Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Rockets vs Suns Game #65 Pre Game Thread Cont


  1. I hope that Asik is OK, Rockets badly need his rebounds and defense. They are never the same defensively when he sits. A groin strain sounds like a serious injury, like the one that sidelined Delfino for a month back in December.

    1. JVG: "If you choose not to keep a talent like Omer Asik, then you're not trying to win".

    2. Howard Chen ‏@ho_chenCSN
      Omer Asik took part in shootaround. McHale not sure if groin's bothering him since shootaround isn't full speed. Omer not available to media
      9:09 a.m. - Mar 13, 2013

    3. Jonathan Feigen
      Omer Asik said he's 'fine' and will play tonight.

    [Partnership for the Advancement and Immersion of Refugees]

  3. aw. ASIK IS QUESTIONABLE FOR TOMORROW'S GAME. hopefully G. Smith and Tim steps up.I don't think any groin injury should be taken lightly; after all that includes the "manhood" part.

    I want to see a FULLY RESTED JEREMY play vs Goran Dragic. for now I just want to focus on this game.I don't want to think about the possible trades. I've read enough trade speculations, and if the second coming of Jeremy-to-Utah rears its head again, I'll take it in stride, and I'll nix the preseason game in Asia this October. I've read enough of Morey kicking himself because of letting Jeremy go the first time (from another forum about that trade that was vetoed by Stern).

    1. But then Goran Dragic would be "fully rested" as well. And the Suns have veteran PF Jermaine O'Neal back, who was not playing in the previous match up.
      I think the Suns have many advantages here, and should not be taken lightly by the Rockets or the bumbling McFail.

      Expect a close game.

    2. @ABC Baller - with Rockets record on B2B, I kind of expected that Suns may snatch the last game. they did.plus Jeremy looks fatigued last game.however with the next game, both he and Dragic are rested. I am excited to see Jeremy play with lots of energy (sounds cliched already, thanks to you McHale!!!) vs a fully rested Dragic.

      if Rockets lose this game I solely blame it to McHale.

    3. I missed the first quarter of the last game. missed how Jeremy was kicking it on the court, even if he was fatigued.

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    1. I never got the impression anything on Red94 was worth reading. Is that article actually good?

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    3. No super deep insights. Some info. [Might be of interest to some posters -> to get up to speed.] :)

    4. Rox are 20-9 at home.
      - Lead the league in 3 pointers made [694] & rank 6th in the NBA in 3-point % [37.3]

  5. saw something interesting btw fans conversation regarding Kevin Sampson~
    I'm torn when it comes to the Rockets. I love watching them play and like their players, but Kelvin Sampson is on their staff and that nearly cancels out all the positives. Fuck that guy.

    what's wrong with sampson?

    [–]Pacersjickster :
    Helped completely wreck Indiana's basketball program by recruiting illegally and hiring shady people onto the staff. He then took off to the NBA because there's no chance he'd get another job in college. Took us years to recover, and yes I'm still bitter.

    [–]SpursShipsWereMeantToFly :
    Fucked up Indiana's college basketball program

  6. As a follow-up to the discussion about Joey Crawford's officiating, the commissioner's office rescinded the fragrant-2 call that he gave JR Smith and downgraded it to a fragrant-1.

    Goes to show that even the commissioner's office thinks he's out of line.


  7. http://www.csnhouston.com/basketball-houston-rockets/talk/lin-learning-aaron-brooks

    Jeremy Lin says he's learning quite a bit from Aaron Brooks.

    That makes sense, considering Brooks is in his sixth NBA season compared to this third year for Lin. Brooks' resume also includes being named the NBA Most Improved Player of the Year in 2009-'10 when he averaged 19.6 points and 5.3 assists with the Rockets.

    Brooks returned to Houston last week after spending time earlier in the season with the Sacramento Kings.

    "He's really smart," Lin said of Brooks. "He's been around. He's succeeded at a high level in this league. He even teaches me a lot. Just talking to me. Just being a veteran, you know. Just having fun. Joking around and being serious when he needs to.

