Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Isiah's Take On Harden and Lin

I love the analysis by Isiah Thomas who knows a thing or two about great backcourt play. When I initially heard that Harden was signing with Houston, I immediately thought "Isiah and Joe Dumars". If they can stay together and grow, especially on the defensive end, HardLin can be right up there.

Funny how Magic and Isiah, the best two point guards ever, have only great things to say about JLin. It's not so with the rest of the so called sports media and pundits. This shows you how little most of them really know about the game.


  1. The greats are comforatble with their place in history and don't have the need to push others down while pushing themselves up. Magic at halftime of first Knicks v Lakers game was very praising of Lin's play. Jon Barry was also there and had to agree with the HOF. It is only when Barry was announcing games with non-players that he dissed Lin's play.

  2. If I didn't know better, I'd consider Isaiah Thomas quite charismatic. It's too bad I know he's a creep. =P

    I recently heard him do an in-depth interview talking about the NCAA and how he scouts prospects differently than he did before because of how the NBA has changed. I thought it was a good listen. I think this is the right link.

    1. Isiah Thomas is no creep.

      He's been villainized by opponents and media, but he's actually a decent guy who is very imperfect and tries to do things right.

      Many people were threatened by Isiah Thomas's intelligence and talent despite his short (by NBA standards) size. Plus, Isiah often willingly took on difficult projects that he got burned for despite doing very good work.

      For example, Isiah was hired to be the coach at Florida International University. That team had been horrendously bad for years. Isiah warned his bosses that it would take a long time to turn the team around. Isiah also donated his entire first year salary to bolster the struggling women's athletic department. Though the team struggled mightily on the court, most of the losses were like around 5 points a game. Most impressively, Isiah put together like a 90+% graduation rate for his basketball team that would be impressive for ANY college program.

      I've followed Isiah Thomas since his playing days. Every time he walked into a seemingly unwinnable situation as an executive, he managed to improve things so that future people could build on what he did. Isiah Thomas took the fall while others took the credit, but I could always see what he was trying to do and usually agreed.

    2. KHuang, didn't you read about the sexual harassment scandal by a female executive in his NY Knicks that required $11.6M settlement by MSG?

      Isiah Thomas was certainly a brilliant HOF PG despite his size but this scandal plus his famous fight with MJ certainly put a big question mark regarding his character.

      Knicks fans and MSG executives hate him so much due to his high-paid but underachieving roster that he even did not dare to come back although Dolan loves him so much. He was also said to drive out Donnie Walsh.

      We can certainly respect his basketball knowledge and he spoke the truth about Harden and Lin (I really like his statement of "IF Harden and Lin are commited to be defensive stoppers") but his character is very questionable.

      Here is a good article of his tumultuous relationship with NY Knicks:
      Isiah Thomas, who reduced the Knicks to ashes, may get to do it again

    3. Read THIS, psalm234

      What this article also fails to mention was that when Larry Brown was kicked out for insubordination and Isiah took over, the Knicks finally came together and became a winning team until James Dolan traded Zach Randolph and Jamal Crawford for salary dumping reasons.

      Isiah was also EXONERATED in that female executive case. Regardless of whether he did or did not do sexual harrassment, he himself was not found guilty!

      I am a lifelong Knick follower (not fan). I was there when Scott Layden utterly ran the Knicks into the ground with bad picks and bad contracts. We NY fans used to chant "Fire Layden" every game, and we got our wish.

      It took years to undo the horrific damage that Scott Layden did, and Isiah Thomas actually SHORTENED the rebuilding process.

      Let's not forget that James Dolan runs the Knicks. Try working for that guy.

    4. Interesting perspective from the article, KHuang.

      It concluded Isiah did accomplish 2 objectives (improving the roster and the coaching situation) from Layden's era although the Curry's overpaid contract and Larry Brown coaching didn't pan out so his tenure was considering underperforming. So it made the case that it wasn't all Isiah's fault when Curry and Brown should share the blame.

      It also made an admission that the sexual harassment case proved he's no angel in NY.

      Then it made the argument that the fact that he was offered GM job with the Knicks (not mention of Dolan's crush on him) justified he didn't do such a bad job and he is owed an apology. This argument was not strong because only Dolan wanted him back despite the mess he created.

      Perhaps there was another article about Isiah being exonerated. But even this article made the concession that Isiah shared some fault (not all) in the roster/coaches situation and not defended him in the sexual harassment case.

      I know you like the guy but like this article said, Isiah was no angel.

    5. Isiah doesn't need to be an angel to NOT deserve the diatribes (racially motivated in my opinion) hurled against him.

      Eddy Curry was a 19 ppg scorer for the Knicks when he was in the rotation. Curry was talked about as a potential Eastern Conference All Star and rival to Orlando's Dwight Howard. His defense was suspect, largely because the Knick guards allowed penetration.

      The one bad contract Isiah got was Jerome Jordan. Yes, that was a superflop that I knew was a mistake.

      But the Marbury trade? I was in Phoenix at the time and was actually more of a Marbury fan than I ever was a Steve Nash fan. When Phoenix made that trade, it DECIMATED our Suns. All the players washed out, and the Milos Vujanic guy who was supposed to be Goran Dragic before Dragic was even heard of ended up crippling out in overseas ball. It wasn't until Al Bianchi stepped in and signed Nash and Quentin Richardson did the Suns recover from that horrific trade. Plus, Marbury was a GREAT player for the Suns who carried a weak team night after night and unfairly took the fall for being wiped out in the playoffs by the Spurs (I think).

      Isiah Thomas continued his superb drafting and continued to assemble good players. The NY media really trashed the Knicks, so much that the team could not win. It's because Isiah set the team up for the future that the Knicks were able to recover.

      The article I posted isn't the only article written about the subject. I think probasketballtalk had a similar article that was much more forceful and specific in defending Isiah. Since I was following the Knicks at the time, I knew that Isiah Thomas was being unfairly blamed for the awful messes Scott Layden (one of the most incompetent GMs ever and now a Utah assistant coach) created.

  3. Since it is THE TITLE of this discussion, I just have to point it out...

    Isiah Thomas --> The smiley HOF

    Isaiah Thomas --> The small but quick Kings' guard.

  4. Howard Chen CSN is on Joy Dunk Club right now!

    He's answering questions from the fans! You can ask through Youtube or Twitter!!!

  5. Here's Charlie and Lance on their show today on 790 saying Lin is not part of the Rockets young core. Starts at 10:35.

    1. how is Lin not part of the young core?

    2. Charlie and Lance are broadcasters, not NBA personnel.

      Their words mean nothing.

    3. My earlier response: This is maddening. What a remarkably terrible fan base. If they want an upgrade at PG, they're going to be paying more than 8mil/year. Do they understand that any PG that comes in, besides cp3, is going to have to play off the ball, have a much lower usage rate and will not get to be the primary playmaker/ball handler (Lin's own words)?!?! You're telling me a better PG is going to be okay with that role? You're telling me Morey is going to pay more money at the PG position for that role?

      I'm beyond confused, how stupid are these people? HOU is lucky as hell to have someone as willing and team oriented as Lin.

    4. I wouldn't mind the Rockets going after Chris Paul and letting Lin go this summer. It would be more hilarious to watch either Paul or Harden trying to play off ball and standing in the corner. I bet it would be even worse than the Kobe and Nash combo because at least Nash is a good spot up shooter.

    5. Me too, Cara. I'd love it! Firstly because Lin can get rid of Morey and the McHell-Damnpson mind twins, and secondly because, after paying Howard, Paul and Harden their max contracts, they will be front-court salary heavy just like the current Lakers! LOL

  6. Isiah made a specific point of saying how important it was to build chemistry OFF THE COURT.

    Spending time together, becoming friends, learning to trust each other, developing "non-verbal" communication to use on the court -- all that was important for two ball-dominant guards to excel next to each other.

    Maybe Jeremy will have to go to some strip clubs after all. Or maybe they can split the difference and have off-season pool parties with a lot of bikini-clad Christian women. Parsons will work the grill.

    1. Ah, getting Lin to go cruising with Harden. Lin's bible study group needs to inform him that the strip club is just an allegory for God's love, like the Songs of Solomon.

  7. Ugh, I remember last summer that Isiah said Lin's just a backup guard. Has he changed his view or he was just doing lip service?

