Thursday, January 3, 2013

Rockets vs Bucks Game #33 Pre Game Thread

Top play of the night, JLin to GSmith:


  1. 3rd Return of All star vote result

    West Backcourt
    Kobe Bryant (1,177,456)
    Chris Paul (651,893)
    Jeremy Lin (605,624)
    James Harden (337,585)
    Russell Westbrook (268,558)

    Damn!! Jlin is still 46K short which is same as the 1st and 2nd return. No matter how we voted for him, the result is still the same. Is that a fixed?

    1. See, that hierarchy of votes looks exactly right to me.

      If anything, Kobe Bryant is the outlier because his Lakers team has been mediocre at best!

    2. CP3 has a lot of fans, too, it seems. If the gap hasn't changed much, it seems like the number of fans supporting each are about the same since last return. Looking forward, it doesn't seem like the gap will narrow unless the fan support for each changes drastically.

      I wonder how the NBA will get JLin involved in the All-Star game. I think the Skills Challenge is a possibility. I'm guessing he won't be invited to Shooting Star event. And the 3 point and Dunk events are near impossibilities.

    3. c'mon peeps! CP3's lead dropped from 50k to 46k, keep voting! 11 more days left!

    4. There is probably some grassroots campaign to make sure cp3 is a lockin for 2nd spot because jlin is so close.

      Looks artificially inflated to me. You know jlin shouldnt be all stars cause he doesn't deserve it type deal.

    5. The problem Lin faces is, CP3 has a lot more casual fans. CP3 gets more votes from people who may not necessarily be die hard fans of his.

    6. Axxxxxx Lxxx ‏@axxxxx
      Just voted for @CP3 just to help assure that Jeremy Lin does not start the All-Star Game #ChinaVotesCount #HoustonWeHaveAProblem
      3:04 PM - 3 Jan 13

      [Not an isolated case]

    7. How are reserves determined exactly? I read that the coaches vote for this, excluding players on their own team?

      I'm guessing if he's not picked as a starter, there's little chance he'll get in as a reserve.

    8. [Harden is a lock] ‏@clutchfans
      @Bxxxxxxx @fxxxxxxx Agree w/ that, but when was the last time a player averaged roughly 26-5-5-2 & was snubbed in the ASG?
      3:29 PM - 27 Dec 12

      [But Harden's place as a reserve might be threatened by JLin, some fear~]
      Dxxxx Wxxxxx ‏@Bxxxxxxx
      @cxxxxxxxxx @fxxxxxxxx If Kobe/Lin start, coaches may take CP3, Westbrook & Parker (all leading top WC teams) over Harden. Rocket quota met.
      2:53 PM - 27 Dec 12

      "I'm guessing if he's not picked as a starter, there's little chance he'll get in as a reserve."
      - 0 chance.

    9. i'm voting daily. it's fun to vote for someone you like. i don't get why people vote for reason other than getting your favorite into this allstar game. it's stupid and not healthy. at the end, even if jlin is not top 2, i'm glad i take part in the process.

    10. I never voted in previous years, but I actually bothered with the all-star game fan participation this year for the reason that I wish to support what JLin stands for on and off the court.

  2. Jason Friedman ‏@JasonCFriedman
    Jeremy Lin, by the way, was given a rest day today. He's fine and will be good to go tomorrow vs. the Bucks.

    1. I really hope his knee is okay. He was hit pretty hard yesterday.

    2. JLin, please sit out MIL game tomorrow.

    3. I think he is fine. A day of rest could have been not to scrimmage with team, but just to work on his 3 point shot

    4. No way he sits. Remember Lou Gehrig.

    5. Maybe this just means no hard work but lots of easy things (shooting, massage to revitalise muscles). Damn - he played fulltime D out there. He deserves/needs it.

  3. What would you expect?

    Rigged , fixed or not , JLin is All Star in our hearts.


    1. keep voting for Lin please! text, tweet and vote online.

    2. i'm voting , k.smith.

      but , is it really that you could only vote once in a day?
      that's what my pc says after i logged in my vote. i have to wait another 24 hours before i could vote again...

    3. you can vote on your pc once a day but you can also tweet: Jeremy Lin #NBABALLOT and text Lin to 69622. You can do all 3 once per day.

    4. ok!

      btw , does that text # work outside of america?

    5. @wilc, crap there are 4 ways! Didn't even know I could do it via fb.

    6. You can also vote through the "NBA Game Time from Sprint application". I haven't been able to do it, probably because my NBA Game Time app is not the "Sprint" version. I am guessing the "Spring" version is only available within the States.

      Other ways of voting from the website:

      "...For the first time ever, NBA fans can vote via social media networks, including Facebook and Twitter, and Sina Weibo and Tencent QQ in China.

      Twitter voting will allow fans to tweet a vote for one player each day throughout the All-Star balloting period. The tweet must include a player's first and last name, along with hash tag #NBABALLOT. Facebook voting will allow fans to fill out one full ballot (three frontcourt and two guards from each conference) per day, through a custom application on Facebook.

      Fans can also access the ballot and vote through the NBA Game Time and NBA Game Time from Sprint applications, available on Android and iOS. NBA fans can fill out one full ballot (three frontcourt and two guards from each conference) per day, through the NBA Game Time and NBA Game Time from Sprint application, the most comprehensive app in the marketplace for NBA fans.

      There are several other ways fans can cast their votes as part of this season's all-digital program including: in 11 languages on, through SMS voting by texting the player's last name to 6-9-6-2-2 ("MYNBA") or by visiting on any wireless device. Fans can vote for 10 different players per day, per phone number, via SMS voting by sending 10 separate SMS messages, each one with a different player's last name. Message and data rates may apply..."

    7. You can vote on twitter and FB too

    8. nba gametime app works for me. i'm with at&t.

    9. My bad, Nba gametime app actually works outside the States. Don't think it is geographically limited. i voted using the app just now on my ipad

  4. The statistics quoted from the following article supports my belief that Jeremy Lin is better for the Rockets and Harden but not the other way around because Lin is a team player and underrated for that reason. Lin needs to play with a balanced approach, both for his own stats and for longevity; perhaps he's waiting for his jump shots to be normal or better.

    Excerpts from USAToday's Jeff Zillgitt [[with my comments in double brackets]]:

    One month into the 2012-13 NBA season, the James Harden-Jeremy Lin backcourt for the Houston Rockets sputtered.

    There were traditional and advanced statistics to prove Harden and Lin weren't clicking. In the first month of the season: [[To save you the time - but go ahead and visit the link - it shows statistics that make Harden look good and Lin bad by omitting the fact that the team had a losing record (9-11) during that period or that Lin didn't play PG for even 50% of the time like he does currently. The coach McHale blamed on so many factors but of course he couldn't admit that both he and Sampson disrespected, misused and marginalized Lin until the December 10th Lin-had-to-prove-again "audition" game.]]

    However, in December – the second month of the season – signs appeared that Lin and Harden can make it work as they found a better balance between who had the ball and their attacking natures. Lin likes to attack with finesse and the idea that he can pass to open shooters on the perimeter [[This fact shows that Lin is a team player]]. Harden likes to attack with force and draw fouls [[This fact proves that Harden is a selfish player watching out mostly for his own stats - Recall from the last season that Lin is also capable of using the same exact strategy if the team needed it. Harden's free-throws method has a place but without Lin's unselfish play both offensively and defensively, the team would have lost a lot more games]] .

    Take a look at some of the numbers in December:

    * The Rockets averaged 106 points per 100 possessions, allowed 104.5 points per 100 possessions, shot 46.8% from the field and had 101.19 possessions per 48 minutes. The pace picked up, the scoring increased, the shooting percentage increased and the defense allowed a few more points but the net margin between points scored and points allowed was much better in December.

    * With Lin on the court, the Rockets averaged 106.2 points per 100 possessions, allowed 102.3 points per 100 possessions and shot 48.1% from the field. With Lin on the bench, Houston scored 105.7 points per 100 possessions, allowed 108.4 points per 100 possessions and shot 44.7% from the field.

    * With Lin and Harden on the court together, the Rockets averaged 106.8 points per 100 possessions, allowed 101.1 points per 100 possessions and Harden was a plus-54. With Lin on the bench and Harden on the court, Houston averaged 108.4 points per 100 possessions and allowed 110.2 points per 100 possessions and Harden was a minus-1.

    Again, that's a small sample size – 16 games in December for a 10-6 record [[The record after Dec 10th is 9-3. This is also unintentionally misleading because the author can't follow just the Rockets so closely like we do. Therefore, he compares November vs. December for convenience and ignorance, rather than before and after Lin was allowed to play a PG position for at least part time in each games]] .....

    1. That is why in my opinion, Mchale and Sampson are not leaders. Leaders will admit their mistakes. Also, leaders will protects their players at all costs. I don't like Woodson, but at least he admitted on many occasions that his team lost was because of him. Maybe that is why the Knicks players love him.

      Some people say why Mchale and Sampson deserve so much hate here because to me, they are cowards. Only cowards would blame a loss on their players. One of their main jobs is to put all his players in position to win games. One example was misusing Lin the first 1 1/2 of the season and yet refuse to acknowledge their mistake. All they have to say is we are humans and we've made a mistake and move on.