    "For example, the Golden State game, at halftime, I was talking to him, like, 'How do you counteract someone as explosive as Stephen Curry.' He was saying, you've got to attack him, you know, get him in foul trouble. If he's on his heels, then you're going to be able to neutralize a lot of what he does just by attacking him on the defensive end. Just little things like that. Stuff that he's been around."

    1. I would think Jeremy knew that already but just is not the type of player to purposely get opposing players into foul trouble as part of his repertoire.

  8. Is this Utah trade talk serious? It is so depressing but we all saw it coming. McFail clearly doesn't want Jeremy. Does anyone know if there are good players for Jeremy to dish to on Utah? Does the team have potential? Lastly, does anyone know if Jeremy's contract says he needs to be traded as a starter, or can he come off the bench? How much can this kid (and us fans) take! Why can't this biased NBA give Lin a chance to develop like everyone else, before throwing him away. Ugh. JEREMY, KICK ASS TONIGHT!!!

    1. the truth is that Mchale can not stand Lin at all . LIN ALWAYS DOING HIS BEST AS HE COULD . Mchale is a silly person just take everything personally . For the best of the team , one of them need to go ..Since Mchale do not have professional attitude , if Lin is leaving ,I am sure Mchale will be kick out by whatever star player from the team . But the off season Taiwan trip making it a interesting key for Rockets to make a trading decision .

    2. I don't see how a trade with Utah that requires Houston to give up Lin makes sense because Millsap and Jefferson may be available just via free agency.

      Utah needs a PG, and so Houston would too if Lin left. Among the point guards available in free agency this summer, none are both young and as talented as Lin is. (Jennings is a bad basketball player, it's laughable that anyone thinks otherwise, I'm sorry.)

      Even with the Harden-centric offense that has him taking up many PG duties, Houston would be very clueless to create a vacuum at the PG position when there is no easy replacement on the horizon. (People pining for CP3 to leave LA are just dreaming.) I just don't see Morey doing that, even though I find Morey's position on Lin rather cryptic since he doesn't really show his cards.

    3. Zach Lowe did a good piece on Utah.


    4. "Actually the Rockets GM claims part of the reason he did the CP3/Gasol trade was to get rid of Drag... so he could keep Lin... he claims he knew Lin had potential... but post veto they had Flynn, Drag, and Lowry... so he became expendable. I sort of believe him in that." - oh yeah Morey, I was convinced. now I'm not!

    5. @IsabeliJane

      What is the source of this quote? Is it from the Zack Lowe piece, because I couldn't find it.

  9. I never saw such a miserable, nasty prideful coach as McHale. He never takes responsibility for anything. He is rude, sarcastic and simply put, a real ass. It must be a nightmare to work for him. He calls his own team, "horse shit" to the press. If Houston trades Jeremy, they will fall back into obscurity. Jeremy made McHale , Parsons and even Harden (who was already an NBA star, but not a household name like he became because of the attention caused by Jeremy's presence), famous or infamous :). It will be sad to see Jeremy move on , once again, after we have been routing for this team the whole year. ugh.

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    1. Thanks! It contains footage that I havent seen yet :)

    2. Thanks for the link, it brings back the good memory

  11. I wrote it yesterday but i'll write it again :D

    i do like the idea of an asian pope, for jeremy of course, and all of you... At least part of you :D

    i really like chito tagle but can someone tell me a little more about him? Anyone from philippines ? :D

    Khuang if the pope is asian means God wants you to convert :D

    1. I posted THIS INFO on the last thread, @Spotless. :)

    2. EtaneMarch 13, 2013 at 8:50 AM

      Watched this video:


      My conclusion is it won't make a lick of difference who the pope is when the people who chose the pope are not changed.


      willydillyMarch 13, 2013 at 9:29 AM

      I know Etane. I was raised as a catholic. I have a relative who is a catholic priest and when I was little I even wanted to become a priest myself.

      Is the catholic church a force for good? Here is a very interesting debate. Please watch it if you have some spare time:


      (just transplanting the conversation here, so we don't need to go back to the old thread.)

      Willy, I will respond back after I watch the video.

