Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rockets @ Magic Game #60 Pre Game Thread

Big game against the Magic. Rockets need to step up and perform like a playoff team. Share the ball and play some D.

Bottom line on JLin, his per36min numbers at 24 years of age compare favorably with Stockton, Nash, Payton, and Kidd. I'll do the whole breakdown for you later. Of course, guys like Kirk Hinrich and Andre Miller did as well, but I see him becoming more like the former than the latter.

Yes, he can be more consistent. However, that's tough to do when you're not really allowed to play your game or play to your strengths. JLin is basically out there with one hand tied behind his back and he still playing winning basketball.


  1. All I have to say is, Lakers is catching up to Rockets, just like I predicted they would. They're playing hard knowing they might not be making the playoffs.

    While Rockets squander away games against easy opponents...At home no less.

    Now Lakers are only 2 games behind. It doesn't take much for them to over take Rockets at this point.

    This isn't looking good. If Rox lose to Magic they might as well just give up, there's really no reason why Rockets shouldn't beat Orlando, but then again I have a feeling plenty of people are going to tell me just how special Magic is, just like every time Rox lose to some scrub team.

    Its up to Lin to bring it, since Harden may be out...He needs to play like he wants it, and believe in himself more, and less of the deferring, non-shooting, open-look skipping Lin we've been seeing for the last 2 games.

    1. Lakers also have added motivation with Dr. Buss' passing.

  2. Definitely missing via... a fount of links that I would otherwise be able to find or access.

    I find this to be an interesting point:

    "And while both their [Lin and Asik's] contracts were widely considered risks for teams that wanted to compete, possessed of a third year "poison pill", of 15 million dollars, it seemed to me unbelievable that everybody who commented on the story couldn't seem to see it another way-namely, that Houston has two great players for 5 million dollars for two years that magically morph into 30 million in expiring contracts at the end of that time."

    1. Why does everybody think that Lin is getting paid $15 million his final year ? .... he's not on the Knicks anymore, his salary will be spread out $8.3 million per season.

    2. Lin is getting paid $5m this year, $5m next year, and $15m in his third year, but $8.3 is being counted evenly toward salary cap each year. Any team traded for Lin will have $8.3M hit their salary cap. If Rockets were to trade Lin in year 3, that team will pay Lin $15m, but only $8.3 is counted toward the salary cap. Hope this helps.

    3. Lin is an unrestricted agent at the end of his contract, but Rockets or any team that traded for him for get his bird rights.

    4. Thanks, alcsd! Good info ...

  3. The Lakers are a better team than the Rockets. Look at all the star power and experience they have on their team, there is no comparison, the Lakers WILL be in the playoffs.

    The only question is, can Houston beat out Golden State or Utah (Who are having their own problems) to take the 8th spot in the playoffs. A lot of people think it doesn't matter if Rockets make playoffs as an 8th seed, they will probably get swept by the Spurs ... but it DOES matter, because free agents want to sign with playoff teams. No playoffs, no big name free agents.

  4. Well I hope the Rox win this game and ultimately end up making the playoffs. They apparently have the easiest schedule left but for whatever reason no game seems to be a gimmie for them. The trials and tribulations if a young team. .. Eh scratch that. but rather the pitfalls if a team coached by a moron.

    But if the Rox don't make it, the silver lining is that McHale will undoubtedly get fired after monumental collapse for 2 years in a row. So I look at it as a win win situation.

    But I do hope the team does well despite the coach, Jeremy uses his limited minutes efficiently with better shooting ( what is up with crazy shots last game? And McHale come to realize how much better this team is the more he plays.

    Magic should be an easy win.

    1. As long as this team is still under the same coaches, there will be no easy wins. McFridge will put Lin in the freezer while others will come up with excuse about Lin's ankle if Lin played bad just for the sake to make easiest sense

    2. Great, better not making the playoffs then. So, McFail will be fired. Jememy Lin can play his normal PG position next season.

  5. Time for linsanity tomorrow! :)hoping Lin wipeout the Magic

  6. Time for linsanity tomorrow! :)hoping Lin wipeout the Magic

  7. yeah I wonder where is via, the fembot? I'm not on her fembot level.. with my bastard of a job (website blocks, VPNs unallowed,no wi-fi,mobile network too constricted and slow) I cannot help in searching.

    on the other side if the Rockets lose against Magic tomorrow, its either they might be cursed not to make the playoffs this season or the team's stirred going to the wrong direction.

    1. Don't bother to look for new news regarding Lin, currently most news of Lin out there are trash so I doubt you want to read that anyway

    2. thanks for the hold off @Rikki M.

  8. Orlando has a player whose game I love.

    That is Andrew Nicholson, the prized rookie power forward with a polished low post game and was drafted after Royce White and Terrence Jones.

    Andrew Nicholson played 4 years at St Bonaventure. Along with Jae Crowder and the Rockets' original pick Jeremy Lamb, I had pegged Andrew Nicholson as one of the top picks in the draft as far as winning and losing goes.

    Nicholson is being slowly worked into the rotation by Coach Jacque Vaughn. Nicholson appears to have no trouble scoring and rebounding at the NBA level provided that he gets touches.

    I believe that Andrew Nicholson was the best big man in the 2012 draft over even #1 pick Anthony Davis. Had the Rockets drafted him, that would have been vastly superior to drafting Jones and White.

    1. I also consider Andrew Nicholson a vastly superior player over the lottery pick the Rockets essentially just drafted, Thomas Robinson.

      Andrew Nicholson is the kind of player that makes me throw my arms up in disgust when scouts overlook him. He has size and athleticism. He played a stellar 4 years and dominated. He's super mature, on and off the court. He has a polished low post game that was NBA ready from Day One, plus he actually has NBA 3 point range though he deliberately does not show it.

      What's NOT to like about this guy, other than that he isn't an overrated one-or-less-and-done BUST IN WAITING from John Calipari's D league team called the University of Kentucky?

    2. Thanks, this will make the game more fun to watch!

    3. You are welcome, Joeteam.

      Like I stated elsewhere in this thread, I see game and not skin color.

      Andrew Nicholson is a wonderful player who I follow. He's not as dramatic an example of bad scouting gone horribly astray like Lin, but he's pretty much defying everybody who said he couldn't play.

      For me, I just want to see the best basketball played by the best players. I am happy to see Jeremy Lin and Andrew Nicholson getting their chances.

    4. KHuang: I like these kinds of adds by you (and breadth from other posters) because it's hard to follow too much, with time loads. Right now, I'm trying to get into GSW and I missed Curry's great game in NY. Don't even have time to watch it on LP.

      Anyway, I try to focus on my real life and use most of y'all's comments for inspiration to do better. I'm not doing it for sports itself. Call it looking for Linspiration. Hate it when coach sits him when he's Linspiring.

  9. Although it is an apple to oranges comparison, I view Jlin as the Eli Manning of basketball.

    What makes him elite, just like Eli Manning, is his field sense (here I mean not just court vision, but his fantastic God given sense of timing, where he is able to deliver ball to the right spot, at the right time, so shooter always seems to catch the ball in rhythm, in addition to being wide open from Lin's dribble drive penetration)

    I remember watching Eli during the 2007 Super Bowl and thinking how he just seemed to chuck the ball down field under pressure and ball miraculously arrives at right spot, at right time, downfield so his receiver can catch the ball. When he did same thing in second super bowl win, I started to realize he wasn't just chucking, and it wasn't just luck.

    All the critics want to say Jlin isn't like Peyton Manning (obvious great quarterback in classical sense), but Eli, who never gets brought up on the greatest lists and is criticized as being as inconsistent, nonetheless has more rings than Peyton.

    Jlin isn't a foundational piece like James Harden, but he is the special sauce that can take a good roster of well matched players, who good coaching and coaching schemes, and turn them into something special.

    And it is not just his ability to break down defenses. He really seems to deliver the ball, not just at the right spot, but at right time, so recipient can shoot it in rhythm (e. g. Novak during Linsanity. Erie Bayhawks game where announcer specificially commented how Lin just didn't deliver ball to cutter to basket, but to inside shoulder of cutter to basketball, so he could catch the ball in full stride while continuing to accelerate to basket).

    Don't forget his Reno Bighorns game (vs. Idaho Stampede), where Steve Novak had just joined the team that day, went off from 3 point line being fed by Lin and immediately got called up to the Spurs. Coach Musselman said how beautiful it was watching three really smart players (Lin, Novak, and Danny Greene (now with Spurs) play off of each other, so that he didn't even doing any coaching, and just figuratively grabbed a bag of popcorn and watch plays unfold as a fan).

    (Wish those Big Horn game archives were available for re viewing, because Lin always took big shots within the flow of the game, not sometimes deliberately hoisting a shot, trying to create a little bit of forced Linsanity, like he seems to do now from time to time)

    1. "One of the twists in all this is that Novak and Lin actually began to form their partnership about a year ago, in an outpost several solar systems removed from Madison Square Garden. They were teammates for one game with the Reno Bighorns of the NBA D-League, and they played some terrific basketball in a 110-96 victory over the Idaho Stampede at Qwest Arena in Boise, Idaho. Lin had 17 points and nine assists, and Novak finished with 21 points on 8-of-10 shooting—including a 5-of-7 effort from the 3-point range. An announced crowd of 2,461 was on hand.

      "It's the only time I've ever coached where I've looked at my assistant and said, 'We're never losing another game,'" said Eric Musselman, who was Reno's coach at the time. "It was ridiculous. I actually wanted to grab some popcorn and a Diet Coke and sit in the stands."

      Novak, who had been released by the Dallas Mavericks, was a late addition to the squad, and Idaho coach Randy Livingston said it was slightly demoralizing to arrive at the gym that night to find Novak warming up. "As a team, we were really starting to turn the corner," Livingston said in a telephone interview. "We had their personnel down. We'd done a ton of scouting. We knew Jeremy was coming. And then Steve Novak shows up."

