Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Jeremy Lin Foundation Launch Party


  1. There's been a last minute change.

    James Harden will serve as the MC while Jeremy stands in the corner making occasional jokes. Toney Douglas will then give the closing address.

    1. and Omer Asik will keep dropping the mic.

    2. you guys are so funny, keep it coming, everyone needs a few laughs every day. I enjoy it very much. Thanks, again, guys :-)

    3. lmao, good stuff. bet even jlin would lol if he saw this post XD

    4. Chandler Parsons will be looking in the mirror combing his hair. Royce White will RSVP but get lost driving his RV and is no where to be found.

  2. Jeremy's 38 point performance was not aggressive enough. They need to bench him from here on.

    1. In my opinion, he could have near 45 points. He missed some possible-And-1s and even some layups.

      But I cannot complain with the results.

    2. Same here. What ever happened to the loyal Nemo who was here before Jeremy even shined in the D-league?

    3. @Nemo

      I'd like to hear some new conspiracy theories from you.

      I could use a laugh right now.

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    5. Neph,

      You're really cute. That's all I have to say. :)

  3. Out of respect for the posters on this forum, I have to point this out: The poster Elizabeth Wu is a troll [aka Billy Chung aka Jay Mac.]

    His MO: Provoke posters then back-down/ play victim after he is called out -> to earn people's sympathies.
    He manipulates the general goowill of the posters on here and goads them into supporting/ agreeing with certain positions he knows will pit them against other posters.

    He would alternate between attack posts and placating posts -> passive aggressive.

    He's pretended on being Asian/ a fangirl/ a Rox fan [he tried to use KMart to put JLin down.]

    He pretended to be a disgruntled Lin fan to cajole other fans to turn against JLin.

    He's a Nyk fan [who might be using this as an excuse to indulge his far more deep-seated hate for...Asians/ A-Americans?] -> He pretended to be a korean talking crap about Filipinos, he tried to start a Chinese vs Japanese thing, on the other thread.

    1. @Elizabeth Wu [aka billy Ching aka Jay Mac]:

      Have you considered that you are expending REAL LIFE RESOURCES [time/ energy] on something you HATE??

    2. And I thought my videos on exposing Jeremy Lin's deal with the Devil used a lot of energy....

      This person takes it to a whole new level. And for what purpose? At least my content was legit and for the good of everyone!

    3. "At least my content was legit and for the good of everyone"

      - LOL, legit? good for everyone? Good one Nemo

    4. Neph,

      Perhaps you can join me and provide more content on Jeremy Lin analysis on Youtube. Let me know if you are interested.

    5. It would be a Nemo-Neph duo. Unstoppable and Uncsensored.

    6. Unfortunately, Youtube took my videos down because there were reports of spam and copyright claims... I'm waiting for a response from Youtube on what I can and what i can't do.

      Rest assured, there will be more content coming soon! (especially for you Neph)

      God bless!

    7. "At least my content was legit and for the good of everyone!"
      - Nemo, it's dangerous [for your mental health] to keep indulging in these delusions...

    8. oops, sorry to be unclear:
      [Elizabeth Wu = billy Chung = jay mac [both re:Ha Seung-Jin]

      On You Tube pretending to be Asian, bashing Asians, bashing JLin.

    9. @via - Thanks for the warning!

    10. Life is so short and yet people like jay-mac dont have anything else to do then waste it by playing stalker... how pitiful.

  4. Replies
    1. SAS just can't accept the fact that Jeremy played a phenomenal game, making himself looked like a fool. I don't normally pin it on people, certainly not on Sampson or McHale, but I am certain people like SAS are a huge reason why Jeremy repeatedly has to prove himself "over and over and over and over again."

    2. SAS: "He's a point guard, he's supposed to be distributing..."

      This made me laugh at SAS.

      Then he called Westbrook a GUARD.

      What a flip-flopper.

