him to accept it - impressive .. It was a very diplomatic way of saying "STFU about your life experiences and stop feeling sorry for yourself - no one is out to get you!)

      What gives, khuang? Why does Nom get the benefit of the doubt.. Okay, let me give it a try..

      khuang, my man. I also didn't mean to be so personal by calling you delusional. I am just pointing out that your theories are just effed up. Now can we learn to coexist with our difference?

      ... Did I do it right?

  23. Well considered and I appreciate the time you took to write this. You make very good points.

    1. sorry, this was reposted to Unknown above.

    2. U can just erase your post u know.

    3. Yes, I'm on old school netiquette. Thanks for the heads up.

    4. Really not too difficult to figure out. The delete link is right there. I didn't realize it was against old school netiquette redundant useless posts.

    5. Whatever, maybe you can use the delete sometimes too ha ha. Oh sorry, my bad.

      Seriously, though, you leave artifacts of deleted posts and it's not worth it to pollute the forum like that because old school says you don't delete what you've posted to keep the conversation open. I only delete when I have no choice (editing fail) or if I've changed my mind and no one has commented.

    6. I agree some of my posts are redundant and mean spirited and need to deleted.

      About the old school stuff, not sure how old you are .. But now you are making shit up.

    7. You're the man, Solidz for calling your own fouls. I mean that.

      I'm a fossil sometimes and a kid other times. But I don't make stuff up. I know a guy who paid good money to erase his posts on a liberal forum after he got rich. It used to be people did the ETA thing (Edited to Add) on posts. In the end, you can win any web argument with me because mostly it's not important to either of us.

    8. Old school netiquette says you don't delete your posts because some people like to backtrack on what they say, delete the evidence, and claim they never said it. Come on Solidz, stop being so mean.

    9. Sorry. No way erasing a useless post is against netiquette. For example this entire tete a tete should be erased because it is really useless. I'd actually argue that it is against netiquette to leave this post on so other people to waste their time reading it.
      That and all of khuangs's posts.

    10. This is why I'm glad I didn't I erase the posts where I complimented Solidz75 in the beginning when I didn't realize he was here just to ATTACK PEOPLE ON THIS FORUM.

    11. Solidz75 ... you can redefine the web for all of us when Al Gore reinvents it.

      This thread *is* important, because what's being discussed here is something important. It speaks to the culture of what's on this board, and who thinks they should judge and run it.

      As for your constant jabs at KHuang, others have asked and so will I ... why do you want to create an environment where he feels ostracized? He's not mentioning you in his posts unless it's with you directly. His creative ideas have been mocked by you and others to take them to crazy monikers, like Gunner and Battier. But, you do the same, with all your 'theories'. No on creates a hue n cry around your 'creative ideas' - mostly, people address what you say and move on. I treat you with respect.

      What you and others do is to mock KHuang and then label it over and over until it has become a board legend. Legends/Myths are used to create group culture to manage it, and really, what culture are you trying to establish? Should anyone here be the manager of our culture? I know it exists because I can type Gunner and it evokes visceral responses in me about all those useless posts that attack KHuang, and probably lots of people here feel the same way but don't want to be made into a mocked legend.

      Why doesa simple conversational idea get that way? Why does a simple normal netiquette thing evolve to this? Think about it.

      I stand down and need to get back to work. Hope this helps.

    12. JoeTeam. I'm not trying to reinvent Internet but I stand by my assertion that this is a absolutely a useless post started by you and continued by me. No need for a lecture from you. Whether intentional or not, u seems to have this holier than thou attitude that is becoming quite irritating.

      And with respect to my posts, I comment on peoples ideas good or bad. Just like I do to others, feel free to criticize or mock me if I come off base like you are doing right now. I will respond but only because I choose to. And If I clearly see the error of my ways, I have no problem eating my word.

      Khang and i go back. For some reason, i really get annoyed by his repeated delusions. Not sure if it stemmed from him repeatedly calling me a troll or racist, but it is what it is. I really try to ignore him but when he comes up with yet another out d the world delusions ( like comparing Lin to battier, or calling him a gunner) don't know can't just help myself.

      But if you don't like it, do what khuang advises.

      1. Ignore post.
      2. Repeat 1.

      Simple. Too bad he can't follow his own advice.


    13. Joeteam, it's USELESS trying to reason with this Solidz75 troll who is here to flame not just you but other Lin fans here.

      He's here to try to disrupt this forum.

    14. [I have no reason to keep antagonizing you, JT. But I cannot not point out certain things.]

