Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What's Next?

The Rockets can be like the Warriors if Harden learns he doesn't have to do it all and Jeremy takes the next step.

Ultimate Rockets » Rockets’ oft-criticized Lin promises improvement

Daryl Morey Gives Vote Of Confidence To Jeremy Lin « CBS Houston


  1. Hi folks, I have a question please.

    I was rooting for the Thunder against the Grizzlies. But at times, I wasn't sure which team to root for.

    Therefore, I NEED TO KNOW whether Lin's chest injury in the 2nd game of the first round was committed intentionally or not by the Thunder's Sefolosha. I heard that Perkins hit him first and then Sefo sort of finished the job during a ball scramble on the floor.

    None of the playoffs are on League Pass because they are nationally televised, so I couldn't rewind to go back to anything I had missed.

    1. I believe it is just me, but I feel, Tony Allen, Perkins and Sefolosha are all dirty players. I don think Sefolosha really intentionally to set up Lin, but I believe when he saw the chances, he just went for it.

    2. I'm going to root for Memphis then. I know they are all dirty players too, but.

      The amount of muscles many player have can be so dangerous. They use the elbow too much as a weapon. Lin definitely needs to lift weights.

    3. For that particular play, Lin just trusted his opponent too much I guess. He can use his arms or shoulders instead of his chest.

    4. I'm betting on Memphis on this one. hope Spurs won't fail me and they win second round. Grizzlies vs Spurs would be nice to watch, at least for me.

    5. That looks more like a sneaky type of "accident" than I would have thought. I was under the impression that they were both going for the loose ball on the floor.

      Thanks via wong.

    6. Well sefarosha obliviously "protected" himself better. He used his shoulder at Lin with full force.

    7. @ztrta, you do know you can watch past playoff games on LP right?, only the live games are not on LP.

    8. Lin has been elbowed in the face about a dozen times this season. Dragic did it twice in 2 games. Gasol elbowed him in the last game vs. Lakers. Everyone in the NBA has learned that the refs will let them get away with elbowing and hitting Lin, so they keep doing it.

    9. it was not intentional

    10. It does not matter, no one can prove it, video is there but we can not read their mind.

  2. I don't believe Morey.
    I don't trust Morey.
    Keeping Lin on their roster, for whatever reason, is not good for his career. Everything that got Lin popular just isn't there anymore because of them marginalizing him - including swagger or confidence he used to have. He plays and looks so uncool since becoming a Rocket.

    1. Well, to Morey's defense, I don think there is any GM that can be trusted. It is their job to lie ( or say manipulate situations and personnel). We all know Rox does not appreciate Lin, he is just a temporary solution for Rox. However, big changes regarding PGs might not be on top of their list. So.....Lin is stuck with them.

    2. I thought right away, during the Lin intro press conference, Morey looked as if he wasn't buying in. He had a transparent expression on his face.

      I hope Lin isn't stuck in Houston for another year. I think there will be 50% chance (we just don't know yet) he'll be traded this offseason. Perhaps, Morey's mission of making Harden's stats look better at Lin's expense has been accomplished, he is trying to raise Lin's trade value.

    3. ztrta,

      Why would Morey have a mission to make Lin have poor stats? His job security is based on how well the Rockets play. If the Rockets play poorly he may lose his job. He wants all he players to do well and obviously win.

      Countless GM's have lost their jobs when the players they select do poorly.

    4. and moreover Morey's stats shows JLIN was the 3rd best on the team to provide wins.

    5. JLinfan, Morey did not select Lin, Les did. Morey only need to make sure the Harden trade is worthy.

    6. Brent,

      You are right that Morey did not select Lin, but the Harden trade had nothing to do with Lin. In Morey's view their success is not dependent on the other playing poorly.

      The Rockets got Harden by trading guards Kevin Martin and Jeremy Lamb, two first-round picks and a second-round pick . Even if Lin had never decided to come to Houston, then Goran Dragic would still be on the Rockets and Harden would still be traded from OKC to the Rockets.

      Lin success and Harden success are Morey's goals. Because he wants the team to do well. That requires everyone to have success.

      But let assume you are right and Morey wants Lin gone. Even if that were true, Lin value would be higher if he were to play well. From that point, the argument that Morey doesn't care or wants to suppress Lin ability does not make sense.

    7. Signing Lin was the choice of the owner Les Alexander. Harden is the masterpiece of GM Daryl Morey. Royce White was McHale's man... which shows what a bad coach he is.

      Morey wants Harden and Beverly to outplay Lin in every game ... because then Morey looks like a genius who makes smart decisions over the owner.

    8. and then Morey can trade Lin away for someone Morey actually wants.

    9. I am not saying Morey want Lin gone right, Lin is more of a temporary role player to him. No more no less. And no matter Lin is successful or not, it is not on Morey. So, he wouldn't,t care if Lin play 32MPG or 3.2MPG.

    10. True about wanting to prove Les wrong...

      I think Morey liked JLin more pre-Linsanity. But when Linsanity happened after he cut JLin, Morey just wanted to distance himself from the whole thing.
      He didn't want JLin returning to the Rox: Morey's initial offer was premeditated to let Nyk match. Someone like Morey does not make that type of a mistake. [And it wasn't.] Les' meddling ruined his plan.

      Now he's stuck with JLin. [The stats on JLin Morey recites, it's not like he's talking up JLin. He can't deny them after all, they are facts.]

    11. ABC Baller,

      First off, Les also wanted Beverly.

      Secondly, Morey is a smart guy. He doesn't make important decisions on trades based on emotions. He uses advanced statistics, one of the first GM to rely on it.

      He didn't get to his position by wanting "look like a genius". What he does want is the team to win.

      Look at his track record. He trades players when they play well, when their value is high. In return he get's good players. What strange is that the players who gets traded off to other teams end up playing poorly.

      If GM in the NBA simply wanted to look like geniuses as you say that wouldn't make the right decision.

      What you are saying is based on speculation with no strong evidence.

    12. JLin Fan, I understand where you came from, but like I said before, all we did is speculation. A LOT OF FACT is not known to us. At the end, we can only give our best guess.

    13. Morey has a HORRIBLE "track record" in that his teams keep missing the playoffs until his cut-ee Lin saved the Rockets.

      When it came to cutting Lin, Morey openly stated that he DISREGARDED his own advanced stats.

      Morey is the court jester and public mouthpiece, but Les Alexander is the true force behind the Houston Rockets. Morey is essentially Les's SECRETARY.

      Morey is nowhere near as smart as the media makes him out to be. Les Alexander knows this too, and that's why he lets Morey shoot off at the mouth to provide DISINFORMATION.

    14. @KHuang,
      Since Les is a big fan of Lin, why do you have pessimistic prediction about Lin's min/waived next year?

    15. KHuang,

      Terrible track record? Name me a team that barely missed the playoffs, then got back to the playoffs without tanking?

      The answer is there is none. Morey did an incredible job. That is very hard to do. Practically all the teams now in playoff contention did horrible for years with losing records before getting in the playoffs. OKC, GSW being a prime example.

      On cutting Lin, there were 3 guaranteed point guard contracts. How was Lin going to play? Nobody saw what Lin did in NY. In his first year at GSW he didn't play well. It was due to being nervous and given limited minutes.

      Morey a court jester? A mouthpiece? The guy who got an MBA from MIT? Morey doesn't have it "out" for Lin.

    16. livrylife, NBA owners can be huge fans of their own players but still not keep them if they're detrimental to team chemistry.

      In the last game of the playoffs, I saw the Rockets lay down on Lin. They were BEING LAZY, not cutting and defending and simply begging for Lin to pass to them. Lin was hustling, but everybody else went to sleep with Lin on the court.

      The difference this year is that I think that the entire team will go to sleep on Lin for the whole season. He'll come in, play great individually, and yet the team will fall behind because nobody other Lin is defending or passing. And Lin will be the undeserving fall guy.

      A similar dynamic like this happened to Tim Hardaway in Golden State. He got injured and then was benched in his 3rd year. Once Tim Hardaway escaped to Miami, he immediately regained All Star form.

    17. Is this Jlin fan poster really naive or has he been living under a boulder or he's actually a Lin hater who sees everything upside down to fit his narrative?

      Wow, lost for words. Or maybe haven't kept tract of things. I have 3 hobbies but I was able to read up and visit here often.

    18. ztrta,

      How am I naive? Please don't call people names. Attack my argument not the person behind it. Have I wrote something so strange? I have been a fan of basketball and the Rockets for a long time.

      I am a fan of Jlin. I like everything he stands for. He is underdog that surpassed all expectations when everyone thought he was not going to make it. How am I a hater?

      I enjoy watching grow him as a player. The bumps along the way will make him a better player.

    19. I cannot give you a substantive argument because it would take too much time. That is why I called you naive, to make a blanket comment.

      However, you can read a ton of older posts in the archive.

    20. ztrta,

      That's fine then. Let's just leave it as that.