    1. Who knows. It doesn't matter, at least he said something nice about Lin vs. the other NBA Analysts who didn't even talk about Lin.

    2. Isiah Thomas can be a very FLAWED guy.

      He was probably being protective of Carmelo and Dolan and CAA.

    3. I don't think Isiah could see past the fact that Lin's ball handling isn't anywhere near his own level. It's understandable that he expects a great PG to come in a mold that resembles himself.

    4. Isiah's track record for scouting talent is weak. So, whatever.

    5. Isiah Thomas is one of the GREATEST scouts in NBA history.

      He discovered and drafted many great players. Some of them include:

      Kevin Garnett: When McHale was Minnesota's GM, he was thinking about drafting Garnett. So McHale called up his BEST FRIEND, Isiah Thomas. Thomas told McHale to take Garnett and McHale DID.

      David Lee: While Knick fans were pelting the Garden with "Fire Isiah" chants, Isiah Thomas drafted Lee with like the 20th pick. Today Lee is an All Star, and Isiah got absolutely no credit for picking Lee. Isiah also got Wilson Chandler in the same draft very late.

      Damon Stoudamire: Isiah picked Stoudamire as the 9th overall pick in like his 1st season as Toronto GM. Stoudamire became rookie of the year and enjoyed a stellar career as a top point guard.

      Tracy McGrady: Isiah picked McGrady out of high school with like the 10th pick. McGrady struggled in Toronto in his rookie year, but he progressively got better every year. We all know how McGrady became an All Star who led the NBA in scoring.

      Jermaine O'Neal: Jermaine O'Neal was originally drafted by Portland. He languished on the bench and was on the verge of washing out of the NBA until Isiah Thomas picked him up out of the trash. In their first practice, Isiah asked O'Neal to post up. O'Neal ran to the FOUL LINE, sending Thomas into peals of laughter. Isiah then brought in one of the greatest post up small forwards in NBA history to tutor O'Neal, Isiah's best friend Mark Aguirre. O'Neal is an All Star and is still a very good player when injury hasn't knocked him out.

      This is just a partial listing of the great players Isiah Thomas was involved in selecting and developing. There are more players, plus Isiah was a highly gifted coach who won as many as a whopping 61 games with his Indiana Pacers.

    6. Isiah really messed up in Toronto, the fans hate him with a passion there. He wrongly scouted Lin as a scrub and told Dolan to make Lin test the market.

      If it wasn't for isiah, Lin would be still a knick and maybe challenge for the eastern title. As bad a situation was with Melo, Mchale and the stupid fan base in Houston is worst.

    7. And when was the last time Toronto made the playoffs?

      Toronto was strongest when Isiah's guys - Stoudamire, Vince Carter, McGrady, Camby - were playing.

  8. Did anybody see McFool's pre game interview last night? He spent the whole time discussing the great Harden and Parsons. What am I missing? How does Parsons 2 pt higher average make him the second most valuable player on the team? Again, and this is like a broken record, if Lin had been playing any wear near Parson's minutes, he would have a much higher average. So frustrating.

    1. Never mind what he says, just look at his demeanor and body language when he talks about anyone but Lin, then when he has to respond to a question about Lin, he becomes a dour-ass curmudgeon.

    2. McHale's flaw is that he thinks Lin is unathletic.

      Parsons is tall for a small forward while James Harden is powerful for his position.

      The thing is that Lin's only a tiny bit shorter than Harden but weighs the same as Harden. Lin is actually more oversized against other point guards than Harden is against other shooting guards or Parsons is against other small forwards.

      Not surprisingly, opponents guard Lin with the top perimeter defender and not Harden or Parsons. But since McHale is CLUELESS on defense, he probably doesn't even notice that Lin's being double and triple teamed while Harden and Parsons are allowed to brick and turnover against single coverage.

    3. "The thing is that Lin's only a tiny bit shorter than Harden but weighs the same as Harden."
      Lin does not weigh the same as Harden, it's not even close.

    4. Jeremy Lin: 212 pounds
      James Harden: 220 pounds

      You call that "not even close"?

    5. The official NBA page lists Lin as 200 pds. You can take official numbers like that with a grain of salt, but Lin himself cited his weight in the summer . IIRC, he said ~200 pds; he specifically said he had shed weight in order to put less of a burden on his knee. I don't know where you're getting 212 from. It's also pretty clear to me Harden has more mass.

    6. You're just as blinded by your flawed eye test as Kevin McHale is.

      On Scheppler’s advice, Lin sought out Phil Wagner, a physician and trainer who owns Sparta Performance Science in Menlo Park. Wagner saw a player with enviable athleticism, but who lacked the explosiveness of an elite N.B.A. player.

      “Most basketball players can create force very quickly,” Wagner said, referring to a player jumping off the floor. “Jeremy couldn’t.”

      He compared Lin to a stretched-out rubber band — flexible, but lacking that snap-back quality. The goal was to make him “stiffer,” through a training program of heavy weights and low repetition, in conjunction with a high-protein diet. With the added muscle, Lin pushed his weight to 212 pounds from 200, while increasing his vertical leap by 3.5 inches, Wagner said. The result is evident every time Lin barrels into the lane this season.

      “The biggest thing I see is when he gets intro traffic, he’s able to maintain his direction and his balance, because he’s stronger,” Wagner said, adding, “He’s a physical guard. That’s where I see his hard work and the program he did with us paying off.”

      Wagner added: “Before, he was a motorcycle: he was maneuverable, but very off-balance. Now he’s like a Porsche: he’s fast, but he’s stable.”

    7. Come on man, you are citing a February 2012 article. That info is dated. As I said before, he shed weight after the injury.

    8. If Lin really is 200 lbs, he's the BURLIEST 200 lb guy I've ever seen.

      After decades of watching the NBA, I have learned to take official NBA height and weight listings with a grain of salt. After all, Caldwell Jones from the 1970s was listed at 6'11" despite actually measuring 6'7" and Hakeem Olajuwon said he was 6'9" despite being listed at 7'0".

      I would guess James Harden's real weight as between 220 and 225 while Lin's real weight is likely between 215 and 200.

    9. Imagine you're a starting NBA point guard facing Jeremy Lin.

      Here's a guy who's taller and faster than you, and even if you're John Wall or Russell Westbrook he's not a guy that you can physically overpower.

      Then Lin comes in, gets low to the ground, and plays his lockdown defense with his superior size and speed. How the heck do you get around a guy like that without a pick?

      On offense, Lin's so quick and so forceful that he drives right at double teams and scores over the inside help defense. So even doubling the guy doesn't work.

      McHale has no clue that Lin is the most physically dominating player on the team.

    10. I meant "215 and 220". Typo.

    11. I agree the official listings are often bogus, and insofar as they are true, they are rarely updated. But Lin himself reported his weight in the offseason in some interview or another; that's as close to accurate as we can expect. I think the the fact that he lost weight is reflected by his face too, as his cheekbones are more pronounced than last season.

      Anyway, actual weight aside, what matters is not being able to be moved around easily by others. Tonight, I watched the GSW-Timberwolves game and saw Thompson push off Shved a little with his off arm to create space. Shved is listed at 182 pds but he flew back like two feet; Thompson hurled him like a flimsy doll LOL. Lin doesn't get moved easily like that.

    12. Lin has a low center of gravity, since his waist is, proportionally speaking, set low (relative to players like Harden whose leg length accounts for more of his total height), and his stance is low, so he's not easily bumped.

    13. Years ago, I read an interview of Jason Maxiell.

      Maxiell said that he started out the season at 220 lbs after a lean chicken and salad diet but would finish at 240 due to all the team meals and travel food and everything.

      I'd imagine that most NBA players gain weight as the season progresses.

    14. McHale has a funny body shape that isn't attractive. He's narcissistic and egomaniacal to be fond of people such as Parsons and Harden, who have similar body shape. Lin has much more attractive body build than he, Parsons and Harden. hehe.

    15. I can see the Parsons love. The system is perfect for him and he's got a big role in it.

      I just don't understand why Mchale feels the need to downplay Lin so much. It's very obvious.

    16. The Parsons love stems from him being a minimum wage 2nd rounder (or maybe his good looks too).

      If you watch nba enough, you could see a lot of players go through this same process:
      Loved as a young player ->
      Hated once got paid ->
      Rated accordingly once settled down

      Lin is now in stage 2 while Parsons is in stage 1.