    3. Brilliant as ever via :D didn't know tagle has such an amazing voice !

      For others : being religious doesn't mean you'll have a carreer in the church, get a promotion or stuffs like that. It means to serve God only. If God wants you to be bishop cardinal or pope it's up to him.

      Church has always changed throughout the years ... Hopefully changes are for good which is more important.

      Still hope tagle for pope:he would be good for asia and asians and for the Church itself. If anyone is interested he talks about the gospel in a youtube channel : jesuit communication

    4. Hey Willy:

      My overall impression of that debate is that it isn't much of a debate but an effort on both sides to reinterpret and reclassify. But, as the polling result suggests, there were some people that were enlightened by such discourse. But, that may be symptomatic of just how dogmatic and anachronistic the pro church debaters appeared to the audience.

      Here are some random notes I made while listening to the debate:

      •Presumption that church is good or I wouldn’t devote my life to it.

      Very weak opening statement. Only works if you're LITERALLY preaching to the choir.

      •Some people say it’s the best institution in the world.

      Plea to authority, bandwagon fallacy.

      •Humanitarian is impossible without catholic church - message of hope, virtue of chastity > condoms.

      Pure rubbish (their Englishness is rubbing off on me).

      •Vatican, Only owner of the truth – only interpreter of the Bible (why English Bible was outlawed).

      •Avoid Christopher Hitchens. I've known him from his appearances on Real Time with Bill Maher and never agreed with anything he said on the show. Liked some earlier works of his that I was able to find on the web. Can't recall what any of those are anymore.

      •Jesus would never accept the church – hierarchy and wealth.

      Totally agree. I think we discussed on religious institutions often corrupt philosophy by making the philosopher into a god.

      •Law-Moral code not possible without Catholicism

      Code of Hamurabi was the first moral code in existence and he was not christian.

      •Church – a force for good. not the only source for good. Opponent has not shown church is not a force for good.

      Closing statement: First, debater backtracks from earlier statement that church is the ONLY force for good. Second, debater was trying to position the argument from 1) proving church is good to 2) it's the opponent's job to disprove that church isn't good.

      Like you pointed out in earlier post, Vatican blessed SS tanks, but they also christened Charlemagne, Barbarosa, Cortez to name a few who combined to commit and eliminate who knows how many genocides, culture and religions through plunder and crusades.

      But, if ONE christian did something good, then it cannot be disproved that church is not a force for good. That seems to be that guy's form of closing argument..

      As for the polling results, 60% decrease in number of people that agree with the statement that church is a force for good while 70% increase for people who disagreed with that statement before and after the debate.

      This reminds me of a few poll studies I heard on radio. Census data shows, if I am recalling them correctly, 90%+ of Americans are religious and 70%+ are church going Christians.

      First poll indicates that some to most people who label themselves as church goer actually only go to church a few times a year.

      Second poll was something about Christian divorce rate is higher than average Americans while rate of charity giving is lower than average Americans.

      Conclusion: The question is not whether Church is good or bad. But, rather, does church involvement increase or decrease marginal positive contribution to self and society. And, based on the poll data, it seems that Church has a negative net benefit to society.

      I want to also touch on a conversation I had with my wife yesterday. We were talking about mathematics. And, I brought up the fact that Arabs were one of the most advanced societies in terms of pure mathematics but religion put a cap on their advancement which allowed other societies to skip ahead.

      The tangent is European society advancement was also capped during the medieval ages for reasons touched upon in the debate that the church wants to be the only purveyor of knowledge. And, Europe skipped ahead of Arabs in terms of math because their enlightenment came during the 1700s while the Arab spring only just happened if one is to make European enlightenment equivalent to arab spring..

      (Didn't proof read so I hope it's readable.)

    5. He looks a good pope.... Hopefully tagle will be the next one :D i still believe in him

    6. @Spotless:

      Why would a man serve a being that commands and threatens you to love him? Why would a man serve anyone else at all? How do you know you serve the right god? How do you know your god exists?

      If you say that god chooses the bishops, cardinals and popes it also means that all the actions taken by those people are the result of gods will. Do you even know what that means?


