Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Another Amazing Interview with Doc

Doc Scheppler helps us put things into perspective. Also, I too need to stop sometimes and realize just how amazing it is for this young team and young point guard to be in the position they're in. Lebron, JKidd, and a bunch of other greats never even made the playoffs in their first full season starting. Let's all realize this is a learning process for all of the Rockets players as well as coaches and they'll be bumps along the road.

How do feel about JLins first full season as a starter? How much has he grown as a player?

I think he's had a solid year.  His team is going to the playoffs and that is a meaningful accomplishment considering the age and experience of their roster.   It takes time to really become a team and I can really see the guys are getting to know each others skill sets.  They appear to have better relationships while playing.  You can tell they enjoy playing basketball.  The NBA season is LONG and exhausting with many hills and valleys along the way.  They are a fun offensive team to watch when they move and share the ball and take the shots a team needs to take to be successful.  I don't enjoy when Harden holds the ball too long while everybody stands.  He is really an offensive talent that just needs to make his move sooner and create shots.  
I think that Jeremy should be lauded for playing EVERY game through many ankle tweaks, 100's of falls, dozens of charges, stitches, facial blows.  He really is a Tough athlete.  He also is that rare NBA player that puts forth an honest effort every game.  His defensive principles are solid and he is a player a coach can rely on to always play the right way.  I'd like to see his on-ball defense improve in containing dribble penetration.  I'm  not referring to situations when he's been in a helping or rotating situation, or, even in a pick and roll where he has to rely on getting hedge help or corral help, I'm talking about staying in front of his man and not relying on his help.  That is a trait every point guard at any level should possess.  Pressuring the ball and containing penetration.
Jeremy plays best when the ball is in his hands and having to share touches with Harden has been an adjustment, but I think that he's getting better at playing off the ball.  He's learning that he can put himself in advantageous position when he does catch the ball if he attacks a close out.  He has developed a beautiful, explosive catch and drive upon reception of the ball.  I still think he turns down too many catch and shoot opportunities which are a result of reverting back too whats comfortable, which is for him,  attack the rim.  He still has a hesitant attitude about shooting, and , you can use the threes he hit vs Memphis in the 4th as an example.. Those 2 releases were quick and shot with complete  conviction... The result....2 perfect, rhythmical shots.  Those particular shots are there for him many times during the flow of the game.
When the ball is in his hands and he has a creator mentality he is just a great Shot Creator for his team. His vision and delivering the ball with great passing angles is a trait that makes him a joy to play with. 
As his shooting coach, I think he has space to shoot and doesn't, but I think that being a point guard he's very mindful still of not being a shot-hungry player that is a pain to play with.  Just trying to find that balance is very tricky.  
He's still 24 years old.  He's going to get better, and he wants to be great!  All of his shooting numbers have improved as the season has progressed.  His overall FG %age is 44% and his 3 point pct is now at 34%... Thats big improvement over his early season numbers of 38% overall and 27% from 3..  

How often were you in contact with Jeremy over this past season?

We exchange texts before and after most games..I give him shooting reminders and my feedback on what he's done well and improvement areas.

Did you have a chance to see/work with him during the season?

I went down to Houston twice during the season in late October and after Christmas.  He was struggling with his shooting mechanics and mentality.  We worked together 2 times during each visit, and it took 10 minutes to "tune" up his mechanics.  He just needed a voice to remind him of his release cues (wrist snap,defined follow through), footwork (quick, defined jump). I still believe his game  shooting numbers will continue to reflect and be closer to his drill shooting numbers as he continues to make progress. He was shooting mid 70's %wise in ALL shooting situations this summer.  He should be in the 40's from 3 and 50 overall...85 from the line.

Any advice to him before the start of the playoffs?

Doc: No advice other than to be aggressive.  Just be Jeremy!  He's always relished big game opportunities throughout his whole career playing basketball.  I'm excited to see how he responds.

Will you be working with him again this summer? If so, what things will you be focusing on?

