Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rockets vs Cavs Game #69 Pre Game Thread

JLin's 36min game stats vs Jazz:

28.8 pts
7.2 asts
.69 fg%
1/1 on 3's
.83 ft%

Too bad he only played 30 minutes.


  1. Efficient numbers. I don't mind JLin playing less minutes than the other starters as long as he plays aggressively and gets his scoring and assists up, as well as playing in the critical minutes of the game. It's important to stay healthy and injury-free in time for the playoffs.

    1. I don't neccesarily agree with that. You look around the league. All the best players play the most minutes. You don't see the Heat coach to protect Lebron's health even they are pretty much locked at the 1st seed. You still see McHale play Harden and Parsons 38 minutes and you really think McHale doesn't care about them? I think it's quite ridiculous to only play one of your best players so few minutes even he's playing so well and you were trying to win this important game and it's not like he has a great backup like an Andre Miller or Eric Blesode either.

      I really think minutes played showed how much the coach thinks you are vital to the game and it's simply ridiculous that Lin got less minutes than Harden, Parsons and even Asik even he's the best 2 way player in this game.

    2. Totally true, Cara.

      On the other hand, Lin is well rested and injury free.

      Besides, he does get bashed a lot with uncalled ref cheating.

      Lin is actually playing as well as anybody is in the NBA right now, albeit in lower minutes.

    3. I agree Cara. jlin should be playing more minutes period. This is soley on the coaches. I can't understand McHales substitutions, those make me believe he's the young amature coach not the players. Secondly look at this:

      Post All-Star
      Games 13
      MIN 31.5
      FG% .494
      Reb: 2.2
      APG: 5.8
      SPG: 1.3
      TO: 2.6
      PTS: 15.81

      Parsons min. over same period: 37.5
      Harden min over same period: 39.7!
      Asik min over same period: 30.6

      My only comment is when you have a player thats hot as jlin is shooting almost 50%! You should play him. I don't mind so much 31, but when jlin is hot I've seen McHale play him 26, 22 whatever. It goes back to the in experience of the coaching staff, or lack of confidence. If jlin shoots 80% from the field I doubt things would change, thats just how poor that coaching staff is. I don't want jlin with 40min/game, thats injury waiting to happen. I want jlin to:

      1.) get consistent minutes every game as starter. 32-35 is good.

      2.) When he's got the hot hand, run plays for him lets see 14-16 attempts on those nites

      3.) He should ALWAYS be in the 4th quarter/end of the game. Period.

      4.) Coaches show confidence in jlin, don't treat jeremy differently than other "starters" for mistakes. <--- All on McHale and his cronie

      5.) Chandler Parsons can't dribble. Why does he or Delphino bring the ball up the court when jlin is on the floor? jlin should bring the ball up, Chandler is a TO machine when he thinks he's a PG.

      Am I asking to much of the Rockets organization?

    4. first set of statistics are jlin's since all-star break.


    5. What didn't show on statistics is that JLin came in the 4th late.
      Beverly is given too many minutes

    6. The Rockets coaches thought the game was blown wide open with a few minutes left in the third quarter. They didn't expect the Jazz to go on a run (actually they should know how bad their own bench is and let the starters play a few minutes more before subbing them). Hence more playing time for Beverley.

      Since it's been about a year since his knee surgery (typical time for full recovery), I think 32-35 minutes per game is good for JLin (more minutes in close games and less minutes in blowout wins). Next season, I hope he could play more minutes and still play well on back-to-back games.

    7. As JLin fans, can see people wanting to see more of him. But as a coach, the key is to play the key players the minimum minutes to secure a win and that's all. It's pretty clear the coaches deem JLin not at same level as Parsons and JHard. That's the part that is hard to fathom given what he has shown so far.

  2. great to see Lin's numbers around 20 ppg. around 30 mpg is good enough for me if he gets those numbers.

    until Lin's knee is completely healed, I'd trade his efficeint numbers for 'star' numbers, besides i'd rather have him around for a long time than to flame out. Lin is far more important as a role model to Asians if he continues to shine for an extended period. Nash didnt become MVP overnight. The longer Lin stays in the game, the more chance he has to learn to be one of the best PGs of all time.

    Lin's progress has turned even SAS to admit Lin can be a regular in the league, not bad for what is really a rookie season as a starter, not bad for a fluke and a scrub.

    it's not how big the stride that makes a good sprinter, it's how many times you can pound the ground with your legs that creates speed. the volume of Lin's work will propell him to greatness.

    1. well said! the fastpaced houston offense is tiring on the body. i hope he can save some of that for playoffs when we'll need him the most.

    2. and the two guys that play the most defense - JLin and Omer are the two that play less minutes. Given the pace of play and their commitment to both ends of the court, it is not surprising that they get less minutes as coaches are aware of the energy expended by them.

  3. Got any links to SAS recent comments on Lin?

    1. No. No links or even mentioning of SAS.

    2. Thank you, real-dsb.

      Thank you to others for listening to real-dsb.

    3. It was on one of those daily radio programmes that SAS is on.

  4. I am fine with Jeremy getting 32 minutes a game. That is 8 minutes a quarter. He gets pounded when he gets drives, and he expends so much energy driving and playing defense that you don't want him to be too tired to make those drives. So, I would like to see McHale rest Jeremy every quarter about 3 to four minutes to keep him fresh. I also would like to see his rotation be more consistent so that Jeremy gets in a rhythm and gets into a normal flow.

    1. Lin playing 31 minutes is really 38 minutes due to the incredible effort he puts in defending his player (which is usually the opposition's franchise guard) and double teaming the center. Harden playing 38 minutes is really 32 minutes since he ball watches during defending and is often assigned to defend the slowest attacker on the opposing team.

      But this is not all Harden's fault. It's obvious the opposition sometimes resorts to attacking him relentlessly to draw a foul or flop against him while he's attacking to foul him out of the game.

  5. Beverly is a change of pace on the defensive side. When he comes in, he aggressively hounds the player he is defending. That could create problems for the other team's guard. I like Beverly playing about 16 minutes a game, because he can just go full-on concentrating on defense.

  6. Team scoring goes down with Lin on the bench and Harden playing on his iso.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. A lot of us have noticed that also. They usually (but not always) score a little less and give up a little more points as well.

  7. Why should Lin kill himself for this franchise? They've shown so little trust in him. Right now, he is daring Mchale to bench him. Until the Rox show some love to Lin by making him at least the second option on this team, he should just continue playing well enough to showcase his talent. If he continues to make 20 ppt in 30 mpg, he can pick and choose his options at the end of his current contract.

    It's really too bad that this situation in Houston may just destroy a potentially hall of fame backcourt pair. Harden and Lin could make history together, the coaching staff just needs to get out of the way of them.

    1. Its a matter of honor that he does his best as long as they pay him. Eventhough Harden and Lin arent a perfect combo yet -> theres potential.

      McHale has allowed Lin to close games lately. Lin has shown a lot of his "stuff". Maybe they are starting to bond. That still doesnt make McHale a great coach but hey... your live -> you learn.

      Keep in mind that Morey and Alexander forced Lin down McHales throat. It must have been tough for him too. Now that McHale and Lin have been through a lot maybe they are starting to understand each other.

    2. My point is... maybe they are showcasing him. But - maybe they are starting to trust him. This could be the beginning of McHardLinSanity!

    3. So cynical. I'm not getting how Lin is killing himself for this franchise. Are you saying that Lin shouldn't play hard or pretend to play hard. In case you forgot, the "franchise" pays him $25 mil. If I was paid $25 mil, I would be embarrassed if I didn't give it my all.

      Trust doesn't come for free. You have to earn your trust. Don't forget Lin started the season playing a lot of minutes. As the season progressed, his minutes were cut back some. Trust doesn't go one way.

      So Lin is daring McHale to bench Lin? I don't think Lin needs to dare McHale to do anything. McHale will bench him whenever he wants so there you go.

      Lin has put together a pretty good scoring run recently with 20+ but that's only a few games. Parsons has been stringing much more 20+ games and, according to stats, he is the second best scoring option. If Lin wants to be the second option, perhaps Lin should surpass Chandler in scoring first, wouldn't you think.

    4. Not that Lin shouldn't play hard now. But, he can play harder and get more rewards in return if he's playing for an organization that knows what they're doing and get players that actually complement's Lin's game.

      During most of this season, he's been playing 110% at less than 100% health yet getting nothing but mind f*ck in return from coaches and playing with mostly stat padding teammates who seldomly finishes Lin's passes which is also the coaches' fault for lack of discipline and setting up plays for your best play maker.

    5. @geronimo:

      I agree with Etane. In a basketball game there are only so many possesions. You can say that Parsons is the second best scoring option but you can also say that he has been scoring JLins points. Same goes for others who have been benefiting from JLins assists.

      Recently - JLins numbers have gone up while Parsons have gone down. So what?

      The more interesting question would be - could CP keep his average ppg up whithout Lin? Could Lin score 20+ per game without CP?

      Did you take all the stat padding into consideration? Certain people have been allowed to do so. Others have been pulled from the game whether it made sense or not...

    6. Im not saying you are blind but certainly aint fair either.

    7. From the ol' Gray Bar Hotel, the clueless moron strikes again...

      Yeah, the PG is supposed to try to outscore everyone on his team.

      Shit-for-brains moron is shit-for-brains.

    8. willydilly - So what? Lin's number went up because he's shooting better and was aggressive and attacking like in yesterday's game. Parsons wasn't shooting well so it it went down. It's normal. Lin attempted 13 and Parsons attempted 10 shots yesterday. Nearly identical attempts but Lin was more effective.

