Friday, November 9, 2012

The Good And The Bad

Rockets 85
Grizzlies 93

Tonight was a mixed bag for me. JLin started off strong, hitting a three and then getting Tony Allen off his feet and going to the line for two. Then he seemed to just coast a bit. Fortunately, Chandler Parsons found his shot and the Rockets played some decent defense, helping them to a 46-42 halftime lead.

The Grizzlies turned up the intensity to start off the 2nd half, playing strong d and hitting the boards. The Rockets kept it close but Jeremy seemed to keep hesitating when open, instead settling for tougher shots. The third quarter was a nightmare for Lin as he was totally outplayed by backup Jerryd Bayless (11th pick in the 2008 draft) as he threw up an air ball and had some ugly turnovers. Marresse Speights also dominated Marcus Morris and I'm not sure why we didn't see Greg Smith or Terrance Jones here.

Jeremy finally awoke in the fourth, showing us a glimpse of Linsanity, as he started the comeback by hitting a three. He then forced a few turnovers and had 2 breakaway layups including an and one, eventually pulling within a bucket. However, like the last game against Denver, the Rockets were not able to get over the hump.

I think the 4th quarter was big step in the right direction for Jeremy. He really stepped up after struggling mightily in the 3rd, making shots and showing his heart. He needs to carry this type of play over to tomorrow night against the Pistons. This is the kind of play needed to gain the respect of the players and coaches. Right now, he is being treated as an average player by his coaches and teammates, even though he has actually played very well besides his shooting. He needs to step up and be the 2nd leading scorer on this team. They don't have anyone else who can average 18-20 pts besides Harden. He needs to be that guy. He has to stop hesitating and take at least 15 shots per game.

Let's get it started tomorrow night against the Pistons.

JLin's line:

15 pts
5 rebs
3 asts
2 stls
4 tovs


  1. Jerryd Bayless is NO SLOUCH.

    In February this year, I wrote about how Jerryd Bayless was an excellent player. Every time he's been given extended minutes, Bayless rampages around in bis unfettered but effective way. I'd expect the supertalented Bayless to give Lin trouble, not the limited Conley.

    Lin is coming around. I'm totally satisfied with his game. He'll eventually learn that his aggressiveness creates opportunities, not the other way around!

    1. Jeremy needs to bring back his trusty 8-10ft floater. I swear he shot 60% on those last year. He can also hit the off-balance banker (Nash-style) with surprising consistency.

      He should indeed be taking 15-20 shots per game. And it's important to attack EARLY because the refs won't give you whistles in the 4th quarter if you play it safe for the first three.

      Bottom line: if your teammates can't finish or turn the ball over, feel free to HOG the ball, Jeremy. The Rockets need some Linsanity whether they realize it or not.

    2. Give JLin a bit more time the worst thing can happen right now is to get injured, he's been knocking around in the last two games. I think We need to be a bit more patient with him until they figure it out, however I still think the young team would have done a lot better without the beard.

    3. dear god kh what are going to say when goes up against rondo or jrue holiday. non confident, hesitant play breeds this kind of miraculous super scrub play from the likes of bayless. the harden ball deferring to other guys nonsense is getting to lin and the linsanity machine is being held back.

    4. What would I say Glenn if Lin went up against any pg and didn't attack?

      Exactly what you said: NO to "non confident hesitant play".

      I agree with you completely. Do not defer. ATTACK.

    5. The big problem for the Rockets is lin couldn/t get good help and cover from the teamates. In Knicks, all other players helped him. but look at the rockets, when he wanted some coverage for PnR, nobody steped up. Why? they lost confidense in lin or they did it on purpose. They helped harden even if he wanot good. Now i hope lin got injured so he doesn't need to have this kind of pressure any more. He has problems of playingwith pgs quicker and stronger than him. I feel heart broken when I saw him chased crazyly by other should ask parsons or patterson to defend PG not lin.

  2. 15 shots?

    Make it 20-25 shots

    Screw his teammates

    He's a combo guard

  3. This post below makes an interesting point that JLin should emulate Mark Jackson and post up smaller point guards in the paint.

    That would be a very valuable addition to his game so he doesn't have to operate as a catch and shoot guard on the perimeter when he's not trying to drive to the basket:

    1. 5'3" Muggsy Bogues explained in his book why hardly anybody dared to post him up in the NBA:

      he had Alonzo Mourning and Larry Johnson as his defensive bigs eagerly waiting to swat shots from smaller guards.

      Lin is a big NBA PG, but he's capable of being swatted underneath by NBA big men off post ups.

      There's another factor. Posting up small guards only works if you have big men that can step out and play outside in.

      Kevin McHale often stepped to the perimeter to let Dennis Johnson and Danny Ainge post up. That works because McHale had a GREAT outside shot and was a terrific passer. Lin has no big men that can shoot outside and feed the post.

    2. Very true, I guess it depends on how they play it. A sweeping jump hook is usually unblockable because of goaltending rules.

      If Lin can develop a good turnaround jumpshot, or a spin move to get around his smaller defender, then yes it can work against smaller guards like Lawson, Rondo, etc. Conley and Chris Paul are actually quite strong at 185 lbs, so they won't give up as much space.

      If the Rockets can develop D. Mo into a better post man, he can provide all the perimeter shooting they need to spread the floor for Lin to go to work inside.

  4. I think we all agree that Jlin needs to increase his shot attempts.

    15-20 shot attempts per game. Even 25 shot on some nights when it's needed.