    17. If Chandler Parsons didn't have Lin passing him the ball, he'd be WAY less effective.

      The same goes for the entire Rockets team, including James Harden.

      Substitute Lin with any All Star point guard and every Rocket's stats would significantly drop.

    18. Yet HOU fans say that Parsons plays better/scores more points with Lin/Harden off the court. Where can I get stats on this?

    19. KSmith, someone has to shoot in the possessions when Harden and Lin are not in the court, you know. So I would not be surprised if Parsons indeed score more with Harden and Lin off the court? But I don't need any data but my eyes to tell me that most of Parsons made FGs are assisted. Guy can't create his own shot well.

    20. I agree with Cara--he is paid on his rookie scale so HOU fans love him as it allows fans to indulge in some populist lovefest.

      I disagree with "hated once he gets paid" as he has the benefit of being a rockets draft pick. "Homegrown" is what the cool kids call it.

      For HOU fans, Lin is just a FA chasing the dollars.

    21. I I agree with Pierrot. Homegrown guys always get the most love, sometimes unjustified.

    22. per 36 minutes: Parsons 15.2 pts. Lin 14.9 pts.

      (btw, I'm a Parsons fan also)

    23. "just look at his demeanor and body language when he talks about anyone but Lin, then when he has to respond to a question about Lin, he becomes a sour-ass curmudgeon."

      Exactly. McHale's demeanor exudes: "Why did Les sign this overrated scrub I cut last year? I guess I have to start this scrub to appease Les and business reasons."

    24. Rose, I'm going to be "KMcHuang" for this post so that you can understand what's going through McHale's mind:

      - gravelly voice ON:

      Ok, I have here this Houston team that has three quick guards, one small forward, and a bunch of rookie big guys.

      Since these guys are all pretty inexperienced, let's just run a simple motion offense where guys are supposed to pass the ball when double teamed but can make moves 1-on-1. On defense, we'll just funnel everything into the bigs.

      Well, so far everything's working out decent. Harden is our main guy because he's a big strong muscle dude, so he should get the ball most of the time. Parsons is scoring a lot too, and that's because he's got a size advantage on most guys he's up again. Patrick Beverley is doing OK too because he's quicker than most guys and does good energy when he comes into the game.

      There's only one guy that is driving me nuts, and that's Lin. I can't figure out why Lin is playing like he is. I tell him not to drive against those double teams, to just move the ball to the open guy. I tell him to defend his man and funnel his guy into the big off the pick and roll. Instead, this guy goes out every game and drives the ball right at the doubles and pushes his man to the baselines on defense. Then he gives me dirty looks. I'd bench him for insubordination, but the team seems to get in trouble when he sits.

      I like Jeremy Lin. What a nice guy and team player. But why the heck is he defying me by dribbling right into those double teams and defensing his guys away from our shotblocking bigs? I JUST DON'T GET IT!

    25. Back to being KHuang.

      This is what I'd say to McHale:

      - my voice on:

      Hey McHale, about this Lin guy.

      He's actually running your offense to PERFECTION.

      You played in the NBA. You got double teamed all the time. Did you pass the ball like a hot potato every time you got doubled? Heck no, you went right through those guys because superstars like you get doubled and you knew you could beat the traps! You used to WANT the double to come before you passed off to open guys or scored right through the double anyway!

      Well, Lin learned from you real well. He's actually playing the game just like you did, only he's a GUARD.

      By the way, McHale, don't forget that only GOOD players in the NBA get doubled. Harden and Parsons and Beverley don't get trapped, but Lin does. That's because Lin isn't just looking to score, he's looking to move the ball to other guys so that he can run your offense.

      And on defense? McHale, you stopped everybody. You never needed help in the post, and you could shut down cutting guards. Well, Lin is just like you because he doesn't need help guarding guys up top and often plays great help defense. That's why you keep putting in when Beverley and his slow reflexes keep losing the lead!

      McHale, you're Jeremy Lin's coach and mentor. Get it through your head that he's become JUST LIKE YOU. So enjoy his game and stop freaking out every time he attacks a double team or gets a defensive stop with no help!

  9. Isiah said that Jeremy Lin and James Harden could become a superb defensive backcourt!

    That's what I've been saying for months!

    I would love to see Lin and Harden attacking opponents defensively and shutting people down.

    Lin's putting forth an amazing defensive effort, but Harden is not.

    1. I've been saying this for a while that until Harden starts playing defense he's not a true star player in my eyes. But I think he's capable he just needs to put in the effort.

    2. Not happening. Harden won't focus on defense until another superstar is added to the team. Right now he feels like he's the only guy who can consistently put up points, so he reserves all his energy for offense.

    3. Isiah also talked about the importance of communication between the guards. Hard to do that when Harden is in his iso-bubble all the time.

  10. heh bullshit. isiah is only praising lin because he's trying to weasel his way back into the nba. he was taking repeated shots at lin on twitter, and instrumental in forcing lin out of new york.

    1. With all the BACKSTABBING by Carmelo Anthony and JR Smith and Tyson Chandler, shouldn't we all be lukewarm about Lin returning to NY?

    2. If Lin ever does make it back to NY, trust me none of those clowns will still be there. By them it will finally be Lin's team!!

    3. No, Lin won't make it back to NY.

      I've followed the Knicks for decades. What James Dolan won't do is reacquire a player that LINBARRASSED him.

    4. Neither would JLin want to go back to NY as long as Dolan remains the owner. The only good thing about NY is the fans are really loyal and loves their own players, unlike some in Houston.

    5. Khuang, we're talking about IT's CHARACTER, regardless of whether his actions have turned out to benefit JLin or not. [If it had, that would be an accidental good, and certainly not what IT had it mind.]

      [I think at the time everybody's lukewarm on JLin returning to that snake pit, esp with HOU promising to build around JLin.] :)

    6. But via, if Isiah was lukewarm and so were we, why should Isiah get hated on for it and we go unpunished?

    7. We get hated on all the time by a portion of Knicknation [for which we hate them back, lol.]

      If it's punishment to point out facts [about how different he now sings], he did it to himself.

    8. No he didn't, via.

      Isiah never came out and said that Lin was a career backup, the way the hated Larry Brown did.

      I can understand people thinking that a 25 game cameo Lin could spend a little more time on the bench, though I of course think it would be a bad idea.

      Isiah simply was "lukewarm" on Lin with the Knicks, just like you and me and everyone here!

      EVERYBODY wants to blame Isiah for everything. I've been in Isiah's shoes as intelligent ethnic male punching bag, so I can easily relate to Isiah's stances.

    9. Nobody's blaming IT for EVERYTHING.

      People are merely pointing out:
      - That he had influence over Dolan [common knowledge] and his opinions on JLin would have carried weight. + That pointed tweet.
      - The difference in what he said then and now.

      "Isiah simply was "lukewarm" on Lin with the Knicks, just like you and me and everyone here!"
      - He was lukewarm on JLin; We're lukewarm on the Nyk. We have A WHOLE LOT OF REASONS to be lukewarm on the Nyk. He simply didn't think JLin was good enough.

      "Isiah never came out and said that Lin was a career backup, the way the hated Larry Brown did...I can understand people thinking that a 25 game cameo Lin could spend a little more time on the bench, though I of course think it would be a bad idea."
      - That he was never as bad as Larry Brown doesn't mean he's good. No one wants JLin as a back-up. <- This is not the discussion, what we're talking about here is IT's CHARACTER.

      "I've been in Isiah's shoes as intelligent ethnic male punching bag, so I can easily relate to Isiah's stances."
      - Is it possible this [you identifying with Isiah's "ethnic male punching bag" thing] is making you defend him at all cost?

      It fair to doubt him: He's on the record saying/ tweeting X, now he says Y.

  11. Ted Lieu ‏@tedlieu
    Congratulations to Jeremy Lin and a young Houston Rockets team for clinching a playoff berth. …
    7:39 PM - 10 Apr 13

    Talking about Linsanity, a year after the fact, with the authors of the new e-book "We'll Always Have Linsanity."

      Knickerbloggers take a look back at the tumultuous 2011-12 season.

