Monday, February 11, 2013

JLin helps out the guys from Sportscenter


  1. Outside of Brian Wilson, Lin probably does the best acting job of any athlete on these ESPN skits.

  2. @KHuang,

    I read up on Omar Samhan but I'm afraid I can't provide any insight. I don't have a good model of front court play and I'd have to watch a lot of film of him to even start to form opinion about whether he's being overlooked.

    I guess I do have one strong opinion, which is advice for him: He's wasting his time in the Philippines. The book on him is that he's highly skilled, but not a good enough athlete. Whether that's technically true or he's being overlooked, he can improve his athleticism enough to where he's impossible to ignore. He should take a year off from competitive games in minor leagues and focus on his athleticism. Train with Sparta Performance Science. I guarantee with a 6 inch increase in one footed and two footed vertical and a 30% increase in quickness, lower body fat percentage and more lean muscle, he'd be able to do things he couldn't imagine. With his post skills, he'd suddenly be in high demand.

    He needs to go wherever the sports center with the best, most provable track record for increasing speed is and train with them. I'd pay them a bonus for each marginal inch of vertical leap improvement.

    Come back a year from now as the ugly duckling that's turned into a swan.

    1. I totally agree, Michael Terry.

      I can't remember what sprint it was, but Omar Samhan tested as being VERY FAST. Given the way he runs the court and closes out on people, I do consider him an athlete who is in need of body conditioning.

      During Summer League 2010, Omar Samhan was in plenty good shape playing alongside Jeremy Lin. He looked svelte and quick to me, though he's not the raw athlete that NBA scouts love. Samhan was conditioned enough to play extremely well against NBA lottery picks, though I think Samhan has regressed.

      As far as Samhan's skillset goes, Michael Terry, I have no question. Take a look at him setting picks for Jeremy Lin during the John Wall game, and also at his post up video.

      I'd go further than Sparta for Samhan, Michael Terry. I think he should play in the D league while also being trained by Sparta. While the D league is nowhere near NBA level competition, it does serve as a showcase for Samhan's skills while also providing him with in game conditioning to go along with the Sparta regimen.


  3. I've noticed that Lin's TOs are down, while JH's is still up. This has to do with the fact that JH has the green light to attack the rim, which in itself brings a certain amount of risk. JH makes up for it with foul shots and points. Lin however has a much shorter leash because of the way in which Mchale keeps micro managing him. Lin's TOs have gone down because he is afraid to take the same risks that JH takes so he looks to pass immediately if any threat is imminent. We've all been there, having bosses that keeps looking over our shoulders. No one can function properly having to always double think your first instincts. It's amazing how well Lin does inspite of the doubts he has to battle, both from his opponent's attack as well as his own coach's relentless talks.

    Steve Nash said on national TV that he has had to accept a different role with the lakers and that it has been a difficult transition for him; but he is willing to do whatever is good for the team. The announcers were so impressed with his selfless actions and yet Lin gets no love for doing exactly the same thing. Lin went from the star to a sidekick much like Nash but no one cares to notice.

    On PBS recently was a lecture given by a psycologist on how we think. dr. kahneman showed how our brain has 2 systems of cognition. One that is analytical and another that quickly makes generalized definitions. Other psychologists called this separation upper brain and lower brain functions. There is much discussion now that humans in fact use their lower brain or system 1 far more than we used to believe. Tv advertising and political ads all gear towards our lower brain and system1 to lead us to make the jump to conclusions that have no factual basis. Once that happens, our upper brain is more than likely to accept lies as fact. Thats how Fox news opperates. PREDJUDICE is inherent in all of us if we allow our lower brain to convince our intellect to be lazy and accept irrational conclusions. Mchale and the rest of the establishment from the refs to the media are too lazy to use their upper brain to see the facts. Just like predjudice and exclusion, the upper brain needs to be lead into positive change. Affirmative action, title 9, are examples of peole's attitude being lead by positive government ideology. We must all be careful to do our part whenever we are confronted by stereotypes and generalization. For all of us on this board, JLin is making a huge difference for all of us, which is why we are so passionate about him. By his play and actions, he will break down yet another preconception of all Asians.

    Lin must be more aware of the flow of the game because his coaches aren't doing what they should be doing. Parsons was having a horrible game so Lin needed to step up and fill the scoring gap left by Parsons. I'm sure that Mchale kept harping on Lin to defend his counterpart but given how the refs were trying to foul him out, he had to take precautions to stay in the game; even going against his coach by playing soft on defense. A veteran would know which battles to win, in order to win the war. In truth, this IS mchale's job, not Lin's! Maybe Lin was subtly making a point to his coach that without him leading the team at the end of the game, the team will lose. I keep harping on this but no one in this league will ever recognize Lin unless he scores. Had Lin done that yesterday, the Rox would have won and no one would have even mention how soft he was on defense. As it stands today, all we will hear is how harden had to carry the team and Lin failed to help again!