Doc: Yes.. I have a long list of skills and improvement areas.
We'll continue to work on all of the shooting situations so he can shoot a high %age on every shot.  We'll also combine cardiovascular fatigue to the drill situations to better simulate a game.  
I'm also going to suggest he play a lot of small sided pick 2v2 3v3 where he's working on mastering playing away from the ball , moving into passing windows, being hard to guard without the ball, and developing a shooters mentality under playing conditions.  Using these practice situations will give him hands on experience,and with that, a confidence in his shooting ability in games.  i wanted to start that this past summer but we were limited with his knee rehab.  I want to work on his shooters body language where he is seeking the ball with a mind set like a cat on the prowl.  So many times he's standing without a purpose.
I'd like to continue to cut down his shot release time which is just about making jump quicker on his shot.
He's developed a nice repertoire of finishing moves around the basket,but, he still reverts to a left foot take off lay-up too much, which puts him at risk for getting drilled, and is, sometimes not the right finish at the right time.  I want him  to be able to dunk off a 2 foot take-off and a right foot take-off.  He basically has his left leg as his pet takeoff leg (like a high or long jumper) .  I'd like him to develop the ability to be almost as comfortable off his right and 2 feet.
I'm sure he'll continue to work on his handle to get it tighter, as well as his off hand development passing the ball.  He really passes well with his left hand and worked hard to improve that..  It's an absolute joke that the "experts" say he can't go left because he has no left hand.. He prefers driving right because his left leg is his most comfortable exploding leg.. He has made GREAT strides in driving left with an explosive burst since last year.
Lastly, he needs to continue to master a 2 foot floater.  Many times on his drives he takes it too deep when he has space in that 8-12 foot floater zone.  We'll work on that quick 2 foot stop floater so he can shoot the ball before the helping big can get to it.. All you have to do is watch Tony Parkers floater and see how effective you can be.  Jeremy prefers the 1 foot high arcing runner which he 's not consistent with.  (too much forward movement going off his 1 foot causing long misses and a difficult time controlling distance) He'll have a deadly floater next year!

Are you going to Asia again?

I'd love to go to China again.  Haven't really heard any details about the trip.

more to come…


  1. they need to beat the L.A lakers

  2. Wow, great interview and job you guys have done, JLinfan#1.

    I would like you guys to ask Doc about if there are any plans for Jeremy to develop a more consistent mid range shot and turn around jumper around the post. Because I know the Rockets run the Moneyball philosophy which favors 3s/layups/FTs but dislikes the midrange shots and long 2s but I think it's important to have all the shots in Jeremy's arsenal to encounter different defensive plans.

  3. I don't think Jeremy can master a turn around J and sky hook etc all in one summer.. Lol.

    On a serious note, I like the plan, especially mastering that floater as well as shooting with fatigue.

    I think Jeremy should try to master what doc is talking about.. Just working on that confidence level to be able to catch and shout without being too hesitant. Great insight. Doc seems to see the same things we observe. Sounds like a solid plan for the summer.

    I hope Jeremy has the Kobe esque desire to achieve all this in the summer.

  4. A lot of Jeremy's shooting struggles, come from teammates not setting good picks to give him space, and from having ball dominant teammates (Harden and Parsons) not giving him enough touches with the ball.

    How many times has Lin been shooting well, coach McFail benches him for 10 minutes, then he comes in shooting cold and standing in a corner waiting for the ball that never comes ?

  5. Thanks for the interview!! enjoyed it!!

    1. Although, I wonder how can any player master all this just in one summer?

    2. It's not even necessary for any player to master all this.

      Jeremy Lin is not some sort of mad scientist project. He's a NBA player, and a fine one at that.

      Lin just needs to play his game and not go crazy trying to repair himself.

  6. Great interview questions, JLinfan#1!

    Good to see how his shooting coach sees as area of improvement to be more lethal. I agree that a consistent 2ft floater would transform his game like Parker's because it will give him 4-6 pts consistently every game. Too often he goes in and out due to intimidating bigs where he can pull up for easy floaters.

    Very interesting analysis of him to have shooter's mentality like a cat in the prowl ready to pounce and not just standing around. That's what makes Ray Allen so successful as a sharp-shooter.

  7. What an excellent interview. Nice work!

    I concur with Doc about Lin's running floater being inconsistent. When it goes in, it's lovely, high arc and all, but he also misses it badly too.

    I got excited about the last game's highlights because Lin jumped off his right foot, and like Doc, I would like to see him being able to do more of that. Rikki M called it the Nash layup, yeah that's a good reference. For someone with Lin's physical gifts, he should not be getting his close-to-rim shots blocked as much as he has been.

    I'm also excited to see Doc push Lin to do 2-leg dunks. And right-foot-takeoff dunks too! Just don't see enough of that. In that dunk over Garcia in the Kings game, he took off from the bottom of the FT line semi-circle -- that was some hops there. As for 2-leg dunks, I remember that Harvard footage in which he did that, and I read he dunked a lot in college, but he never did a 2-legger in a NBA game. Summer league had more dunking too, IIRC.