      Parsons is the second best scoring option because he has been scoring consistently throughout the season, not because he's taking it from Lin. If Lin was scoring more consistently and aggressive and not hesitate to shoot, he can take it from Parsons too.

      Stat padding is what people say. There's no logic in that. We can say a player stat pads but it's all speculative.

    9. One more thing. Whether a player shoots more or less also depends on match ups and whether that player can exploit certain areas of the defense. Yesterday, Lin was getting to rim because he exploited Utah's poor pick and roll defense and lack of shot blocking. It has nothing to do with Parsons.

    10. I agree that basketball has only so many possessions, but if you want more possessions on the offensive end you have to prove you score on a consistent basis. You don't just get the ball because you're Lin, at least not in McHale's system. If Lin can maintain his scoring, he will move into the 2nd scoring option without a doubt.

    11. Ms. GeronimoFanForLife is a teacher and has dyslexia.

      "Yeah, the PG is supposed to try to outscore everyone on his team."

      Noone is talking about Lin outscoring everyone on the team ROFLMAO. Get outta here. You don't know jack 'bout basketball.

    12. Fanforlife, that was uncalled for.

      Geronimo was not flaming anybody until you instigated him again.

      Let's be civil, please.

    13. You're welcome, buddy.

      I admire Fanforlife just as much as I admire you.

    14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    15. @KHuang:

      That reaction from FanForLife says it all (iq, character, education, moral, ethics). Why admire such a person?


      I was targeting your trust argument because I think it doesnt say much. On the one hand you have only so many possesions - on the other hand you have scoring ability, playing time, facilitation. JLin has proven he can score, his pt is "low" compared to CP and he has been facilitating a lot. Not to mention -> full time d. Who deserves more credit and who should be trusted more?

      Yes - the stats dont show hes second best scorer but take all the stat padding away from Harden and CP and all of a sudden JLin doesnt look so bad.

    16. Fanforlife is a very knowledgeable basketball person.

      I wonder if she has played at some point.

      I enjoy her technical posts very much.

    17. @KHuang:

      That person may claim to be female but the way that person talks indicates that person is a dude with lots of problems.

      Knowledgeable? Hmmm...

    18. Willydilly in previous posts:

      George W Bush is a war criminal. Americans who supported him = Hitler's Nazis.

      Barack Obama has "morals and ethics". (The same Barack Obama, mind you, who's the ultimate product of the Chicago thugocracy - google "Jack Ryan" just as a starting reference).

      Now he insists I'm "a dude with lots of problems".

      Because he...uh...knows so much more than anyone else that he even knows my sex better than I do myself.


      Is there a leftist out there who isn't a know-it-all?

      Incidentally, when did I ever announce my gender on this board? The ASSumptions these nutjobs so LIBERALLY make...LOL

    19. KHuang, I'm sorry that you can't see g-mo for the racist troll he is.

      Why it's not obvious to you that all he's here for is to belittle JLin as often as he can get away with would be incomprehensible to me if I didn't know McHale was your candidate for COTY just a couple of months ago. (GRINS)

      Anyone who takes issue with Lin's scoring output vs Parsons' has no business talking bball on this site.

      Now this same moron suggests I'm dyslexic. Just can't make this stuff up.

    20. It's all good, Fanforlife.

      I myself am more interested in your opinions of basketball than I am in your opinions of people's opinions of people's opinions!

      Since I am not here to wage war on anybody, I will happily accept the "racists" if they are civil on this board and post intelligent analysis that I can learn from.

      Fanforlife, none of us knows anybody here. I'm sure I'm nowhere as cool in real life as I on this board!

    21. KHuang, notice I've never butted into any of your...ahem...exchanges with Etane et al? ;)

      You should be able to tell g-mo is a troll just from one of his posts above. Here's what he says right off the bat:

      "So cynical. I'm not getting how Lin is killing himself for this franchise. Are you saying that Lin shouldn't play hard or pretend to play hard. In case you forgot, the "franchise" pays him $25 mil. If I was paid $25 mil, I would be embarrassed if I didn't give it my all."

      You don't have to be a Lin fan to objectively believe that he works harder than anyone else on the team, simply because he's the only one consistently giving his all on BOTH ends of the court. Then look at all the times he got hacked so hard and bled that it hurt my heart to look at him.

      But see, I'm a fan - not a troll who comes on this board and whines "I'm not getting how Lin is killing himself for this franchise".

      There's something seriously wrong with folks like g-mo, Razzle Dazzle, Continuum, etc. They just don't seem to get that there's a world of difference between this site and say, Clutchfans.

      You really, really have to be a completely unproductive member of society to be spending time here if you're not a JLin fan.

    22. Liberalism really IS a mental disorder. Latest exhibit:

      willydilly: "FanForLife is NOT A WOMAN, but A DUDE with issues."

      That statement right there is so full of all kinds of wrong (example: what, a woman can't have "issues"?), but it's obvious willydilly thinks he's a model of reason.

      Talk about your typical leftist in a NUTshell. LOL.

    23. willydilly: Obama has "morals and ethics".

      Presumably the same Obama whose administration - against OMB advice - gave Solyndra a half-billion dollars to develop "alternative energy" a few months before that company collapsed. The Solyndra fiasco was just the first of nearly a half-dozen such companies that went under right after receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in loans guaranteed by the Obama government.

      And oh, "coincidentally", the heads of all those companies? Democrat donors to Obama's first White House campaign.

      Google these "coincidences" for evidence of Obama's "morals and ethics". Feel free to skip all FoxNews reports, if you like.

    24. willydilly: Obama has "morals and ethics".

      Presumably the same Obama who claims to be oh-so-concerned about the environment that he's allowing his EPA to kill American industry one business at a time, but who had no problem using two planes to transport himself and his wife to their Hawaiian holiday - 4 hours apart.

      Google "two planes + Obama + Michelle + Hawaii" and discover what "morals and ethics" Obama possesses. Just don't be surprised if phrases like "shameless hypocrite" pop up instead.

    25. willydilly: Obama has "morals and ethics".

      Presumably the same Obama who, upon meeting Queen Elizabeth for the first time, gave her an iPod...with a recording of his public speeches.

      Google "Obama + Queen Elizabeth + iPod". Just don't be surprised if "Obama's narcississm" appears all over the results instead of, you know, "Obama's morals and ethics".


      The utter stupidity of liberals like willydilly. As always, you just can't make this stuff up.

    26. FanForLife is stupid is as stupid does. You calling willydilly utterly stupid ROFLMAO. You spam this forum with multiple repeated posts. You can't even have a civil debate w/out resorting to your moronic rhymes and you got the audacity to call others stupid. willydilly can give me shit all day, at least he's staying on point. As for you, get on a treadmill you overweight lesbo.

    27. Fanforlife, I won't add to you criticism of people here.

      I'll simply remind everyone here that when personal attacks are thrown out, retaliation will come.

      And no, I will not agree that geronimo is a troll. Just because he came from clutchfans doesn't mean that he's the scourge of the universe or an anti Lin fan. On this forum, he has not instigated any fights and has openly apologized when he's had to. Trolls don't apologize the way Geronimo does. But expecting anybody to sit there and get insulted without retaliation - that's not realistic.

    28. And what's up with this site's utter hatred of clutchfans?

      I have gone there a few times, and I don't see much that's anti Lin or anti Lin fan. Besides, I find it perfectly acceptable that people there might not like Lin or Lin's fans.

      I myself as an overtly Asian fan of Lin and the NBA would likely be well accepted over there and would fit right in. Right, geronimo?

    29. See, KHuang,there goes your troll again.

      Let's parse more of his post referenced above, shall we?

      "Trust doesn't come for free. You have to earn your trust. Don't forget Lin started the season playing a lot of minutes. As the season progressed, his minutes were cut back some. Trust doesn't go one way."

      So this g-mo troll claims JLin didn't earn his minutes and that's why they were "cut back some". In other words, unlike Harden and Parsons, Lin doesn't deserve a starter's PT. VERDICT: LIN HATER=TROLL.

      "So Lin is daring McHale to bench Lin? I don't think Lin needs to dare McHale to do anything. McHale will bench him whenever he wants so there you go."

      So now he's taunting and sneering at a poster here, apparently not having gotten the memo about McHale's change in attitude towards Lin in his recent PG pressos. VERDICT: JLIN-FAN HATER = TROLL.

      "Lin has put together a pretty good scoring run recently with 20+ but that's only a few games. Parsons has been stringing much more 20+ games and, according to stats, he is the second best scoring option. If Lin wants to be the second option, perhaps Lin should surpass Chandler in scoring first, wouldn't you think."

      The moron thinks that Lin must outscore Parsons to be considered the "second option". Because, you know, "second option" = "second scoring option"...or something. LOL.


    30. So, willydilly is effectively a POS (Pal Of a Site-troll).

      Way to go, willydilly.

      Obama has "morals and ethics".

      I am a "dude".

      g-mo is a JLin fan, not a troll.

      Yeah, right. LOL.

    31. KHuang, I'm telling you, g-mo is everything you've accused Etane of being. And I mean, EVERYTHING.

    32. According to g-mo, sight unseen, I'm an "overweight lesbo".

      According to willydilly, sight unseen, I'm "not a woman, but a dude".

      g-mo and willydilly = two birdbrains of a feather?

