Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Rockets @ Mavs Game #40 Pre Game Thread

Game will be on ESPN at 5:00PM PT tonight:

This will be another tough game as Dallas is playing much better of late. As we've been talking about for the past few weeks, the Rockets need to step up their D. Also, a move needs to happen to upgrade their inside presence.


  1. The Rockets need to win this one........everyone is watching on ESPN...even SAS...........

  2. Lin vs Collison

    Arguably a rather good matchup, Lin should be able to penetrate heaps this game as Mavericks front court defense is nothing special.
    Expecting O.J Mayo to burn Harden, while Asik grabs 15 or more boards with a double double.


    Houston 125, Dallas 118
    Jeremy lin - 16 points, 4 boards, 8 assists, 2 steals, 4 turnovers.

  3. Folks, better set your expectation right for this season.
    Jeremy will NOT have 15 ppg. He has to improve his shooting this summer and get conditioned well. Enough for this Asian trip.
    Get to the gym and work hard in the summer and come back strong.

    Rockets will NOT make playoff this year.....
    McHale will STILL be here next season....
    Morey will make trade for big 4....


    1. Didn't you predict an asteroid would crash into the earth on december 21st, 2012 and end the world?

    2. I don't believe that kind of stuff. don't you try to be funny here.

      my prediction here is purely based on one single fact: this team plays no defense. KM/KS coaching combination has ZERO defensive mentality.

      until this team plays team defense (after KM/KS is gone), this Rockets team is not going to make playoff.

    3. If the playoffs started today, the Rockets would be IN.

      Let's see what happens with the rest of the season, especially since the season isn't even halfway over yet.

  4. Even though they have been playing better lately, Dallas is still beatable for Houston. But the Rockets really need to hit free throws. That was a big problem in their loss to the Clippers last night. I would like to see them play better D, too, but I don't think that will happen. Houston is a terrible defensive team, probably the poorest defensive team in the NBA.

    I agree that JLin should win the starting PG matchup tonight. Jeremy is bigger so he should be able to drive on Collison and shoot over him. However, Collison makes up for his lack of size with quickness, especially off the dribble.

  5. (I posted this on the previous thread, but posted here since there's a new one)

    I don't get to watch the games live anymore, but I get to see the highlights and read everyone's post game comments.

    I think Jlin is doing OKAY. I do think (as a few mentioned) that he needs to be more aggressive in a selfish way. He needs to aim for 15-20 points a night. Whether he gets it on:

    8-12 or 10-12 FG attempts
    8-20 or 10-25 FG attempts

    I don't care, as long as he hits those points total benchmarks.

    Assists he shouldn't really think too much about, it will just come to him statistically. The more points he scores the more opportunity he'll find his teammates open for open shots or easy lay-up/dunks. He can easily get 10 assists a game. But I'm satisfied with him getting 5-8 assists a game.

    He also needs to mix it up. I liked what he showed last night as far as doing a lot of CROSS-OVER moves. If you look at the highlights (I think it was Grant Hill guarding him most of the night) he was juking him all night long. He can definitely do a 1 or 2 cross-over dribble and go for a quick pull up jumper. BTW his PULL-UP JUMPER looks really nice!!! He should go with it more when his driving lane gets clogged up.

    This is what I think he should mix things up in the offense per game:

    Attempts / Move

    1. 5-8 / jump shots
    2. 5-6 / 3 point shots
    3. 5-10 / lay-ups

    I've seen his jump shots and it looks good he can definitely make that his bread & butter move. Which can easily open things up for him in the lane.

    That's how Monta Ellis did in when he was in Golden State.

    On another note, some of you are saying that it doesn't look like he's enjoying playing right now. I think it's because he's still THINKING too much about what he needs to do than just going out and playing. I believe it's normal and is he's going through some growing pains right now. But I BELIEVE as the season progresses he'll get better and better.

    Another thing I like to mention is that since JLIN doesn't have a big that can set him solid PNR, then he should play like he doesn't. Basically, just do what he did last game and keep crossing-over his man and pull up on that jumper. I think it's his JUMPER that gets him going.

    1. Grant Hill is one of the BEST, if not THE BEST one on one perimeter defenders in the NBA.

      He has completely stopped guys like Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Monta Ellis, among others.

      One game is one game, but it should be noted that Hill was assigned to guard Lin. Given that Hill is the best perimeter defender for the Clippers, that should indicate to people how opponents are hellbent on stopping Lin because of his oversized importance in making teammates better.

    2. @Khuang

      "Grant Hill is one of the BEST, if not THE BEST one on one perimeter defenders in the NBA.

