Sunday, April 14, 2013

Rockets vs Kings Game #80 Post Game Thread


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    1. To clinch 6th with 2 ROX wins, 2 GSW losses, or any combination.

    2. If Faried's ankle injury is a real problem, then the Rockets actually stand a chance against the Nuggets. No matter whom they face, I'm more worried about McHale/Harden misusing Lin at their own peril. Hero Ball won't work in the playoffs and Mr. Clutch wears #7...

    3. Denver Nuggets ‏@denvernuggets
      Updated story on @KennethFaried35. #Nuggets F says sprained ankle won't keep him out of the playoffs.
      9:05 PM - 14 Apr 13

  2. I think Rockets can spend their money more wisely than get Howard.

  3. Lakers sign Andrew Goudelock from RGV Vipers

    Goudelock averaged 21.1 pts, 5.2 assists and 3.9 rebounds per game in 52 DL games.

    1. I thought Goudelock was to be the Rockets. Now I'm confused.

    2. Some info:

      Goudelock was Lakers' 2nd-round draft pick in 2011, appeared in 40 games for the Lakers last season. Waived by the Lakers in October, started his season with the Sioux Falls Skyforce before being traded to RGV.

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    1. lol @ the customary "Patrick Beverley had a nice game with lots of energy" comment in response to questions he doesn't want to answer XD

    2. That was pretty funny and shows that he reads what the fans and media are talking about.

    3. He's so patient with the last reporter. Just like Ho Chen said on Joy Dunk Club.

  5. J Lin's shot is looking better. He is looking awfully quick into the paint.

    But 2 things really bug me about his game which I think could really take him to the next level:
    1. Moving his feet on defense. He's so flat footed, he just begs the opposing player to take him off the dribble. This definitely adds to the appearance that J Lin is not good on defense.
    2. When on offense with the ball, he's got to try dribble penetration WITHOUT a high screen. If he can beat his man without a screen then go into the paint, he will find a teammate or score. Yes it's more difficult, but he is quick enough to attempt this more. It'll open up the floor and his teammates won't get so tired having to run to the top of the key every time he runs a play.

    Just my 2 cents.

    1. 2. There's a high risk he drives into the paint and literally gets smashed for his efforts. Just my 1 cent.

    2. 1. Lin's man Isaiah Thomas scored like 0 points on Lin this game, so Lin's defense was NOT A PROBLEM.

      2. I think that part of the reason Lin grabs the screen is because it CLEARS THE LANE so that he can get to the basket without his own guys standing in his way.

    3. He's just taking it easy now that his health is the most important thing. He looked great in all those areas until the Rockets clinched. And he still looks good when he turns on the jets (Memphis late 4th quarter, today 3rd quarter).

      Just look at Faried's sudden injury. I don't want Jeremy going 110% in these mostly meaningless games and risk being banged up in the playoffs. It's all about what he brings in the playoffs.

      For the first time ever, I'll agree with McHale: "He'll be fine!"

    4. 1. Pls watch the replay of the first few minutes of the game. Lin's fast side footed defense just doggedly hounding the dribbler around the court prevented King's guard from scoring. In contrast, they went straight past Harden - and scored.

  6. I think that the Rockets won this game because they couldn't take risk being the 8th seed by the end of the regular season next Wednesday. But they better maneuver to finish in the 7th and not stay in the 6th place (Rockets hold the tiebreaker against the Warriors, which is why they are right now the 6th seed). They absolutely should avoid the 3rd seeded Nuggets.

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    1. I like the Lin-Smart hug at the end.

      Keith Smart showed his respect with handshake and a hug. Jeremy accepted but was stone-faced. "Don't think I forgot how you treated me, Keith..."

      Okay, I'm reading too much into it, ha.

  8. Haha, Lin doesn't handle the ball much in this game. Instead let Harden do what he wants and get his efficiency back up against these bottom feeders to cover up his true colors against the better teams and fullfill his ego. Lin's very clever now to handle this team dynamic and keep up the team chemistry. :-D

  9. McHale: "Having 45 wins for this team coming in, for all the newness, 29-12 at home is big...There's a lot of stuff to be proud of."

  10. I didn't see the game. How did Lin do?

    Noticed he only had 2 assists and 3 TOs but did get 15 points in only 26 minutes.

    1. First half: Missed some jumpers, frozen out of the offense (esp. with Harden hot), generally slow-motion/taking it easy. Teammates can't finish. Great defense as usual.

      Second half: Turned on the jets. Got to the line twice. Shot fearlessly 3/3 (two jumpers and a pretty scoop-shot). Only played 3rd quarter because the Rockets destroyed the Kings so badly.

  11. The true danger of the Nuggets lays not with its players, as the Rox have just as many talents. George Karl, however, has figured out McFail & Co. through and through, and knows to aim that Achilles heel every time. That, is what we should be concerned about.

    1. It will be painful to watch Rox get torch in Denver. There isn't any Oxygen in that city. Even Miami will have problem to win over there. You how China train their Olympia, relocate them to Tibia for three years.

    2. I remember reading an article years ago that said that Denver's high altitude environment was mainly a PSYCHOLOGICAL effect on NBA players.

      NBA players are at peak physical condition. I've seen tons of teams go into Denver and just DESTROY the Nuggets in previous years. Jeremy Lin in particularly doesn't seem the least bit negatively affected by the Denver altitude.

      If the Rockets play Jeremy Lin ball where he's passing to everyone, they have a legitimate chance at winning the series.

      If they play Harden ball (the most likely outcome), the Rockets will probably lose every game by at least 20.

    3. And why would they play Harden ball? Because the coach allows it. So why are you a fan of the coach? You like McHale despite his treatment of Lin and you know the key for the Rox to win is team ball led by Lin. So why do you continue to be a supporter of McHale when he continually abuses, misuses and undermines Lin?

    4. Spencer Haywood, do you consider 30+ mpg and a starting position in every single game of the season as "abuse, misuse, and undermining" of Jeremy Lin?

      Do you feel that Harden being the lead scorer on a 106+ ppg team that is #1 in the entire NBA is not good enough for you?

      Are you unsatisfied with the 45 wins so far, a number that may climb to 47 wins despite the minimum wage and minimum age of this team?