  8. I can see how this thread is going to turn out -- it'll be like watching gluttons ordering at a restaurant. (Also, true gluttons find ways of ordering dishes not even listed in the menu.)

  9. As much as I want to see the Rockets get past the first round of the playoffs, the good thing about a first round exit is that JLin gets more time to train. He has so much to work on.

    1. This is a good point! on the other hand, given their lack of experience, maybe it is better to get as many playoff games as possible? So he can mentally incorporate those he experienced in the drills in the summer.

    2. Oh come on, playoff experience is invaluable. it cannot be replicated in any way.

      Getting somehow to 2nd round would only mean like 2 weeks longer.

    3. Yeah, but I'm worried about the hard fouls and more physical play in the playoffs. Key is to stay healthy into the offseason.

    4. Opponents played about as hard against him during Linsanity 1.0, and perhaps the early portion of this season, as he will see in the playoffs. People wanting to punk him is nothing new. I would even go as far to say that it was worse then than he will see from this point forward.

    5. Staying healthy is definitely the #1 goal but he needs to do his absolute best in the playoff to test his skills so he knows what he needs to work on in the heat of the playoff.

      Opposing coaches will lay out the best plan to stop him so he needs to know how to counter that. Getting as far as they can in the playoff is much valuable experience.

      The book on Lin is well known now, stop him from getting the paint and the high PnR going, and force him to give up the ball to Harden. Teams don't want Lin to wreak havoc in the paint with team ball feeding Asik and 3PT shooters. They'd rather live with Harden ISO ball, 35 pts 9 TOs and a Houston loss.

    6. Agree that the way guys have been trying to show JLin up, including the physicality, is much like playoff basketball. So not too worried that he will average more blood per game in the playoffs than what he has already logged in the regular season!

      Also agree that playoff is valuable for general exposure to playoff intensity, but also to expose further weaknesses in his game so as to facilitate even more efficient and targeted workout in the off season. Although I dont think it will happen, but if JLin were completely shut down, this will drive him to even greater heights in the future!

    7. No way! Jeremy is only NOW heating up while most of the NBA looks tired.

      Did you know he's averaging 18p/7a this month? 46% FG/38% 3pt/82% FT.

      He has plenty of time to improve over the summer -- what he needs is an opportunity to show how clutch he really is.

    8. jeremy will be fine, and he'll continue to improve. for now, i'm happy watching him play and hope we get as many games as possible.

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks, wilc. Very nicely done by the NBA to show Lin's speed and no look passes in slow motion. Also, the snapshot of Harden's shadow lurking behind his performance :)

      It's almost like the creator wants to show that Lin had a lot of uncertainty this season trying to play next to Harden. they could have chosen a happily high-fiving Harden/Lin but they chose the footage with them exchanging unsure look.

    2. Lol, I read 'creator' as 'Creator'. But I'm sure the uncertainty that has surrounded this season is also by design.

      Re the shots with Lin and Harden near the end, I thought the creator wanted to show the duo as the tag team behind the success Rockets. I thought the expressions were 'game faces' and their inclusion a way of conveying their seriousness and committment rather than uncertainty!

      I thought your interpretations were interesting as well. Just goes to show how creative works can have so many meanings depending on the person. Similar to how fans many have mixed feelings as to how to grade JLin's season so far in terms of progress as as player. Doc pointed out that JLin has become more explosive on drives in close out situations and also spot up shooting. That could be a sign of success. At the same time, I would tend to be more cynical and say that's a consequence of not being in control of the ball and forced to develope those skills which are perhaps less important than other skill sets that Doc also pointed out JLin could develope e.g. that all important mid range floater. What if JLin didn't have to share the ball as much? He would certainly in my mind had more chances to practice that mid range floater in in-game situations. So while JLin defo benefited this season and furthered his skills, I'd say that's at the expense of development of other skills which are more crucial for a ball dominant pg.

    3. haha, as for the Creator, He just wants to save Lin's legs this season by playing under the shadow of Harden. :) One of many possible reasons, of course.

      We could be seeing Lin with knee braces, sprained ankles being out for a few games :)

      Well, it's a matter of perspective of course. Is the current shared PG role detrimental to his main PG skills of developing floaters or helps him in being ready 'spot-up' 3PT shooters and explosive in close out situations? Definitely both.

      I'd say in the grand scheme of things, it would help Lin to be a more complete player who can do it all with having the ball in his hands as the main PG or the shared PG duties where he's ready to explode as SG, off-the-ball or take over the game as the main PG. And learning not to play in only 1 gear as JKidd said for a long-term career in the NBA.