      ...that should indicate to people how opponents are hellbent on stopping Lin because of his oversized importance in making teammates better"

      I totally agree. Teams definitely see JLIN as a threat. For him to get 10 ASSISTS in a game against one of the top 3 teams in the NBA with the minimal touches compared to Harden's speaks in VOLUMES about how GREAT a player Jlin has become.

      All I want Jlin to do now like you have mentioned on the previous thread KHuang is to be selfish. The NBA is an entertainment business, the majority of the fan base watch the NBA to get a thrill to get entertained or LINTERTAINED. They don't want to watch a Shane Battier impact the game in a non-statistical way. They want to see big points, flashy assists, monster dunks...etc etc etc. Unfortunately, that's how most scouts, coaches, & players see things too. That's why most fans & haters want to see LINSANITY again.

      I'm not expecting Linsanty. I'm expecting Lin to develop to an ALL AROUND player to the extent that it doesn't matter what team he lands on he will ALWAYS have a starting PG position and always produce consistently and put his team in a position to win on a nightly basis.

    3. As usual, I agree with you Etymology.

      Personally, I think Lin is playing better now than during Linsanity. That he can produce as he has despite every team laying in wait for him and his weak selfish team imploding, that's what GREAT PLAYERS do.

      No matter what people think about Lin, the hard truth is that he gets the top defenders and the triplw teams. In the NBA, a guy's true prowess can be quantified by the defensive coverage he receives. Given that Lin receives superstar defensive coverage, that speaks about what kind of on court impact he is having.

  6. When I first heard about JLin was signed by Houston, I was very happy because I know the chemistry with Melo is not going to work out and JLin will be leading a young team and help each of the teammates to improve the game. Also I was told McHale is a great PNR man just like Dantoni. How untrue was that statement. Since Houston acquired Harden, the whole dynamic changes. JLin no longer playing as the lead PG. He is way too passive and defer his shots a lot of the time. I really wish he can be traded now (I know I am dreaming as I said before, Les will not never let it happens). But I think straight across trading him for Gasol will be perfect for both teams. Houston think Lin is an extra piece since they acquired Harden. I even have the feeling that they may think Lin is inhibiting the progress of the team in general. Gasol is having a tough time playing under Dantoni's system. Lin can share the time with Nash coming off the bench. Lin will have a big man(Howard) to do the PNR. It will be a perfect trade. I know it won't happen but I can always dream.


    2. McHale had a GREAT pick and roll man in Luis Scola who was amnestied.

      There is no player in the NBA that can run an effective pick and roll with the Rockets' incapable minimum wage big men. It's not McHale's fault that Houston got rid of not just Scola but Samuel Dalembert who would be Tyson Chandler Lite were Lin feeding him.

      And if you think Jeremy Lin cannot beat out Steve Nash for a starting spot, think again. Even though Lin will never be a Laker because they only want point guards with the "best" reputation (not necessarily game), Jeremy Lin would hammer Nash so badly in practice that Nash would not be able to perform in games.

    3. I'm sick of ignorant people posting that Lin wasted his time on that Asian trip.

      The guy was recovering from knee surgery and still worked out at least 5 hours a day with his coaches. What, do people wxpect him to train 10 hours a day and mess up his knee even more?

      Other NBA players make the trip to Asia, oncluding David Lee who was with Lin and is having a career season. Why is the ASIAN GUY being singled out for doing what other NBA players are doing???!

    4. I am w/ you on this one, bto. Jlin is not playing his brand of basketball. A PG but the ball is rarely in his hand & when it does, most of the time he has to shoot it quickly because the shot clock is running down. I blamed his low shooting percentage on this style of basketball than the recent injury or slow start. We all know that Jeremy is not a great leaper or has fast lighting speed. what he has is intelligent & great team work on the basketball court.

      I remembered when Jlin was w/ the Knicks; a reporter asked D'Antoni after a game if he is concern w/ Jeremy high turnover? D'Antoni answered "he will learn to adjust & the turnover number will go down. As long as he is doing other things to help us win & getter, I am ok w/ that".

      Imagine if this question is ask for McHale right now. I think his answer would be "that is why I take him out immediately after a dumb turnover".

    5. Jeremy Lin "doesn't have fast lightning speed???"

      You've lost me there on that one, bud.

    6. @KHuang,

      I don't have any problems Lin starts behind Nash for 1-2 yrs because Nash has a better reputation. This will give Lin time to learn and develop his game further. Nash will retire in a few years and that will be Lin's time to show the world his skills and contribution to the game. I know Lin will never be a Laker for the next couple of years. But I think if Houston needs a big man/PF, it is a perfect trade for both teams.