      The Golden State Warriors recalled Lin after the game, which meant Novak was on his own against the Stampede the following night. He fared well, scoring 16 points on 5-of-9-shooting, but he said he missed Lin. "I remember thinking that it was a lot more difficult to play without him," he said."

    2. Nice 'replay' thank you Joe.

  10. this season was supposedly an experimental one, but the rockets blossomed unexpectedly into a playoff contending team in large part due to harden's consistent play. now the expectation has been elevated despite of how morey and basketball journalists alike downplay the rockets as being a growing young team finding its ways. ultimately, lin will be evaluated on whether the rockets make the playoffs or not. he will be seen as an inconsistent player throughout the season and will be partially blamed for the teams lack of success. no one is going to wait for lin to take his sweet time to improve in a few years. if lin doesn't get with the program and on the train, it's going to take off without him. and that's the reality of the nba.

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    3. the 3 with the biggest contracts (harden, lin, asik) are putting in their contracts worth, except for lin. despite of how bad asik is with his hands, he has been one of the few reasons the rockets were successful this season with his rebounding. parsons has been an important piece also, but he doesn't have a big contract to speak for so he'll be seen as exceeding expectations regardless if he can handle the ball or not.

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    5. there's a reason les didn't outright compliment lin. there's a reason basketball writers don't mention lin as much when talking about "star." while lin doesn't believe he has to prove anything, he still has lots to prove despite being asian or not. if he continues with that kind of mentality, he'll be packing up and heading for the door before he even knows it. it's cruel but that's the reality. in the nba, if you're a star by contract or a star in actuality, you have to show it with consistent high level play; otherwise, you're a bench player at best and a d-league player at worst.

    6. i'm ready. let the berating begin.

    7. zzz.

      we on this forum DON'T CARE what the media thinks about Lin being a bust.

      we here are diehard basketball fans that knows that as Lin goes, so do the Rockets.

      Besides, Harden gives up more points than he scores. It is IN SPITE of Harden that Lin is winning.

    8. you might not care about what media thinks, but many do. how can you say that. a recent article by grantland saying morey is looking for a second star got people fuming here so dont give me that.

    9. Clearly, Lin is not a bust. But at the same time, no huge surprise. Just chugging along. Having followed Rockets for over half of their season, I definitely feel that Rockets consider Lin 3rd in the pecking order. Lin is an under-appreciated 1st wife to them, while Harden is their new hot mistress, and Parsons is their more-appreciated young 2nd wife. Sorry for the lack of a better analogy.

    10. No, I'll "give you that".

      I am totally unlike you. I totally do not care what the media thinks. I've been watching the NBA too long to care what people think!

      On the court, I know who's playing and who's not. Every time I see Harden doing pirouettes on defense because some slow guard is greyhounding him, I get great exercises from throwing my arms up in disgust. And when Lin helps down low but recovers fast enough on the outlet to contest the jumpshot (he's the only Rocket that even JUMPS at shooters), I just go "cool".

      Sure people here are affected by the media. So am I, if you read my above post. I fight it though. What I am seeing on the court is totally opposite of how Lin is being portrayed in the media. I'm just more unplugged than most people, so my negative reaction to media racism is stronger than anybody else's.

      pacapunch, this is an EXCELLENT discussion. If you look closely, you will see that I actually agree with you more than I present myself as doing. Good going.

    11. Superb analogy, eb5attorney.

      Or is Jeremy Lin more like the MAID that comes in and cleans up after everybody while also actually raising the kids?

    12. lin is the 3rd option in the pecking order because he's 3rd in ppg on the team. what do you expect? keep giving lin the ball to shoot when you have harden, parsons, and delfino who can make it more consistently, granted lin had a great stretch this month when he shot well.

    13. papapunch, I don't even care or want Lin to be 3rd in scoring. What I want Lin to be allowed to do is to pass and dictate the play and rhythm of Rockets' offense. He's a perfect player for this, as he does not seek points. Parsons really benefited from having Harden on the team, but the guy has to realize that he should not be dribbling as if he's a PG.

    14. I agree with eb5attorney (who knows the game as well as anybody here).

      I think I'm literally the only person on this entire forum who doesn't see any need for Lin to have a different role on offense. I keep saying that the Rockets are scoring 110 points no matter who the opponent is, so offense is not the problem.

      I do want the Rockets to play defense, though. Jeremy Lin is already playing flawless defense, so I expect nothing more of him. But would James Harden at least move his feet laterally and get his hands up instead of putting on a ballerina tutu and doing triple axels pirouettes on defense??? And would McHale start in with a real defensive strategy, like maybe giving Lin some help on those pick and rolls when Lin is defending two or more guys all at once.

      If I could throw out a complaint against this board, it would be this: Since only half the time in a basketball game is spent on offense, what about the OTHER end of the court where the Rockets but not Lin are getting DEMOLISHED??

    15. lin is not allowed to pass? he ranks 1st in assists per game on the team.

    16. lin is not flawless on defense khuang. c'mon man. no one is ever flawless on defense. while lin is better with team defense, lin still lacks as an on-the-ball defender so he's not perfect.

    17. And hey, I'm all for Lin being the designated passer if the Rockets ask him to be in their extremely rudimentary new halfcourt sets.

      As long as the Rockets keep scoring 110, Lin can keep playing his current role for all I care.

      It's just like people saying that Tim Duncan is no good anymore, that Tony Parker is carrying the team, that Duncan doesn't deserve a max contract. It's all a bunch of BUNK because Tim Duncan is out there killing teams, including Lin's Rockets. Even without touches, Tim Duncan murders opponents with his defense and court spacing and decoying.

      I want Lin to become a guard version of Tim Duncan. Lin's actually almost all the way there!

    18. pacapunch, we're not in disagreement here.

      Nobody in NBA history is truly able to make perfect defensive reads 100% of the time.

      However, Lin is playing hard defense 100% of the time and is making as much defensive impact as any guard I have ever seen in the NBA. Lin receives absolutely no defensive help and is often trying to cover up his teammates' utter refusal to defend, yet he still does a great job.

      Lin cannot be doing any more than he is doing on defense. I am totally satisfied and amazed with Lin's defensive prowess. I now believe that he's the BEST defensive guard I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot since I've watched guys like Michael Jordan and Michael Cooper and Dennis Johnson and Dennis Rodman and Alvin Robertson and young Jason Kidd and John Stockton and Joe Dumars and and and.

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    20. tim ducan can be called no good anymore and dont deserve max contract because he doesn't have the same punch as before and that's the truth; but he's still effective after accumulating substantial experience over the years and championships under his belt. so duncan doesn't have to prove himself anymore, unlike lin. it is also true parker is carrying the team now. if lin wants to be a guard version of duncan, he first has to prove he can play consistently, win some championships, and garner 15 years of experience. has lin achieved the following:

      4× NBA champion (1999, 2003, 2005, 2007)
      3× NBA Finals MVP (1999, 2003, 2005)
      2× NBA Most Valuable Player (2002–2003)
      14× NBA All-Star (1998, 2000–2011, 2013)
      9× All-NBA First Team (1998–2005, 2007)
      3× All-NBA Second Team (2006, 2008–2009)
      All-NBA Third Team (2010)
      8× All-Defensive First Team (1999–2003, 2005, 2007–2008)
      5× All-Defensive Second Team (1998, 2004, 2006, 2009–2010)
      NBA Rookie of the Year (1998)
      NBA All-Rookie First Team (1998)
      NBA All-Star Game MVP (2000)

      lin is not even close to duncan so it's too far fetched to put lin and duncan in the same breath.

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    22. ducan can do whatever he's doing because he's duncan, an all time great. lin is not and has plenty to prove and an uphill battle. he just needs to elevate his game. no matter how content people feel his game is at or that he's great already, that's simply not true and the reality.

    23. See pacapunch, you demonstrate my points perfectly.

      The Spurs are still the best regular season team in the NBA, and Duncan is the main reason why.

      Parker takes most of the shots, but who sets him up and spaces the court for him? DUNCAN.

      Outside of Parker, the Spurs are a HORRIBLE team composed of castoffs and D leaguers. Yet they are great because Duncan anchors them on both ends of the court.

      In recent years, the Spurs get athletically exposed by younger teams like OKC. Yet even in those losses, Duncan is still a 20 point 10 rebound MVP producer. Nobody is outplaying Tim Duncan, even as his weak teammates get exposed.

      Duncan is still the best PLAYER in the NBA by a longshot, when it comes to actually winning basketball games.

    24. but lin is no duncan, not even a guard verson. lin has a long way to go. he needs to prove himself if he wants to be even near a duncan caliber player.

    25. Hey Racha, ops, pacapunch, can you make up your mind before you post your comments? It is rather frustrating to refresh the page only to find out no new comments posted, but old comments deleted and revised comments posted by you. You don't have to make every one of your comments perfect. After all, none of us here is perfect.

    26. what are you talking about. racha? i am who i am. dont try to change the subject when we're just having an honest discussion.

    27. Lin's not a guard version of Duncan?

      What was Linsanity about?
      What was Lin's dominant defensive stats in Golden State about?
      What was Lin's scoring 20+ points a game against contenders like SAS and OKC all about?
      What is Lin being one of the NBA leaders in steals all about?
      What are the double and triple teams thrown at Lin all about?

      I could keep going ...

    28. what was linsanity about?

      it was about lin and an unbelievable 7 game winning streak that went perfectly.

      what was lin's dominant defensive stats in Golden State about?

      that was 1 game, duncan has been on the all defensive team 8 times and 5 on the defensive second team.

      what was lin scoring 20+ points a game against contenders like sas and okc about?

      that's only 2 games, duncan has more than 2 games when he scored 20 or more.

      what is lin being one of the nba leaders in steals is all about?

      because lin can steal, has nothing to do with duncan.

      what are the double and triple teams thrown at lin all about?

      don't know what you're talking about. wasn't that debunked yesterday as you not watching any of the rockets games?