    2. Gelf Magazine ‏@gelf 32m
      .@JADubin5 @knickerblogger @BobSaietta and @JPCavan getting riled up about Jeremy Lin vs Ray Felton.
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  13. This is one great article, pretty much speaking up for all of us here. Give the man a prop, Chris Baldwin.

    1. Someone post the article on CF. I saw the very interesting thing.
      On CF, people started, specially the owner Clutch, to attack the author and saying “the article is garbage.”
      In the original article site ---culturemap, everyone there agree the article’s point.
      The bottom line is: it could be true; CF has some issue or stereotypes about Asians and basketball.

    2. Thanks for keeping us updated on Clutchfans!

    3. That's right, k.smith.

      I love how people here complain endlessly about the racism on Clutchfans but LOVE going there to look for delicious morsels of anti Asian diatribes.

      The hunt continues!!!

    4. @ KHuang

      I'm 100% with you. I don't understand why people keep bring up CF this and that.

    5. I have a different view point. I love to read different views from different angles . From debate, I can think and learn more.

      I am so admire those ppl on CF site to speak for Lin. I also tried to understand other ppl's views.

      After 60 minutes; I felt "stereotypes" is the reason we still have LOF and LOH fight and as the result a lot ppl getting banned from different viewpoint in there.

      So I just point out. "stereotypes" thing is not only for Lin but for all of us.

    6. "I love how people here complain endlessly about the racism on Clutchfans but LOVE going there to look for delicious morsels of anti Asian diatribes."

      same people who keep quoting SAS, a proven racist.

    7. Why prejudge? I troll cf and although there are lin haters there are a lot of good knowledable rocket fans that not only know basketball well and see lin as a great player, but supports lin as well.

      There are going to be haters you can't get rid of that. CF may have issues with lin but he is often the first person to post some lin awesomeness online cause well like it or not he is a rox fan and when lin does well he does cheer.

      Lin is great like that he'll turn all the haters around. Even sas is warming up to him. Though there is nothing lin can do about stupidity e.g. mchales coaching.

    8. I agree, Kenoshi.

      The CF owner might not be a big Lin fan as we do here but to his credit, he still posts good things on Lin (who often times got entirely dismissed as pretending to like Lin). I can be honest with myself that he might not fully understand Lin's contribution YET as we do here but it doesn't mean he hates Lin or racist. There ARE actions proving he likes Lin.

      Just because people disagree with us or unable to see things that we can see yet, it doesn't mean they only hate and are racist.

      I respect geronimo, torocan and others who are willing to engage in intelligent discussion in CF knowing some people are truly trolls who never ever want to learn so they deserve to be ignored. And there are good CF members who appreciate Lin's contribution as the season progressed.

      Let's avoid stereotyping people as racist just because they disagree with us. If we all do that, our spouses and good friends who disagree with us will qualify as racists.

      If anyone wants to make a difference in helping regular CF fans learn, please do share good things with them in what helps the Rockets to win. Then you can share the good results with us here.

      I only post there if I have a well-thought-out plan and ample time for an intelligent discussion of Lin, Harden and other players.

    9. Thats why I wrote that clutch needs a shrink. Sometimes you read his comments and you think he must hate Lin (and Lins fans). Then you read comments in which he bashes Lin-haters for hating on Lin...

    10. lol, willy :)
      Not yet.

      He just thinks Lin is a slightly above-average PG, not better than Harden in directing the offense.

      But slowly he and other members can see the truth that Lin runs the team-ball offense much better. And Harden D definitely sucks (along with the excuses of saving energy for offense).

      Can't wait until the playoff when everything is analyzed under the microscope :)

    11. Not only Clutchfans but people on RealGM that are not Lin fans love to slam Lin. Now they're saying Lin can't stay in front of anyone!

    12. Lin is probably the only guard who got criticized for not being able to stay in front of other fast PGs. News flash: Nobody can stay in front of the likes of Westbrook and Parker. They can't stay in front of Lin either lol.

    13. They also call him a turnover machine and what not. Some myths about Lin stick with him like theyve been super-glued onto him. When harden turns it over 9 times A GAME no one seems to care :) Not hating on Harden - its just an example.

      People also say that Lin gets credit for Hardens game. How about Lin back in high school, college, D-league, Knicks... was Harden around too? How about the games in which Lin played without Harden? Again - not hating on Harden...

      The good thing about these stupid and hateful comments are -> we got documentation :)

    14. It's okay to read other forums, I'm a regular on realgm but I don't bring discussions from it to here because it's STUPID.

      I'd prefer that we not copy and past discussions from other forums onto here. If you want to talk about it so bad, do it on those forums.

    15. I was watching the Knicks game against the Bulls and noticed how Felton and Shumpert (who many nba fans praised how good his D is) couldn't stay in front of Nate Robinson. Robinson drove past them at ease without even using a pick.

      I don't understand how people could watch games and analyze them in such a selective way.

  14. I really hope Lin finishes the season strong and does well in the playoffs. Lin doesn't have anything to prove but I want the doubters (HOU fans for not accepting him and NYK fans for thinking we're better off w/o him) to look like fools.

    1. Houston fans maybe, but New York fans are just rooting for their own team. They're not going to sit around thinking "oh we're sunk without Lin" after posting their best record in 13 years and first division title in 19 years. Besides, the Knicks won't have any problem in the playoffs until they meet Miami in the eastern conference finals. You are more than welcome to make the case that Lin would have gotten New York past the Heat if you like, but most Knicks fans would not agree, especially with Amare Stoudemire injured (again). The Knicks would need a 3rd guy or more depth to beat the Heat.

    2. Nothing short of JLin making the finals or even a championship will make Knicks fans regret letting him go. But I think it's time to move on. Both the Knicks and JLin are in a better position this year versus last year.

      JLin will make his first appearance in the playoffs and although his stats may not show it, he's even better than his Linsanity form. There are still many seasons for him to improve and refine his game. As for the Knicks, let's see if they make it past the Heat. If they do, whoever wins the Western Conference finals will most probably be the champs lol.

    3. Please, I'm a Knicks fan and he still gets talked about. Had you actually read what I said instead of going into defense mode, I was talking about the NYK fans who think we're better off without Lin. Not the ones who don't know what to do without him/"we're sunk w/o him". Really?! No one's implied that.

      This is coming from a fan base that recently wanted to sign Delonte West or B. Jennings (trying to rationalize the assets we could swap before the trade deadline), yet we're better off w/o Lin?! Read the forums.

      You're talking about Miami...why? I'll leave the rationalizing up to you, since you're so good at it.

    4. Dolan was an idiot for letting Lin go. He had a golden goose land on his lap and decided to listen to his "advisors" instead. Had he offered Lin a contract for $12 - 15 mil., I'm sure Lin would have taken it. By forcing Lin to seek other employment offers, he opened it up for the Rox to make the " ridiculous offer". Even then, had he matched, he could have traded Lin this year for a matching asset. The way Lin is playing this year, Dolan could have gotten a pretty good trade for Lin.

    5. If I wrre Lin's agent, I'd have advised him to say no to any home town discounts.

      $12-15 million or even $20 million is not the same as $25 million.

    6. Lin has moved on. So should we fans.

      No point in discussing about that dysfunctional organization here.

    7. It was only money, not the salary cap that was the issue. JLin retained his Bird rights and the Knicks could have signed him, and still add Ray Felton if they wanted to. But they went and signed Kidd, Pablo, Novak, Camby and Thomas before getting Lin locked up. If Lin was so important to them, they should have done him first before acquiring all the other pieces.

    8. Yes, no point discussing that dysfunctional org which has no bearing on Jeremy's future anymore.

      Jeremy's future lies with the Rox for now although Jeremy still loves NYK fans and many NYK fans still love him. Like Jeremy said, it happened the way it's supposed to be. Everybody just has to move on.

  15. I'm delighted Lin left NY. I can not relate to those who wish he stayed. Houston Rocket's is a young team and isn't filled with a bunch of players with big egos...

    In other words: I feel the locker room could be somewhat toxic for Jeremy Lin... some players may be jealous of his contract. But on the Rocket's... that's not the case. No, I think he will be healthier of spirit and mind by being on the Rocket's and NOT the Knicks.

    1. Similarly, what's wrong with Isiah being "lukewarm" on Lin returning to the Knicks.

      This entire site was "lukewarm" about Lin going back last summer.