      Easy :) The debate is kind of shallow but that is usually how it is if you debate to win over a crowd.

      Anyway - please learn about Hitchens. Though it is true that he is not always as straightforward as he wants to make people believe (e.g. iraq war - Maher) he is still brilliant - not to mention sharp and entertaining when debating 1on1.

      You really cant compare Hitchens with Maher. Hitchens is on a completely different level. As to avoiding -> Ive read the bible - Ive read Hitlers manifesto (some parts of it) - I think I can handle a contrarian like Hitchens :)

      Why do I think that these debates are great to watch? Because they are informative. You want to know what a religios MP, a bishop, a gay entertainer, a journalist and some benign people (audience) think -> there you have it in a nutshell 8)

      They say what they think and they bring up what they think is the best arguments to support their claims and you can see how the other side reacts (not just verbal but also emotional).

      The fact that so many people in the audience changed their votes only shows how ignorant they were in the first place. The bishop and the MP didnt loose the debate -> Hitchens and Fry won it by simply stating some facts that were shocking to some people.

      I didnt expect any kind of analysis from you as the topic is somewhat complicated but your thoughts are indeed very interesting.

      Slightly different question:


    7. I just noticed - I gave you the link to a shortened version (only one side). Cant find the long version right now.


      @Etane~ Hitchens became somewhat neo-con-ish [politically, not religiously] later in life -> Maybe why you preferred his earlier stuff?

    9. @Via:

      Thx :) but

      "His numerous editorials in support of the Iraq War caused some to label him a neoconservative, although Hitchens insisted he was not "a conservative of any kind", and his friend Ian McEwan described him as representing the anti-totalitarian left."

    10. Labels...

      [It's true he got that rep from supporting the war. Wonder what the other Horsemen thought of it...]

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Via-pretty much summed up why I dislike Hitchens.

      Can I challenge your sourcing skills? About a year or two ago I saw a debate between 2 atheists and 2 theologians. I think the two theologians are American. And, one of the atheist is Dawkins. I recall it was a pretty decent debate. Can you find it? Thanks.

      Willy-I will get to the video tonight.

    13. He supported the idea of liberating the people of iraq. He did that without crawling up Bushs ass. Whats earlier stuff? Nothings changed.

  12. Sportsfeedia.com ‏@sportsfeedia
    Jeremy #Lin: He's averaged 20.8 points on 54.8 percent shooting over the past five at home
    6:40 a.m. - Mar 13, 2013

    1. For further reference, he has averaged just under 31:41 for those games. Is 30-35 minutes the sweet spot for Lin? I wonder if anyone has ever mentioned that anywhere before.

      @via, I did read your thorough response to my question last thread. The wagesofwins article was new for me; that along with your input have given me some food for thought.

      Rather than respond and subject us both to the Sisyphean task of clicking "Load More..." let me just say thanks and maybe we can touch on the points further as they come up. :)

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. ,Examining Houston Rockets' Ideal Starting Lineup by the Numbers

    I like the above lineup, hope Morey and Mchale reads it. (Omer Asik, James Harden, Jeremy Lin, Donata Motiejunas and Chandler Parsons)

    1. Interesting.

      To the eye, D-Mo looks like real defensive liability right now.

      If they're that good right now, when D-Mo learns proper position to be in to slow down dribble penetrator if Lin initially gets beat, Lin, as long as his legs are not very fatigued, has that great explosive first step and long strides to get back into play (recover to side of dribble drive penetrator, or at least contest from behind).

      He can do it again D-Rose, so that should bode well for his ability against most other starting point guards in league.

      (compare and contrast how bad Lin looked with Golden State in first year when he was getting spotty non-garbage time minutes. Lin looked like he got destroyed by Nash and Dragic when they played Phoenix because they not only initially beat him, but drove all the way to basket. Monta Ellis (who was very buddie buddie with Acie Law and probably didn't want Lin to look good), would even lift a finger to slow down the penetrator, and Andris Biedens was no where to contest play either).