      Why are you unsatisfied with the offensive development of the big men on the team, especially since not a single one of those players was an offensive factor before coming to McHale?

      Do you really see absolutely no positives whatsoever in McHale's coaching?

    5. @Benedict "KHuang" Arnold:

      Is there NO EVIL YOU WON'T DEFEND?

      Without even including your jailbird-brained troll friend g-mo, here're the folks you've enthusiastically gone to bat for:

      1) Kevin McHale - pure evil
      I've never seen a coach so willing to cut off his own nose just to spite his face. That last game against Memphis should've shown you how brainless, perverse and hypocritical your COTY candidate is, but then, you actually have to have a brain to see any of that - which obviously you don't.

      So let me enlighten you on the open-and-shut case of why McHale is as evil as a coach can get:
      a) Dude preaches ball movement, but happily lets Harden iso at will. He's the reason Rox's "superstar" has turned into an egregious ballhog at the most inopportune times.

      b) McHale has too many times left Lin's backup in the 4th quarter because he had the hot hand. But when Lin has the hot hand? Of course, all final 4 possessions end up futilely in Harden's not-so-hot hands. Ladies and gentlemen, that's KHuang's COTY for you.

      c) At this point, there's no denying that McHale is an utter POS. To him, his Sasha was the most precious thing in the world. But a Harvard-educated NBA star? "Let's see, how many ways can I humiliate him before a global audience? Repeatedly ream him out for the slightest misstep? Check. Repeatedly diss him at post-game pressers? Check. Conveniently "forget" his existence in 4th quarters because his backup is playing oh-so-well? Check."

      It takes a really evil being to do what McHale does to Lin.

      2) Isiah Thomas - another example of evil incarnate
      Get this into your thick skull: Dolan did not have to shell out almost $12 million to the plaintiff in the sexual harassment suit because Thomas was innocent.

      You don't get to be an outstanding PG without a high bball IQ, so it's not surprising Thomas has been credited with the occasional decent draft pick. But he was an unqualified disaster for the Knicks mainly because he let so many of his evil traits cloud his judgment as a head coach. Any Knicks fan will tell you Isiah is an egotistical racist that's been bad news everywhere he's landed after his playing career. There's a reason his Sacto namesake gets loudly and persistently booed at MSG.

      But, naturally, you're also IT's lone fan on this site. Shockah.

      3) Of course, how can we forget your stout championship of willy-we-Europeans-authored-the-Final-Solution-for-Jews-but-Americans-are-the-Nazis-dilly?

      Know why you love these guys? Here's why: turds have a tendency to float together.

    6. I asked you to keep flaming me on the other thread, FanforLife.

      Thank you for obeying my request.

      Now I request that you flame me some more. MAKE IT PERSONAL and as MEAN AS POSSIBLE.

    7. You HATE me, Fanforlife.

      I've actually known that from the start.

      I want you to show the world how much you HATE not just me, but other people here.

      Are your hands trembling in anger as you type your reply? If they are, GOOD.

      Make sure you flame attack not just me, but everybody else who agrees with me too.

    8. One of the many, many problems with you, Benedict Arnold, is that you're as much an intellectual midget as you are a physical one. Five-foot-five, eh? LOL.

      Okay, that was MEAN of me. It's not your fault you're vertically challenged. So let's move on.

      Look, shorty...oopsies, I did it again...

      Seriously, though, it's not like you could entirely help being a pint-sized piker. What can you do about inferior genes, right?

      Just. Do. Not. Procreate.

    9. Thanks for obeying me, FanForLife.

      So you HATE SHORT PEOPLE. Dang, that's a lot of Asians you think are "midgets". And don't you portray yourself as an Asian on this board, specifically a FEMALE Asian?

      You're not through with flaming me - and the other short people on this forum.

      What exactly about 5'5" is "inferior", FanForLife? You need to show this forum why you think that is such a bad thing.

      I'm totally enjoying your hate filled trolling, FanForLife.

      By the way, I'm laughing my butt off at you exposing yourself as a troll. I would imagine other fans here are laughing at you too.

    10. I should date you, FanForLife.

      There are many short Asian guys that make great boyfriends and husbands.

      If you are female, you'd find those guys to be quite a HANDFUL.

    11. Let's see...who are the other people I "hate" here?

      1) Lin-hating trolls like geronimo? Yup
      2) An America-hating Euro Nazi who equates Americans with Nazis? Ya betcha.
      3) Defenders of said America-hating Euro Nazi? Guilty as charged.

      If you have a problem with any of that, Benedict Arnold, well, YOU HAVE A PROBLEM.

    12. You forgot another category, troll.

      4) "Midget" people who are 5'5" and under that you consider "inferior".

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      I am gleefully looking forward to you obeying my commands as you always have, troll.

    13. Trust me, there's NOTHING - and I mean, NOTHING - remotely appealing about an intellectual and physical midget - whatever their skin color or gender.

    14. Every now and then, this board gets trolls like Fanforlife that LIE about being Asian.

      Usually these anti-Asian racist trolls like to pose as Asians in order to curry popular favor here. Then they spit every kind of hateful invective at people here with Asian screennames like myself.

    15. Ah, you OBEYED MY COMMAND Fanforlife.

      Good troll. Good troll.

      Then you must hate Lin's PARENTS and BROTHER, as they are actually smaller than I am.

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    16. Fanforlife, steering you is easier than opponents steering Kevin McHale's motion offense.

      Now be a good little troll and explain to this board why you hate everybody who's 5'5".

      Are you one of those people who's like into BIG WOMEN? There's nothing wrong with that if you are.

    17. Amazing. The delusions of grandeur of a third-rate musician who's so underemployed he's permanently parked on this site to spew his endless drivel.

      A case in point: Terrence Jones "WILL GET EXPOSED". LOL.

      Here's news for you. TJones is a rookie, and like the other Rox rooks, he sizzles and sometimes fizzles. That they're all being thrown into the deep end at this stage of the season is just more evidence of McHale's uselessness. That twit of a HC let his aversion to playing newcomers despite the Rox's run and gun style result in the team having to count on neophyte pro ballers to start and come off the bench during the playoffs.

      But of course, McHale is your COTY. LOL.