      I myself was thrilled when Lin became a Rocket. The NY dysfunctionality and TANKING that went on has never truly been repeated in Houston.

      Gimme McHale and Harden and $25 million over Melo and Smith and Tyson and $0.

    2. What the heck is your continued fascination with and love for McHale? He's complete asshole in general and a complete asshole to Lin in particular all season long. What's your love affair with McHale who is of such bad character and an awful coach? I just don't get it that you respect a coach that is a racist, treats Lin like shit all the time and is a lousy coach to boot.

    3. Spencer, your continued trolling of this site and being a fake Lin fan is tiring. Let it go and leave this site please.

    4. Before the season started, I wrote that McHale would whip Lin into championship form.

      That he did - emphasize on "whip". I didn't say it was gonna be pretty or fair, either!

      Long before Morey was calling for Mchale being "Coach of the Year", I was doing that (drove our own alcsd NUTZ). That's because McHale is overseeing this highly successful season of the Linimum wagers.

      McHale gets the blame and the credit. Lin, he's just doing his job!

    5. Don't you think McHale will cut Lin's minutes right down again once Parsons and Harden are both 100 percent? I pray that is not the case, but Mchale has not made a single positive statement regarding Lin's performance in weeks. My gut tells me it will Parsons and Harden for 38 min and Bev in the clutch going forward if they are healthy. Please nooooooooooooo!

    6. Spencer HaywoodApril ,you are 100% correct ,I really agree Mchale is a asshole , remember how he finish Mctumbo career by over using him 40 plus min back to back game twice in a week during the later part of the season..... What a nonsense and selfish coach

    7. People were saying that Mchale would cut Lin's minutes even when Parson's was out.... and that didn't happen. These people were wrong once, and may be wrong again.

    8. How we view McHale and wish he uses Jeremy correctly to help the Rox go past 1st round of playoffs really beyond our control. It's obvious that McHale has sorta turned the corner (maybe only half the corner)lately, but then when he has his fav players back to the roster, one can only pray and hope he knows what is the best for the team. I believe God has a unique way to make everybody - McHale, Jeremy's haters, see the light one day.

    9. @Haywood:

      We can understand some of your ciritcism (since we are Lin fans) but you cant just show up here and call people assholes and what not on a daily basis. Whats wrong with you dude? Why so hateful? You totally remind me of all the crazy Lin haters.

    10. Mchale is absolutely double standard asshole , did you watch the video how he abuse Lin in front of camera, did you ?

    11. Gee, have you guys ever played competitive sport? Coaches come in your face all the time. I am sure Lin has no issues with this. He may not agree with cooach's substitution patterns sometimes but he would never complain. Not everyone can play every minute of every game. Coach did something right since Lin lasted the entire season. I love how one article praised Felton over Lin because all he had done in 65 games due to injury. Guy forgot that Lin gave his team a full season of games.

    12. @ willydilly

      if you a real Lin's fan , you are supposed listen to what kind of comment Mchale talking about Lin . He gave no respect to Lin at all .I feel sad when you say you are a Lin fan. Please listen to all the post game interview of Mchale.

    13. This comment has been removed by the author.

    14. Willydilly is a long time Lin fan here.

      And this is a Lin fan site, there is no place for you Dan Dan and Spencer Haywood, aka some new fake Lin fans (real Lin haters and Lin fans haters) coming here to flame our fans and question our fandom.

    15. @Dan Dan:

      Yes - I have. Do you know what McHale said to Lin on that "abuse" video? Cause I dont.

      You kind of missed the train. We already debated that incident a long time ago. Do you really want to bring it up NOW and rant about the coach NOW? You sure you know what you are talking about?

      I understand that you want to support JLin but do you really think this is the right way to do it? All the obstacles that JLin had to deal with in his life -> he overcame them all by himselves. He doesnt need his fans to go online and publish hateful posts on a daily basis. We can and we should debate and criticise but Haywood goes way too far.

      Im here to cheer for Lin and read people cheerful comments and insightful posts. Im not here to rant about things that happened months ago.

    16. @Phil Winston

      I believe you a very positive person ,that is a very good thing. But the real world is not as beautiful as you imagine. in fact , I play a lot sport and I watch many years of basketball . I learned all Mchale's low post move and I think those move are very practical . Everybody said he is a legend , I would say he is a excellent role player at that time ,Because without Mchale , ,Celtic would still able to capture a lot of rings under Bird ..Without Bird , Celtic is just anther NBA team .From the beginning to almost about 6 weeks ,Mchale single out Lin badly ,not once ,not twice but ever single game . And that is during the game and the post game conference . He only did that to Lin but "no other player at all."
      Did you watch every single game and every single conference , I did . He changed lately because he failed to prove Lin was a lose . He changed lately because the fact is Lin did not need him but he need Lin without any other choice . Nowadays , NBA is coaching by team but not a single coach ,Houston's success is nothing to do with Mchale , he is not a NBA coach yet , if you know basketball good enough , I suggest you review all the video show what and how Mchale was doing before and during the timeout .. He got no game.


    17. @willydilly

      As a real Lin fan , I refuse to accept any double standard treatment to Lin.

    18. I still don't think McHale is singling Lin out because he dislike's Lin's personality.

      I think McHale thinks Lin is a selfish player because Lin attacks those double and triple teams instead of simply passing off. Yet that's not how McHale himself played.

      Only ONE Rocket gets double and triple teamed: LIN.

      McHale, being the poor defensive coach that he is, doesn't realize that and so he blames Lin for selfish play.

    19. So Mchale really think that Harden is doing OK on every single game compare to Lin ? ANYWAY, I wish for the best for Lin , that is all .

    20. Rose, I don't think McHale's usage of Lin has anything to do with Harden's and Parson's minutes.

      It all has to do with McHale erroneously not realizing that the double and triple teams are HUNTING Lin down.

      McHale's problem is that he is so busy ballwatching that he fails to see what we all see here: that Lin is zone defended by two and three defenders even OFF the ball. So when Lin catches the ball, he's got multiple guys to deal with before he can even make a basic pass!

      Patrick Beverley doesn't get doubled, so McHale doesn't see Bev struggling against double teams. McHale enjoys seeing the flow go by in a gentle unimpeded way as he ballwatches. Then McHale looks up at the scoreboard and URK, Beverley has lost the lead for the zillionth time! Back Lin goes with his "uglyball".

      Novice motion offense coaches don't realize that a smoothly running basketball halfcourt offense isn't necessarily producing the best shots.

    21. Isn't it just rich that willy-Americans-are-Nazis-and-Christians-worship-a-false-god-dilly should call anyone a hater?

      And Americans who cheer him on? Treasonous toads.

      I know, I know...any minute now KHuang is going to butt in and accuse me of starting a flame war.

      KHuang and willy-we-Europeans-invented-gas-chambers-but-Americans-are-the-Nazis-dilly...two guys who should really look in the mirror before they continue hurling more shit hereabouts.

    22. Yes Dan Dan, McHale is happy with Harden compared to Lin.

      McHale sees Harden as a TEAM PLAYER who only shoots the ball when he's single covered and passes off when he's double covered. Plus Harden funnels his man right into his big man teammates, thus "playing defense" in a "team way".

      What McHale doesn't understand is that teams deliberately single cover Harden and LET HIM SHOOT. Everybody knows that the really deadly Rocket is LIN because of Lin's ability to not just score but get other guys going. So teams load up on Lin when he catches the ball and zone him even when he's standing in the corner.

      Now when Harden was JAMMED by Denver, McHale had no choice but to bench Harden. See, Denver has the quality players needed to shadow both Lin and Harden simultaneously. Harden had a horrible game against Denver and played "selfishly" by ramming himself against that hard Denver defense. McHale pulled Harden that game for playing "selfishly" by ramming into hard defense instead of supposedly letting the game come to him naturally.

      McHale's poor defensive understanding causes him to not realize that he's playing right into opponents' defensive plans. Opponents want to keep the ball out of Lin's hands at all costs and encourage James Harden to brick and turnover selfishly. McHale could battle that by plowing the ball through Lin and having Lin throw passes all over the court like darts, but McHale is not that level of coach.

    23. Stop flaming people, Fanforlife.

      You're TROLLING THIS PLACE looking for fights.