      I'm just thankful that Lin is out there playing considerably healthy at the end of the season. And he has responded so well being confident shooters in the shared PG rol or switching quickly to the main PG as we saw in the 2nd Q last night. Early in the season, that was not the case. He would get 'lost' in the game not having the ball and affected his shooting and effectiveness. He has come a long way from early in the season.

    4. correction: We could be seeing Lin with knee braces, sprained ankles being out for a few games IF Harden did not come to Houston :)

    5. Yes, earlier in the season he was definitely hesitating a lot and passing up wide open shots. And the point about not playing in one gear is a really important one for his health. I guess being able to play off ball is not as brilliant from pov, but will sure allow him to be more effective for a longer career.

  11. Nice interview, still doesn't change the fact that Mchale misuses Lin and the coaching staff sees him as an inferior playmaker and ball handler to fucking Parsons.

    Harden all day. Parsons all day. The only 2 core players on this roster.

    1. Agree. But if anything, this season has identified Lin's glaring weaknesses on the shooting end. It sounds like a monumental task but if Lin can work on this, it will just make him that much better as a player. I'm already looking forwards to Lin next season..

    2. Glaring weakness on the shooting end? Really? I tend to discount the poor shooting in the early/middle parts of the season to recovery from knee surgery. Since around the all-star break, JLin has been shooting jump-shots quite well. By no means is he a sharp shooter like Steph Curry, but I think part of the impression that he can't shoot jumpers well is his unwillingness to take them, which can be attributed to knee surgery recovery and also being penalised for missing mid-range jumpers by the coach.

    3. it's both, really. We all knew how Lin was a much better 3PT shooter off-the-dribble than being a spot-up shooter.

      But slowly after the All-Star break and especially after the Magic/Clipper game, he just shot threes quickly and confidently. Not so much Harvard thinking before shooting threes now :)

      I attribute the early shooting struggle mostly due to the lost confidence in not having the ball in his hands (i.e. he did OK with 38pts Spurs explosion in early DEc), then the knee recovery second.

    4. God some people here seems to go crazy whenever there is any criticism about Lin.

      Yes obvious weakness whether confidence issue or not in Lin's offensive arsenal is his shooting period. Like doc pointed out he needs to perfect that 2 foot floater, he needs to get his confidence up so that he no longer hesitates to take the shots. Some of you needs to get your head out of Lin's butt and see it for what it is. What is wrong with some of u..

    5. Sure he can improve. I just don't find it 'glaring'. Warranted criticism I can accept.

    6. Doc's criticisms are spot-on.

      But people shouldn't take it too hard because 99% of the league and 100% of young players have glaring weaknesses to their games. Only Lebron, CP3 and Duncan are exempt from any major criticism.

    7. No doubt. Doc's criticisms. I don't know about every weakness being glaring. I guess some fans here would say JLin's left handed handles are his 'glaring' weakness as well.

    8. For all of LBJ's physical talents, we forget that he had a serious problem with choking until he left the Cavs and joined DWade and Bosh to win his only championship so far and he is now 28-29(?)?

      Meta skill is finally being recognize as a far more important attribute than having just the knowledge or skill to perform a task. Shooting at this level is a mental thing more than it is a technical thing. Better technique helps maybe 5-10% at most. Lin has already shown that when he puts his will into the task, he has the uncanny ability to make it happen. Harden is technically superior in his stroke, but handling his nerves and firing his fine twitch muscles correctly under pressure is another.

      Bill Blass disease is the extreme case of someone who was a world series MVP pitcher who inexplicably lost his ability to pitch. His case illustrates how throwing a pitch, just like shooting a ball is not something we control with our upper brain. Once he lost the confidence to pitch, his doubt eat away at his lower brain functions to pitch. You dont learn to pitch or shoot with your brain, its your hands that learn to throw or shoot. Just like stroke victims, once they've lost the lower brain controls to walk, it's incredibly hard to learn to walk again.

      Lin has been able to shoot in pressure pact situations many times already. That tells you that he has the ability, what he lacks is the experience to be decisive and be in the present.

      Lin's jumping to pass is part of this indecisiveness, but to me it's just about having confidence in your teammates and being more experienced in knowing when to jump and when to stop short of getting into a trap. Lin is smart enough that the next time he faces CP3, he won't be funneled into a trap and have the ball stolen when he tries to throw a pass.