      JT: "why do you want to create an environment where he feels ostracized?"
      - I don't think anyone WANTS AND IS TRYING TO "CREATE" any kind of environment here, not even you JT, when you try to arbiter on how a poster should act.
      Perhaps posters are simply taking KHuang AT HIS WORD: "I see the game a certain way and I EXPECT TO CATCH FLAK FOR IT."

      what environment does it create when posters who have divergent views are regularly maligned as "racist", "hater" <- but the paragons of "rightful environment-creating" were SILENT and seem to tacitly approve? Or do this?
      - KHuang lies [!] about people being racist [!] = just a refrain.
      - Other posters mocks KHuang for his views = "trying to establish [some ominous] culture."

      KHuang: "...when I didn't realize he [Solidz] was here JUST to attack people on this forum."
      - an outright LIE, right before your own post, JT. Unless you believe Solidz is here JUST to attack people on this forum, you should have corrected him too. Maybe you just..."forgot".

      When KHuang USED Lydia and my personal blog to try to shut me up for correcting his FACTUAL mistake [HE'S the one who told me to speak up in the first place!], what environment was he creating? In the past even, he tried to re-label me as someone with a dark "agenda", and making all kinds of veiled insinuations about my character, his own behavior and what it revealed about HIS OWN character forever lost on posters here obviously. Did you agree with KHuang, JT? Why did you not "remind" him not to do that? What environment were your silence trying to create?

      Look into my history, I've never been a trouble-maker. I keep trying to understand why you espouse this double standard, and I'm wondering if it's generational..?

      JT: "Should anyone here be the manager of our culture?"
      - So ironic...

      KHuang: "He's [Solidz] here to try to disrupt this forum."
      - Again, a LIE. Only true if speaking one's own mind is now = deliberately trying to disrupt forum. Is this where were at now?

    15. via, your pep and "stand up for everyone" attitude is really impressive.

      Going to use a generalization here, but Asian women are usually really passive in the realm of public opinion. Good for you for rising above the programming.

    16. I don't want Via to get attacked for what could be construed by some as "defending" me, because let's admit it, she contributes to this forum much more than anyone else here. And I feel bad in some ways that she got dragged into this, but I think she had some issues with JT after he left the last time after making some comments.

      I completely recognize that I may act obnoxious... but that is me, expressing myself freely. I may have good points to make (or maybe not), but I'm sure it gets over shadowed at times by being not as diplomatic as I could be. If that turns people off and makes my points meaningless, so be it. I am completely comfortable with the way I portray myself. If I call you out for defending Morey, it's because I really do feel that you are not thinking from Lin centric point of view.

      The problem I have with khuang is what Via pointed out. He just can't stand it when people disagree with his points, which are mostly delusions. Lin a gunner? Lin a dunker? Mchale good for Lin's development? Battier is one of the best players in the league. And when u disagree ( some with sarcasm I may add) he goes nuts and calls u a troll, a flamer or a racist. And when via calls him out, he acts passive aggressive and throws in back handed compliments.

      Some people idolize him here because he promotes "fake positivity" which to a realist like me gets quite annoying.

      Combine both, And u have this type of interaction between us.

      And JT, u have this air of superiority that I am beginning to find quite irritating. Don't tell me how a compettive sports are playedl, don't tell me how to act, don't tell me about netiquette, don't tell about loyalty - I feel like u r constantly trying to lecture me.
      U don't like what I say, just ignore it. Since u care so much about netiquette.. Perhaps u can play the better man like u try to portray yourseld to be.

    17. @via

      You go, girl.


      Battier *is* one of the best players in the league. He was my favorite player (now #2) before Lin (#1, of course). That's not to say that Battier is a franchise player. There is a difference. Now LBJ (#3)... there's a franchise player... ;)

    18. Just because he is your favorite player doesn't mean he is the one of the best players in the league. That assertion is laughable. And if you project Lin to aim for a career like battier's .. U really do not have much hope for Lin's future.

      I will be sure to credit you as well as khuang when I go on a Lin is battier?! Rant.

    19. via, you're doing an increasingly POOR job masking your true disrespect for people here.

      I initially thought you were respectful of Lin fans, but then you showed your true colors. Now you're STUMBLING over yourself in a very CLUMSY way.

      I actually had higher regard for you as my opponent, but now I've lumped you into the "bumbling" category as Solidz75 and the rest of the other trolls that like to flame people on this board.

      My advice to you, via, is this: Pick SMARTER and MORE CUNNING trolls to play your flame games with.

    20. That assertion would indeed be laughable. But I didn't make it. Are the two points mutually exclusive?

      "project Lin to aim for a career like battier's"

      That's your sentence, not mine.

      And Solidz, you have this air of superiority that I am beginning to find quite irritating. Don't tell me what my projections are, don't draw conclusions for me. You just can't stand it when people disagree with your points, which are sometimes delusions.

      "U don't like what I say, just ignore it... Perhaps u can play the better man like u try to portray yourseld to be."

    21. Nom. I'm actually being superior to u by pointing out that battier is NOT one of the best players in the game. That is a moronic belief that u share with khuang... And I will be sure to point you out when I bring that up in the future. Battier is my favorite player... So he is definitely one of the best in the game. Pleez.