      Lin Blocks Derrick Rose (recovery after initially getting beat),

      Lin vs. Dragic (Warriors vs. Suns December 2, 2010) (start around 50 second mark)

      From memory, I kind of think that Dragic has always been a tough matchup for Lin. Good help defense behind Lin to slow down Dragic enough to allow Lin to get back into play should help him contain Dragic (Rockets seem much more talented than Suns, so if Lin just can neutralize Dragic's output and effect on game - just facilitate for others, rather than trying to play hero ball on offense and defense, and we should win comfortably).

      Go Jeremy, Go James, Go Rockets!

    2. @Maknusia

      Thanks for the article. I think the author is a little (a lot?) sloppy. He mixes up his units (e.g. comparing points per 100 poss with points per 48 minutes), or in his most egregious error, comparing an 82games stat with a Synergy stat (big boo boo and proof he doesn't know what he's doing).

      If it were up to me (and thankfully for all involved, it is not) my starting 5 *would* be JL/JH/CP/GS/CD.

      If they get hot (and we know that possibility exists, against any team) and they build a huge lead, bringing OA in later and slowing things down 1)reduces the number of possessions the other team gets to catch up, 2) forces them to catch up against the #1* half court defense in the league, and 3) effectively shortens the duration of a game for OA(I really hope he spends this summer working on endurance and other physical skills, I don't think he's reached his ceiling yet).

      If we get blown out because we can't make anything... how is that different than any other game when we don't make anything? A comeback would be the same ordeal it is now, and a loss will still be just a loss.

      Ok sorry for the tangent back to the article: Of course the first argument will be that there is no defense (with GS, CD at the 4, and no Asik), and to this point, the author claims that Charlotte has the worse defensive efficiency in the league (true, when you consider that they allow 109 points per 100 possessions)**.

      This 5 man unit allows 101 points per 100 possessions. This is way, way better than the Cats. If the whole team played to 101, we would be a top 10 defense right behind... Miami.

      The problem when using Synergy for per possession stats is that they don't count possessions the same way as say, 82games or Basketball-Reference. That's how you get a 0.92 ppp defensive rating from Synergy for the Cats (Rox are 0.91 FWIW) even though something like ESPN will give you 109 (divided by 100 gives you 1.09 per possession number) for the Cats. You don't need a subscription btw to this part of Synergy.

      The problem with the theoretical starting 5 is that they have only played around 55 minutes together, and so I doubt past performance would guarantee future results in the playoffs. Still, after MM and PPat were traded, I thought maybe they would experiment with this some more, but alas OA has stayed a starter and DMo (whom I like very much) is the starting 4.

      * at least we were a few months ago per Morey
      ** per ESPN

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. As regards PnR defense, here's a really good article about the interesting choice the Bulls have made in how to defend the PnR. Namely, to try to prevent the ball-handler from being able to use the screen, and the defender covering the screener drops into the paint to prevent penetration and concede a midrange jumper. There is also 'stunting' action from the weak side.


  15. Whenever I get discouraged I tend to watch Linsanity videos and interviews from last year. Oh my it feels like years ago that he was here in NY. One interesting thing Ive found is the knicks fan forum where all the knick players were talking about Linsanity. Wow I miss that team. Such a close knit feeling - a vibe almost invisible on this team. And dont tell me it takes time because that chemistry was in NY the second game that Lin was on the floor.

    One thing I noticed. There's no question that Lin was jealous of Jeremy and those MVP chants probably ate away at him to the core. He said about that stretch, "Im going home at night and Im like - Damn - like really? LIke really?"...everyone laughed but that was a stark foreshadowing to Jeremy's inexorable end in New York.
    Random I know but still..those times make me smile.

  16. Replies
    1. Tong, what makes you think that's me?

    2. I saw "angry" and immediately reminded me of you. I thought it was funny nothing personal.

    3. LOL. This is K-Huang to da core!

    4. WOW, a TVN sighting!

      Actually, the rapper reminds me of YOU, TVN.