      Your hatred of me and others here has no place in this basketball discussion.

    24. @Cara

      I am sorry , please do not kick me out of this site , I will join you and say whatever you like me to say . Love is the answer , and we all love Lin , right ?

    25. By the way, Fanforlife, I LOVE what I see in the mirror!

      hardy har har.

    26. We do not have to agree with the other opinions , as long as not taking things personal , the world will always remain colorful and wonderful . I eat , I sleep and I love basketball.

    27. Right on cue, site bully and Treasonous Toad #1 jumps in.

      Of course, you love what you see in the mirror.

      No self-reflection. Yes, pun fully intended.

    28. No sane person said that Lin would get even less minutes with Parsons out.

    29. You're just a HATEFUL FLAME TROLL, FanforLife.

      You're just here to hate on people.

      Trolls like you who come here to cause trouble get PUNKED.

    30. Go back to your favorite forum Clutchfans, Fanforlife.

      You can troll for race hate over there more effectively than you will here.

      This place is too much for you to handle, Fanforlife. You won't manage to troll this place into your faux race war.

      I'm done with you, troll.

    31. Yeah, I'm a "HATEFUL FLAME TROLL".

      I'll just GENTLY remind you that it's easier to list the regulars here that YOU haven't got into a flame war with than the ones you have. Who's the flamer now?

      So I'm a hater? But you're just dandy with willy-where-better-to-shit-on-Christians-and-Americans-than-Christian-American-Jeremy-Lin's-fan-site-dilly, right?

      Why don't you just change your handle to "Benedict Arnold" already?

      Benedict Arnold.

  16. Speaking of the Knicks, an intereting comment from Carmelo Anthony, who implores people not to pressure Derrick Rose to come back from injury this season.

    Carmelo: Patience with Derrick Rose

    Wonder why Melo didn't implore people not to criticize JLin, when he didn't rush back from his own injury last season?

    1. Well we all know why... based on a multitude of factors, the end result was that Lin was stealing his spotlight. What better way to throw Lin under the bus than to question Lin's manhood, loyalty to the team, fans, franchise etc.

      Also, Carmelo never said anything against LIN on record. You are confusing his mouthpiece, SAS, saying those things as Melo's talking puppet.

    2. @Ixy:

      One can speculate that Melo didnt back Lin because of this and that. One can also speculate that Melo learned from his last years experience (negative press and what not) and is therfor more vocal now. Who knows... the past is the past.

    3. Maybe chicago plays in playoffs with less rose and less problem if ever they meet on the 2nd round?

    4. Degree of injury is obviously different...ACL > torn meniscus

    5. Exactly shaider - no Rose better chance of Knicks winning. Melo is full of double talk.

  17. Isiah wasn't sold on Lin last year. He'd have more credibility in this little video clip if he'd said, "I was wrong. Lin really is good." Eat some humble pie Isiah.

    1. I wasn't sold on Lin returning to NY either.

      I was "lukewarm" on Lin returning to the Knicks. I didn't like the way they were talking junk about him in the papers, plus I dislike the Knicks even though I'm from NY.

      Do you really think Isiah would have been doing the right thing by recommending that Dolan sign Lin tor that backbiting trashtalking tanking NY Knicks squad that Lin thoroughly beat down in the two HouNyk games this year?

    2. My point was, Isiah should preface that video by saying, "Yeah, I didn't think Lin was worth the money, but now he and Harden can be the best backcourt in the league." Admist that he was wrong is all I am saying.

    3. But Lin WASN'T worth the money to NY.

      Lin was worth $25 million to Houston but not NY. The Knicks are thrilled to be without Jeremy Lin.

      Where did Isiah come out and say that Lin was a bad player?

      How is Isiah wrong for not recommending the Knicks get Lin?


  19. Maxxis International ‏@Maxxis_Tyres 13h
    Did you know that Maxxis sponsors #NBA team @HoustonRockets? Here's Jeremy Lin with Maxxis Intl President Wally Chen
    6:38 AM - 11 Apr 13

  20. @Cara, who the hell are you to call me a fake Lin fan? I'm no troll. Don't accuse me of crap, ok? If you don't think McHale is bad for Lin then you a troll! So you go leave the site. How dare you tell me to leave the site. You are the game Lin fan!! U sure don't know your basketball!!!

    1. @ Spencer

      I am with you , you are the one doing the right thing as a real Lin fan . Why do people try to post incorrect information ,do they really try to hurts this site reputation .

    2. Spencer Haywood, I actually understand you.

      You're a rabid Lin fan who hates seeing Lin being in a low usage role. In that sense, you're the same as a lot of others here.

      I don't think McHale is bad for Lin, and I'm not a troll. I think McHale can use Lin a heck of a lot better, but I still view McHale as a net positive when it comes to Lin because of McHale's superb effect on Lin's overall game.

      In the NBA, there are rarely perfect situations. This situation between Lin and McHale could be and has been a lot worse (i.e. Keith Smart, also 2011 Mike D'Antoni).

      Your language is harsh, but I see through that. You're a guy that just wants to see Lin used properly as a high usage All Star guard. And I'll console you by saying that Lin is FORCING McHale to use him that way because Lin ALWAYS wins in the end!

    3. At the same time, I understand everybody who criticizes Spencer Haywood's harsh choice of words too.

      We are all not professional basketball people, so we often offend each other with our syntax.

      The trick is to see through the syntax. I see Spencer Haywood as a big time Lin fan, probably more of a Lin fan than I myself am!

    4. Finally , I heard one people agree that the earth is round

    5. KHuang, Even if McHale is a net positive for JLin's game, it's not fair to give him credit for JLin's "improvements".

      It's not that McHale is not bad for JLin, it's that JLin is just too good for McHale to do much bad on. [It would have been a different story had JLin been someone lesser/ weaker. Think of the energy JLin is having to needlessly funnel into dealing with McHale's [accdg to you] incompetence on defense. JLin is playing well DESPITE McHale. The credit is ALL JLIN'S.

      McHale took this job, and when he fails to execute it well, people SHOULD call him out:

      - McHale being a poor defensive coach. -> JLin shouldn't have to be paying for this.

      - McHale's inability/ unwillingness[1] to correct this lack in his coaching. -> JLin shouldn't have to be paying for this.

      [1] Do you believe McHale doesn't know his shortcomings in this area? That's a scary lack of self-awarenes for a coach. - > JLin shouldn't have to be paying for this.

      Or does McHale see where the problem is, but is unable [for some reason, maybe an emotional/ psychological block] to get himself involved in correcting for it? -> JLin shouldn't have to be paying for this.

      McHale's incompetence on defense [accdg to you] is no excuse. People [JLin, the Rox] are paying for his fumbles.

    6. If Lin were weaker/lesser than he is, he wouldn't be smacked with those double and triple teams every game and McHale would be thrilled with him!

      But Lin is a SUPERSTAR, a guy that destroys teams on both ends of the court. And superstars NEVER get along with their coaches!

      On a different team, Lin would probably not have to work as hard to develop his game. But this is the NBA where everybody gets exposed to the rough stuff sooner or later. Better Lin get exposed NOW while his career is young so that he can enjoy super success earlier as opposed to later.

      McHale's depradations have amply prepared Lin for future NBA success, particularly in the playoffs. Lin will excel in the playoffs because under McHale, essentially every game Lin's played in as a Rockets has featured playoff intensity that was created by McHale and the coaching staff.

      In the NBA, all coaches make all sorts of mistakes that the players pay for. That's why players like Lin earn the big bucks to put up with McHale's coaching garbage.

      McHale's incompetence of defense is well observed around the NBA. People are WATCHING.

    7. "If Lin were weaker/lesser than he is, he wouldn't be smacked with those double and triple teams every game and McHale would be thrilled with him!"
      - But he's not and it's McHale's problem if he's not okay with that.

      "But Lin is a SUPERSTAR, a guy that destroys teams on both ends of the court. And superstars NEVER get along with their coaches!"
      - Those superstar vs coaches disagreements are a little diff from this case, where the coach DEF don't see him as a superstar.

