Thursday, March 7, 2013

Rockets @ Warriors Game #63 Pre Game Thread

Game on ESPN 7:30pm PT.

JLin will go off in this game. Mark my words.

Also, please realize that JLin has been treated this way or worse by every NBA team he has played for. I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter what team he is on. He just needs to be that much better than the next guy and keep producing over and over and over. Things haven't changed and won't change anytime soon. This is mainly because he is the first and only of his kind. 

He is looked at differently by all involved and obviously it's hard for others, especially players and coaches, to take a back seat to an Asian American star/leader on your basketball team. This, I believe, is just human nature and not something overt or purposeful for the most part.

Make no mistake, Jeremy is like a modern day Jackie Robinson and Rocky Marciano rolled into one. He will continue to face obstacles thrown at him by his opponents as well as his own organization. Not to mention scorekeepers and refs. I now understand why John Stockton is the all time leader in steals and assists by such a wide margin. These stats are very subjective and I can't believe how many steals JLin has lost to this subjectivity. He also carries the pride and self respect of an entire race as did Marciano which is an unbearable load for most.

Lastly, JLin has much to improve on. I'm not saying that he is great at the moment. However, if Jimmer Freddette had come out and played like JLin, what would people by saying? How much rope would he have? People ask: What is his ceiling? Obviously, Linsanity is his lower ceiling. That was all-star, Hall of Fame level play. Eventually, we will get to see where that ceiling really is. We just may have to wait longer than we want.


  1. JLin, play your brand of basket ball! That is all I am asking for.

  2. Best post I've read in awhile.

    And, the Jimmer comparison actually makes me kind of angry. It's so surreal that we're in the 21st century that we can have and allow such double standards to exist.

    How is it possible that people can successfully hide Lin's talents after the whole world saw what he is capable of?

    Why is it that we still have people who defend that people and organizations that perpetuate this type of double standard to exist in public at large?

    The treatment that Lin is receiving is not new. We always hear, he's a good kid, he's young, he will get his chance. Systematic code words for Not In My Backyard.

    Catch it. Realize it. Maybe some of you heard the same words used on you before at your work or in school sports teams you've played on before. Now hear it said on TV. Surreal, isn't it?

    1. Yeah having experienced it playing basketball for my high school it is definitely surreal...

  3. We do see the "ceiling", jlinfan#1 - albeit in fits and spurts.

    Jeremy Lin can become a dominant guard like a Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. He can become the best two way guard in basketball by a long margin.

    Several times this season, Jeremy Lin has had these incredible games where he seems to contest every shot and produce every basket by scoring or dishing or spacing.

    Lin is becoming a truly great player.

  4. People tend to judge a book by its cover. They take one look at an Asian guy and assume they know everything about him.

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    2. It happens all the time Unknown. Just go to your local park or gym. If it's your first time trying to play a pick up game and most of the players aren't asians, you'll probably won't get picked up. You'll have to wait your turn and be the guy that picks his team just to get to play.

      Then when you actually show you got game, everyone is so surprised and are like "OH...WOW...DAMN...Asian boy got some guy" As if it's unheard of or something.

      You'll have to do some ball hogging too because don't expect your teammates to pass the ball back to you, so you better demand it or take it yourself. Then after you have established yourself and people recognize your skill, they start respecting you. But don't expect like you'll get all star treatment, you'll still have to do some ball hogging or else you won't get your fair share of points. Because even though they praise your nice assists and defense...everyone will always notice your scoring and if you don't score any points they tend to think you suck.

      This doesn't just apply to blacks, hispanic, or white players you're going against, sometimes your brother Asian dude will hate on your game. So the best you can do in the situation is just play your game and play HARD!

    3. Ety, did you like playing with other asians? Dunno whether you experienced what I did. I didn't particularly enjoy playing with Asians and don't think they particularly enjoyed playing with me either.

    4. |People tend to judge a book by its cover. They take one look at an Asian guy and assume they know everything about him.|

      Have no problem with that. Human nature. It's after you proven they are wrong and refusing to change their assumptions that can be categorized as racism if we assume they aren't stupid or some other rationalization.

      |Just go to your local park or gym. If it's your first time trying to play a pick up game|
      |But don't expect like you'll get all star treatment, you'll still have to do some ball hogging or else you won't get your fair share of points. |

      Um, how is this relevant? A pickup game is open to anyone. The NBA is the pinnacle after numerous weeding out processes at lower levels.

      I too would look for scorers in a pickup game. You need to score to win.

      If you can get to the NBA, you can score. That's why assists/defenses/mental toughness/other things are the nuances that become as valued as one of the indicators that demarcate 99 percentile type of player (All-star or HOF).

    5. @Pierrot

      "The NBA is the pinnacle after numerous weeding out processes at lower level"

      Unfortunately, this is not the truth. There's so many good players that goes unnoticed. Jeremy Lin was almost a victim of that, but thanks to someone in Dallas Mavericks he was given a chance to play summer league.

      There's players who are un-drafted who are better than other NBA players. Unless they get a big break, they will never step on an NBA court their whole basketball career.

      "Um, how is this relevant? A pickup game is open to anyone"

      Even though a pick up game is open to anyone, they still choose who they want in their team.

      "I too would look for scorers in a pickup game"

      This proves my point that many players don't understand basketball even at the intermediate or amateur level. That's why it's not even fun playing pick up games anymore because everyone has a let me score points mentality. Even the some NBA teams has that mentality like the HOUSTON ROCKETS! That's why their defense sucks and they would rather have more scorers than defensive players because it curtails to their offensive scheme better.

      "If you can get to the NBA, you can score"

      There a alot of NBA players who can't score. An example of that is Reggie Evans of the Brooklyn Nets who has a career avg. of 4.0 ppg. That's not to say he wasn't a scorer in college, but anyone if they tried can score, but the question is can you score at a high FG%. Most of the time people struggle with consistency, even the All-Star player or HOF.

      "That's why assists/defenses/mental toughness/other things are the nuances that become as valued as one of the indicators that demarcate 99 percentile type of player (All-star or HOF)."

      There are many players who are not All-Star or HOF who have all these abilities. What I think makes an All-Star or HOF are the the who don't STAT PAD but actually makes an impact in the basketball court that contribute to a W. Whether that shows up in the stat books or not, but you made a BIG IMPACT to WIN the game, make your teammates better, and did all of the above, then you're an All Star in my eyes. Unfortunately, the majority only sees scoring lots of points as a sign of being good in all levels of Basketball.

      |People tend to judge a book by its cover. They take one look at an Asian guy and assume they know everything about him.|

      "Have no problem with that. Human nature. It's after you proven they are wrong and refusing to change their assumptions that can be categorized as racism if we assume they aren't stupid or some other rationalization."

      I have a problem with it when an Asian guy like Jeremy Lin has proven so many critics wrong that he can play and still they mistreat him and treat him like a scrub.

      The fact that you think it's human nature that people think they know everything about an Asian guy by just taking a look at him is RACISM. No Asian guy or anyone should have to prove themselves to RACIST who they really are and what they're all about.

    6. @Etane

      Yes I played with Asian American basketball players and Asian/Pacific Islander basketball players. I must say that I found it more competitive atmosphere playing against Asians because they actually play DEFENSE LOL...

      In my experience, the Asian players I played against, regardless of their skill set, took any form of competitive basketball play in a very serious manner.

      In comparison, in my own experience playing against Black Ballers, they made it seem like they are just fooling around and not taking things seriously with you especially when you are ballin them up. However, in a Basketball League & Varsity Basketball level, it's another story, they are just as much as competitive as anyone else.

      In addition, playing against Asians, Blacks, Caucasians, Hispanics, was a totally different experience as far as the different skill sets they brought to the game.

      The majority of Asians I played against had quick first steps and hustles all over the place.

      The majority of Blacks I played had a swagger on their dribble and liked to showboat a lot by trying to shake their defender and break their ankles. They were also very physical in the paint. Furthermore, they were more verbal with you (talking trash, etc.)

      The majority of Caucasians fit the stereotype of being good outside shooters LOL...

      But don't take my word for it as this is only based on my experiences playing in Los Angeles.

    7. Hmmm I didn't have as good of an experience playing with Asian Americans. But, my roommate who is black loved playing with Asians and didn't like playing with other blacks.

      My roommate and I used to drive all over LA for pick up games. When we're in Ktown, I get fouled all the time and my roommate doesn't. But, when we play in compton or santa monica, he gets fouled all the time, and I don't.

      Anyways, it's just kind of weird playing against other Asian Americans for me. They seem to have bad sportsmanship with "strangers" of the same race.

    8. @ Etane

      Very interesting experience you have with your fellow Asian brothers. Maybe they didn't like the fact that you were teammates with your Black roommate LOL...

      Were you ballin them up? Because anyone hates to get shown up in their homecourt =)

    9. |Unfortunately, this is not the truth. There's so many good players that goes unnoticed.|

      Maybe you're right. The point is "going unnoticed" and "good players" does not mean NBA. So you can point out great players left out. Doesn't mean they are entitled to the NBA automatically.

      Just like some of my HS buddies, being smart and good looking does not mean Harvard material. Does not mean they are not successful, it just means they aren't Harvard material.

      |There a alot of NBA players who can't score. career avg. of 4.0 ppg|

      how many minutes does reggie evans play? I'm too lazy to look up stats but if he can do 4ppg with 1 minute of play, HOF material there!