      I don't have time to go through the older posts unfortunately. I'll guess I'll have to take your word for it then.

    21. Jlin fan,

      I hear you. And sorry about that.

      I may have 3 hobbies, but one of them is with a pen that I can do anywhere. Another one takes a brief time each, though much of it involves thinking prior to that, that I can do anywhere and any time. The third one involves hiking though..... And I do work out of my home in my own business with no pressure.

    22. Morey doesn't want jlin anymore. We all know which kind of player he likes next to harden: a defensive man who hits the 3 point... He already said he wants
      players like sergio lull.

      But he can't speak against jlin cause he's a trade asset and he'll try to get the most out of him....

    23. If Lin play well then Les will want to keep him. If you read all the above comments then I don't have to continue.

    24. jlin fan can be a fan of Lin but also not be a fan of his supporters like me.

      Morey teams have failed to make the playoffs in like the last 3 seasons before this one. It was decisions like CUTTING LIN that caused his teams to be garbage.

      Les Alexander was the one that overruled Morey and brought back Lin. Without Lin's incredible two way play, this Rockets team would've won the 30 games that everybody was predicting them to have.

      Don't give Morey credit for Les Alexander's basketball superiority, especially since Les was the one screaming at Morey daily last season for cutting Lin.

    25. Morey openly said that had he known Lin would be that good, he'd have never cut him.

      That right their debunks your fantasy that Morey cut Lin strictly for basketball reasons.

      The other thing Morey said was that had Houston kept Lin, they wouldn't have let him do anything anyway.

      Over a year of rehashing Morey's ongoing inability to see the quality in Lin's game has been fired on this board. As you are new to this Lin board, you should go back and read those old posts. Your arguments have been DEBUNKED not just by me, but tons of other people on this board. I'm not gonna waste my time debunking you any further on this topic.

    26. KHuang,

      Right. You're merely citing what Morey himself has said in articles and in his interviews or tweets.

      And the reason for your paragraph #3 is because of paragraph #1.

      A part of the reason Morey didn't know that Lin was at least good enough to keep as a 3rd string PG when his salary was the league's minimum was that the lockout shortened season (which allowed Lin to improve his game in the first place, since players out of rotation rarely get developed by team, yet they must always show up for "work") didn't give them the training camp time. McHale, as the coach, got to see Lin in some scrimmages but he probably thought nah not in real games for the Harvard grad Asian (the exact same reason why he didn't get drafted when showed very well in the Summer league, against the highly drafted players).

      But had the Rockets kept Lin as a 3rd string PG instead of another player, they would have seen him play as the first backup behind Dragic when the starter Lawry got injured. Instead, they had to rent an unreliable, very short and very old fella on 10 day contract(s).

  3. If I owned the Rockets and Daryl Morey said some of those things he said in that interview to me, he'd NEVER work for me.

    Yet he NAILED IT when it came to Jeremy Lin. Not even the racist hater interviewer could bait Morey into saying Beverley was better than Lin. I don't think Morey can see Lin's impact by watching games, but the numbers show Lin all over the place.

    It's not hard to see why Houston has a low regard for Lin. Lin is so much SMARTER than everybody in that franchise except for maybe Les Alexander. That Harvard pedigree and Asian analytical sensibility really shines whenever Lin opens his mouth!

    1. One thing I am really curious. They kept saying they need another ALL-Star player. If Parsons get in to the ASG next year, what will the FO do to him afterward?

    2. KHuang,

      I noticed you use the term "racist" quite a bit in your posts. I just don't see it. How is the interviewer racist? It not good to throw that accusation so easily.

      He asked a question that a lot of people were thinking about. In the NBA is all about "what have you done for me lately." Players are judged by their most recent performance, especially the playoffs. It's unfair, but that the way it has been.

      This place needs more optimism.

      Here is to Jlin working hard in the offseason!

    3. Lin, unlike other players, is not given the benefit of the doubt every because of his race.

    4. No black or white player being paid the kind of money Lin is being paid who puts up the oversized production Lin does has ever been criticized the way Lin has, Jlin fan.

      I prefer to call things STRAIGHT as they are instead of fabricating made up excuses for bad behavior, Jlin fan.

    5. KHuang,

      That is not true. Look at Lebron, Melo, Derrick Rose. They were all crucified in the past. Rose more recently.

      Even though Lebron was a superstar who had amazing games through the season and in the playoffs he never won a championship until recently. Everyone called him a choker. He didn't even play badly in the playoffs, he just missed final shots in the finals vs Dallas. All based on a single recent performance. That was all the media/fans could talk about. They practically ignored everything else he did prior to him winning a championship.

      Melo was called a poor player and made fun of because he had bad playoff performances. He did well in the regular season, but his team faltered in the playoffs. He was under heavy pressure in NY, especially this year to do well in the playoffs. It was only this year when everyone started saying really good things about him. He even got one MVP vote.

      Derrick Rose one of the nicest and most humble players ever is being called a quitter, soft, mentally quick and a myriad of other things because he is not currently playing. The guy sacrificed his body, drawing fouls, playing injured last year and was a previously award the MVP honor. In addition he is a homegrown guy from Chicago, even he is not immune to a sharp turn of emotions from the fans/media.

      The point is, those players are black and at one point or another faced heavy criticism undue or not. They come from short attention spans in the world of sports. Not necessarily racism.

      That being said, Jeremy Lin has experienced racism. However, this interview is not an example of that.

    6. Don't compare black players like Lebron and Melo and Rose to Asian Lin, Jlin fan.

      That's apples and oranges. Besides, you're talking 2 number one picks and a #3 against an undrafted cuttee like Lin playing for his 6th team in 3 years!

      Lebron and Rose and Melo have been criticized, but none of them have been stomped on like Lin in the press and on the court.

      This interview in which the hugely UNDERPERFORMING Beverley was rated as better than Lin by the interviewer is a HUGE GLARING example of media racism. But most people, including you, are so accustomed to anti-Asian racism that you can't accept that an hyperproducing Asian player cannot be outperforming a nonproducing black player like Bev.

    7. "can be", not "cannot be"

    8. JLin Fan, all of the above players you mentioned, they were criticized by more or less bball reasons. Their base of criticism were completely different.

    9. Khuang,

      I am Asian. How can I be accustomed to anti-Asian ideas? Bev played well. So did Lin. Having those opinions doesn't make someone accustomed to anti Asian racism.

      Bev played well in the playoffs. He is not a "nonproducing player." He had some off games, but the fact that he did play well is obvious. Lin didn't because he was injured, not his fault. People are going to ask about that, that's just reality.

      Look at what people are saying about David Lee on the warriors, and also Rose. Are they being racists to white and black people too?

      How is comparing Lebron, Melo, Rose apples and oranges? I am not saying Jlin is a superstar. I am simply saying that despite good performances, they have been heavily talked down on. The basis of my argument is there. A player plays well, but has a string of bad games and people talk down on them. The same with Lin.

      Lastly, Lebron, Melo, and Rose have absolutely been stomped on by the media. They called Lebron a choker, with countless internet threads and memes degrading him. The Rose situation is just as bad.


      Jlin fan is being criticized for BBall reasons though. The interview is talking about his bad playoff performance.

      Remember I did say Lin experienced racism, that is true. I am not denying that.

    10. Sure you're Asian who can't even differentiate MIT and Sloan Business School.
      Wonder how much Morey paid you to defend him. Once strip club visit together with Harden? Cheap!

    11. L Kim,

      The Sloan school of Management is the business School at MIT. Morey went to MIT. What did I say that was wrong?

      Why are you hostile? Because my opinion if different from yours?

      Let's be mature here. A forum is a place for discussion.
      If you disagree, then fine. Maybe you are right that Morey doesn't like Lin. I don't think so, but what I said is my opinion. Nothing more.

      I didn't insult anyone, no need for you to insult me.

    12. When I read these irrational, emotional replies to the rational, reasonable poster who points out that it is not necessarily racism, this criticism that Jeremy gets recently, and it makes me wonder. It makes me sad. Cmon people, let us be more rational about things. :)

    13. Your screenname insults us JLin fans as your views are biased and not fair to Lin.

      You also insult us JLin fans by fending off comments aimed at exposing Morey's unscrupulous intentions.

    14. L Kim,

      If you think my views are biased, then fine. I can't change the way you see my argument. It's not insulting to have a different opinion.

      In the end I am a Jlin fan. I just think Houston is a good place for him. You and other people don't want him in Houston. I do.

      Part of being a good player is learning to play in different systems and different strategies. He can learn to play off the ball and also catch and shoot better, while also playing the point.

      Lastly, his position in Houston gives him less of a chance of being injured. Look at what happened in NY when he was the guy playing the focal point.

      Harden got injured quite a bit this season. Harden hurt his knee a couple of times. What if that was Lin? If harden was not there Lin would have gotten far more hits in the lane and who knows what would have happened. He already get's fouled hard at the amount he drives to the rim.