      John Wooden said " don't let the things you can't do stop you from excelling at the things you can do".

  12. A fine interview and a good read.

  13. Can you ask Doc:

    Does Lin have a sports nutritionist?
    Too much red meat a good idea?
    Is he tested for gluten allergy?
    Even if he's not allergic to gluten, would it be a good idea to stop eating it during the playing season?

    1. Other NBA players are eating gluten and red meat at team meals.

      Besides, Lin's game now has NO HOLES.

  14. Great interview -- everything Doc said is spot on, though Jeremy would STILL be putting up All-Star caliber stats if allowed to play his position.

    I especially like the observations about Jeremy jumping off his left foot all the time and how his body language is poor off-the-ball -- he "knows" Harden and Parsons won't pass to him, so he just ball-watches instead of DEMANDING the ball and letting them know he's unhappy.

    However, I will excuse Jeremy's "sub-par" on-ball defense -- nothing wrong with it per se; he just gets whistled for BS fouls whenever he tries to get in anyone's grill, so now he backs off one-on-one. Notice the dip in steals.

    Also, his mini-floater does indeed miss long, but it allows for a tip-in by Asik and prevents a "fastbreak-rebound" because it misses back-rim. The mid-range floater is more accurate but if it misses, the Rockets and their terrible rebounding/defense will be in trouble.

    1. Oops, I misunderstood Doc's "floater" comment -- he meant jumping off of two feet instead of one.

      Okay...that makes sense. And he's right -- it'll give him less forward momentum, more balance and a safer landing position.

  15. Awesome interview jlinfan#1. It's always helpful to take a step back and get a perspective from the bigger picture. Many of us are so invested as Lin fans that we have tunnel vision.

    Next time you meet with Doc, can you ask him, "How much more effective would Jeremy be if he developed a jump stop?" Because I feel that if Jeremy had a jump stop like Rose or Wade, he would be twice as good.

    As we all know, Lin sometimes get caught jumping with nowhere to pass. Or he drives in the lane and a shot blocker slides over to block his shot. If he initiated those moves with a jump stop, he has the option to land with the ball.

    If Doc can't teach him the jump stop, Lin needs to find an additional coach who can. If I had only had one improvement wish for Lin, that would be it.

    1. I think, regarding the jumping with nowhere to pass, you do not need a coach for that. A lot of time, it is more because his teammate did not move into his passing windows.

    2. Can't agree on that Brent. Jumping to pass, at least under American bball tutelage, is a big time no no when it's done out of desperation/being out of place.

      You simply cannot jump to pass unless you are 100% sure. Lin's jumping to pass where he gets stuck IS in fact a bad habit that he has. It's ok to jump to trick the defender or if Lin can finish or dish, but Lin often jumps to pass where he is stuck.

      He seems to be doing it less these days and the last several times, he's jumped and still been able to sneak passes away. In one game, he jumped and G Smith ran for an alleyoop dunk but to me Lin jumped prematurely on that play and seemed to get lucky the play broke that way. Or maybe it was a designed play between Smith and Lin but it didn't look like it...

      Anyways, my general point is a player with the ball cannot jump and then blame it on his teammates that they didn't move into his passing windows. From rec ball to the NBA, it just doesn't work like that...

    3. I agree with Brent.

      The jump pass is a traditional move in the NBA.

      Red Auerbach and Larry Bird teach it on their video, and those two are the best technical basketball geniuses of all time.

      With players in the NBA, often the only way to pass cleanly is to execute a jump pass.

    4. I agree with Brent and KHuang. Jeremy's jump passing works amazing in a Jeremy run offense because everyone's running and cutting to the right spots. Unfortunately when teammates aren't on the same page Jeremy's jump passing can end up looking silly, causing people to ask why he's even in the NBA. I won't blame it all on the teammates though, Jeremy needs to learn to adjust too. But there's nothing wrong with jump passing.

    5. When Harden is playing stupidball, even Jeremy's simple chest passes lead to turnovers.

    6. Khuang, we are not in disagreement. Jumping to pass with a purpose is great. Jumping to pass out of desperation is not.

      Lin does both. The latter is what is problematic. If you are saying Lin never does the latter with negative consequences, then I tend to see the game differently than you do.

      Are there times his stupid teammates should get open better like Brent suggested? Yeah sure. But if the passer isn't sure the recipient can adjust or get open, it's on the passer not the recipient UNLESS the recipient acknowledges he botched the play up.