      I would need context for your examples of "who can't score." If the coach told you you're now the rebounder only or if you get 1 minute per game or this and that....point is, I need context. you can't just throw averages to prove a point. For exmaple, Lin can't score. he averages 12 ppg with 32 minutes.

      |There are many players who are not All-Star or HOF who have all these abilities.|

      one of the indicators does not mean only. I don't get irritated but I get irritated by people who misquote me. I don't think it is malicious so I can let it slide.

      |The fact that you think it's human nature that people think they know everything about an Asian guy by just taking a look at him is RACISM|

      No, I would need to know more about him. Actually, I value my time alot so I don't really need to know everything about everyone.

      The thing I would have to consider whether it tips toward racism is what kind of experiences did that person have? Is it all by watching Ken Jeong in the Hangover? Maybe he thinks all Asian men are weird funny, and "small"? Is it all by watching Girls Generation? Maybe he thinks all Asian girls are hotties who naturally looks like that?

      The few examples leds to my point: maybe that person has his/her expectations shaped by images or experiences with a biased context. I would not attribute racism so easily to things that could be explained by


      You can prove them wrong by being a mean SOB back or doing it the harder way

      Shatter their assumptions with your skill whatever it may be.

      If they still continue in the face of evidence, only then would racism start creeping up as a rationale but it wouldn't be the only rationale for behavior as stupidity is very ingrained.

    10. @ Pierrot

      |There are many players who are not All-Star or HOF who have all these abilities.|

      "one of the indicators does not mean only. I don't get irritated but I get irritated by people who misquote me. I don't think it is malicious so I can let it slide."

      Really? So on all your above comments on everyone else's comments including mines is not misquoting them? Seriously, before making an accusation of someone misquoting your statements you should read your previous posts.

      Here's your stats of REGGIE EVANS:

      2010 - 2011 Avg: 26mins & 4.4PPG
      2011 - 2012 Avg: 13mins & 1.9PPG
      2012 - 2013 Avg: 22mins & 3.4PPG

      Definitely not Jeremy lin level. Jeremy Lin average per 20mins of playing is considerably higher than that. And no I'm not going to go search for that statistics for you just to prove a point.

      "Maybe you're right. The point is "going unnoticed" and "good players" does not mean NBA. So you can point out great players left out. Doesn't mean they are entitled to the NBA automatically."

      What entitles players to be NBA players? I guess I didn't go into too much detail as you would have liked when I said "going unnoticed" as you pointed out. What I meant in that statement is going unnoticed to the extent that due to scout biases, coach biases, racism, stereotyping, whatever you want to call it, they just didn't notice the REAL TALENT & SKILLS that player had. Therefore, that player missed out on the potential opportunity of getting exposed or tryout to be evaluated by NBA GM(s).

      "Just like some of my HS buddies, being smart and good looking does not mean Harvard material. Does not mean they are not successful, it just means they aren't Harvard material."

      What is being Harvard Material? Isn't there only a certain amount of students Harvard can accept? Just like there's only a certain amount of NBA players each NBA team can offer a contract to? What if you only had space for 200 Harvard Students and 1,000 applied to get in and all were good looking and smart. Are you saying that the other 800 that won't get in weren't Harvard material? I don't think so, they just weren't the lucky 200 that got in and it was due to the lack of accommodation and not the lack of Harvard Material physical and mental attributes.

  5. I don't think I will renew my League Pass next season. Sorry NBA.

  6. People tend to judge a book by its cover. They take one look at an Asian guy and assume they know everything about him.

    Yes! This is what own teammate Chandler Parsley still thinking. Oh he Asian he can't be great, only good pg and he can't be GQ. Well looky here Asian is great and GQ and you extremely mad! He also kiss McHale ass to remain worst 40 min. a game player.

    1. Wow u really hate parson .. U a POH?

      I think your anger is misdirected,

    2. Just curious. What is a POH?

    3. I think it's Parson Only Hater

  7. @JLinfan#1

    Almost exactly 3 years ago, I got an email with a link to this highlight video asking to vote this kid whom I had never heard of for the Bob Cousy Award.

    I still remember watching that for the first time (it never gets old). The W&M shot... the deep 3 against the Hoyas, the one on four 2 handed jam against UConn!?! That's when Linsanity was born for me.

    I searched all over the web and of course ended up here. This was the only place that had any Lin stuff. You kept on posting stuff, even though at the time you had like no replies (quite a difference these days!). From preparing for the draft, to summer league, to signing with GS, you were there from the very beginning.

    When I think about what the hopes and expectations were back then... there's no way I could have imagined how far Lin would come. Make no mistake, the progress that has been made in what I consider to be a relatively short amount of time has been amazing. I encourage anyone who started reading this blog in the past year to go through the archives (hey, we've got a generous schedule coming up so there's time). I guarantee it will be worth your while.

    I'd like to sincerely thank you for providing a forum where all of us can come and discuss our favorite basketball player. I'd also like to add that it seems like we've been missing your POV lately (or at least I have). You have always been reasonable and willing to post the good and the bad; I hope that you do post more (and I'm not just saying this because the more threads you start the less unwieldy the others become :)

    Thanks again.

    1. I support the thanks for @JLinFan#1. Thank you, good sir or m'am. This is a good site.

      My bittersweet tomorrow: I'll be going to GSW with some good friends, and I figured it out ... I'll enjoy JLin smoking for 24 minutes, and when Bev finishes out Q4, I will root with my good hosts for their Warriors. I mean, I like Curry, Lee, Jack, and I like the former 2's friendship with Lin. So, why not ... Lin does well, saves his knees, and I'm a good guest.

      There you go, that's how I'll enjoy one game, and then what ? Looking forward to see JLin play in front of his home crowd again!

    2. See, I disagree...

      I bet you anything McHale will let Jeremy play heavy minutes tomorrow -- even if he struggles. What's frustrating is that how he plays will make no difference on future games. JL will still be disrespected and marginalized...and then randomly be given control for a game or two to quiet media/fans/Les/Jeremy.

      I almost feel bad for Beverly...Brooks is sure to take his place soon. Just like Bev took TD's spot after TD played solidly.

    3. Either way, zx, I'll have to be a polite guest, and the game is important for the standings, so I guess I can handle one more game of this so I can enjoy my time with friends and see JLin play live again. What a treat. We're pretty lucky to live in a time with a JLin to inspired so many people.

    4. Z.., no Lin will get his set minutes. Nothing will change. McHake will stick with the same plan if giving bev the opportunity to dictate his minutes.

    5. When I see these films I am just amazed at the ability of some people to still try to claim he is a fluke. The man is an incredible basketball player.

      For me though I am a fan because he is a good man. A real honest goodhearted hardworking mature (ok sometimes silly) man. I wish I really knew him. I would love to see him as he marries and has children. I wish I could be there (little fly on the wall) as he talks to them and guides them. I would also pay to have dinner with his parents and ask them all kinds of questions. What a fine job they have done. they should write a parenting book.

      OH well I want his basketball career to be glorious because I know he can do it. But even it is not he is still amazing to me and I wish I was one of the fortunate ones in his inner circle of friends.

    6. Yes, I share the same feeling. See him get married and have 3 sons (all sons) to play basket ball, and at least one or two being as good as him or even better. Should be, right? Lin, remember to marry one who is tall!

  8. I know this is a few weeks old, but anyways:

    The Houston coach calls his playmaker “a home run hitter,” and doesn’t mean that in a good way. “Sometimes he’d rather have 29 points and nine turnovers and I tell him, ‘Jeremy, we’re trying to win,’ ” McHale said.

    This is an egregious mischaracterization of Jeremy. He wants to get the win, he doesn't do it for his own stat padding. How about looking at some facts? Jeremy only has 4 games with more than 5 TO's this year. Rockets are 4-0 in those games. On the other hand, Harden has 9 games with more than 5 TO's this year. Rockets are 2-7 in those games. Who's helping the team here? Yet Harden never gets benched in the 4th quarter even if he's having a turnover-filled or cold-shooting game.

    I get that some coaches refuse to allow turning the ball over. But let's apply the same standard to everyone on the team, not blatant double standards.

    1. What I wish Jeremy said to the media:

      The Houston guard calls his head coach "an old school guy" and doesn't mean that in a good way. "Sometimes he'd rather have Beverly with 0 points and 2 TOs, and I tell him, 'Coach, we're trying to win.'" Lin said.

    2. Others have pointed out we have no idea the veracity of that report or of how it was put together. And I agreed.

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    4. [Don't click the links]

      Daryl MoreyVerified account ‏@dmorey
      The conspiracy has been discovered! MT @Lionyank not sure what in mind for Lin, looks like minimize min: 2nd straight gm Lin not playing 4th
      6:45 PM - Mar 3, 2013

      [Space City Scoop] Houston Rockets: Is Patrick Beverley Better Than Jeremy Lin?
      Space City Scoop
      The difference between Beverley and Lin so far this season is so small it's crazy. NOBODY can deny those stats.
      11:10 AM - Mar 7, 2013

      JFeigan: Rockets’ Lin focused on wins, not fourth-quarter minutes

      [Not saying it's a conspiracy. But at this moment, a concerted effort to defend the coaching staff at all cost.]

  9. Nothing will change this season. Little will change next season. But eventually, things will change. Jeremy always triumphs over incompetent coaches. Every. Single. Time.