    He needs to attack in a smart way where he's not forcing the issue to where he get's himself stuck or trapped.

  5. The ROCKETS better win against the 0-6 Pistons. It would be an embarrassment if they would be the first one to lose to them.

    There would be no excuse for the loss. If the Rockets lose, then MCFAIL must immediately be fired after the game.

  6. For the ast 2 games the opponents were able to clamp down Harden, hence limiting his shots. Why is Rockets not able to do likewise on opponents' key man?

    1. Rockets don't have enough talent outside of Lin and Harden to shut people down.

  7. Looks like jeremy is a disaster if i read this post. What about harden's 4/18?

    Jeremy is not a sg. If you'd use nash in the same way he'd be also in trouble for sure.

    After all jeremy needs to shoot fearless. No hesitation. We know it's not his job but eventually this could improve his game

  8. Sick of seeing him trying to help his teammates on defense and ended up leaving his man open for threes. why does he keep repeating the same mistake? doesn't he get it??

    1. Jeremy not only plays unselfish offense, he plays unselfish defense too, don't you understand?

    2. so what's the point?? he lost his guy and an open three. how much can he help by defending that way? it's not effective at all, he always got blown. as i said his too unselfish nature has become a real problem. he need to stop being so naive and wake the f*ck up! "i wanna serve my teammates and bla bla bla" he needs to shut up and just play his own game. stop trying to be a saint on the court!

    3. I afraid he will keep doing that. he is quite stubborn...

    4. @777am you better watch out. Stat boy @Michael Terry will slam you with his "numbers" for opining the truth. @KHuang will do the same and will use favorable JLin stat lines but at least he doesn't make personal attacks like stat boy and others who will claim that whoever doesn't agree with them don't know and watch bball. They say JLin had a GREAT game regardless!

      Here's my thoughts. I'm a true JLin fan and say it like it is. Like @777am said, why the hell is JLin helping on the bigs and leaving his man open for 3s--trend. Conley also blew by him for a couple of layups at the start of the second half--trend. What is JLin trying to prove? That he plays team defense when he can't even contain the opposing PG(s). I have echoed this in previous discussions and got slammed by fools, or the true trolls, on this site.

      The other issue is JLin's ball handling. How the hell is JLin going to fumble the ball just dribbling which resulted in a TO. What is JLin doing dribbling erratically and running into Gasol and that also ended up in losing the ball. That TO got McHale furious and took him out of the game for about 6 minutes. I said to myself it's about time McHale put the hammer down. JLin is a professional, he doesn't play at Palo Alto anymore. He needs to cut down the dumb TOs, defend opposing PGs like there's no tomorrow, find a way to take high percentage shots, attack the rim more, and not wait until the 4th quarter to go into beast mode.

      Seriously, what the hell is JLin doing. The game has 4 quarters and he shows up in the 4th with a couple of minutes remaining. This has been a trend.

      Again, I LOVE Jlin and I don't sugar coat. He needs to pick up his play and soon. I'm so effen pissed cause he's not playing well. I know he can do better. It seems like he's a completely different player. Stop blaming McHale you JLin trolls--you know who you are. JLin needs to look in the mirror and determine if wants to continue to be a saint like 777am said or a beast.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. Also, you fools need to stop blaming others. Also, stop denigrating Harden--calling him a ball hog and ISO Harden is ridiculous. He's proven and JLin is not. Also, what's wrong with McHale--nothing. You fanatic JLin fans are way to subjective. You all say things to make yourself feel better but you don't know how ridiculous you all sound.

    7. @Racha

      I agree that JLin did not play good with the exception of the first and last few minutes of the game. He was making BAD turnovers and allowing Conley to blow pass him too much. Like I said, Lin played like crap in the first 3 quarters and played like the second coming of Isiah Thomas in those last few minutes of the 4th quarter.

      I beg to disagree regarding Harden. Harden is a more proven player than Lin but Harden plays like he's Kobe or MJ. From what I've watched, he holds the ball too long. In fastbreaks, he rarely passes the ball. He sometimes get bailed by the refs. There were couple of times that he didn't pass to Lin despite Lin being open for an eternity. Haven't you realize his turnovers:

      25 assists and 25 turnovers (Harden)

      31 assists and 16 turnovers (Lin)

      See the difference

      Harden has glue on his hands. ISO Harden is appropriate. That is how he plays the last three games.

      "what's wrong with McHale--nothing"
      - Are you joking?
      What is wrong? EVERYTHING.....Gameplan, rotations, offensive sets, defensive matchups, etc, etc, etc TOO many mistakes.

      He's next to Mike Brown
      The Countdown begins...
      How many more days will McFAIL last? Stay tuned

    8. LOL at CARA

      unselfish on defense? Is that even possible?

      He's obviously over-helping

    9. his TO so far is not a bad TO. i never questioned his abilities. i'm questioning, what's inside his head. he thinks too much, trying to change his game, and too worry trying to be a good teammates. watching him plays defense makes me angry the most, running back and forth trying to help his teammates but ended up looking like a headless chicken. why can't he just stay in front of his guy? did someone ever mentioned it to him??