    18. Oh, so I'm a 3rd rate musician who's underemployed huh?

      C'mon fanforlife, we were just getting to know each other so well.

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    20. All that drivel and you don't even know my gender. LOL.

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    23. You don't know any Asian guy of your generation who's 5'5"?


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    29. Oh, by the way Fanforlife-

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    31. Lol. Thanks for the entertainment guys. A good read. I didn't know u had this in you, Fan. Love the fire... And don't mind me, please continue..

    32. You're not really a starter if you're not finishing games/playing crucial mins. You're not really a starter if your coach prefers the back up over you either.

      Thank God Lin had the opportunity to play without Mchale's sons. His minutes and MORE importantly, WHEN he played became more consistent. Like the conservative new media guy and pretty much all NBA players say, when your mins are consistent or you know when you're coming in and out of the game, you know how to conserve energy and stay focused on the court. That's what we've been seeing from Lin since Mchale's sons got injured.

      Mchale has not been conserving Lins energy for a bigger role in the playoffs, he was conserving Lins energy bc he preferred Bev's style on the court, during late game situations, when the game mattered most. It wasn't until his two core players got injured, that he had to use Lin more.

    33. You're flailing, Benedict "TJones WILL GET EXPOSED" Arnold. All that dating stuff coming out of left field must have everyone else scratching their heads.

      Then again, maybe not. Who here is not used to your rambling incoherence by now?

      Try to stay on topic, old man.


      And isn't it just pathetic how you're practically begging folks here to agree with you? Just out of curiosity, who are you hoping will come and tag-team with you against me? willy-The-Diary-of-Anne-Frank-is-a-work-of-fiction-bcoz-nowhere-does-it-say-Americans-are-Nazis-dilly?

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      Hit the nail on the head, didn't I?

      So, so, so sad. Maybe I should go easier on you, huh?

      Fat hope. LOL.

    34. You know what, FanforLife?

      I change my mind about dating you.

      As you refuse to state what sex you are, that won't work for MY dating preferences.

      Since I only date beautiful women, I would be very disappointed if we showed up to share fluids and you showed up as a man crossdressed as a woman.

      Like I said, your absolute fear of revealing your gender will work for some people in dating but not in others. You of course are free to pursue any "non 5'5" Asian midget with inferior genes" in your quest to find the right spouse of whatever gender you prefer. May the best man or woman or whatever you prefer win.

      I am enjoying our "association", Fanforlife. Like geronimo and Etane and willydilly and the gazillion 5'5" Asian guy "midgets with bad genes" that you hate on this board, even a hater troll like you cannot tear yourself away from engaging all these folks in conversation. Indeed, you live up to your moniker my dear sir.

    35. Allow me to sum up the endless posts above of Benedict "All Asian men are 5'5" midgets" Arnold in a single paragraph:

      "Waaaaahhhhh...FanForLife has no respect for me, so he/she/it must be a troll, right? Right, everybody? Hello, is anybody home...? Waaaahhhhhh..."

      Here's a clue, you doddering runt: the only way those lame-assed sexist "jokes" might even begin to work is if you had even the slightest inkling of my sex.

      Just can't help being stuck on stooooopid, can you?

    36. And oh, I must've missed where geronimo claimed to be Asian. He's a Lin-hating black and a card-carrying member of Stephen A Smith's echo chamber, you twit.

      You and your phantom friends. LOL.

    37. Buddy, you hate little Asian guys.

      Do you also hate little white guys? Or little black guys? Or little Hispanic guys?

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    39. You guys/gals should really stop this back and forth bantering. This is a forum to discuss bball, the Rockets and Lin and not as a forum for you to call each other names. If you want to take it out on each other then sign up for MMA or Wrestling (steel cage match). All of these nonsensical bickering back and forth is what us posters don't want to see. It fills up space on the thread and it doesn't add anything to the forum. I think I am speaking for some of the posters on here when I plead with you to just stop and take it somewhere else.

      Thank you

    40. You're welcome, John Ly.

      I actually agree with you totally, but I didn't start this.

      I figt too dirty for MMA, by the way.

      MMA has too many rules, referees, ring protections (nice springy cage, padded supports, and a bouncy floor) for me to fight in. Real streetfights don't have such protections.

    41. To KHuang (my dearest phantom friend),

      have you noticed that FanForLife is stalking us? It must have been collecting info about us for months. It must be sexually frustrated! Be careful!

      I think that it secretly wants us to be its friends! The fact that it is looking down on our "phantom friendship" only shows that it is envious. Why else would a person comment on other peoples relationships?

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      It doesnt know that whatever it is posting doesnt make sense to others. Because it gets no attention it goes nuts. You probably have seen that kind of behavior before -> stupid kindergarten child who wont let others ride the swing because no one wants to play with it -> attention seeking!

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      You know KHuang - character tells us a lot about how somebody looks (and vice versa). I would say that FanForLife looks like that "big" asian woman on joydunkclub. That would explain a lot, wouldnt it?

      Anyway KHuang -> Im way over 6 feet. Just saying. See you soon.

      Your sincerely,



      Dont ask me for advice. Im not a shrink. I only attended some mandatory lectures.

    42. So willy-6-million-more-Jews-in-Israel-surely-the-Final-Solution-will-work-this-time-dilly has entered the fray.


    43. Willydilly, you're a FRIEND to me - not a "phantom friend".

    44. Lol, FanForLife. Sick burns, keep em up. In case you were looking for egging-on, I am highly entertained.

    45. This comment has been removed by the author.

    46. @FanForLife:

      Male, female, american, chinese. Now you are jewish, too? Nothing is sacred to you ha? Thats why I keep on saying that you are/would make a fine nazi.

      You dont care how much the jewish holocaust victims have suffered. You use their suffering, their history for a cheap shot against me - which btw. is ridiculous cause you are the hater - not me.

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      And - do you live in California? Is that you?


      Thanks! Im honored!

      BTW - Im just realising that my last paragraph (the one about the joydunkclub in my other post) does not come across the way I meant it to -> badly phrased. It was supposed to be a joke but its kind of offensive/stupid/wrong. My apologies to the joydunkclub and the asian woman!