    15. Folks, you are getting to emotional over "Jlin fan" Everyone has the right to express their opinion without name callings and character assassinations.

    16. Don't twist and make it sound so noble that Harden is in HOU to take hard fouls for Lin. Harden's the product of Morey's genius trade, he should take whatever fouls that he so desired in order to get his AND 1 and FT.

      Go and read all the intelligent posts in the archive to understand our sentiments here about Morey before you decide to use the same screen name. I can't regard anyone who refuses to read the old posts since FEB 2012 or before this season's playoffs to be JLin fan.

      And don't force anyone of the Rox down our throat, we are smarter than you think. Morey isn't a smart guy. Period!

    17. L Kim,

      I didn't say Harden is in HOU to take hard fouls for Lin. He is just by circumstance because he is the go to guy. Just like Lin was when he played in NY.

      To be a fan of Jlin I have to read the old posts since FEB 2012? I knew about him way before that when he was on GSW. Because I didn't read the posts here doesn't mean I'm not a fan.

      I'm not forcing anything down anyone's throat. I just stated what I thought on Morey.

      Regardless, who cares about my opinion on Morey. If he is smart or not isn't a big deal. The real talk is about Jlin and his game. Despite playing in a different position on the court at times, he really did improve from last year. His stats are lower in points but watching him play one can see he is better. It's not all about points.

      Anyways enough about Morey. It is still early in Jlin career it's not like he will stay in Houston behind Harden forever. Now is the time to grow as a player. The point guard position is the hardest one to become elite in. It takes time. Look at the early stats of jason kidd and steve nash. It's a good opportunity for Lin in Houston now.

      I apologize if I ruffled anyone feathers.

    18. @Jlin fan,

      If you're truly sincere and not a troll, you're apparently relatively new here and haven't read a lot of things both on this site or elsewhere. You said elsewhere here that you don't have much time to read the old posts here. My advice to you is that - if you're sincere - you shouldn't make strong arguments IF YOU HAVEN'T KEPT UP ON THE SUBJECT; certain topics require one to read a lot to perceive things accurately - but then the haters and biased people will always see things upside down. One of my hobbies is nature photography and when I joined a photography forum a long time ago, the type of comments I used to post sometimes makes me cringe because I knew nothing about certain subjects.

    19. ztrta,

      Okay point taken. My arguments are simply being a long time basketball fan, especially the Rockets.


    20. I think everyone agrees that Lin has faced and may continue (to some degree) face racism in this league.

      To compare Lin's hate to Lebron, Rose, and Melo is weak. Lin wasn't a top 3 pick, isn't the face of a franchise, is not a MAX player and doesn't have record breaking product deals or the highest selling jersey, year after year.

      He's a good, improving basketball player making an average, starting PG salary yet he is getting the same level of criticism as those elite players. When you're a top draft pick taking up a lot of cap space, fans are going to have expectations. Lin is none of those things yet some of the media/fans expect just as much from him.

      Do you understand how odd that is and why some Lin fans might think race plays a part in all of this?

    21. k.smith,

      Yes I do. I do think race plays a role in on he is viewed and criticized. That includes the talk about Bev.

      But I also don't think Lin is getting the heat those guys mentioned are getting( and of course he shouldn't.) The talk about Bev taking Lin's role next season are from sensationalist trying to get attention. Not legitimate basketball personnel.

      I only brought up those guys because they are known and also to showcase that in sports, kneejerk reactions are the norm. I should have used other players.

    22. Beverley played well when Lin was on the court protecting him.

      Meanwhile, Beverley got ROASTED by any 3rd string point guard when Lin was off the court. Reggie Jackson had a far bigger impact against Bev than Russell Westbrook did against Lin, and I'm talking the entire season and not the playoffs.

      When Lin faced off against Reggie Jackson, he totally controlled Jackson. Even with Lin's chest injury, he was able to repair the damage that Bev did.

      I completely disagree with Jlin fan saying that Bev had a good playoff series. I see absolutely zero empirical evidence that he was a net positive, especially considering how few assists and points he produced in light of how badly he got lit up. McHale did limit the points scored on Bev by inserting Lin into the game to play his league best help defense, but I'm not going to give a SCRUB like Beverley the credit for the help defense that Lin saved his ass with.

    23. And jlin fan, you being Asian doesn't make you immune to anti Asian propaganda.

      None of the players you mentioned were cut, overlooked, targeted by refs and other players for illegal brutality, unfavorably compared to NO GAMERS like Beverley and Charles Jenkins and Pablo Prigioni and that no name D leaguer in NY, getting their contracts publicly ridiculed in the media, and being accused of being hired only to placate the Asian market.

      Your problem is that you are WHITEWASHED into pretending that racism doesn't exist. You're so painted over that you can't even see it in a blatant example like this.

      An unbiased interviewer could've criticized a guy like Francisco Garcia who earns more than Chandler Parsons and Lin put together. Or he could've asked about Harden's constant bricks and tuenovers and poor defense. He could've asked if Aaron Brooks was threatening Bev's backup role, especially since Brooks has VASTLY OUTPLAYED the completely incompetent Bev. Or he could've been asking why the 5th overall pick Thomas Robinson is being benched in favor of lower value players. Instead, this RACIST interviewer targeted the one guy on the team who's totally living up to his contract and openly stated that the horrible but black Bev is a better player.

      See jlin fan, you've had your wits SCRAMBLED by the Asian hater media. You are no longer able to recognize racism when it smacks you in the head, and that's why you're in this board critizicing Lin fans for calling it out.

      The difference between me and you is that I have deliberately blocked the media out of my life. Thus when anti Asian haterade is fired against Lin or his fans, I can recognize RACISM for what it is. I despise the media because they CREATE enemies out of Asian Americans like Lin, me, and even YOU.

    24. Why you all hating on morey? After following the rox, i d say he did the company a really fine job, aside from lin issue. Even lin issue is speculation. We all speculating. We dont need an owner messing with the gm, and a gm messing with the coach. In this cycle it messes up the players. Players inevitably are the ones mistreated. You gotta give it up to morey for having a plan a, plan b, and even a plan c. If he hadnt they wouldnt have made rhe playoffs. This is a lin site, but also give credit where credit is due.

    25. KHuang,

      I mentioned that JLin faced racism. A lot of it. He was looked over because he was Asian. There are also numerous other comments made on him that stems from his Asian heritage when people discuss his basketball skills. I never said racism did not exist.

      I guess we have different opinions on how Bev played. You said he played poorly all the time and I disagree.

      Again, JLin I recognize that Lin unfairly judged, part of that was the huge hype coming from his time with the Knicks. With hype comes expectations, unfairly so.

      I notice you always bash everyone on the Rockets. Chandlar, Harden, Bev, Omer, Delfino etc. They make mistakes yes, but so does everyone on the team.

      It seems like it's impossible for someone to make comments about Jlin's game without the tag of racism behind it.

      Mchale and Morey did praise Jlin at times throughout the season.

    26. Once again, you are totally WRONG about me.

      Your incorrect fantasies about me are clouding your posts. That's why you're getting debunked repeatedly.

      Over this season, I have criticized and praised the Rockets. I'll rehash the entire longwinded season of posts with

      1) Omer Asik became a SERVICEABLE center after Lin force fed him all season.

      2) I have been very high on Thomas Robinson who had his career screwed up by Keith Smart in Sac

      3) I have been almost completely uncritical of Francisco Garcia, Aaron Brooks, Greg Smith, Terrence Jones, Carlos Delfino, Donatas Motiejeunas, and Toney Douglas. While they've had rough moments, I generally have praised their team spirit and unselfishness. I've actually gone easy on Chandler Parsons as a minimum wage performer. And you weren't around at the beginning of the season when I was praising James Harden, though I'm sad to say that Harden has greatly disappointed me after my initial positive impression.

      4) I was hating on Beverley's slow reflexes before the Rockets even signed him. Those slow reflexes are why no other NBA team wanted him. Beverley has been greyhounded all season, getting lit up left and right while making zero decisions on the perimeter. The only reason basketball novices like you praise him is because he scrambles madly after GETTING BEAT in decisionmaking. I was not surprised at all when he undercut Russell Westbrook, as that's typical of guys who have slow reaction time and can't turn themselves off once the whistle blows.

      5) I have been McHale's BIGGEST SUPPORTER on this forum. Despite my ongoing criticism that he has no clue how good he had it with Lin, I still support McHale's usage of Lin for the most part. Now if McHale reduces Lin's minutes to under 30 and benches him, I will suddenly turn into a huge and loud McHale hater.

      JLin fan, your biggest problem is that you have INVENTED wrong opinions about me and others on this board. As time goes on and we keep DEBUNKING you, you'll not just realize that people here aren't as crazy as you think and are a lot more knowledgeable than you can imagine.