    2. And do you think another coach would have netted more wins for this Rockets?

    3. Mike Brown who is dumb as a door knob would have gotten this team of talents the same record.

      The Cavaliers went to the Finals with Mike Brown as a coach, was it his coaching or Lebron James? I rest my case.

    4. But Mike Brown wasn't available at the start of the season, as he was the Lakers coach.

      It's nice to speculate about who'd be a better coach for the Rockets than Sampson and McHale, but they have to be available and willing.

      Sampson and McHale are not perfect, and they have a weakass roster that Lin is getting the most out of. There are going to be learning bumps along the way.

      I hope that McHale can keep pushing Lin to be a great point guard for a winning basketball team. I also hope that McHale continues to monitor Lin's health so that Lin can play in all 82 games, even if Lin limps through some of them.

      I don't expect perfection in NBA coaches. Only ADEQUACY - and McHale has been more than adequate.

      I nominate McHale for COACH OF THE YEAR.

    5. Without Lin's and Harden's high BBIQ, and Lin willingness to do anything to help the team win, McHale would have been exposed as a coach. Lin is the X factor that keep this team winning.

    6. @KHuang

      You advocate McHale coach of the year, I would disagree on these points--how has McHale made the HOU bigs better? I submit evidence that the Houston frontcourt has only been statistically better because of Jeremy Lin. Basic things that McHale could have imparted -- intimidation in the paint, rebounding, defense, and shotblocking are all missing. We just saw the Jlin block on Josh Smith. There was literally 4 other players standing around looking at Smith before Jeremy took on upon himself to do his NBA play of the night type of athleticism.

      In your defense, I can see how McHale has improved Jeremy with a PF mentality but some other posters have rightfully pointed out that to deserve recognition, Jeremy will be judged by casual fans and by extension, the media, those traditional "PG" stats of PTs & Assists. Blocks, defense, and toughness--the hallmarks of McHale's experience--are only secondary. I don't see McHale helping develop Jeremy's PG play with PG specific insights besides generalities.

      McHale and Sampson are not the right coaches for Jlin when he hits his prime. They do have some value and lessons to impart to Jeremy as he is growing--some of it revolves around making yourself better DESPITE non coaching, having to deal with breaking poor coaching decisions, deal with NBA favoritism as another form of office politics, and how to play on a team and lead when winning and stat stuffing are equally important. More adversity for Jeremy but it's never easy to be the trailblazer.

      Furthermore, and more importantly, McHale and Sampson are very AAU heavy, talent by visual confirmation coaches. McHale loves the Stephon Marbury/KG type of AAU players. Sampson was in serious trouble with recruiting violations of the same type of player.

      A coach for Jlin would have to have some international exposure or playing background. The coach does not have to be a ex-PG but shouldn't be a front court player such as a PF or C. Of course, not being a ex PF or C doesn't automatically suffice that candidate to be a great coach for Jeremy. I just don't think a PF or C will help in this age of basketball for Jeremy to grow as a PG.

      Then again, all this should be resolved shortly. I starting to believe strongly Jeremy will be playing in a big market city on the West or East coast BEFORE the HOU 3yr contract ends.

      Suspect Morey will tweet/reddit/post/do his stuff on social media all the positives and superlatives on Jeremy Lin and winning basketball so to inflate his asset in order to snag some combo of Paul/Howard/Love so Harden can be PG.

    7. alcsd,

      Eh.... We all know what happened and I'm voicing my opinion, but I let it go. Lin now acts towards the coaches friendly and respectful, yet somewhat reserved - which is just right. Many coaches take responsibility but for general stuff only. It's not expected for a public figure to publicly admit to bigotry or bias against a player that the owner paid for and brought in specifically as a starter - Especially against a player who had proven that he was more of a sure thing than most of first round draft picks without NBA experiences yet, obviously. Doing so would humiliatingly bring attention to their bigotry and stupidity. After enough fans voiced shock, they even leaked a weird info that said that during the camp Livingston outperformed Lin (Who says that about any other starter whose post-surgery rehabbed wasn't complete yet?) and that the only reason they had to cut Livingston was because they were worried about money. If that was the case, they should have cut Machado instead, whose salary was not fully guaranteed.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Pierrot,

      An excellent post.

      CPaul wouldn't mesh with JHarden as well Lin because of his stature, experience and ego. Also, Paul's and Harden's styles aren't all that dissimilar: Paul generally takes a lot of shots (but not a ton) and he also elicits a lot of free throws, just like Harden...... The Rox, like many teams, might want Paul but his skill sets also overlap with that of Harden's. And they can't afford to get 2 more mega expensive guys (one megastar PF or C and one $15 mil star should do). Super duper stars usually don't want to play in Houston because it's basketball stage isn't bright enough or big enough for some reason for their signature shoes endorsement.

    10. Great posts, guys.

      As usual, this forum is the BEST when it comes to real basketball analysis.

      As far as my McHale for Coach of the Year goes, I would DEFINITELY cite the vast improvement and utilization of the Rockets big men as a prime reason.

      The Rockets have young inexperienced frontcourters. None of the frontcourters are lottery picks or were experienced scorers. Under McHale, the 2nd round picks like Asik and Parsons have developed into solid scorers. McHale is the coach and deserves the credit for putting those guys in the position to succeed.

      In general, this Rockets team has some of the worst talent I've ever seen on an NBA team. The only lottery pick is James Harden, and the rest of the roster is low first round draft picks and 2nd rounders (undrafted in Lin's case). This Houston team has less raw talent than the horrifically bad Bobcats team that won only 7 games last season, yet they're winning games and playing like a TEAM under McHale's watch?

      alcsd correctly pointed out that Jeremy Lin is the main reason why the Rockets look so good. Even so, Jeremy Lin is adhering to the game plan laid out for him by the Rockets coaches. Lin is being put in positions to succeed, and succeed he has.

      Maybe Lin could be used better. Maybe the Rockets could've won more games with a different coach. And maybe the Rockets would be a heck of a lot WORSE if Mchale wasn't coaching, especially if Lin went down to injury from playing superhero ball like he did in NY last season.

      Coach of the Year is not a referendum on how Jeremy Lin specifically is treated. It should be awarded to the coach who got the most out of his team roster. In the case of the Rockets, McHale is squeezing every ounce of talent out of this roster and gets my full approval.

      Long term? The term doesn't exist for me at the NBA level when coaching is concerned!

    11. The Rockets have less talent than the Bobcats? You are judging talent by draft level from a few years ago? You should be looking at the roster now, not where people thought the players would pan out two years ago.

    12. Do you really think the Bobcats have less talent than the Rockets, Will in Philly?

      Try THIS on for size. 2012-2013 data only.

      Bobcats lottery picks: 7
      Rockets lottery picks: 2 (Aldridge doesn't really play)

      Bobcats payroll: $58,082,382 (28th overall)
      Rockets payroll: $47,799,154 (30th overall, LAST IN NBA)

      Houston record: 18-14 (.563, 6th in harder West)
      Bobcats record: 8-23 (.258, 12th in easier East)

      Still think the Bobcats have "less talent", Will in Philly?

    13. Last season, I posted that I'd have LOVED to see Jeremy Lin playing for the Bobcats.

      I wanted Michael Jordan to drag Lin into a gym and go at him. Trash talk Lin. Take Lin to "flight school". Be Lin's MENTOR.

      I posted that I wanted the Bobcats to draft Jeremy Lamb #2 and start him alongside Jeremy Lin for an all-Jeremy backcourt. That nearly happened with Houston before the Harden trade.

      I was salivating at the notion of Lin playing alongside a real shooting guard like Gerald Henderson (and now Ben Gordon who is a very established NBA player). Kemba Walker (drafted #7 the year Lin went undrafted) would have been a fine backup to Lin and would share the court with Lin in a two point guard attack at times.

      I wanted Lin to be throwing alleyoops to Tyrus Thomas, Bismack Biyombo, and Hakim Warrick. DeSagana Diop would been an inside shooting space eating battleship center with Lin feeding him on the court. Since the Bobcats frontcourt is WAY MORE ATHLETIC than Houston's minimum wage frontcourt, Lin could throw those lob passes all game and guys would finish.

      I still think that Michael Kidd Gilchrist is an overrated player who can't help his team win, but Lin would have had him to throw lob passes to also. Plus Lin would find him on the break.

      Lin makes guys better on both ends of the court. He'd have done MAJOR DAMAGE on this Bobcats team!

    14. Lin does not have the mean and nasty attitude that Michael Jordan had. Lin can be aggressive but his personality is not like that of MJ, Westbrook and a few others. Sometimes that gives the edge to make someone a great player. I don't know if Jeremy will ever have that personality.

  5. Please vote for Lin we want to see him play especially it in Houston home court....

    1. yep, so keep voting online, texting and tweeting. :)

    2. Nice....I have been doing all three kinds of voting everyday..... keeep up the good work..

    3. Nice....I have been doing all three kinds of voting everyday..... keeep up the good work..

    4. Jeremy Lin #NBABALLOT

      you guys sure they will count votes on twitter like this??
      I don't see my tweet after I tweet this on #NBALLOT.