    The silly hype over young PGs like NBA-worst defender & TO-machine Kyrie Irving as well as 30% shooting flopper Ricky Rubio have made us forget how long it often takes for a PG to "earn" his stripes. Neither of those guys will ever be as good as Nash or even Billups,..yet the latter two HOFs took a LOOOOONG time to get where they are.

    Steve Nash took SIX SEASONS to prove himself as an All-Star caliber point guard. It took Chauncey Billups SEVEN SEASONS. Jeremy is also a late-bloomer who's playing for the LONG-TERM. It will probably take until his third year to be given the control that he deserves, but we just have to be patient...others have been in similar situations (though not for the racial reasons Jeremy is facing).

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. * Third year with the Rockets, I mean. His fifth overall.

    3. Since Lin is an unrestricted free agent at the end of his third year, if either of the parties doesn't want to commit to the other, the team will almost always trade the player by the trade deadline of the player's last year contract. The few exception are superstar players like Howard, CP3, Durant,etc.. I still think the Rockets will move Lin if they were to keep McHale.

      The reason the Lakers are not trading Howard at this year's trade deadline (even though he will be an unrestricted agent) is because they have his bird rights and Lakers can give him a 5-year max contract (I think with 7.5% annual raise). Under the new CBA, each team can only give out ONE 5-year max contract to one player only. The rest of the 14 players on the rooster will have 4 years or less. Thus, Lin will have incentive to sign with the team that has his bird rights. And they can go over the cap to sign him (because they have his bird rights).

      Since Morey just signed Harden to a 5-year $80m max contract, Morey can only give Howard 4 year max. Net signed Williams to a 5 year max contract, thus, chances of Howard signing with Lakers is very high. Since Lakers are over the cap, they can't sign and trade him to another team. However, they can trade him after they signed him, I am not sure about the time frame. I think they might have to wait until the next year to trade him.

      To sum it up, the latest we will know if Lin will stay with the Rockets is the following year's trade deadline.

    4. @alcsd,

      Thanks for the new CBA's only one 5 year max contract player info. That means the Rockets a little chance of signing CPaul. I was hoping the Houstonian Rockets fans get what they wish for by acquiring CPaul. Can you imagine the two(2) ball-dominant *egotistical* and ass-kissed players on the same team? I'd like to see how McHell handles those two, both on and off the court. I doubt they would ever be intimidated into agreeing to do a damage-control interview to cover up for McHell's disrespect for they themselves. What an insult to in jury: I'm very disappointed that Lin and Asik would stoop so low to allowe the Rockets to take advantage of them that way. Lin especially have become a willing victim over and over by being unnecessarily nice to creeps. It seems more a stupid thing, and not necessarily to do with being a good Christian

    5. Good. That means Jeremy will not have to play for the Rockets in the third year if he's not going to renew his contract. If Rockets want Jeremy back, they have to fire McHale sooner than later. If not, Jeremy will go to another team and shine.

  10. Did anyone see CP shove McHale away in the last match ? the clip is available on CF.. sorry I don't know how to link ? now it sort of explain CP tweeting "bogus" after the match.


    CP shoving match with Mchale...

    1. Wow, Oz ... I"m going to have to go to CF to read the discussion. I sort of like CP on first blush for this, but maybe he's in the wrong. I guess I was trained never to push back on Coach - maybe McHale has an unstable locker room.

    2. Maybe when he was referring to "bogus" was because McHale didn't run any plays for him in the last minute. It was all iso Harden. His pride was crush??

    3. Wow! I just noticed the 4th quarter has all three things:
      1. small ball
      2. "spark" Beverley
      3. Iso-Harden

      formula for success. McHale doesn't have the IQ to draw up plays. Nerdy Morey chose him.

      Morey and McHale have Celtics connection. Morey used to work for the Celtics before Les hired him. There were rumors of how McHale got the job was because the certain Celtics' GM recommended McHale.

    4. I can't believe Mchale got that treatment from Parson when he has been treated like the favorite son. I can't imagine how he treated McHale if he were treated like a bastard's stepson.

    5. This is really strange. I didn't pay that close of attention but it does appear like an intentional push. Wow! I would love an official explanation.

    6. Let's not judge from looking at some clips...

    7. I wouldn't call it conclusive by any means.

    8. Agree with bamboo. Maybe he just wanted to check McHale (like high five) and McHale just happened to move that moment. It doesnt look to me like CP pushed the coach.

    9. This was not a shove. Look at the score back. This happened right after Parsons hit 2 3 pointers. It looked more like a celebration.

      Also, his "bogus" tweet clearly referred to officiating rather than coaching. Parsons had no reason to be unhappy with McHale who plays him 40 mins a night and let him do whatever he wants on the court.

    10. U guys are making a big deal of nothing. That was just a friendly celebratory shove.

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  13. Let's be grateful he is playing as a starter and given a chance to play. He is great and let's watch him grow. I know we have the same frustrations but it's really great that at least he is starting for a team. There are great players out there do not have this opportunity to shine. JLin just have to do long enough to be recognized. E.G. Steve Nash.

  14. I think CP "Bogus" statement was for the disallowed 3-pointer by Lin, potentially cost the Rockets the game. He was being vague because he didn't want to get fined by the league for criticizing the ref.

    1. He was referring not only to that but also that out of bounds ball that harden touched last. Basically about getting things turned against them.

      Was not about the coaching at all

  15. I won't be seeing the game tomorrow and the next as I have to attend a christening tomorrow and I have church duties the next day, but I'll look for updates here. BIGGIE thanks to @JLinfan#1 for making this great hang-out for Jeremy fans.

    to Jeremy, go and make noise at the Oracle Arena vs GSW!

  16. I wish that tom., he gets to start and finish the game. Hohum... this is really getting old.

    But anyway , this roller coaster ride that JLin is putting me through is really something. For all that it has been , I can say that I am also being dealt , in terms of character and faith. His patience and perseverance rub off on me. Moreover , his triumphs and struggles edify me.

    I love this kid , Jeremy LIN!

  17. Ian Begley ‏@IanBegley
    Woody on why he sat Tyson in the 4th: "You can’t have both bigs out there trying to guard guys that can shoot the basketball." #Knicks

    " Tyson will be fine..."
    ~ Mchale

  18. Let's go Jeremy. I saw the Rockets PR damage control article with regard to 4th quarter minutes. Glad he managed to assert his brand and style of play while being diplomatic at the same time. Kudos to him.

    When it comes to crunch time, Rockets 'offense' are very predictable. Not that we have much to begin with. There's no denying James Harden is talented but would rather not see over reliance to the FT or iso plays...especially when referees at times are bias. Nor do I want JH to be injured wrt his minutes. Let's go Rockets.

  19. I wish Tracy McGrady pass on famous Tracy McGrady injury virus plague to James Hogden and then its Jeremy Lin time. But Mchale is crazed lunatic still might not play Jeremy.

  20. Replies
    1. [On JLin's diplomatic comments about being benched in the 4th]
      林書豪 Jeremy Lin 人太好被欺負!


      @dmorey Dear Morey : WE DON'T WANT TO SEE "MCHELL" in Taiwan,thanks!!
      1:09 a.m. - Mar 7, 2013

    3. Padman Ramankutty ‏@PadmanR
      Taiwan tourists visiting palo alto high with poster of Jeremy Lin. bay area hotspot
      2:43 PM - Mar 7, 2013

  21. JLIN Foundation ‏@jlinfoundation
    Congrats to @PAIRhouston for receiving the most votes in #MakingADifference campaign. Big thank you to everyone for voting and donating!
    11:08 p.m. - Mar 7, 2013

  22. Thank you JLinfan #1 for all your efforts and for making me less alone during times of frustration (esp this Rockets season) thru your threads.

    I really hate the feeling that i am not only worried about whether or not the team is gonna win but i am more stressed as to how much PT Jeremy will be given and if he will be given the chance to play quality minutes in the 4th quarter. For crying out loud whenever he is not allowed to finish the 1st quarter i am anxiously waiting if he will ever be going back in again!!

    I was soooo looking forward to this season after Lin's injury but it is turning out to be an anti-Lin (and fans) era.... Will continue praying... (for PT because I will only root for the Rockets if they use J)

    1. Yeah, surprising that fans have to worry more about certain members (mainly the coaches) of JLin's own team rather than the opposing team. It gives me a sense of deja vu from last season, when we have to worry about Melo. In the Knicks, JLin had a good coach but bad teammate. In the Rockets, he have good teammates but bad coach. Third time's the charm right? I hope JLin's next team will have both good teammates and good coaches.

    2. Yes seems like every game is Lin vs Rockets vs opposing team :(

      But w/regard to Melo and the Knicks at least the fans got Lin's back and most members of the team but in Houston even the fans and the reporters of the team disrespect Lin... #totallyheartbreaking

    3. Like JLinfan#1 said, JLin is the first [and only one] of his kind.

      There won't be any smooth sailing for him, nor his fans: we need to be strong. We have to just factor in the pushback from the status quo/ prevailing culture, and counter it the best way we could. We'll get through this.

  23. ESPNChrisPalmer chris palmer
    Kobe on going to North Korea: "I'd probably pass." Kimmel: "For once you're passing."

  24. Clutchfans owner Dave Hardisty was just on YSR 1560AM. He said Beverley is outplaying Lin right now. Said Beverley is a better shooter, defender, and doesn't turn the ball over. Said Lin is inconsistent and there is not much of drop off from going to Beverley.