    27. @KHuang..... you wrote:

      "Yet he [Morey] NAILED IT when it came to Jeremy Lin. Not even the racist hater interviewer could bait Morey into saying Beverley was better than Lin. I don't think Morey can see Lin's impact by watching games, but the numbers show Lin all over the place."
      - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Exactly. Morey didn't like Lin nor believed in him (forget the photo op ping pong game at Lin's charity to coincide with the All-Star game), yet he couldn't lie about the results of his own advanced statistical analysis. Guess what? IT *MATCHES* MY OWN EYE TEST AND LIVE SCORE MONITORING, although I did think Parsons would have come 3rd just because he was groomed for success (plus he played more minutes, but advanced stats takes that into consideration as well): A lot of times, when Lin took a breather and either Douglas or Beverley was on the court, the Rockets' reasonable lead would be gone or nearly gone. Then McHale mysteriously played all the PGs (it's at least their titles) together, no longer staggering them, which made it harder to accurately gauge who is better for the team. Many Houston fans and writers had said that Lin's backups are better.

    28. @mt,

      Speaking for myself, I'm certainly not "speculating" about Morey. I got everything from articles and interviews, including reading between the lines from them, which just takes an average brain to do *simple* deductions.

    29. Ztrta had to go there....takes average brain to deduct from average data. Hey im no morey homer but he did a nice job otherwise les would ve kicked him out

  4. I like his last line:

    "I understand more about people and intentions and motives. And like who to trust and who not to trust."



    1. Haha, I don think it is just them. Many more for sure.

    2. Jason Friedman, Jonathan Feigen, Chandler Parsons-this one Lin has to be very wary of, heh.

    3. I was proud of Lin for saying it.

      My concern that Lin is still naive is gone out the window.

      But I still think he's too naive when it comes to players making things looking like an accident. There is a lot of Kobe and Chris Paul in the NBA.

    4. It's for the best that he be on guard.

      FWIW, HoChen was asked about this part of the interview [trust issues].
      His interpretation: "1-on-1 was done after Rockets clinchd playoffs. JLin was referring to what happnd the previous yr in NY as why he went into shell."

    5. Ztrta, he will learn it the hard way I guess

  5. My guesses for next season:

    1) Lin has his minutes and role steadily reduced. I predict bench role, about 17 minutes min per game average.

    2) Lin plays UNBELIEVABLE in the minutes he's given, scoring at will and dancing around through hapless opponents.

    3) Lin might be a DNP-CD by the end of the season, possibly even waived.

    4) Lin will be far more outspoken in the press.

    - and none of this scares me because Lin has amply proven in my eyes his NBA legitimacy as an All Star talent.


    1. Not sure about your #2 point. As great as Lin is, he will still need the help from his teammates after all this is a team game. You can't do much when you're 1 vs 9 on both offense and defense

    2. Teammates tanking on him, indeed, is a big problem.

    3. KHuang, what led you to make these predictions?

    4. The reason the Rockets didn't sign Dragic in the summer, was because he wanted a Player Option for a 4th year. This would have essentially made Dragic untouchable in any trade deals that Morey could swing. Lin does not have any options for extra years ... His contract was constructed to make him easily tradeable. I highly doubt he will stay a Rocket all 3-years on his contract ... that was not part of the plans.

      The only player on this roster that is meant to stay is Harden, he has 5 more years left on his contract.

    5. After watching Lin go 1 on 9 all season long, Rikki M, I think Lin is one of those very rare talents who can easily score even if his teammates are actively working against him.

      k. smith, there are plenty of guys around the NBA who have tremendous impact but are benched into oblivion because they don't "fit their teams' plans". Examples of those kinds of players are Corey Maggette, Marshon Brooks, Tyler Hansbrough, Kris Humphries, OJ Mayo, and Gustavo Ayon.

      Jeremy Lin doesn't fit into the Rockets' plans. I think that there's an excellent chance that he's permanently benched and waived, especially if he plays like an All Star in the few minutes he's allotted next season. No coach wants to see an unwanted guy become a star under his watch.

    6. KHuang, I hear you but personally, I don't want Lin to turn into Maggette, Brooks, Hansbrough, Humphries type players. These guys are role players. They have very little impact on their teams. I want Lin to adjust and play well even if he doesn't fit with HOU. He has to, that's his only option.

    7. That is right, just take what ever opportunity is given to you.

    8. Don't worry, k.smith.

      When I was predicting before Linsanity that Lin had All Star potential, I already knew that Lin was going to be far more of an impact player than even someone like Humphries who earns $12 million a year.

      The reason I cited Lin before Linsanity as having All Star potential is because Lin had ELITE athletic ability and ELITE court sense even as a nonplaying rookie. When Lin breaks Tayshaun Prince's ankles or shoots high flying bank shots over Al Harrington, those are plays that role players like Maggette cannot make (Hansbrough can make those plays, though).

      Lin will adjust totally fine to whatever role he's given. Now that he's completed his full season, he knows what to expect and how to deal with it. When next season starts, I expect Lin to be a far more fluid and deceptive player on offense than he was this year. Defense he'll be the same exact guy locking up not just his man, but entire teams!

      An impact player is an impact player regardless of the minutes he's given. Lin is an impact player, so he's going to make a serious dent no matter how he's played. That's why the Rockets made the playoffs and relied on Lin every time Beverley lost the lead with his nonexistent decisionmaking and weakass defense.

  6. keep on posting guys.I thought I was gonna spend some time off from this forum come Jeremy's offseason and spend some time with fashiontv (I missed TONS of fashion shows for following Jeremy's career),but I'm enjoying your posts and is learning more about basketball here.yes, that pic of Jeremy partying (?!?!!?!?!) in a fitted army print shirt with Parsons is worth the look.

    I appreciate all the posters here - Psalm, KHuang,Brent,via (who should work for Google with her SEO skills),lydia, ABC Baller and everybody here....

    1. We are aiming for 1000 posts this time. Lol

    2. Oh, and repost FOR REFERENCE, hehe

      [Brent is up to no good...] =P

    3. We can push to 300 , and let the haters handle the rest. Lol

    4. @via - 'sup with that partying anyway?!?!?! lol

    5. Parsons looks really happy in the club crowd. Lin doesn't look like he's having a good time at all ... like maybe he's just there just to please Parsons.

    6. Perhaps Lin preferred staying home playing candy crush to break thru that annoying level 147!

    7. Noooo...

      Hope it' not like what ABC said, that he's only there for Parsons though.

      Maybe he just gets annoyed with all the women throwing themselves at him whenever he's clubbing, lol. [Twitter observations: The women keeps trying, he keeps being gracious but not biting.]

    8. I kind of agree with ABC. Parsons is a party guy.seen him partying with other friends and his gf Robin (saw pics at Instagram).Jeremy doesn't strike me as someone who is a party guy, but I think he doesn't want to come out as party pooper either. maybe if given the choice of late night basketball or me challenging him to kick his butt in Tekken he'll probably take the latter

      @via - I think women, even some of those who he met on the non-club environment,seem to throw themselves at him.

    9. *meant given the choice of partying or late night basketball/me challenging him to kick his butt in Tekken he'll probably take the latter...

    10. Is Jeremy getting fashion tips from Parsons and Westbrook?

    11. we appreciate your posts very much, @IsabeliJane!

      And of course we'll be proud posters when you fulfill that summer date in August :D

      And you'd better practice your Candy Crush skills. That game is pretty addictive!

  7. McHale and the rest of the team needs MORE WORK with tone down their ego and change this current bullshit offense THAN Jeremy being hide in corner catch and shoot.

    1. It is unlikely to happen unless Harden and Parson played like shxt for a whole season.

    2. Silver lining to the "hide in the corner" strategy:

      Jeremy was a 40% 3pt shooter in the final 41 games!

      He may become the only PG ever who puts up All-Star stats in a Derek Fisher role. Even totally misused, he could put up 17/7 next season or so.

    3. Not good, he will shoot a high percentage from 3, but he will only get 6-7 shot attempts a night. There will be many games where Lin will score in single digits. And he won't get as many assists, since the corner spot is the most difficult to operate from an offensive standpoint. He won't have many options.

      In the corner, he can only shoot the 3 pointer, drive baseline for a difficult reverse layup, or pass back out to the arc.

    4. I'm EXPECTING Lin's Rockets to miss the playoffs next season.

      The defense, atrociously bad all season even when Lin was playing, will be worse next season once Harden and Parsons rate themselves as superstars.

      The offense will take a dip as Harden and Parsons fire up their wannabe superstar bricks and turnovers and also as new starting point guard Beverley shows that he's still the same D league guard incapable of guarding his position or scoring without tons of help.

      Meanwhile Lin will be a terrific supersub who's not just efficient but utterly dominant. When he plays, the Rockets will be at their best.

    5. I agree. It was kind of a fluke that the Rockets made the playoffs ... only because Dallas, Portland, Utah underachieved. Don't expect these teams to keep losing like they did, they will make some moves to get better next year.