    29. Lin has been plenty doubled this season, so don't pretend that he hasn't been double and triple covered.

      In the NBA, offenses change as the season rolls along because opponents adjust. The Rockets still score their 110 ppg.

      Evidently, pacapunch, you are trying to degrade Jeremy Lin. That's totally cool - but it won't work because too many of us here have been watching the NBA for too long.

    30. Oh yeah.

      After Mike Woodson took over, Lin went 6-1.

      As a Golden State rookie, Lin led the team in PER, was #2 in the NBA in steals and blocks per minute among guards, and tore up the D League.

      Lin has had multiple 20 point scoring games this season agains playoff contenders. Not even pacapunch can pretend that Lin only scored 20+ ppg twice this season.

      Now that the facts are straight, what's with the Lin fan hate?

    31. degrading? i dont think so. why dont you ask any one nba pundits to compare lin to duncan and tell me what they say in regards to lin as a point guard version of duncan.

    32. I agree with pacapunch. Noone except for us lin fans recognize the crappy situation he has been placed in with a nonbeliever as his head coach.

      If Lin wants to stay a starter in this league, he needs to produce more and be much more consistent.

      We can say all we want about how Lin is a team player and how important Lin is to the success if this team, but unless he does a better job of impacting the team's play he will be relegated to a bench player in a few years to the likes of jj rddick.

      Having said that, the real test will come next year where Lin will judged as success or failure but Lin needs to do a better, a much more consistent job with the hand that he's been dealt. I sucked because if the coach is an excuse no one except for us will recognize.

    33. thank you solidz75. finally someone who i can see eye 2 eye. i hate mcfail as much as anyone here but i dont want to gloss over lin's performance as great all the time.

    34. Why should I STOOP SO LOW to ask the DUMBASS "NBA pundits" that insisted that Lin could never ever possibly succeed in the NBA, pacapunch?

      You don't actually agree with NBA front offices and scouts that believe that Lin doesn't belong in the NBA, pacapunch? Or DO YOU?

      And solids75, there's absolutely nothing wrong with being a JJ Redick type player - even though Lin can score and defend and pass and rebound and block shots and steal and lead and win in a way that JJ Redick could never athletically do even on the best day of his life.

      pacapunch, why do you align yourself with the Lin haters in the media and NBA front offices that insist that he does not deserve to play in the NBA? You understand that every time Lin kicks somebody's butt it reflects bad on your "NBA pundits" that want to see him fail in order to keep their jobs, right?

    35. you give me a migraine khuang. many know you are very enthusiastic about lin and comes to his defensive like no other so i surrender. i will disappear into the moles hole. you win. you're the champion.

    36. If Lin becomes jj red duck type if bench player, that will be a great potential wasted.
      Pacapunch has a point though. We as Lin fans have a biased view towards Lin. The perception still exists that Jeremy can't be more than a role player and this is a perception Lin will need to disprove so that imbecile like McHale will never disrespect him in such manner again.

      In order for this to happen, The onus is on Lin to date McHale to sit him by playing more consistently during the minutes he is given. Once media finally see what we see, eg McHale limiting Lin's minute for inexplicable reason, that is when things things will change.

      This is a tall order for anyone.. But Lin will have to find a way.

    37. I completely DISAGREE with you and pacapunch, Solid75.

      We Lin fans are the only ones who are UNBIASED in looking at Lin.

      We see a tremendously capable NBA star with All Star talent making All Star plays. Yet we also see a racial anomaly in the NBA who is regarded with mistrust as best by teammates and opponents alike. That is not a Lin worshiping view, that's an HONEST view based on Lin's All Star talent and his No-Star treatment by teammates and coaches.

      Lin will NEVER be a limited JJ Redick player, not until Lin's final NBA days at least. Lin has All Star athleticism that Redick will never have, and that's why Lin makes such a greater impact that JJ Redick does.

      More importantly, I think pacapunch has had his young brain filled with too much anti Lin anti Asian media garbage.

      The media loves to LIE that anybody who's a Lin fan is some deranged Lin worshiper who thinks he can do no wrong just because he's a token Asian who doesn't belong in the NBA and is there only because of his color. So when Lin succeeds, the media loves to criticize Lin as just being "fortunate" as opposed to "skilled" and Lin fans as being "blind worshipers". It's WRONG, and that's why I HATE the media.

      I have repeatedly written that if any player of any other color were doing what Lin was doing, that player would be celebrated as "The Next Great Guard".

      I watched Jason Kidd come up as a rookie with way less game than Lin, and people celebrated him. I watched Tim Hardaway cross people up but be unable to stop anybody. I watched John Stockton get his steals and assists artificially inflated by the Utah homecourt statkeepers while he scurried around unable to score on his own without assistance. I watched Steve Nash STRUGGLE just to stay in the NBA at the same point Lin is at now. Lin is BETTER than all those guys.

      I find it INSULTING that we Lin fans here are called "biased"!

    38. Honestly at this rate Lin will get traded.

      McHale rather have a scoring guard than a PG cause he's clueless. His free flow motion offense gets stopped by top 10 defense every game but he doesn't realize it.

      Lin IS a role player right now, he has all the skills in the world but that's how McHale uses him. In order for his stock to NOT fall further Lin MUST get better at playing the role player and SCORE, in addition to everything else he does well right now.

      I just don't see Rockets keeping Lin past his contract.

    39. And what would be so bad about Lin getting traded, Kenoshi?

      No matter where Lin plays in the NBA, he's going to play great just like he has for 3 different NBA teams.

      Lin can fit into any system. Now that McHale has inadvertently forced Lin into becoming a great off the ball player, Lin is now a complete offense defense guard.

      How could I worry about a guy like Lin who's got All Star athleticism and a totally complete basketball skill set?

    40. Of course we are biased. We are Lin fans and a lot if us are going to give Lin the benefit of the doubt. I recognize my biases and try to limit it as much as possible by not overlooking his shortcomings, but to deny that we are perfectly impartial is just deceiving ourselves.

      Yes I completely acknowledge the racial undertones when it comes to Lin and its infuriating as hell. But that is the reality if Asian American trying to break into a black dominated professional sport.

      I think Lin has handled himself remarkably well and I'm sure he is pissed off as hell inside that McHale is not treating him with respect that he deserves, but all Lin can do at this point is to continually improve with belief in God.

      But not to veer off from my point, lets not fool ourselves khuang. You are high on Lin's potential as we all are. And i see that u r a student of the tame but to consider yourself a perfectly impartial when it comes to Lin, rooting as an Asian for an Asian player to succeed -- come on man. Lets keep it real.

    41. My definition of "role player" vs "star" is also different from that of the media.

      To me, a "star" is a guy that impacts winning or losing while a "role player" is a guy that can be teplaced and the team doesn't win or lose more.

      Jeremy Lin is no role player to me. As he goes, so do the Rockets.

      This good debate here is about one thing: the unceasing race based media flaming of Lin vs. the diehard colorblind basketball analysis done by people like me and others on this forum.

    42. No solid75, I'm not the "biased" observer of Lin you erroneously claim I am.

      Every few months I have to rehash this topic to a new set of readers, and it's something I used to find distasteful but actually enjoy nowadays.

      HELL NO, I don't follow Lin because he's Asian!!!

      I follow Lin because he's "The next great guard" that I'd be celebrating no matter what color he was. His Asianness plays into it because that's what made Lin overlooked, but I do not root for Lin due to his color one iota!

      When Yao Ming was playing, I didn't root for him. I didn't like his post fundamentals or his uninstinctive approach to the game. I liked Yao about as much as I liked Patrick Ewing when I was a Knicks fan, and that was VERY LITTLE.

      Wang Zhi Zhi and Mengke Bateer came into the NBA before Yao. I actually liked Wang, but I didn't see him as being more than a decent backup on the right team. Mengke Bateer I was largely unimpressed with.

      The guy who I am GLAD is out of the NBA is Yi Jianlian. I felt he was a bust who never should have been drafted. He has done nothing in the NBA, just like the horribly overrated Sun Yue did zilch. Not even Jeremy Lin could turn Yi or Sun into NBA players.

      If Jeremy Lin did not have NBA game, I'd not even be on this forum. If he had fatal flaws like bad defense or offensive selfishness, I'd criticize the heck out of him and be called a troll. Instead I'm forced to marvel at Lin's decisionmaking and game. Lin has no weaknesses that a bunch of sympathetic teammates and some high level coaching could not totally solve.

      It's insulting media garbage to call Lin fans "biased" just because they like an Asian player. For me, that's even more galling because I have followed many other nonAsian players with Lin intensity for decades.

      It's WRONG to call me biased.

    43. If current trends continue, you'd be the only person in the world that thinks Lin is not a role player, Khuang.

    44. "Of course we are biased. We are Lin fans and a lot if us are going to give Lin the benefit of the doubt."

      if as a lin fan also doubting him like others do, then what's the point being call a "fan" any way?

      I think many do recognized his flaws and knows that he's not perfect and he is just like other NBA players that has ups and downs.So, yes, I don't think lin fans are biased. Maybe you seen some, maybe I failed to see the same like you do. This just my 2 cent thought about it.

    45. Etane, you know I'd be OK with that.

      Besides, every player in the NBA is a "star" to me. I'm a true fan of the entire league, even the players I criticize.

    46. But, khuang, I already knew you're perfectly OK with that from months of reading your posts.

    47. So you got a problem with that?

      You trying to start up with me again? I'll oblige you if you are.

    48. My god that term biased seems to get on people's nerves. Okay let's use the term Lin fan centric view. I honestly think its impossible to be entirely unbiased when you are a fan if somebody but we differ in definition and connotation.