    10. @nephelauxetic I'm not gonna talk about other players, especially, Harden when JLin has tons of problems himself. How is McHale to blame when JLin loses his handle of the ball. How is McHale to blame when he dribbles around and runs into Gasol and loses the ball. How is McHale to blame when JLin misses his shots. How is McHale to blame when JLin allow opposing PGs to score with ease. If blaming Harden and McHale makes you feel better then go right ahead. I'm glad McHale pulled JLin out when he had that TO. JLin needs to set the tone and he's the damn PG but he's turning it over, NOT ACCEPTABLE. One of Rockets problems is TO. If your PG is constantly turning it over its DETRIMENTAL. McHale needs to punish JLin harder than anyone else cause he's the PG.

    11. He needs to have a Russell Westbrook Mentality. Score at will, Score, score, score

    12. His teammates are hopeless especially Asik who can't even catch the DAMN BALL

    13. This game wasn't lost because of defence, though. Grizzlies didn't shoot threes that well today anyway. The problem was that the terrible, terrible offence was creating so many turnovers that Memphis was just killing them in transition.

    14. @Racha

      I understand what you're saying but it is all about rhythm. It is hard for him to get going if he isn't involve in the offense. There are times where he doesn't get the ball back after handing it to Harden. When the time he gets the ball, he's either lost or the defense collapses at him. The offensive sets throws him off. He cannot have a consistent production if he doesn't know what is the offense since it will all depend on ISO Harden. He doesn't even get to touch the ball sometimes.
      He doesn't have a feel for the game.

      Like I said, the offense itself is detrimental to Lin. It sucks the life out of him. It is like Carmelo playing as a role player in Dantoni's offense. He doesn't have a rhythm. If Lin is allowed to play the way he is used to, then he'll be more productive.

      The careless turnovers were terrible indeed. I don't know why but I suspect he doesn't have a feel for the game. He's basically lost in the offense. He doesn't know his role because his role is supposed to be the floor general but McHALE's gameplan disrupts his game.

      Harden handles the ball 80% of the time. McHALE needs to punish Harden harder. In this offense, Harden is the pg and Lin is just a floor spacer. So, he's not really the PG in the offense.

    15. Just imagine Rondo playing off the ball and letting Pierce handle the ball and make plays. He won't have his 20 assists. It would confuse him so much. He''' be less effective and he won't have the same feel/rhythm for the game.

      I guarantee you that Rondo will not look as good as he is. He'll make mistakes (a lot).

    16. @Racha the way you blame his TO is uncalled for. Only in this game where he had a couple of bad TO. So far this season, he has improved a lot. His shot will come.

      he just need his confidence back and stop worrying too much. as much as he denied not being affected by all the haters. he's only human and could you imagine being publicly ridicule and his integrity questioned on a national media??

      i just think the way he handle it is wrong. he shouldn't be like i forgave those haters, serve and treat everyone with love and such. he should play with a chip on his shoulder, out to prove his haters wrong. plays with intensity and burning desire. be a beast not a saint.

    17. don't you people get it. the biggest problem with him it's more on the mental side: his attitude, perceptions and beliefs(not religion, i'm a Christian too). trying so hard to be the ultimate team guy is really killing his game

    18. @nephelauxetic Rhythm? If JLin can make his own shots he'll probably have rhythm. If he doesn't dribble erratically and have TOs he'll probably have rhythm. He can't even evade Bayless, how is he suppose to have rhythm. You say that he doesn't get the ball back after handing it to Harden. So when is that a rule of rhythm. If JLin can't play off the ball then he's useless. Perhaps it's now that we're seeing how limited JLin is. It cannot always go JLin's way in order for him to be successful. He can't always have the ball. Other point guards in this leagues doesn't always have the ball, that goes for the elite ones too. They all have to play off the ball.

    19. @777am TO is an issue and called for. JLin and company turning the ball over gives the opposition points off fast break transitions and hence momentum. Turnover sucks the life out of the team and messes up the general rhythm of the game as @nephelauxetic pointed out.

    20. That Racha guy is a "concern troll". From the way hes talking you can tell hes only enjoying sports from the couch. Hes nothing but a keyboard warrior. Not that hes just insulting people here, calling them trolls when they are just supporting JLin on a JLin fansite, but hes calling people fake-ass and stupid fools as well.

      He said that Stephen A Smith was right. He said that JLin was just average and he wont allow people to say anything possitive about JLin or to analyze JLin. Hes a true hater and a true concern troll (Im a big JLIn fan but...). Hes made his point. JLin to him is just a big disappointment. I dont know what he wants here anymore.

      Racha claims to be a true JLin fan but what he does is just trashtalking JLin and the fans. Yes - we want our athlete to succeed but stop pulling phrases like "JLins gotta wake up" and "no excuses". If you had been an athletes some time in your life you would know that there is more to it than just wanting to win while watching tv and making stupid remarks.

      Thats why people here are talking about recovery, his knee, his stamina, his self confidence, his shooting, him adapting to the team, mental status, JLin trying to carry the team, his teammates hes trying to support (Harden) and his coach (with questionable coaching decissions). It all affects a player. For you to ingonre that only proves youre a 300 pound fatass sitting on the couch acting like a pro.

      Yeah - JLins been struggling but am I the only one who noticed that Rockets are the youngest and most inexperienced team out there? Am I the only one who thinks JLin ran like a horse out there? Can you guys run 30-40 minutes while playing against NBA pros?

      JLin cant be the socrer you saw in NY. He did for a while, he got double and tripple teamed and he got burned and he got injured. He has to change his ways if he wants to be in the NBA for more than a season.