      Rockets need to play MUCH better next season to even hold onto the 8th seed.

    6. I'm all for Lin being in the corner if he shoots 40% from 3.

      Add Lin's 50% shooting from 2 pt and you're looking at an All Star scorer.

      That's the percentage of a GREAT SHOOTER, which is what I've been yanmering about since Lin was a no playing nobody before Linsanity!

      Lin = GUNNER.

    7. Given the fact that it was Lin that won those crucial games at the end of the season when Hraden suddenly became "injured" after being benched against the Griz, the Rox would have collapse again like last year. During that stretch, Parson was also out with an injury. Does anyone with half a brain not see that Bev at the point would never in a million years could have done what Lin did to secure those wins to place them 1 game out of 6th. Then when Harden and Parsons came back, the Rox choked under the Mchale insistence of Hardencentric ISO that lost that crucial game at home against the Griz. The game where Lin score two 3s to tie the game with less than 1.5 min left in the game only to have harden lose it with 4 bricks in a row.

      Morey would be a moron if he thinks that Bev can do the things Lin was able to do for the Rox. There were many wins that he produced against elite teams that Bev could never have played up to.

  8. No way Rockets can be like GSW even if Harden plays off the ball which won't happen.

  9. Morey finally praising Lin after gushing over Beverly all second half?

    Based on his past behavior, it makes me think either Beverly or Lin will be traded this offseason.

    TD and Morris were both talked up and had their stats/mpg inflated before being shipped.

    1. Really suspicious isn't it. I hope it's trading Lin this offseason that Morey has in mind. It has to be either because: A) The owner asked him to spin things, so that he could keep Lin there for marketing - although the way they've used and treated Lin both on and off the court, what type of marketing value does Lin have for the team in the next 2 years (The revenue from TV rights China must be shared)? Unless the sponsor endorsements from China are structured for more than one year.... Regardless, Lin is still highly marketable in Asia for himself personally. B) They are talking up to trade Lin.

      Lin should demand a trade. It wouldn't hurt his marketability in Asia. Not only are trade requests common in the NBA, going to another team where he can be the PG and play to his strength will increase his marketability in Asia, he would have fun again playing well and play well while having fun. Most of all, get out of there and resume playing with confidence.

  10. Can anyone explain what is going on with GSW? They beat Den and they have a legitimate shot at beating SAS. It's remarkable.

    They're not a super team and they really only have one legit all star but they're winning games and they're such a young team. Looking at it from a distance, HOU and GSW aren't that different. HOU has an all star player and they're a young team too. I know that if I did a player by player and system vs system comparison, I'd see how different both teams were but it makes me wonder why HOU ended the season and first round so poorly.

    Is Mark Jackson that much better than Mchale? Does GSW's system do a better job of maximizing their players?

    1. They are just making shots, contested or not.

    2. Mark Jackson's big men actually set picks.

      It's why a guy like Draymond Green is on the court. Green sets screens better than anybody on Houston does.

      HOU and GSW are radically different. GSW has a spread out offense with tons of picks for their standstill shooters to get open. Houston has an isolation offense, especially with Lin who doesn't get screens and often splits the double and triple teams by himself. GSW is also a vastly superior team to Houston which has only Lin as a top defender (Asik and Beverley are overrated because they share the court with Lin).

      Mark Jackson isn't necessarily a "better" coach than McHale.

    3. Bogut was no. 1 draft pick, Curry was no. 7. GSW contains quality players, Rox are like player discards except for Harden (who was never a starter). Rockets are a cheap team, we'll see if they continue to be next season or if they'll buy an (expensive) franchise player or two. If not, I think KHuang's prediction that they'll miss the playoffs next year could well come true.

      Lin was a D league 'reject' but was bought at high cost and is currently earning comparable $ to the best pg's of his draft year.

    4. Houston have a few players with super (hero) ego which GSW don't have or have less.

    5. Parson say something like he is the best player maker in Houston and it is best if the ball in his hands, LOL. So you can tell that Lin's teammates don't trust him as a ball player.

    6. good luck with Parsons as play maker. maybe he should look at his handles first than his play making, or lack thereof.

    7. GSW is flat a better team with stronger big men, more accurate and consistent shooters, run faster, coached better... the whole gamut. Downside is GSW can be very streaky as well.

    8. @KHuang, I agree with you about Beverly's defense however I strongly disagree with you about Asik's defense. Even before Asik joined the Rockets I was a big Omer Asik fan when he was the 'Turkish Hammer' and thought he had the talent to become one of the best defensive Cs in the NBA. This guy is a legit ELITE defender, if you look at the Rocket's defensive numbers without him on the floor it's pretty shocking.

    9. I noticed that during playoffs, all teams rely more on ISO plays. Also, if I were GSW I would not trade Jack for Lin. Jack is doing fine and is happy there; why would anyone want to risk that chemistry unless it was a clear upgrade? Also, GSW is much, much better shooting team than Rockets. Everyone at GSW seems to respect Curry, so I don't think it's a good move at all for GSW to consider Lin.

    10. Albinoswordfish, I need to clarify on my calling Asik's defense "overrated".

      Omer Asik benefits tremendously from Jeremy Lin's defense in three ways:

      1) Jeremy Lin stops virtually all dribble penetration by himself, which means that Asik NEVER has to help out

      2) Because Asik doesn't step out on the perimeter to help Lin, he is rarely out of position for shotblocking and rebounding. But if you put a perimeter shooter like Luis Scola at center against Asik, Asik gets ROASTED because he won't leave the paint while Scola shoots his 3 pointers.

      3) Jeremy Lin regular steps off his man to help Asik down low. All Asik has to do is play behind his man while Lin wreaks havoc from the front. Tons of uneducated basketball newbies like Solidz75 love to criticize Lin for helping on defense, but Lin is so athletic that he easily gets back to contest perimeter jumpshots after a kickout pass is made. Nobody in the NBA does this better than Lin.

      Omer Asik is a solid defender with VERY quick feet. He was an excellent defender in Thibodeau's defense oriented Chicago system, and he's an excellent defender on Houston with Jeremy Lin protecting him on the court.

      Without Lin, Asik is a good solid defender who has the footspeed but not reflexes or lift or coordination to become a truly elite defender like Marc Gasol. But Asik is very solid even though he gets the bulk of the credit for the work Lin is doing.

    11. EB: GSW shouldn't acquire Lin because Jack is happy where he's at and everyone on the team respects Curry?

      KH: Asik is not an elite defender because Lin makes him better?

      Gotcha guys.

    12. I don't think Asik would be anywhere as effective on defense without Lin protecting him, so YES Etane.

      To me, an "elite" center defender also can step out and guard the pick and roll while also challenging the perimeter shooting big men like Scola. So until Asik shows me that he can do those things, I won't anoint him "elite".

      How about you, Etane? Explain to me why Asik is "elite" even though he doesn't step out defensively and gets lit up from outside.

      If you can provide me some numbers, I'd happily agree with you that Asik is elite on defense.

    13. Good points here, I pointed this out a few times that Rox is vulnerable when Asik was drawn away from the rim.

    14. khuang, you mean like when the houston guards are not guarding the perimeter thus asik has to run from the paint to guard againt the opposing team's shooting guards?

      yes that makes alot of sense, huang.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Replies
      SO PHOKKING HOT!!!!!

    2. hardensideoflin just came all over himself. Trolls tend to get excited like that.

    3. I think HARDENSIDE's just having a bit of fun. =)

      [Annnd maybe waiting for Solidz to show up haha.]

    4. NO I really think he is hot,
      please let me fantasize lol :)
      (and I am latino btw, we can drool over Jeremy too!!)

    5. Dear Via, is there any other hi res version of those pics?

    6. Thank you as always, via. Nice!

    7. @hardensideofLin - your trolling is a fail.while you fantasize here, his pic (close up with perfect view of his moles) is already my phone's wallpaper.

  13. I hope jeremy come back to golden state. Looks like a perfect fit: a youngster team, 2 buddies as teammates and a christian coach... Who knows?

    If warriors have a true pg who can open the space for all those 3 point shooter they're gonna make the next step....

    1. I think GSW is already happy with their roster. Having Curry as their "PG" and Klay as their sharpshooter. Jack also done a good job as 6th man. Let's not fantasize Lin can have a spot in GSW. I'm also sure Jackson don't want Lin either

    2. I think they really need a distributor and jeremy is far better than jack. Gsw could trade harrison barnes for jeremy... Who knows ? With Lin on the team they'll increase the number of tickets and merchandising in asia....

      Anyway God knows and works for the good of our boy

    3. no way GSW will ask for Jeremy back. he'll probably have better luck if he goes to the staging-a-comeback Supersonics.

    4. If Howard end up in Houston, they will include either Asik or Lin on a sign and trade deal. Hope the Lakers choose Lin, Mitch Kupchak have tried to sign Lin twice.