    47. More projection from willy-we-kill-our-Jews-but-everybody-should-be-able-to-enter-America-illegally-dilly. LOL.

      Note to Benedict "KHuang" Arnold:
      Seeing how you're so comfortably chummy with a Euro Nazi, isn't it time to ask: "Maybe I'm a closet Nazi?"

    48. You have a wonderful IMAGINATION, Fanforlife.

      Unfoetunately, your paranoid schizophrenia doesn't apply to reality.

  12. It is true. Posting a portion of a comment that I made in an earlier thread:

    James Harden: 4th year in NBA, age 23, 1st year starter.
    Jeremy Lin: 3rd year in the NBA, age 24, 1st full year starter.
    Chandler Parsons: 2nd year, age 24, a 2nd rounder, < 225 lbs.
    Donatas Motiejunas: first NBA season, age 22, Lithuanian in his first experience in American basketball, < 225 lbs.
    Omer Asik: 3rd year in NBA, age 26, 1st as a starter, and while 7' 250 lbs. is good for a PF, it is average (barely) for a center.

    A very inexperienced, very young and undersized team. It is fine not to like the way that they got there, but 46 wins with this roster (assuming that they win ... at Phoenix) is only 3-4 games off their maximum potential. Had the Rockets played a different style or strategy - one more to your liking - it would have simply exposed different flaws that would have caused the Rockets to lose games in different ways as teams with as much or more talent would have simply adjusted.

    If you disagree, then it means that you believe that this team could have won 55 games ... that Houston could have and should have as been as good as San Antonio, Memphis, OKC, Denver and the Clippers. Which is the same as saying that talent, depth and experience are meaningless, and teams that possess them have no real advantage.

    1. I totally agree, Unknown.

      Before the season started, I had predicted that the Rockets could win 50 games.

      I also thought that the Rockets were going to play Lin in a high usage role with multiple Rockets playing a smashmouth form of inside heavy basketball. Yeah, and injuries and inexperience would've knocked out the Rockets had they played this way. Their record would be REVERSED if they did it the way I thought they would.

      The overall record is why I am McHale's lone fan on this forum. I can't even say I'm all that unhappy with Lin's role on the team either. When Lin needs to be on the floor, he seems to be out there.

    2. Well, my problem with McHale is taking Lin out at critical times, as if Toney Douglas and Patrick Beverly are better players or something. Maybe Lin shouldn't have led the team in minutes, but 32 minutes per game and being yanked late in games and OT made no sense and - yes - cost the Rockets games, and no reason or excuse can be made for it.

      McHale did good things in general, but a lot of specifics left things to be desired. Apparently he didn't see how Woodson (for example) let Lin win games for him even when Melo was available.

    3. McHale is far from perfect.

      Even if he was, he doesn't play the game on the court. Games are won and lost by the PLAYERS.

      I find 32 minutes totally acceptable, and I like the way McHale uses Lin to clean up after the messes made by Beverley.

      The one roster weakness of the Rockets is backup point guard. Patrick Beverley is not NBA caliber, and I don't see that changing in future years. I'd like the Rockets to get a true high quality backup that can come in and keep the team aloft without losing the lead.

    4. They're winning on TALENT with high character guys that believe in team basketball (In Hardens view, its role players that work very hard to compliment him). Average coaches that stay out of the players way can get 40+ wins. Also, having a "superstar" player pretty much guarantees you 40-45+ wins too. JVG's and D'antoni's words, not mine.

      Mchale does not deserve as much credit as some of you have given him. If we want to be a 50+ win team, we need a major, major upgrade at PF and a very good wing defender (not Parsons but someone actually focused on D rather than wanting to be the team's second scorer) to pick up for Harden's lazy D.

    5. *Average coaches that stay out of the players way (w/our talent and high character guys) should get you 40+ wins.

    6. Maybe I've been a Knick and Suns fan too long.

      40+ wins is a BIG DEAL to me, even with top coaches.

    7. That's what the analysts say...

    8. k.smith:

      (In Hardens view, its role players that work very hard to compliment him)

      It seems that people refuse to catch on to the fact that McHale and the Rockets brought Harden in to be the team's leading scorer because they were unsure of the ability of the other players - including Lin - to generate offense consistently. Consistently means against good teams and bad, against varying defensive schemes, and when you are tired/banged up, and regardless of what offense you are running. Like him or not, Harden proved that he can do it in a starting lineup of a not particularly talented team over the course of a whole season, and as a 6th man on a much more talented team running an entirely different offense. Lin, not so much.

      A lot of folks wanted a coach who was willing to win or lose based on centering the game around Lin and seeing what he can or cannot do. Honestly, that approach makes absolutely no sense to a coach who is trying to keep his job. It only made sense for D'Antoni last year because he was as good as fired anyway.


      Some of us are asking that Lin be used as the PG of the team. The reason why is, Lin has better court vision, awareness and passing ability than Harden. Lin understands spacing and getting his teammates involved by getting them easy looks. If you think Harden is superior to Lin in those areas, then you're delusional and should go on your merry way to one of the HOU forums.

      I find it fascinating that some members really think they're objective. They think they're doing us a service by bringing in another viewpoint but that viewpoint is either flawed or has already been talked to death on here.

  13. NYK break NBA record for made 3's in a season, followed by Rox.

    1. Hard for me to root for the Knicks the way that they are playing. Melo averages 22.2 shots a game. That is almost 2 shots per game more than the next guy, Kobe Bryant at 20.4. Melo will get his precious scoring title, But LeBron is only averaging 2 fewer ppg while taking less than 18 shots per game. Granted, LeBron plays on a MUCH better team, but still. Not much else to like about his game. Only 7 rebounds (mediocre) and 2.6 assists (atrocious).

      By the way ... James Harden as 17 attempts per game (5 fewer) and more than twice as many assists (5.9). So ... yeah, things could be worse.