    22. Hey via, I like you well, but I don't trust you right now so let me think about what you posted and I will reply sometime soon. I have to go take care of family stuff. I'm actually pretty bummed about the Lydia leaving, and I had a lot of thought about whether I should have left first.

      But one thing you are right about - I did notice you left before because of the fighting here by some people, so when I'm reading the posts, I do catch the nuances.

    23. Solidz, you don't need to get upset by feeling I'm trying to be superior. I'm not.

    24. @JK, Nom~ :)

      @ Solidz~ "I don't want Via to get attacked for what could be construed by some as "defending" me...And I feel bad in some ways that she got dragged into this"
      - It just so happen that issues like this tends to involve you, so it looks like I'm "always defending" you. But really, I just wanted to point out some strange..."intimidation to comply to KHuangthink" [NOT what the whole forum really believes] type thing going on...

      "why do you WANT TO CREATE an environment where he feels ostracized?"

      "What you and others do is to mock KHuang and then label it over and over until it has become a board legend. Legends/Myths are used to create group culture to manage it, and really, WHAT CULTURE ARE YOU TRYING TO ESTABLISH?"

      - These STATEMENTS in the form of questions, using the weight of the forum to control how people behave, insinuating there's premeditated action on the part of the accused, that his posts were meant to cause harm and were not spontaneous responses.
      It makes mocking KHuang = harming forum, creating culture bad for forum, KHuangmockers = enemy of forum.

      "What you and others do is to mock KHuang and then label it over and over until it has become a board legend. Legends/Myths are used to create group culture to manage it..."
      - Exactly what KHuang do to others, labeling them over and over as "Racist" [!!!!!], "Haters", "Trolls" but why does KHuang get protection, but not others?

      I'm not asking JT to stop calling people out. be fair, call EVERYBODY out, incl KHuang. KHuang lied on the post RIGHT ON TOP OF JT'S SERMON, why does KHuang get a pass? KHuang just posted a character assassination on me, do you think i'm really the way he's trying to portray me to be? what environment is he trying to create when someone can't tell the truth that she sees without being maligned? Call him out, JT.

    25. ok, i didn't see your posts on top, JT.
      My problem is my utter faith in you, so much so that i cannot reconcile my belief in who you are with your stance on KHuang.

    26. ^ Again, i can't help but raised my eyebrow every time Lydia's name happens to JUST CROP UP when people have a disagreement with me. people really NEED to do this to bolster their "case" against me..? i'm hoping this is not what you're doing JT...c'mon...


      "via, you're doing an increasingly POOR job masking your true disrespect for people here."
      - You imply that i disrespect people here, how? by showing them the truth? that's RESPECT right there. i took the time bcos i respect the people here SO DEEPLY that i wouldn't want anyone to be muzzled and intimidated from speaking up, even against the Great KHuang.

      But how do YOU disrespect the people here? by constantly dragging the board into your private fights, by trying to pass off YOUR PERSONAL detractors as "enemies of the board, enemies of JLin, enemies of Linfans, enemies of the Asian people!" you do that OVER AND OVER, that's TRUE DISRESPECT. <- bcos you HAVE to think the board is too stupid to see through your acts, or you don't do that, over and over again.

      "I initially thought you were respectful of Lin fans, but then you showed your true colors.
      - here you are again, DRAPING THE FORUM ALL OVER YOURSELF again, trying to drag the forum into this and do the dirty work for you, trying to make me "an enemy of the forum" like how you do others. WTH KHuang, why do you keep doing this?!

      "Now you're STUMBLING over yourself in a very CLUMSY way."
      - You are obsessed with being "clumsy/ non-clumsy" bcos YOU are ARTFUL/ SKILLFUL in your dealings with this forum. Me, I wouldn't know how to be non-clumsy or clumsy, bcos unlike you, i simply TELL THE TRUTH.

      "I actually had higher regard for you as my opponent, but now I've lumped you into the "bumbling" category as Solidz75 and the rest of the other trolls that like to flame people on this board."
      - Sure, IMPRINT this thought on the board, so their "annoyance/ hate" for Solidz can transfer to me as well. i'm a thorn in your side that you can't get rid of, right? how to dispose of this girl...

      "My advice to you, via, is this: Pick SMARTER and MORE CUNNING trolls to play your flame games with."
      - See, i don't play "flame games" and wouldn't know how to do whatever it is you are advising. But YOU DO, enough that you advise on it. Language REVEALS MINDSET, and never have i once heard you talk about "truth" when addressing me. it's all about subterfuge, veiled machinations, being less "clumsy"/ more skilled, with you. you have no case against me, and continue to insinuate vague evil...character assassinations on me to get the board to dismiss the things i point out. the board is not as dumb as you think, you know.