    1. Excellent analysis.

      I rail against the racism in the media and in our country, but I know better than to try to change it. Not even Lin can change that.

      As far as recognition for Jeremy Lin goes, it won't happen in America on a broad scale. But it will happen overseas.

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    3. You are completely clueless linking the brain's inner-workings to how Fox News operates Bob Chan. The majority of the media panders to the left, except Fox News. The only place you will find truth is on Fox News, not MSNBC, CNN, ABC, or CBS. You are evident of your own comment. In your own words, you have been programmed to be "lazy and accept irrational conclusions." This is not a lefty site, nor is Obama running for re-election, so cut out the BS.

    4. :) What a not-so-subtle jab against Fox News vs. liberal bias of mainstream media in the US.

      I very much agree with the first point of using analytical/critical thinking approach vs. generalized prejudice/bias which applies not only to news media but also to ignorant stereotype of Lin by broadcasters.

      Without going into debate, I would say this. Who has the prejudice?

      It's whoever repeat the stereotype or bias (i.e. deceptively quick, not as fast as someone in the PG role, gambling defense) without considering the other alternative (i.e. very athletic, fastest acceleration according to BAM score, good anticipation on defense)

      As for the news media, you can ask the same question, Bob. Who repeats the same bias without considering the other alternative views? Easy, just watch the channel to see which one has a healthy debate of opposing views or just repetitive reporting of 1 view.

      But let's stick to Lin discussion here. I expect big game from Lin against his old team who made promises that they didn't keep!

    5. Whaddya mean, this is not "a lefty site"? This place is crawling with "liberals" who believe a democracy is best served by a fourth estate that is ENTIRELY in the tank for the ruling government as long as said government is in the hands of the party they favor.

      Which is why a Euro turd could come in here and liken Americans under Bush to Hitler's Germany and the reaction here was...crickets!

      You know, because taking out the monster Saddam Hussein is exactly the same as eliminating 6 million of Europe's Jews.

      That equivalency is so horrendous on so many levels yet not a single soul here thought it appropriate to even raise a peep in protest. And I use the word "soul" in all sarcasm.

    6. Lin gets a lot of love from those that have been watching and observing. the lakers are a much bigger story so more people are noticing it. not many houston games are on tv so no one is talking about them outside of houston.

      but, if you watched the rockets/new york game that was on nba tv a while back, where jeremy had a big game and he was being interviewed by dennis scott and brent barry - i can seriously say i've never seen commentators being as outspoken and vocal fans of lin as scott and barry. i mean, they flat out said "the way you handled yourself, i'm a big fan". it was borderline embarrassing but it was awesome to see respected commentators saying on TV how big of fans they are of jlin to his face!

    7. yeah @fighton, I still remember how bold Dennis Scott and Brent Berry were expressing their admiration of how Lin carried himself. They're the good guys.

      Right off the bat, I remember how Parker stole Berry's wife so he definitely knew first hand how rare to have a player with integrity in the league.

      And it's funny that Brent Berry (Jon) is a hater of Lin.

    8. Eh I for one did reply to that comment about Americans under Bush liken to Hitler's Germany.

      But IMO I think a lot of people didn't post because they don't wanna talk politics on a fan site, and there are a lot of fans here that aren't Americans. That thread went way off topic.

    9. typo *Brent Berry's brother (Jon) is a Lin hater

    10. That's pathetic there's only one place to find the truth and that is fox.
      What a media world!

    11. Not sure liken bush to hilter, but some of the things willy said I agree and it is what it is been exposed in the news too.

  4. I don't understand the commercial. what are they trying to say or sell anything here?

    1. lydia, it's just a long line tradition of ESPN making funny commercials showing how famous athletes would work with ESPN writers/broadcasters :D

      It's an honor for Lin to be invited to showcase his Harvard brilliance to help ESPN writers with his article :D

      Here is a sample of 20 Greatest "This is Sportscenter" Commercials

    2. @lydia - they make fun of sports personalities, trends, sports superstitions etc.

    3. Thanks isabeli and psalm! Now I learn what is it!:)

  5. Ok a lil off topic, so I was like bored and went to read the bios (cause you know what's a guy to do 2 in the morning while sitting in a boring meeting with offshore colleagues?) of the Rockets Power Dancers.