    2. It's misleading to count total field goal attempts bc shots that end in fouls don't count as shot attempts. Harden shoots many more times than his FGA indicates. At the same time, his getting to the FT line so often is why his TS% is .600 this season. (He was more efficient last season, with a TS% of .660)

    3. Occupati0:

      You are correct. Harden leads the NBA in free throw attempts. Melo is #6 but the gap is huge: 10.1 vs 7.6. However, A) that still does not erase the gap between Melo's shots and Harden's shots. It only cuts it in half basically. B) It also doesn't change the fact that Harden gets over twice as many assists as Melo does. Also, Harden is only 23 and in his 1st year as a starter. He has plenty of changes to evolve his game, now that he has established himself as a starter and an all-star. Plus he'll have to in order to share the backcourt with Lin. Melo on the other hand has been to a ton of all star games and 3 Olympic teams. He ran D'Antoni and Lin out of New York because he DOESN'T want to change. Sorry, I still say that things could be worse for Lin than sharing a team with Harden, and sharing a team with Melo counts as one of them.

    4. Sharing a team with Melo would be easier for Lin's game than sharing a team with Harden. This is pretty obvious. Lin and Harden basically play the same, overlapping game. Their skillet is much more similar than Melo/Lin's. Lin would get to play PG (like Felton does) feeding the ball to Melo. In HOU's offense, Harden just dominates the ball and feeds it to whomever he wants, marginalizing Lin's role.

  14. Isaiah Thomas said the Kings' slow starts to their last two games are "the definition of a losing team." Coach Keith Smart said this doesn't worry him much...
    Smart: "[The Rockets] were a much faster basketball team than we were."

  15. There is a difference between building a team and winning. This young team is one that needs a year or 3 to build a winner. Sure they won 45 games, but a year of developing 2 guys is not building a team.
    Next year, the bigs are still going to need more touches to make them better. How hard is it to coach Harden and Lin when one wants to score and one wants to pass? If Lin was given more control of the distribution of the offense, everyone would have had their share of touches this year. Sure, Asik, GS would have made a lot more mistakes and the team may not have made it into the post season but to me, they will pay big dividends in the next 2 years.
    I've seen my share of rep coaches who wants to win for their own self promotion with little care for the players themselves.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I am delusional and proud of it because I happen to believe Lin has the ability to bring out the best in his teammates. I am delusional because Lin gives me cause to believe when he took a broken down Knicks team on a 8 game win streak without Melo or Stats. I am delusional because he just happened to have won without Harden or Parsons just recently with the weak Rox team.

      Are you delusional to not see that?

    3. Bob C F Chan:

      I deleted my comment because I realized that I was unnecessarily making a personal attack against you. I apologize.

      But I will say that 8 games is not an 82 game season. I know that saying so infuriates Lin fans, but McHale is not a "Lin fan", and if anything knows a lot more about Harden because Harden has been playing for 3 years in McHale's conference. And the same is true with those few games without Harden and/or Parsons. Here is the issue/problem: when you are a fan of a player, you tend to root for the player regardless of how the team does, and you tend to emphasize when the player plays well and not when he plays poorly. And let's face it, there were a lot of times when Lin played poorly with the Rockets ... in preseason, early in the season, and for long stretches during the season. You wanted McHale to go with Jeremy through thick and thin no matter the results, but your job and career weren't riding on the results. McHale's was. So McHale went with the NBA 6th man of the year who put up 26 ppg this year. If he goes with Harden and doesn't make the playoffs, nothing happens. But if he goes with Lin and doesn't make the playoffs when Harden is on the team, the guy gets fired plain and simple. That's the business.

      Also - and this has been said before and not just by me - the Knicks even without Stat and Melo were a better team than the Rockets. If they weren't, they don't win 53 games this year despite all the injuries that they have had (including Stat barely playing this year). The Knicks had the personnel for Linsanity that the Rockets do not. Claiming otherwise is like claiming that all players in the NBA have this ability that only needs Jeremy Lin to unlock it. It isn't true. The Knicks were a better, deeper team than the Rockets are at every position but PG, which just happened to be the one position that D'Antoni cannot win without.

    4. I get that Mchale doesn't treat Lin the same way he treats Harden but Parsons? I'm not surprised though. Parsons has gotten to play through his mistakes/TO's ALL season. For a guy that plays near 40 min/game, he should have better stats and a bigger impact on the team...but he doesn't. People just need to admit that some coaches prefer some players over others and that's the situation Parsons is in. Mchale views everyone but Harden as role players so of course he's going to choose Parsons over Lin. Parsons fits HOU's system and Harden more than Lin does.

      The Knicks WITHOUT STAT AND MELO were a better team than the Rockets? You mean, the Rockets with Lin/Harden/Asik? No. The knicks without stat/melo had the personnel to compliment Lin/D'antoni's style. Defense and Spacing. That's all.

    5. @unknown, please tell what long stretches Lin played poorly. I'd like to know what you consider as "played poorly". Games/dates would be appreciated. Rational fans aren't advocating for Mchale to have the entire team defer and go through Lin. Really? Do you really think this? If so, then please don't ever comment here again. Most fans just want Lin to be used as the PG and treated the same way guys like Parsons and even, Bev get treated. If you're the hot hand, you get to stay in the game!'d be nice for that to apply to Lin. Some accountability would be nice.

      I guess none of these things matter to some people:
      1. learning to adjust your game to play next to a completely ball dominant SG (who doesn't move or play within the offense when he doesn't have the ball) -- do people even know how difficult this is for ball dominant PG's???
      2. learning to play off the ball, spot up shooting (big weakness of his that he's improved on throughout the course of the season)
      3. learning the PG role in this offense and knowing that "you're not the primary ball handler or playmaker anymore (when most PG's are)" - Lin's own words, not mine.
      4. recovering from a knee injury - The way Lin plays, his knee has to be fully recovered.

  16. Parsons said he felt good tonight. Not that worried about the calf, mention that he'll have to see how the calf responds to tonight before determining whether to play vs. PHX.
    Parsons: "It was just real positive just how my calf really didn’t get too stiff, didn’t get too sore, even when I came in and out ...… I think it’s really important for me to play a lot of minutes. I hope coach [Kevin] McHale is watching this."

    1. "I think it's really important for me to play a lot of minutes"

      Haha, Parsons sure overrated himself a lot. Who do you think he is that he could control his own minutes? Next Kobe?

    2. easy for him to say, McHale always gives him minutes even if he plays badly or makes multiple mistakes.