    27. Solidz: "Battier is my favorite player... So he is definitely one of the best in the game."

      Logic isn't your strong suit, is it?

    28. No, JoeTeam, you realky are not. Don't ever forget that and alway know your place.

      And when a poster like Via is offended by what you've said, u need to rexamine yourself. I hope the time to reflect will bring u the conclusion that u really are not as righteous as u try to sound to be.

    29. Nom exactly. Why would u make a dumb statement like that.

    30. And Via, yeah thanks for clarifying so u do not get grouped into being a troll with me by the likes of Khuang and his minions. I made my own bed so I will happily lie in it.

    31. @JT~ i mentioned Lyd 1st, sorry about what i said. [was hypervigilant fr bad experience with KHuang on this issue.]

      @Solidz~ well, it's a blatant lie that fans expressing their opinions = being here JUST to attack people/ disrupt the forum. i don't see why they can't simply be obnoxious back to you if you are to them, at least no one's curbing their freedom of expression.

    32. via.

      You have SO MUCH TO LEARN when it comes to manipulating others to flame each other and then laughing about it afterwards.

      The thing is that I may be the main target of your derision but I'm not actually taking the damage. Even you'd be surprised at who really is taking the damage you're trying to generate (hint hint, it isn't you).

      I really enjoy these conversations we have where we talk openly and honestly, via. I've run into many people like you in my life, and I've learned to coexist with them in a detente sort of way.

      So enjoy this game you're playing. I'm enjoying watching its effect not just on the people you think you're manipulating, but you as well.

    33. "You have SO MUCH TO LEARN when it comes to manipulating others to flame each other and then laughing about it afterwards."
      - i don't manipulate, KHuang, i wouldn't know how to start. you, however, must be a master of manipulation to be able to so suavely offer such observations and advice. Our words REVEAL WHO WE ARE, KHuang. *sigh*

      "The thing is that I may be the main target of your derision..."
      - ???
      when did i ever laugh at you? WHEN?! i keep asking you to point out concrete instances where i've done the things you keep accusing me of doing, but you never do.
      i, tho, can point out the unfair things you keep subjecting me to, HERE IS ANOTHER CONCRETE INSTANCE WHERE AGAIN YOU MALIGN ME.

      "Even you'd be surprised at who really is taking the damage you're trying to generate (hint hint, it isn't you)."
      - WTH ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? WHY NOT JUST SAY IT? SAY IT! <- is it bcos you don't actually HAVE a case, and ONCE AGAIN, can ONLY insinuate some "ominous sounding" UNTRUTH about me? WTH, KHuang, what are you doing???

      "I really enjoy these conversations we have where we talk openly and honestly, via."
      - OPENLY AND HONESTLY? what you're doing right now is "openly and honestly" in your opinion?

      "I've run into many people like you in my life..."
      - LIKE ME? WHAT DO YOU REALLY MEAN, KHUANG? SAY WHAT YOU MEAN! Stop hiding in ambiguity! dare to be held accountable for your words! smh...

      "So enjoy this game you're playing."
      - i don't "play games" KHuang. So i'm assuming this is all a game to you that accdg to you, you "enjoy", right? Dragging the forum into the angst of your private problems with other posters, misrepresenting people, muzzling posters from expressing their independent opinions by BRANDING dissenters to KHUangThought as "enemies of the forum", "BRANDING" me a TROLL WHO'S TRYING TO STOKE A RACE WAR <- these are all just "games" to you?! oh, and who's REALLY trying to stoke a race war?!

      "I'm enjoying watching its effect.."
      - well i'm glad you are enjoying your "games", bcos NO ONE ELSE IS. do you think i like having to comment? i'm someone who barely post anything BUT LINKS. i have however CONSISTENTLY called for inclusion on this board. do i interject when you're all having your personal arguments etc, for ex: @mt, or 0ccupati0 or whoever calling out Solidz or whatever? NO, i NEVER do. i only comment if there's some FACTUAL correction to be made, like the one where you personally attacked me for as "vitriolic". now that i think of all the times i never spoke up when you were clearly misleading people, i'm SORRY to the board. SMH.

    34. Hey everybody - I gotta get some rest. More later. Maybe we're all just antsy for trade date upcoming.

    Dwight Howard is in Houston looking at houses today.

    @Northside_Mike 100%. It's not with me, but I know the agent and they made an spot for one of my listings to look

  25. I have a question. If Jlin get traded. Obviously, the new team will have to pay him 5m/15m for yr 2/3 of his contract. So the CAP hits on the new team will be (5+5+15)/3= 8.3m or (5+15)/2=10m? If it is the latter case, I bet Rox will try everything they can to sell him now, otherwise, at the final year, his cap hits to other team will be 15m....I am not familiar with this, can someone explain?

    1. When a specific NBA team values a player's skills, it will gladly disregard cap numbers in order to get that specific player.