    3. Steven A Smith embodies the underlying racist views that exists in america towards asian-american men. Now he is trying to downplay Jeremy's performance by saying that it is only 1 game and that he is a point guard and shouldn't be scoring so much. The bottom line is that SAS doesn't like Jeremy because Jeremy doesn't look like a basketball player to him because of the color of his skin. From the locker room to the board room asian-american men face these battles every day. We get overlooked in companies because we don't look like management material and we get overlooked on athletic fields because we don't look like a jock. I love the story Jeremy tells of how some people thought he was part of the Knicks training staff last year. People look at you and have certain preconceived notions of who you are. Tall guy but Asian, probably just a trainer. Thank you Jeremy for breaking down racial barriers for my kids and future generations of asian-american kids. Each time you put out a hall-of-fame type performance you are tearing down people's traditional views of asian-american men. Thank you also for your moral character in being a responsible young adult who loves God. It would be an honor to meet you one day in person so I can thank you face to face. Go Jeremy!

    4. seems like SAS really has it out for jeremy... but then again he has it out for lots of other athletes especially the popular ones like tebow.

      i think he's just making noise to draw attention to himself, that's all. no way he really believes what he his saying.

      give him credit.. he know who his audience is and who is watching and listening to his shows, and he's playing to that audience.

  5. Omer Asik received a flopping warning.

    Maybe the Rockets should trade for Love.


    Maybe the Rockets have to give up PArsons, Patterson, some first rounders, and others. But the addition of Love will really open up the floor for Lin and Harden. Both guards will have an assist party.

    However, not sure if the Twolves want the Rockets players. Who knows, Kahn is a pretty bad GM. Maybe Morey can trick him to take the deal.

    1. WOLVES recieve:

      ROCKETS recieve:
      JJ Barea

      Barea-Lin backcourt would be a dream team. 2 underdogs who truly love the game of basketball and are selfless.

    2. Neph, I don't know much about Kevin Love's game.

      I do know that he is a McHale favorite who tested athletically as being similar to Al Horford. I also know about his fabulous rebounding numbers and scoring ability.

      My unsubstantiated perception is that Kevin Love is a me first kind of player who can be exploited defensively when playing against battleship big men like Garnett or Duncan ot Gasol. I'd be happy to have my perception debunked by anybody who's watched Kevin Love play.

      My guess is that Kevin Love would be a good frontcourt perimeter scorer and high nusmber rebounder but not necessarily an ace defender for the Rockets.

      Somebody please educate me on Kevin Love?

    3. Just an average defender who plays hard. But an elite offensive player and rebounder.

    4. Thanks, neph.

      More questions:

      On defense, does Love have good instincts? Does he get into proper position, and does he challenge shots and cutters?

      Can Love create his own shot? Can Love create shots for others?

      How is Love as a teammate? Honestly, I have heard nothing that indicates that he would add to a team's chemistry.

    5. Not sure about his instincts on defense.

      Love can post up decently but is not the level of the likes of ZBo and Lamarcus A.

      He's deadly from the 3pt line. So, pick-n-pop plays are his bread and butter.

    6. I think Ryan Anderson would be a cheaper pickup if the Rox are looking to pick up a Kevin Love type max player. Anderson can't hit the 3 ball better, and he's a better defender than Love.

    7. Thanks neph and ABC.

      I'll keep an eye on Kevin Love with your scouting reports in mind.

    8. My opinion about Kevin Love :

      Great spot up 3 point shooter, can hit 3 anywhere near/around 3 point line

      Good mid range game given the space

      Clutch, can hit a game winner

      Ball hawk, eyes always on the rock and have good hands catching and keeping the ball

      Smart and patience with his put backs

      Post offense is still work in progress but already ok so far

      Ok when setting picks or screen but rarely and not good rolling to attack the basket, prefer fade to spot up

      Master of positioning and boxing out at both ends of floor, the best rebounding PF IMO

      Good low post defensive, good contesting shoot but not a blocking threat

      Not good defending penetration to the lane by quick player.