    3. How about he STFU, that 'd be nice. No shit he loved tonight's game. Must be nice to have inferior ball handling and playmaking skills to your PG but still get more assists than him.

    4. I wish Jeremy Lin slap girly boy Chandler Parsons! Oh yes Jeremy Lin is Asian man so lets do Kung fu chop and bow before game start, yes he like this idea too! McHale pet project is moron with goofy hair and teenage girl upper body.

    5. Btw, those quotes were fr Matt Miller [who covers the Rox for]

  17. Replies
    1. OMG, in that pic Patterson looks like he's been lifting weights more - look at his upper arm. At that rate, he can plow through everybody and dunk the ball at will. Maybe he wants to show who the Rockets will be missing. LOL. Patterson will = Harden + Smith = $$$$..... Girls: Nab Patterson before he becomes filthy rich and you can say you loved him when he was poor.

    2. Oh my goodness! Then don't get tied up before a prenup.
      Is he baby sitting? Actually she may be 20ish. Patrick is only 23 himself. But my goodness, she looks only 5'0 next to him. Well, he's a good looking guy.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. Replies

    1. This is what McHale said about Jeremy in this interview:
      McHale: ... Jeremy coming in, played very very well.

    2. The contrived McHell should just shut the fuk up. It's too late for that and Lin hasn't valued his opinion for so long.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I think the Rox can make an exciting 7 games series playing the Spurs but only at best 5 games series vs the Nuggets.

    1. I think it's time to tank the final two games. Spurs look so human right now.

      Duncan remains amazing -- he might be the 2nd best player this season outside of Lebron -- but he's not enough on his own. No Ginobli and banged-up Parker may have re-injured himself (0-7 this game).

      Ideally, GS wins their final two and the Rockets beat Phoenix before losing to LA.

    2. Correction: Parker was 1-10.

    3. Lose any of the last 2 games ... and the Rockets will end up with the 8th seed vs. OKC. That's not good.

    4. In that case...

      1) Beat Phoenix to clinch the 7th.
      2) Tank the last game against LA (rest Lin, Harden, Asik).

    5. I say GUN FOR WINS.

      No need to wuss out any games.

      47 wins would be awesomely impressive, regardless of what happens in the playoffs.

    6. That's the noble thing to do, but realistically, you have to play it smart. I mean, even the Heat must be relieved to face the Bucks instead of the Celtics in the first round.

    7. But did the Heat tank games so they could face the Bucks?

      Also who said the Heat wouldn't want the Celtics? If they were to win the ring, they were going to face any team anyway. Whoever in earlier round or later round really matter to them? I don't think so.

    8. I'm against ever playing to lose. Especially with the other standings so unstable. Why lose a game for some speculated result that might not even pan out.

    9. It's a moot point.

      Lin and McHale both agree that the Rockets will seek to win the next two games.

    10. 5 letters after shift,

      Has it occurred to you that maybe the Spurs are losing on purpose, so that they don't have to face the playoff-experienced Lakers?

      I agree that the Spurs look more human (due to some health issues), but I'm sure they rather face the Rockets or Warriors than the playoff-crafty and referee-favored Lakers. And they just picked up Vipers D-league A-lister Gouldelock. With signing him and everyone playing team ball (and the favoritism for ratings), the Lakers could be a nightmare.

    11. Lakers even with Kobe weren't making it out of first round. Earl Clark, Jamison, Blake can't defend for shit, and Gasol is like Boozer-slow. With Kobe gone, it's a walk in the park.

    12. One thing I'm so relieved about the PEDed Kobe being out is that, with him gone, maybe the refs will favor the Lakers less since people follow popular players as much as teams (I think anyway). Another thing is, Kobe plays really sly and dirty when he thinks the refs can't see everything from where they're standing (Chris Paul must have learned by watching him) and acts as if others have no right to defend him. Look at what he did to Rubio and other non-blacks intentionally.

    13. Imagine if the Lakers weren't ref protected.

      They'd be just as bad as Sacramento and Phoenix!

    14. KHuang,

      That's absolutely the truth.

      Large-market teams get favored. Large-market teams with a popular superstar get MORE favored.

    15. Well okay guys, but don't complain when the banged-up Spurs lose in 6 to the Warriors while the Rockets lose in 6 to the Nuggets/Clips/Grizz...

    16. Heck no I'm not complaining.

      2nd round playoff exits are STILL EXITS.

      In the playoffs, nobody remembers early exits (OK I do, but I'm not normal). People only remember the NBA champion.

  20. Replies
    1. My favorite move is the layup at 2:00 mark in which Lin takes off with his right foot and shoots with right hand to get the shot up early and to throw off the timing for the help defender. This is something from Lin's game I haven't seen a lot of before. This is something Lillard and Rondo are very good at and do regularly.

    2. Yes Occupati0, what a great move!

      Lin is truly exhibiting some real finger roll excellence this season.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. The layups I really love are when Lin goes up, double pumps in the air against a 7 footer, and gently lays the ball in using DA ENGLISH!

      Michael Jordan got oohed and aahed for making those kinds of shots. Lin, people don't realize how amazing that is because Asians like Lin are considered unathletic.

      If Lin were any color other than Asian, people would be openly comparing his skywalking layups to those of Michael Jordan and Julius Erving.

  21. Replies
    1. Den has 68% chance to stay in 3rd, LAC 31% chance.

      This season:
      HOU 0-4 vs DEN
      HOU 1-2 vs LAC

  22. What this game showed tonight was how pitiful Kings were. Even though it's Lin's home town you wouldn't wish this team on your worst enemy. Cousins - overweight, 3 ex-Rockets players who produced little and a non-plussed coach. Even Lin would not be able to much improve or pad the stats of their players with his unselfish play, organisational skills, tenacious defending and no-look pin point passing.

    1. Well, those 3 ex Rockets did pretty darned well when playing on Lin's team!

      I think DeMarcus Cousins is the type of player who would flourish playing alongside Jeremy Lin. Just as Lin settled down JR Smith, Lin would settle down Cousins and run a pretty mean pick and roll with him.

      The Kings have a bunch of scorers, which reflects the personality of their GM Geoff Petrie (himself a big time scorer as a player). But Isaiah Thomas is their only true playmaker, and he's too small by NBA standards to make a winning impact.

