Sunday, December 30, 2012

Rockets vs Hawks Game #31 Pre Game Thread

I've been very excited by Jeremy's play in the last 7 games.

He is averaging 15.9 pts 7.4 asts on 52% shooting. Yes, he is still struggling with his 3 point shot but it will come around. He is shooting with less hesitation and it just seems he needs a little tweak and a bit more confidence, and it will start falling.

As much as many have complained about JLin's 3 point shooting woes, sometimes it just takes time.

Look at these 3 point shooting percentages:

Jeremy Lin (first 94 games, 55 starts):

Rajon Rondo (Career, 409 starts):

Derrick Rose (first 159 games, 158 starts):

Russell Westbrook (first 164 games, 147 starts):

Jason Kidd (first 79 starts):

So lets all chillax and realize that Jeremy analyzes his own game more than any of us here. He knows that he's gotta start hitting the open three and he will.

Thanks to all of the great posters and fans here. You guys make it fun and interesting all the time.

Happy New Year and here's to ending this year on a high note!

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  1. Jeremy Lin should be able to thrive from the outside with Lou Williams and Jeff Teague being suspect defenders. Gonna be tough to work inside with Horford, Smith, and Zaza down there patrolling the paint. If Harden can attack the basket I know he will draw the defense in and J Lin will have that open three. I know once he gets hot it'll be a long game for ATL.

  2. Lin should not hesitate on his shot. All it takes is for one make to catch fire. Don't stop shooting just because the last one didn't go in.

    1. Oh ya bro. He needs to have that confidence. That killer mentality a la Kobe Bryant. Take the game over.

    2. He needs to just keep shooting. He isn't chucking up shots, he's shooting wide open looks.

      He is going to lock that in CONSISTENTLY soon. I feel it.

      Can't practice open shots, you have to do it in game.

  3. haha chillax is the word of the day.

  4. How about Michael Jordan, 20.2% after 5 yrs/345 games/334 starts. While not a 3pt sharpshooter, he became a decent 3 pt shooter later in his career.

    Lin's not a catch and shoot player yet. Since opponents are not challenging his 3pt shot this year, he should take a dribble before shooting his 3. I'm betting that he will increase his 3pt percentage this way.

    1. Lin needs to do a left right left right left cross over before he takes a 3 pt shot. At this point in time, he's simply not a good catch and shoot guy behind the arc.

      I think he needs to practice 3s by emphasizing less legs and more chest and back with a slight fade. He seems to lean forwards too much when he launches the ball using mostly his leg muscles.

  5. If you're going to do comparisons, you also need to include age as as reference.

    IMO, putting Rondo on there doesn't make any sense as he's still a poor shooter and plays almost exclusively on the ball. On this Rockets team, Jeremy finds himself off the ball some and his improvement in his perimeter is of greater importance.

    1. True on Rondo but wanted to show how bad he shoots even as a so called great/all star point guard...Of course those guys are younger, they all came out early. JLin can still improve even though he is older like Nash and Stockton did after playing 4 years against inferior competition.

  6. Jeremy's game goes to another level if he can ever find consistency with his perimeter shot. Lets face it, there aren't many situations around the League where the PG is strictly a playmaker (Rondo-style). He's eventually going to have to hit an open jump shot with some level of proficiency.

    1. Rondo shoots 62% from the line. JLin shoots 80%. He will become a proficient 3 point shooter.

    2. Lins 3s have been in and out lately, only ONE airball I can recall in recent games.

      Its going to happen soon, y'all can quote me on this, he is going to kill some team raining 3s.

      Oh wait he already has during 2nd SAS game. He is going to kill some TEAMS (notice plural) raining 3s soon!

      Yes as in, he is on his way to becoming consistent. His form is varying less and less. He will find his shot.

  7. Almost 2013 already guys! looking forward to a better 2013 with our guy Jeremy Lin and the posters of ... and a great game vs Hawks.

  8. how 'bout chillo? as in

    hello yaws need to chill

    gnome sane?