      Yes - hes been struggling but as JLin fan and athlete I see him getting back to his old self (physically). He has gotten quicker, in forward and lateral movement. If youre some weird asian guy who only wants to see an asian dude kick ass you better watch chinese boxing but stop insulting people here. Youre not Jesus - equipped with some secret wisdom that noone else has. You don enlighten anyone Racha. You are a troll. Not a fan. A true fan would try to understand support his man. All you do is trashtalk!

    21. Racha is right about me with the stats thing.

      Jeremy Lin kept the Rockets in the game against a better team until the end. He nearly saved them, but Harden and the others had done too much damage.

      Just as Jeremy Lin WRESTED CONTROL AWAY from Carmelo Anthony and Mike Woodson, he's steadily wresting control away from James Harden and even Kevin McHale.

    22. you overblown his TO. obviously his teammates TO is an issue and yes he's TO last night was bad. but if you watched his previous 4 games, you know his TO is not bad at all and won't be an issue this season.

    23. Racha is also right with JLins turnovers but does it help to point it out on almost every single post? Racha wont make comparisms. He doesnt care when people say that other athletes have turnovers as well. He only wants to show how upset he is about JLin - prove how bad JLin is. Hes a hate smurf. Alsways upset about something. Hes acting like JLlin was reading his posts, trying to learn from him.

    24. @willy nilly the biggest troll of them all. Going around finding favorable JLin comments and agreeing like there's no tomorrow. Real JLin fans are critical and point out deficiencies. Fake JLin fans are a** kissers like you. I bet you have a statue of JLin at home that you bow to religiously with incense.

    25. @willy nilly said I don't point out other players having turnover as well, LMAO. This is JLin's site not other athletes sites. I keep the talk straight and on JLin. I dont denigrate other players stats to make myself feel better about JLin unlike willy nilly.

    26. This comment has been removed by the author.

    27. No he does not wrestled control away from Melo and Woodson. He wants to be in NY. he felt exiled in Houston but being the good person he is, he never showed he's true feeling and he's trying hard to fell content with his situation. The Rockets are crap, the coach are crap, staff are crap, fans are crap and teammates are crap. Yao Ming and T-Mac would have won a championship on other teams.

    28. One other thing, I did not start the bad mouthing and troll talk. It was @Terry Michael the stat boy followed by some other. If you all JLin fans cant take real criticism of JLin and try to spin it around like I'm the one trash talking JLin then you're as small as it gets.

    29. Racha - "I am a true Lin fan".

      And then next post - "you all Lin fans".

      Yeah either you are not a Lin fan or you are the only true Lin fan in the world. Congrats!

      Willydilly, KHuang, Terry and in fact all the true Lin fans don't need others to tell how to be Lin fans BTW.

    30. @Cara Likewise. I don't need you to question whether I'm a JLin fan or not. You're a hypocrite but want to stand up for them, LOL.

    31. Just for @Cara


      Racha "I am a true JLin fan who speaks the truth"

      And then next post "you all fake JLin fans who just a** kiss"

      Is that clear enough Cara?

    32. Racha = the only true Lin fan.

      Everyone else = "fool", "troll", "hypocrite"...


    33. Racha, you are a Lin fan.

      Cara, you are a Lin fan.

      See? Problem SOLVED. End of rant. RAH!!!

    34. I don't mind to be a hypocrite as well though. :-)

    35. I'm a true fan who "speaks the truth." I know how well JLin can play and I don't want to sound like a broken record on the good always. I bet you never said anything bad about JLin's game. You probably would say he's not doing well because of his teammates or coach but never JLin himself. That's all I need to say. Seriously, you can never be a JLin on this site, be critical, and not be attacked relentlessly.

    36. KHuang, cool. I'm done arguing. Peace.

    37. @Racha,

      I guess you know how I feel.

      And to the board "cops" like willy nilly, KHuang, Cara, etc.

      Why the heck would I be wasting time on this site if I wasn't a Lin fan? You guys throw a fit everytime someone writes something that you perceive to be bashing Jeremy. It's ridiculous. Grow up. And it's scary, too. You guys are like the Gestapo or something.

      The last thing I want is to see him struggle. But I call it like it is. The last thing he needs is for excuses to be made on his part. There's so much he's doing wrong right now, it's mind-boggling. Really hoping he gets it together soon.

    38. TVN, you won't succeed in upsetting things here.

      I had just REPAIRED things between Cara and Racha by showing them both RESPECT. No need for you to be unhappy about that.

      It's OK if you don't respect me or anyone here. You have the right.

    39. Racha and TVN, keep on writing what you see; I enjoy your posts most because you write honestly what you think and feel. I tend to think Lin plays D giving a lot of space between himself and his man mainly because he has a hard time keeping up with fast PGs. I want to see LIn just focus on his own man.

      No question that Lin is the HARDEST playing player on Rockets team, even though I cannot say he's the most effective player. However, if you had to pick one Rockets player who was most instrumental in the loss, it has to be Harden, the max K player who is not playing smart basketball -- he got his money, so he can hold the team hostage. All I can say is if Harden doesn't play well with Lin, Rockets team is going nowhere and McHale is going to be fired. For some reason, when Lin plays without thinking, he plays the best.

      At the end of the day, Lin at this point lacks offensive skills and the mentality of an effective offensive player, period. He at least tries to be a Facilitator when no other Rockets player does the same, and their big man can't catch the ball. Asik, as good as he is defensively, is really shitty offensively, although I must say his free throws have improved. I never expected Lin to play like a Franchise player (which he is not), but Lin should at least attack every chance he gets and live with the result. Bayless was tough on Lin and pushed him around at will; I am impressed at Bayless.