      Very competitive and high work ethic. Live, eat, drink, sleep for basketball

      I think he will be a great compliment for Lin, but highly unlikely to happen. He will be happy in Timberwolves again as soon as Rubio comeback.

    9. But personally, if I can choose, I would rather have Blake Griffin to be paired with Lin. I think Must See BG compliment Lin better in the long run. We also have seen a little of good chemistry between the two during last season BBVA Rising Star Challenge. Both are high octane and exciting players that can fired up the crowd. Lin could really use a fired up crowd in his game

    10. The guy I REALLY want for Lin is a guy that is universally disliked by both players and fans around the NBA:

      Mr. Kim Kardashian (aka Kris Humphries).

      The Humpster is being benched in NJ (I mean Brooklyn). He just doesn't fit in with Brooklyn's star studded culture with their 3 max contract players.

      Get Humphries over to the Rockets and start him next to Jeremy Lin. Humphries is a tough rebounder and even tougher defender, can dunk everything in sight, and has a solid offensive all around game.

      Humphries is the enforcer that Lin needs. He'll fight anybody.

    11. I'm a big Kris Humphries fan too. Very good all around player that plays his role really well. He never plays outside of his skill set and plays hard everynight.

    12. Another guy I wish Rockets had is Irsan Ilyasova from the Bucks. A really really good player with all around game. Can shoot, rebound, defend, and is a great hustler.

    13. This would be my Rockets underrated starting 5:

      PG: Jeremy Lin
      SG: J.J. Redick
      SF: Irsan Ilyasova
      PF: Kris Humphries
      C: Javale McGee (this kid has so much potential)

    14. @KHuang:

      Hes playing pretty dirty which is why I like him :) - exactly what Rockets need!

      Then again - I should hate him. Watch 11:55


    15. Rockets should let Smith play more. He can rebound a ball coming from the glas and slam it in in one single motion.

    16. Both Kris Humphries and Jeremy Lin were rumored to have relationships with Kim Kardasian. :) Maybe try playing Asik and Smith together. Patterson plays too far from the rim and doesn't get enough rebounds. I like how Smith bats the ball to the perimeter when he can't get 2 hands on the rebound like Chandler did last year. The guy can finish around the rim as well.

  6. I nearly spit out my coffee watching this game. I called Mark Jackson to ask him are you watching this game? Then he said in a real loud voice don't you ever call me when I'm working and hung up on me.

    Jeremy Lin dribbling circles around Tim Duncan to setup Omer Asik was vintage Linsanity. Well done young man.

    1. And I am Michael Jackson. I busted out with the Thriller dance after watching Jeremy in the 3rd Quarter.

    2. Mike Breen, are you from Manhasset?

      I'm originally from Roslyn myself. Now I live in the mountains of Phx Arizona, which is radically different from NY but suita me better.

      I used to take the Manhasset LIRR every weekend en route to training at the Juilliard School.

      It's good to see that you can be a Lin fan even though he's a Rocket now.

    3. Via, dribbling in circles...funny. Almost a perfect cirlce!

  7. Replies
    1. #32 Chris Paul. Even Chris Paul was not expecting this. Interesting list nonetheless.

    2. I'm really surprised that Lin even made #47 because he is making himself less and less attractive physically, with his haircut deliberatly getting worse and worse. And his excessively humble posture and demeanor during all those obligatory interviews. Last year Lin looked good with just the regular very short hair that was n't he

    3. .... that wasn't even a good haircut. Now Lin is deliberately trying to look worse. Not good. Not fun. Looks aren't important to him but why go out of his way to look less attractive all the time.

      The real Mike Breen should know about this poster. It's like the black guy using an Asian guys picture ("Chung"). Just terrible characters.