    5. Here's the link for Twitter Vote:

      1. Click "Tweet My Vote"
      2. Complete the form by writing in player's name and explanation.
      3. Sign in and tweet.

    6. thanks! I try it, hopefully they got it! lol. but I still don't see mine, but I see others. I follow the exactly same format like others!maybe too many people voting!

    7. Here's the link for facebook ballot:

      I don't think you have to log in to vote.
      I'm not sure...

    8. I already vote for the fb using your link! I also use your tweet link to vote too! Before I also tweet Jeremy Lin#NBABALLOT. But I expect to see my vote like I see others :( and I don't see it lol. Anyway, will keep senting.I think they do get it thought not see it on the #NBABALLOT twitter page.

    9. Good job guys keep on voting for our boy....

    10. Good job guys keep on voting for our boy....

    11. Good job guys keep on voting for our boy....

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  7. Found this on youtube by accident.

    Sampson praising Lin after Heat's game.

  8. Jonathan Feigen @Jonathan_Feigen
    Rockets still plan to sign Patrick Beverley this wk. Waiting for FIBA clearance. Apparently Russian League thinks Rockets want to adopt him.
    10:21 AM - 3 Jan 13

    Mxxxxxx Rxxx ‏@mxxxxxxx
    @Jonathan_Feigen what are Rox plans after signing Beverley? Trade someone else, D-League?
    10:30 AM - 3 Jan 13

    Dxxx Wxxxxx ‏@Bxxx xxxx
    @Dxxxxx @Jonathan_Feigen It's gotta be Machado. He'll earn his 50% guarantee by Jan. 22, so cutting him now will not hurt the Rockets much.
    11:30 AM - 3 Jan 13
    --- ‏@Eurohoopsnet
    The deal between @patbev21 and @HoustonRockets is done! Go get them Pat! Eurohoops have reported it since December 23 … …
    11:12 AM - 3 Jan 13

  9. Replies
    1. I am surprised they even considered Houston in this Contender or Pretender discussions.

  10. Royce WhiteVerified ‏@Highway_30
    I'm NOT planning on pursuing European B-ball, I will play for the @HoustonRockets when this current situation is resolved. Hopefully #2K13
    6:08 AM - 3 Jan 13

    1. Sounds like a business move, his agent probably telling him what to say so he can be cut from the Rockets and end up in Miami, New York, or L.A.

      Kobe once did something like that to the New Jersey Nets, so they wouldn't draft him, and he fell in the draft to the Lakers.

    2. Seriously - I was hoping it would work out for him but he is basicly unhirable right now.

  11. Replies
    1. I commented on that during the game yesterday. The ref almost gave him 6 seconds because it was such an awkward situation, but finally he was like "ok you're an idiot i'm blowing the whistle."

      Still, I really like G Smith.

  12. Replies
    1. Daryl Morey ‏@dmorey
      Stress wont be any lower this yr w/West playoff race intense once again. Looks like 6 tms (GS/DEN/HOU/UTH/LAL/MIN) for 4 spots right now
      10:17 AM - 3 Jan 13

  13. [For anyone interested]

    Dwyane Wade: Agent of Chaos
    Assessing the risks taken by Miami's turnover hunter.

    1. Very Interesting read. Thanks via. You can pretty much replace the name "Wade" with "Lin" in that article and it still makes sense.

      “I call it gambling for me, but he’s one of those guys, when he’s going he knows he’s going to get the ball,” Bosh added. “It’s just a unique skill that he has. He reads it like he’s a cornerback in football.”

      I called it gambling too in a previous post. :)

  14. To all jeremy fans( and non J fans who visit here to annoy ppl) keep on voting for J all the way. Pls do vite in every possible way including twitter and FB. Let's get him in the roster for ASG abd have an exciting game.Non J fans, feel free to vote as you feel free to read on this site.

  15. Keep voting for our boy. Haters will ALWAYS dispute his skills, whether he is playing well or not.

    As fans, we can show the NBA that Jeremy has the biggest fan base in the world and that alone demands a big contract.

    1. keep voting peeps! or, tweet, text, and Facebook vote!

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  16. Morey on Jeremy Lin:

    Health-wise he's getting near 100% although schedule has been intense. Jeremy has an overall "winning play" game. He can make passes that leads to very good buckets, he can attack the basket and that's probably his highest level skill relative to the rest of the league. Defensively, he's very disruptive. He reminds me a lot of Kyle (Lowry) on his disruptiveness overall. He freelances sometimes which can drive folks crazy occasionally, but a lot of those freelances result in rebounds, blocks, steals, things that really impact winning over the course of a game. Even if he can't contain off the dribble sometimes against some these elite guys like the Westbrooks of the world and other elite PGs, he stays in the play and makes sure even though they might beat him on the first step he'll make it uncomfortable for them thoughout as he chases them and pokes and harrasses at the ball. He just does a lot of good things throughout to help the team win the game.

    1. Robert Horry praising JLin's defensive ability:

    2. A reality check for you Jeremy Lin fanatics, coming straight from Morey himself. Gosh, you guys can support your idol with great esteem but he's not impervious. I recently came across this site and I can't stop chuckling with all of these silly posts about Jeremy.

      I like Jeremy too, and I was once inspired by his story. I still think Jeremy is a good player, but my gosh I just cannot believe this many people here are head over heels for him. You guys only see the good and sweep everything else (the bad) under the rug like it never existed. I guess that's what fanatics are like.

      I see there are posters who are analytical and critical of Jeremy, and there are others who are analytical and fanatical. The fanatical ones believe the critical ones are cherry picking and bashing, but the fanatical ones are doing just the same by selecting only the good part of Jeremy's game and leaving out the ugly, or downplaying it. It is so hilarious.

      I like Jeremy but he is exactly how Morey described it. Jeremy doesn't play great defense but he can be disruptive. Jeremy's best offensive game is when he attacks. I think Jeremy's freelancing is absolutely true, otherwise he wouldn't have those steals, blocks, and rebounds. See yáll.

    3. LOL. Alright, you like how Morey describe JLin. last checked Morey's record as Rox GM - Morey is in his sixth season as the General Manager of the Houston Rockets. The team has won one playoff series and has been a lottery team in the past three seasons during his tenure (source: wikipedia). Judging by his track record, I can't take Morey's assessment seriously. I think many posters here have much better bball knowledge than Morey.

    4. Livyrlife,

      Don't feed the troll.

    5. alcsd,
      Thanks for reminding me.

    6. most of lin's blocks/steals/rebounds are from defending his own man. you'd know this if you actually watched him play. and lol at morey. he's the same genius who cut lin the first time, then had to resign him for 8 mill more pre season. what does that say about edison? LoL found.

    7. you can keep chuckling! we totally careless about that! Go have your good time chuckling then!

    8. Hey Edison,

      Jeremy stopped doing a lot of "freelancing" since December. This is something we pointed out long time ago, that Jeremy takes risks often leaving his man uncovered, because he follows the ball too close in order to do just that.

      Now he simply locks his man down, whether its an opposing PG or whoever on a switch, its rare to see him blatantly leave a man more than one pass away and have him disappear behind lin with a quick cut to the rim or a wide open 3.

      Most of his steals/blocks/rebounds are now off of whoever he's guarding and the passer/receiver. His "disruptive" defense is because he kills opposing offensive flow by locking down PGs and forcing TOs. Of all games since December unless you were Parker/Westbrook you are going to have garbage stats against Lin, even those two don't do as well as they usually do and rack up majority of their points when Lin is off court.

      Yer right about the critical fans and fanatical fans. But fans are fans, and this is a Lin fansite, for the most part we coexist just fine :)

    9. And yes, I'm convinced Morey doesn't actually watch Lin play but have his eyes only on Harden, because what he said was so November.

    10. What's wrong with being a Jeremy Lin fanatic?

      What's wrong with sweeping his imperfections under the rug when his team is WINNING GAMES LIKE CRAZY???

      What's wrong with debunking Edison Varejo's fantasy that Jeremy Lin "doesn't play great defense" with stats and video?

    11. Reality check? The reality is that we have been following Lin for almost three years since his signing with GSW. NOBODY give him a shot. We KNOW HE IS GOOD. Lin just need a chance. We followed him to the Rocket (2011) and then the Knicks. Then, there is a Linsanity. We know he can deliver. Now he is back to the Rocket. Still, he has to make a statement over and over and over and over for some naysayers. Lin HAS ACHIEVED something we have known all along of his capability. In Lin, WE BELIEVED! Naysayers still do not believe. WELL. Life is short. We do not want to spend energy for the naysayers. You can still believe the earth is flat. Nobody will blame you.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. I just love all the code words associated with Lin and fans who actually admire his basketball game.