    1. Not surprising. What's interesting is what makes him an authority on judging who's the better player? He's just a fan like everybody else. Unless Rockets support him and he's also a mouthpiece for them. If that's the case, the writing is on the wall for JLin.

    2. Remember what Coach Eric Musselman said about Lin when he was with Big Horns:

      Lin has to knack for just getting an extra possession(s) in games, whether it be a rebound (how many times in last several games we won that were close was it Lin who snatched a rebound, sometimes vs larger player on other team, then start racing down court to trigger offense), deflection, steal, or just stop of player he is guarding.

      Beverley definitely seems to get quite a few steals, but it just doesn't seem he has quite the impact, especially in crunch time, that Lin has.

      Musselman, the former Warriors and Kings coach, said it's a "realistic goal" for Lin to become the first guard off the bench for either Curry or Ellis next season.

      "He's got intangibles you can't teach," said Musselman, who coached Lin for 20 games in Reno this season. "No matter how he's playing, he's always going to be an unbelievable loose-ball getter. He's got will and determination when pursing the ball.

      "He can pressure and wreak some havoc, turn people. He's a change-of-pace guy who can do multiple things."

      Lin's weaknesses? His shot and the ability to go left. Then again, Musselman said Lin kept defenses honest with his perimeter jumper, and Lin did shoot 39 percent from 3-point range.

      Musselman did say Lin needs to improve his jump shot, and also said if Lin "could ever drive left like he does right his game could go to another level." But one thing Lin does have is something not every guy does: Toughness.

      "When a guy comes to the D-League from the NBA, everyone wants to go at him," Musselman said. "He didn't even flinch. There are some hungry, junkyard dogs down here, and he's a tough-minded kid. Nothing fazed him."

    3. If Harden goes all hero ball this game, refusing to pass the ball to Lin (e. g. trying to play point guard, like he did in second quarter of Milwaukee game), gotta be concerned that Harden is jealous of all the attention Lin is getting and that Harden isn't be treating as the man by fans.

      Might be some ugly basketball, but hopefully we can keep squeaking out wins till James realizes he needs Lin on court with him just slightly less than Lin needs Harden on court.

      Patrick Beverley just dribbling ball up court, handing ball to Harden, and just getting out of way means defense just loads up 3 on 1 against Harden drive to basket. They don't have to respect Beverley's playmaking abilities, like they would with Lin (even if he is nothing more than a decoy who will ultimately pass ball to Harden and watch him go iso).

      Olajuwon was apparently same way first year (didn't trust teammates or share ball), but Rockets didn't start winning championships till he realized that after first year.

      Hopefully James is capable of learning that he needs Lin on floor with him.

    4. Harden doesn't care about Lin, or whoever is on the court. As long as he gets his numbers, Harden doesn't care. Really tired of his long steps lay ups to the baskets. So predictable now.

    5. Haha, if to get more minutes from McHale is to pattern Beverley's "0 point, 7 assists" and supposedly defensive stopper game, then I would rather Lin stick with his own style of play and get benched.

      That Clutch owner has also said before Douglas was outplaying and deserved his 4th quarter minutes and even made up some iffy stats to prove his point. I guess he's angry with Douglas getting traded and now turned his love to Beverley lol.

    6. Dave Hardisty must be a massive idiot and a blind hater on top of that! IMHO hes a nobody. He runs a forum - thats it.

      He cant even be that good with what he does - otherwise fan numbers (watching at home or watching at the stadium) would be much higher. What qualifies him to make such comments about a great player?

      Ive have been defending CF at times - saying that there are very smart people over there (seriously!). Not just new members but also long time members of CF would defend Lin on a regular basis. They would use statistics and analysis to prove Lins game is awesome.

      However - there are massive idiots over there as well. After last game a whole bunch of nutjobs kept repeating that PB was played because he had a HOT HAND. Sure! 0 points in more than 20 minutes - so hot! If JLin played the way PB did they would have torn him appart. JLin shot 50% for chris sake!

      It proves to make that there is a big number of mindless idiots (who suck at math) over there who randomly use catchwords to make it appear as if they knew something about basketball as they rationalise their repulsion against an asian kid.

      HEY JLin haters -> hes asian, hes a Harvard graduate, hes an awesome athlete and hes paid $$$ -> live with it! Envy btw -> cadinal sin!

      Also - that dumb myth about JLin not playing good D... how idiotic must someone be to claim that?

    7. In case Rox are wondering why in the 10th biggest market they are struggling to fill the stadium (or to get people to watch -> might just have something to do with a coach who doesnt believe in (or even hates) one of his best players, a PR machine that disses fans and a forum owner (CF) who is so egocentric, hateful and manipulative that fans have lost sympathy for the sport and the organisation. Just speculating...

    8. That's funny, because when Lin used to be on the bench and racking up incredible per-minute stats (PER, steals, etc), people discounted it by saying that it was limited sample size, he was playing against backups, etc. Now that Lin's a starter, people are saying that his backup is awesome.

      BTW, Clutch forums/Dave Hardisty is a Lin hater (he likes Lin as a person, not as a basketball player), so you all should stop giving CF publicity/links/posts.

    9. I was kicked off CF for making the claim that they enjoy ( and maybe encourage) the LOF/LOH bickering b/c it gives CF more page hits therefore more $$ off the ads. I guess they could not handle the truth. It is the same reason bleacher reports has a constant controversial headline with Lin in it somewhere. I refuse to read those too. They are not getting my $/click.

    10. @wu-kong:
      Problem can be solved by creating a forum where english speaking Rox/Lin fans can come together and talk. Yes - is awesome but it lags the forum structure and Rox fans consider this a LOF page. BTW - nothing wrong about being a LOF.

      Please JLinFan#1 -> think about it.

      Keep in mind - bench players usually play less minutes than starters. They are expected to come off the bench and play energetic.

      Lin however didnt just do that. He continued to do so when he was a starter and played more than 35 minutes. In a short amount of times he introduced himself as a guy with swag who would play best in 4th and close games the way REAL MEN do. He has balls made out of steel.

      Now - here is the difference between the men and the boys. Can you play energectic and smart for 35 minutes? Can you contain the best PGs in the league? Can you outrun the quickest PGs in the league? Can you watch the clock go down, put on your pocker face and make a 3?

      Or do you just have a few flashy moves that idiots consider good d?

  25. Props to the owner of this blog for creating this site. However, no matter what JLin does, even if he "goes off", his destiny is predetermined by some stubborn, racist management. No matter what Lin does, there will always be an issue, whether it be playing time or a a few turnovers. I still can't believe we're talking about this off the court BS and politics.

    1. It is also possible that Beverley playing instead of Lin might be to appease their superstar, who might be jealous that he isn't getting all the attention Jeremy gets as foundation of franchise.

      McHale obviously messed up last game, just like Sacramento game, by not putting Lin back in in fourth quarter, so if we end up with 7th seed, instead of 6th seed because we end up 2 games behind Warriors, I put that on McHale.

      But I could also see how Lin's "benching" in fourth quarter is because Harden wants to go iso hero ball in fourth and get all attention from fans and media.

      Just hope it doesn't cost us too many games in playoff race.

    2. Don't think it's Harden wanting hero-ball. Do u think he wants to lose more games and drop out of the playoffs? His reputation is also at stake. He's also a baller. I think he knows having JLin on the court during crunchtime gives the team a better chance to win. It's just the coach being incompetent.

  26. I am reluctant to hurl insults at the coach, but he's undermining any reasonable fan's goodwill with his in(s)ane handling of JL's p.t. and the whole defensive fiasco. Starting to think he's either Lin-phobic, or PG-impaired. You just don't bench a starter for a whole quarter in a tight game when the guy's able and ready, unless you lack faith. The man's a diplodocus, with ridiculously slow reaction time.

    I get that JL is diplomatic, humble and what not. But saying that it is what is and he's making the most out of the pt he's given, that tells me he IS frustrated with the situation. The team first talk is a PR smoke screen imo. Don't need to throw a hissy fit, just assert yourself, man.

    PS glad to see via and her linkfest

  27. If Jeremy gets "benched" for Beverley again in crunch time tonight or going forward, personally I would still:

    - root for the Rockets to win

    - for Beverley to well


    As we go up against the better teams in regular season and playoffs, I think it will become very obvious, to fans and also to teammates (when it is crunch time and they are looking for leader in addition to Harden), that while Beverley is a very nice player, he isn't a potential game changer, especially if used synergistically with Harden (Harden + Lin working cooperatively with each other >>> Harden + Beverley trying to do the same).

    Ceiling for team is just much higher when Lin is paired with Harden (somehow I doubt Rick Carisle would have to specifically game plan against Beverley like he did for Lin in second game).

    Plus Denver coach's comment that Lin is motor of team after Denver beat Rockets convincingly with Harden going hero-ball ish shows same thing.

    1. My only reason for that situation would be the Rockets once again think JLin is a bust and trades him in the offseason so he can bust out Linsanity elsewhere lol.

  28. If Lin was a tennis player, he would have been at least top 10 if not number 1. He has all the world class attributes of speed, quickness, footwork and soft hands to rival Roger Federer. Lin also has the mental toughness and self belief of a Nadal; lastly he has the strategy and tactics of a Michael Chang. It's too bad that he couldn't have competed on a world class stage like tennis where he needs no one else but himself to play, no coaches, no teammates!