    7. Agree with bto. In fact, I up the ante. Give Howard and cash to Houston for Lin. McFail will salivate at the thought of having a dominant big man who he can relive his youth through. And, D'antoni can once again ride Lin like Secretariat.

    8. @Khuang,
      Totally agree regarding Jeremy Lin being able to beat Nash out for a starting spot. Just last night Lin had 10 assists where he had limited touches, playing with incapable big men. If Lin was playing with guys like Kobe and Dwight, I'm confident his numbers would exceed the numbers Nash is putting up.

      The thing about Lin is he has great play making abilities like Nash but he can also get into the lane almost at will off the pick and roll.

    9. this:
      KHuangJanuary 16, 2013 at 11:50 AM
      I'm sick of ignorant people posting that Lin wasted his time on that Asian trip.

      The guy was recovering from knee surgery and still worked out at least 5 hours a day with his coaches. What, do people wxpect him to train 10 hours a day and mess up his knee even more?

      ==> People are saying he should not go to Asia THIS YEAR. he should concentrate on his conditioning and shooting. Traveling should be limited.

    10. I don't see why Lin can't take a vacation to Asia in the offeseason the way other NBA stars do, zero.

      You explain to me why Lin is so inferior to other NBA players that they can take trips to Asia but Lin should not.

    11. Other players may not take trips to Asia but they Also take trips to other countries. It's not like he is going on a world trip. He only stays in Taiwan and china Combined for a short amount of time. So this is really should not be a problem to even mention about it.

    12. Besides , with Lin , his life is far greater than just basketball. He feels, he has greater missions in life to accomplish. That's just Lin.

    13. @chan,

      You are right. Lin is greater than just basketball. He is a man with a mission. We want to support him during his process. Be it on the court or in a different country.

  7. With or without Harden, with or without a screen, Lin need to 20 points and 10 assistance today

    1. Did you see Lin's post game interview yesterday?

      He looks like he's trying hard not to tell the reporter "I don't give a shit".

    2. Why? If he doesn't, does it prove he sucks?

      I'd be the first to admit that I live and die by how JLin plays in every game. I get down when he plays like crap and the team loses, I get high after a game like the ones against the Knicks and San Antonio. In this weird season, I've gotten depressed when Lin actually played well, but, seemed to get dissed by the coaches (like last night).

      But, when I get some perspective, it's crazy to evaluate the "meaning" of a single game for what it says about Lin's game. He's a developing player, he's developing right before our eyes, and obviously going through some growing pains. And it pains me to see him struggle, cuz I know he's someone who's very hard on himself.

      The only other player to get such hyper-scrutiny is Lebron James, and he's been playing in the NBA for nearly a decade! It's so easy to forget that Jeremy Lin has yet to play a full season worth of starter minutes, and that he has only played about 60 NBA games as a starter. And now, he's being forced to play out of his comfort zone and is basically learning how to play without the ball and as a spot-up shooter during actual games.

      So, instead of hyper-focusing on his single game performances, it's better to focus on the pattern of his play over a long stretch of games, to see if we're seeing improvement in his play, etc. That'll give us a better sense of what his ceiling is as a player ultimately will be.

    3. I think I am of like mind, Robert.

      My opinion is Lin is developing into a very good role player under McFail's leadership.

    4. I know how you feel Roberlin. It's funny because my wife can tell depending on my mood whether Jeremy is playing well or poorly on any given night.

      I definitely see improvement in his game. It's tough to compare what he's doing this year to what he did last year. We have to remember that during the "Linsanity" stretch last year, teams had really no idea who Lin was or how to guard him.

      This year, I'm sure teams have definitely studied his game and are adjusting. Like Khuang mentioned above, some teams are putting their top defenders on Lin and other teams are doubling/tripling him and Lin is still putting up quality points and assists.

      Regardless of what doubters say about him, it's not easy to score 38 points in an NBA game. It's not even easy to score that many points in a pick up game on the streets, let alone in a NBA game against top NBA teams and players such as Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan. You have to be pretty good to do that.

      I think he will get even better with time.

  8. All of us Lin Fans need to set something up and meet in a gym and play 5 on 5. It will be a nice way to relieve stress & have fun. Also it will be nice to put those things we say about JLin on the court and do it ourselves =)

    1. I am game though I doubt the few of us on this board are even in the same time zone.

      Orange County here.