    33. "Trust doesn't come for free. You have to earn your trust. Don't forget Lin started the season playing a lot of minutes. As the season progressed, his minutes were cut back some. Trust doesn't go one way."

      "So this g-mo troll claims JLin didn't earn his minutes and that's why they were "cut back some". In other words, unlike Harden and Parsons, Lin doesn't deserve a starter's PT. VERDICT: LIN HATER=TROLL."

      In other words? In your words not mine so stop playing with words. Averaging 30+ minutes is not starting minutes? Stupid is as stupid does. Harden and Parsons are playing starter minutes, but they're playing too much and McHale needs to cut it back some. You want to gloss over how poorly Lin played from the start of the season until late Dec. that's on you. He also played well after that and kind of gone up and down after that, but he's more steady now. It's normal players go through inconsistencies, but Lin has gone through a rougher ride than the other players on the team. He's a starter so he should have performances that warrant starting minutes. How do you expect someone to give you their full trust when they rely on you to win games and you underperform. It's going to take some trust away.


      "So Lin is daring McHale to bench Lin? I don't think Lin needs to dare McHale to do anything. McHale will bench him whenever he wants so there you go."

      So now he's taunting and sneering at a poster here, apparently not having gotten the memo about McHale's change in attitude towards Lin in his recent PG pressos. VERDICT: JLIN-FAN HATER = TROLL

      Taunting? Sneering? Again, your words not mine. You enjoy twisting intentions that's on you and your sick mind. Making a statement that a player is daring a coach is stupid. So what exactly is Lin doing that is daring McHale to bench him? Playing harder? Shooting better? Shooting more? ROFLMAO. My response was simple. Lin doesn't need to dare McHale. McHale is the coach and if he feels Lin needs to be benched he will bench him regardless. Take "daring" out of it cause it doesn't make any sense, like yourself, who doesn't make any sense as usual.


      "Lin has put together a pretty good scoring run recently with 20+ but that's only a few games. Parsons has been stringing much more 20+ games and, according to stats, he is the second best scoring option. If Lin wants to be the second option, perhaps Lin should surpass Chandler in scoring first, wouldn't you think."

      The moron thinks that Lin must outscore Parsons to be considered the "second option". Because, you know, "second option" = "second scoring option"...or something. LOL.

      Hey genius, Lets make Parsons the 1st scoring option. Lets make DMo the second scoring option. Lets make Harden the 3rd scoring option. That probably makes a lot of sense to you. Enough said.


    34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    35. According to g-mo, sight unseen, I'm an "overweight lesbo".

      According to willydilly, sight unseen, I'm "not a woman, but a dude".

      g-mo and willydilly = two birdbrains of a feather?

      Stop acting like you're a victim and KHuang to cradle you in his arms. You attacked me with the prisoner comments so I countered with the overweight lesbian and now you're pounding your chest like got wronged. PUH-LEASE. Go get yourself a pacifier.

    36. "The moron thinks that Lin must outscore Parsons to be considered the "second option". Because, you know, "second option" = "second scoring option"...or something. LOL."

      What exactly is "second option" if not "second scoring option." "Second option" TO DO WHAT?

      Stupid is as stupid does.

    37. *and need KHuang to cradle you in his arms.

    38. Oooh...first things first:

      "Second option" here means "second offensive option".

      I know it's hard, but try to get it past your thick skull that Parsons is NOT a playmaker. Bet you have no idea what that means in the context of offensive options.

      Thick-headed moron is thick-headed

    39. If anybody here needs KHuang, it's you. For legitimacy. Once he figures out you're nothing but a racist troll, you're DONE.

      Racist moron is racist.

    40. "Go get yourself a pacifier"?

      What next? "Nananananaaaaa...I can't hear youuuu"?


      Juvenile moron is juvenile.

    41. many words just to reinforce the fact that you're a site troll.

      Newsflash: you're virtually the only one here who believes Lin deserved all the 4th quarter benchings he got, that McHale has been fair to him, that McHale will dare to bench him again for entire 4th quarters despite the recent about-face.

      What, do they block Twitter in prison so you didn't read any of the backlash from the last Dallas game?

      Basically, you believe you're right and EVERYONE ELSE here is wrong about the McHale-Lin dynamics.


      Thanks for the opportunity to point that out again.

    42. There's no sicker mind than that of a Lin hater.

      If there's one guy in the entire NBA who doesn't deserve any hate at all, it's Jeremy Lin.

      But you're deriding him at every opportunity because you hate him.

      Also because there's nothing else to do behind bars, I guess.

      Moronic waste of protoplasm is moronic.

    43. Oooh...first things first:

      "Second option" here means "second offensive option".

      I know it's hard, but try to get it past your thick skull that Parsons is NOT a playmaker. Bet you have no idea what that means in the context of offensive options.

      Thick-headed moron is thick-headed


      There you go again talking about bball you know nothing about. Here's Parsons talking about being a playmaker. Read and learn. Stupid is as stupid does. Just because YOU say Parsons is not a playmaker he isn't one? ROFLMAO. You think you're coach?

    44. geronimo, you and willydilly and I are ABOVE getting ensnared in an ongoing flame war.

      Let's butt out of this one. All three of us are just going to get incorrectly labeled as trolls if we continue with this.

      You've got my back, I've got yours.

    45. Hahahahahahahaha!!!

      "Newsflash: you're virtually the only one here who believes Lin deserved all the 4th quarter benchings he got, that McHale has been fair to him, that McHale will dare to bench him again for entire 4th quarters despite the recent about-face."

      Keep distorting crackhead. I hope you can really lose that weight and get out of the basement. Being a lesbian is already hard enough. I feel for you.

    46. Alright KHuang I'm done with this psycho.

    47. Just because PARSONS says he is a player he must be one?

      Do you have a brain? No, don't bother answering that.

      Parsons believes his own hype about being the "white LBJ". All he is is a glue guy; he's a Landry Fields with a working shot. When he tries to play PG, he turns the ball at a horrific rate and the team invariably loses.

      You worthless ignoramus.

      And talk about stupid. You're spending copious amounts of time on a JLin fan site when you're NOT a JLin fan. I would NEVER post on any forum dedicated to a player I don't care for.

      But I guess it's because I have a life. While you're just serving life. LOL.

      Masochistic moron is masochistic.

    48. A Lin hater spending hours on a Lin fan site calls someone else a psycho.

      Self-projecting moron is self-projecting.

    49. Yes geronimo, let this one go.

      If there was need to fight, I'd be standing up for you. I've done it a few times before, so you know I'm not kidding.

      Let's move on, buddy. You're very appreciated on this website.

    50. Oh I'm sure we'll be crossing paths again. Because you just can't help hating on Lin.

      Notice I don't bother with you when you're talking about non-Lin stuff? No?

    51. @FanForLife:

      You forgot to mention a couple of other things that Ive said as well.

      I said that you were uneducated, dumb and delusional. I said you were a religios nutjob. I also said that YOU would be a great NAZI! So - call me a troll (not that I care) but you were the one calling for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. Theres blood on your hands. The fact that you proudly repeat what Ive said about you - shows what a moron you really are. You dont even realise it when you are humiliating yourself.

      Dont think for a minute that anyone shares your antagonism against me when you post that stuff. I said these things and Im proud that I have.

      You said Lin-haters had sick minds - what about people who hate iraqis and their children?

      Remember - you said IRAQ had weapons of mass distruction. You said iraqi people were resposible for 9/11. You said the war against IRAQ was just. You said that after 9/11 the USA had to invade someone. You never served in the military - and yet you ask for american soldiers to die for you delusions.

      People who talk like you never contribute to anything. They only hate and insult and demand as they get fat. You are but a freeloader looking for you own entertainment.

      You dont give a shit about peoples lifes. You dont care that thousands of american soldiers died or were wounded in iraq for nothing. You dont give a shit that hundreds of thousand of iraqi people are dead (among them little boys and girls) - because Bush and Cheney thouhgt they could make a quick dollar by starting a war.

      Yes - Bush and Cheney are war criminals. I see it that way and thousands of patriotic US-soldiers and their families see it that way too. Of course - you dont share their point of view. You are too self righteous to do so. You think if you applaud them at a sports event you have the right to send them to their deaths...

      If theres a hell -> thats where you and your heroes (Bush and Cheney) are gonna end up.

    52. BTW:

      You are the most unqualified person around here to talk about hatred. Read your own posts and see how hateful they are. JLin would be ashamed to have a fan like you so dont act like you are only here to defend him.

      And - why just making claims? Why not prove your gender?

    53. @FanForLife:

      Would you please contact Mr. Tomas Young and tell him why you think he is a moron?

    54. That's ironic. JLin would be ashamed to have a fan like me? What about a Christianity-bashing fan like you coming in here to self-righteously spew all kinds of anti-religious crap because you ALWAYS KNOW BEST.

      I'm sure Lin just loves having his faith crapped on. With fans like you, who needs Stephen A Smith?

      We could go on ad infinitum about the Iraq War and Bush and Cheney being war criminals. You're one to talk, when you Eurotrash have a long history of heinous crimes against humanity.

      You are UNQUESTIONABLY a moron. Just one fact and one fact alone can demonstrate that.

      As I will remind you repeatedly, you actually believe Obama has "morals and ethics".

      Would you please google Jack Ryan and Solyndra and tell me why you are not a moron.

      And what my gender (like I can even prove it here) has to do with anything is even more evidence that you're a lost cause.

      You're proud of equating Americans with Nazis? Guess what? I'm proud to tell you this: Drop dead.