      Case in point: Nobody is crying foul about Dwight Howard's gargantuan potential footprint on the Rockets cap, even though I myself don't necessarily think that he's capable of bringing more wins to the Rockets than the current Rockets centers are. Getting that guy will limit the Rockets for years, even if he doesn't get injured again.

      I've said all along that NBA teams still don't value Lin's game just because he's Asian. If any other point guard of any other color had put together a season like Lin's, people would be calling him "the next Jason Kidd" and would be clamoring to rip him away from the Rockets.

      Lin is the best value player in the entire NBA for his contract. The Rockets don't realize that Lin's not just the golden egg, but the goose that lays the golden eggs too.

    2. It counts as 8.3 per year. Only NY would have had the balloon cap hit.

    3. @Michael Terry, thanls!

      @KHuang, I understand, and I agree with you. I was just asking based on the regular NAB team's view.

    4. If you don't believe KHuang just look at all the laughable hype around Eric Bledsoe.

      Playing against reserves with elite finishers, he averaged no more points and 2 fewer assists per-36 while being too small to body up most point guards (though he gets Beverly-style blocks).

      When Bledsoe finally got a chance to start? 14/5 in 34mpg. Not even close to Linsanity. And remember he had Blake Griffin and DJ to finish his passes with NO ball-dominant SG. He simply didn't have it.

      And yet, he is roundly considered a "future star" and "stud" by 90% of media and fans and probably the league's coaches. Laughable. He might end up being good...but he's nothing special right now. Just a nice backup.

      Meanwhile, Jeremy has shown All-Star potential whenever he's not with James Harden...and everyone loves to trash him. Hey, I just laugh it off...because he's going to prove everyone always.

    5. zxcvb, good points. But in order to be an all-star, or at least looks like one. You need your team to put you in that what Rox did to Harden and Parsons. Otherwise, it will always be just talks about POTENTIAL... I like the Bledsoe example, well said.

    6. Jeremy Lin shows All Star potential WITH James Harden or anybody else he takes the court with.

      All season long, Lin's had incredible games where he just destroys opponents in his 30 minutes. Lin's axe jobs on opponents are so devastating that it allows a SCRUB like Beverley to get repeatedly burned on defense while doing zilch offensively in major minutes that Bev does not deserve at all.

      If Lin were black or white, people would be like "Lin's CRAZY ATHLETIC, the way he shuts guys down and grabs rebounds in traffic and dribbles past anybody and flies in for double clutch layups like he's Michael Jordan or Dr J".

    7. JLin and Asik's contract now officially count as 8.3 mill against the cap, regardless if they're traded. This happened because there's a loophole that allowed teams (Rockets) that were under the cap to get those deals. But they still get paid 5/5/15 million, so if a owner doesn't want to pay Lin that 15 million in the 3rd year (but 8.3 mill against the cap), he probably wouldn't trade for him.

      The reason why it was a poison pill, because not only would the Knicks have paid Lin the 15 mill in the 3rd year, it would have counted against the cap, plus extra due to tax penalties. This question has been dissected over and over but Lin haters usually bring it back up that 15 million is against the cap.

    8. Lin haters don't even think he is worth 1 million. They don't want him on their team. If he does avg. 25 and 7 next season, they will complain that he's taking away shots from Harden.

      Basically, Harden was doing what Linsanity was doing for the Knicks, penetrating and creating. Except that job was shifted to Harden and his $16 million salary.
      Harden is being paid 2X to do what Lin does naturally, and plays better defense too.

    9. "It counts as 8.3 per year. Only NY would have had the balloon cap hit."

      Hypothetically, if the Rockets traded Lin back to NYK, then it only counts 8.3 per year for the Knicks, right? NBA salary caponomics is so messed up...

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. As long as DHO moves to Houston, things will be good for Lin. Either Lin gets traded or Lin is part of an elite starting 5. Really it's a win/win for Lin and for Lin fans.

    Supposedly we are "crazy" & "delusional" Lin fans. We were the ones back 2 years ago who said Lin could help the Rockets and the Knicks only to be mocked and derided and it was assumed we must all be Asian foreignors and engineers with no clue about bball.

    We all knew Lin could easily be a 15pt/10asst guy in the NBA after his first year in the NBA with GSW. Why nobody else could see that is beyond me. Why nobody can see that now beyond us is even more beyond me.

    But you know what? We were right then and we were right about Lin's misuse last season. Sure Lin is now a starter but it was simliar to Coach Smart's misuse of Lin in GSW.

    I think this season will be a good one for Lin. Lin will never get to be the lead guard by design, but I have a feeling his star guard teammate will get injured or Lin will simply be so much better that his coaches will be forced to give Lin a better role wherever he is.

    Lin's athleticism has improved a lot since his first year in the NBA. I hope he really works on plyo this summer and works on jumping off different feet and doing 2 footed jumps like Doc wanted.