      Unless Harden and Lin manage to elevate their play and other players, Rockets players are simply not good enough to do well -- it's a time to let Rookies play more and see what they can do. I am also for giving Machado some playing time to see what he can do.

      It's a pity that Knicks did not offer $15 Million USD deal to Lin to stay but instead forced Lin to go out and get an offer.

    40. Lets put it this way Harden and Lin are lucky Lakers is getting all the attention of basketball fans. but once the Lakers find their groove and lin and harden and the rockets continue to struggle haters will come flooding in very soon.

    41. Racha! How dare you criticize Lin!

      Are you crazy?! Don't you know that criticizing Lin has consequences?! I...I don't know what they are, but...but they are very very bad! And unpleasant!


      Being seriousness, I agree with you. Seems like you actually watch basketball, not just Lin. Lin needs to pick up his play, period.

      But, other than the three awful ball-handling turnovers, I thought he looked better against the Grizzlies than he did against the Nuggets. He looked truly horrible at times against the Nuggets.

    42. oops, "Being seriousness" should be "Being serious"

  9. I actually think the team is heading toward the right direction. Mem is big, athletic, experienced, and a solid playoff bound team. If Rockets have couple more defensive rebounds and blocking out, reduce the TO by couple, and make couple easy shots, they will win the game.

    Nevertheless, there are some really glaring problems.
    1. Lacks energy: not getting back on defense or setting picks. When Jeremy is pushing in the 4th Q, it did not feel everyone is in to it. You don't see anyone pass the half court line in both two layups.
    2. Lacks size: the bigs get push around in the paint.
    3. Lacks chemistry: when harden or jeremy drive toward the basket, everyone just stand around. If the bigs follow them, the bigs can get easy put-backs.

    I think Jeremy had a solid game, but the team is not playing like a team. Godspeed JL

    1. You made good points. His teammates are either lazy or dumb. There were at least a dozen good chances for his teammates to follow to the basket and make some easy put backs. At times JLin was the only one to follow and challenge an opponents fastbreak. JLin is working too hard. His team - too inexperienced.

  10. I hope they play Smith and Jones. Asik cannot even touch the ball.

    Parsons need to stop handling the ball too much

    Patterson needs to stop taking 3s and start rebounding (Lin outrebounded Pat)

    Harden - Does he have glue on his hands? the ball seems stuck in his hands

    Lin - Don't wait until the dying minutes of the game to play with intensity;

    Asik - Catch the DAMN BALL

    McFAIL - Don't assign Delfino to guard RANDOLPH at the 4th Quarter;

    1. All of your points are SOLVABLE by one of the points coming true:

      Lin, ATTACK!!!

      When that happens, everything else rights itself.

  11. in the first half when Lin was playing without harden,he was actually playing with 4 bench players. he didn't have asik for defense. it almost seem like he is on the second team.

    kinda sucks, but in that situation, he needs to bring out the linsanity.

    1. True but wasnt that because Tony Douglas was out due to injury or something?

  12. Looks like d'antoni is injuried :D he could be available in a week or two.

    Phil jackson is the front runner for the lakers' bench

  13. Jeremy Lin, #7:

    1) Lin gets picked up off the "discarded" bin by some desperate losing team

    2) Desperate losing team plays like a desperate losing team as Lin battles to clean the team up

    3) The team wins a bit with Lin and then tries to see who else can play

    4) Team finds out that its scrubby players ARE scrubby players if Lin isn't leading them

    5) Lin says "enough of this" and goes into Super Lintendo mode. Team wins again

    6) Desperate losing team tries to "upgrade" by discarding Lin.

    7) Lin ends up on a new desperate losing team, but with much more money and game. LIN!!!

    1. The new "losing team" is going to be the Lakers?

  14. article on "Jeremy Lin must stop deferring to James Harden"

    I hope the coaches read this.

    1. actually, in this aspect of suddenly starting major minutes in a game, Jeremy has more experience than Harden. Even though Harden is supposed to be more experienced having played in the playoffs and all...but now he's facing what Jeremy was facing in the last season, which is playing major minutes every game, getting scouted and being double/triple teamed.
      I hope Jeremy gets his confidence back and realises that he is really one of the most experienced (in terms of what really counts) in this team. Don't need to look at seniority. With his intense experience alone, he shouldn't be afraid to take leadership of this team.
      Will pray that he plays better henceforth! :)

  15. ok, wow when Jlinfan#1 starts to get concerned then definitely things are not going well. Here's the bottom line. James Harden ego is trying to force things and he wants to lead league in scoring and he's not playing basketball..he's playing to show OKC and the league that they blew it. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize it's harder to score when you force things and get out of rythmn and your team has no chance to win when you shoot under 40%. Jeremy is trying to defer to the higher salary guy and Jeremy has his guaranteed dollars so no real need to "prove" yourself or play for your job like he had to do before. When your job/livelyhood and money is on the line guys have urgency! Jeremy is almost coasting...there's no media backlash towards him, NY is busy celebrating their start, No one is calling out Jeremy anymore so he's more content to just play hard and do his part. Yet , he does need to score more and get his numbers higher.