    Ever wonder why Tiger Woods is so revered by MJ, Gretzgy, Federer and numerous other greats of their sports? Its because every one of them recognize how mentally tough Tiger is. Tiger has lived with expectations since 3 years old when he first appreared on the Mike Douglas show. Potential and expectation is a heavy burden, that's why it's referred to as the weight of... All these great athletes have had to deal with it but tiger does it the best. Lin would have been a great golfer with his indomitable will to shut out all distractions, naysayers. Of all the greatest attributes any athlete can have that separates them from the rest, it is his or her ability to will in their own destiny.

    As Lin faces his latest challenge upon his self belief / personal faith, the thing that he must never surrender is his will. The human spirit is what Lin brings to light each time he plays. It's not wether he wins or loses, it's that he meets each challenge with total absolute faith and with grace and dignity. Some on this site have questioned his faith and his comment that God doesnt make mistakes. We only have to look back at how Lin must have felt to have been so cruely cut on Christmas day by the very same Rox team he plays on now. If you look at linsanity and the convergence of events that lead to it to take place, then you can see why Lin has absolute faith in his destiny. Glory in God isn't winning games, it's in defeating yourself. When you look at the trails he has faced, Lin reveals to us that no matter how others judge us, the real measure of success is if I'm a better player each day and more importantly, am I a better Christian each day.

    1. Wayne Gretsky:

      "Growing up, I was always the small guy," Gretzky has said. "I couldn't beat people with my strength. My eyes and my mind have to do most of the work."

      Lin was 5 ft. 3 in junior high and learned basketball by watching tapes of the Lakers his dad created for him.

      You can see how he developed, at least qualitatively (not necessarily to the same quantitative sense), that field sense / court vision that has made other undersized "runts" great (Drew Brees, Joe Montana, Steve Nash, Jason Kidd, Eli Manning (?) at their sports.

    2. |If Lin was a tennis player, he would have been at least top 10 if not number 1. He has all the world class attributes of speed, quickness, footwork and soft hands to rival Roger Federer.|

      I don't think so.

      Lin isn't a one on one player. That was one of his pre draft knock. Didn't shine going one on one. Now you're comparing him to one of the greatest tennis talents? Flattering but this is bordering on idolatry if not crossed over completely.

      He was a tennis player in his youth. I don't see prodigy written about him in his Palo Alto youth days.

      He chose basketball for a reason, it was best fit, physical and mental talent match.

    3. @pierrot, given that we will never know... We will agree to disagree. My assessment of Lin is based upon what I see of his 3 athletic skills and his 3 mental skills. Having coached tennis to high level players, the skills I've mention sets him apart from the rest. Once an athlete has shown the ability to reach the pinnacle of any multi skill sports, it is a fair assessment that given the opportunity to developed those skills, they could have reached at least as high a level in any cross over skills. Tennis is one of those sports where the mind and heart makes or breaks a champion. Just look at how far Michael Chang took his game against Agassi and Sampras.

      As far as Lin not being a one on one player, that is more of a chicken and the egg question. Basketball is a team sport so he developed and enhanced his cerebral approach to the game as a team player. If you want to answer your own question, just look at his intensity on defense against his man.

      Li Na has shown how mental toughness and self belief is essential in tennis. She quit the game at 20 because the Chinese tennis ruling body wouldn't allow her to play singles because they believed Chinese women couldn't compete against the world's best. It wasn't until the tennis federation created the " fly alone " policy that Li Na was lured back into competing. Since then, she has proven to the pencil pushers that they were wrong. The limits of human achievement is self imposed by the limits of our imagination. Lin has shown us that he can imagine his limitless potential.

    4. |given that we will never know...|

      guy played tennis in his youth. He didn't follow it. How is that given that we will never know? It's not like he NEVER playered. He PLAYED!?

      |Having coached tennis to high level players,|

      With all due respect, don't know what your understandong of high level players is comparable to someone at IMG academy or say someone who coached the Federers or Sampras

      |My assessment...|

      Therefore, your appeal to your authority is lacking. You might be a top tier coach at HS/college/amateur ranks but those are levels well below, say, a #1 greatest type of talent of Federer and Sampras which you are citing. I'm not knocking what you say, but how you are using some questionable reasoning.

      |Basketball is a team sport so he developed and enhanced his cerebral approach to the game as a team player|

      He also played other sports. There is no chicken and egg. Besides, that cause and effect is too simplistic, don't you think? This goes beyond any chicken and egg analogy you are citing.

      |If you want to answer your own question,|

      Didn't raise a question.

      |just look at his intensity on defense against his man|

      Intensity during a brief allotment of time (24 seconds) compared to a 3hr tennis match. Not equivocal. The premise is already wacky--you're using another quality with the same name in one sport and comparing it to a quality with the same name in a different sport...

      |Li Na has shown how mental toughness and self belief is essential in tennis.|

      No Eureka like discovery here. All tennis fans implicitly understand this of all champions and players.

      |She quit the game at 20|

      Hey, whatever Li Na's marketing story makes her more appealing to the Western advertisers, the more power to her. Girl power with the whole independent girl image + "oppressive" Chinese ruling body seems too well tailored. The point is nobody knows, except her and the principals. I would not imbibe either story without scrutiny as a first party.

      |" fly alone " policy that Li Na was lured back|

      see above. Luring is an interesting word choice. All that housing, money to her parents, investment in time and money in her tennis skills from an early age to age 20 was not negative. Saying no to a 20 yr old who wanted to solo after investing all those years makes sense. In my industry, we talk about sunk costs all the time.

      |pencil pushers|

      Too pejorative for me. This is getting into personal attacks at a administrative body, unless you are in the inner circle, arbitrarily.

      |The limits of human achievement is self imposed by the limits of our imagination.|
      |Lin has shown us that he can imagine his limitless potential.|

      Too much self help type of notions for me. I thought posters here already know these basics of human life? But for all the kids reading this, yes, i support this message. Maybe in plainer, everyday speak:

      Strive to do your best

    5. Take it down a notch Pierro, the point I was trying to make was the very last sentence of that paragraph that in basketball, Lin is reliant on his coaches and teammates, where as in tennis he can dictate his own destiny. It's a bit of fun conjecture that even the Tennis Magazine had an article on with Michael Jordan who had admitted to have played a bit of tennis. The experts in that article all agreed that MJ could have hung with 4.0 to 4.5 players without having any serious training just because of his crossover skills.

      Li Na has proven that Chinese women can compete with the best in the world by not listening to doubters. She has won a grand slam title and was well on her way to win this year's Austarlian open had she not twisted her ankle while falling down twice. She hit her head hard on the last occasion and the doctors were really worried that she had a concussion. I had purely brought up the story of Li Na as an affirmation of what makes Lin special. Just like Li Na, Lin has the mental toughness to ignore all doubters.

      On your last point of striving to be the best is fine, that's if you already have the confidence to set what his or her best is to begin with. However, if everyone tells you that your best is not ever going to be good enough, then it becomes an issue of self belief and faith. Where does someone like Lin have such eternal fountain of self confidence, to ignore what others keep telling you? Which is why I brought up the story of Li as a comparison to Lin. Chinese people are told that they don't have the athletic skills to compete on the world stage. We are told that we can't run fast enough to compete in track, and yet we have Lui Xiang, a gold medalist in the 110 meter hurdles. Believing is the fountainhead to striving to be the best.
      Don't try, just do...don't hope, just believe.

    6. Funny thing -> Li Na struggled some time ago. All she had to do was to fire hear coach. Wasnt it her husband?


    As the french say : it's a first-class burial ^_^ /jk

    1. Which means those teams couldn't rely on local demand for profit and need to find demand elsewhere for viewership and revenue. Rockets have a player like JLin who attracts so many new fans overseas yet somehow employs a coach who underutilizes him? Haha...

    2. Puhahaha. Imagine if Lin wasn't here. Lin has soooo much leverage I'm surprised he doesn't use it thru his agents. Or maybe he knows!

      Perhaps the Rox promised him McHale will be gone behind the scenes and that is why Lin isn't worried.

      There is no way rockets are getting rid of Lin. The amount of revenue e is generating for them? Dude the Rox are the 2nd most popular team to play against in away games. The Rox and nba should be kissin his feet.

    3. Maybe Rockets will repeat Knicks blunder and say they have to trade JLin for "basketball reasons". Could be the case if they want to clear cap for another superstar player.

  30. Well, a nice start to the morning. I just got blocked by Jason for calling out him out on his conflict of Interest as a " journalist" and Rox doing a horrible job of not understanding Lin's fanbase anf not effectively addressing our concern aafter a long twitter debate.

    I'm surprised he wrote back .. but nice to get my feeling across.

    1. Why?

      the guy needs to feed himself and put a roof over his head. I don't know the guy's background so don't know if he also has a family to feed.

      Don't know why you are calling out a guy who is just doing his job as a Rockets PR outlet.

    2. i'd like to know what are his job descriptions? like agreeing/retweeting almost all the tweets that diss jeremy. if that is in his job description, then he is doing a great job.

    3. I was just saying he has a conflict of interest. He acts like he doesn't. That's it. No profanity. No naming calling. Perhaps I was too forceful in saying it, but he can't deny that his job doesn't have inherent conflict of interest.

      To be honest, I just didn't like his podcast almost mocking Lin fans for thinking that McHale hates him (wrong impression).

      And he was saying how his articles prove that there is no basis for our malcontent.