    49. The question, Solidz75, is if you think that "biased" or "fan centric" Lin fans are a bunch of NUTCASES.

      Etane has openly stated that Lin fans are delusional here, and at least he's totally honest about hating EVERYONE on this site.

      So Solidz75, do you think Lins fans here are NUTCASES?

    50. @pacapunch:

      "there's a reason les didn't outright compliment lin. there's a reason basketball writers don't mention lin as much when talking about "star." while lin doesn't believe he has to prove anything, he still has lots to prove despite being asian or not. if he continues with that kind of mentality, he'll be packing up and heading for the door before he even knows it. it's cruel but that's the reality. in the nba, if you're a star by contract or a star in actuality, you have to show it with consistent high level play; otherwise, you're a bench player at best and a d-league player at worst."

      The previous debate over Lin v Duncan missed this point. Are you saying politically, Les is not going to keep Lin around if he doesn't show more consistency in stats/scoring/3s?

      I can buy the institutional pressure. Yes, if they pay Lin $5-8m/yr, they deserve to get performance the way they want it.

      But, I don't think it's correct to say Lin doesn't feel a need to prove anything. I see him striving to win, prove team capability, admitting his need to work on things.

      Anyway, good point on corporate requirements, *and* I think Lin is still trying to figure it out with the team. To me, the team is not taking advantage of one great possibility with the players - to tie their indiv skills and weaknesses to the glue that is the team part of Linsanity. It happened most notably after a losing streak. Let's look for it today, as we've lost 2.

      I tend to think this coaching staff gets hubris, and after losses, rethink things. Same with some playaz. That's when Lin can shine a bit. Mr. 4th quarter, clutch, allows himself to take the reigns when people run out of ideas ... and they let him. That's really a traditional leadership call-up point for Asian Americans in the west, to be honest. Or let's just say minorities in general - you have to let people get to a place where they need you, and I think Lin works that way if you watch closely his ebb and flows on when he takes the reigns. The problem is, as soon as there is any movement toward success, you are asked to sit down again. That is the life of the underdog. I love dogs! because they deserve their love. Cats ... ehhh.

    51. So you're not a Charlotte fan.

    52. Khuang do not put words in my mouth. U really have a skewed sense of being a fan. Being an over zealous, obsessed fanatic is different than simply being a fan of someone. Of course there is wide spectrum of people in between. But to equate being a fan as being a nutcase is way too extreme. Almost u act like everyone is a nutcase here. Did the LOH get to u or something?

    53. i'm surprised no one has brought this up yet.

      back to the original post about lin's play vs. his "big" contract.

      against the cap he's a $8mil/yr player. there's been plenty of posts confirming that his performance TODAY is pretty much consistent with other $8mil/yr PG's. Plenty.

      asik is undervalued, and so is parsons so you can't really compare lin to the two of them.

      if linsanity is what is expected of him then he would be a max player.

      this should end all argument as to whether or not he's performing up to his contract.

      whether of not he's performing up to his potential is another story...

    54. Fair answer, Solidz75.

      We just don't agree in our estimation of Lin, though to what extent I cannot tell!

  11. Just out of curiosity, I have not join this forum for a long time but I think we are all Lin's Fan here. So how many of you think Lin does not lived up to his contract to this point as a Lin's fan?

    1. I totally agree with Melo. This contract is ridiculous.
      ....This contract is underpaid for Jeremy Lin.

    2. That's actually a two part question, Brent Yen.

      If we look at it from the eyes of the racist media and standard basketball people who think Lin is not running, jumping, scoring, defending, winning, and losing enough, then ABSOLUTELY Lin has been the utter bust of busted busticular busts.

      But if we take off the Asian hating goggles and simply view Lin as a colorless player being compared against other colorless players and evaluate him in the sense of winning or losing, then Lin has been an total bargain. I'd definitely say that Lin has amply proven himself as the best two way offense-defense guard in the NBA and has an oversized impact on winning. He'd have won more games for the Rockets if the Rockets even pretended to play defense.

      Keep in mind that one definitely can be a Lin fan and NOT a racist while still buying into conventional media racist complaints about Lin's game. The heavy handed influence of the media is stronger than we know, and even a Matrix unplugged rural caveman like me has to occasionally fight its pervasive anti Asian deleteriousness.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Actually pacapunch, your description of me is TOTALLY ACCURATE.

      The media HATES Asians, especially Jeremy Lin. To them he's an utter bust.

      Believe it or not, I do not defend Jeremy Lin because he is an Asian like me. I defend Jeremy Lin because he is a TERRIFIC basketball player who is drastically outperforming guys like Ricky Rubio who are written about as "the next great thing". Why should Jeremy Lin be criticized more than guys that vastly underperform compared to him?

      pacapunch, the craziesr thing you'll discover about me is that I DO NOT see color on a basketball court. So when I see Jeremy Lin killing some guy like Stephen Curry that the media says is incomparably better than Lin, I simply see a basketball player killing another basketball player. No media anti Asian racist spinning can deny me of what my COLORBLIND eyes saw.

    6. pacapunch, you DID NOT have to delete your posts about me.

      I took absolutely no offense to them because I thought they were TRUE!

      Even if you don't like me or don't agree with me, that shouldn't stop you from posting your views of me as a "far right liberal" when it comes to racial issues. I didn't see anything wrong with that!

    7. It's outrageous to me that Rubio is an All-star and is considered a close to max or max player. Rubio shows absolutely no potential when it comes to scoring. If I was Kevin Love and saw Rubio was getting more money than me, I would get the hell out of there.

    8. DEFINITELY agree about the hate on azn americans. Americans don't learn their lessons unfortunately. Even in southern california where asian population maybe hover around 20 - 30 percent, people still are ignorant and will say really racist stuff about Asians. But they'll be much more careful on Blacks and Hispanics. The hypocrisy is simply ridiculous.

      Another thing that's on a more personal level, my ex of 3 yrs was black, her family was awesome...but her friends (mostly white) were the biggest critics. I was like 'REALLY'....after 300 hundred years of AMerican history, you're gunna say that behind my back even before meeting me? Simply sad imo. Lastly, there are some down and out Asian Americans out there that really like to victimize themselves and blame it on their skin color and pull other Asians down. That's the worst.

    9. I don't really look at his contract to judge his play but this issue inevitably comes up.
      I don't personally believe that Lin has lived up to his 8 mil a year contract, not because he is not that player but because the coach has not tried to get the max value out if him.

      How can u call player worth 8 mil when u play him about 32 min per game. It's like having a Ferrari but keeping in the garage and saying its not with the money.

      McHale is doing a horrible job when it comes to Lin. People may say it is stupid to blame the coach and Lin needs to perform better but honestly, this season has been a demoralizing one for Lin mainly because of McHale ineptitude.

      If rockets truly want to find what they have in Lin, structure the game with a traditional pg instead if trying to outrun your apponents to a win with this anything goes offense. Then they can make a fair evaluation of whether Lin is worth the money.

    10. Yes Ricky T, we Asian Americans experience those things every say.

      Here, I get targeted more than anyone because of my Asian screenname.

      The media and American culture views its Asian Americans as villains. On this site, that view is constantly expressed.

      What's different about this site is that the Asian American readership actively fights back. That makes this forum different from most other places.

    11. I think Lin lived up to his contract and more, he has been key in every victory so far.

      Problem is he is being misused.

    12. Kenoshi, what if Lin was used right?

      The last time Lin was "used right", his teammates TURNED ON HIM and his franchise got rid of him.

      What guarantee is there of Lin being "used right" by another franchise, and wouldn't Lin's new set of teammates TANK on Lin the way Lin's departed power forwards Patterson and Morris refused to set screens or help Lin defend even though both those players enjoyed career seasons because of Lin feeding them?

    13. Never know until you tried KHuang :)

      Knicks was a caustic environment to begin with. The ones that turned are really the "stars" or "wannabe stars" like Melo, JR Smith, and even Shumpert. Couple that with a coaching change, well its easy for a fracture to form within that team.

      Landry/Novak/Chandler/TD certainly had his back.

      On Rockets, its hard to say, I can see Morris tanking, but Patterson was playing well with Lin. Harden just plain sucks on D but I actually see their chemistry get better, and Harden actually deferring to Lin sometimes. Parsons has his bromance going with Lin. Asik is kind of a mixed bag. Lin and Bev/Anderson/DMo seems to get along fine. TRob remains to be seen.

      Harden is the de-facto star on the Rockets right now, not even Lin would dispute that. They are building around him while filling their holes at the 3/4. Funny thing is, if Lin were to be used right they'd win more games, they are really shaping up to be a good duo, problem is this garbage system they're forced to play.

      And you know what KHuang, you said it yourself many times, Les has Lin's back, unlike Knicks who's owner is an ass that gets easily offended and needs an entourage like CAA to tell him things are alright, not to mention a GM who is actually smart.

      Only problem I see here on the Rockets is the coaching. THEY definitely don't believe in Lin.

    14. Lin is paid accordingly for his talent, over paid for his usage and under paid for having to make everyone else on the team appear serviceable while taking the blame for the entire organization's faults.

    15. I can predict lots of things in the NBA.

      What I cannot predict is how people will react to Lin being increasingly perceived as a legitimate NBA player.

      So far, reactions have been very mixed. Some of Lin's teammates are mixed in their responses toward Lin, and that's typical American treatment toward Asian Americans.

      I used to write that Lin would go as far as his talent would take him. I've been forced to change that because Lin is a lot more unique than I thought. Lin will go as far as he's ALLOWED to go.

    16. And, Khuang, you're OK with that, right?

    17. You're pissed off at me and this forum again, Etane.

      Tell me. What is it that you are so angry about this time?

    18. That you don't stick on topic.

    19. And what topic is that, Etane?

      The topic of the thread, or the TIRED RACIST ASIAN BASHING that you cannot refrain from gleefully indulging in?