    5. Nope, no spotless. They do just fine now without Lin (in terms of both financially and achievement). I don't think they need "token asian guy" back again just to sell tickets. Not to mention the NBA already "PROMOTE" Curry and friends relentlessly. Trade with Chandler "Beiber" Parsons is also very unlikely.

    6. GSW is just fine? You mean they are going to win the championship this year? Got it.

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  15. What happened? Did the dam burst? Everyone is coming out today.

    A lot of crazy talk today - and yes, that means khuang is posting and rest of you hivemind are blindly agreeing with him.

    Didn't go thru all the postings because its the same crap over and over.. But few points stood out.

    1. Lin is not a good shooter. He is not a "gunner" as someone declared. . And to compare him to Curry is as just ridiculous. If there is anything we learned from this year is that Ln needs to improve his shooting drastically. His fg percentage improving is somewhat deceiving because he gets air of baskets near the rim, but you just need to look at the games. I don't want to belabor this point but if you look at some of his misses, they were just awful. It's not like curry or ray Allen miss, it's like me throwing brick after brick. So to think otherwise is being completely delusional. Hopefully he will work in this the most in the off season.

    2. Barring CP3 coming here, Lin is NOT going anywhere. Not to gsw or lakers. It's all just wishful thinking. What Lin needs to focus on is to improve his game to be able to fit in this damned system. It means hitting more open shots - because that is what they need him to do. If he can improve his shooting.. To say, 15-17 and 5-7. Those will be respectful numbers for other teams to take interest. If he falters, he may never get the opportunity to lead a team.

    3. Lin doesn't want to be traded. He even said during his exit interview that he likes being in a comfortable situation.. And that is when he plays his best. He is going to try to make this work with harden ( as he has done in too few games this year) , and he believes that he can.

    4. Morey didn't distance away from Linsanity when it happened. He was actually one of the gm's tweeting about Lin when it happened. However, he was never a true believer and got concerned Lin was not performing as well as he expected during preseason. So when the opportunity arose with harden, he took it.

    5. U can't knock Morey for going to
    Sloan.. Which is one of the best business schools in the world. It's like knocking a Harvard medical school grad for not actually going to Harvard undergrad. U can ask dr. Stu which is more prestigious.. Harvard med degree or Harvard undergrad degree.

    They are other things I have but I need to work. Please people, do not be assimilated to the hivemind here. hink and see for yourself.

    1. Yah maybe Jeremy thinks God has a plan for him as to why he's stuck in hicksville.

    2. Life throws u a lemon, u gotta make a lemonade right?

      But I'm sure that is exactly what Lin is thinking that God has a grander plan for him in Houston. He will try to make the most if it, knowing that he will never reach Linsanity on this team.

      Who knows though.. Maybe bev and harden both go down to injury and Linsanity 2.0 happens? U never know...

    3. Solidz75, you're BEING AN ASS AGAIN.

      Explain why Lin's 50% shooting from 2 and 40% shooting from 3 are poor percentages.

      Stop flaming people.

    4. Yup I believe Lin doesn't want to set high expectations that he will get traded, so he has to prepare for the worst which is to play for McHell for a few more years.

      Solidz never said Lin shoots poor percentages. He's saying Lin is not a "gunner".

      Lin is not a "gunner" nor will he ever be a Novak or Allen. Lin plays like Nash and he always will be the Nash type of player and he only has to adapt better to whatever system he's in even if it's an etch-a-sketch no system system.

    5. Etane, I can debate you politely on this.

      Why are Jeremy Lin's statistical shooting percentages in the 2nd half of the season unacceptable, given that those are numbers that ELITE GUNNERS in the NBA shoot?

      Now if we just go by the most fallible means of misjudging Lin, the "eye test", a simple eye test would show all the crunching double and triple teams that engulf Lin as well as Lin shooting many last second contested bailout shots as well as your boy McHale "icing" Lin with his substitution patterns (I agree with you on that too).

      I've seen guys like Nash, Novak, Allen, and other players brick all sorts of shots when defenses closed in on them or whenever they didn't get the offensive help from teammates that they usually got. I've also seen these guys brick shot after shot when things WERE going their way. In the NBA, there is actually no such thing as a truly great shooter because defenses are so stiff.

      Give Lin the screens and minutes and usage. He'll drain shot after shot and be called a "gunner". Even without those, Lin shot a Nash like percentage that I don't think even Nash was able to shoot this season.

      With percentages like what Lin shot, he'd be my FIRST OPTION because his numbers are those of a GREAT SHOOTER.

    6. Solid said in the 1st sentence that "1. Lin is not a good shooter." He did say it. I disagree, I think lately in the season, 40% is above average. I just personally believe if he tweak his shooting, he can stay with around 40% consistently.

      I agree with point 2, 3 and 4. nothing wrong with those.

      In the end, all those FO person are not haters, they are just doubters.

    7. But I do think those doubts are from racism either directly or indirectly.

    8. Solidz, good points on the last 4 out of 5 points.

      Regarding Lin is not a shooter, I would rephrase that as he is not a "pure" shooter like Curry but he's a good albeit inconsistent shooter/scorer. He simply needs the ball in his hands like in NY to be comfortable with scoring.

      And his FG% improvement was not only from around-the-rim shots. What do you make for his 3PT% improvement from low 26% in Nov to 40%-42% in Feb-Mar?

      Month FG% 3P%
      November 0.373 0.263
      December 0.489 0.292
      January 0.422 0.327
      February 0.438 0.424
      March 0.482 0.4
      April 0.44 0.364

      I'd say he worked hard in his 3PT shooting because that's how he can excel in Houston system. And to be able to improve it during the season is a testament of his hard work and late-night shooting practice.

      So I'd say while Lin is not a pure shooter with perfect mechanic like Curry, he grew to be a good but inconsistent spot-up shooter. And too bad we didn't see him to be a great scorer this season because Harden took his job.

    9. @Etane, Huh? If Lin is a Nash type of player he would be one of the greatest shooters of all-time. As of now I see Lin to be a Mike Conley type of player. That's not an insult to Lin at all as I think Conley is one of the best PGs in the game. He's capable of scoring from anywhere on the floor, but plays a very unselfish game. Also is a very good defender.

      The reason I follow Lin is because I believe he has a higher ceiling than Mike Conley which would put him to be close to a Hall-Of-Famer.

    10. BTW, can anyone define gunner for me anyway? I think Lin shoots great in the 2nd half of the season, but maybe gunner means something else?

    11. Etane, FYI I posted my reply in the previous thread. Together we can make it 1000 posts to make Brent happy :)

    12. I disagree with Solidz75 on most things that involve the FACTS that he is either ignorant of or willfully ignores when he's trying to flame people here.

      Contrary to Solidz75's MADE UP assertion that Morey "didn't distance himself from Linsanity", Morey wrote that scathing article about Lin in that business journal that defended his ill fated decision to cut Lin and cited a no game no fame guy named Slater Martin in order to discredit Lin and the amateur scout Ed Weiland that praised Lin before Lin was even drafted.

      Once again, Solidz75 was DEBUNKED not by me but by the FACTS.

      I guess he doesn't like me because I throw stats and books at him.

    13. Nonono, this time the plan is we reach 300 quickly and let all those haters take care of the rest 700. lol

    14. Brent Yen, I define a "gunner" as a guy that can shoot a consistently high percentage especially over multiple seasons.

      By that definition, Lin is absolutely a "gunner" to me. Lin's been shooting excellent percentages and hitting big shots throughout his career, in and out of the NBA.

      Now as far as the general public opinion that Solidz75 aligns himself with, a "gunner" is a guy who can look flashy hitting long shots while firting the stereotype that people have of him. Steve Novak is considered a "gunner" even though he doesn't even come close to averaging as many points as Lin does and experienced true shooting success only when Lin was on the court feeding him shots.

      It's counterculture for me to call Lin a "gunner"
      and Novak a "nonscorer", but the STATS DON'T LIE.

    15. But what about in the beginning of the season, was that just anomaly? I think "shoot a consistently high percentage" was not generally true in the 1st half of this season. I do half my doubts on his shooting forms as well. He did perform great in the second half.

    16. KHuang, I got a slightly different way of looking at how Morey sees Lin.

      I think Solidz referred to Morey's tweet to admit "he was wrong" to release Lin soon after the Valentine Day Lin's game-winning jumper in Toronto.

      So while Morey had plans to acquire Lin back, he also defended himself somewhat through his article that noone could project Lin to have Linsanity in NY.

      And I always enjoy reading the story of Les hanging up on Morey but it also reveals how strong Les/Morey relationship that Morey was comfortable talking about his mistake.

      For me, Morey is not a Linsanity fan and he pursued Lin back because he had potential to be an All-Star and he was not willing to give Dragic 4th year option so noone else was available. And Les acknowledges the same potential and the spotlight that Lin brings to put Houston back into the map.