    5. I see KHuang as an older guy, playing jazz guitar gigs every couple of weeks while working his day job in entertainment. Here, when asked, he puts time into sharing good insights on bball that causes those who engage him to advance the discussion with disagreement or admire some. For me, recently, it was the whole idea that if Harden won't stay in front of his man, it wreaks havoc on the rest of the defense, as well as rebounding and either going the other way or fast breaking the other way. Running back (Harden) to play D doesn't help if it's 3 on 1 or 3 on 2.

      That conversation is an example of how we get the best out of a guy like KHuang. If you attack him or do the snipey easy web thing, he'll play a refrain like in music. I model his sharing to how he might think, so let's say he's a great musician ... why wouldn't he play the same refrain for the same situation? It's easy, effective, and sooner or later, you'll sing the same song.

      That refrain, however, is not how I see KHuang, so there you go. Let's try to advance for the regulars here, and why bother to think of each other negatively unless it's a consistent thing.

      Even with Etane, I noticed you (Etane) are taking less 1-liner pot shots now that some have asked you to do less of that. You're ok ... you contribute every day, and in doing less of that, we get less people playing the same old boring song back.

      Now ... what else can we do to advance this group? It's been fun. Sorry I've been underground. Real work, real life. Guess it only matters to me, so hi again.

    6. Maybe they were only in your mind in the first place!

      (You mean this kind of pot shots?)

  17. http://www.csnhouston.com/basketball-houston-rockets/talk/scola-other-former-rockets-grateful-time-houston

    I find Dragic's comments highly ironic in terms of the perspective I have on McHale's current effect on Lin.

    1. @cali7~ True...Huge difference when the coach actually supports one's game...

      Speaking of SCOLA...

    2. via, you can't post that without reposting this.

      Ahh, if only we knew what that video foreshadowed. No, I'm not talking about Linsanity.

      "Dreidel, dreidel, dreidel..."

  18. http://youtu.be/K0ptYWvnODM

    Thanks Joe for the video, but I don't see anything there that shows that Dragic is a 'tough matchup for Lin.' Instead, I see the Warriors -- David Lee in particular -- sucking at defending the PnR. When Dragic goes around the screen, David Lee is supposed to pop out and stop the ball handler Dragic from penetration, just long enough for Lin to be able to recover and return to covering Dragic; instead David Lee just lets Dragic go right around him. Total fail by David Lee. Worse, he even screens out his own man Lin from the play.

    It takes team defense to stop the PnR.

    1. Yeah, I realize that wasn't the best video clip, but so far haven't found any other.

      From memory, Lin was getting torched that game.

      But it looked particularly bad because his teammates seemed to provide no help defense behind him, so once he was initially beat, it was a straight line to basket for layup.

      Dragic being a tough cover for Lin is mainly my impression from memory

      From memory, my impression is that Lin has trouble keeping Dragic in front of him, even if he isn't picked off.

      Hope Jeremy proves terribly wrong tonight, but it's not like shut down every other starting point guard in the league anyways.

      Like the CNM YouTube Jerry Lin commentator said, Lin has talent (he said slightly less talent than Harden ultimately, but close), but at this point, he is only an above average starting point guard (developed skills, knowledge of the game, veteran savvy, etc).

      IIRC, when Jeremy was asked who his game was similar to in past, he said Goran Dragic.

    2. Lin vs. Dragic (Warriors vs. Suns December 2010) (1:30 mark: Lin picked off, then Dragic drives straight to hoop because none of his teammates attempts to slow him down at all)




    3. I give props to Dragic for showing up in the 4th quarter despite playing poorly up till then. I got the impression from that interview that he himself asked the coach to put him in during the 4th quarter. He's a competitor.

      As you mentioned, Lin has compared himself to Dragic in the past, so that matchup is especially interesting. It is also interesting because this is the first time he has gone up against Dragic and the Suns team as a starter. Looking forward to tonight. Dragon blood has been shed. Should be fun.

  19. The ideal trade would be to Golden State in a 3 way with Utah for Currey. Lin and Asik will help Warriors. Each team will get what they need.

    Lin in bay area will be well protected by the huge Asian population and the team will sellout, extra advertising revenue and big time exposure.