      "On a different team, Lin would probably not have to work as hard to develop his game. But this is the NBA where everybody gets exposed to the rough stuff sooner or later. Better Lin get exposed NOW while his career is young so that he can enjoy super success earlier as opposed to later. "
      - On a diff team, he might even be able to channel his energies to far more efficient use, not having to deal with extra crap from his coach. [We can't tell what hasn't happened after all.] Even if it's better to expose JLin now while he's young, this is surely not what McHale had in mind with what he's been doing with JLin. I'm not denying JLin COULD benefit, but this is a testament to JLIN'S WILL TO LEARN AND OVERCOME. McHale shouldn't be getting the credit. -> This is an insult to JLin's suffering.

      "McHale's depradations have amply prepared Lin for future NBA success, particularly in the playoffs. Lin will excel in the playoffs because under McHale, essentially every game Lin's played in as a Rockets has featured playoff intensity that was created by McHale and the coaching staff. "
      - JLin's OWN will in grasping the lessons of his circumstance have prepared him for future NBA success. McHale and the coaching staff created mayhem for JLin that could have gone badly IF NOT FOR JLIN. [It's not just that they shouldn't be given the credit, they should be called out for misusing JLin. It's not like they had this big plan for JLin's edification. JLin has had to exhaust his emotional reserves to get through this. <- Credit to JLin, ALL JLIN.]

      "In the NBA, all coaches make all sorts of mistakes that the players pay for. That's why players like Lin earn the big bucks to put up with McHale's coaching garbage."
      - Didn't we say JLin is a COACH KILLA? Because no one should have to put up with this crap.

      "McHale's incompetence of defense is well observed around the NBA. People are WATCHING."
      - Doesn't make it right. Shouldn't make it something one simply tolerate.

      KHuang 大哥, I understand about finding the silver lining. [or making lemonade/ taking an empowered view of things. Or as a mentor once taught me, making use of a petty tyrant.]

      It's just that to credit McHale's blunders as if they had been intended to benefit JLin...It's not fair.

  21. most of us agree that Mchale has been a horrible coach for Lin. I also believe that Mchale is a terrible coach for Harden as well. Mchale has by his favoritism created a diva who doesn't play defense and continually stop ball movement to pad his own stats. Harden has become a spolied child that wants all the attention because his parents have made every effort to make him a star.

    1 of the things I tell my players is to never get drunk on power. what happens is that this euphoric state "empowers" our ego and puts us out of our center. When that happens, its almost as bad as when you are losing and you start to panic. the worst is when you are winning and you get ahead of yourself and "own what you haven't got". Either way, the athlete is no longer in the present or thinking clearly. Harden is now drunk on power and Mchale is the drug dealer.

    The biggest problem with this type of star building is that the player becomes hooked on the power of his status, his fame and his adulation. However fame, status and adulation isn't real. These things are only what other people think of you, it could just as easily turn negative. When your performance is tied to those opinions, you performance takes on surreal meanings. in the critical games of the playoffs, these thoughts of living up to the praise and expectations of the hundreds of thousands of fans can be crushing; that's why it's called the weight of expectations. athletes choke because the moment becomes much bigger than what it is. they think of what it means to be the champ, the fame, the glory, the adulation; and at the same time they fear failing as well and what it means to his status and how his legend of fans will think. Mchale is setting up Harden and Parsons to fall flat on their face once they face the inevitable fear of failure to meet all the expectations of their fans.

    Lin on the other hand is a process athlete. He doesnt love fame, power or money. Lin loves to play, he loves the purity of the game and he loves the process of improving each day. when he faces the pressures of the moment, he relishes the challenge of that moment for what it is. Those big moments are markers of his process to be the best player he could be. it is a personal test of his ability to perform and it means nothing else. if he fails he just picks himself up and tries harder to improve so that next tie he could be better. Lin plays for himself and no one else.

    when Mchale builds up Harden and Parsons, he is empowering them to be the star of the team. A team that has individal stars are not a real team at all. They are really just 5 individuels with the same color jerseys. when Mchale empowers just 2 guys, he is in fact disempowering the other 3. to me that is just bad coaching.

    1. I suggest everybody read your article.

    2. I don't agree with a lot of this article.

      Fame, power, and money are VERY REAL to Lin. This is the NBA where those things are POSITIVES.

      McHale plays Lin 30+ minutes a game, has overseen the tightening up of Lin's game, and has preserved Lin's health for the playoffs. I defy anybody to tell me why those are such bad things.

      And as far as Harden and Parsons, they're not being double teamed because they're not threatening to opponents. Lin, on the other hand, gets loaded up on. It indeed is McHale's failing that he doesn't recognize that, and McHale needs to understand that if he is to win more in the NBA.

    3. @Bob C F Chan, not saying you are wrong. Actually, I think a lot of debates among members here are not the matter of who is right and who is wrong. We just approach the same facts differently. I agree that McHale is a bad coach because all you said above. I also agree KHuang's point about how McHale pushed Lin to be a better player.

      At the end, to me, it is all about Lin. If I see Lin improves, I am happy. If I see him played good games and not been benched unfairly, I am happy too. This 3 years in Rox is just a short period of his awesome career ahead. I believe he will retire with all the glories he can get.

      Let McHale spoil Harden and Parsons, they will learn the hard lessons at one point of their career.

    4. You can preserve someone's minutes and still have them finish the game for you/play crucial minutes, you know, when it matters most. They're "preserving" his minutes because they prefer to have his back up play critical stretches with Harden. They're "preserving" his minutes bc they prefer to have his back up finish games. Those aren't good things. Only recently has Lin been able to play critical stretches/finish close games but I think it's only bc Mchale needed Lin's offense since parsons/delfino were out. Let's see if Lin gets those crucial 4th qtr minutes in the playoffs with Parsons/Delfino back.

      If you're a core player recovering from injury, your minutes will be limited BUT you'll still play when it matters most bc your team needs you. That hasn't been the case for Lin, most of the season.

      Harden does get doubled teamed. Parsons, not as often (if at all) as Lin/Harden.

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  23. GSW lost tonight.

    1. Wow, so we might face Nuggets in the 1st round? I think McHale will be out coached by 4 straight game.

    2. (it is still garbage time in the GSW-OKC game, but book it as a loss for GSW; standings will update soon)

      GSW has 45 wins, with Lakers, Spurs, Portland remaining.

      HOU has 44 wins, with Memphis, Sacramento, Phoenix, Lakers remaining.

      HOU owns the tie breaker. If GSW gets 47 total wins at end of season (2 wins out of 3 last games), then HOU needs to win 3 out of the next 4 games. If GSW gets 46 total wins, then HOU needs to win 2 of next 4 games.

    3. If the standings stay as is, then it is either San Antonio or Denver. On the plus side, both of those teams have key injuries now.

    4. GSW has to play the Lakers who are fighting for a playoff spot, then the Spurs who are fighting for top seed in the west. I can very well see them going 1-2 in their next 3 games, while the Rockets go 2-2 in their next 4. 6th is looking very possible right now.

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    6. Some people are advocating for the Rox to lose starting tomorrow night.

    7. McHale can now do what ever lineup test he want. lol. Maybe try to only play Lin for 8 minutes per game?

    8. I don't see the Rockets winning their 1st round series.

      They'll be lucky if they don't get swept.

      I'm dreading the referee calls on Lin.

      I'm afraid he's going to get bashed into an injury, plus I will be enraged if they foul him out via fake foul calls.

    9. Kevin Martin came in huge in that game.
      FG - 8-10
      3P - 4-5
      PT - 23

    10. There's no ideal playoffs opponent, if that is predicated on chances of getting past 1st round. Hou's record against top tier WC teams is woeful, so the heavy bet is on little to no chance. Priority is getting experience against the tough teams. Toughest the better. Denver would be ideal.

  24. I was a star athlete in highschool and lettered 3 years straight in multiple sports. I've had may share of bad coaches. Now that I coach, i find Mchale's style of coaching most irritating because it goes against everything I believe in. My coaching hero is John Wooden, who as a Christian empowered his athletes with trust and built them up as good human beings.

    Lin has improved this year, but i also believe that it is inspite of Mchale and not because of it. an animal can be whipped into doing anything, does that mean that it has evolved? human beings are resilient and we can endure POW death camps and still somehow manage to become political leaders and meaningful contributors to society. Lin is resilient and tough so he has made the best of the situation. the bigger question is do we want to perpetuate this type of demeaning coaching style for our kids? is it okay to justify the means by the end product?

    if Mchale wins the COTY award, we are sending out a message to all coaches out there that you can throw balls at the kids, that its okay to call them fairies and tackle them if they arent doing what you know they should do. Mchale is nowhere near this extream, but he does coach by fear and negative reenforcement. i just happen to believe that anyone with the ability to empower another human being should do it with respect instead of fear.