      The sad thing is the Harden trade messed up everything expected by Lin fans, Morey, Les, etc. Lin might not score as efficiently as Harden but I'm sure we'd have more Spurs 38-pt game because Lin would have the ball.

      But that's reality and Lin has to make the best out of it.

      No doubt Morey/Les would trade Lin if it brings All-Star in DHoward stature (assuming he has a healthy back). Lin is simply the 2nd playmaker (or 3rd) behind Harden and Parsons. Wherever Lin ends up, his hard work and God-given talent will make him succeed.

    17. Brent, his early-season struggle was due to a combination of recovery injury (jumpshots are the last to come back from knee injury), playing in a new system as a spot-up 3PT shooter (remember how we all cringed everytime he shot 3PT), and not having the ball as much behind Harden.

      Over a season, players will regress to his talent/ability in their given roles so I'd like to believe Lin's performance in late season is a good measuring stick of what he can do in Houston.

      I know, not reassuring because he's inconsistent being the 3rd playmaker. Everyone in the Rockets are encouraged to be "gunners" when they think they're open. Crazy system for sure. But it works to showcase PPat and TD who reached their max potential.

    18. ´╝░salm234, you are right, I know that. I always defended Lin in the early season about his shooting. I am just saying, in terms of citing numbers, we probably need more data (multiple seasons) to do it. But, I still think he need to tweak his form.

    19. So KHuang finally surfaces...

      I may be an ass but it doesn't take away from the fact that I'm probably right.

      Gunner is the last word I would use to describe Lin as a player. A playmaker? Yes. A gunner no. For u, KHuang, to equate Lin's shooting slills with Novak and Allen is bordering on absurdity, but not surprising, since it's coming from you. I give u credit though, u have been consistent in your insanity.

      Now when I say Lin is not a shooter, please don't equate that with me calling him a bad shooter. At this juncture, Lin has developed into a serviceable shooter. But don't get it twisted, he is not yet a "good" shooter.

      The things that separate him from being a better shooter are primarily confidence and consistency ( especially his ability to make wide open threes). I freaking hate it when he gets a pass with a decent space between him and his defender, and he either shot fakes which doesn't fool anybody and then ends up passing or taking a constested shots. I don't know what the exact numbers are but he really doesn't consistently make open threes. And then when he misses few initial shots, he becomes timid and starts overpassing. A player who has done this consistently throughout the season, IMO cannot be considered a good shooter and certainly (chuckle) not a gunner. Hopefully doc will instill a shooter's mentality this season because this team needs his shooting more than his playmaking as ludicrous as that sounds.

      I think Lin will be better next season with his shooting. I don't think he knew what type of offense this team was going to run, so he probably didn't work his three point shot too much - not to mention moving without the ball. Instead, he probably focused on his handles in his attempt to cut down on TO's., his biggest weakness last year.

      Lin now knows exactly what it expected of him and he will come back next season much more prepared. This is why it may be better for him to stay here instead of moving on.

      And khuang, u need to cut that " if you are not with me, u are against me type of bs mentality" out.. I'm not the first one to call u out in it and won't be the last. No one needs to share in your what is at best a hopeless optimism and at worst crazy delusions.


    20. You're just PISSED that you've been debunked by stats and articles, Solidz75.

      Plus, you don't know anything about NBA offenses. When Lin passes off, those are parts of the set plays the Rockets have tried to institute. Has nothing to do with your invention of Lin's timidity.

      Your problem is that the Lin that you keep criticizing isn't the same Lin that is OUTSCORING AND OUTSHOOTING an alleged sharpshooter like Steve Novak on a statistically provable level.

      Sorry, you indeed ARE being an ass wrapped up in your own crappy fantasies. Don't get mad when you get debunked by hard numbers.

    21. Okay khuang. Best of luck to u. If u need any board certified psychiatrist to help with your persistent delusions, let me know. I know some friends in the az area who could help u. Really..

    22. A gunner has ice cold water in his veins with ability to catch and shoot as if he's in a quick draw contest and make the shot consistently even coming off the bench cold and sitting in no man's land all day long. It's not just about shooting percentages. Robert Horry is a gunner. Jeremy is not.

      Lin is a score first point guard who can make things happen with triple threat drive, shoot, and pass. He's not a gunner, he's a ball dominant play maker.

      To call him a gunner is typecasting him in the worst way possible because it works exactly to all of his weaknesses and exploits none of his natural talents as a play maker.

    23. I disagree with you, Etane, that Jeremy Lin doesn't have "ice water" in his veins.

      Lin is the MOST CLUTCH player in the NBA. His ability to hit key shots is as good as anyone in the NBA. The one guy opponents don't want shooting the ball is Lin, hence the constant doubleteam.

      And SHOULDN'T Lin think of himself as a gunner? All his life, he has been knocking down clutch shots under heavy defense. Like I asked above, why shouldn't a 50-40 shooter be taking shots over guys like Harden and Parsons who don't shoot as accurately especially in the clutch? Explain to me, Etane and Solidz75, why shootees that shoot that high don't deserve to fire more shots.

      And who are these gunners that can consistently come off the bench and shoot 50 and 40 while being dismissed by their own teams, Etane? Name some names and I'll agree with you if it's true.

      A guy like Solidz75 is the perfect example of why STUPID and EYE TEST creates FANTASY.

    24. I have more quesrions for Etane and Solid75 to DODGE.

      1) Since 50-40 is not good enough shooting for these guys, what would be an acceptable percentage? How about 60 and 50?

      2) When Lin was hitting all those clutch shots in NY and Houston, why was Lin confident enough to launch and make those shots if he allegedly lacked confidence like you guys keep saying?

      3) Steve Novak has averaged single figures his entire NBA career. His one big scoring outburst came when Lin fed him the ball during Linsanity. Why is Novak's single digit scoring average considered good evidence that Novak is a better shooter than Lin's double digit acoring average?

    25. True that his form is not a pure shooter like Curry or Ray Allen, Brent. But that's okay as long as it's eventually giving some consistency. Remember Shawn Marion's ugly chuck shots? People laugh but they still call him the Matrix because he makes them :)

      I do worry they will mess up his shooting mechanic if they reconstruct it. It's painful watching Landry Fields shooting those flat jumpers.

      Hopefully another season will give us more data if Lin can maintain his shooting consistency.

    26. Completely agree with Khuang and psalm. Actually i could only say have a nice day :D

      1) Khuang is right in telling Lin is a gunner cause his percentages after all star break were very good. We knew that after the knee surgery he should've had a difficult start. The difference between Lin and player like harden Ray allen and co. is he doesn't want to shoot cause he's unselfish and likes more to be a distributor. Not only that his coach use to bench him when he misses couple of shots so you can never find consistency or trust If other doesn't trust in you.

      2) Well psalm is right i suppose. At first he wanted to rebuild with jlin convinced by owner les ... But i guess after the harden trade he changed his mind and start fantasysing on something else. They'll try to pick a good Pnr partner for harden so they can run every game like that and having 3 point shooter ready to gun. So they think they don'tneed jeremy anymore cause they think he's better with ball in his hands not off ball. Now the big question is: will they convince les to let jeremy leave AGAIN?

    27. Fantasy? Aren't u the genius who said Minn would be a great place for Lin to go?

      And then u will complain that they are using Rubio instead of Lin as a pg..

      And stop playing the victim game with Lin. Yes, we all recognize the injustice Lin has been facing But Lin should focus on what he can control - and that is by recognizing his weaknesses and improving them.

      But by your SHAMELESS IDOLATRY logic, Lin apparently has nothing to improve on and everyone just needs to adjust to him. It is their fault that lin misses shots.
      That is exactly the type of mentality that will ensure Lin never succeeds in this league. Thank god he doesn't think that way.

    28. Once again, your idiotic FANTASIZING is making you look more and more like the HATER TROLL you really are.

      I never said that Minn was good for Lin, troll. I only said that Lin could be trade bait if the Eockets wanted to do a sign and deal with coveted free agent Nikola Pekovic. From there, you MADE UP GARBAGE like what you just posted. Trolls make up lies, just like you're doing.

      By the way, thanks for dodging my questions just like I knew you would.

    29. psalm234, if you are 6'3", you need a better form and quicker release. unless you think you are only going to shoot wide-open jumpers. Better form helps the floaters as well. That's why, especially for consistency sake, I wish he can improve his form. If he does not, that is OK, he will still be around 37-40% for 3s in my opinion. If he does tweak, I believe he will average above 40%.

    30. why are we having disagreement over "gunner" definition?

      This is the NBA definition;
      Gunner: A frequent shooter.

      So the common definition is a frequent shooter or volume shooter. What is the Field Goal Attempt (FGA) to be defined as frequent? It's debatable. Lin's FGA is the same with last year (10.9) His FG% this year is really good at 44.1% only slightly less than 44.6% of last year.

      KHuang, you have a different definition of gunner, which is more about high-percentage shooter
      Brent Yen, I define a "gunner" as a guy that can shoot a consistently high percentage especially over multiple seasons.