    1. I was disappointed to see him still not dunking with ease in this video. I want to see him dunk two-handed off of one foot on fast breaks, which I think is the most elegant way to finish and impressively athletic for a mid-sized guard. I've seen tape of him doing it when he was in college. What happened?

      To train one-footed vertical you must measure your one-footed vertical and train it. This is just as trainable as lifting weights, you just have to make that metric as easy to grade as pounds on a barbell.

      Buy some hurdles, JLin. Increasing your vertical makes a real difference in on court success AND the way your athleticism is evaluated by coaches and fans, whose evaluation ALSO makes a real difference on the outcome of your career.

    2. I agree and I hope he's trying to improve it. Jumping trains jumping and I doubt Lin is doing plyo 2 hours every other day. Also, I know he squats which is great, but he probably needs to do even more than that and add in some olympic lifts /explosion movements to get more vertical.

      But Lin is vastly more athletic overall than he was when he first came into the league. That or he's just a lot stronger than he was.

      I do agree he seems to have lost vertical and jumped higher in college or at least use to do 2 hand finishes which he seems unable to do now. And I doubt he gets any of it back every again. Even if he trained the vert like crazy, all it takes is a small injury for him to lose it all if it's not natural leg strength.

      As we all know, the dunk kings of the NBA dont even train their legs, they just have it naturally..Lin was blessed with speed and agility but only passable hops that seem to be deteriorating year by year.

      As long as his shot improves, he can make up for his lack of elite vertical imo...

    3. I'm with you on the finishing/dunking. It's one thing if you don't want to seem disrespectful in an NBA game (which I don't buy), but who in that gym had a higher pedigree than Lin? Was anyone other than Machado even in the NBA?

      I wish he had just thrown down.

      "the way your athleticism is evaluated by coaches"

      Yeah. Usually McHale claps two times after a Lin make. After Lin dunked on Garcia, he clapped *three* times...

    4. This is one of the few areas where I disagree with my man Michael Terry.

      A dunk is still just 2 points.

      I remember the Larry Bird vs Dominique Wilkins battles in the 80s. Bird would rarely dunk, and Willins would posterize people. But more often than not Bird would win the game over Wilkins' Hawks.

      As long as Jeremy Lin is able to get winning results, I'm good with him not dunking.

    5. Wait, didn't u say Lin is a dunker? My man khuang?

    6. Still waiting for your reply, my man. You are now saying that a dunker should not dunk?

    7. My theory is that he doesn't want to increase the wear and tear on his knees.

  28. Dear Lord, please send Lin to Indiana in the offseason...

    1. I would cream my pants.

    2. I keep saying this, and it won't happen, but a George Hill for Jeremy Lin trade would make both teams so happy.

      But if Dwight comes to Houston, at least Jeremy will have someone to set a decent screen and finish consistently. No more Asik bobbles and FTs on layup-attempts (though, to be fair, Omer improved as the season went on).

      Also, since Dwight wants more low-post touches, he needs a REAL point guard to give him proper entry-passes. And Harden isn't that kinda of playmaker.

  29. @joeteam....I wonder if you are the owner of JeremyIntelligence.

    Appreciate your comments here.

    1. PCheung, thanks for asking and saying. I've read his blog and I think he does some good youtubes. No, it's not me. I'd love to meet him and others sometime, because you all matter. I like you strong young folks trying to do good - you matter because soon, we will all be too old to help out personally, and there are a lot of little kids younger than you who need mentoring. I say this because I had great mentors before, and then I went through a stage where I was mad at the generation just after me. Now I realize you all are the link to our next generation, so we have to pass it forward.

    2. thanks for the reply. But I am a 60 years old man who had no job but enjoy my life. :)

  30. Replies
    1. What is this decision #2? Hasn't he learned anything?

      But I really hope the Rox get screwed.

    2. If Rockets get screwed instead, would it mean Lin stuck with Rockets?

  31. I had been down on athletes wearing their Christianity on their sleeves, but after how God cleared the way for Tebow to become a star tight end this off-season, I'm rethinking my position.

    1. Where da hell did this come from?

    2. I still believe if Lin is traded his #1 destination is Utah, Trey Burke or no Trey Burke and other 2nd round PG's picked yesterday.

      Again, I hope I'm right on this because it support what I've seen from the lazy NBA head offices all my life - the GM's just watch their own teams play the rest of the league and they will poach a player who kicked their butts the year before. And Lin since GSW, has always kicked UTAH's butt hard every time.

      If I'm right and Lin goes to Utah, it just means a bunch of lazy meat heads, Sloane/MiT/MBA/NBA analytics or not, run the NBA as I'm sure that is how pro sports in general are run esp. in the NBA and NFL and MLB.

      Personally I want to see him luck his way onto the Lakers but that Lin's luck would just be unending..