      Don't gimme your smart alec answer "both" either because you'll be lying again like you consistently have in the past.

    20. @Kenoshi, I didn't now Shump turned on Lin. They had a good handshake when they met up. I'll search for it ... can you explain if it's easy?

      On media debate, I don't really count them as much, not in KHuang's way, but in the way that without subscription income, they are forced to attract viewers for adv revenues. So, editorial has gone out the window, and the slider bar has moved to yellow journalism for a decade or 2. The only way it will be more objective is if we all subscribed to an NBA magazine, where their mission was to work for us. They now work for the concentrated media buyers, who buy based on spot readership data.

    21. Sorry, khuang, what were you saying again? I momentarily tuned you out.

    22. Awwww, poor Etane.

      Got yourself caught up trying to troll this forum and then got stuck in your own trap.

      Don't worry. Even though you have had a momentary lapse of tuning me out, people here know exactly how singleminded you are in trying to troll the Asian members like me here.

      See you later, Asian hater.

    23. Go watch some games then come back to talk about it instead of repeating what others are saying here but with your twisted version.

      Lin double coveraged all the time? Didn't happen.

      Rox motion offense? Didn't happen.

      Nothing you said in this thread about the previous game happened. Why are you even talking? I don't get it.

    24. I LOVE IT, Etane.

      When you deliberately try to flame me and the other Asian readers here, you twist yourself so mich that we end up agreeing.

      Of course Lin doesn't always get doubleteamed, and of course the motion offense doesn't always work!

      Thus you've exposed yourself as AGREEING with me, and that's because you have excellent basketball knowledge.

      When you posted that you were a former high level college basketball player, I fully believed that because of your total knowledge of the game.

    25. Nice misdirect. Face it. You are only good at repeating what others have said in this and other forums. You have no personal basketball experience or any knowledge gained from watching the games.

      But, you got a mouth. Gotta give you that much.

    26. @JoeTeam was something I caught some comment Shumpert made about the whole Lin leaving fiasco, it was negative...I don't remember exactly what he said, but was something in the line of Felton vs Lin.

    27. Negative against who? I did a quick google but didn't find anything.

    28. Too many people, INCLUDING YOU ETANE, have agreed with me for you to make that asinine hater claim that I have "no personal knowledge of the game" or "no lnowledge gained from
      watching the games".

      Indict me, and you indict yourself.

    29. It was Tyson who said some dickish things. Shump never said anything either way. The only thing I saw was how they were shaking hands after the first Knicks game. I was surprised because I didn't kniw Lin and shumo were like dat. But clearly they enjoyed each other.

    30. tyson showed up at his charity event.

      back to original question about playing to his contract - as compared to other 8mil/yr PGs in the league, yes he has. and i'm talking everything from points to assists to rebounds to steals, etc.. yes he certainly has.

      8 mil is average. don't know why people are seeing 8 mil at max or whatever.

  12. Day off: Check. Beer: Check. Ramen: Check. Come on, JLin!!

  13. OK, I've got a contrarian sounding question for this forum:

    Fine, Lin is handed the ball the way Chris Paul or even Jameer Nelson is handed the ball.

    Would it make ANY DIFFERENCE?

    I think NO - because Lin's selfish teammates would take their frustrations out on Lin by refusing to play defense or catch his passes or make their cuts.

    While I'd love to see a Rockets team playing off Lin and everybody succeeding, that is never how the NBA works.

    1. I just hope Lin can learn as much as possible for 3 years. Been misused, fine, actually opportunities for improvement because you are forced to master different games.

    2. BTW, to the question, I don see any differences.

    3. Is Lin truly being misused?

      We saw what happened with Linsanity. Team won like crazy, but MASS MUTINY with the entire team tanking on Lin and D'Antoni.

      Lin's no focal point in Houston, but he plays 30 minutes and averages double figures in points while leading the team in assists. Nobody appears to be overtly jealous of Lin either.

      Could it be that Lin is actually in as good a situation that he could expect to have in the NBA, imperfect as it is??

    4. It will make a huge difference in both ends of the floor. When everyone ha a defined role, things become much easier. Parsons and Sampson saying they have no idea what they are doing is a testament to what McHale is as a coach.

      Teams that score like this almost never have a good defense because run and gun results in players being out if position on the defensive end as well. And how long do u think this can keep this up.

      The rockets would've better served to develop an offense that have players in clear defined roles.

      And by far, Lin would've had more impact this way.

    5. That is a good point. I agree with that. I also thinks that Lin already improved a lot in this season.

      However, I believe Rox gave Lin a much smaller role, which is different than the role he was in NYC (not in terms of MPG).

      Actually, the first 10 games after his breakout in NYK, I think his teammate was still with him tho. They were very energetic in cuts, defense traps etc. Just like the NYK in the beginning of this season.

      This is why I am very satisfied with Lin's performances so far, just like you said, he averages double digits and highest in AST and STL.

      ALthough I have to admit, going into this season, I was thinking he would have 16 PPG, 8APG and 2 TOpG. I guess I expected too much in the box-score regard. But, in terms of impact to the game, he kind of performs better than I expected.

    6. How would the Rockets play defined roles prevent James Harden from being put on a defensive merry go round, Solidz75?

      That guy is THE WORST defensive player I have ever seen in the NBA. I've seen him get 60-70 points scored on him in a single game because he deliberately tanks on defense.

      And how would the Rockets stop Patterson and Morris from refusing to help Lin on picks or set screens for him - WHOOPS, the Rockets got rid of those guys!!!

      What specific coach or team would be better for Lin, given that every team other than Houston offered Lin $0.00 dollars to NOT play for their teams?

    7. Khuang, if you actually watch the games, you'd stop blaming selfish teammates and realize it's McHell's inept coaching that makes this team into a free for all undisciplined group of pick up ballers.

      When Lin is in charge of the ball, the team performs like a team should.

    8. I agree because I DO watch the games.

      However, you yourself Etane has accurately described players as going iso within the motion system.

      Remember that in the NBA, players always have their own scoring agendas and will disobey ANY coach in order to fulfill those agendas. McHale is not solely at fault here.

      Etane, don't forget what Rajon Rondo said: When somebody asked him if he ever wanted to coach, Rondo said NO WAY, players were too disobedient even to a championship coach like Doc Rivers!

    9. I said they go ISO and the only two players who seem to play within a motion offense are Lin and Dmo since they are the only two players using PnR.

      I also said the team weren't running anything that resembles read and react or motion offense.

    10. So you're seeing the same things not just I but the rest of this forum is seeing.

      Is it McHale's problem or the player's problem? None of us are the coaching player loop, so we can't really know.

      Even with Jeremy Lin in a role perceived to be flawed, the Rockets still score 110 and lead the NBA. It's just that they can't/won't stop opponents from scoring even more than that.

    11. But KHuang, I don't buy the 110 refrain. The goal is to win games, and when it's +/- 1-3 points going into 3 mins, the 110 is out the door and the team has to perform both on offense and defense. We've lost games from bad D, bad time-out play calls, bad performance, and bad offense. Also some refs, but I'd say all the close games, it's like Brent says ... nervous in close crunch times and it feels mostly that we mess up and lose. This 110 thing isn't relevant to Rox on a big swing in standings, and that's what it's about for me. If Rox gets to playoffs and go 2 deep, Lin has a great year.

      To your Q, if Lin gets the rock, team plays better. Issue is for how long does he get the rock in any one game, and I think that's a coaching (re-)enforcement even if players lose their minds and play indiv ball, which players of lesser mind do.

    12. I hear you, Joe.

      While I agree with you that increased offensive intelligence is never a negative, I need to clue you in on something about me specifically.

      I watched plenty of Detroit Pistons Bad Boy basketball and even more New York Knick Charles Oakley Patrick Ewing basketball. The Pistons were not an ugly offensive team, but Oakley's Knicks were definitely ugly. But both were superb defensive teams.

      At the ends of games, both teams would step up their defense. In those days, it meant that both teams got away with tons of uncalled fouls (the Knicks far more than the Pistons, actually). That bonecrushing defense made up for lots of bad shots and turnovers in the final minutes of contested games.

      I want to see the Rockets really apply themselves defensively. Kevin McHale seems to be striving for the same thing, according to his interviews.

      Red Auerbach said that hard defense definitely takes away from one's offense. Yet it is a tradeoff that would help the Houston Rockets, not so much Lin specifically.

    13. Ok, I sync that. But if on the % they will score, you gotta score, and our crunch offense feels, without reviewing LP, like it's Harden or bust. He's amazing, but opponents key up on him. So, it's critical that going into crunch time, there is scoring momentum just because D will not stop 100%. If there is scoring mo, then it's harder for opponent to key on Harden only.

      People complain that Lin was cold and it was his or McHale's fault. I say the whole team is unregulated going into crunch time, uncoached to keep the diverse scoring momentum high. You get hero ball success about 1 in 5, crazy guess. If everyone has scoring momentum going in, AND you focus on D as you say about the old school, then we aren't 'nervous' as Brent says. It's then like ... hey man, we got this!

      Just how I would coach kids, if I were doing that.

    14. So, in your world, Khuang, no one except the coach knows whether he's a good coach or not.


    15. KHuang, I don't see Lin's teammates tanking on him intentionally like Melo did in NY by not running D'Antoni's system.

      If anything, I see a lot of positive nonverbal language on DMo and Parsons pointing to Lin after good passes.

      If you meant Harden not playing hard on D or even raising his hands, he is simply that bad on D. He often lost sight of his man meandering to the 3PT line and was too late to recover. I see he attempted to play more D in recent games so that's a good sign.

      Lin's main weakness in D this season was still to leave his man to make open 3s or he's too late to recover. Perhaps he can use that to his advantage to pretend he lost sight of the ball or look to intercept the pass. Otherwise, he's good to force his opponents into launching off-balance, contested shots.