  9. Today's dose of Linsanity.

    Linsanity - Jeremy Lin is doing great with 15+ points in the last seven games

    Sanity - Jeremy Lin averages a paltry 7.4 points in the 13 games where the Rockets have scores 100 points or less. His "scoring" is completely dependent on the game turning into a track meet in the 120s range with no defense being played by anyone (ala San Antonio games).

    Extra dose of sanity. Toney Douglas production for December and/or the last 10 games is virtually identical to Lin, especially after adjusting for minutes played.

    1. What about the Memphis and Chicago games? Those are two of the best defenses in the NBA. The Rockets style is to play uptempo, so whether the game is a "track meet" or not holds no relevance. They always get a ton of possessions every game whether they are scoring well or not.

      And are you really implying Douglas approaches Lin as a player? If so, lets stop right here, because that tells me all I need to know about your knowledge of the game.

    2. A better username for you would be "LiesinBasketball," son.

    3. Totally forget this is another jay Mac I should recall. Great name suggestion! Go drink vodka and cool urself for the new year in the club. No need to be here!

    4. Only an idiot would compare TD stats which good part of it is bench and some garbage time, against Lin who is constantly facing double/triple teams and locks down elite PGs.

      Lets not forget how Lin stops WB/Parker cold and they must constantly resort to screens and Lin is getting good at defending through PnR while they score at will on TD all the time.

    5. Don't get me wrong I like TD, he makes a great SG. Comparing him to Lin is NOT FAIR to Tony Douglas.

      That makes me mad.

  10. Happy new year to everyone here, espeically to the site owners.

  11. The Rockets schedule is really tough.

    It's playoff team after playoff team. The Rockets simply don't play teams like Sacramento or Phoenix. It's a steady diet of OKC and San Antonio and Eastern playoff teams.

    Lin and the Rockets are earning their record.

    1. The long road games stretch really worries me and it's no secret kind of weak on the road. If we're not careful we can slip from our playoff spot. 2013 will be the real test for the current Rockets team. I those road games can bond the guys better

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    3. If the Roxs are gonna make it to the playoffs as a 6, 7, or 8th seed, they're gonna be facing one of these teams. The Roxs has been blown into pieces so far and has yet to face the Clips. Lets go ahead and add another 4 losses to the record.

  12. A few days ago during half time of the Dallas / OKC game, Charles Barkley commented that most point guards including Westbrook are "dumb as rocks" and that the only reason Jason Kidd is the league is because he's smarter than everyone else. He said a point guard needed a balanced ratio between assists and shot attempts.

    I felt like the OKC game was Jeremy's worst of the season in large part because he threw three terrible passes. They weren't terrible because they off the mark but that they just shouldn't have been attempted or forced. Jeremy should continue to play "smart" and he'll be an elite point guard no matter what his 3pt percentage is.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Westbrook has athleticism but it's not gonna win you games, playing smart will. Westbrook is not point guard material, but he played like one against the Roxs. What frustrated me the most against OKC was that JLin wasn't playing smart after the 1st Q. Playing smart is JLin's forte but he turned it over by making dumb passes, granted he was putting on a passing clinic in 1Q but all of that changed on a dime.

      So lets strip away all the inconsistent shooting or whatnot, the one thing JLin should be consistent every game is playing smart. When a defender is hanging all over Patterson, Harden, Parsons, or whoever, don't try to force a pass. He did that several times between the OKC and Spurs game. Just play smart. Anything short of that, in my opinion, is unacceptable.

    3. My thought exactly Phil, although those were the RIGHT passes to make, he can't ignore who is defending those passes. I think he was almost doing it on reflex. Also having to play mr catchup puts more pressure and can affect your decision.

      Trying to zip balls without stellar speed past guys like KD is just begging to get stolen. We all know JLin is smarter than that.

  13. Has someone seen the poll on clutchfans about "your favourite rockets' player"?

    Well Parsons has got about 300 votes harden about 600 and jeremy..... 2200 :D

    That is hilarious ! Tell that to morey ! :D

    Happy new year friends

    1. Havent seen the poll yet but thanks :) It has been my impression for a while that clutchfans have come to love and appreciate Lin - probably more than some people here.