    I said on first day that McHale can't coach and is not fan of Lin. People on here said McHale is good coach and that Jeremy doesn't need to have numbers as long as rockets win. Well obviously, things not going well for Lin and Rockets. Here's my take which is usually proven accurate over time:

    1) Parsons is overrated and handles/ loses the ball way too much - McHale giving too many opportunities to his favored player (only white player on team?)
    2) Harden playing too much to prove OKC wrong - he needs to handle ball less, he was used to westbrook jacking up shots so Lin should start launching.
    3) McHale is not a good coach and never will be. He doesn't trust Lin and he doesn't help Lin succeed. He doesn't set up Lin at all during games....Lin has to scramble around for garbage/hustle points (steals layups, stand in corner hoping someone passes him ball)
    4) Lin doesn't look like he's having fun on court anymore...he looks like basketball is job to him and he's not into it all the time. Selfish ball by his teammates and losing will do that to anyone.
    5) When Jlinfan#1 is not positive or optimistic...then things must be really bad for Jeremy.

    1. here is link of Lin highlights of memphis game:

    2. I agree. Nice well-reasoned, logical, and realistic post.

      Bottom line, Lin doesn't look "right." There's definitely a mental game that he is losing right now. Because the coaches don't trust him, he seems to have lost trust in himself. That can't happen. Disregard what they say/feel and start tearing it up. Play like you did when you were in NY, when your job was on the line. Because sooner or later, your job will be on the line if this run of poor play continues for a prolonged period of time.

      I have no idea who he goes to for advice and guidance (HS coach, pastor, brothers, trainers, etc.) but they got to give it to him straight and tell him the truth. No nurturing BS. That really doesn't help. He's stinking it up right now and he's embarrassing himself. It's time to start playing like you're capable of.

    3. Spot on. McHale does love Parsons a little bit too much despite his limited talent.

    4. Lin's doing just fine.

      I have said before that I'd be happy with him if he found his shot. He DID!

      The game is wide open for Lin to seize. No matter what the coaches say or do, it's on Lin to attack. When he did, the whole team played better.

      Lin is a work in progress - and he's making GREAT progress!

    5. Yes, I agree. The players and Lin are fine.

      McHale's system tries to make many players to be playmakers so I can't blame Parsons to have many TOs handling the ball since he's a slasher and 3PT shooter like Landry Fields. I don't remember seeing Landry handling the ball so much.

      Let's hope McHale will realize how to leverage JLin's strength on top of his system to get some wins.

  16. I didn't watch the game and couldn't find LP replay since it was shown in NBA TV.
    I thought JLin will be scoring a bunch when I saw that he scored the first 5 points in the 1Q.

    Why did he disappear between 1Q and end of 4Q? Based on the comments, I guess the same old story of a young team trying to implement McHale system. If the same system could not beat Pistons, I think we'll hear some "Fire McHale" chants from Rox fans.

    The interesting thing is JLin looked angry at the end of 4Q so it's probably good that he will get angry and be aggressive when his teammates can't bring it.

    This dreamshake writer seems to think that the TO differential (20 vs 9) was too much to overcome.

    Grizzlies Silence Rockets Late Game Push, Win By 8

    The Rockets lost their third straight game in Memphis tonight. Turnovers, transition offense, and poise were all problems for Houston. A late push lead by Jeremy Lin made the game exciting but ultimately it wasn't enough.

    1. This dreamshake writer seems to think that the TO differential (20 vs 9) was too much to overcome.

      Yeah...I would say so. When the other team gets 11 more possessions than you do, that's a pretty tough thing to overcome no matter how poorly that team is shooting.

    2. actually even before the beginning of the season many NBA fans are not really too keen on McHale. But i think he will stay as the head coach for the rox unless Harden and Lin regressed so much in the next 5 games or so. Maybe its time for Jlin to become the leader on and off the court. yes harden has play-off basketball experience but Jlin is older and can be an inspiration to the rookies on the team. He needs to step it up. The west is up for grabs. They cant keep losing winnable games. Every game in the west counts.

    3. We might be seeing the evolution of JLin to be an outspoken leader and take charge of the team as the floor general when his teammates are struggling.

      Based on his comments, he has the mindset to set up his teammates and win as a team. But this team is very young and they neither have the confidence to shoot well nor the experience to play with minimal mistakes to gut out ugly wins.

      I think he is frustrated because he knows he can break down defenses with his speed and penetration but he needed to balance his traditional PG role to set up his teammates.

      At the end of the day, winning games are what matters in NBA. I don't know if JLin is savvy enough to sell the idea to McHale that he's willing to play the system but if things are not clicking, he can be the point of attack and make others including Harden be off the ball. It will open up space for other Rox to make plays naturally rather than forcing themselves to create plays.

      In the past two games, JLin had shown that he is the one who can break down defenses with his speed. He needs to take charge as a leader and earns more respect from his teammates that he can make the games easier for them.

      The question is when will he do that? . It's a tough balance because he needs to prove it on the floor before he speaks up. I hope McHale realizes that JLin is the key if they want to win now while rebuilding before the ax falls. Everyone knows it's rebuilding year but the rookies are not even playing so he would face a lot of criticism if he is not winning.

  17. Lin highlights of Friday Memphis game:

  18. harden makes 1 shot then turns the ball over and misses the next 2 shots and hes getting paid 80 million

    Delfino makes 1 shot and thinks he deserves to miss the next 2

    Asik - he doesnt like scoring right beneath the rim

    Parsons - all talk, belongs in a boy band

    Patterson- that boy good

  19. word for advice for Jeremy,pls dont over think about the game,just play and have fun,use your right all the time thats your best weapon,always attack the basket thats your God given gift,play the middle and ask Patterson to be your PNR buddy for the moment, that will create a lot of opportunities,shoot when you needed to shoot dont think about the outcomes,take the ball most of the time,own it, but share it at the right time and moments.Be a vocal leader on the court thats what you are,win games and we will all happy.