    16. There you go, Etane, seeking to discredit everything I say strictly to TROLL thia forum.

      OK, I'll fire right back at you then. How many Rockets practices have you attended?

      While McHale is VERY imperfect, what makes you so knowledgeable about Rockets affairs that you can flame me for openly claiming that I don't know.

      Now if you are a Rockets insider, Etane, I will happily defer to your judgment. Because a true Rockets insider would have the right for criticize me for not knowing the details that go on between players and coaches.

      Psalm, Lin has been seen calling for picks that never came and asking for defensive help against the pick and roll that never happened.

      The trade has shaken things up, and not necessarily in a bad way.

      I know that Kevin Martin was openly unwilling to pass to Lin, and he was subsequently removed. Les Alexander historically gets rid of coaches and players who mutiny against the team.

    17. How many Rockets practices have YOU attended?

      And, I never said that you don't know. You said:

      "Is it McHale's problem or the player's problem? None of us are the coaching player loop, so we can't really know."

      So, by your own standards, you are saying that YOU don't know anything. Unless, of course, you're in the coach player loop.

      You're the one who is always claiming to know what Les or McHell is thinking. You're the mr. in the loop know it all insider. Not me.

    18. Here you go again, lying and twisting as usual.

      Like I've said, Etane, you're most hateful person on this forum. You'll even disagree with yourself in order to flame others here.

      We both agree that we're not Rockets insiders, but you have twisted this into a personal flame war because of your ongoing hatred of Asians.

      Why do you hate Asians so much? What Asian has wronged you in your own mind that you view the entire race as your enemy?

    19. True, earlier in the season there were players (Asik, PPat) unwilling to set picks for Lin. They could also be slow to learn too.

      Lately, I only saw Anderson not knowing Lin's signal to set the pick after the trade so he could be slow to learn too.

      And even Harden regularly set picks for Lin now so it shouldn't be a big deal anymore.

      Also, I see Lin-DMo connection could be really good because DMo has guard skills to pass around the rim as he did in 1Q. He had trouble staying on the floor for a while guarding Ilyasova but he's very much a presence to grab offensive rebounds than PPat ever was.

      So this young team really has good chemistry on and off the court that other players are envious too. Good sign!

    20. Joe, this team knows how to play only one way. When the game is close they have nothing to fall back on. When the game is on the line, what play will they run? Yup harden USO. This falls on coaching.

      This gimmicky offense may work to an extent now but will never be successful in the long run. That is why teams like this never go far in the playoffs.

    21. LOL You're a tough guy alright. Always hiding behind other forum members while throwing insults doesn't make you a man and definitely ruins that image how you portray yourself as a strong asian american male who's been fighting racism single handedly.

      And, I thought you're that 5ft version of brandon lee turns out you're buckwheat with hitler's mouth.

    22. I take more offense at you claiming that I'm fighting racism "singlehandedly" than you using a negative racial slur against African Americans, Etane.

      This WHOLE BOARD fights racism, including its many nonAsian members. And in your own way, you yourself have contributed positively to improving the status of Asians by being here.

      What you don't understand, Etane, is that I never intended to be your enemy. A guy as knowledgeable and intelligent as you is a guy I'd rather call my FRIEND.

      Call me "Buckwheat Hitler" if you want. I still respect you and your basketball knowledge. I can see why people say we have a bromance, though I don't date men.

    23. Sorry, I am not joining your crusade to elevate everything that has gone wrong in life as race issue. But, if race bait and pretending to be knowledgeable about basketball is what makes you tick, then keep ticking! But, do try not to spin my own words for your evil purposes.

    24. You talking about evil?

      You who just slandered African Americans here with your racial epithet?

      HYPOCRISY at its finest, Etane.

    25. Yes I insulted African American everywhere by comparing you to buckwheat. My bad. African Americans got over slaery. I am sure they can get over being compared to you without throwing a hissy fit.

    26. So I'm "Buckwheat Hitler", huh Etane?

      I can't stop laughing at the image that conjures.

      Help me out here, Etane.

    27. *holding mirror up for khuang*

  14. And noone is selfish on this team. Lin playing in a traditional way would've found a way to get his players the shot.

    Unlike harden, when Lin plays well its never at the expense of other players. He usually has someone else playing just as well - when Lin scored 30+, Asik had then his career high in points. When Lin had 29, harden had his career high, etc.

    To say that Lin's play would be no different is really not believing in his individual ability. Lin is really a quitessional pg who has been made less effective in this offensive scheme. It is still amazing that he is finding a way to produce.

    1. ????

      No one on the Rockets is selfish???

      3/5ths of the Rockets perimeter players are no conscience gunners who refuse to even pretend to play defense in order to conserve their energy strictly for offense and you say nobody is selfish???!

    2. Hehe yeah I'd not call Delfino unselfish :D

    3. Delfino and Parsons played selfishly in the Wiz game. And, I wouldn't go so far as to say they are not selfish stat padders. But, without a framework placed on them, what else are players supposed to do but to play their own game?

      The wiz game demonstrated how the Rockets were neither running a read and react nor a motion offense. They were running a we have no clue what to do set, so whoever has the ball shoot it offense.

    4. oops I meant bucks game not wiz game.

    5. I think you guys defined the word selfish differently. Person number one: shared the ball meaning unselfish. The other, give your all in at both end defensively/offensively and don’t save your energy just for one end is unselfish.

    6. Etane knows that, Tiger.

      When people hate on me here, it is NEVER about basketball because we actually all agree.

      The trolling starts because of my Asian screenname ONLY.

    7. I agree the system is geared to make players 'selfish' because McHale wants people to keep moving the ball until they're open.

      The problem is that the definition for 'open' is completely different for these players. For Jeremy, it's 1 foot clearance, for Delfino it's hands 1 inch from his nose :D

      It's just how the system was set up. Until the coaches define 'open', the players just go wild except Jeremy and perhaps Asik. Asik is never open even under the basket!

    8. *smacks forehead* The entire rockets team are in the reality distortion force field.

      Parsons: Ball! Ball! Throw me the rock, Jeremy!

      Lin: But you're surrounded by defenders and your Bieber hair is blocking your eyes.

      Parsons: Like I said, I am open! Now throw me the rock!

  15. Just because they don't play defense doesn't mean they are selfish. When I think of selfish, I think of Westbrook, Kobe, Monta Ellis, melo..and the one that comes closest to that is harden who is getting a bigger and bigger head thanks to McHale.

    Let's not equate not playing defense with being selfish. They ate being lazy. I think it's really hard to play defense when u are constantly running back and fith without a half cour game. I don't see anyone tribg to pad their stats except perhaps harden.

    1. Refusing to play defense in order to conserve energy for offense is selfish at the professional level.

      The Rockets, like all other NBA teams, have several SELFISH players of that ilk.

      This is the NBA and that's how the league works.

    2. very true. we may just have to live with that kind of bad defense because it just not possible to be super effective on defense when you know you have to run back and forth. if mcfail wants to improve defense, he should consider and go all out with substitutions sooner for all, including harden, to keep them all fresh and ready to run hard on offense and defend hard on defense. like at 6 minutes of each quarter, start taking out the starters, one at the time but all of them. let the bench play more. its probably not possible now but eventually its worth considering.

    3. im going back to my moles hole before khuang slams me again. see ya.

    4. Why? I think u bring up good points. Don't be intimidated by Huang because he puts his comments in capital letters. He has a lot if knowledge but him shouting that he is the end all be it all will not make his any less wrong. Don't be afraid to post your views. U will find that there are a lot if us Lin fans that think like u than not.

    5. Pacapunch, I haven't slammed you one bit.

      So quit yer whining, because I've complimented you despite you trying to discredit me. I respect your basketball views and even defended you from yourself when you deleted your posts about my character! You are OK, pacapunch!

      And Solidz75, quit trying to make me into some troll. There's no good reason for you to be feeling any animosity whatsoever. And what's wrong with my CAPITAL LETTERS???

    6. Etane, paca, and Solidz75 -

      If you want to fight me, FIGHT ME.

      You guys have been assailing my character all theead long, and I've been playing nice by being respectful and sticking to basketball.

      But if you guys are using basketball as a platform to troll me because of my Asian screenname, then let's just fight for real. It's MORE ENTERTAINING that way.

      I respect all you guys, even though you have absolutely no respect for me.

    7. Dude, WHY are u so ANGRY? U seem to be pretty liberal with the use of capital letters so it seems like u r shouting but no one is trying to crucify u - well I'm not but can't speak for the others.

      Is it because I said u r BIASED? The term I used to describe myself as well. It's just my fundamental belief that every fan is inherently biased when it comes to their favorite players.

      i just dont like it when you act like u r the de facto authortiy on lin when people can view him deifferntly. or maybe its because u seem like u r shputing. but honestly, i am trolling u or calling u a troll. noone is being racist here. we just have different views. but whose to say who is right or wrong. we are all fans of lin, want him to do well.. that we can agree on

    8. Then start acting with the courtesy you demand, Solidz75.

      You negatively judge people here, you're gonna be judged yourself. Not my rule.

      I am no authority on anything but my own view. I don't own you or control what you think. I didn't even know my CAPITAL LETTERS BOTHERED YOU THAT MUCH.

      For the record, Solidz75, I enjoy your posts and viewpoint. On basketball, I agree with you more than yoi lnow, Not the biased thing though - in evaluating Lin, I am deliberately being more objective that I would be if Lin were black or white. Read my gushing post about Andrew Nicholson to see me fawning over a player who doesn't remotely come close to having Lin's impact on winning and losing.

      But I CANNOT agree with your statement that there is no racial fighting here. When we have utter trolls like Etane who constantly try to flame not just me but ALL members with Asian screennames here while calling Asians "druggies" and the entire board "delusional", you be better off knowing that this board is not immune to anti Asian racism.