    55. willydilly, I will extend the same invitation for peace to you that I extended to geronimo and he graciously accepted.

      You are a quality member here who writes excellent basketball analysis, just like Fanforlife does. I am your fan.

      I think we can all step beyond this meaningless conflict.

    56. @FanForLife:

      You always have to make an ass out of yourself ha?

      Why am I saying this? Because one can only have a problem with Obamas travel plans if ones heart is filled with hatred - if you want to construct a case to blame the man for crap.

      "Presumably the same Obama who claims to be oh-so-concerned about the environment that he's allowing his EPA to kill American industry one business at a time, but who had no problem using two planes to transport himself and his wife to their Hawaiian holiday - 4 hours apart."

      All reports say they arrived 4 hours appart. Who says they came from the same location? Even if it was so - who said Barack Oabama himself arranged his travel plans this way?

      Your blame is also based on the assumption "same rights and same obligations for everyone" - but you are short sighted.

      You are not the president - you dont get protection from the secret service. You dont get a one million dollar bullet proof vehicle. The president is not an ordinary man -> he gets as many planes as he wants as time is scarce. Have you ever considered the possibility that they travelled sperately for securety reasons?

      His "hypocritical" behavior - did american soldiers pay with their lifes for that? Did he bankrupt the country or was it Bush?

      BTW - if members of green peace use cars, boats and airplanes - who are you to point your finger at your president?

      The fact that you blame the EPA for killing jobs shows that youd rather drink poinsoned water than use your brain. "EPA killing jobs" is nothing but a brainless chant. Brainless chant -> thats all you. Lot of claims - lot of hatred - no prove!

    57. And here's why else you're an irredeemable POS:

      It was YOU who repeatedly attempted to turn this sports fan site into a political forum with your anti-American libels.

      It was YOU who kept trying to make this place uncomfortable for Americans who don't share your hatred for America.

      If there are Americans here who share your views of their fellow Americans, well, I'm sure I never want to hear again about Asian Americans being discriminated against.

      Just remember that you allowed your hatred for Americans to spill onto this sports site the next time you want to accuse me of being hateful again.

    58. Fanforlife, do you mean Jack Lew?

      Solyndra represented this administration effort to create competition against foreign green technology.

      Unfortunately, we lost to the Chinese because we were too slow.

      Chinese solar panels cost half as much to produce than what Solyndra could by the time Solydnra's panels were ready for market which is something unforeseen at the time when the investmennts were made.

      So, Solyndra isn't an example of government failure rather it's a symbol of government not doing enough and not fast enough.

    59. Typical Eurotrash and your hollow arguments in your pretend English.

      Hey, Jack Ryan and Solyndra - look them up.

    60. Oh please Etane, go read up the full story about Solyndra - which is just the tip of the whole iceberg-mess involving billions of taxpayers' dollars gone down the drain. That's one clusterfark of corruption the stain of which only you gullible leftists think can be washed away if the liberal way would only have its way.

      willydilly is an ignorant and evil European. What's your excuse?

    61. Meant "liberal media would only..."

    62. @KHuang:

      Sorry KHuang. I like you but I already told you that I cant take you seriously anymore - after all that you have been writing.

      A man is defined by what he says and what he does. I simply judge that moronic hillbilly child by what he/she/it has been writing.

      -> Bush and Cheney are super-heroes
      -> Iraq war is just
      -> Never served
      -> Doesnt give shit about american lifes
      -> Hates half the country (liberals)
      -> Hates black people
      -> Great Nazi
      -> Killing hundreds of thousands of people is OK
      -> Doesnt think taking two planes is OK
      -> Doesnt think giving the queen an Ipod is OK

    63. Etane, look at willydilly furiously making excuses for Obama.

      Hey dickhead, the Obamas left the White House 4 hours apart. Google is not that hard to use, you know.

      You leftists are the worst hypocrites when it comes to the environment. Which Hollywood megastar always prattling about energy conservation doesn't have a private jet or three?

      Then there's Al Gore's mansion. His swimming pool alone apparently costs more to heat up than a number of homes combined. Again, go google this stuff. The man's also made a billion dollars - at last count - from the carbon credits or whatever nonsense he's managed to gull his liberal groupies into buying.

      And once again, spare me your nonsensical arguments in your pretend English.

    64. @FanForLife:

      Hey sweetie - read the whole thread again and you will see who brings up political stuff and hatred and insults. Are you mentally retarded? Ive been speculation about that for a while :)

      You are the one showing up - calling people morons and assholes and SOBs. You rant about black people and your black president. You are the one not bringing up any arguments. You want to force your opinion upon all people on this forum - not me.

      "Euro trash"? What euro trash? Is that an argument? You convey your emotions with your posts so well (hatred) but they dont include any real arguments for nothing.

    65. @FanForLife:

      If its on google it must be true :) Now its official. You are an idiot!

      So you hate liberal media. You hate rich do-gooders as well. But what have you done? What is your big contribution except sending your fellow citizens to die in a foreign country? Driving a pick up truck around the country acting like you contribute?

      Whats "pretend english"? Are you English? Cause - if you are not English you dont speak english. You speak american. You aware of that hillbilly?

    66. So much pretend English to wade through, so I'll just take the last bit of crap about "giving the queen an iPod".


      Way to miss the point. But hey, I guess you read English just as well as you write it.

      Which makes your groundless accusations against me - none of which you can back up with any of my posts - perfectly understandable, I suppose.

    67. Oh sure, American is a language. LOL.

      Now Google is unreliable, eh? Are you sure you haven't confused it with Wikipedia?

      That sort of confusion often happens with people who think they understand English but really don't.

    68. But, Fanforlife, I did read up on the full story on Solyndra. Maybe not the versions that you ascribe to. Nevertheless, it's one of many projects that was supposed to bring high tech green jobs to America instead of grasping at structurally outdated jobs that are being sent overseas.

      And, investing in domestic green energy is one of the only viable "invest in America" strategies that we have. Can you name any other types of investment that's supposed to benefit domestic energy independence, job seekers and innovators in one svelte swoop?

      Certainly, there's no other plans on the table at the moment from anyone else. So, it's not credible taint green technology program as corrupt.

      What is criminal to me is the tax subsidies paid to oil companies to NOT invest in alternative technology since the Carter administration and, instead of promoting it as they were mandated to do as reason for receiving subsidies, they lie about alternative energy being too expensive and they pay scientists to create doubt in the public about the effects of greenhouse gasses.

      So, the billions of tax payer money that you're worrying abut has already been stolen for us during the past 40 years by big energy. But, you are only worried about the alleged money invested in green tech during the last 4 years? Talk about missing the forest for the trees!

    69. @FanForLife:

      ...says the hillbilly with the language competence of an 8 year old and the mind of a 9 year old. I speak 5 langauges - you speak pretend american. You better than me? Muahahaha!

      So the president you hate so much gave the queen an ipod -> so what? WHO THE HELL CARES WHAT WAS ON IT AND WHY? Does it kill hundreds of thousands of people? You are a retard and you have proven it again and again.

      My accusations against you are self evident fool. You said I brought up political stuff -> read the thread.
      You were the one insulting people. You are a degenerate. Just because you fail to force you opinion upon me you claim I hate amercia. You are a Nazi for sure! NAZI NAZI NAZI NAZI NAZI NAZI!

    70. That's OK, willydilly.

      You don't have to take me seriously, especially since I'm not sure if I take myself seriously. I like you anyway.



      You're also getting sucked into this conflict. You knew that.

      I'm not trying to flame you. I'm just extending the same peace offering I extended to willydilly and geronimo and even Fanforlife.

      You can more than handle this, I know. I'm not here to order you around.

    71. Self-projecting liberals...what else is new?

      If they had brains, would they be liberals?

      And liars, to boot.

      So here I was, trying to pick up news about JLin...then wham! "George Bush blahblahblah America blahblahblah Hitler's Germany blahblahblah..."

      On another occasion: "Christianity blahblahblah your false god blahblahblah Catholic priests blahblahblah pedophiles blahblahblah"

      Hey, Eurotard, how about
      1) not abusing Americans on an American forum?
      2) not abusing the English language?
      3) not talking politics on a bball site?

      What? You can't help yourself because basic human decency is beyond you?


    72. @Etane:

      He/She/It doesnt know any facts about anything. Just rants and chants -> to feed the hatred!

      As soon as you have finished with your argument he/she/it will bring up something new. No arguments. All that his/hers/its posts convey is hatred. He/she/it -> ultimate Nazi!

    73. Now you're just completely unhinged. The hate-filled projecting their hatred again.

      Who cares if you speak 5 languages if you speak them all like you do English?

      Oh, by the way, I've always wanted to tell you this:

      There's no such word in the English language as "basicly".

      Tsk...tak...tsk...can't even spell such a, well, "basic" word. Gotta wonder if you actually know what "degenerate" means.


    74. @FanForLife:

      The hillbilly has changed strategy now! Now he is spitting blood at people -> chinese saying -> no moral -> no ethics -> no shame!

      He has tottally forgotten how it started:

      "From the ol' Gray Bar Hotel, the clueless moron strikes again...Yeah, the PG is supposed to try to outscore everyone on his team. Shit-for-brains moron is shit-for-brains."

      You hillbilly abused reiligon on this board for you perverted ideas. I only debated with you (you lost btw). You praied Bush on this board. I spoke up.
      I posted a link to a video of Chris Rock -> you ranted about him and liberal media.