    3. I don't think MT is right on Tebow. Tebow has more gumption than that. He's gonna stick it out at QB. If I am wrong, have the OP perm ban me.

  32. Hi I was just wondering, what type of competition is Pro AM Games? What kinds of players compete in them, thanks.

    1. They're basically informal tournaments in which high level players get together to test their skills.

      What I don't know is what it takes to get into such a tournament. I'd imagine that they're invite only, otherwise the gym would be filled with no name wannabes clamoring to take a shot at Jeremy Lin.

      These tournaments are not competitive like the NBA, but players do show their skills and build their reputations in these tournaments.

      During the summer before the lockout, NBA players competed all across the country in these tournaments.

      These tournaments are not completely unimportant. Often scouts and other professional basketball people attend these events.

    2. I would say at best it's D-League level, and looking at the score, you can tell there's not going to be top level defense. But players who are on the rosters usually have some sort of basketball experience, either through college or pro (including international).

      Just look at the rosters and NBA players are not going to play in every single game. Jeremy's brother, Joseph Lin, should probably try to play in this as much as he can, since he's only Division III.

    3. Wow thanks. I see some big name players played In this touram
      Does anyone know if the Los Angeles area have this type of touraments too? That would make a good summer basketball for me. Thanks!

    4. Yes there are such tournaments in LA, Goodayii.

      One such tournament is the famed Drew League. Lebron James and Kevin Durant have gone head to head in that league, I think.

      These leagues are often free to the public or charge minimal admission feeds.

    5. From what I've seen, you don't need an invite per se, but you DO need some kind of "proven" credential -- i.e. being on a D-I or D-II college team, a top high school team, a quality Euro/Asian league team, and of course any NBA player is welcome.

  33. Ok, since we're in silly season, a silly (maybe?) post:

    Lin started wearing a mouthguard I believe in the Minnesota game in March.

    Prior to that, his 3pt% was .325.

    Since the mouthguard, his 3pt% has been .379.

    5% is a significant improvement, unexplained by chance.

    Or is it a coincidence?

    1. I would say it's because he was getting healthier with his knee. There were already reports that he was trying to adjust in the beginning of the season due to the swelling.

    2. It's entirely possible, Nom.

      NBA players are notoriously superstitious. In a game where a rubber band worn around a wrist seemed to work wonders for Michael Jordan, there's no reason to disbelieve that Lin might shoot better with a mouthpiece than without one. And it's entirely possible that the mouthpiece has no impact whatsoever or even HURTS Lin's shooting.

      On this forum, there hasn't been much written about Jeremy Lin's superstitious tendencies, if any.

    3. Yeah that's it. It was the mouth guard.

    4. I mentioned this in-season. There was a marked change.

      If there's a direct reason, I'd suggest it's because you have something in your mouth that changes your focus. I used to run with a hat on when I wanted a very narrow focus to gut out the 3rd lap. Fun runs no, but going for time - a hat.

      Motorcycle helmets also give you a sense of extra care too, as noted by my teacher. There is also that psychological edge too of feeling more aggressive with the protection on.

      The thing I hated was his nervous chewing or touching it. Fisher coughs in his hands, handles the ball, Lin takes it inbound, then fiddles with his mouthguard. Yuk.

    5. infusing it with "vitamins" from his environment...

    6. "Motorcycle helmets also give you a sense of extra care too, as noted by my teacher. There is also that psychological edge too of feeling more aggressive with the protection on. "

      There is a good point in this. It's called the "Peltzman Effect". "Saftey" developments from seatbelts/bike helmets to NFL gear/Nascar cars have been implicated in more aggressive behavior due to the psychological crutch of "safety". The risk of an adverse event ends up being the same, although the severity of said event is sometimes worse.

    7. If there's any hint of possible psychological advantage to shoot better 3PT% by wearing mouth guard, then I'm all for it.

      The bigger question is did he wear the mouthguard when shooting 78% with 1000 shots recently? Perhaps he can do even better with 85% :D

      Plus add lunging defender trying to block his shot to simulate game environment during practice.

    8. Another theory would be Lin playing with his mouthguard on the bench grossed out Parsons so Lin can focus better on his game without having clingy Parsons on his shoulder.

      It's a well-known fact that clingy GF is detrimental to your game :D

    9. @psalm

      So funny you say that, because I was wondering if he was wearing his mouthguard too!

      Regardless of whether it makes a difference or not, I'm a fan of practicing as close to game situation as possible, so hopefully he was wearing it (but I doubt it).

      Re: grossed out (and maybe I'll venture into finding a pic/video of this), remember how Cole Aldrich wore his mouthguard around his ear while he was on the bench? Blech!

      Re: GF, you know, I really hope Lin does find somebody, and soon. I don't want someone clingy for him that will be detrimental to his game, but I don't want him so focused on basketball/pressures that he misses out on this part of life, either. He needs a complete support system, not just his family and trainer/friend(s).