      Idol worshipping
      ***** in the armor
      Turnover machine
      Two ****** of pain
      Cut twice
      Not a starter

      That my friend Edison is the reality that Jeremy is often associated with... and by extension his fans must also be highly irrational or fanatical or somehow.... Not even suggesting that race or cultural bias has anything to do with how Jeremy is often portrayed, but the reality as Jeremy correctly points out that he must keep proving himself over and over again and that he will always have haters. The question you should ask yourself is.... why?

    14. TBH I didn't even follow Lin until his breakout games...I think it was the 3rd game that I started finding out what this Linsanity was all about.

      You get this instant sense of camaraderie just watching him let loose with his team as if you were his teammate.

      I'm Marine, and it certainly wasn't about race (I'm Chinese btw), or how inspiring he was, it was more about how his struggles, ideals, and grim determination/steadfastness that resonated with my own in life.

      To me, he's about as American as it gets. Its refreshing, because I don't even think America in general knows what an American really stands for anymore.

      Polar reverse of just about 99.999% of the players out there. So sick and tired of the bs wannabe spoiled brat hardcore thug drama.

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    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. Jeremy Lin transcends basketball.

      He is special.

      He was raised for such a time as this.

      He is a Man with a Mission!

      He is a Man of Destiny!

    18. Hey Edison, where in Morey's statement does he say that Lin is not a good defender? I've looked and looked and cannot find this interpretation at all. He says Lin freelances but sometimes this leads to good things even though it scares people that like structure. He says Lin cannot stay in front of the most elite of guards but still bothers them enough.

    19. can somebody kick trolls? JLinFan, do we have an administrator here who can boot Edison's sorry butt out here?

    20. You guys want to kick out Edison because he wrote something that you disagree with? He's obviously a huge Jeremy Lin fan but is also someone who can point to flaws and improvements, and isn't simply someone who is blind to all flaws. I'm the same way.

    21. @Kenoshi - it most certainly is about race. If he were the 25th Asian American NBA player, there would not be the same amount of excitement. Also, take a poll of the people on this website. How many are Asian? I bet over 85%.

    22. as one of my favorite posters here, KHuang said:

      What's wrong with being a Jeremy Lin fanatic? - yeah what is wrong with being a fanatic? might I add, why pick on Jeremy Lin fanatics when every team, every player, have their own fanatics as well.

      What's wrong with sweeping his imperfections under the rug when his team is WINNING GAMES LIKE CRAZY??? - enough said.

      What's wrong with debunking Edison Varejo's fantasy that Jeremy Lin "doesn't play great defense" with stats and video? - enough said.

      "A reality check for you Jeremy Lin fanatics, coming straight from Morey himself. Gosh, you guys can support your idol with great esteem but he's not impervious. I recently came across this site and I can't stop chuckling with all of these silly posts about Jeremy." - what are the SILLY posts in here? PoS is obviously trolling.

      "I still think Jeremy is a good player, but my gosh I just cannot believe this many people here are head over heels for him. You guys only see the good and sweep everything else (the bad) under the rug like it never existed. I guess that's what fanatics are like. " - try browsing and analyzing the WHOLE thread starting from the beginning than coming up with a general conclusion based on this discussion alone. I doubt Edison has rummaged the whole thread.

      "I see there are posters who are analytical and critical of Jeremy, and there are others who are analytical and fanatical. The fanatical ones believe the critical ones are cherry picking and bashing, but the fanatical ones are doing just the same by selecting only the good part of Jeremy's game and leaving out the ugly, or downplaying it. It is so hilarious. " - wow grouping the Lin fans eh. if we are being grouped as the analyticals or the fanatics, expect bloodbath in this forum. while there is spewing, arguing, and discussions turning ugly, the analyticals and fanaticals agree on certain point/s.Edison, you forgot to add the 3rd type of Lin fan, the doubters. there are a lot of Lin doubters here.

      "I like Jeremy but he is exactly how Morey described it. Jeremy doesn't play great defense but he can be disruptive. Jeremy's best offensive game is when he attacks. I think Jeremy's freelancing is absolutely true, otherwise he wouldn't have those steals, blocks, and rebounds. See yáll." - I have YET to read Morey's statement on that.

      and why do we have to include argument of race here? doesn't mean that your assumption of 85% of posters here are Asians automatically concludes that Lin is loved just because of his race. Jeremy has fans from different races. he has haters from Chinese/ Asian community as well.

    23. There are trolls on this board pretending to be Lin fans. You can recognize some of them because they will defend other trolls or they will criticize us of fanatic or blind. They would rather criticize Lin, but speak out against those who dare to say anything negative about certain player such as Harden. They act self righteous. Their goal is to bring Lin and his fans down. Operation Fail.

    24. And Will in Philly, why do you have a problem with Asian fans like me supporting an Asian player?

      Why do you agree with the INSANE and FATALLY FLAWED notion that Lin isn't a great defender?

      Why do you have problems with Lin fans on a Lin website?

      What's YOUR problem?

    25. why do haters/doubters ALWAYS pull the race card in arguments? is that your last "claw" when backed against the wall?

    26. Because those haters dislike Lin and especially US strictly because of our RACE.

      Take race out of the equation, and Lin suddenly appears to the rest of the world as exactly the way we see him here:

      the best young point guard in the game and soon the best point guard in the game PERIOD.

    27. Exactly. What's wrong with this site over 85%are Asians. Totally don't get what's his point bring up this. I guess Obama must feel the same with Jeremy Lin then. The two can sit together and have a chat discuss how this race thing affect them.

    28. Another thing, just because you think you point put the flaws, the criticize and people who disagree with you, deny ur point, so they being called fanatic, blind and you being called urself objective and the only one who's able to see the truth? Don't be too self-righteous. It's a matter of how you put the words down. You think it's not a problem but when people read it, it sounds different from what you put down. You may not want to offend people with any mean but that's not what it is said in ur words.

    29. Regarding the doubters, they come in at least three varieties....

      First type of doubters, basically they will tell you they are doubters because Jeremy is Asian... and to this type of doubter, there is no difference between Asian and Asian American. Because in their minds, by definition Asians are not Americans, ever. Obviously, no one is dumb enough to put this on public display, except for the now fired ESPN reporter who famously used '***** in the armor.'

      The second type od doubter, since it is no longer politically correct to single out Asian Americans for ridicule, then this type of doubter resorts to codes so they can talk amongst each other without being fired or single out. To this, I think it's sad but fair enough everyone is entitled to their own opinion.... just look at the Tea Party...

      Which leads me to the third type of doubters, who sees the mainstream media and all their friends use these codified terms when talking about athletes like Jeremy who doesn't neatly fit into the positive and negative stereotypes of Asian Americans. This type of doubter basically think is OK to use these code words to reinforce their preconceived views. A funny example might be the perception, Asian can't DRIVE... which funny enough there is a grain of truth if anyone has ever parked at Ranch 99 enough times... funny but certainly not entirely true.The problem with thoughtlessly adopting these CODE words is that it shapes how one views Asian Americans and clouds or substitutes their judgement with LAZINESS and STUPIDITY.

      Analytical criticism is never far from being a good thing, but thoughtless or lazy stereotyping of people so you don't have to think harder is NOT!

      So come on now, haters and trolls out there (sorry I can't resist), go eat some stinky tofu, a Taiwanese specialty, and and actually watch the games... but leave the CODE words and the stereotypes at home.... so that you are actually contributing to a dialogue not just repeating what someone else told you.

    30. Why do these people spend so much energy on hating a player? Now, hating a player is not enough satisfaction, they have to seek out a player's fansite to hate on that player's fans. Just take a shot of anti-haterade and just stop it.

    31. Hey slash29, there is yet another kind of hater you missed out on.

      It's the Asian American who thinks he's BETTER than other Asian Americans.

      This kind of hater says he's a Lin fan, but then he proceeds to use poorly hidden subtle criticisms of Lin's game that are usually WAY OFF from a basketball standpoint. Then they whine and lie here that Lin's Asian fans here are totally biased and are too stupid to see Lin's faults.

      What motivates these racist Asian American self haters? These guys have absorbed so much anti Asian rhetoric from American culture that they think that agreeing with the American majority will somehow elevate their social status in American society. I suspect a lot of these guys are in pain from being superficially accepted by mainstream America but have a barely hidden contempt for their Asian heritage that perpetually makes them outsiders in American culture. So instead of embracing their Asianness, these haters take their anger out on US Asian American Lin fans.

      These guys here know exactly who they are. I've battled them repeatedly since coming here. Of the trolls, these fools are the ones I despise the most.

    32. ihoopsalot, there is a very simple answer to your question.

      A lot of people get angry when an Asian like Jeremy Lin rises up and threatens their world view that their race is better than Lin's Asian race.

      To them, Jeremy Lin is a racial affront to their own heritage. They are offended by his success because they want to claim racial success all for themselves. That's why they come here and try to put us all down - thus opening the WHOOPASS on themselves.

      If you read my past posts, I've even managed to TURN a few of those guys. I did it by telling them that Jeremy Lin's success is not an affront to any other race's success and that Lin's fans are not the blind race claiming nitwits that trolls like Edison Varejo condemn us as.