    1. I've had MUCH HARDER and MUCH WORSE coaches than McHale.

      He doesn't scare me - or Lin - in the least.

      Lin plays his winning game, no matter who's coaching.

    2. well, I admit I'm not really enjoy McHale's coaching style, but I wouldn't say he is really bad to the extend you described here. I agree he sometimes have really strange rotation, but he still eventually make nice move, though take a really long time to turn the corner. For instance, he finally staggered Jeremy and James's playing time, get away from it a little while, but comes back in last game. Eventually played TJ at 4, Eventually played Greg Smith at the 4, start to put Asik in to close a game, etc.

      I'd rather think McHale was slow in making the adjustment, (he once said adjustment is overrated in one of his postgame interview, LOL), but I don't think he refused to do it, just it takes him a really long time to do it.

      If he really hated Lin or root for Lin to fail, he would never stagger Lin's time. In the Knick's game in MSG, he would not run the first play of the game where they got Lin to score the first goal. And in that game Lin got ball in his hand a lot more than any other games. So he knows how Jeremy could be effective, and he would run that way when it is needed. (though he don't always go that route.)

      I agree he might not trust Lin as much as he trust Harden or Parsons, but that is different from hate.

      I kind of agree with KHuang's opinion before, Jeremy might not be in a most comfortable situation under McHale, but McHale's coaching definitely pressured Jeremy to improve, and become a more complete player, well rounded player. Jeremy becomes much more efficient now compare to last year..... I don't think Lin would develop a lot of these under D'Antoni......

    3. TN4, I agree that McHale doesn't hate JLin. Coach likes JLin as a person.

      On the other hand, the criticism here seem to be focused on his coaching style and fans giving coach credit for JLins improvement.

      Improvement in the product can be explained by serendipidity. Serendipidity does not show capability.

      JLins harshest critic is himself. I attribute his improvement mainly to his self reflection and taking action accordingly.

      At the same time, to a lesser extent, I attribute his improvement to the system that he plays within. He is forced to space the floor. This involves among other things being able to shoot spot up threes. He is forced to be a defensive stopper. These can be attributed to the coach.

      However, would another coach (for example using positive reinforcement and allowing the chance to make mistakes at crucial moments) bring about not only this type of improvement but even greater degree of improvement? Would JLin improve on these aspects independent of the system or the coach? The answers to these types of questions are one source of the true disagreement.

      To what extent should we attribute JLins improvement to JLins dedication and character? Would JLin have made even further progress in the areas which he has improved? Would JLin have made progress in even more areas of his game (for example under another coach or system where he plays a more central role, or allowed to play not only adequate minutes but minutes at crucial moments)?

    4. Jeremy Lin can succeed in any system with any role.

      He has a complete skill set, is athletically elite, plays the right way, and has a $25 million contract and great stats that give him IMPUNITY. No matter what coach gets him, Lin is going to improve because he's a true superstar.

      McHale has overseen other players improving under his system, not just Lin. It's no coincidence that the motion system puts the onus on players to improve.

      Fans wishing for a perfect coaching situation for Lin are not going to get one. Not even replacing McHale will change that.

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  26. Not sure anybody posted this McHale interview. Start at 26:53

    McHale on Dan Le Batard's show, with Stan Van Gundy co-hosting

    McHale always confuse me, listen to his interview, I really liked what he was talking about. He was talking about for a team with chemistry but no talent, they will over achieve, if you have talent with no chemistry, they will under achieve. A team with talent but no chemistry, they will win 47, 48 games but people will hate them (lakers??), and a team with chemistry but no talent, they might win 35-36 games but people would love them. So true. :)

    He also mentioned that he hates watching someone just pound the ball, drives him nuts... yet he would run Harden ISO ball, it just does not make sense.

    McHale always talking about defense, at beginning of the season, I thought he is a defensive coach, he would bench Jeremy due to his defense, yet he does not discipline Harden for his defense. Sometimes I'm wondering whether I missed something.

    Interesting thing is, not only McHale never hold James on his D, Morey does the same thing too. I remember in one of Zach Lowe's interview with Morey, when talking about James's trade, Morey was talking about he knew James is good, not know he could be this good, nothing negative. Zach asked "how about his D", Morey kind of saying D is the team thing, whole rocket was not great at D, so it is not fair hold James alone on it. I could understand Morey need to keep their franchise player's positive image, but still....

  27. Replies
    1. I liked McHale's interview.

      At the beginning of the year, he was moaning about how inexperienced his team is. At the end of the year, he's still moaning about inexperienced his team is but is complimenting their overall dedication and effort.

      I also approve of how McHale wants to win the last 4 games.

      When McHale was asked of Lin's compliment, he graciously deflected praise toward the entire team. No animosity there, and I'm gonna laugh at anybody who read McHale's quote negatively.

  28. Early Predictions for Jeremy Lin's 1st Playoff Series
    He's reached the 20-point mark 15 times on the year, averaging nearly 7.5 assists and 1.5 steals in those games

    But Lin has to careful letting his emotions enter this discussion, as Beverley's already cutting into his playing time. After averaging fewer than 16 minutes a game over his first 27 contests, Beverley has logged better than 20 minutes in eight of his last 10 games, and Lin's minutes have fallen under 30 a night over the same stretch (via

    Lin has eight double-doubles on the season, meaning he's reached that figure in just over 10 percent of his games.
    Not to mention that two of those aforementioned eight double-dips have come in his past five games, a stretch that's seen him post 18.4 points (with a 47.9 field-goal percentage) and 8.6 assists (against 2.4 turnovers, via
    At a time of the season when so many of his peers are wearing down—that's the laundry list of names on the injury report talking, not me—Lin looks like he's just getting started.

    He's scored the sixth-most points (120) in the NBA in clutch situations (last five minutes of a five-point game), despite logging the fourth-fewest such minutes (128) of any of the top-20 clutch scorers (via
    For comparison's sake, Lin has logged just 93 clutch minutes on the season and has 53 points to show for it.
    Lin has proven himself capable of taking and making clutch shots (he's 51.7 percent from the field and 57.1 percent from three), but Harden's uncanny ability to get himself to the free-throw line leaves him as McHale's obvious closer.

    In fact, the Rockets don't have a winning record against any of the top five seeds. They're winless against the Denver Nuggets and 3-7 against the Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs and Oklahoma City Thunder.
    Not to mention they'll have to win at least one game on the road to advance, which is far from a guarantee considering Houston is just 16-23 away from home on the season.

  29. In order for the Rockets to succeed in the 1st round of the playoffs the coaching staff of McSimpleton must perform the following:

    1) Make better in game adjustments throughout the game series.

    2) Make Harden play D more because he doesn't really need to reserve his energy now. This is it, the playoffs and you must bring everything you have.

    3) Utilize the PF position better with substitutions. No more crazy line ups of D-Mo, Beverly and bench players out there. Rockets must have at least two starters in at all times with the bench.

    4) Control Parsons TO. He is not a facilitator or a PG. His main job is to defend and score off of passes.

    5) Don't rely too heavily on 3 pointers. If the 3 point shooting is not there then rely on your run and gun tactics.

    6) Play good lock down defense. Players need to communicate to each other. Lin must learn not to over help at times and stay with his man and not leave him open to take the 3 pointers.

    7) Run some set plays. No more random offense. We need some set plays when the other team will gang up on Harden and Lin and shut down Harden's driving lane.

    8) Release Linsanity. Yes, I said it. McSimpleton needs to make Lin angry and like the Hulk, the other team will not like Lin when he is angry. Lin needs to go into Linsanity mode early and not back off. If you are killing the other team then don't back off. Keep hitting them until they give up.

    1. I personally don't think that a perfect coach could get the Linimum wage Rockets to beat those Western Conference powerhouses in the 1st round.

      All I want from Mchale is that he be a better defensive coach.

      Even McHale's misunderstanding of Lin would be solved if McHale understood the nature of the traps that engulf only Lin.