Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jeremy Is Elite

OK, I did some quick calculations using and excel so they still need to be verified but check out these numbers. This is for the first 50 starts of a players career using per 36 minute numbers to compare apples to apples.

See if you can guess who's numbers are who's out of this group:

JLin, CP3, DRose, Westbrook

17.7 pts 5.6 asts .42 fg%
16.4 pts 7.8 asts .43 fg%
16.4 pts 6.2 asts .47 fg%
16.1 pts 7.4 asts .43 fg%

Yes, JLin's numbers are in this group. I was gonna include Kidd and Nash but their numbers are not even close to these. Both Kidd and Nash's fg% were under 38% and both scored less than 10 pts per 36 minutes in their first 50 starts.

Very interesting huh? Also, guess who has the best winning percentage out of all of these Hall of Famers and future Hall of Famers?


  1. oh..I am the first one. If my pick is correct, do I get some kind of prize????
    I'll go for the first one as my first choice and second one as my second choice!

  2. I hope I am not being a wet blanket here. I find the stats informative and encouraging BUT I hope we can take it a game at a time. Lin still has alot to work on and the upcoming games will be tougher so there will be ups and downs here and there. Although Lin is more aggressive, I hope he can expand his game as well . I want Lin to be really 100% healthy so I do worry a bit when he drives to the hoop. I think there are aspects of his game that has improved and I do hope it continues.

  3. I think personal stats is only good for reference, but it is overrated. It don't really mean much and it won't win champiionship. Or else Kobe's Laker will be winning 90% of their games.

    The interesting question you should ask is how can anyone measure team cohesion? Lin are knew for taking an average team and making it great. Just look at Houston now, every players are sharing the ball. Compare the assist for every Houston players on the recent games with the previous games. You will noticed everyone assist is slowly increasing. Basketball is still a team sport. Only a good "TEAM" can win Championship.

    Hopefully Houston will develop into a very good team.

    1. Yeah, there's a "stat" that measures team cohesion.

      It's called the COMPLAINOMETER in the papers, of which Lin's teammates do very little of when he's playing and getting everyone involved!!!

      Jeremy Lin takes personal responsibility for making sure every teammate is getting their just due on the court. As an alpha male, Lin makes sure everybody is participating and getting the most out of their ability. This leads to satisfied teammates who don't complain in the papers.

    2. You said it, mint and Charles. If we want to see Lin in the playoffs, he has to be healthy after 82 games and his team has to win.
      We saw players including Lin and Harden, put up impressive numbers but not able to bring the team to win.

  4. spill the beans! Which stats are Lins?

  5. Replies
    1. my ranking of the rest same as k.smith's

    2. Jaja I was going to say, if it's not that just switch last two. Westbrook was easy. That guy is a ball-hog and just tries to make his own points.

  6. great analysis here

  7. I am one of those people who think that moderating expectations is the best way to stay happy. :)

    I'll be ecstatic if Lin is one day spoken of in the same league as CP3.

    I'll be incredibly impressed if Lin posts up consistent All-Star seasons.

    I'll still be very very happy if Lin ends up being an above average starter.

    I'd still be impressed even if it turns out that Lin is ultimately a very good system player.

    I'd still continue watching his games because they are fun to watch.

    Anyway this numbers aren't really surprising to me because that Linsanity spurt was historic numbers where only serious, all-time, first ballot HOF legends like Oscar Robertson have managed to sustain over multiple seasons, and even when you "regress to the mean" you're still going to end up with some seriously impressive averages.