  20. word for advice for Jeremy,pls dont over think about the game,just play and have fun,use your right all the time thats your best weapon,always attack the basket thats your God given gift,play the middle and ask Patterson to be your PNR buddy for the moment, that will create a lot of opportunities,shoot when you needed to shoot dont think about the outcomes,take the ball most of the time,own it, but share it at the right time and moments.Be a vocal leader on the court thats what you are,win games and we will all happy.

  21. Thanks for the video. I wish we could see the bad as well so we can better evaluate what went wrong. (I don't get to see the game live).
    Really happy to see JLin go 3 for 4 in the 4th w/ 2 steals. But I don't think that's an indication of JLin getting back into Linsanity form. The two breakaway layups were good, and he needs more of those, but he really needs to be more effective in pick n roll plays. That is what made him so successful during Linsanity. There was one play (~9 min in 2nd Q) where JLin sliced the defense from a pick n roll for a nice layup. He needs to do more of that in order to shoot around 50% FG, like he did in February. He is showing lots of improvement since training camp, and at this point, I think he is where he was during the month of March shooting around 40% FG. The key is reading the defense because in February, teams did not have a counter to JLin's pick n roll plays. Now they do, and JLin needs to counter that counter with successful reads. Right now, the offense is not centered on JLin, which is understandable given his poor shooting in preseason. But he's slowly getting back into form, and once he regains effectiveness in pick n rolls, Linsanity will be back.

    I'm really surprise that McHale is sticking w/ Morris and giving Patterson so many minutes despite their subpar performances. Morris is shooting 40% on the floor, 23% on threes, and Patterson is shooting 44% FG, 27% on 3s, with low rebounding numbers. I know McHale is playing to win, and he wants to play 'his' best bigs, but at this point, he needs to explore the potential of his young PFs, specifically Greg Smith. This guy has a huge upside after going 14 for 15 on the floor in preseason, and 4 for 4 in the season opener. And those are not all garbage points. Smith is showing is ability to score in the post, from pick n roll plays, and effectively getting to the line. We won't know how good he really is until he gets his opportunity, and I think the time is now.

    I think if McHale wants to experiment or develop Harden or Parsons playmaking abilities, then he's not optimizing player skills to win. If team improvement is more important than winning at this point, then he's got to give some minutes to the rookies to develop their skills. Otherwise, they should be sent to the D-league now rather than waste their time on the bench.

  22. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Jlin was calling for the guy down low to set screen for him and he waved at him he's staying there. And also he have to at guys to set one for him. Could it be the coach is not inputting screens and pnr for Lin? It's very hard to watch the games were he's not use were he's good at as the floor general and attack the basket and draws denfense. As a regular guy like me could see that . I'm wondering what is going thru Lins mind now as on he just show them at the 4th quarter what he could do. Let's see if the coach open up the play book for Lin with the piston.

  23. OMG.... with 2:21 left in the 4th qtr, Lin got them within 2 points!

    I didn't watch the 4th period, so I had no idea. In this game though, JLin had the worst +/- rating for a change; followed closely by Morris. What a bummer. BUT, I think it's at least partly due to them marginalizing JLin's role since Harden became a Rocket.

    I've noticed that in many winning games by teams, the bench plays a crucial role; and more often than you think, the bench plays better than starters, which helps tremendously because, in sports, it's hard to be consistent all the time.

    However, in the first two Rockets' games, they won even though the bench was bad, because they were lucky that Harden wasn't double or triple teamed (Lakers lost when their bench wasn't good, because the starters either played merely good or played badly themselves).

    Ever since Harden joined the Rockets, they didn't play very well *overall* - even in the 2 winning games, although everyone got high from that. It's not Harden's fault. It's definitely the FAULT of the COACHING staff. D'Antoni's Linsanity (prior to Carmelo's re-entry) lasted a lot more than 2 games - despite the double-triple teams - because the coach and players made adjustments.

  24. I wonder if Harden is still "finally a guard that McHale actually likes".

    1. btw, I like Harden (or have nothing against him)... my sarcastic remark was more aimed at how that comment (whether McHale actually said it) was supposed to show how Harden was a somebody and Lin was a nobody... It'd be cool if both of them could turn out to be a somebody.

  25. Smart coaching is all it will take to win games in the NBA. Just look at the Lakers, they have enough talents on their team to beat anybody in the NBA, but why they keep on losing? Smart coaches don't keep on running the same failed play over and over again knowing it will not succeed. You can't be experimenting right now. Season has started. Every game is a must win game. You just make sure all your players play hard and play with their strength. Let's say McHale has good intention trying to teach JLin to correct his flaw, mainly "turn-over", then do it during practice. JLin's a tough, play hard, at the get-go type of player. If you slow him down and make him think too much, the game will become slow and there will be no flow in the offense. If McHale's idea of teaching is to have JLIN just push the ball to the mid court and dump it off then run to the corner, then it's time for Mchale to wake up. Even a blind man can see better that's not JLin's strength. Why can't you? Of course JLin is not playing well right now because McHale's system has failed him.