    9. To be honest, the only one etane has a beef with is you. And by the way u are accusing me of something ( treat people with courtesy WTF?!), I'm beginning to see some truth to what etane is saying.

      STOP ACCUSING PEOPLE OF DUMBSHIT. I have yet to see a single racist post from Etane and the only person taking this to a new level is you. I actually agree with etane in most of his views regarding the Rox and Lin. And he hasn't said anything to make him a troll except maybe when he comes to u and that is because u continue to spew out hate.chill out.

  16. I rewatched the 1Q and the last 5 min of 4Q of the Bucks game hoping to understand more of the dynamics of Lin's role.

    Houston made the 22-6 run in 1Q followed by the Bucks comeback to close the 1Q by 36-33. What's interesting was Harden initiated the offense from the get-go for 9-2 lead then Lin had a major role with 13-4 run starting with 1 cross-court assist to DMo's 3 followed by 1 layup, 2 FTs and 2 more assists (including the highlight reel of behind the back pass to Parsons for a dunk).

    You can tell he gained more confidence with these passes because it got fancier but then he made 1 bad pass through traffic that got stolen by Ellis and Jennings finished it with a dunk. Lin pointed it to his chest to say "My bad" then he deferred to Harden to be the playmaker. So he stopped being aggressive after 1 bad TO possibly in fear of McHale's wrath and indictment of being a home-run hitter.

    The same theme reoccurred in 4Q. When Lin checked in with 5:18 left, the score was tied 99-99. Immediately he contributed in 6-0 run with a great hesitation move to attack the basket, stopped, let Sanders missed trying to block and shoot easy 7-ft shot. Then he got aggresive, overshot his layup but Asik was there to get offensive rebound and the easy dunk. But in the next possession, Harden set a good screen but Lin missed with a bad floater. He stopped for a while and was hesitant to pass to Asik but it was a bad angle and Sanders was too late to cover him. But he was wary of Sanders' block so he had a floater.
    Then after this, he deferred to Harden to make the plays.
    I see a contrast with what he did in the OKC game against Ibaka. Lin didn't have any hesitation for his floater driving into his basket. Lin needs to not second-guess his choice to shoot, try to get a foul or pass it

    I see this is Lin's biggest obstacle that he needs to overcome. How can he stay aggressive after 1 bad pass or 1 bad shot? How can he convince himself that his teammates need him to be aggressive attacking the basket and finding his open teammates? If he fails or misses, just try again.

    To be honest, he didn't have a great shooting night and he didn't trust his jumpers or floaters. But he needs to tell himself that his teammates need him to be aggressive attacking the basket (The 13-4 run in 1Q and 6-0 run in 4Q were the evidence). Noone can stop him getting to the rim, even the shotblocker if he's quick enough to make decision like he did in the OKC game. Not even McHale who might bench him.

    He needs to have his mentality back like in NY.
    "I need to play my style of game. If I burn, I go down fighting".

    1. To contrast it with Harden, in 4Q after Lin deferred to him, he also missed a 4-ft shot, then got his shot blocked by Sanders but he made the next driving layup to make tie it at 107-107.

      So even with his bum knee, Harden kept trying after failing 2 times and succeeded the 3rd try.

      If I can tell Lin something, I just tell him to follow his own advice before the NJ game last year. He just needs to have 'Linsanity' mentality back. Just continue to be aggressive like he did in NY. If McHale doesn't like homerun passes, then just take it yourself to the basket.

    2. Psalm. I agree with everything you typed.

      I didn't see the first 10 mins of the game. So, I don't know how the team play degraded from the start of the game.

      However, from what I saw, Lin's first job was to discipline the team when they started going into disarray.

      After the team starts playing like a team, then turn the tempo up and the aggression.

      I suspect Lin might still have lingering effects from his cold that might not look apparent as Lin didn't look tired. But, his court vision, timing and decision making were affected.

      It can also be confusing to Lin why every one of his passes to Delfino and Parsons end up as bricks. So, the only good passes that end up into converted FGs were to Dmo and GS.

    3. I meant to say Lin's first job SHOULD HAVE BEEN to discipline the team when they started going into disarray.

    4. That's the benefit of having LP, Etane :)

      You can rewatch and see the reaction of the coaches, teammates that we didn't necessarily see when watching the live game. I even saw Harden confronted Lin a bit in 1Q when Lin was out of position guarding Dunleavy and made bad decision to try to steal it.

      Lin's decision making with the passes looked great in 1Q but his affected confidence in shooting clearly affected his aggressiveness a bit. I haven't seen when he turned his ankle again and how it affected his plays.

      True, Lin's first job is to discipline the team so when Parsons made careless ball-handling TOs that killed the offensive rhythm, he should be more aggressive to demand the ball to calm his teammates down.

      Nothing new, he just needs to weigh in when not to defer.

      I'll be interested to see if the coaches would try to get Lin's shooting going again by letting him to be the first playmaker to start the game like in OKC, BKN games. It's never easy to balance dominant play-makers like Lin and Harden.

      Did you also see McHale's post-practice interview that he was upset Lin and Harden are not allowed to practice by Keith (the trainer)? And he made good comment that the defense was so poor in 40 min and noone heard the words "switch! switch!" in the last few min of the game.

      But I got to admit that the Bucks is a really good team with excellent shooters coming of the bench. They really executed down the stretch and got crucial blocks and offensive rebounds. Even before the desperation shot by Ellis, Dunleavy had a huge offensive rebound and just missed the putback.
      Houston D was the big elephant in the room indeed!

    5. Thanks for your LP generated insights. = D

      I thought that Harden and Lin figured out between the two of them how they can best alternate as primary and secondary ball handlers on the fly during the month of February. But, during the past few games, it seems that went away.

      Now it seems more like Lin is the primary ball handler in Q1 then it's Harden/Bev alternating as primary ball handlers the rest of the way. Not sure whether it's done for experiment purpose since the trade was made, but the results hasn't been very good.

      And, no I didn't watch the post game interviews. McHell reminds me of Dusty Baker when he was manager for the Cubs. He had two ace starters in Kerry Wood and Mark Prior. At the time, they were second year pitchers (if I remember correctly) and they pitched way too many innnings because Baker didn't trust his relief pitchers.

      What happened a year afterwards is both pitchers started having arm, elbow and shoulder problems because they were over used.

      So, I sorta see that overuse by McHell on the young players. Neither Lin or Harden is accustomed to playing these minutes and making them play through injury is ridiculous. It will only make their injuries worse and develop into career shortening situations.

      But, that's my beef with McHell's problem with playing players with too many minutes and through sickness and injury.

      And, yes, Bucks played great in the second half especially their spot up shooting. Defense? I think Houston shot themselves in the foot just as much as Bucks stepped up making stops.

    6. Psalm .. Good observations. McHale et al has created this overbearing environment where Lin fears making mistakes. This is in contrast to dantoni who gave him the green light to shoot if he is open.

      Because it is what it is, Lin needs to just stop trying to ingratiate himself to McHale like a son to a disapproving father whom u can never please. Lin will never flourish with McHale. Either he goes or Lin goes. Lin just has to forget all that and play his game- stop over thinking too much in fear of getting benched. Cause no matter what he is getting benched.

  17. in the post Bucks comments, psalms234 brought up a very important point about TOs. it took me a while to orgnaize my thoughts but it does address why the Rox are struggling against teams they should win against.

    Psalm234 Great thread on TOs. Stats are not always telling the truth. TOs are only 1 factors in possession efficiency. It's very similar to unforced errors in tennis. Coaches and the media flash winners and unforced errors all the time. But just as in bb, possession and points played don't necessarily add up. In tennis, the hardest thing to teach is shot selection and knowing which moments are crucial to the win. Bb is more or less linear in the way a W is created, however, the final minute and sometimes the final shot is paramount to the success of a particular game.

    Possessions are like total points played, a 60% shooting efficeincy will often produce a W. TOs are only a portion of unproductive possessions. If a team shoots 60%, that means 40% of the time, the ball goes over to the opponent. That's the reality of sports, the line between wins and loss is razor thin. In tennis a match difference in total points won out of hundreds of points played often is separated by less than 5. In bb, it's often just 1 shot. I teach my students to make the most of this fact. No one can win every point just as no team can convert every possession. These loss opportunity must therefore be used properly.

    Just as Michael Terry said, there are good and bad TOs. I might add that there are also good and bad shot selections. I often tell my players to crush putaways early in a match to put some fear into an opponent and make them aware that they can't give up any short balls. Keeping serve early in a match is almost expected. It's a game that could be lost irreguardless of how you play anyways so why not use those lost points on recieving games to set up misdirections and push your own psycological pressure on your opponent.

    Lin's TOs probe defenses and establishes his own will into the way a defense reacts. Over the course of a game, he feels for how players will collapse a defensive scheme and will then use that open space to create an uncontested shot for his teammate. In effect, he may lose that possession, but he establishes his psycological will on the flow of the game. Just like the last game, when the Rox lose, they are taking too many 3s and they don't even know why. They don't even recognize how the flow or psycological battle of the game has been turned on them.

    In tennis, there are at least half the points unaccounted for in the stats of winners and unforced errors. These points are what I call neutralizing points. These are the points that establish subtle patterns of play. Taking an opponents offense and deflecting it is like jabbing in boxing. It in itself never wins, but it does establish spacing and dominance. In bb, good defense is not always about forcing TOs. It's more about subtly making oppenent's flow into difficult spacing and shot selections. The Rox's poor coaching is so obvious in how Mchale can't make half time adjustments. We continually see Mchale out coached in the second half of the game. As a player himself, he should be able to recognize it. I've felt it at times where there seemed to be 10 defensive guys on the court. This is how powerful a psycological will is when it is effectively applied to an opponent.