      He must be a little sensitive when it comes to COI issue and wants to be recognized as a real journalist.

      I'm somewhat surprised that he replied in the first place - but even without me harping about it, he will have to face others who are even more insensitive than I am. The downside of being on social media.

    4. Snow, that is what I'm saying. He is part of the Rox PR department. He needs to learn how to defuse the situation. I thought the ROX would be more culturally sensitive to fans in Asia because they had Yao but they have done a horrendous job of catering to the wealth of fans the accumulated by signing Lin. I mean the Rox themselves would be nothing without Lin and his fan base.. Do u see how many empty seats there are at home games?

      So if there is a distrust that is created by the head coach's use of Lin, they need to ask McHale to clarify his decision. At least, that is what would've been asked in ny.

      I think the fans being left in the dark and not knowing how McHale will treat Lin is driving us nuts.

      Instead he goes to the players and puts them in a no win situation to spin this and he thinks we won't see right thru it?

      I'm sure he is annoyed as hell, but he needs to do a better job of handling himself. I think ho Chen does a much better job in this department.

    5. I think it is actually better if McHale or PR guys just say "We think Lin is not good enough yet, so we let PB handle the crunch time". Harsher, but at least they are honest to the fans who do not have to guess whats going on.

    6. Then the debate will be more focued on bball side.

    7. I agree. I think not knowing how McHale views Lin .. Being in the dark, hoping and then getting a different result is the reason we go crazy after these games.

      McHale dismissing these questions in post game is really adding fuel to the fire.

    8. Why not just tweet your questions to Houston Rockets instead? Why write to this person who has no authority? Write to Houston Rockets or Les the owner. Also, I'm not really interested in hearing what Mchale has to say about Jeremy. It'll mostly be BS anyway, so why bother? I just want him to let Jeremy play his game.

    9. @Pierrot


      the guy needs to feed himself and put a roof over his head. I don't know the guy's background so don't know if he also has a family to feed.

      Don't know why you are calling out a guy who is just doing his job as a Rockets PR outlet."

      WHY NOT?

      Journalism is the activity or product of journalists or others engaged in the preparation of written, visual, or audio material intended for dissemination through public media with reference to factual, ongoing events of public concern. It is intended to inform society about itself and to make public, things that would otherwise be private.

      Journalism is directed at the consumers of media products, who may comprise nonspecific general audiences, or narrower market segments.

      In modern society, news media have become the chief purveyor of information and opinion about public affairs; but the role and status of journalism, along with other forms of mass media, are undergoing changes resulting from the Internet. This has resulted in a shift toward reading on e-readers, smartphones, and other electronic devices rather than print media and has faced news organizations with the ongoing problem of monetizing on digital news.

      Solidz75 has every right to question a Journalists motive or stance on a particular subject matter.

      If people can't start questioning Journalist, then that is not Journalism anymore.

    10. |WHY NOT?|
      |Solidz75 has every right to question a Journalists motive or stance on a particular subject matter.|

      Did I say no one has a right to question a journalism? I said why call out this particular guy? is my why suddenly an implicit "no"?

      |If people can't start questioning Journalist, then that is not Journalism anymore.|

      Ok....if people can't start questioning journalist, then that means people can't start questioning journalist. How is that related to "not journalism anymore" Your if then argument is way too leapy....leapy meaning leaps of logic

      I'm trying to understand your reasoning and evidence here:

      |Journalism is the activity or product of journalists or others engaged in the preparation of written, visual, or audio material intended for dissemination through public media with reference to factual, ongoing events of public concern.|

      so by your definition "or others", it plainly states then journalists are not the exclusive disseminators of journalism. "If people can't start questioning Journalist, then that is not Journalism anymore." more huh--So that doesn't follow when your own definition contradicts what you wrote.

      a (journalists) or b (or others) = c (journalism)

      if not a

      then = not c?

      WTF. you just said b = c so now that isn't true?

      Very hard to understand your logic or you need to write "tighter"

    11. Solid, I give you a PLUS for doing this.

      @ Pierrot, your logic is very hard to understand too and hard to follow here, especially you use that | line. If you could use "", it will much better.

    12. @Pierrot

      I don't see how your logic is any better than mine. Your attack on how I logically reason things out can be applied to how you're logically trying to deduce the reasons behind Solidz statement, my own, and everyone's logical arguments and conversations on this forum.

      I can go back and forth with you how your logic of deducing other people's logic, but you're on this forum to not talk about Jeremy Lin or have any type of logical conversation. You're out here trying to insult people's intellect and logical explanation of things.

      "Ok....if people can't start questioning journalist, then that means people can't start questioning journalist. How is that related to "not journalism anymore" Your if then argument is way too leapy....leapy meaning leaps of logic"

      That is your opinion, and my opinion is different from yours. It's related on the premise that journalism involves the readers input on the subject matter. And YES this is my opinion.

      preparation of written, visual, or audio material intended for dissemination through public media with reference to factual, ongoing events of public concern.|

      "so by your definition "or others", it plainly states then journalists are not the exclusive disseminators of journalism. "If people can't start questioning Journalist, then that is not Journalism anymore." more huh--So that doesn't follow when your own definition contradicts what you wrote."

      This statement was not to link to what I previously wrote in my first argument. But I guess with you I have to be very "tight" with how I explain things. If I had the time to make further explain myself then I would, but I don't. I just wanted to explain and provide a definition of Journalism is about, which I guess I should have wrote that it is related to the fact that Jason should be reporting what's really going on in the locker room because based on wikipedia journalism is:

      the activity or product of journalists or others engaged in the preparation of written, visual, or audio material intended for dissemination through public media with reference to factual, ongoing events of public concern. It is intended to inform society about itself and to make public, things that would otherwise be private.

      Futhermore, I was compelled to defend Solidz75 because your questions regarding his actions "logically" seemed very aggressive and almost a direct attack at him.

      "Don't know why you are calling out a guy who is just doing his job as a Rockets PR outlet."

      Especially this statement, I don't follow through on how Solidz75 in his statement talked about how Jason is not doing his job? He was questioning Jason's conflict of interest and disregard of Jeremy Lin's subject matter.

      How do you know Jason is just doing his job and doesn't have it out for Jlin?

      All of these things are just subjective and so is my logic and everyone elses logic. But when you start attacking someones statements or arguments with WHY or WHY NOT, isn't that the same thing as Solidz75 asking Jason the WHY question?

    13. Jason is not really a journalist. To call him one would be a huge disgrace. He has a huge conflict of interest working for the rockets. He would never ask hard hitting questions that we want answers to.

      I just called him out because he seems to mock the fans that he is supposed to cater to as a part of the pr writing team. He thinks that the issue is settled because he put Jeremy and parsons in a tough spot to answer potentially negative question about his coach - a question Lin or parson possibly could've answered truthfully.

      If he is going to be twitter writing garbage and proclaim to act like a real impartial journalist, of course I have a write to call him out.

      Didn't curse at him. Didn't call him names. But he blocked me because in my view I called him out on his conflict of interest.

      Plus he never had to answer my tweet. He wrote this long message back so we began this debate.

      I don't feel bad at all for having this discussion. He took the easy way out by blocking me.

  31. Clutch's (and probably McHale's) view on Lin. Warning.. U won't be happy.

    **(Expectations for Brooks between now and end of season?): Primarily insurance. He probably won't see the floor right now the way Beverley is playing. Beverley is probably outplaying Jeremy Lin right now, which is amazing. When Lin is clicking offensively, he's obviously the better player but Beverley with what he brings defensively, and hasn't hurt you too much on the offensive end, has been playing so well. I don't expect Brooks to see much in the way of minutes right now but good insurance policy with Lin, who has had some ankle issues and if any one of those guys start to slip, he may get minutes.

    **(This is Cassell/Smith 2.0 or Jr. If Jeremy is not effective, you gotta a guy who comes off the bench, like Sam Cassell, gives you a boost and some prowess.): Brooks is still an effective shooter and still has good speed. He could become a player for them but right now, McHale will probably bring him along slowly.

    **(I was talking about Beverley): Oh sorry.

    **(Frankly, if I'm Brooks, watching Beverley get 4th Q minutes in crunch time, I'm feeling like wow, why did I come here?): His fans feel the same way. Believe me, I see it after every game. Beverley is shooting better from long range than Lin. You can see an distinct difference on defense. He's in the ball handler's face bringing it up. He blocked a Dirk shot the other day. His aggressive D, he's a good rebounder and hasn't hurt you with turnovers. He's played fewer minutes than Lin but he's turned the ball over less and more or less the same assists per 36 minutes. It's close. It's not like your losing a lot when you're pulling Jeremy Lin. Of course when he plays like he does against OKC, it's a different ball game but Lin has been inconsistent this year.

    1. They can say what ever they want, in the end, we can judge those few years later I think.

    2. Well, if Beverley is indeed playing as well as this guy claims he is (is as good or even better than JLin in some areas), then Beverley also deserves a starter spot. But using this logic, if Rockets keep JLin, he should still be the starter becuz he's being paid more. It's crazy for the Rockets to pay him as a starter buy play him as a backup PG. Unless they trade JLin for a cheaper backup PG plus other assets and give Beverley the starter spot.

    3. just one person's opinion. hope he'd exercise his influences on rockets organization, keep bev on the court even longer or better yet be the starter. otherwise, empty words.