    1. Yep. They have to go into every game with a must win mentality. Just look at the last season with several teams trying to make the playoffs - or jostling for standings - down to the wire.

      BTW, while Jackson is a vast improvement over Brown, I think the Lakers will be fighting for a playoff spot this season.

      I feel that in practice (not on paper or team salary), the Rockets are better than the Lakers - BUT for the coaching. I'm having a serious doubt about McHail as a head coach, as well as his lack of confidence in JLin from the very beginning; he must not undermine a prominent starter - or, if the management is high on McHail, they need to trade JLin to a team (not just the owner) that really wants him as a player.

      I think Mavs were more high on JLin, but they are waiting for next season to make their move on a veteran superstar. They have actually lucked out on losing Deron because he is truly overrated, in my opinion.

    2. I think Lin would have been a much better PG for the Mavs than Darren Collison who is really a bench level talent. Another missed opportunity.

    3. Guffaw.

      I'm tougher on Lin than y'all!

      Let Lin learn from McHale how to play out of the corner. If Lin's so great, he'll make it work!

      By the way, I don't know why people are so bent out of shape with Lin playing off the ball. Doesn't anybody other than little ol' me realize that McHale has Lin playing the SAME ROLE he had at HARVARD??

  26. No McHale tonite !

    Lets see what happens.

    1. Wow. What a coincidence. I guess a lot of people got what they want, just not in a way they'd expect. Interim leave of absence vs firing.

    2. Jeremy Lin, "COACH KILLA!!!"

      Sheesh, that's like the 7th head coach Lin has knocked out!

      I LIKE Kevin McHale as a coach. But if he's relieved, I'm relieved that Jeremy Lin got to learn from him even for a short time.

      I've been saying that I think Jeremy Lin is better this year than last year. A small part of credit goes to his coach McHale for teaching Lin to play an improved weak side game!

    3. I disagree.

      McHail is definitely not sold on JLin.

    4. Doesn't matter if Mchale is "sold" or not.

      Lin needs to raise his game by being a complete guard. McHale recognizes that and is working hard to get Lin there.

      McHale's strategy of letting a confidence shaken Lin gradually gain his confidence back by camping Lin off the ball is WORKING. Lin is starting to scratch and claw his way into the spotlight. But Lin has to EARN IT.

      As far as McHale letting Harden build strong brick houses on NBA courts, I'm fine with him doing that while Lin regains his mojo. Once Lin fully finds himself, Lin can walk over to Harden and take some of those possessions for himself!

  27. This comment has been removed by the author.

  28. okay, This game was decided by turnovers (20), and bricking too many 3's. Let's look at the other stat lines: FT 14-15, 17 assists, 5 steals. I'm not mentioning the rebounding because Asik is doing a fine job of holding the rebounds up. And i'm not gonna talk about 3's because i view 3's as a necessary evil that i don't endorse. Going by what they're capable of doing so far, the stats should read FT: 20-25 attempts, 20-25 assists, 10-15 steals a game. Low FT means team and Lin are not taking it to the basket enough. 17 asst is low, still not bad. the ball is moving around, but mostly stagnant passing to perimeter guys for the unmade treys. 5 steals, way too low. Dfense is playing lax, not on the same page. guys are not converging on the ball for the initial dfense and then takeaway. For this team, steals should always be high, which feeds their running and uptempo offense. It all starts with d-fense for this team. That's why when Harden came over, i was excited for the D. Dfense wins championships. Despite giving up alot, despite Harden shooting alot, this team will still be in alot of close games due to the Dfense and rebounding of Asik. People are critical of Asik, but he's doing an excellent job of rebounding and contributing to the D. The Rox did not bring him over for offense guys, and I am fine with that. However, His numbers I think are pretty close to Tyson Chandler's so far. This team has the all the elements to fulfill the stat sheets and be very good. But they aren't doing it night in and night out. Why? Still early but i do blame the coach. A part of coaching has to do with knowing your personnel. His personnel screams pnr all day long, slashing and dishing, pick and pop, quick passing, not overdribbling and taking 3's. Go with your bread and butter. Why do you want to spread your butter thin by going away from your strength? Honestly, Lin doesn't have the best handle, and Harden is not a good one on one player. So why have them overdribble with zero result? The key to an offense is also tiring out the dfense by constant motion and movement. Keeps the D guessing, deflates their spirit when they can't stop you, and the opponent can't play offense cuz theyre too tired. Come on, Rox have young guys, fresh legs. Why not do this? I do wonder about Mchale's coaching abilities. He wasntsfree flowing but structure at the same time. Can't have both, not yet. That is why i think he runs his star players to the ground. He gives the star player the keys, but doesn't provide the necessary system or roadmap for him to drive the car. When the player can't drive the car then he clamps down on them. By that time, it's too late. This is evidenced by Lowry, Dragic, and now Harden, and even Lin ( i doubt it).

    Anyways, there's still hope because of the defense and the players make their FT. They are close games and did not get blown out. Without Asik, it will be even worse. Trust me.

    1. wow, i didn't know mchale got interim leave of absence? Is that right?

    2. yeah, I just read it on

      "The Rockets will be without coach Kevin McHale starting tonight against the Pistons.

      An unspecified personal matter caused him to take a leave of absence, and there is no set date for his return."

    3. also "Assistant Kelvin Sampson will take on head coaching responsibilities during McHale’s absence."

      This does not look good, or does it?

  29. Jlin can't shoot the ball, he knows that, and that's why he is hesitating.