      Lin's fans are predominantly Asian, but a great many of us are true fans of the NBA who like the entire league too. And some of us, like myself, firmly believe that a super producer like Lin would be hailed as a future Hall of Famer and perennial All Star if he were any other race than Asian.

    33. @will in philly

      Its funny that you say its about race while I said FOR ME it wasn't because as a marine there is only the color green.

      Of course that isn't how it works in the world. Was lin passed over and over because of prejudices and perceived intrusion into an area that is dominated by races other than asian? Heh doesn't take an idiot to see that. Some follow him because he stands for such racial/religious struggles and that is absolutely fine because he is an outstanding young man and example.

      For me I just love an underdog that gots the fight in him. Hes a fighter, a warrior ladies and gents. And the more they put him down the harder he fights back. Hiw can people not appreciate that regardless of race?

    34. Perhaps there is a perception that Asians/ A-Americans gloms on to JLin for racial reasons -> bcos race issues tend to crop up more often when in discussions with fans of this demographic.
      Asians/ A-Americans have a more intimate understanding of the subtle ways one can be particularly discriminated on as an Asian/ A-American -> will tend to recognize things not apparent to casual bystanders. [Observations/ complaints of a racial nature would naturally occur more from this sector.]
      People outside this demographic cannot possibly understand all the nuances of this issue. We tend to see things out of the prism of our own experience after all, not even rote learning [aka PC] can help us cover all the bases [There can be no intuitive insight into things the experience of which we are far removed/ completely out of.]
      Being a generic minority is little help, since we must deal with stereotypes and preconceived notions that are PARTICULAR to that ethnicity. -> Different minority experiences.

      True about Asians/ Asian-Americans who bash their own kind. Not only to affiliate/ assimilate oneself to western society [anti-FOB contamination]
      Some, perhaps to signal one's membership in a cosmopolitan world [modern/ post-tribalistic, universalist/ post-race, etc.] -> I'm going after my own kind, see how above racial-affiliation/ un-biased I am? [If one is indeed unbiased and not compensating, then one can afford to acknowledge what's truly happening before one's eyes.]

      "And the more they put him down the harder he fights back. How can people not appreciate that regardless of race?"
      - Some people don't/can't/won't understand all the ways he has had to fight through undeserved hardships.
      They won't even acknowledge there were hardships. -> Revisionist crap: Oh he must not have been drafted bcos he was never good in the first place, look at his lowered production in HOU etc [Never mind the limited position he was put in by the coaching staff.]
      You see people saying he don't deserve [?!!] all the time.

    35. There are also people who are not anti-Lin so much as anti-LoF. Perhaps from some negative encounters with overly passionate Lin fans [SOME of whom tend to make exuberant claims about JLin.] They are LoF-H. They believe policing LoFs = protecting the integrity of the game: They are supposedly the vanguards pushing back this Asian wave of "irrationality" <- the worst denigration in pragmatic western society.

      Then, there are those who are truly threatened [that's implicit respect, even if they deny it] that the world order is changing. JLin's rise is concurrent with the economic rise of east/ wane of the west after all. These people don't want a Roger Bannister moment to take hold.

    36. This comment has been removed by the author.

    37. *anti FOB-contamination

      [Perhaps these A-Americans have discovered that they will always be lumped together with "Asians" more than with "Americans" bcos the eye will always rule the mind, and what people secretly think and what they say out loud are often 2 very different things.]

    38. Race is very important here. I don't how anyone can disagree here. Race is what prevented Jeremy from getting an opportunity and race is a primary reason why he is so popular now. It goes both ways.

      @KHaung -

      I have no problem at all with Asians supporting Lin because he's Asian, I'm Asian and that's a major reason why I support him. My response was to the contention that race doesn't matter, which is completely false. Where did I say Jeremy isn't a good defender? He is. But he's not a top 5 point guard yet, as you claim.

      And I'll continue to point out the good and bad in Jeremy's game, like a real fan. I'm a huge UCONN basketball fan, and I analyze and dissect all the games. I love UCONN but I don't just claim the team is the best in the country, because they aren't.

    39. I see your stance Will in Philly.

      However, there are many Lin fans like me that DO NOT admire Lin blindly just because he's Asian.

      I wouldn't be on this site if Lin didn't have as much game as he did. I am dead serious that if Lin had Kyrie Irving's me first one way game, I would not be here. Similarly, I have been Yi Jianlian's biggest hater from the time I started posting here.

      I really would sympathize with your stance if I did feel that Lin's Asian fans here were racially motivated to be uncritical of Lin's game, Will in Philly. But I don't really get that sense here.

      The truth is that the majority of Lin fans post here are transfixed by his All NBA ability to WIN GAMES. Even the people who troll here and are unhappy with other Lin fans are hanging here because Lin keeps winning.

      I guarantee you that if Lin scored a lot like Kyrie Irving and lost the vast majority of his games with Irving's more talented roster in that weakass Eastern conference, guys like me would me either gone or saying stuff like "Don't believe that Lin is elite. He doesn't defend, doesn't set teammates up, doesn't win games".

  17. [Last night's game:]
    iHoopsAlot: It's hard to watch a Rox's game without cussing. It's not possible at all, and i'm the mellowish guy around. Seriously, I couldn't hold in my emotion when watching the Rox game. Maybe it's the beers, lol.

    Some suggestions via Morey. :)

    1. I got to give you prop Via. I don't know how you could find these links that connected to the posts, but that was hillarious. LOL

    2. I care about your health, iHoopsAlot. ;)

    3. lol. Morey sometimes got humor and yes Via is expert at finding stuff!

  18. Vote for the Lakers/Rockets game to show on NBAtv!

  19. Jeremy Lin ranked #11 PG and #42 overall player this year in Fantasy Basketball statistics on Yahoo, which does take into account turnovers. This is quite amazing even with his awful start and multiple 4th quarter benchings. As we have said, his all around game is quite amazing. As a result, I am nearly winning my fantasy league (yes sorry to boast, but Lin is definitely helping) in my first year playing.

    I predict Lin finishes #5 point guard by fantasy stats.

    1. so happy to hear this.haters out there,up and down yes.stay positive and move forward:)

    2. And many people still thinks he doesn't belong in the NBA... SMH

    3. This correlates with my position that Lin is top 12 PG IF you don't include players of combo position, ie Harden. He's improving but probably needs off season to work on his 3 pointers and developing more varied jumpers to break top 5. I do see the potential of him averaging next year 16 plus points and 9 assists if he is allowed to handle the ball more. But whether Rockets feels this will be in conflict with the fast style of play, I don't know. In the mean time, Lin is going to have more below 10 points game than above 20 points games this season, but his D seems to be improving, and at least he is not hesitating when shooting, although he should shoot instead of making unnecessary passes sometimes.

    4. Go ahead, eb5attorney.

      Name the 11 point guards that would be leading the Rockets to a better record than Lin has led them to.

      This'll be good.

    5. Lin's play has vastly improved since the beginning of the season, but you have to look at his numbers at this point. If he keeps this up, he will rank higher in my view. Who knows what other PGs would have done? I can't say for sure.

    6. I was echoing stu's fantasy ranking of Lin as #11 among PGs. I merely said that the fantasy ranking system seems pretty accurate. For the record, I no longer have any doubt that Lin will at minimum be a very good NBA PG, and I can see a definite possibility of Lin averaging 18+ points and 9+ assists per game within 2 years.

    7. You measure Lin strictly by personal stats.

      You do not measure Lin by his impact on winning.

      That is why you and I will never ever agree on ANYTHING.

  20. Yay!!Top 1 play!!

  21. Regarding Royce White, anyone know wtf is this "mental health protocol" he is talking about that his doctors recommended but Rox refuse to follow?

    Does it involve a lot of medicinal marijuana?

    1. He needs Linsanity!

      DraftExpress-White Twitter convo

      Royce White ‏@Highway_30
      @DraftExpress Docs. recommend implementing a protocol, so they help build 1, for #MentalHealth. Amongst other recs. also, not as big though.
      11:25 AM - 1 Jan 13

      Jonathan Givony ‏@DraftExpress
      .@Highway_30 Still very vague on the precise reason you're disparaging your employers. Seems very odd from the side, but to each his own.
      11:47 AM - 1 Jan 13

      From RealGM_supertruck97:

      If you think this situation has anything to do with planes or travel, you haven't been following this enough to talk about it. Travel is not the issue. The Rox and White came to an agreement on travel, the Rox bought him a bus to take to away games when possible.

      There are two issues in Royce's world view:

      1) Doctor. The CBA states that the team has to get him help, but it can be a doc of their choosing. The Rox chose a doc in Houston (makes sense). Royce wants to continue seeing his own doctor, who is based out of Minnesota. I see two glaring issues with Royce's side and one with the Rox. On Royce's side: a. How does he expect to see his doc in Minny while playing in Houston? Skype? It's is just not feasible in any way shape or form. AND b. If Royce is still having this much trouble after 3+ years with this doc, it's obvious that this guy isn't doing any good. On the Rox side, it does seem harsh to ask someone with anxiety disorder to leave a doc he has built trust and rapport with to see someone he doesn't know. It's another major change to exacerbate the situation.