    4. Please, stop fucking quoting that asshole. If you want to read what he says, go to his fucking site. He's not a basketball analyst and has never been fair with Lin. Most of his comments are made to rile up Lin fans. He not a fucking journalist or analyst so stop quoting him.

      He represents most HOU fans. They want the team to win but they want very little production from Lin. It pisses Lin fans off but keeps them happy bc they're still winning and it lets them keep shitting on Lin.

      Please, bench Lin and let Bev play the entire game, lets see what happens. Fucking stupid ignorant assholes. Sick of this shit.

    5. So these inbreds expect Lin to average 29/8 with his usage rate and role? GTFO.

    6. Sorry k smith. But told u u won't be happy. But I agree.. That fat bold head is the epitome of a LOH.

    7. I was kicked off CF for making the claim that they enjoy ( and maybe encourage) the LOF/LOH bickering b/c it gives CF more page hits therefore more $$ off the ads. I guess they could not handle the truth. It is the same reason bleacher reports has a constant controversial headline with Lin in it somewhere. I refuse to read those too. They are not getting my $/click.

    8. That guy's a sleazeball, no need to mince words. He hates JL's, and by extension all his Asian fans, and yet rubbing his hands in glee counting the eyeballs they bring to his ugly site. Here's a sycophant who panders to the Rox chiefs in exchange of a pat on the head and a backstage pass. His only value would be to voice his masters' true feelings towards JL, if it turns out he's being used as their unofficial mouthpiece.

    9. just another guys with an opinion, playing the contrarian view to generate news and hits for his site.

      who. cares.

    10. I wish Lin fans would stop going to clutchfans. All your doing is providing his shitty website with more hits, more attention and possibly more ad revenue. And as a thank you for making his website more popular you get a spit in the eye and constant complaints about how terrible Lin fans are. Fuck that site. There's no information you can get from that site that you can't get elsewhere.

    11. Bring on the criticism, hate ... When lin sanity returns it will make the victory that much sweeter ! It is what it is...

    12. I disagree I gain a lot of info from those who are still on and defending Lin. U guys know torocan is the most thoughtful poster ive come across unlike myself most of the time.

      Sometimes it angers me to hear belittling and trolling statements but so what? I just focus on well thought out comments .

  32. Replies
    1. via!

      This article was spot on. If we miss the playoffs, I will blame this trade. I have faith in Morey, but I just don't see it. To say nothing of the value of playoff experience, getting to the playoffs gives us more exposure, and that's what a big name (our "missing piece") is going to want.

      This is also why I think Lin will stay a Rocket. We are going to get a lot more televised games next year with Lin/Harden; look how much attention Lin gets now; when he plays the way we know he can, does anyone command more?

      For all the issues we have with McHale and PT, imagine the personal hell that you are in if your name is Terrence Jones. All I can hope for is that TRob is being inflated as an asset, which along with Garcias $6.4M can get us that missing piece. That's a trade I can deal with. But to include a playoff series? I dunno.

    2. To be fair, Morey is a brilliant "day trader". He definitely knows how to work trades and get value out of them. However, I think he is more of a fantasy sports GM, studying stats and flipping for value. He is better at evaluating players individually rather than how they fit together.

      The bottom line is that ever since Morey joined the Rockets in 2006, their winning % has gone steadily downhill:
      07-08: .671
      08-09: .646
      09-10: .512
      10-11: .524
      11-12: .515

      If you're a cheap owner and you want to have a decent team for the lowest payroll, then Morey's your man. The Rockets have the lowest payroll in the NBA yet the 14th best record. So that is pretty impressive. But the best GMs are the ones who have an average payroll, but have the best records (Spurs and Thunder).

  33. [February 26, 2012]
    "The bottom of the list is very surprising though. The Clippers, Pistons, Raptors or Warriors at 26 thru 29 are not really surprising but that the Daryl Morey led Rockets track as consistently among the worst franchises at properly using the talent available to them does."

    1. But how does she mine all this stuff? :o)

      Now, I can't speak on the validity of the method but this:

      "Teams and coaches simply do not play their best players; instead they play the players who they think are their best players."

      rings true, and could be used as pictionary def of "McHale"

    2. Further evidence that McHale is a shitty coach.

    3. This is a fascinating article, but I'm dubious.

      First, note that this includes Adelman as well as McHale.

      This is very useful, because you have 3 years of Adelman with the Rox, and 2 years with the Wolves. Adelman went from 1%,12%,12% to 36%,57%.

      On the other hand we have 1 year of McHale with the Wolves (51%) and 2 years with the Rox (7% and 4%).

      Sure, it's just an eye test, but I find these results questionable. I love the idea, though.

  34. "The Warriors have lost 10 of their last 15 games, but they still have four fewer losses than the Lakers and play 14 of their final 20 games at home. And they’re struggles have primarily come on the road. They’ve won eight of their last nine at Oracle Arena. They only have three back-to-backs remaining and play five opponents on the second night of a back-to-back. When you factor all that in, the Warriors have the easiest remaining schedule in the West.
    Factoring in home/road and back-to-backs, Houston has the second easiest remaining schedule in the West, with 12 of its final 20 games at home. The Rockets also have the ninth best point differential in the league overall and sixth best (along with the No. 1 offense) over the last 15 games. They’re better than their record says they are. If the Lakers grab a playoff spot, it’s the one that belongs to the Jazz.

    1. One caveat with our point differentials:

      I think it overestimates how good our team is. We have just completely blown out other teams in more than a few games, and I think this skews our offensive rating. It's one of the reasons I'm so nervous about making the playoffs despite our schedule and the 97.2% Hollinger odds.

    2. [Some similar info but posting for anyone who might be interested anyway]

      ESPN Insider: Can Rockets make the playoffs?
      Houston's reinvented roster, philosophy on offense driving postseason push
      Updated: March 8, 2013, 4:37 PM ET
      By Justin Kubatko | Basketball-Reference

      Heading into the final 20 games of the regular season, the Houston Rockets continue to be one of the most surprising, not to mention entertaining, teams in the NBA.

      Picked by most pundits to be on the outside looking in come the postseason, the Rockets find themselves in the thick of a tight four-team race for the final three spots in the Western Conference playoffs.

      The Rockets have managed to put themselves within striking distance of their first playoff appearance since 2009 despite radical changes to their roster over the past year, not to mention significant shifts in their offensive philosophy.

      Just 35.3 percent of Houston's minutes have been allocated to players who were on their roster last season, the second-lowest percentage in the NBA. Two of those players -- Marcus Morris and Patrick Patterson -- were moved before the trade deadline, leaving Chandler Parsons and Greg Smith as the only players from last season's team who are still on the Rockets' active roster.

      Seven teams have allocated less than 50 percent of their minutes to returning players this season, and the Rockets are the only one of those teams to post a winning record thus far. In fact, the other six teams -- the Bobcats, Hornets, Magic, Mavericks, Suns and Wizards -- have a combined winning percentage of .323, well below Houston's .532 winning percentage.

      On offense, the Rockets have made a conscious effort to push the pace, averaging a league-high 96.3 possessions per 48 minutes. That represents an increase of 4.6 possessions per 48 minutes compared to last season, when Houston's pace factor of 91.7 was just slightly above the league average of 91.3.

      Of course a change in pace does not mean much without an increase in efficiency, but Houston has been the league's third-most efficient offense, averaging 110.6 points per 100 possessions, an improvement of 5.1 points per 100 possessions over last season.

      Significant increases in both pace and efficiency are not common. Since the 1979-80 season, there have been just six cases in which a team has increased its pace factor by at least 4.0 possessions per 48 minutes and also increased its offensive efficiency by at least 4.0 points per 100 possessions, a group the Rockets are on pace to join.

    3. One of the main reasons for the uptick in Houston's offensive efficiency has been a focus on taking the most efficient shots possible, namely 3-pointers and shots close to the rim.

      Last season, the Rockets took 24 percent of their shots from 3-point range and 25 percent of their shots within three feet of the rim, numbers that were comparable to the league averages of 22.6 percent and 28.7 percent, respectively.

      But with the new backcourt of Jeremy Lin and James Harden, the Rockets have emphasized a different approach this season, taking 34.7 percent of their shots from behind the arc (second in the NBA) and 34.3 percent of their shots close to the rim (third in the league).

      That emphasis has led to a big increase in their shooting efficiency, as the team's effective field goal percentage has increased from .492 (11th in the league) to .530 (fourth).

      Of course no analysis of the Rockets would be complete without addressing their deficiencies on the defensive end, as Houston is allowing 107.3 points per 100 possessions, the eighth-worst mark in the NBA.

      The Rockets are good at ending possessions when a shot is missed -- they rank second in the league with a defensive rebound percentage of 75.2 -- but those misses are not as frequent as they would like.

      Houston has the league's fifth-worst shot defense, allowing opponents an effective field goal percentage of .512 against them. In particular, the Rockets have been vulnerable to their weapons of choice on offense, the 3-pointer and shots close to the rim.

      Houston's opponents have taken 26.3 percent of their shots from downtown, the seventh-highest rate in the NBA, and they have shot .375 on those attempts, the fifth-best percentage in the league.

      And while the Rockets' defense, led by center Omer Asik, has done a good job minimizing attempts close to the rim -- just 26.1 percent of its opponents' shots, the third-lowest rate in the league -- it is allowing a field goal percentage of .661 on those shots, the league's third-worst percentage.