      Besides: You may believe that you speak english but so do canadians and australians. I speak oxford english - you retard :)

    75. NaziNaziNaziNazi is a response?


      Really gone off the rails. Totally deranged.

      Now run along and join g-mo in his padded cell. Maybe you can teach him the five languages you supposedly speak.

      LOL. Five languages.

      Why can't these know-it-alls just focus on learning a couple of languages so they can speak them well enough to be consistently coherent? Instead of these Eurotwits' half-assed command of the most dominant language in the world?


    76. Oh is that what they call pretend English in your neck of the woods - "oxford english"?

      Lipstick on a pig, eh?

      Well, the entire board can judge your "oxford english" for what it is.


      Incidentally, you stopped making sense, let's see, how many posts ago...oh, who am I kidding?

      You jumped the shark the instant you BASICALLY called Americans "Nazis".

    77. @FanForLife:

      Im not sure what you are talking about. Were you trying to spell the word "basically"??? Theres are online dicitonaries you know? You do pretty bad for a native speaker... just so you know.

      Im not ashamed of my broken english. Its my 4th language. It serves me well and it has left YOU dumbfounded before. You know - you may believe that people give a shit about your opinion but thats an illusion. Its not worth anything. I may misspell every other word but as long as I can make you write the things you write and make you out yourself -> I believe I can say that I got my point across :)

      Read all your posts retard. Its self evident!

      I rest my case :)

    78. Studies do show that those who master more than one languages usually has higher level of brain activity as switching from one language to another has demonstrated higher percentage utilization of total gray matter.

      Kinda hurts our country when we preach English as the only language and force foreigners to "spik 'merican".

      @Khuang, yah I am sucked in but only as excuse to banter. Certainly don't take any of it seriously. It's not like we're going to get rid of redneck conservatism by chatting on forums.

    79. Rest what case?

      That you're an America hater?

      That your pretend English is not a handicap to your understanding American history and politics?

      That in your barbaric culture, you have every right to abuse the hospitality of an American site host?

      When did you ever leave me DUMBFOUNDED? If I failed to respond to one of your posts, is it inconceivable that I didn't see it because, well, I don't read every post here?

      Unlike Eurotrash like you, I'm not on welfare. I actually work for a living.

    80. Redneck conservatism?

      How about getting rid of libtarded spendaholism so that future generations of Americans won't be shackled by hundreds of trillions of dollars of debt in due course.

      Oops...too late already.

      You're not reversing course with this White House and this Congress.

      And "Americans = Nazis" is not a sign of "higher level of brain activity". It's Euro-liberal projection at its worst.

    81. And Etane, how do you reconcile "higher level of brain activity" with how the Eurozone economies are unraveling now?

      What? You liberals don't keep up with such news?

      It's like Obama saw what was happening over there and decided, "Hey, let's be like Greece! Let's give everything away free."

      Free healthcare, free abortions, free contraceptives...

      You guys NEVER learn from history that's not distorted by liberal historians.

    82. American debt started rising since Reaganomics since he started borrowing money in order for the US to get out of deflationary conditions. Whereas, Carter was trying to get out of deflationary conditions by raising interest rates and NOT borrow money.

      From 2003-2007, pretty much all economic growth was generated from the abuse of fiscal policy where Greenspan continued to drop interest rates in order to overheat the economy. And, when investors and bankers finally realize that no value was actually created during the overheated economy, that's when we fell into the global financial crisis that Obama we are still trying to dig out of.

      The "billions" spent in investments today is nothing compared to amount that went missing during the Bush administration. On Iraq reconstruction alone, accountants misplaced $4 billion dollars that we still have no idea where it went to til this day.

      And, we hired people to hire other people to hire other people to do all the security and reconstruction, more billions were spend and with nothing to show for because there's no oversite on the outsourced companies.

      So, the war itself cost $100 billion and it's costing us $10 billion per year just to stay there to keep the peace with absolutely no way of accounting for how much is actually spent on reconstruction with estimates up to half a trillion.

      But, you're harping on peanuts spent on Solyndra and an ipod? That's redneck conservatism for yah. *wink*

    83. Fanforlife, can you connect the relevance between being multilingual and having out of control government programs and lying about contents on balance sheets?

      We have out of control spending programs here too and it's called department of defense where our defense budget is greater than the next 10 countries combined. Yet, our nation was successfully attacked by 15 box cutters. We're out spending everyone and getting the least return on investment.

      You have to agree that our nation's collective gray matter use is pretty low.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. It's not a matter of Lin not playing enough minutes but CP and Harden are playing too many minutes, and it's driving the whole team's efficiency down.

    Here's what I think in terms of players minutes by quarter.

    Lin - 9 8 8 9
    Harden - 10 8 8 10
    CP - 8 10 10 8
    Asik - 9 8 8 9
    Sausage - 3 10 10 6
    Dmo - 3 3 3 3

    Lin and Harden should start and finish the game, so more minutes at the peripheral.

    CP and Sausage should be speed the game up with tons of spot up shooting during middle portions.

    I'd love to see a whole quarter where Lin and Harden are not playing with each other. But, still afraid that Lin loses his groove when he's sitting for more than 3 minutes at a time.

    Maybe the reason why he lost his groove after sitting is because his knee is swelling up after he sits for too long after playing, and it's no longer swelling since he's supposedly 100% now?

    1. I cannot do it without my supporting cast!

      Willy my statistician and Khuang my defensive coordinator!

    2. Here's Lin's minutes from the start of the season. As you can see, Lin has been given a fair amount of playing time since the start but it has gone down, or up and down. As the season winds down, McHale has a tighter leash on Lin.

      Oct. - Nov.

      35:27 vs det - w
      39:50 vs atl - w
      37:18 vs por - l
      33:00 vs den - l
      36:58 vs mem - l
      25:48 vs det - w
      34:10 vs mia - l
      33:45 vs nol - w
      35:34 vs por - l
      31:13 vs lal - l
      32:32 vs uta - l
      26:07 vs chi - w
      34:52 vs nyk - w
      38:00 vs tor - w
      41:03 vs okc - l


      33:51 vs uta - w
      19:59 vs lal - w Lin sat entire 4Q 1st time by Sampson
      26:03 vs sas - l
      18:05 vs dal - l Lin sat entire 4Q 2nd time upon McHale's return
      42:00 vs sas - l Linsanity w/out Harden
      30:13 vs was - w
      27:04 vs bos - w
      32:45 vs tor - l
      39:01 vs nyk - w Lin 1st return to MSG since being traded
      31:42 vs phi - w
      34:41 vs mem - w
      34:20 vs chi - w
      27:28 vs min - w
      36:21 vs sas - l
      24:23 vs okc - l
      39:53 vs atl - w


      41:41 vs noh - w
      28:52 vs mil - w
      38:13 vs cle - w
      34:49 vs lal - w
      41:34 vs nol - l Start of the 7 game losing streak
      36:22 vs bos - l
      37:54 vs phi - l
      35:18 vs lac - l
      30:42 vs dal - l
      31:26 vs ind - l
      34:10 vs min - l
      24:11 vs cha - w Lin sat entire 4Q third time
      24:13 vs den - l Lin sat entire 4Q fourth time


      33:47 vs cha - w
      32:30 vs gsw - w Rockets dropped 23 3s.
      32:15 vs mia - l
      26:04 vs por - w
      29:14 vs sac - l
      28:43 vs gsw - w
      34:10 vs lac - l 2nd game Harden didn't play
      41:51 vs okc - w Return from All-star break
      35:51 vs bkn - w
      26:16 vs was - l
      33:25 vs mil - l


      25:51 vs orl - w Lin sat entire 4Q 5th time
      24:34 vs dal - w Lin sat entire 4Q 6th time (blow out)
      24:37 vs dal - l Lin sat entire 4Q 7th time
      30:34 vs phx - l
      25:43 vs phx - w Lin sat entire 4Q 8th time (blow out)
      38:44 vs min - w
      35:10 vs gsw - l
      30:12 vs uta - w

    3. It's not about Lin's total minutes. It's how the players were used during those minutes.

      At least with me it's that way.

      Sure, there are others who think Lin is not getting enough minutes. I am not part of that crowd.

      I am sure Lin can play effectively with 20-30 minutes per game. But, the keyword here is effectively.

      And, this is something the Rockets have not proven they are willing and capable of at least not until they suffer some losing streak and need Lin back in a bad way.

    4. Parsons and Harden play more minutes then Lin because they both can hide in certain aspects of the game while Lin can not. Parsons can take plays off on offense while Harden can take plays off on defense.

      They need Lin to guard the opposing point guard on defense and with most NBA teams, the point guards are extremely active on offense. On offense, Lin is pushing it up hard or initiating the offense. Both require lots of energy. He doesn't have the opportunity to take plays off and the fact that he gives 100% all the time can explain why he plays less minutes on average.

      That and the fact that Houston only has Delfino as a credible back up for both Harden and Parsons. The Rockets need one of those guys on at all times for their size.

    5. me, Etane's defensive coordinator?

      I am .... sniff ..... TOUCHED!

      Can I run my victory lap now?

    6. Well the keyword is effective then Lin's PER has been lower than Harden and Parsons the entire season with the amount of minutes they played. Recently, Lin's PER has went up and near Parsons PER. From an effective standpoint, Lin can surpass Parsons and as a result his number may go up. We'll have to see. Morey is stat guy. I don't think he'll overlook PER.

    7. Excellent compilation of numbers, geronimo.

      It's interesting to see the minutes. Some of the low minute games are marred by foul trouble or sickness.