    10. SMH.. only in this site will people argue that the mouthguard was the impetus behind Lin's improvement in shooting percentage.

  34. Sorry to all for posting my reply to KHuang here, i'm unable to post my defense of myself on the original convo~

    KHuangJune 28, 2013 at 9:22 PM
    I accept that, Nom.

    I don't agree with you, but I'm not going to hold it against you either. Unlike the trolls here, I can live with differences of opinion.

    As for via, she needs to get better at her GAMES. I find her whining about me maligning her to be UTTERLY PATHETIC, given all the flames she fires and stokes in her TROLLING.

    @Nom~ THANK YOU for speaking up for me. :)

    @KHuang~ You choose to REFRAME my LEGITIMATE demand that you not MALIGN me as "playing GAMES" on my part, and characterize people refusing to accept your unfair accusations as merely "WHINING" and "UTTERLY PATHETIC"? is it that you do this type of thing so much that the gravity of besmirching people's reputation doesn't register with you anymore? in your opinion, should i just agree with you that i'm a TROLL WHO'S STOKING RACE WARS? o.O WHY DO YOU THINK THIS?

    "given all the flames she fires and stokes in her TROLLING."
    - You BRAND me as a "Troll" now that you can't shut me up by refuting the facts i present. i dare you to point to me to where i "Trolled." WHERE?

    1. Via, I don't think u need to continue to defend yourself against Khuang because its quite obvious he is playing games and enjoys the reaction he's getting from you. Nom and I may have our differences ( but really, battier is one of the BEST players in the game?) , but we both agree that u provide something essential to the site - much more than what Khuang or I can provide.

      So ignore him. His beef is with me and rightly so - and let me get my hands dirty. U don't need to concern yourself with him. He really has no clout anymore.

    2. "Via, I don't think u need to continue to defend yourself against Khuang..."
      - i felt the need to point out the presuppositions he always try to sneak past people within his text, i'm thinking perhaps the board is too busy to examine what his words truly implies, and how unfair he's being, and this must be why the board remain silent [tacitly approves] on his behavior..?

      "and let me get my hands dirty. U don't need to concern yourself with him."
      - Thanks, will take your advice. :)

    3. I realize today that silence doesn't imply tacit approval on this site.

      I mean what Nom said today to Khuang just came out of nowhere. He articulated khuang's Martyr Complex way better than I could ever have and in turn made khuang accept it ( I think). Wasn't it his first time ever calling out khuang?

      In the same light, Spotless put me on blast few days ago for being a dick to khuang - and that came out of nowhere as well.

      So no need to justify your rep at all, especially to someone like khuang. People know. My rep can't be more besmirched but yours will always be respected. You carry yourself very well.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  35. I have been reading comments about Jeremy's contract is incommensurate with his on court performance and for this reason, no other NBA team would trade for him. But I'm thinking wouldn't Jeremy's Chinese/Taiwanese advertisements boost the Rockets' revenue and effectively reduce the amount of money that is actually required to pay his salary? Taking into consideration of the ad/sponsorship that Jeremy brings to his team, isn't his contract not overvalued and there probably are few teams vying for him?

  36. Replies
    1. That was nice. I know what Harden would have done in that situation. Make a fake attempt at stealing the ball from the passer, then get the heck out of dodge. He wouldn't even be in the frame during the dunk!

    2. Hey! We didn't need to see that. Hater!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. it's all over twitter. :/

  37. I watched highlights of chris paul and compared with highlights of jlin on youtube ( sorry too lazy to link it). Came away with a better appreciation of both, but more so cp3. We all know hes good but really how good is evident in rewind. Chris is a master of the midrange. His go to spot is the top corners of the freethrow line. Thats where you ll find lots of midrange jumpers from him. Thats where i often thought if a player knew how to control himself in that prime location he can be really really good (in regards to guards). He doesnt have to attack deeper than that. Of course it happens during the course of a game. Thats not to say he doesnt attack the basket. He attacks the basket to get to that spot. Chris has bailout moves to his repertoire in limiting turnovers. Im not talking about fancy dribbling. A shake, a hesitation to get some space, and there goes that jumper. The jumper is dependable. I think jlin s game more fun to watch. Has more potential for explosion and a higher ceiling. Jlins primary weapon is quickness off he block. Once he blows by an opponent the first time, he s pretty much got the guy for the rest of the game. Theres really no need for fancy dribbling as far as lin is concerned. Usually fancy dribbling only nets you a jumper and not a layup. So his handle is fine. After the blow by he can go midrange, layup, or pass. Thats all at his disposal once he masters the shooting. When he does, watch out. The midrange game will come to him naturally in a different system. Not hard to get to cp3s spot on the floor. The key is to slow down when you get there.