      Happy new year!

    2. Morey should already know about it not from this poll but from all star voting. Jeremy got twice the vote of harden. I think it's the kind of fans support Jeremy get that can't compare to others. Jlin fans follow him very closely so whenever there's a poll they know about it.

    3. I wouldn't think it's from the Clutch fans. I think those clutch fans vote for harden or Chandler. It is jlin fans who go there and vote for him.

    4. @lydia:

      We dont know the numbers. However - I have noticed that after "bad games" people here were furious about Lins performance while some guys on cltuchfans - some of them with thousands of posts (longtime clutchfan) - were defending Linc -> good sign.

  14. Mchale just took lin out to the bench right away after lin failed to make a home run pass. He did say about home run pass in his post game interview . Saying they are young and made mistakes some shit like that.

    1. McHale and Sampson are Jeremy's best motivation. He will shut them up.. It's just a matter of time. Anyway it will be interesting to see what happens but if Rox don't make the playoffs I dont think they bring McHale back. Well see.

  15. I believe Jeremy Lin will develop a decent to good three point shot. I'd love if he had a great one, but I feel more confident with the two former predictions. Knowing Jeremy's work ethic and how serious he takes the game, he won't allow his three point shot to fail to be developed.

    1. Yup, his 3's and mid-range jumpers will eventually fall IMO. Like Jeremy says, it's just a matter of him getting comfortable and by extension the coaches giving him the trust to stay on the floor.

      One thing I would actually like to see is seeing Jeremy control his pace a little better and still be effective. After seeing the SCHEDULE LOSSES of SAS and OKC, McHale needs to understand that the pace he wants his team to run is not going to be there where the team is tired, and so for the Rockets to be effective consistently, there has to be some half court sets besides Harden's 1 on 5 and spot up threes (which is great when they fall, but not so great when they are not falling.) He's already running Parsons into the ground, high minutes.... shoulder and knee injuries and we're not even half way through the season. More JL PnR with the bigs for 2013!

    2. Yep so mad at the SAS loss, that game was totally winnable.

      OKC to a lesser extent, but if they just kept playing like 1Q it would have been winnable. But McHale benching Lin in 3Q sort of killed it for them.

      Well resting him in 2Q and allowing that 13-0 run after Lin is off should tell McHale something: You need Lin to keep WB in check.

  16. Jeremy's running form question:

    Being a long distance runner, I am noticing Jeremy's running form has changed a little bit from last season when he DRIVES. Has any one noticed this as well?

    Last season:
    1. Jeremy runs witha ridiculous forward lean
    2. back hunched over
    3. his knees really bent
    4. high cadence (rate of foot strike) for a 6'-3" guy
    5. Definitely power running everystep
    6. footstrike in front of his center mass
    7. low dribble, really low center of gravity

    Obviously, this form gives Jeremy alot of power on his drives, but it's not an efficient way to run because his upper body is bent at the pelvis which disengages his upper body from being used when he runs. His lower body therefore has to do all the work of absorbing the shock as well as powering the run.

    This season:
    1. leans less compared to last season
    2. back still hunched over but far less compared to last season
    3. less knee bent
    4. cadence looks to be slightly slower
    5. power running, but looks more natural this season
    6. foot strike in front of his center mass
    7. higher dribble compared to last season

    IMO, I think the change in his driving running form is because he is trying to keep his head up, looking to pass more and play in control. He still does get low this season when he is looking to score in the lane.

    Compare Jeremy's running form to Harden... Harden looks effortless when he runs because his forward lean is less, his back not hunched over (upperbody is engaged), slower cadence (naturall for a taller person, bent knes (but not as much as JL), really quick but powerful footstrike (more efficient due to less braking effect), footfall under his center mass which is really efficient.

    Not saying one technique is better than another because arguably no single running form will work for all... but in addition to all the other reasons Jeremy appears to be winded at the end of games (playing at both ends of the court, high pace of play, 4 games in 5 nights, etc.) It seems to me he has to exert alot more energy to achieve his incredible speed. Anyways, just sharing my observations!