      Despite their problems on defense, the Rockets are still a heavy favorite to clinch a playoff spot. runs a daily report that summarizes the results of 1,000 simulations of the remainder of the season, and on Friday, the site gave Houston a 94.7 percent chance of making the playoffs.

    4. Why is this figure so high for a team with just a two-game lead over the ninth-place Lakers? There are two main reasons.

      The first reason is Houston's schedule. Based on the Simple Rating System -- a system that takes into account both point differential and the quality of an opponent -- the Rockets have played the league's fourth-toughest schedule to date. But for the remainder of the season, Houston will play the league's eighth-easiest schedule while Utah, who sits a half-game behind the Rockets, will close out the season facing the league's fifth-toughest schedule.

      The second reason is that the Rockets probably are better than their record suggests. A team with Houston's point differential would be expected to have a record of 38-24, but at 33-29 the Rockets are underperforming their expectations by five games. In most cases, this is simply a matter of bad luck and is not something that would be predicted to continue in the future.

      Thanks to their unique style of play, the Rockets have become one of the most compelling stories of 2012-13. And if the numbers prove to be true, that story won't end at the conclusion of the regular season.
      [senter/ CF]

    5. Thanks so much, via. Anytime you can post Insider articles, please do!

  35. @KHuang, in case you're wondering where Balkman is at atm:


    1. Renaldo Balkman tried to strangle his teammate!

      Actually, he should've tried to strangle NBA refs when he was still in the NBA last year!

      That guy just spazzed out. Nobody got hurt.

    2. I can understand his frustration. Playing in the PBA is a harsh environment. If you thought NBA players played dirty...Professional Filipino basketball play very dirty. They know all the dirty Rodman Tricks (e.g. stepping on the foot of a rebounder to keep him from jumping) LOL...

    3. No one forced him to play there. Hes paid to play. This is a disgrace to all basketball players. You can argue with the refs and mess with them but you cant push your teammate around on the field and even strangle him.

    4. wow, def a low point; mb he was high on shabu or something

  36. Lin was brought to Houston for the attention but Houston still ranks among the lowest in the NBA in attendance and in viewers. I think Jeremy needs to continue to play his game and wait to be traded. He's not sticking around in Houston after this year. I just hope he plays really well in the playoffs and gets lucky and gets to go to an coach that will give him a chance to develop his game even if he has to do it off the bench.

    1. People go nuts when JLin plays well. He has been shooting and playing well lately. Unfortunatly theres not much to see. Would you pay $$$ to see the backup PG loose the game in 4th quarter?

    2. Without a doubt Lin is a crowd pleaser but after this year I'm pretty sure he was brought in primarily as a way to bring attention to an otherwise obscure NBA team and with the Rockets still ranked pretty low among NBA teams for attendance and viewership I can't see why they would keep Lin since they obviously don't believe in his basketball talent. I don't think McHale is alone in consistently benching Jeremy for his backup, whether it be Douglas or Beverly. Based on what Morey has said I don't believe he thinks much of Jeremy this year and I just hope if Jeremy gets traded he gets lucky and ends up on a team that will want him and use him.

    3. I wouldnt say "they dont want him". I would say "someone doesnt want him".

    4. People in Houston are mostly not basketball fans. They are football fans first and foremost. Going to Toyota Center is the last thing on their minds.

      The Rockets are 4th in the league in road attendance, just behind the Heat, Lakers, Thunder ... that says a lot about how backwards Houston is as a sports city.

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    I remember someone talking about Chris Tang as next potential Jeremy Lin.

    Reading this article it seems like he has improved and has reach the Varsity squad in his JR year. However, it seems like he's still facing some discrimination as he's the 3rd option back up SG and is not getting a lot of playing time:

    outh of Wilson, Virginia, isn't much more than a sign and a river. To get here, you fly into Charlotte and drive three hours through the ruin of western North Carolina — past defunct factory towns with their mooring smokestacks, past spartan cow farms, past weather-stripped churches, long since abandoned. The only visible industry comes from uniform rows of Christmas tree farms, which course through the hillsides and impose a foreign linearity upon the soft contours of the Appalachians. Oak Hill Academy, a tiny Baptist preparatory school, sits high on a knoll near a cemetery in Mouth of Wilson. The school's official philosophy has been written in the supportive yet endlessly caveated language of reform. Deep down inside, all children are good. Regardless of academic ability, every child is capable of success. All children would rather succeed than fail. Once a child gets a taste of success, he or she will want more. When you walk around Oak Hill's campus, you see the pragmatism of building a school like that out in a place like this. Where would a wayward kid even go? What would he do in these woods? At first glance, then, Oak Hill is a fully self-evident place. There is a chapel with a stained-glass façade. There is a horse stable and an equestrian field. There are a few outbuildings that serve as student dorms. There is an ancient basketball gym with five rows of corrugated aluminum bleachers.

    If you've followed any level of basketball in the past 30 years, you should be familiar with some of the products of that gymnasium. Since Coach Steve Smith arrived at Oak Hill in 1985, the school has churned out 28 McDonald's All-Americans and 24 players who went on to be selected in the NBA draft. Kevin Durant went to Oak Hill. So did Rod Strickland, Jerry Stackhouse, Carmelo Anthony, Rajon Rondo, Josh Smith, Ty Lawson, Brandon Jennings, and Michael Beasley.1 Coach Smith has won eight national championships and four USA Today High School Coach of the Year awards. Oak Hill's record is 860-53 under his watch, good for a .942 winning percentage.

    With his ramrod posture and his ultra-tan skin, Coach Smith looks every bit the lieutenant major in some Technicolor fantasy about war in the Pacific. He has a high-pitched, raspy voice and a twang that never strays too far from its Kentucky roots. At today's practice, Smith stands at center court with his arms folded across his chest as his team runs through a shooting drill. Six balls and 11 players go flying around the gym in a rhythm that's nearly impossible to track. The second you figure out a drill, they've already switched to the next.

    1. Oak Hill has approximately 150 students and four men's basketball teams. The JVV team is for kids who couldn't make the JV. The JV is for kids who couldn't make the red team, Oak Hill's varsity squad. The kids in the gym today all play on the gold team, Oak Hill's most prestigious squad — the one that travels to national tournaments. Student attendance at gold team home games is mandatory. Nearly every girl at the school participates on the school's massive cheerleading squad. Each gold teamer came to Oak Hill with a meaningful bio and a Google cache filled with excited speculation from college basketball and prep hoops nerds, and although the players on the gold team are 16 or 17 or 18 years old, you can already sense the extent of their preparation for whatever millions may come. Coach Smith goes to great extents to portray the gold team as a natural extension of the school, but it's impossible to ignore the incongruity of 12 superathletes on a campus otherwise filled with shy, cautious kids who at some point lost their way and got sent up to Mouth of Wilson. Smith says he doesn't like the term "basketball factory," but once the gold team takes the floor, it's impossible to think of student-athletes and preparing young men for futures in any field aside from basketball.

      For gym rats and hoops junkies, an Oak Hill practice verges on pornography. You see a kid dunk in traffic, steal an in bounds pass, and then pull straight up from 18 feet like he's young Grant Hill and you remember that he's just 16, and a big shit-eating grin breaks out on your face. You start getting jealous of your friends who will get to root for him when he goes to Indiana or South Carolina or Kentucky or UCLA. I suppose that sort of reaction is why the gold team exists, why big-time college coaches still make the drive up to Mouth of Wilson to visit Coach Smith. There's a proprietary, almost selfish glee in watching a future pro play basketball in an old gym. And as you add more talent, the joy proliferates. This year's team is no different: Nate Britt, a 6-foot-1 ambidextrous point guard headed to North Carolina, brings the ball up the court with a graceful high dribble that should remind his future fans in Chapel Hill of the great Ed Cota. Gonzalo Santana, a 5-foot-9 guard from the Canary Islands, plays with such perfect fundamentals that if big-time college basketball doesn't come knocking, he could have a secondary career as a model in basketball instructional videos. Ikenna Iroegbu, a 6-foot-2 combo guard headed to Washington State, throws himself at the rim with the bounce of a Juco-era Steve Francis. Rokas Gustys, a broadly built, affable 6-foot-8 power forward from Lithuania, can score over either shoulder from the post and already has a half-dozen polished post moves. Troy Williams, a 6-foot-7 senior shooting guard (that's how Williams describes himself, at least) who plays almost entirely above the rim, will be suiting up for Tom Crean at Indiana next season.

      Noticeably lagging behind the action at practice today is the gold team's 6-foot-3 reserve shooting guard. Chris Tang is just a junior and hasn't played much this season, but he's already the focus of media scrutiny on both sides of the Pacific. Like all the gold teamers, Chris Tang already has his own YouTube presence — a series of highlight reels that show a well-built 6-foot-3 kid who loves to take the ball to the rack. The titles of his videos explain the source of the media's curiosity and why I decided to travel from Los Angeles to Mouth of Wilson:

      "Chris Tang 6'3 High School PG, the next Jeremy Lin or better?"

      "Chris Tang AAU Boo Williams — Scouting Video April 2011 — Jeremy Lin TURNOVERS Academy"

      "15-Year-Old Chris Tang could be next Jeremy Lin! 6'3 PG with bounce, handles, a stroke and vision!"

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    13. LOL. You should preview before you post, so you can avoid all the "removed" post.

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    15. Sorry everyone for posting a full article. It was longer than I thought LOL...

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  43. You can't post full articles
    Just post a paragraph then link it