    4. Ugghh...any such list with the proboscis monkey Roger Federer on it is worthless.

      I, for one, find Lin looking more attractive with age. If nothing else, his eyes look bigger and his lips less thick than during his Palo Alto days. :)

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  8. Jeremy Lin left practice after he sprained his left ankle:


  9. Not to worry, HY :)

    Howard Chen ‏@ho_chenCSN
    Lin's exact quote on the left ankle he rolled 2day: "Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine. I'll be ready to go tomorrow." #Rockets #RedNation #Linsanity
    2:56 PM - 11 Dec 12

    1. Great, thanks, via. What a relief!

      But then again, when he said "I'm fine", I'm still kind of worried (he said "I'm fine" before the season started, but we all know he was not 100%).

  10. Daryl Morey ‏@dmorey
    Lots of ways 2look @start of @jlin7 career. Another1: only 7 plyrs since 90 have 8+ all-around gms of 20pts/5ast/2reb/2stl in 1st 45 starts
    10:26 PM - 11 Dec 12

    Daryl Morey ‏@dmorey
    20pts/5ast/2reb/2stl in 1st 45 starts: @alleniverson, @SteveFranchise3, @CP3, @Iam1Cent, @KingJames, DStoudamire, @JLin7
    10:30 PM - 11 Dec 12

    1. Morey is already hyping Lin for a trade?

      Just kidding?

      I believe Harden and Lin can coexist.

      But is McHale competent enough for the job?

      I have no confidence in him. Let us see if he can redeem himself for the two previous games that should have been won.

    2. Lakers lose again. My spidey sense tells Kupchak and Morey may be texting each other about a trade. Forget luxury tax on Lakers. They have money to burn.

    3. @via

      Thanks so much for these. Are these tweets?

      I really appreciate anytime you re-post "original" stuff, whether it's from Morey on twitter/Quorum or Lin's brother. I wouldn't see this stuff otherwise.

      Also, as an aside, nice detective work.

    4. @neph. I really agree with you for this one.

    5. @neph, Morey tweeted similar things to Harden, Asik and Harden/Lin before so I wouldn't read it as trade offers YET.

      But no doubt Lakers have their pants caught on fire due to their defensive ineptitude. I'm sure D'Antoni asked Kupchak to call Morey.

      idk if Les would give up Lin so easily on the "New Age" youth movement in Houston for Gasol. They would be left with a team with no PG. And Nash is about 2 weeks from coming back.

      And @via, I share the sentiment with Nom. Nice detective work to expose fraud! You should join FBI or something:)

    6. About the billy Chung/ jay mac thing:

      Thanks for the kind words , guys. Tbh I was quite clueless: He was acting like he was being bullied by KH at one point and I even tried to welcome him onto the board. I thought he was just one of those fans dissappointed that JLin wasn't turning Linsanity on.

      What gave him away [for me] was his exchange with @Rachel Lee. It was so juvenile and petty, and so seldom encountered in this forum [there are certain behavior a man don't engage in simply bcos it's BENEATH HIM as a Man to do so.] The only other poster I know who's behaved this way was a certain "jay mac." So I went back to his posts and sure enough, they reference some similar things [like Ha Seung-Jin].

      His behavior [both billy Chung and jay mac] stood out in stark contrast to the guys here -> Even during the most heated arguments I've had, guys here have always maintained themselves with dignity and a certain graciousness w/c is admirable. [In short, classy.] There have been times when I've unfortunately forced an issue, unable to halt the momentum in the heat of a discussion, and guys on here have practised a certain restraint in response. [I'm not arrogant enough to think my "hard-hitting" retorts have somehow stymied the other side.]

      So anyhow, that's how I made the connection with billy and jay. [Then it's just a matter of going onto other socmedia platforms like Youtube to find some more data.]

      I'm talking about M/F interactions above, btw.
      M/M interactions -> it's ridiculous/ unfair to expect guys to behave like girls: Guys ought to resolve issues the way they see fit.

      I know this entire post sounds...sexist maybe? *shrug* Apparently my intuition is not PC.