    1. Very interesting observation, I'll keep an eye out for it. What I've noticed lately is that when he drives and jumps he doesn't end up on the floor anymore. If you go back and watch last season's highlights, like 9 out of 10 times on drives he ends up falling to the floor. I think this change is good for his career. He's no longer fighting just to make it on an NBA roster. He's got a nice long career to think about.

    2. Jeremy, while in Taiwan, was teaching a dribbling drill where he's throwing one tennis ball in the air while dribbling the basketball with the other hand.

      I practiced this for an hour. My back was really sore as a result as this drill forced my back to be really straight as I tended to hunch over.

      Thus, I think his new posture is the result of Jeremy trying to improve his handles during the off season.

      Maybe I am just projecting.

    3. Here's a good arctile that graphically illustrates what I am seeing....

      Obviously, Harden is closer to POSE and/or Chi Running techniques... Watch how Usain Bolt runs, so effortless... but notice his footstrike is always under his center mass

      Where as Jeremy's running form more in line with power running IMO

    4. He is winded from playing stellar D in addition to running offense. Also he isn't 100%, IMO his stamina isn't all there.

      I don't know much about running styles so don't know if running the way he does causes him to be winded.

    5. Very interesting Slash29. I went through a minor torture adjusting to a pair of Vibram running shoes last year and resulted in a much more POSE-like running form. My calves are much stronger now as a result. This does help me jump shots quite a bit too.

      I surmise Jeremy uses too much quads when running and shooting. That's why he spends too much timing setting up for a 3 which impedes his ability to catch and shoot without thinking.

    Harden, Lin starting to figure it out
    1st part of the article
    When Tom Haberstroh used Per Diem to lobby for the Houston Rockets to bench Jeremy Lin two weeks ago, the Rockets were a game below .500, having lost four of their previous six outings. Since then, Houston has emerged as one of the league's hottest teams, winning five in a row before stumbling against last year's Western Conference finalists (San Antonio and Oklahoma City) during a difficult back-to-back over the weekend. That's not entirely a coincidence.

    Although the Rockets never took an action so bold as benching Lin, they've been able to reap some of the same benefits by simply staggering his minutes with those of star teammate James Harden, a process that began earlier in December but only fully took root late in the month. During Friday's game against the Spurs, one of Houston's starting guards was on the court for all 48 minutes, the first time that has happened all month. Garbage time is partially to blame; in three of the last five Rockets games, either Harden or Lin played throughout the first three quarters, but the two guards watched the end of blowouts together from the bench.

    Despite the influence of lopsided games, the numbers show how Kevin McHale has managed his backcourt differently during the last two weeks as compared to the rest of the season. The percentage of the team's minutes the two players have played together is down, but both have played more on their own. According to, Lin has gone from playing about 40 percent of the minutes Harden rests through Dec. 16 to nearly 60 percent since then.

    But that's not the real story. Ultimately, how McHale staggers his rotation makes only a small difference because Harden averages nearly 40 minutes per game. To succeed in Houston, Lin had to stop fearing the Beard's presence. That's the impressive thing about the last two weeks. Suddenly Lin's stat line no longer shows the same extreme splits depending on whether Harden is on the court or off it. Compare his performance playing with Harden through Dec. 16 -- the same figures that appeared in this column then -- and from Dec. 17 onward.

    Lin Playing With Harden, Playing Without
    Through Dec. 16 | Since Dec. 17

    PTS 10.7 | 18.2
    AST 6.5 | 7.3
    REB 4.3 | 3.6
    TS% 46.5 | 62.5
    USG%17.0 | 22.5
    PER 12.1 | 19.0

    Source:'s StatsCube

  18. 2nd part of the article

    To put the magnitude of Lin's improvement into context, consider that his 46.5 percent true shooting percentage (TS%) with Harden through Dec. 16 would rank 281st among regular players. His 62.5 percent TS% since then? That would put him in the league's top 20.