    1. Thanks, Bob.

      Lin's TOs probe defenses and establishes his own will into the way a defense reacts... In effect, he may lose that possession, but he establishes his psychological will on the flow of the game
      Good point on how Lin's playmaking plays out. He would probe the defense with penetration to see if the double team comes and he will make a decision to swing the ball to open teammates. If "good TOs" happen (i.e. Asik bobbling the ball), that's okay as long as the offensive flow is established.

      The OKC game was the rare game that both Harden and Lin can be comfortable with their playmaking. Lin's floaters and shots were all instinct, no hesitation to make OKC defense pay for overcommitting to Harden.

      I'd like to see Lin continues to shoot without hesitation even when the first shots are not falling.

      I can see how difficult the transition for Lin to get his shooting going when he has to do 'time-share' PG role in the current system. But he's their best playmaker so he needs to take charge of being aggressive attacking the basket at least once every 3-4 possession when he's on the floor. And he can't get TOs if he keeps shooting them :)

  18. continued from previous comment...
    The last couple of Rox games look more as if they played not to lose. A young team like the Rox will fail more often than not when they are expected to win. Against OKC, they had nothing to lose so they played fearlessly. In tennis, the battle of will is to make an opponent succumb to pressures at the crucial end of sets and matches. At the top of any sport, it doesn't necessarily matter who is the better athlete, that only helps a bit more, it really comes down to who has the most psycological toughness and self belief to allow their body to function at its max capability. Just look at Lebron, it took him a very long time to become clutch to win his first title. Now the real test of his personal will power begins. Now the weight of expectation is on him to repeat. The weight of history and MJ is ever lurking to trip him up.

  19. ok, I just want to say that if i see the coach mouthing the words "Move the ball" one more time when the camera pans to him I may uncontrollably throw something at the TV, lol!

    1. Hhahaha, I guess you will need a volume discount for TV in the future.

  20. Mchale doesnt see the big picture of how to manage flow. losing possession is inevitable. no team can shoot 100%. micro managing these inevitable events creates psycological turmoil in any player. he already must face the pressure exerted on him by an opponent, he doesnt need his own coach to berate him for an error. this type of psycological pressure from a coach will spread to the rest of the team no matter how you dress it up or single out one scapegoat.

    we wonder why Mchale cant see the pattern of his substitution of lin matches the rise and fall of the team's score. it's clear to me that he trys to eliminate all mistakes and TOs when in reality, that is impossible. he is so fixated on the details that he can't tell the forest from the trees.

    1. Would McHale using Lin better cause the Rockets to score more than the 110 points they're already scoring?

      Also, what about the defense?

    2. McHale is a master of breaking the team momentum by pulling guys in and out when the team is making a run. Therefore given up the lead or increasing the deficit.

      You are so correct about trying too hard in eliminate mistakes & TOs. Players do not like to play in a environment when it is so scripted; Your offense become predictable & on defense you are afraid to help each other out.

    3. I think Lin fans believe if Lin was used more proficiently that the team would score even more or more likely go on a scoring wave that would crush the momentum and the will of the opposition leading to more wins than losses.

      So the team wouldn't necessarily score more overall, the but outcome of games would be different.

      I *think* that is why Lin fans want to see him with the ball and lead the team offensively in play making. The bump in Lin's stats would be secondary.

      I think if the team was #1 in the league in wins and efficiency, I doubt anyone would complain Lin was misused as he is now if the team was killing it.

      I don't even think the Rox use Lin correctly on defense. Lin is best freelancing on defense but I'm sure the coaches don't want that. The soft double is horrible in and of itself AND Lin is bad at it. Let Lin run free and use his special ball hawking skills and Lin's steals rate would go even higher.

    4. Bob I would only qualify your post in your last paragraph:

      McHell doesn't care about TO and the small stuff as he never holds ANYONE responsible for their bad plays on either ends of the floor except for Lin, of course.

    5. One thing D'Antoni was good at is managing flow. He might not always sub in and out the right guys, but D'Antoni really understands the concept of flow and momentum and will leave guys in or out because of it effectively most of the time.

    6. Bob C F Chan: +1 ! Team flow - a spirit that says to an opponent ... we got you. Hard to have, but one of the greatest feelings in sports. I'd be v upset if my coach took out a guy who was gelling the power. On court/field players just want that flow. The opposite is that sick feeling you've got tons of minutes of hopeless running around.

    7. Another thing D'antoni is good at is instantly recognizing mismatch and adjust the defense accordingly.

    8. McHell doesn't know what flow is. His substitution pattern is dictated by his alarm clock.

    9. Swing: I think a proficient use of Lin on offense doesn't just mean higher scoring but consistent scoring. Lin's good at placing the ball in the right hands at the right place at the right time.

      If Rockets have better alternative than making Lin the primary floor general, then I sure wouldn't complain about McHell taking the ball out of Lin's hands. But, the way it is now, I see it as outright injustice, a smack in the face of meritocracy that Lin is punished for other people's faults but gets no recognition nor consistent quality playing time.

      And, I agree with you on defense too. Some have said that Lin improved a lot on defense. Really, Lin is actually stretching himself thin on defense because either the coach is clueless on defense or the coach doesn't even attempt to hold lazy players accountable.

      Finally, unfortunately the butterfly defense is a necessary evil as his forwards/big men are unable to contain or even box out opposing team's in the post. I do not like seeing Lin leave his man so open all the time. But, I understand why it has to be done.

    10. Khuang...thanks for pointing out about the Knicks defense during Linasanity in earlier threads. Tyson Chandler was the linchpin to linsanity. It says a lot that he supported Lin in his charity event.
      My point is that flow is more than offense and defense, great offenses can win games, just as great defenses can as well. What matters is who gets the most points at the end of the game. Playing poorly as the Rox did in the last game, it came down to the last couple of shots. The thing about head to head competition is that it doesn't matter how well you play, it just matters that you are just a little better that day! It matters then that you defend or score just that little bit better, that day. That is the flow. Good coaches understand this and uses the available time to arrange the flow in a way that max out the time usage, players performance, team offense and team defense.

    11. You're welcome, Bob CF Chan.

      I'd like to see the Rockets IMPEDE the flow of opposing defenses earlier in the game so that opponents don't even get to the point where the game is decided at the end.

      There have been a few games where Lin's gone Linsane on defense, usually because of bad matchups favoring Lin. The Rockets blow out their opponents when their defense is good.

      Are there any defensive changes you'd like to see?

  21. On JLin's practice vid, he needs a guy with padded-paddles slappin' him a bit! And a guy with a whistle tucked you know where ...

  22. On a semirelated note to this thread, I hope Lin plays all 82 games.

    I'd like to see Lin make it all season without injury. Sometimes, I wonder aloud if Les Alexander has forcibly curtailed Lin's minutes because nobody wants a repeat pf the Yao Ming injury situation.

    I still remember Truehoop doing a statistical analysis that revealed that the optimal number of minutes a game is 31-35, even for superstars.

    1. Amen to that, KHuang.

      That's #1 goal for him this season. He can't improve anything if he's not playing.

    2. agree and that is a really 'healthy' thoughts.

    3. Totally agree KHuang! Top teams rarely play their star players over 35 minutes. Tony Parker averages 32mpg, so does CP3.

      Harden is so injury prone because of the very fact that McHale plays him too much!

  23. What a rich set of discussions, today. Thank you all. See you game time.

    1. hey joeteam, i'm responding to your above post, when i read that les gave high praises to harden and asik and half-hardheartedly compliment lin by pointing to only the spurs and knicks games for playing great struck me that he also sees the inconsistency. we know les likes lin, but the nba is like any business. as an owner, i doubt that les doesn't expect a return on his investments, so you captured my point exactly.

      as for lin not needing to prove himself, i'm basically going by what lin has been saying. if lin thinks he doesn't need to further prove he can play in the nba, he's right that there's nothing else to prove. he can just improve his game like any other nba player and play his game from here on out. but if lin wants to become a star, there's more to prove. i think mcfail is a problem, but lin has control too.

      so as much emphasis as we put on mcfail, how do we know lin has the same burning desire to become a star. at this moment, i really can honestly say i see that burning desire from him.

    2. typo > i dont see that burning desire from lin.

    3. maybe lin is grateful he made it this far and happy to play but we fans just expect too much from him. probably next season will probably be a better gauge as to where lin stands as a player.

    4. wonderful posts, pacapunch.

      We do all expect a lot out of Lin, but Lin probably expects more out of himself than anybody else does.

  24. tonight's game is on 7pm EST, don't be late.

  25. Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA
    After a buyout with the Sacramento Kings, guard Aaron Brooks and the Houston Rockets are discussing a deal, league sources tell Y! Sports.

  26. "Pathetic, get a live!" <-- that's all I can say to some criticisms from some people in this thread (this is the first time I use such comments on anyone). Because all I smell is sour grapes from them, nothing else worth reading.

    "Can Jeremy live up to his contract?" <-- well, that is really none of our fans' business. If he does, great, he will have a long and prosperous career, and we get to see him play for many years to come. As fans, we are here only to support him.

    Remember what Jeremy said in his Volvo commercial, "I'm not here to live up to anyone else's expectation, I'm here to live up to mine".

    We should be very proud just to see Jeremy playing in NBA.

    How many of great NBA players ever created/experienced their own whatever-sanity? How many of them have made as great impact as Jeremy? How many of them were able to attract people who never/seldom watched BB to start watching? How many of them brought back long lost BB viewers?

    Heck, How many of us are able to get into NBA, anyway? NONE, I'm sure.

    Even in own profession, how many of us get to be paid 25M/3 years by our boss? NONE, I guess.

    To those sour grapers, please do not pollute this forum with your sourness. Instead, please come here to educate people like me with little BB knowledge but eager to learn.

  27. We need this win go Rockets go JLin.....c u all at game time!!!!