      2) Playing Time. Royce's disorder gets worse when he is not in control of the situation, and doesn't have a set routine. A report came out that said his agent told the Rox that Royce's condition would get better if he got regular, dependable minutes. If that report is true, then it sounds like Royce trying to leverage his condition to get NBA minutes as an unproven rookie. That's a major misstep on his part, and throws out most, if not all, of his credibility.

      The only thing the Rox haven't budged on is the doc. I see their side of it. If they move on this, then Royce would likely find something else to complain about, because like it or not' he's not getting playing time on this team. The move to the d-league would at least take care of item 2, but his refusal shows him as a fraud. In the D league, he would travel by bus, get regular playing time, and be on a regular schedule. It's the ideal, safe situation for him, regardless of the doc situation. His refusal shows his hand. He doesn't want to be a basketball player. He wants to be paid millions to go and follow his dream of being a musician or poet or motivational speaker.

      Regarding his latest stuff about "Protocol gives executive authority to chosen medical professionals in ALL & any medical situations. #MentalHealth is emphasized especially", I believe he is refering to the part in bold above. Likely, his doctor in Minny claims he would be mentally more stable if he got a starting position, or at least x number of minutes per game, or was guaranteed to play in the 1st and 3rd quarter or something of that nature. The Rox are rebuffing, and Royce is claiming that they should be doing whatever his doctor tells them too. He may have anxiety issues, but he's also an egomaniac and a spoiled, petulant child who is throwing a fit over not being handed the world on a silver platter.

    2. Out of the millions of young basketballers, Royce was picked as the 16th best to be drafted into the NBA a year ago. Compared to Lin, who has never had a bb scholarship and was chosen out of the D League, Lin is now a starter but Royce has never appeared - even on the bench?

      This is a sad case, no wonder Lin says he thanks God for his good health and playing NBA starter for a team going places.

    3. Hope the best for Royce White. I feel the Rockets front office might feel emboldened from the team's good play in December to play hardball with him.... asking the front office to cede that sort of authority and precedent is surely not in the Rocket's interest or the league management for that matter. It will be interesting to see how the Rockets front office respond if the team is struggling in January 12/16 road games... I hope the Rockets are able to do the right thing so Royce can goto work!

    4. Brian Geltzeiler ‏@hoopscritic
      However, the thing that was abundantly clear from White is that he has no desire to go to the D League. Came off as if he's above it....
      3:13 PM - 3 Jan 13

      Rxxxxxx ‏@Dxxxxxxxxx
      @hoopscritic How so?
      3:15 PM - 3 Jan 13

      Brian Geltzeiler ‏@hoopscritic
      ‏@Dxxxxxxxxxa it's tough to understand how he'll accept the Rockets protocol but won't accept D League protocol. Wants a lot of control
      3:35 PM - 3 Jan 13

    5. Wow, thx Via, really appreciate it...I guess White will have to give or move on, unless Rox caves.

      But this must wreck havoc on team chemistry if he starts crying about minutes no?

    6. Maybe the doc issue is one of control? His own doc is naturally going to have his best interests in mind and well may even just play to White's tune and recommend whatever, while a Rox provided doc won't be so...Lenient...Am I reading this right?

    7. Looks like it, as far as I [as a bystander] can tell, Kenoshi.

      You're right about team chemistry. And PT may just be the tip of the iceberg [since anything can plausibly bring on an anxiety attack after all.] Prolly why the Rox is insisting on their own doc.

    8. Seriously, is he worth all the trouble? Sometimes, I just don't understand the Rox's organization. On one hand, they have a fine player, JLin, who's willing to do whatever it'll take to win games, but get treated as a scrub; on the other hand, they have a problematic player, White, who hasn't done anything for the Rox, but yet the Rox still nurture most if not all of his demands. Maybe, I'm missing something in this picture. Maybe some of you can enlighten me on this subject.

    9. from what started out as anxiety with traveling by planes got bigger and complicated. I don't want to sound judgmental but seems to me what White and his doctor means as "mental health protocol" is "my anxiety disorder will be contained once I'm treated as a valuable player for Rockets so don't put me in the D-League and give me valuable minutes EVERY Rockets game/put me every X quarter, even if I DON'T practice because I'm anxious about practices because practice court/time is not safe in my health standards".I wonder what makes him anxious about practices. is he anxious about having his own team mates touch or bump him?

    10. If Houston tries to void Royce White's contract, they will have an ADA lawsuit slapped on them by White's lawyers with the backing of the NBA player's union.

      That's why Houston is scared to cut him.

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. [For anyone interested - Big Man Barometer]

    ESPN Insider: Milwaukee's Best: Ersan Ilyasova
    Brook Lopez tops weekly barometer, but is more Melo too much?
    Originally Published: January 3, 2013
    By Bradford Doolittle | Basketball Prospectus

    The Milwaukee Bucks never seem to grab any headlines, but they have been quietly edging up the standings in the East with strong play in recent weeks and have been doing so with a rotation that has been slowly fallen into place.

    Theoretically, the Bucks should be one of the biggest teams in the league. They feature a roster deep in frontcourt talent, and coming into the season the quandary seemed to be how all that size was going to be deployed. While Scott Skiles continues to cycle through the likes of Samuel Dalembert, Drew Gooden, Ekpe Udoh, Joel Przybilla and John Henson, his team has found its stride by going sneakily small.

    Skiles' rotation fell into place when he started bringing struggling power forward Ersan Ilyasova off the bench. Meanwhile, natural power forward Larry Sanders emerged from the crowd to take over at center, part of the reason the Bucks skew small in my True Position analysis. Lately, Skiles has been rotating Ilyasova with combo forward Luc Mbah a Moute at the 4, making the Bucks even smaller, especially considering they start the most diminutive backcourt in the league.

    Mbah a Moute isn't ever going to show up in the Barometer rankings because so much of his value is hidden, but his return from early-season knee trouble has been important. His ability to guard bigs has keyed the league's fourth-best defensive efficiency over the last couple of weeks and freed Sanders to function as more of a freelance rim protector, which is a role he fills well.

    All in all, Milwaukee has basically been able to break even with Mbah a Moute on the floor even though he contributes so little on offense. The Bucks are nearly four points better defensively for each 100 possessions Mbah a Moute is in the game, and Milwaukee is 9-7 since he returned at the beginning of December.

    It's not one of the glossier stories from the first half of the 2012-13 season, but Mbah a Moute's return and Milwaukee's subsequent success is the kind of thing that provides plenty of fodder for those trying to quantify the intangible aspects of the game.

    One interesting note: The season-to-date rankings are at the bottom, but it's important to point out during the Knicks' fabulous start, Carmelo Anthony was mostly outside of our season-long top 10. As New York has cooled, Anthony has gradually moved into the season-to-date rankings, and this week he tops out at No. 3. Of course, New York has now lost five of eight. Could be a case of more Melo being a bad thing for New York? It's something to watch.

    I'll be mixing in some more observations from NETPOST analysis in the rest of this week's Barometer. Details on how the Big Man Barometer is compiled and the true position system can be found here.

    1. Top 10 Big Man Performances
      Week of Dec. 26-Jan 1. Players listed by winning percentage. Any player who played at least 30 minutes total at center or power forward last week is eligible for the rankings. Also included at the bottom are big man projections for next week.

      1. Brook Lopez | Brooklyn Nets (.859)

      Maybe it's a coincidence, but Lopez has been on a tear under interim coach P.J. Carlesimo. In four games since Avery Johnson was axed, Lopez is averaging 24 points on 62 percent shooting to go with 8 rebounds per night. The 97 points Lopez has had during that stretch matches his best four-game scoring total of the season.

      2. Ersan Ilyasova | Milwaukee Bucks (.854)

      As a starter, Ilyasova averaged 10.8 points per 40 minutes on 32 percent shooting. As a reserve, he's at 18.7 points and 46 percent. After a slow start to the season, sometimes these questions answer themselves.

      3. LeBron James| Miami Heat (.843)

      A typical week for James, as he played 69 percent of his minutes at power forward. That's about one percent more than his season average. He's set up shop on the Barometer for the past several weeks.

      4. Charlie Villanueva | Detroit Pistons (.776)

      The Pistons' strong play of late has been keyed by a second unit that has really come together, and perpetual amnesty candidate Villanueva has been a big part of that. In Detroit's past 10 games, he's shooting 42 percent from deep while meshing well with rookie Andre Drummond.

      5. Andre Drummond, Detroit Pistons (.772)

      Speaking of the rookie, in that same 10-game stretch Drummond is one of three reserves to lead the Pistons in WARP. He's on top, followed by Villanueva and Will Bynum. Greg Monroe slots in as the top starter, but another reserve -- Austin Daye -- follows him. According to, lineups featuring the four aforementioned reserves have outscored opponents by 31.8 points per 100 possessions this season.

      6. Matt Bonner, San Antonio Spurs (.767)

      When Bonner shows up on this list you know the 3s are falling. Indeed, he hit 7-of-15 in three San Antonio wins last week and is shooting a league-best 53 percent from downtown on the season.