    Not only is Lin shooting far more effectively, he's also getting more opportunities to score. In part, this surely reflects that Harden and Lin are becoming more comfortable with each other. After all, the Kim Kardashian-Kanye West pregnancy (12 weeks) is older than their partnership (nine). When they started the Rockets' season opener, it was the first game the two guards had played together -- Harden had been traded to Houston only days earlier. With limited practice time during the regular season, Harden and Lin have had to learn each other's tendencies on the fly.

    Beyond that, McHale and the Houston coaching staff have tweaked the offense to put Lin in situations to maximize his talents as a creator. Because Harden is dangerous as an outside shooter and Lin is not, the Rockets may be better off as a team with Lin running pick-and-rolls and Harden spotting up. So over the last couple of weeks, Lin has often initiated possessions with a high pick-and-roll. If that doesn't translate into a shot, Harden is more likely to get the basketball with the shot clock running down.

    The other adjustment should be familiar to anyone who has watched the Miami Heat deal with a similar issue involving stars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Similar to what Miami does at times, Houston has made defenses account for both Lin and Harden by putting them into occasional pick-and-rolls together. The Lakers used a similar 1-2 pick-and-roll to set up Derek Fisher's winning score during Game 3 of the 2009 NBA Finals, and Orlando made extensive use of the same play when Vince Carter was on the roster.

    Using Harden as a screener has a couple of advantages. It puts a guard in the unfamiliar position of defending the roll man. And since Harden is a threat from anywhere on the court, teams can't leave him to commit a second defender on Lin. So either Lin gets a relatively clear path to the basket or the defense has to switch, putting a smaller player on Harden and giving him the opportunity to post up.

  19. 3rd part of the article
    Thanks to these changes and Lin's aggressiveness attacking hard closeouts on the perimeter, more than half of his shot attempts with Harden on the floor over the last two weeks have come in the restricted area -- higher than his rate last season in New York, or with Harden on the bench this year.

    Other factors have worked in Lin's favor over the last two weeks. The Rockets have pushed the pace lately; ESPN Stats & Info noted that Saturday's loss to Oklahoma City featured more possessions than any regulation NBA game in the last five years. That has created opportunities for Lin to freelance in the open court, and his fast-break points have gone from 5.1 per 36 minutes to 7.5 over the last two weeks. The tempo is up partly because Houston replaced injured starting power forward Patrick Patterson with more small ball, moving Marcus Morris into the starting lineup and sliding small forward Chandler Parsons down to the 4 at times. Those players offer better outside shooting and more spacing from the position, clearing driving lanes for Lin.

    Regardless of the reasons, the last seven games have shown that Harden and Lin can excel at the same time. The Rockets' offense has been the beneficiary: Lin's scoring has fueled the recent surge that has pushed the team to sixth in the Hollinger Power Rankings and 10th in the league in offensive rating as of Dec. 16; Houston ranks third since then.

    Last weekend showed the Rockets still have too many holes to compete with the West's best teams on a regular basis, but their guard play is good enough to make a playoff trip likely in what figured to be a rebuilding season. Given that Houston has one of the NBA's three youngest rotations and that Lin and Harden are both locked up through 2015, the future is bright now that the two guards are shining together.

  20. Happy New Year to our boy Jeremy, you guys and girls, & Rockets coaches/players (hope they realize soon enough how fortunate they are to have Jeremy in the team).

    Special thanks to the Admins of this site, I feel fortunate to have found this site early this year, and have since visited here almost every day.

    I'd also like to mention a visitor of this site: Michelle Wong, I don't know her personally, but I remember she said she was inspired by Jeremy and went on a one-year mission trip. I actually put her in my prayer every day.

  21. I really feel many of the writers here are much more knowledgeable than Rockets' coaches! I don't understand why the coaches just cannot see what we can see in this site....

  22. Happy New Year!

    Wish everyone has a wonderful year!

    Go Jeremy Lin!

  23. Ah the steal and the layup finish were nice. If only Lin can knock down those open 3, then who on earth is going to stop him.