    7. Oh, just to be clear:
      @Rachel Lee was absolutely in the right to call this guy out as a phony.

  11. Houston Gives Jeremy Lin the Ball, and look what happens - http://www.capitalnewyork.com/article/sports/2012/12/6835232/houston-gives-jeremy-lin-ball-and-look-what-happens

    But Rockets coach Kevin McHale made an odd decision, putting the ball largely in Harden's hands and effectively turning Lin into the team's shooting guard. His primary responsibilities have been to play off the ball, which eliminates his primary strength of playmaking, while forcing him to be a primary jump shooter, the weakest part of his game.

    His numbers dropped dramatically... Were the critics right, when they said that Lin's 2011-12 season was a mirage?

    That wariness about Lin seemed to extend to McHale himself. In a decision that would baffle anyone who ever watched the two of them play, McHale began to play Toney Douglas, of all people, ahead of Lin...

    Douglas wasn't playing well, either, but had regained some of his three-point shooting touch that had disappeared last season. Essentially, the Rockets had reduced Lin's role to one so narrow, even Toney Douglas could fill it. Lin played 18 minutes on Saturday night, in a loss to the Dallas Mavericks; Douglas played 34 minutes.


    He summarises my thoughts well.

    1. I have to agree. I think it is a good analysis. I think Harden can thrive as an exclusive two guard, more like he was with the Thunder (correct me if I am wrong). Harden may score a couple of points less (but maybe not), but it would be much better for the team as Lin is a scoring play maker (a view I've held seen I first saw him vs. Uconn). Lin needs to be the PG who's allowed to create ie play make.

    2. Harden's never played with a guard like Jeremy Lin who actually passes him the ball willingly (unlike Russell Westbrook).

      As Jeremy Lin continues to improve his shooting as he has over the last several games, Lin will get the ball more because only guys who are threats to score get the ball. Doesn't matter what team Lin's playing for, it's the same on court dynamic.

      Once the Hardliners figure out how to play with each other, I would like to see the two All Star guards taking turns with the basketball the way Lin's coach McHale used to do with Larry Bird.

    3. Khuang, only guys with threats to score get the ball.... That's what is wrong with the nba. Every man that's in the nba can play. You just got to give him a chance to show it. Give him the ball regardless during game time (not talking crunch time, even then occasionally). Players have to touch the ball to feel comfortable and get his confidence. Look Amir Johnson (?) got suspended cuz he just wanted to feel the bball. Lol. Without touches and opps you would never see lin sanity . You gotta believe Everyman can play. Ex: kevin love, he was never known to be a three point threat or a scoring machine. He worked on that . Why do I bring love up, cuz I believe asik can be something other than the fumbling, no offense type player people believe that he is. He can be a very good prn guy paired with Lin. They need each other. Last game showed it. Plus his fg % is on high end of middle of the pack. High percentage shots. Now I don't know about crunch time, but in game time situations it can work.. Rox really don't need another player, their guys just need more reps and opps.

    4. It's interesting that McHale said he will make Lin handle the ball more once Harden is back. Let's see he holds true to his words.

      He should have experimented more in this direction because Harden and Lin had so much success in Game 1 and 2 when both Harden and Lin are on the left wing and right wing.

      But then he decided to stuck Lin on the corner but to Lin's credit he practiced his 3PT shooting and took back the reign with Linsanity in the first game Harden sat down.

      The whole debacle can be avoided if they simply trusted Lin to be the PG and Harden be the SG to do what he does best to score. Hopefully the coaching system learned to trust Lin and not yank him of the leash for every single mistake.

      This young coaching team also has a pretty steep learning curve! Hope they get it before getting fired at the end of the season.

    5. This might sound cruel, but I don't they don't get it and get the axe soon. McFail and Samshit are not good for Lin development. They were never high on him and never will. They are now forced to play him or they media will crucify them. Lin deserves better than these two dirt bags. As far as I know they are snakes. Saying good things about Lin, but their actions never matched their words.