    2. Good idea, but it is gonna be tough since we all come from all over the nation.

    3. I don't have enough game to play against anyone here.

    4. Sounds great. I could learn some basketball from you guys. Who can stop a 5 feet 11 Dutchman?

    5. Nah.. As much as I like the sound of that, I am content with the comfort of dominating the NBA with JLin on my NBA 2K13 at the comfort of my man cave

    6. @Etymology:

      Id rather play with all the haters. I would love to meet those 300 pound wannabes who trashtalk JLin all the time and see what kind of game they have :)

    7. the comments guys. It slipped my mind that we all live in different time zones and what not LOL...was just a fun idea.

      We'll just have to grab our NBA2K13 xbox controller and hack it out on a live server LOL...

      I live in LA so if anyone is in LA we can set something up LOL


      You're right...OC is not too far from LA =)


      true...hence my comment above suggesting NBA2K13 LOL


      You'll just have to post something on youtube on your YMCA story about you ballin' up guys in the gym.


      5'11" I'm really scared now, you might be the J.J. Barea of the Dutch Nation =)

      @Rikki M

      Hahahaha I used to play NBA2K12 GREAT game, but on PC (PC version sucked) I'm sure NBA 2K13 is just as good especially on a console.


      LOL you're funny man. But I must say guarding a 300 pound guy down in the paint might be hard. But you'll run fast breaks on them all day LOL....

    8. @ety 2k13 imo is much better to play on the defensive end now but the steal mechanic while moving is broken, again imo

    9. Actually, I'd definitely play.

      I'd be the shortest guy on the court, even if there were girls playing.

      I have no game, and I also have no shame!

    10. @KHuang

      It's all good man. We'll call you nate robinson =)

      I wouldn't mind if girls came down and played ;)

    11. you guys are fun. A crazy idea how about taking a trip to Taiwan and meet Jlin on a BB court this summer vacation in Taiwan when he comes here.

  9. Tonight will be a win. Real fans support during the bad time as well. Real fans point out the flaws but also point out the goods. Real fans sound positive in their critics. Go Jeremy!

    1. I'm pessimistic. Don't think how these tired bodies can be much better defending Mavs.. Plus it's tough assignment to guard Dirk...

    2. The players and the coach need to be positive and optimistic though. Need to come out with the same mentality of winning games. Or else this losing streak will only getting longer..Mchale needs to say some more encourage and strong words to his players to get them energetic.

    3. Rockets needs to adjust. The second half of this conference will be trickier. They need to get out of this slump or Dallas and Utah might sneak in and bumped them off the play-off pic. Even the lakers might wake-up and start playing really good.

  10. Psalm234 brought a valid point about Lin 3pt%

    "the discrepancy of his 3PT% by broken down by quarters

    In 2Q and 3Q, his 3PT average is decent at 39% and 35% but in 1Q and 4Q, they are only 14% and 12%.
    And he attempted even less 3PTs in 1Q and 4Q"

    OK NOW LETS BREAK THIS DOWN. For those who watched all the games so far surely notice or remember Rockets rotation damn well.

    1st quarter Lin usually play less aggressive, more setting up and more deferring to Harden and Harden most of the time play 10 to 12 minutes during the 1st quarter while Lin usually only got around 6 to 8 minutes of playing time at most. The main purpose of this quarter is the coaching staff want Harden get hot.

    2nd quarter starts, Jeremy most of the time start the quarter with Dougie or Delfi while Harden rest. This allowed him to have more freedom on offense and start scoring to get his confidence going.

    3rd quarter, if it was a good night and the team did not self destruct usually Lin will keep playing well for the rest of the night unless...

    4th quarter, ...unless some "bog-a-boo" happened and the team collapsed during the 3rd quarter. Usually Lin somehow for whatever absurd reason took the fall or blame then coaching staff put him in the fridge(bench). By then it was already too late and Lin take the fall again

    1. Does Lin's 3 point percentage deviate from other point guards in regards to quarter to quarter differential?

      I doubt it. Most shooters start out cold and eventually hone in on their range unless your name is Robert Horry.

  11. Another back to back game tonight. How will the Rockets respond? Will anybody from the Rockets show up to play defense? Especially on OJ Mayo and Dirk. Don't see how the Rockets can pull out a win. They usually do bad on back to back and especially since McHale was stupid enough to leave his starters in yesterday when the game was already lost in the 3rd quarter.

  12. Those commentators on ESPN are all baffoons. How is it that Harden makes all the guys around him better? Here is a guy who can go out and score 20 points and get 10 assists. Say what Magic Johnson? You're a great bball player, but definitely not a good analyst.

    1. I heard that too and I was scratching my head.