      7. Josh Smith | Atlanta Hawks (.742)

      The maturation of Smith can be best found on the defensive end this season. For all his high-flying ways, five years ago the Hawks were better defensively when Smith was off the floor. That's no longer the case. According to, this season the Hawks have allowed 6.8 fewer points per 100 possessions with Smith in the game.

      8. DeAndre Jordan | Los Angeles Clippers (.740)

      The Clippers' winning streak finally ended, but you knew that had to happen at some point. What you may have thought you'd never see was Jordan making more than half his free throws in a week, but he did. Jordan sank 51.9 percent of his charity tosses, to be exact. And yes, those banked-in free throws count.

      9. Tyler Hansbrough | Indiana Pacers (.739)

      Hansbrough has been coming on strong of late as the Pacers continue to edge back into the thick of the race for a home court seed in the East. Good timing for Hansbrough, who is coming off a poor season and faces restricted free agency this summer.

      10. Marreese Speights | Memphis Grizzlies (.721)

      The current version of the Grizzlies has been one of the league's best offensive rebounding teams in recent seasons. The face of that stat has been Zach Randolph, but here's something you probably didn't realize: Speights has grabbed a higher percentage of his team's own misses while on the floor this season -- 15.6 percent to 15.3. That's pretty impressive for a player with a reputation for floating on the perimeter.

    2. Three to watch
      Ed Davis | Toronto Raptors

      With Jonas Valanciunas out for at least the next month with a broken finger, this may be Davis' time to shine. On a per-minute basis, Davis has been much improved during his third NBA season. His 19.7 PER is easily a career best, and it's been driven by an offensive game that has become a little more varied than dunking lob passes. His usage rate is 17.8 percent, which is still low but is four percent higher than last season.

      Nikola Vucevic | Orlando Magic

      Guess who is the NBA's newest rebounding superstar? It's Nikola Vucevic, who entered the season as the second-best center named Nikola in the league. That's probably still the case as Minnesota's Nikola Pekovic is really good, but it's Vucevic who led the NBA in total rebounds during December. Vucevic grabbed 29 boards against Miami on New Year's Eve, which is five more than any other player has had in a game this season.

      Tyler Zeller | Cleveland Cavaliers

      Anderson Varejao is edging closer to returning from a knee issue, so Zeller's time in the starting lineup is about to end. He's struggled for the most part, but the time that Zeller has spent in a young first five with Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters and Tristan Thompson should prove to be valuable in the big picture for Cleveland. In the meantime, Zeller will able to apply what he's learned as a starter against the reserves he'll be going against more often. Sometimes, that transition leads to spikes in efficiency and greater confidence in the long run. We'll see.

      Here are the top 25 big man projections for the week of Jan. 7-13 (forecast for all the players who qualified for this week's Barometer rankings):

      Top 25 Big Man Projections


      LeBron James/ SF/ 3/ .535/ 1.1/ 8.0 / 7.3/ 2.2/ 3.8/ 1.0/ 30.3/ 25.9/ 77.7
      Kevin Love/ PF/ 4/ .501/ 1.6/ 11.4/ 2.9/ 0.9/ 2.3/ 0.4/ 22.6/ 19.1/ 76.6
      Dwight Howard/ C/ 4/ .623/ 0.0/ 12.7/ 1.9/ 1.6/ 2.9/ 1.9/ 18.5/ 17.1/ 68.2
      LaMarcus Aldridge/ PF/ 4/ .509/ 0.1/ 8.6 / 2.5/ 1.0/ 1.9/ 0.7/ 21.7/ 16.6/ 66.4
      Al Horford/ C/ 4/ .535/ 0.0/ 9.9 / 3.3/ 1.2/ 1.7/ 1.3/ 16.2/ 15.5/ 62.1
      Al Jefferson/ C/ 4/ .494/ 0.0/ 9.1 / 2.3/ 0.8/ 1.4/ 1.6/ 18.1/ 14.6/ 58.2
      Joakim Noah/ C/ 4/ .520/ 0.0/ 12.9/ 2.9/ 1.0/ 2.0/ 1.6/ 13.6/ 14.6/ 58.2
      Ryan Anderson/ PF/ 4/ .426/ 3.7/ 7.8/ 1.1/ 1.0/ 1.3/ 0.5/ 19.2/ 14.5/ 58.1
      Josh Smith/ PF/ 4/ .450/ 0.3/ 9.4/ 3.8/ 1.7/ 2.3/ 1.5/ 16.9/ 14.1/ 56.6
      Marc Gasol/ C / 4/ .523/ 0.0/ 8.3/ 3.6/ 1.2/ 2.0/ 1.5/ 14.3/ 13.4/ 53.6
      Zach Randolph/ PF/ 4/ .475/ 0.1/ 10.3/ 2.4/ 1.2/ 1.8/ 0.2/ 16.1/ 13.2/ 53.0
      Paul Millsap/ PF/ 4/ .512/ 0.1/ 7.6/ 2.7/ 1.6/ 1.9/ 0.9/ 15.4/ 13.1/ 52.6
      Tim Duncan/ C / 4/ .473/ 0.0/ 8.3/ 2.9/ 0.6/ 1.7/ 1.7/ 15.1/ 12.9/ 51.4
      Pau Gasol/ PF/ 4/ .544/ 0.0/ 7.4/ 3.0/ 0.5/ 1.4/ 1.0/ 12.4/ 11.9/ 47.8
      David West / PF/ 4 / .493/ 0.0/ 7.2/ 2.0/ 0.9/ 1.5/ 0.8/ 15.6/ 11.9/ 47.6
      Tyson Chandler/ C / 4 / .620/ 0.0/ 9.2...0.7...0.8...1.6...1.8...11.3/ 11.5/ 45.9
      Carlos Boozer / PF/ 4 / .528/ 0.0/ 9.0/ 1.9/ 1.0/ 1.9/ 0.3/ 14.6/ 11.3/ 45.3
      Chandler Parsons / SF/ 4/ .458/ 2.0/ 5.6/ 3.1/ 1.5/ 1.7/ 0.4/ 14.6/ 11.1/ 44.3
      Marcin Gortat/ C / 4/ .550/ 0.0/ 8.9/ 1.0/ 0.6/ 1.3/ 1.5/ 12.2/ 11.0/ 43.9
      Nikola Pekovic/ C/ 4/ .570/ 0.0/ 6.8/ 1.0/ 0.8/ 2.7/ 0.9/ 15.0/ 11.0/ 43.8
      David Lee/ PF/ 3/ .512/ 0.0/ 9.5/ 3.6/ 0.9/ 2.2/ 0.4/ 17.3/ 14.2/ 42.7
      DeMarcus Cousins/ C/ 3/ .483/ 0.0/ 9.2/ 2.4/ 1.1/ 2.7/ 0.8/ 19.1/ 13.8/ 41.3
      Chris Bosh / PF/ 3/ .472/ 0.1/ 8.7/ 2.0/ 0.9/ 2.0/ 0.8/ 17.7/ 13.5/ 40.5
      Roy Hibbert/ C/ 4/ .503/ 0.0/ 7.5/ 1.6/ 0.4/ 1.7/ 1.6/ 12.3/ 10.1/ 40.4
      Serge Ibaka / PF/ 4/ .528/ 0.0/ 7.9/ 0.4/ 0.6/ 1.2/ 2.9/ 10.4/ 10.0/ 39.8

    3. Season to Date
      (Players listed by WARP, minimum 270 minutes played at power forward or center)

      Season to date BMB rankings
      No/ Player/ Team/ (Season WARP)
      1. LeBron James/ Miami Heat (8.86)
      2. Tim Duncan/ San Antonio Spurs (5.89)
      3. Carmelo Anthony/ New York Knicks (4.91)
      4. Anderson Varejao/ Cleveland Cavaliers (4.82)
      5. Ryan Anderson/ New Orleans Hornets (4.80)
      6. Blake Griffin/ Los Angeles Clippers (4.56)
      7. Joakim Noah/ Chicago Bulls (4.45)
      8. Dwight Howard/ Los Angeles Lakers (4.41)
      9. Tyson Chandler/ New York Knicks (4.38)
      10. David Lee/ Golden State Warriors (4.11)

  24. Replies
    1. The numbers on the article are reversed, I suppose, as pointed out by one of the members there
      "Rockets are 4 points BETTER defensively with Lin on the court."

  25. I'm looking forward to Jeremy Lin vs Brandon Jennings and James Harden vs Monta Ellis...

  26. Larry H Russell’s NBA Power 50

    23.) Jeremy Lin (Houston Rockets Guard)

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  29. Lin was needed return to play very well for Houston live your best time in the league.
    But Lin can not have 40 minutes per game.
    Every game he gets hurt
    If Houston to win this game, Lin have chances of staying out of next game


    This will be another blow out game.

    Lin + Harden > Jennings + Ellis

    Lin is well rested I suppose, so I think we can expect a great game from him tonight... No one from the Bucks can guard Harden 1-on-1 so they have to double team him, but then again you also have Lin, and you cannot not double team Lin because he's gonna drive to the hoop and can create plays for others...