      I don't have any issues with Harden or Parsons playing more minutes. I'd like to see Parsons expand his game and Harden to willingly play more defense, but I'm not looking at either of them as "higher priority" than Lin. After all, Lin is very much one of the leaders on this team.

      I think it would be nice for the Rockets to get a quality combo guard who could legitimately play both guard positions and back up both Lin and Harden. That's why I kind of wish that Sacramento had tossed Jimmer Fredette into the Robinson deal!

    8. *not numbers but minutes may go up.

    9. I do agree with Etane that McHale doesn't do a good job of playing Lin correctly, but I think it all stemmed from how Lin performed throughout the season. I think Lin is playing so much better now. It may take McHale some time to start playing Lin more, or more effectively.

    10. KHuang I disagree with McHale playing Harden and Parsons a too much. Other than that I agree with you other points.

    11. Am I the only one on this forum who thinks McHale is a GOOD (albeit very flawed) coach?

      I'd like to believe that McHale can improve his game planning and eventually learn that Lin is playing his motion system perfectly.

      I don't think Lin's play, especially lately, is any worse than Linsanity.

    12. Khuang: You deserve to be defensive coordinator here more than anyone else since you're more defensive than anyone else and you've been harping on Rox's defense all month long! Defense is in your blood! = P

      Ger: Good points on PER. Lin's usage has been increasingly more effective since January when the TEAM (not McHell) decided Lin should be team leader and handle the ball more.

      They still go through funks like when Harden's shot happy true nature pops back out and starts demanding the ball when he's not leading the team in points.

    13. If I really think about it, Geronimo, I'd also say that Parsons and Harden are playing too much.

      However, my motivation is completely different.

      I'd like to see more Francisco Garcia and James Anderson.

      Garcia is a player that I've always enjoyed watching because of his solid all around play. Anderson looks slow as molasses when he does his "Wannabe Ginobili" Euro step, but it works and Anderson does produce.

      I'd also like to see McHale shake things up with Lin and Harden alternately running with the 2nd unit. Lin is a guy that can get the 2nd unit going because of his team play.

    14. I'm "more defensive" than anyone?

      Ain't that THE TRUTH!!!!

      Etane, you da man!

    15. Khuang: I don't think McHell has the skill set, mind set or patience with players to be even a high school coach.

      But, he's not hired to be a coach. He's hired to be Morey's traffic director.

      Oh agree with you on the Jimmer comment. I like his game.

      Ger: Jeremy didn't do well during first half of the season because of many factors. I'd say 75% is manufactured by poor coaching such as forcing Lin to adjust to a "new" team by using him in ways that exposes his weaknesses instead of exploiting his strengths.

      Some here say part of the reason Lin's shots improved is because Lin is now allowed to shoot Js where he used to be benched for it.

    16. KHuang yea Garcia and Anderson can definitely play more.

    17. Khuang agree with your two previous posts regarding Garcia, Anderson and that I am da man.

      Chandler's recent trough in shot efficiency could very well be an effect of playing too many minutes. His shots are often short because his release point looks lower than usual which tells me his legs are shot.

      Same goes for Harden. His knees are shot and he can't play D AND play 40 minutes a game. If he plays 35 with decent breaks in between, it's not unfathomable to demand him to play tighter D.

      I like JA's game when he's paired up with Lin. The ball really moves. And, Garcia has a smooth shooting stroke though hasn't been too consistent. Both should get 8-10 minutes per game to give CP and JH more breaks.

    18. Haha, if I didn't know any better, I'd have thought love bugs have bitten KHuang and Etane :D

      Good to see you spread some love, man!

      I definitely think Harden plays way too many minutes.
      He's currently the #6 leader in MPG with 38.5. I'm just concerned that Harden might easily get injuries due to overuse after averaging 31min as the Sixth Man in OKC last season. Houston cannot afford overusing their franchise player too soon. Besides, Lin and Harden need each other to keep the defense honest.

      If the 'leaked' insider info is correct that Lin is just recently back to 100% then the Rockets really need to pay attention to Harden's minutes to prevent injuries. TrueHoop has a good discussion on overuse (i.e. Kobe Bryant playing 9months/yr as a case study) as causes for injury in the long-term.

      Perhaps Harden can play 35-36 mpg and Lin will play up to 32-35 mpg in the playoff.

    19. psalm,

      There is no leaked information. Cyberx is a fraud. He is shooting stuff out of his ass and people are eating it up. Unbelievable. I can't believe that people are drinking his cool-aid and as creepy as it is, he is enjoying it.

      If you listen to Morey on a regular basis, he gives you an update on Lin's injury. That is nothing new. He mentioned a couple of months ago that Lin was about 80-90% healthy. It would make sense that now he is 100% healthy. That is a no-brainer. Plus with the way he is playing, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know he is 100% healthy.

      I wasn't going to say anything, but I can't stand how gullible people on that forum is and just fall for his s.hit. There are people who feed off of the attention. Heck there are regular posters on this forum who like to feed their cool-aid and some people are buying their s.hit.

      I laughed about the part where people ask him about how much Parsons is going to get paid. Parsons is going to get paid between $4m-$8m, depending on how Rockets is showcasing him. Cyberx mentioned that Parsons is going to get paid $6-$8, how is that insider information? My opinion, Parsons is worth about $5m.

      The stuff he wrote about Bulls weren't going to match Asik's and people bought that he has insider information. Think about this for a moment here. That means he would have BULLS inside information and NOT ROCKETS inside information. So did the Bulls GM call him up and told him that they weren't going to match? Morey or his people didn't know that ahead of time either. Bulls did say PUBLICLY ahead of time that they weren't going to match. I think it was about 5-7 days ahead of time.

      He mentioned that the Rockets made a lot of advertising money off of Lin. A lot of people speculate that, so is that inside information? I speculate that the rockets make maybe $5m-$10m off of Lin this year. However, lets us use common sense here:

      If Rockets were able to collect the $100m of of TV ads in China, Taiwan, etc and not share with the rest of the league, do you think whoever signs Lin has an extremely unfair advantage? Heck Lin will even worth more than Lebron. That team can go over the cap and the international advertising money collected will pay for it. That team that has Lin will have so much advantage that they sign more superstars than anyone else. So my common sense says international money is share revenue. I will find that link eventually. The only link I can find is about the NFL.

      The stuff he wrote Rockets were going to pay Parsons. How? Why would a cheapskate Les and Morey do it willingly? This is not the NFL where you can re-do the contract and if they were to re-do it, it would have to benefit both parties. For example, in the NFL, if the player has 2 years left on his contract where he is getting paid about $1 each year and he is worth about $6m. What they would do is re-do the contract so that Parson will get pay about $4m for the next for 4 years. Both parties benefit.

      In the NBA, you can't redo the contract. I do believe they can extend his contract at the end of his 3rd year. But in Parsons case, it would benefit him greatly to wait until the free agency because he will be unrestricted.

      He wrote that the are going after Smith/Milsap, that is not a no-brainer either because Morey will flip whoever he gets for a Howard or CP3 a year after signing one of them.

      Maybe I should create a new username and use a lot of my common sense (which I have a lot of) and start posting as if I have some insider information to and see how many people would fall for my s.hit.

      I am already late for my next meeting so I won't reply back until much later.

    20. Did Dolan whisper into Morey's ear that he wasn't going to match and Morey turned around and whisper Cybrex's ear that? The only one that knew that Dolan wasn't going to match was Dolan himself and his inside people. And they decide to share that with Morey and Cybrex. Wow!

      It doesn't make any sense for Rockets people to use someone to link inside information on Clutchnet. It would cheapen them, would you say?

    21. alcsd,

      I shared my thought about Cybrex's credibility with solidz on the pre-game thread yesterday.

      "..Note: There was always a chance of 85% truth and 15% lies in an intentional leak to calm Lin fans down and even persuade Lin to stick with the Rockets in his reduced role behind Harden."

      I see some CF members also refuted the accuracy of "Parsons getting paid soon" statement with the limitation of his current contract situation.

      For me, there are 3 possibilities about this guy:
      1. He truly has insider contact with Rockets executive but he heard inaccurate information on some of them.
      2. He truly has insider contact with Rockets executive but he is being givent mixed facts (i.e. 85% truth and 15% lies) for "intentional leaks" to make the Rockets look good in the process by diffusing Lin's reduced role situation with "100% just recently" comment.
      3. He is just a compulsive liar who enjoys being the puppet-master of gullible fans.

      I tend to lean on No 2 because for the time being after reading the CF thread. If there are web of lies, I'd expect they eventually would contradict one another in the future.

      Have you followed his many postings in the Q&A format? It's interesting how he gave many small details. The guy is either real (with "mixed facts"), really smart guy or lunatic who managed to lie to himself :) I'm still looking for the motives behind it, though.

    22. Hey alcsd, who are the people here that "feed cool Aid?"

    23. Chandler Parsons is a guy that needs to expand his offensive game.

      In the NBA, he's strictly a Steve Novak with a line drive dribble. Thus he's completely reliant on Lin and Harden to create shots for him. That means that Parsons can easily be stopped by a committed defensive effort.

      I'd like to see Parsons develop a turnaround jump shot, learn how to change directions off the dribble, and post up. Those are skills that small forwards are supposed to have.

    24. Psalm: there's a fourth possibility which is he's an insider who gets 100% truthful information and then goes onto forums and spreads 100% lies.

      This is what a lot of companies do when they are faced with potential PR issues which is to take the truth then spin spin spin it as positively as possible.