    1. I think jeremy and Steph could be a great backcourt duo. Plus they're friends ... And with david Lee too .... It would be great.

      But i don't see a possible trade. Maybe if warriors offer klay thompson and harrison barnes for Lin and Parsons.... Who knows ?

    2. Curry is a weakling and a weak defender.
      A Lin-Curry backcourt would mean that Lin would have to defend the opposing team's strongest/tallest and offensively potent wing player just to hide Curry in the defense. If Lin defended the PG, then Curry would be defending the SG, and he would regularly get posted up.

      Wing players often look at how small Lawson is and try to post him up; he is indeed short, but he is very strong. And Lawson can be hidden in the defense because he has Iguodola as his wing teammate. If Curry got posted up as much as Lawson, it would be a disaster.

    3. Jarret Jack to Houston for Lin straight up. Houston wants a spot up shooting PG. Does GSW want Lin? I don't know. But, Lin and Lee would be a great PnR combo. And, LOVE to see Lin and Curry back court.

    4. That is my hope, so I'll share season tix with some buddy and you'll get more stuff here :-) Make is so, Number 1!

      More, if Lin were local here, he'd be swamped with west coast power people who would drive him into the stratosphere with his maturing years. The fans in ORCL are so amazing - I was told it's the number 1 fan place, and I said, "Really, better than MSG?" "Yes!" So, I dunno, if true, that would be great for the fans and JLin. Last Friday night, it was very loud, for every GSW play and against every FT by Rox. That's sport!

      Finally, I'm sure JLin would love to continue his work with the church he grew up in ... I know that's important for Christians, because it's v hard to match one's faith and find a great fit in a new church. Spiritual journeys are hard enough, but to keep looking for one's own peers and mentors ... it can really have positive effect for J.

    1. Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Houston Rockets
    2. San Antonio Spurs vs. Los Angeles Lakers
    3. Indiana Pacers vs. Boston Celtics
    4. Memphis Grizzlies vs. Denver Nuggets
    5. Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets

    1. Not me ... I don't want to bite my fingernails to the nub with OKC first round.

  21. I get a good feeling Lin going to shut Dragic up and I don't mean by his elbow. ahahaha|!!
    Going to be an exciting pg game.

  22. The last game showed me that Lin can defend Dragic man-to-man, but I am not confident the team can defend Dragic if he is getting good picks set for him.

    I also don't expect the 2nd unit to be as hot as last game, so Dragic should get more playing time than in 2nd and 3rd quarters than he did last time.

  23. Replies
    1. Jeremy Lin was #1 in entire D-League (team defensive rating and net rating)

      Jeremy is obviously not a lock down one on one defender (e. g. doesn't have really long arms), but his effect on team d, I think, stems from his tremendous, God given court vision / field sense (combination of anticipation, timing and acute awareness of spatial relationships).

      Coach Musselman of Reno Big Horns often played him off ball on defense, letting him guard someone in corner, rather than on ball.

      He got his share of steals and rebounds (notice how he always seems to come up with critical rebound in clutch time during fourth quarter then tries to race down court to initiate defense), but lots of undocumented in box score deflections that probably translated into taking away possessions from other team or extra possession for his team.

      As Coach Musselman said, irrespective of how Lin is playing in any given game, he will always be a tremendous loose ball getter.

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  26. OK, I uploaded some of my pics from 3/9 Rockets vs Suns game.

    Hope y'all enjoy them :D Some were blurry but they actually served the purpose to show the quick player's movement.

    Hopefully this is a good prelude to tonight's revenge game.

    1. Nice pics, cute kids! You had a great seats.

    2. yeah Lydia, thanks. Not bad for a point-and-shoot camera :) Watching the game live was always exciting. Jeremy was actually big in person. Taller and wider than what TVs projected.

      Too bad all the Rockets players looked so tired and lost. My lesson learned is never to expect much on the back-to-back game :)

    3. Enjoyed the pics, @psalm, thanks!^^

      [Looking at you @JT...j/k]

    4. sure, np :) yup, waiting patiently for your awesome pics @JT haha..no pressure