    There is a field where they mention their favorite player, the tallies are:

    Omer Asik - 1 vote
    Jeremy Lin - 1 vote
    Greg Smith - 1 vote
    James Harden - 3 votes
    Chandler Parsons - EIGHT FRIGGIN VOTES

    Wow. JLin has at least one blondie going for him...Rest of the team must be hatin' on Parsons :D

    Don't hate the playa hate the game...But Parsons got no game :/

    Hahaha ok ok I'll stop bashing on Parsons now before you ladies get me banned from this site :P

    1. [LOL!]

      Blondies do like him... ;P

      Speaking of the Rox Power dancer...

      "I have all these opinions about the dancers but they should be kept to myself. No one consults me. I keep asking to be invited to the dance tryouts but no one ever allows me there. I'll just say this: My general philosophy is that you can teach them to dance."
      - Daryl Morey

    2. what about you, @Kenoshi? do you find blondes are cute? :)

    3. The only kind of YOLO I approve

    4. Btw which blondie vote for Lin?

    5. @IsabeliJane yep I think blondes are cute :)

      I don't speak for all mankind but blondes seem to be more upbeat for some reason, in general.

      But then again there's just something about long, dark, flowing hair that just gets me.

    6. Kenoshi, I like the diplomatic answer :D
      Wiser words have never been spoken.
      You definitely know your ways around women. lol

  6. Jeremy Lin ‏@JLin7
    helping @jaycrawfordespn w/ trajectory metrics & interpolation RT @SportsCenter anchors take advantage of @JLin7 smarts
    4:45 PM - 11 Feb 13

    Jay Crawford ‏@jaycrawfordespn
    i want to thank @jlin7 for playing a bit role in my first This Is SportsCenter ad. Overall, i think he did a fine job. LOL thanks Jeremy!
    7:20 PM - 11 Feb 13

  7. Replies
    1. thanks for the article:

      "I think I'm in a good place, where I can grow and mature as a player and sort of go at a reasonable and normal pace," Lin said. "Playing here, my rookie year was tough, because there was a lot of pressure. I wasn't ready for it. New York is New York. Houston is kind of a nice change of pace for me."

    2. I didn't know that he was promised by GSW that he will be back but got cut 2 days later after he signed a lease for a new apt. Those snakes!

      I fully expect Lin's revenge of the Wasted Apt. lease! Give me back my deposit and take this three!! :D


      But after his inauspicious rookie season, Lin camped out in a gym for five or six months and prepped for Year 2. He was promised he wouldn't be cut, signed a lease for a new apartment, slept in it for two days and then was cut.
      "Everything happens for a reason, man," Lin said. "God is faithful. I'm glad it happened that way, even though I couldn't see it at that time."

    3. @ psalm..

      yeah noticed that too! no wonder he kept crashing on people's couches... i'd be gun shy about signing a lease too.

    4. yeah, so true @fighton.

      I so want to see him draining threes and yell "This is for the broken lease", "This is for those who dissed Mr. Lacob!" lol

    5. haha, that would be sweeeet, via!

  8. i know probably a repost, but here's gary payton talking about working out with jeremy lin:

  9. The possible return of Novak or Shump-hunting by the Rockets?

    Novak and Delfino would be lethal next to Lin and Harden. Healthy Shump would be a defensive presence.
    It’s still unlikely Shumpert gets moved, but Grunwald is exploring possibilities. His ears could be even more open following Sunday’s discouraging loss to the Clippers, who looked the more talented team. According to a source, the Rockets’ director of scouting attended Sunday’s game, but he may have been checking out more than Shumpert, who may not be back to his old self until next season as he returns from ACL surgery. New York Post

    1. Oooh Novak...I'd love to see him and Lin reunited, IF someone teaches him how to D up.

    2. Novak Is Knicks’ Barometer Off the Bench

      "The Knicks are a more balanced team when Novak scores from the perimeter. Last season, Novak became a vital player when Jeremy Lin was inserted into the starting lineup. Lin’s ability to penetrate into opposing defenses allowed Novak to find his spot behind the arc for open 3-pointers. Once Linsanity took off, Novak was perhaps the teammate to benefit the most from Lin’s stellar play. He finished the season with 20 games in which he scored at least 10 points, all of them after Lin’s breakout game last February against the Nets.

      Novak received a fully guaranteed four-year, $15 million contract after Lin helped him lead the N.B.A. in 3-point percentage at 47.2, making 133 of 282 attempts."