      Not that I know anything about CF since I never go there. Just stating the PR's job description.

    25. Khuang, I think it's dangerous to ask Chandler to do anything more than spot up shooting and to finish the occasional fast break!

    26. Some posters here said ClutchFans is the semi-official site funded by the Rockets. If this is true, Clutch would have his channels to verify the validity of this guy's self-proclaimed insider info. The thread hasn't been blocked by Cluth thus far so it kinda tell me Clutch's silence means consent(to "leak the info")?

      And after reading analysis by Psalm, Etane and alcsd, I'm inclined to go with the fourth possibility that it's a PR spin by the Rockets.

    27. I agree Etane, and that's why I would like to see Chandler Parsons become more like his idol Larry Bird.

      In college, Chandler Parsons was constantly compared to Larry Bird. Parsons even talked about how he modeled himself after Bird's game.

      Chandler Parsons has Bird's outside shooting and finishing on the fast break. But he doesn't have the complete array of skills that made Bird the greatest small forward ever to play the game (sorry Lebron - Lebron is as far off from Bird as Kobe is from Jordan).

      I'd direct Chandler Parsons to that youtube video of Bird and Auerbach and even his coach McHale teaching basketball fundamentals. ALL NBA players should watch this video.

      I post this video periodically here for Lin fans who want to learn how to play basketball the right way.

    28. Psalm,

      Everybody in the NBA knows that Bynum only plays the game for the money. The link about Bynum is NOT new.
      Here are some articles that were written about Bynum last year. Is Cybrex not only a Rockets insider, but also Lakers and Bulls too (with the way he claimed to have known ahead of time that Bulls was not only to match, when in fact Bulls claimed that they weren't going to match ahead of time). written 11/21/12 written 11/20/12 written 11/20/12

      Lets debunk everything Cybrex wrote on his first post.

      1. Rockets are going after Josh Smith or Millsap this summer. They like both.
      This is a no-brainer. They need a PF. What Morey can do is flip whoever he gets for a Howard or CP3. Or he can either hold on to that player and flip Lin and Asik for Howard the FOLLOWING YEAR.

      2. They Rockets are not that happy with McHale, questioning his tactics and his rotations (especially with Wizards/Bucks).
      Anyone who watched those games with a BRAIN knows that McHale screwed up big time.

      3. Rockets want a good backup to Harden, they are not happy with the minutes he is playing and they obviously see him for long term. Worried about damaging his knees with minutes/the style of play.
      OMG is this this inside information? Morey has been in love with Harden since 2009. Off course you want to protect your franchise player. The way they are playing Harden, off course he is going to get hurt. In fact he is already hurt. What else is new here? Hello!?

      4. They like DMO, they asked him to add a lot of size and to bulk up. If he comes through for the franchise there could be a good future with the team. They like the kid.
      Been hearing about they wanted DMO to bulk up awhile now. That is nothing new. It has been written in the article(s). He is the only PF that has post move. What is new here.

      5. Traded Patterson because they felt he was going to be overpaid when he became a FA. They wanted to avoid all that.
      This is where his stupidity is shown. Pattern is set to make $3.1m next year and $4.3m the following year (if the the qualifying offer is extended). If the Rockets decide to extend the qualifying offer to Patterson at $4.3, then Patterson becomes a restricted agent. If they decided not to, then he becomes a free agent.

      They can wait next year and trade him as an expiring contract. The reason they traded Patterson was to give DMO playing time. Morey even confirmed on a radio interview shortly after the trade was made.

      Cybrex needs to listen to Morey interviews before spitting out lies.

      6. With TROB, they dont really know what to expect from him. They dont include him in the future, but they dont discount him from it as well. Its more of a wait and see approach.
      TROB is young and raw. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know what to expect from him. He won't be in their future. The key to winning a championship is to have a quality PF and TROB is definitely not part of the plan. No, Cybrex, it's not wait and see approach because Morey will use him as a trading chip.

      7. They like Garcias leadership and bench presence.
      Garcias has been seen as the biggest cheerleader so what is new here. Yawn.

      8. Not sold on Smith as the backup C. They want a BIG MAN, not a PF playing the C.
      Even the average fan who knows nothing about the game knows that Smith isn't the answer. YAWN!

      9.Parsons is about to get PAID (obvious). They are so high on this guy its unreal. Lobbying him for MIP..
      NO Cybrex, the CBA doesn't allow for Parsons to get paid until this new contract expires in 2 1/2 years from now. You got confused the NBA with the NFL. Idiot!

    29. Have you followed his many postings in the Q&A format? It's interesting how he gave many small details. The guy is either real (with "mixed facts"), really smart guy or lunatic who managed to lie to himself :) I'm still looking for the motives behind it, though.


      I don't read everything on that long thread, but enough to know he is a liar and not a very good one. You do know there is such thing as "google" anything and you will probably find the answer. A lot of the stuff he has written you can find it by googling. The stuff about Bynum was so last year. LOL.

    30. Psalm: there's a fourth possibility which is he's an insider who gets 100% truthful information and then goes onto forums and spreads 100% lies.

      This is what a lot of companies do when they are faced with potential PR issues which is to take the truth then spin spin spin it as positively as possible.


      I don't think there is a 4th possibility at all. All they have to do is use Jonathan and Jason to write a nice PR article about how Lin wasn't 100% in the beginning etc.

      Here is the thing to consider. If you claim to have inside information, why announce it on the forum? Wouldn't it be better to just say a little bird told me.... or I heard a little bird..... Why is he answering questions from the members. The only explanation is that he is trolling.

    31. Jane,

      Rockets doesn't fund Clutchnet.

    32. alcsd. it could be possible that Jonathan and Jason are responsible for the feel good stories for general consumption and then another shady character pops up in forums to "give up" the "in the know" tid bits?

      Different strategy via different channels.

      Call it psy-op?

    33. You do realize by having a shady poster on that forum can ruin the Rockets reputation. Why the Rockets willing to lose its reputation? It's not that complicated. Rockets have smart PR people and I am sure all they have to do is order Jonathan and/or Jason to write a nice PR about coaches and Lin if they wanted it to.

    34. The only thing I'll add to this conversation about clutchfans is that even if were an officially sanctioned Rockets mouthpiece, I still wouldn't take it seriously.

      Within any NBA organization, there are as many opinions as there are of people. And just because an organization says they're going to do something doesn't mean that they follow through.

      Take the Lakers, for instance. They said they weren't going to fire Mike Brown, and he got fired anyway.

      In the case of fhe Rockets, Daryl Morey wrote that highly critical article of Ed Weiland and Lin right after Linsanity broke out. Four months later, he was signing Jeremy Lin.

      Many people here are first tome basketball fans because of Lin. They don't necessarily realize that NBA franchises are not as tightly run as they assume. Once they've obaerved the NBA long enough, they'll realize that the "cool aid" they accuse people of spewing can be both tasty and nutritious at the same time!

  10. Boy, I'm really sorry for opening up that can of worms! Look, Lin will play hard irregardless of what our opinion is, that's a fact. Having been around the block, my opinion is that he deserves to play on a team that respects his contributions.

    1. Pfft, you have nothing to apologize for!

      All of us would like to see Lin SHOWCASED!

      You're good.

  11. Anybody watching the NCAA tourney games? On TBS, one of the studio analysts is Rex Chapman. Rex Chapman is the one who made inflammatory, unapologetic, racist tweets about Jeremy Lin when the Knicks signed JR Smith. Yet here is Chapman, on national TV, happily giving his basketball opinions as if everything is fine, with no repercussions whatsoever. LOL @ the liberal media. They wouldn't dare call out a black man for being racist. (Chapman is part black). It's so fcking ridiculous, all you can do is laugh LOL.


    1. Wow that is pretty effed up. He never got in trouble for that? Then again, I forgot he is no longer relevant , loser!

    2. I remember the week after he tweeted that stuff, he was on NBATV as a guest analyst.

      Currently, he's a guest analyst for the NCAA tournament on TBS/TNT/truTV.

      Apparently, racism is condoned as long as it isn't against blacks.

    3. That is total bs. A little off topic but i have to say that Asians and Asian Americans are overlooked, igmored, and flat out screwed over at work all the time. just wanted to let everyone know that federal, state, and some local laws make employment discrimination illegal. also, it is illegal for an employer to retaliate against an employee for filing a complaint. if you feel that you are being discriminated against (didnt get that promotion, not paid equal salary, less of a bonus), go talk to an attorney.

    4. I am no longer a fan of chapman. classless fool. his parents must be very proud.

    5. Anti-Asian racism is a proud American tradition. It's as American as frigging apple pie.

      In fact, racism against Asians is so pervasive and normalized in America it's not even perceived as racism.

      You can just imagine the uproar if Rex Chumpman had tweeted similar drivel about Jews or Blacks, there would be an uproar, and CNN would be wetting its pants in media coverage.

      But when Chumpman tweets xenophobic racist tripe about Asians, hardly anyone bats an eyelash. Hell, a lot of people probably snickered up their sleeve and enjoyed his shyt.

      Welcome to "post-racial" Amurica!

    6. OK, I can't help it.

      I'm Asian, but I thought the racial tweet by Chapman wasn't offensive at all.

      I can see why Asians would think it's offensive. I have even tried to make myself feel offended - and I can't do it. I actually thought it was FUNNY!

      I didn't see any bashing of Lin or Asians. And hell yeah, it would be EASY for JR Smith to recognize Lin on the NBA court!