  12. Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review
    2:15 JLin

    5th top Google trend in the US for 2012
    Most popular athlete in the US for 2012

    1. Mashable: 13 Biggest Sports Social Media Moments in 2012
      2. Linsanity Rules the Web

    2. From the same report is states that JLin is TOP in the list of most popular atheletes in the WORLD!!

  13. Perhaps it takes a Frenchman to see through all the clutter of conceptions. Parker gives Lin one of the ultimate of all compliments. Did anyone already see/post this:


    1. This has been posted and discussed here several times, even in the same thread. . .

      and I enjoy discussing it anyway!

      Tony Parker would actually be a good mentor to Lin.

      NBA players do mentor each other. For example, Parker and Gilbert Arenas used to text each other about defending Steve Nash.

      Tim Duncan actively mentors Roy Hibbert and Tristan Thompson, among others. Duncan would also be a good mentor for Lin, though I prefer Parker just because Parker's a guard who seems to understand what Lin's going through on the court.

    2. It should be noted that Parker gave his "advice" or perspective on Lin and his game BEFORE Lin's 38 points game against Spurs. I wonder if Parker has any additional or different perspective. Yes, it's interesting that you noted that it took a French NBA player to give an unbiased advice. I was thinking it would have been great for Lin to play even as a back-up to Parker in Spurs organization under a great coach who believes in his players. Of course, starters in Spurs are getting old, but seems to me they would still be competitive with their younger players.

    3. Parker said after the game that if rockets had won , everyone would be talking about Linsanity .If you chose to see it negatively, it could be indirectly saying that Lin gets unwarranted attention ..if you want to see things positively, you could say that there was an element of truth in it. Anyhow I think we should take what other nba players say with a pinch of salt. When Lin was on a roll last year, everyone was saying nice things so if they say something negative it would refelct badly on them. NOt to forget Lin was in NY, so whatever other players say might be sensationalised. I am quite sceptical so my theory is that Parker probably thought Lin was not competition and said those "nice things"
      I do hope that when players praise Lin they really mean it , but none of us all know if it is genuine or not.

      Also, I heard that there were more spurs fans than rocket fans in the spurs game? That really sucks . It is understandable though, they are not even the defacto team in texas and have to compete with the likes of Dallas, San antonio. Furthermore, Houston is more keen on other sports.

      I am not sure about you guys, although I want Lin to play his game, I also hope he can develop into a catch and shoot guy ,it does not hurt him to develop his game right? I hear some of you say he is not that kind of guy you think he can be if he practices more? Of course, I am not expecting it overnight .

    4. Ultimately, the history (at least sports history) will judge players based on how they helped their teams win Championships. MJ, Bird, Magic and Kareem, etc. will not be widely known without helping to take their teams to the promised land. I just hope Lin gets opportunities to be in good enough teams during his career to help his team win it all.

    5. @mint,

      Toyota Center was somewhat empty in the Spurs game because there was a Monday Night NFL game between Houston Texans and NE Patriots, in which the Texans got demolished by the Patriots. Texas is a football state so it's understandable there were more Spurs fan that night.

      I have no doubt Lin's work ethic will help him to be consistent as spot-up shooters just like Jason Kidd can transform himself to a reliable 3PT shooter now.

      But I'm thinking about the TrueHoop's article having a valid concern about Lin's tendency to play his best without any self-preservation that might derail his long-term career in the NBA. I'll post the link in the new "thread" because I think it is an astute observation by Abbott.

  14. This article raises a valid concern about Lin's all-out, body crashing injury-prone style that we love but might derail his long-term NBA career.

    Should he alter his playing style for self-preservation?

    "Jeremy Lin, all in" by Henry Abbott (TrueHoop)

    Jeremy Lin played out of his mind for 26 games last season and became a global sensation. Then he got hurt and missed the rest of the season, touching off a big ol' hoops fight: Was the real Lin that guy who had starred in Linsanity, or was 26 games such a short period that we still had no idea what he really was like? What could rightly be expected from him in the years to come?