    7. Lin turns over far more on simple chest passes pr simple bounce passes than he does on jump passes, but nobody is calling for him to abolish chest passes or bounce passes.

      Basketball is a fluid game where good defenses can stop any kind scheme. At that point, players have to read and react instinctively. Many of Lin's botched passes are because teammates simply don't havr enough game to carch those passes.

      When Lin gets trapped and opponents close off the passing lanes, it's not Lin's fault if recipients eiter cannot or refuse to go to open spots.

    8. @swinglinezigzag, In my opinion, in NBA level,the whole team has to be on the same page to succeed. I personally think jump up to pass is just one of the fundamental way for a PG especially when you are actually passing with defensive bigs around you.

      I agree that if you jump up and there are no options for you at the instance, it will be a disaster. But it is the teammates who does not make themselves moving into the right position should get more blame on this.

    9. When a guy like Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson or Larry Bird would get trapped in a dead ball situation by 2 or more defenders, they often used jump passes to escape the situation.

      I think it's bad basketball NOT to use jump passes, particularly in the dead ball traps that Lin regularly faces.

  16. Aptly said by doc....i dont enjoy when harden holds the ball too long and eveyone stands...Personally, i dont only not enjoy it but i HATE iit....i hope mchale and harden reads this not expecting they would both do something abt it but at least realize that it is painful to see a team watch one player carry and hold the ball for too long a time

  17. I read somewhere that Houston will have Bird rights on Jeremy even after this contract. That's not possible is it? I'm a bit fuzzy with all the changes.

  18. PHENOMENAL coaching job by Doc.

    Jeremy Lin is scoring like an All Star.

  19. Great interview! Thanks, JLinfan#1 =)

  20. Funny how most viewers of Lin's game is driven by public perception. A lot of people choose to ignore how the game but focus on the individual.

  21. Doc Sheppler is on point. Lin will never turn into a flashy ball handler or ball handling showman ala CP3/Irving under Doc, but Doc will turn Lin into an actual lethal assassin on the Court with just the required dribbling skills, vision, and shooting touch, and off ball skills and no bs frills.

    Lin has a lot of room for improvement which is why I'm a big Lin fan. They think his ceiling is tapped but it's not even close. Lin was an actual academic student in High School and took AP classes and the like which sucked up his time and still dominated HS bball with little weight work or elite bball training through those formative years. On many levels, it's not Lin's HS dominance in bball, but him excelling in school academically with ease while balancing everything that tells me more than anything that Lin will become great in the NBA with more time.

    Now Lin has real elite trainers, Sparta, and a 24/7 commitment to bball where he can eradicate his main weaknesses under Doc and his team. This bodes well for Lin and bad for the NBA idiots who think he's a sham.

    Lin will likely break the NBA in 3 pointers made in a game, yes Lin. Just as we could see from basic youtube videos that Lin is a ball stealing maven, we have all seen how Lin can get hot and go on fire almost in an understated fashion.

    38 pt on San Antonio? That's NOTHING. I expect Lin to get 50-60 points in a game at least 1 time and it'll look easy.

    I think Doc will be able to transform Lin into a Steve Nash on steroids. As long as a team gives Lin a shot at it, Lin will become that type of player.

    1. I understand where you are coming from, but I doubt Lin will want to score that much tho. LOL

    2. Even though I'm a reluctant Suns homer, I was appalled at Goran Dragic's illegal palming of the ball.

      Dragic has developed an illegal uncalled carry that Lin would be whistled for every time. The refs let Dragic get away with it because otherwise Phoenix would have absolutely no chance of winning any games.

      Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul palm the ball too. Neither of them would even make it past halfcourt if NBA refs whistled them like they did Lin.

      The way Lin dribbles is fundamentally perfect. That is how guys used to dribble in the 1960s and 1970s when officiating was nowhere near as screwed up as it is in the David Stern era. I see absolutely nothing wrong with Lin's dribbling.

      Hopefully Lin will work on his spin moves. He's got great spin moves and gets guys flying in the wrong direction with them.

  22. Replies
    1. http://sportige.com/houston-rockets-jeremy-lin-perfectly-complements-james-harden-04-2013/

    2. Thanks, Ulysses.

      At first, I thought they're contradictory articles coming from the same author but they're consistent saying that the Rockets won't reach the ceiling if they don't let Lin have more possessions as the smarter playmaker although Harden is a more offensively talented player.

      And not letting Lin be the playmaker when Harden struggled in the Suns game was a travesty.

  23. aaawwwwwyyyeeeaaaaaa can't wait for the new version of Jeremy! BE CONFIDENCE!