      Go ahead guys, criticize me. I won't fight back because I can't feel racial malice from this particular case, no matter how I try to spin it.

    7. @KHuang:

      Somebody made a joke about JLin thats entirely based on his race, looks and ancestry. That joke reduced JLin to a "chinese looking guy". The "chinese looking guy" is what this joke is based on! People who are OK with that usually make fun about the language too -> "ching chang chong". Why? Because chinese people look so funny -> chinese language even funnier!

      If I met a black man in america and I told him that I knew he was black because Ive been to Zimbabwe - what would he think? That would never be considered funny by anyone... except for those who dress up as black man (paint themsleves black) or chinese (draw themselves chinky eyes and put on faked teeth) for a haloween party.

      If you dont understand that then I can tell you that you dont understand too much. But I get it -> you only use the word "racism" to insult and label people if you loose and argument against them. You change your positions more often then the wind changes direction and you keep on claiming that you respect the people when you label and insult them as racists...

    8. Wow I just clicked on the link that achondro provided above and am appalled by the language used by a public figure in a public channel.

      That chink in the armor comment created a media shit storm, so I am surprised that this comment didn't get the air time. Maybe there was but I missed it.

      There's doubt whether the chink in the armor comment was directed at Lin's ethnicity. But, there's absolutely no doubt Rex's comment is racially motivated against Lin.

      Bar none, it's the most appalling racist remark I've read in a public forum in the 21st century. I don't see any humor in it at all.

      However, it this is the type of thing that gives us the general public the window into the minds of people within the system in how they view minority ball players as to the reasons why Lin has been bypassed on every level he's played at since HS.

      Only one person said it, but it's a prevalent though in the darkness that this tweet actually shed light on. And, it's criminal to try to smooth it over.

    9. "I say JR is such a great pick-up 4 the #Lins only because he's been playing the past 6-mo's in China. So easy now 4 him to recognize his PG."

      Didn't JR Smith indeed play 6 months in China?

      And wasn't he a great pickup for the Knicks at the low prorated salary the Knicks got him for?

      And isn't Lin awfully easy to spot on a NBA basketball court?

      Guys, I'm not here to start anything with anybody. Never have been. I'm just telling you the honest truth of how I feel, and you can throw stones and condemn me all you want.

      I've probably experienced more racism than all of you, especially physical violence. In this case, I definitely know better than most of you here because I'm older and more battle hardened than you guys.

    10. Somebody point out to me where Rex Chapman overtly criticized Lin's game, ethnicity, and legitimacy.

      willydilly's "chinese looking guy" thing WON'T CUT IT because that quote is made up by willydilly, not Chapman.

      Point out where Chapman degraded Lin and I'll happily admit error.

      But until then, I think you guys are overanalyzing this issue.

    11. I didnt make anything up KHuang because I didnt quote Chapman. Like I wrote above -> cant take you seriously anymore.

    12. So why you feelin da pain, willydilly?

      If Chapman didn't actually say anything that can be pointed out as racially offensive, is there really any need for any of us to be all worked up over this?

  12. Good to know who Harden thinks are the 3 leaders of the young Rockets! LOL

    James Harden ‏@JHarden13
    Started. LOL

    1. Heal the world
      make it a better place
      for you and for me and the entire human race...

    2. I see you're a big fan of the King of Pop, willy :)

  13. Hi, is this ISOLA, who stands by Lin's side?

    There are some more pics in TUMBLR.

    If so, I wonder what he was doing in TC (not sure when these pics were taken though).

    1. Frank Isola--or should I say, Frank Asshola--is a major Lin hater.

    2. What business does that guy have in Houston? A Jeremy hater like him still has the cheek to stand next to Jeremy?

  14. SAS,IND,MEM,LAC . They are going to L4 .

    1. LAC would be 50-50 but Spurs, Pacers, and Grizz would be a very big problem. Having Duncan, Hibert, and Gasol anchoring defense just sent shivers down to the bone. IMO the only way for us to win is to be better than them defensively for the whole games

    2. I do not know How Rox can handle the interior D on those BIG teams...Like what Harvard just did? shoot them out of the building :P

    3. Omer Asik and the other Rockets bigs have had good games against both the Spurs and Grizzlies.

      That's the key. Don't be afraid of the max contract shotblockers inside. Go right at them and establish the inside game.

      As for the Spurs, the key is to outathlete them. Last season, the Spurs just could not stop OKC and Harden. Just relentlessly isolate their aging and minimum wage players, especially on the perimeter.

      For this Rockets team, the Spurs and Clippers are the teams that I worry about.

    4. These games will be exciting to watch as they will be playoff like atmosphere type of games.

  15. Are you guys watching Harvard?

    They're leading late, and they might get their first ever NCAA tourney win. Lin is screaming his head off right now according to his twitter LOL.

    1. Harvard did it! 1st NCAA tournament win EVER!

      Huge upset over New Mexico, who many had picked to get to the Final Four. Wow!

    2. Haha!

      When Jeremy was at Harvard, the only other good players were freshman, who were just too RAW. But now they're a legit program and they showed it tonight.

      Imagine if Jeremy were three years younger and was on THIS Harvard team...Final Four!

    3. Yeah, prob Final Four. I was watching today and Lin would destroy all these guys.

    4. Funny thing is, their starting PG Brandyn Curry, and starting PF Kyle Casey, were not in the lineup this year. They withdrew from Harvard due to allegations of academic cheating.

      Looks like the rest of the team stepped up in the absence of their 2 superstars.

  16. Replies
    1. Harvard: 7 US presidents, 19 Supreme Court Justices, 46 Nobel laureates and now, 1 NCAA tournament victory, and one the only one NBA starter.
      Go Jeremy Lin, bring us a NBA Championship. You will became the first great NBA player from Harvard. haha

  17. KHuang, do you watch some college basketball lately? Any insight for the prospects in the coming draft?

    1. Thanks for asking, Cara.

      Generally I do not watch college basketball.

      I find that the level of play is too low, especially in recent years where early entry candidates have diminished the pool of good players every year. I would rather see the worst Washington vs Charlotte NBA game than the title match of March Madness.

      Plus, I find the nature of big time college basketball abhorrent. I think the players should be getting paid and paid well on top of their athletic scholarships. I can't stand watching SLAVE LABOR on the courts with universities pocketing millions of dollars when tuitions have risen to ridiculous levels and the NCAA is benefiting off the health of unpaid athletes.

      Me, I prefer watching pro basketball. Even summer league is far more interesting and higher in the caliber of play than any college basketball game ever has been. International ball interests me more too, as does the D League which I find fascinating.

      Personally, I think that the NCAA should do just like the pros do: institute a salary cap and pay players on a sliding scale based on academics, court performance, and number of years enrolled. I'd also give a four year graduation bonus to any athlete that went the distance plus another bonus for any scholarship athlete that played 4 years AND had stellar grades.

    2. Yeah, it's hard to watch but you can watch it to evaluate potential talent.

    3. Why just now is Harvard getting invited to March Madness? Was it because of Linsanity?

    4. For evaluating potential talent, I'll wait until the draft boards start coming out.

      Then I look at highlights and game clips of as many players as I can while reading up about people.

      I scouted Jeremy Lin AFTER the 2010 draft when he went unpicked, if I recall. I was very disappointed that Omar Samhan went undrafted when fatter guys like Dexter Pittman and Derek Caracter and guys with absolutely no game like Daniel Orton were being drafted over him. After all, it was Samhan whose name led me to Jeremy Lin. That year, the only player who I thought was going to be a decent player was John Wall.

      I have written about how it took me less than 5 minutes of watching Lin's reflexes and court sense and athleticism against UConn for me to declare him a NBA player. Then when I saw other videos of him, I was sold on him as a NBA player.

      Even I am not immune to the stupid press writing biased articles about people. Based on what I read, I had this preconceived notion of Jeremy Lin as this slow limited average NCAA player who was nothing more than an Asian race hyped puny scrawny no game outside shooting scrub. So when I saw him completely dominate that UConn game athletically, I literally jumped out of my seat and yelled at the screen "That's a NBA player!!!"

    5. Soon after I saw Lin play, I read up on scouting reports on him.

      I did see Ed Weiland's article. I thought that Ed Weiland was some paid guy working for an official NBA scouting service like Marty Blake.

      I originally figured that Lin would play a year or two in the D league, dominate more than he did at Harvard, and then barely make some NBA team. I also thought that Lin was going to be a low usage combo swingman who was brought off the bench as a defensive stopper, sort of like a Keith Bogans or Bruce Bowen or Thabo Sefolosha.

      Then after watching Lin play at Golden State, I had to revise my opinion. I knew Lin was offensively gifted, but I didn't know he was THAT gifted. That's when I came on in January 2012 and started proclaiming that Lin had "All star potential" and all that other stuff.

    6. @KHuang. - damn, u r good. U should be a professional scouter

    7. KHuang, have you heard of Chris Tang @ Oak Hill Academy? What do you think of this kid's potential long term?

    8. Etymology,

      the way the ncaa tournament works is that you can get into the tournament (field of 64) either by being voted in by the committee, or win your conference outright.

      harvard is the ivy league champ this year, so they received an automatic bid.

    9. I know about Chris Tang, mainly through this website.

      My policy is that I never scout anybody unless he actually declares for the draft, and I definitely don't scout high schoolers because their bodies and games change so much when they reach college age.

      Let's see if Chris Tang can earn the Division I scholarship that Jeremy Lin was denied.

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