    1. To be honest, the 38-pt Spurs game is a little different than his big games last season when he drove to the rim without abandon against Goliaths protecting the paint.

      He was more careful in attacking the basket with circling-around dribble and to draw the fouls without full body-contact but he played like a gladiator on the defensive side soaring high to block Duncan's putback and crashing on the floor.

      But I still counted 7 times he crashed on the floor from geraldd39lin's highlights. 5 out of 5 hard-drive to the rim made him end up on the floor. Only 1 was potentially dangerous when his neck crashed on fortunately the soft part of the hoop support. Another one was potentially dangerous when he blocked Duncan and fell to the floor on his side.

      This is not counting he rolled his ankle because that can happen anytime. And fortunately, the Spurs is not a dirty team trying to take him out of the game but many other teams are willing and able.

      IMO, he can't really change his aggressive style but he should continue on his awesome 3PT "rainbow" shooting, floaters and fadeaway jumpers. He was untouched 100% time in all those shots :)

      Man, it's great to see those highlights again. I wish they showed McHale and Sampson's "the doubters" face in those games. I want to see how big their jaws dropped seeing Lin exploded!

    2. I prefer the way Lin played in the Toronto game (11/27). I want to see him play smart and avoid getting knocked around.

      Lin was all in vs Spurs to prove a point. He knows that style is not sustainable.

      Take a page from Jason Kidd, who transformed himself into a deadly 3 pt shooter and an effective defender. He won the game for Manhattan yesterday with a 4 point play at the end.

    3. " Lin was All in vs spurs to prove a point". I agree. Though he score 38 pts but they lost and u can see he is not happy even with 38 pts in the post game video. I feel something still bothering him. Maybe the distrust from the coach. Maybe the unclearly defined role he had in the team. Maybe he's not sure if after this game the coach will re- defined him again. Hey Jeremy, just go out and play and enjoy every sec u have without worry Anything, play the way you think it should be. Basketball is your favorite thing, you should enjoy it and give us you happy smiling face again. We missed that on you:)

    4. lydia.. he wasn't happy at all because they lost the game. he had the ball at the end and didn't even get a shot off and that's all he remembered from that game. he only cares about winning even if he did jack squat in the game.

      look at the post game interview of the win against the lakers when the starters (except for harden) sat pretty much the whole game and the bench won it. he was happier and had more smiles in that interview then this one even though he was cheering from the bench.

      this guy has no other agenda then to play hard and win. he doesn't care about anything else if it doesn't help his team win.

    5. I like to see Lin:

      1. Truly enjoy the game. No need to put extra burden on himself to prove anything at this point.

      2. Stay on the court for at least 15 more years, hopefully just long enough to usher in the next generation or wave of Asian American NBA players.

      In my view, he has proven that he belongs to the NBA, is deservingly a true ALL-star level player. When Lin is on his game, there is so much excitement and energy on the court. His opponents need to honor his game and match with equivalent level of energy and skills, or else risk being humiliated. He captures the focus and attention of the entire audience, win or lose. He already is a difference maker, not only for his team, but for the sports.

      We the Asian Americans want Lin be outstanding and exceptional in order to transform our own images in America, but let's alleviate him of this burden for now. Lin has already faced and overcome bias and injustice on his own. We need to take on our own fights, not Lin. Lin is an outstanding young basketball player, and let's leave him at that, let's just cheer for him and watch the game of basketball unadulterated with social and racial issues.

      With right team mates, hopefully sooner than later, he can reach the NBA Championships and Lin it all.

  15. Interesting article about Mcfail's mindset. http://www.nba.com/rockets/news/cleared-takeoff
    “To be truthful, the other night I didn’t care about San Antonio,” McHale said following this morning’s shootaround. “We play San Antonio four times; we play ourselves 82 times. We’ve got to get ourselves ready. I care so little about the other team. We’ve got to prepare our team to play every single night.”

    I hope he gets the axe soon and leave the NBA for good.

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