    I just don't see how the bucks can guard the open floor offense the rockets has. Practically everyone except for Asik can shoot 3, if you guard the perimeter, Lin and Harden will just drive the Lane... My assumption is that 6 players will be in double digits.

    Long Story Short:

    Lin will be cooking the bucks on their own court, and Harden will eat his 30 point meal...

    1. If I were the Bucks I would worry about stopping Lin more because Harden will get his 20+ pts no matter what, but when Lin plays good... The whole team plays good. Harden is a good scorer... but the chemistry of the team lies with Lin.

    2. I totally agree, gino gineli.

      I follow the Bucks too because Brandon Jennings is one of my favorite players.

      I don't like Jennings as much as I like Lin because Jennings cannot physically impact the game like Lin can, but Jennings is a true dynamo. Milwaukee is making a FATAL mistake by not signing him.

      My recurring theme about Lin's Rockets is that the only teams that can stop them from running wild are the teams with max contract shotblockers. The Bucks have no such players with the combination of court sense and athleticism needed to earn those max contracts.

      I also expect Lin to have a "great game", even if he doesn't score as much. In terms of winning impact, Lin has been pretty consistent since the coaching decision to flare cut the Rockets forwards all the way out to the 3 point line.

    3. You are wrong Mr. KHuang, typical. You do not need to be a "max contract" player to be a good shot blocker. The Bucks has Larry Sanders who is number 2 in shot blocking behind Serge Ibaka. This will pose a problem for Jeremy's game tonight. I hope to be wrong because I'm rooting for the Rockets to win.

    4. Omer Asik will not be able to draw Sanders out of the lane. I believe Kevin McHale will try to play with a small lineup. This game will test Jeremy's perimiter defense, an area he lacks, on Jennings. I would not take the Bucks lightly if I were you.

    5. I agree that Lin will have his hands full guarding Jennings.

    6. Nice try at flaming me, Edison Varejo.

      But you just PUNKED YOURSELF on something:

      Larry Sanders just had his rookie option exercised. So he couldn't even be a "max contract" player this season even if you wanted him to be.

      Please work on your basketball facts before coming here. You'll get embarrassed right off this board like the zillions of fellow trolls who came before you!

    7. We'll see if the Bucks shot blockers can stop Lin and Harden.

      Even Atlanta with Smith and Horford as max contract shotblockers could do nothing to stop Lin and Harden.

      Lin might get his scoring intimidated by the big Bucks front line, but he likely will find the shooting forwards on the perimeter.

    8. The fact is Sanders is NOT a max contract player regardless of how you want to spin it, but good try. You can continue with your tirade on max contract players to fuel your distorted view and that's your prerogative.

      Josh Smith is a top 10 shot blockers but he's not Sanders, and Al Horford is no where to be found even in the top 40. Wow, Mr. KHuang! You have bark but no bite. You can only fool the gullible and Koolaid drinkers here with your gospel.

    9. Jennings is high volume chucker. Lin knows this and will give him the long 2pt shot, which Jennings loves to shoot, all day and all night. If Jennings kills Lin with it, I can live with that as it's the most inefficient shot in the NBA and will likely cost the Bucks the game if he isn't lights out with it.

    10. Flameboy Edison Varejo, you are here only to flame Lin and his fans because you HATE ASIANS.

      Larry Sanders may be getting 3 blocks a game, but he only plays 25 minutes a game. You may be terrified of a guy who plays half a game, but I seriously doubt that the Rockets will be scared of Sanders while he's sitting on the bench.

      Every now and then, this forum gets racist haters like you who flame the entire board for being Asian. You haters predictably go after me the most because of my Asian screenname and because I shoot you down with hard facts.

      Keep on coming, fool. I'm enjoying making you look like a racist idiot who doesn't know his basketball!

    11. I'm part Taiwanese and Spanish and have the utmost respect for all people regardless of race. WOW!!! Carry on with your diatribe.

    12. OK then, I'll carry on with my diatribe

      In an above post, I wrote how there are Asian flameboys that hate on other Asians.

      You are one of those nasty Asians, coming on here and flaming everyone here for being Asian Lin fans blinded by his Asianness.

      I don't know what nonAsians you think you are impressing, but you're no better or worse than any of us here.

      You may be Asian, but you are OUT OF YOUR ELEMENT in this place due to your hater attitudes. That's a warning, not a flame.

    13. Edison, you have my sympathy. :) Too much name calling here for me. So far, I have been called a hater and troll (for predicting at the beginning of the season that Lin will average 12 points per game and expressing what my eyes told me then that Lin does not have a good long jump shooting -- the two things that actually turned out to be correct up to now); but I think I have not yet been called a flameboy. I don't even know what that means actually.

      Keep on posting Edison, I enjoy your post because you bring a viewpoint that has not been influenced by other posters. I used to enjoy neph's post also before his post became too weird.

    14. I enjoy via's links a lot by the way. I also came to appreciate Cara's posts.

    15. I appreciate your kind words Mr. Eb5attorney.

    16. I am almost sure that Jenning's will have more points than Lin this game. Why? That's because Jennings can jack up as many shots as he wants without being benched by his coaches like Lin. Lin has to at some point realize that averaging 12 points per game is not going to convince the general public that he is a great PG, no matter how hard he plays good D and plays like a true team player.

    17. One more thing while I am at it. KHuang is very good at finding not often mentioned NBA players who can contribute to winning -- I give him this much.

    18. Glad to contribute, eb5. I can't stress enough the quality of the commentary on this board. [Links are nothing until they are digested, synthesized, discussed.]
      The diverse and original perspectives, the passion and the insights from all the posters makes this such a great place to visit. :)

    19. Should spend more time doing that rather than name calling. Not talking about you.

    20. whatever, eb5attorney.

      You are another one of those Asians who thinks he's better than everyone here.

      You feel you have the right to negatively judge others, and then you cry like a spanked tot when you get retaliated on.

      For months, you have been flaming anybody who disagrees with your statistically disproven notions that Lin is not an elite player and does not produce.

  31. Latest vote tallies in…JLin almost in the second spot in all star voting. Let's vote for him (also Harden, and Asik) to be in the All-Star game. Here are the reasons:

    1. The game is in Houston. (What better way to ignite a raucous crowd in the Toyota Center)

    2. The All-Star Starter vote is not about who has the best stat line. (It is to give fans a chance to show who their favorite players are)

    3. JLin is putting up solid numbers AND also making his team better. He is self-less on the court and gives up stats to help others get into the rhythm of the game. (That's an All-Star in my book)

    4. JLin is an All-Star: He is one of the hardest working players on and off the court and he is a great example of how basketball should be played. (if he shot >35% from three there would be no question if he was an All-Star anyway)

    5. JLin carries himself on and off the court like an All-Star. (Even with the confidence slumps)

    6. Simply, it will just be plain fun to see him throwing alley oops and making no-looks to Kobe and Blake, etc.

    7. Finally, JLin is an inspiration and role model for all. (How many players are able to recruit thousands if not millions of new fans to the NBA?)

    1. Bingo!!! The way he's been playing D already got me voting for him.

  32. Wow, the Lakers-Houston game won the vote:

    I'll get to actually watch the game at my local Buffalo Wild Wings.

    1. I wonder if this will provide evidence to the nba that people actually want to watch Rockets games. Then maybe the Rockets will be on national television more.

  33. Who wouldn't want to see Nash and JLin play? It'll be a fun game to watch.

  34. Here is another site that you guys might want to go for your recap videos of Lin. It might be a little bit slower with the video recaps but have patient with it.

  35. Reminder: Warriors Host Asian Heritage Night Featuring Post Game Q&A With JLin.

    1. this is awesome! i hope a bunch of his fans show up and cheer him on, LOUDLY.

  36. Replies
    1. Is space City scoop like Bleacher's report, basically full of rubbish articles?
      People here has been praising Jeremy's ability to slip through screens on defense but the author has been rubishing his defensive skills. p/s I only watch highlight reels on youtube, not really a NBA fan so I don't really know the facts.

    2. "Let me make this clear. Jeremy Lin is a bad defender. I understand that he averages 1.8 steals a game, which is one of the best in the league, but outside of that he’s awful." <- Yes, this is pure crap.

    3. Thanks via. I really don't know what to make of Jeremy's progress since he's moved to Houston, between people here praising him like he's the next coming of Jordan or haters thinking he' pure scrub. When he was with the knicks, I could get an idea by reading Howard Beck or Will Leitch. I'm a scientist by training so I'm always skeptical.
      My current assessment is that Jeremy is a good above average player and will become near elite in a few years time. But I'm hoping to get(in KHuang's words) punked by Jeremy and proved wrong this season.

  37. I vote for Lin but I know he cannot make up 40,000 votes. That is okay. I want him to rest and be ready for the second half of the year.

  38. I look forward to a day when there will be other Asian-American NBA player of Lin's caliber. Lin will forever go down as the Asian-American NBA player that started it all. On top of this, Lin has a great chance to be considered by all NBA fans as a great PG. Kudos to Lin for what he has accomplished so far. Now, only if he shoots 15+ shots per game.