      We clearly talked about different things here so we just need to clarify the term. Using NBA definition of FGA, Melo, JR Smith, Harden, Kobe would be more "gunners" than Lin.

      JR is the sixth man but he has FGA of 15.6 with worse FG% of 42.2% (possibly from taking mainly 3s). Yikes!
      What a chucker.

    31. Every player wants to be perfect but, face the Truth, We all have weaknesses.

      First games with rockets with harden he almost had a triple double in atlanta... Then he started to be the spot up shooter. For a player coming from knee surgery playin off ball for the first time in his basketball carreer i think jeremy played good, especially when harden was injuried and ball was back in his hands. Can jeremy play better? Of course everyone wants to improve. Has he been disappointing? Not at all.

      No one came at nash or kidd or stockton to be great shooter. Actually stockton 12 points per game in his carreer says it all.... But looks like jeremy must have enormous stats shooting just a couple of times per quarter playing off ball with limited minutes.....

    32. good point, Brent. We can only hope that Doc will emphasize consistency and quick release all the time.

      I remember the OKC game where his floaters and 3PT shots were lighting quick without hesitation but in other games they look slow like he wanted to finesse them into the basket.

      I believe this is our major contention that his shooting looked different throughout the season. And he looked hesitant in shooting. Parsons' and Harden's shooting mechanic looked to have the same form and tempo even when they're clanking off the rim.

    33. Lin is not a gunner because he's a play maker. Don't be one of the McHell only fans and approve of his usage of taking the ball out of Jeremy's hands and force him to stand in the corner, wait for the ball to finally get passed to him so he can "gun" it.

      Jeremy is a ball dominant point guard first and foremost.

      All this talk about FG% is absurd. Catch and shoot is NOT Jeremy's game and I do not support any organization that forces him to be a "gunner".

      If you want to support McHell and the way he uses Lin as a "gunner" then go to some McHell fan site. This here site is to support Lin and HIS game not McHell's.

    34. For khuang, in his own little lonely world, Lin is absolutely a gunner. There is no one in the world who would call Lin a gunner.

      It is even more moronic than saying Lin would be a trade bait for Minn. do u know how impossibly dumb of a logic that would be even for khan? In what world would any gm trade pecovic for Lin?

      If disagreeing with your consistently imbecilic musings makes me a Troll hater, I'm proud to say I am.

    35. And, we all know Lin is a strategist, a floor general. He takes a while to get a feel for the game, the rhyme and reason, what makes his opponents tick, he takes a while to generate momentum for himself and his team.

      Jeremy needs to control the ball for him to be special and for his team to play beyond their pay grade.

      Taking the ball out of his hand and make him a "gunner" is an absolute travesty. Biggest sin a LIN FAN would approve of Lin of being.

    36. And before u call me out, I know khan that I'mbecile was fired.

    37. I think everyone here wishes that Lin was playing under different circumstances, that he was being utilized as a floor general and not as a "gunner". People who still say harden helped Lin by taking all the pressure can't be more blind.

      But despite our wishes, it is what it is. The Les is paying Lin a lot of money to play for the the rox and Lin may feel that he just has to make best if the situation. And if Lin feels that way and wants to make it under his own terms, who are we as fans to say he can't be just another cog in this offense.

      While I don't wish any harm on a player, I do wish that Lin will get a chance to run the team when harden gets hurt next year.

    38. I don't talk to Lin day in and day out like you do. But, I am sure Lin rather be a floor general than a gunner. In fact, I am pretty sure he hates being the gunner, despises it.

    39. @Etane, Lin can be any kind of player. Lots of ppl here say Lin is good at this and bad at that. And they want a team that will let Lin to do the things that he is good at. I agree, but he is stuck with Houston for one more year at least? It is bad for his immediate success, however it is not bad that he can work on his weaknesses. I do not think either KHuang or you can decide what a LIN FAN should approve.

      We all have different expectations and speculations, that's all the differences here.

    40. That is neither here nor there. Lin can work on his weaknesses without being shackled and euphemistically be called a "gunner".

      We all know what a "gunner" means when applied to Jeremy and that means being forced to play off ball and away from Jeremy's strengths.

      True nothing we can do about Jeremy being forced to being a "gunner" for another season or two. But, that doesn't mean we have to APPROVE of the way the organization treats him.

      And, to me, the only way a fan here would support this demeaning treatment of Lin is because they are first and foremost fans of the organization and not of Lin.

      Nothing wrong with that. If you're a Rocket/Morey/McHell fan, more power to you. But, don't justify the organization while pretending to be a Lin fan.

  16. I really hope Jeremy doesn't end up like Tebow and gets black-balled out of the League. Quite frankly, the majority of NBA front offices don't like Jeremy. He's really going to have to make this Rockets situation work or at least up his value.

    1. I wouldn't worry about that. Tebow is not a goid quarterback. Lin is at the very least a solid pg. whether Lin becomes a superstar is something that may not happen because of ingrained biases in this league, but I think Lin proved this year that he can be a starting pg in the league.

    2. TVN, you sure can write good stuff when you are in the mood to do so.

      I agree with your post completely.

      Lin has LINBARRASSED the entire NBA. His window is 2 more years. Who knows what'll happen after that?

    3. Lin is not black balled by the league. That's absurd.

    4. If jlin was still with the knicks i think he would've ended like tebow with 0 minutes played and some DNP ... Thankfully came out the rockets... And despite all the talk and misuse of Mchale jeremy improved a lot this year. So Khuang is right when he says Mchale has been a good Lin coach even If he didn't want to....

    5. We will never know what Knicks will do with Jeremy. They probably would've traded Melo and Stat and get some players around Lin then we see Linsanity 2.0. But, we will never know.

  17. hey psalm, continuation from the previous thread:

    yup constatine converted to christianity because he believed god gave him the right and power to go kill a lot of people as long as he arms his soldier with the christian symbol never mind that the cross is a pagan symbol for the winter solstice as to the point at which the "sun" dies then resurrects as the days starts to grow longer instead of becoming shorter.

    while it is true that christianity became popular within that particular region of the world enough so to compete against paganism even before constatine, it wasn't the same christianity that we know of today and certainly not the same reason why christianity eventually spread around the world.

    first we have christianity as we know it during the life and times of jesus where he sticks up for the sick, poor and prostitutes and berates the rich and powerful. then, after jesus' death, his apostles sans judas claim jesus rose from the dead and commissioned them to spread his world around the world. then, emperor constatine centralizes christianity as the sole religion to rule over the known world at the time.

    so with each iterative "ownership" of christianity, it got bigger from informal gatherings to active proselytizing to outright killing of none believers of not just non christians but also those that didn't subscribe to the same view of the trinity.

    basically, the growth is there and i don't disagree with you. however, i disagree with you that the growth is organic rather, it first became a christian corporate with the advent of apostles becoming bishops and popes and organizing churches then became the christian state with constatine and his army.

    which among these stuck up for the poor and the sick? you probably won't see any christians doing so for the next thousand years as constatine and later eastern roman emperors killed them all. its this that drove martin luther to drive his "complaints" about how corrupt the church is the the church's door.

    and yes, christians in america today will let politicians do anything they want as long as they protect precious fetus and as long as they support state sponsorship of the government intervening in private lives of individuals. capital punishment, war crimes, 70% of fed budget to bombs and slash education and welfare? sure. we're a christian "state" after all.

    1. Etane, I'll be sensitive not to post too many posting about politics or religion because it can be hot buttons for many people.

      So I'll limit myself to 5 postings as long as JLinfan#1 is okay with it. But we should keep it full of respect to other people's belief. Otherwise, I'll go Solidz-ban myself for 1 day :D

      Let me briefly reply on my perspective and post longer one if necessary later.

      You're absolutely correct that Christianity today, especially in the US, no longer reflect the ideal values of serving the poor and the sick as Jesus called them to. It's more a reflection of the US culture of hedonism to be self-serving, preach prosperity gospel, and too busy to serve others. But there is a small pocket that still does, which is why I fully support JLin's ways to use his platform to do basketball clinics in the poor area in China because it will give visibility to the area and hopefully the government will do something good for the area.

      So since the 1960s, the Christians washed their hands because politics are "dirty" so the US systematically removes good things about God like 10 commandments and prayers from school, the founding fathers' Christianity role so that's how it majorly contributed to the school shooting, bullying, materialism, Enron, corruption, etc.

      So yup, the US is slowly becoming a shell of the nation with Christian values represented by the founding fathers. There are still many good people but mostly are cultural Christians going to churches twice year (Easter and Christmas). Not many serve the poor and the needies anymore. Very sad.

      If we see where Christianity currently is growing, it comes from Asia/China and South America where Jesus' Gospel is being preached in actions, not just words.

      Unfortunately when people become self-sufficient and wealthy, they don't think they need God anymore.

      So props to JLin for living his faith to serve others rather than only himself.