      Lin on the Kings would turn that team around overnight, even despite Keith Smart.

    2. "Even Lin would not be able to much improve or pad the stats of their players with his unselfish play..."

      I have to disagree. Given full control of the team, he'd whip them into shape in no time. They have plenty of talent on that team -- Cousins, Evans, Thompson, Thornton...TD. What they lack is the unselfish floor general to guide them. They have zero organization and leadership on the floor and don't communicate on defense.

      Keith Smart would be the only obstacle but even he's come around on Jeremy this season...which is more than we can say more McHale. Just look at Jeremy's numbers in the 4 games without Harden. Now pair him with a legitimately talented PF in Cousins...scary stuff.

    3. Well, it looks like KHuang and I agree on THIS point.

    4. Dude, we USUALLY agree!

      We disagree about all the speculative stuff that we know isn't real in the end!

    5. Maybe you guys are right. I was disappointed how easily the Kings folded up and can't see how Cousins demands max money. Every team needs a good point guard similar to how a football team with an average quarterback will suck.

      McHale's continual wow! on Harden and Parsons and ignoring of Lin shows how unappreciated Lin's SG skills are at the Rockets.

    6. @rintintin:

      No it doesn't. It shows that the Rockets already have an all star SG (Harden) and don't need Lin to take on that role. This isn't a situation like the Knicks last year where their only real backcourt scoring threat other than Lin was J.R. Smith, who is better suited at being a 6th man. The only way to maximize Lin's scoring ability is to diminish the offensive game of Harden and Parsons. While Lin fans are fine with that, the truth is that the result would generally be fewer wins.

      Right now, McHale has to deal with Lin fans who are criticizing him for underutilizing Lin on a playoff team. But the flip side is not making the playoffs and having EVERYONE - Lin fans included - complaining about how bad the team stinks and how there is no real way for improvement because the team traded their #1 picks away and Houston is not a prime free agent destination even when they have cap room. Trust me, McHale far prefers the former to the latter, as would you if your livelihood depended on it.

    7. Hey Unknown, you know that not all of us Lin fans are unhappy with Lin scoring "only" 15 points last game!

      I'm perfectly fine with Lin's scoring. I'm even fine with Harden. What I'm NOT fine with is Harden bricking and turnovering and refusing to play defense.

      Harden will have to repair those problems if he is going to be a champion. Even so, the team is doing just fine with Harden in his current role.

    8. If Montana never threw the ball to Jerry Rice, no matter if he played every possession, he couldn't have broken all the records. If the 9ners took Rice out in the 4th in favor of a second stringer who can't score, how good is that for his confidence? If Rice was benched each time he dropped a pass, how well could he have coped with that pressure?

      Winning is not about star building, it's about team building.

    9. @Bob C F Chan:

      But the 49ers never ran the ball very much with Joe Montana, did they? And the 49ers tailbacks, Ricky Watters especially, weren't too happy about that. I have already stated that I am displeased with the benching of Lin, which made absolutely no sense.

      And Bob, the Rockets have no team to build. You seem to think that the Rockets frontcourt and bench can be transformed into effective players merely by having Lin run the show. It isn't true. Winning is about team building, but team building is about getting better players. The Rockets need a MUCH better PF, a better bench, and I also think that Parsons is a better reserve than a starter (KHuang disagrees with me on that one).


      I am of the opinion that McHale let Harden do his thing because it is his first year as a starter, he is still a very young player and quite frankly the Rockets needed his offense. I believe that McHale will allow Lin to do more - and instruct Harden to work on his all around game - next year. I think that a lot of people forget: Harden was thrown into this lineup with literally a few days to go before the regular season. And the NBA isn't like the NFL, where you have 6 days between games plus bye weeks to change what you are doing. Also, the Rockets are so young and limited in ability, they are only capable of very simple stuff on both sides of the court (Jeremy Lin is the exception). Of course, this is stuff that you know already. McHale will actually get a chance to coach Harden and the rest of the team - including a healthy Lin I might add - during the offseason, and I expect to see a drastically different Rockets offense and defense. ESPECIALLY if they add a big man like Josh Smith.

    10. Even if McHale doesn't change anything, Unknown, I do think that Harden's teammates will hold him increasingly accountable.

      Lin is no ordinary guard. He really is the rare player like a Jason Kidd or Sam Cassell who can singlehandedly improve the game of minimum contract players. Of course, those minimum contract guys cease to be minimum contract guys once they sign new contracts. Just ask Steve Novak, JR Smith, and Landry Fields. In that sense I agree with Bob C F Chan and not Unknown.

      I would love to see both Lin and Harden become ballhawking defensive pests who are unstoppable on offense. Lin's got it down, but Harden has a LONG way to go. I am very skeptical that Harden has it in him to tighten up his game to Lin levels.

  23. Howard Chen ‏@ho_chenCSN
    Jeremy Lin just signed a T-shirt, gave it to a kid on crutches. Made. His. Day. Kid lets out a celebratory whoop. #RedNation
    6:19 PM - 14 Apr 13

  24. Jonathan Feigen ‏@Jonathan_Feigen
    This is just the second game all season that the Rockets have played the starting lineup they plan for the post-season.
    4:11 PM - 14 Apr 13

  25. If we play Denver then we are toast. Iggy will contain harden like he has the last four games.

    The only way the rox have a chance is if harden realizes that and shares the ball instead if trying to get his numbers. Instead, I predict harden will keep forcing his shots, trying desperately to get fouls that will not come, not play an ounce of defense - all while McHale looks on knowing that harden is not playing his style of basketball. I fear it's going to be the most frustrating games we watch this year.

    1. Nothing changes with this team. With Parsons back, he led the second team with Bev again. What happened to keeping Lin or Harden on the court at all times?

      Here's some things we've seen throughout the season that we'll see in the playoffs:
      - Harden will ISO us out of games.
      - Harden's terrible shot selection with multiple defenders on him will lose us games.
      - Parsons will continue to play point forward.
      - In tight games, Lin will get subbed out for Bev's D since Harden runs the offense anyway. Bev will finish games with Harden, Parsons, Asik, and (Delfino or GSmith or TJones).