  24. No rockets today, and I am watching Landry Fields now.
    I guess he is really missing Jeremy.

  25. Grantland Video: "He's Jeremy Lin, I'm Chris Tang"


    1. Chris Tang seems like a nice kid...but he's NOT Jeremy Lin....no one is. Jeremy is special.

      Chris Tang will have an easier road because Jeremy is paving the way right now. Lin was benched like Tang,stereotyped like Tang, and underestimated like Tang...but Jeremy used his opportunity when it came..Lin was READY!

      Lin SHINED on the bright lights of New York's broadway, and we'll never forget it. Lin made HISTORY. It may be poor timing for Tang, but Jeremy deserves EVERY good thing thats coming to him.

      Tang should thank Jeremy for paving the road he aspires to...currently, Tang has no minutes of court time, but when he does, if he's ready like Jeremy, he too will reap benefits..Until then, I'm not checkin' for Tang.

      In my opinion, Jeremy is the most exciting baller in NBA right now...so I'm mesmerized by Lin, and I'm not even Asian!

      Jeremy has flair, and I LOVE watching him play. I don't see that same spark with Tang, but good luck to him.

      GO JEREMY!

  26. Thanks, JLinfan#1! Great read and looking forward to the "more to come..."

  27. @KHuang, who wrote:

    Lin and McHale seem to have tuned each other out.
    - - - - - - -
    Wow.... I really appreciate you for relaying your in-person observation.

    No wonder Jeremy Lin has been playing with more confidence for the past few weeks! Lin's expressions, body language, the way he celebrates with teammates, and his game-improvement are all like night and day from the first 3 months; and I KNEW it had NOTHING to do with McHale (or Morey). Lin has decided to take his life back! It's absolutely CRUCIAL that Lin TUNE McHell out, if he wants to continue improving his game. Apparently, someone has given him the sound advice (and a reasonable one, under the circumstance) and he decided to listen. Had he not listened, I dare say that the Rockets wouldn't have made the playoffs: just look at how close the #6 to #9 teams in the Western Conference.

    1. I wonder what would happen(change) if(when) McHale remains head coach next year.

    2. I'm guessing Lin will be traded, which would be fine and dandy by a lot of Lin supporters and fans.

      Under personality clashes, when a player is "the face of the franchise"/or perceived as indispensable (Harden), the coach gets fired.

      When a player is considered expendable (Lin, who has a similar skill set to Harden), the player gets traded. Which explains why McHale was so shitty to Lin: McHale has no fear of admonishment from his superiors. But it's still not ethical nor necessary to treat any young athlete like that.

      Keep in mind that coaches yelling and screaming per se are very very common and normal, and coaches do it to their favorite players also; they are just venting and coaching the big league. But McHale obvious hate for and disbelief in Lin as a player are extraordinary.

    3. When Lin tunes McHale out, he runs McHale's system better than McHale could possibly imagine it being run!

    4. I don't see Lin as having a similar skill set to Harden.

      In fact, Lin is the OPPOSITE of Harden.

      Lin is the consummate team player who excels under pressure. Harden is the selfish ballhog who withers under pressure.

    5. KHuang,
      You have summarized the comparison to perfection.
      Lin vs Harden is just like a consummate and clutch team player vs a ballhog withering under pressure.

      When Lin's contract expires, he should leave.
      Harden & McHale combination won't have much success in NBA for long.
      Lin can be a franchise player that teams looking for : one that can turn a mediocre team to be a contender.

  28. Great interview.

    Thanks Doc!

    Go Jeremy!!

  29. Great interview, very insightful, and I'm glad Doc is seeing the same thing as we here are seeing.

    Keep them coming!

  30. So by the numbers, this year Lin is looking like a above average pg. But the real analysis is really his numbers compared to other pgs with ball dominant teammates. I bet he'll compare favorably.


  31. Doc's right. JLin needs to develop Tony Parker type floaters:


    With TP's ease to shoot floaters, JLin will be much more effective, and his body will be safer so as not to bump into defending bigs

    1. The key to mastering a Tony Parker floater is to get a Tim Duncan Hall of Famer to set screens and draw defenses away from doubling the point guard.

      Not wven Lin can transform Asik into Duncan.

    2. I agree, however, I think having one more weapon in your arsenal does not harm at all. :P

    3. Is it me or have I been watching Lin shoot floaters throughout his entire career?

      Didn't anybody remember the time when Lin broke Tayshaun Prince's ankles on a crossover and tossed in a high finger roll over another Detroit help defender - in Lin's ROOKIE year?