    2. "The only way the rox have a chance is if harden realizes that and shares the ball instead if trying to get his numbers."

      The only way that Harden shares the ball is if his coach tells him to. Like it or not, the Rockets brought Harden in to be their scorer, and the reason that they did that was because of the lack of proven scorers on the roster. You expect McHale to think that the key to winning games consistently is to let Lin have as many scoring opportunities as possible, or to have this "share the ball" philosophy that pretends there are multiple proven, experienced scorers on this team. Honestly, while sharing the ball and letting Lin run things would mean more shots for Lin, it would also mean more shots for guys who are really limited in their ability to score.

      Teams who rely on iso ball do so for a reason. To run the type of offense that Lin fans desire requires more talent. Yes, the Knicks during the Linsanity run did have more talent - especially in the frontcourt - than this Rockets group does.

    3. Also what I have noticed is that McHale has set harden/parsons up to succeed, and that has not happened with Lin. A lot of the criticism that McHale gets (not only from Lin fans) is because he has brought much of this on himself. His favoritism over some players have hurt the team as a whole. I get it Harden was brought here to score, but they have spent most of the season trying to marginalize Lin's game, whether intentionally or not. This is nothing new to Lin, because he has been treated this way his whole entire Bball career. We all know that Morey/coaches have to more so justify sending 80 million dollars on Harden. we as fans get it. This is such a young team with so much untapped potential. After all this was to be a rebuild year, right. Nobody is asking for lin to take over the show, but at least give him an opportunity to do what he does best, all things being equal.

    4. Also what I have noticed is that McHale has set harden/parsons up to succeed, and that has not happened with Lin. A lot of the criticism that McHale gets (not only from Lin fans) is because he has brought much of this on himself. His favoritism over some players have hurt the team as a whole. I get it Harden was brought here to score, but they have spent most of the season trying to marginalize Lin's game, whether intentionally or not. This is nothing new to Lin, because he has been treated this way his whole entire Bball career. We all know that Morey/coaches have to more so justify sending 80 million dollars on Harden. we as fans get it. This is such a young team with so much untapped potential. After all this was to be a rebuild year, right. Nobody is asking for lin to take over the show, but at least give him an opportunity to do what he does best, all things being equal.

    5. @awarde:

      This honestly is not true.
      "This is such a young team with so much untapped potential."
      Nope. The only potential that is untapped on this team is Lin's. The idea that Asik and the other guys would turn into Tyson Chandler, Landry Fields etc. with Lin running the show just isn't true. Those players were good before Lin got there, and if you have noticed the Knicks season, they were good after he left.
      Also, I deny that McHale has set Lin up to fail. How is being the starting PG of a playoff team failing? How is becoming a better all-around player, which Lin has definitely become this season, failing?

      "but at least give him an opportunity to do what he does best, all things being equal."

      All things aren't equal. This is the main point: the Rockets do not have the personnel for Linsanity. Here's the irony: it would be GREAT for Harden and Parsons if they did, because both Harden and Parsons can play that style. But they don't. The Knicks frontcourt is young, undersized, and very limited offensively and defensively. That's why the Rockets were forced to go to their small lineup so often.

      Now McHale taking Lin out of the game at the end of games and in the 4th quarter stunk. I have no idea why he did that. It made no sense, especially since he did it in favor of nonentities like Douglas and Beverly. I agree that McHale's pulling that nonsense makes it appear as if McHale has something against him or doesn't believe that he is that good. That's legitimate. But the idea that the Rockets would have been better with Linsanity isn't.

      Here's the deal: if you're a Lin fan, root for them to get a PF, because that is what Lin's game needs. Just like Stockton had Malone for his pick and roll game, Lin needs the same.

    6. I can't agree with your assessment that this Rockets team has "no untapped potential", Unknown.

      Omer Asik has had no trouble playing against Tyson Chandler this season. He is still learning how to play offense in the NBA. Thanks to Lin and even Harden, Asik has made great strides after 3 years of never touching the ball due to Derrick Rose hogging in Chicago. There is no reason why Asik cannot eventually become as impactful as Chandler, especially since Asik is quick on his feet like a guard!

      Thomas Robinson was the 5th overall pick last year. He has NBA body, toughness, and even skills. He is still unlearning Keith Smart's coaching, but he has great upside.

      The other rookie big men: Jones, Dmotion, and Smith - all have excellent potential. These players are steadily learning how to play in the NBA. Even Royce White might have game.

      Patrick Beverley is the one guy I think is playing to his potential - which means I can't see his putrid defense get any better. Though his individual numbers are great, the team simply cannot hold onto leads with him in the lineup. I wish there was some way to improve his reaction time because every time opponents attack him and he can't react fast enough, it breaks down the entire Rockets defense.

      I could go on and on, but this young Rockets team is BRIMMING with potential. Jeremy Lin is the catalsyt who gets these guys going.

  26. Replies
    1. lots of love for ppat and doug

    2. Im just seing that PatPats shoulder is bigger than JLins head!

    3. Lin need to get bigger and more ripped. He's in the NBA for God's sake! why isn't he building his body? Seriously there are tons of Asians who are more ripped than him, so don't blame being Asian as an excuse!

    4. So 777am, would Lin's being bigger and more ripped help him shoot better percentages or score more or defend better or chase people better or block Josh Smith any harder?

      Even for scoring with WOMEN, wouldn't you agree that Lin already has enough good looks?

    5. With more upper body strength, Lin can finish better at the rim w/ contact, be able to post up on smaller guards, and hit jumpshots without relying too much on his legs (Which leads to more consistent jumpers when he's tired.)

    6. Lin already does all that.

      I predicted that Lin would go on a total tear since the All Star Break. He HAS.

      Lin ain't broke. Don't fix him.

  27. McHale plan is gonna be live and die on harden in the playoffs.Its not gonna change,the only way they can win are depend on harden that he wants to play hero ball or not.

    1. Cool.

      If McHale wants to try that, go ahead. See if that'll fly.

      Lin just has to play his unselfish and highly efficient game. Let the coaches figure out of they want to use that or not.

  28. In the playoffs, when the sh!t hits the fan, McHale's sphincter is going to pucker like a lemon. And he will cling to his Harden security blanket like a widdle baby.