      How come I seem to see Lin shooting those incredible finger rolls over guys all the time?

    4. @KHuang, I guess he just did not do it all the time. Sometimes, he missed it so badly without any visible reasons.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. @ Brent, indeed that is what Doc said -- Lin's running floater isn't consistent. When it's on, it's lovely. One recent one that comes to mind was the incredibly high-arced floater over the peak jumping length of Hollins who tried to block it. But when Lin's floater misses, it can be way off.

    7. Anyone know which year in Parker's career he developed his floater to be a reliable part of his game?

    8. Guys, Tony Parker isn't some sort of flawless floater genius.

      If Lin had Tim Duncan drawing defenses away, Lin would do more than shoot floaters. It would be Linsanity on steroids!

      I have always believed that Tony Parker on any team other than the Spurs would have been an average player at best.

      Nobody in the entire NBA can make teammates better the way Tim Duncan can.

    9. I disagree. Even in international play Tony Parker does well without a Tim Duncan. He certainly doesn't look average.

    10. International play is not the NBA.

      Apples and oranges.

  32. We will finally get to see how corrupt the nba is tomorrow, when it does everything possible to ensure lakers get into the playoffs. Yup it means Lin's gonna be bleeding everywhere, hacked every possible and not get a single call. I'm concerned that MWP or D12 will do something crazy to Lin because the refs will allow physical at against the rockets.

    I think it'd better for the Rox to try to stay healthy but it is gonna be a frustrating game to watch. I'm sure of it.

    1. hahaha...its all in the interest of NBA as we had discussed on previous thread. Hope JLin kill Lakers once again.

  33. One of the best interview on Jeremy's progress and what needs to improve.

    Doc had captured many of the things that we had been highlighting here as well, and at the same time acknowledges the upside of Jeremy and his improved performance.


  34. hope to see next one as JeremyLin.net interview of Jeremy Lin

    in other news, from a Lakers forum:

    from user mhan00:
    "I have no idea how we are going to defend Harden or Lin. How badly our back court gets dominated versus how badly we dominate their front court could determine the game. Pau and Howard need to bring their A games."

    From user ShakeBake
    "Just looking at Rockets statistics, makes me nervous.

    Houston's offense is fast and furious

    - Fastest pace team
    - Highest scoring team
    - Highest fast break efficiency
    - Highest scoring in 2nd half
    - 2nd in fast break points
    - 2nd in First half points
    - 2nd in 3 point made
    - 3rd in points in paint
    - 4th in last quarter points
    - 5th in biggest lead
    - 6th in offense efficiency
    - 6th in field goal made

    Because they score so much points and are so fast pace, Houston is a turnover prone team.

    Houston favorite play in half court:
    Put the ball outside the 3 points arc,
    if a defender got too close to the 3 point line, drive to the paint,
    to either shoot or pass to an open man.

    They sometimes use pick and roll, for a give and go.
    If the defender is too far, they shoot the 3.

    Houston favorite play in fast break:
    Court to court dribble or end to end passes.
    They are so fast in fastbreak, that Lakers need to run back to defense immediately after shooting a basket.

    Houston defense is not good.
    They are the opposite of Memphis - great offense, average defense.

    Keys for Lakers Defense to win:
    - Contain their guards (easier said that done with our lineup)
    - Guard the 3 point line (not good sometimes, as they spread our defenders)
    - Defensive Rebound.
    - Make it a half court game (we don't do well against run and gun teams).

    1. The best way to beat the Rox is to whisper in Mchale's ear how great and unstoppable Harden iOS is!

    2. @Bob C F Chan, you are right! haha

  35. NBA TV: Houston Rockets Vs OKC Playoff 2013 Preview

    The 2nd player they mention after Harden is Asik lol. They talk about his offense -- as if he can score without being fed.
    It should be clear to anyone who follows the Rockets how important Lin is to the team's success (do these guys even wathc Rox games? I doubt it.) It's just amazing that Lin is totally not part of the conversation.

  36. This comment has been removed by the author.

  37. This comment has been removed by the author.

  38. When Morey talks about how winning this series requires 'variance', my naive fantasy is that that means Lin will get big minutes and most of the ball handling duties -- which defies the regular season pattern!

    Like, hey, let's do something so utterly unpredictable that it will blow everyone's minds: Let's give our starting PG the minutes of a starter! and the role of a PG! No one will see that coming -- kaboom!!


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