Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rockets @ Hawks Preview

The Rockets come in again as underdogs on opening night in Atlanta. The Hawks are undersized but very quick, athletic, and can light it up from behind the arc. If Patrick Patterson (likely to start) and Greg Smith can help contain the athleticism of Josh Smith and Al Horford, I like our chances. The other key will be containing the three point shooting of their perimeter players, Kyle Korver, Lou Williams, Jeff Teague, Anthony Morrow, and Devin Harris.

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  1. Rockets can win this game if they:

    1) Keep Josh Smith off the boards
    2) Deny Al Horford inside position
    3) Don't let Korver/Morrow get their feet set for shots
    4) Don't let Harris/Teague/Williams penetrate, especially if Lin gets rubbed off on picks.
    5) Don't stand around watching James Harden
    6) Lin needs to not hang his head if shots don't drop
    7) Minimize the time Lin and Harden are both off the court
    8) Make the extra pass back out to the perimeter since Atlanta will likely jam Houston's cutting big men
    9) Don't be afraid to attack Horford and Smith inside.
    10) Lin needs to not play at too fast a pace.

    1. The Rockets could beat most teams if they keyed in on those instructions haha. Hopefully we can see more of Lin's confidence in his jumpshot and floater this game, especially with Smith and Horford patrolling the paint!

    2. I don't really know anything about Atlanta but I trust KHuang is an expert and if they follow those instructions they will do well. Its going to be incredibly tough to beat Atlanta because of their big players and quick guards if they can manage to beat Atlanta they will truly be a playoff contending team.

  2. Still the best fan site where we can be positive about our boy's progress without trolls coming in to spill hate.

    Even if they do, khuang and company will put them in their place quickly.

    Can't wait do the hawks game to start. But I feel this one may not be as easy.

    Lin for the winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnm..... Woohoo

  3. If the bench play improves then Rockets by 4

    If the bench plays like last the first game, Hawks by 7

    1. *If the bench plays like the first game, Hawks by 7

    2. Think you are spot on. Scary thing is I don't see how the bench can suddenly improve over the past 2 days.

      Upside is TD probably will not play worse than during pistons game...I might be wrong though

    3. should have waived Machado or TD instead of Livingston. Watching TD is painful, i like the guy but he really suck. Is it still possible to sign a player? Michael Redd, Gilbert Arenas or even Derek Fisher will do. LOL

    4. Can't we just sign up Livingston again?

    5. Can Bo McCalebb be bought out of his overseas contract.

      Actually, maybe that wouldn't be such a good thing. Bo is good enough to challenge Jeremy Lin for the starting PG position!

    6. Rockets need to use Cole Aldrich, having a low post scoring big man off the bench can beat the other teams bench. Plus it covers up for Tony Douglas' weakness in playmaking by turning it into an inside outside game, instead of pick and roll which he's bad at.

    7. @nephelauxetic

      What about your #1 team, Spurs, last night (;~O)! The last 5 points by them within 30 seconds: Parker shooting 3 to tie and then 2 after stealing to win at the buzzer!

      Well, savor it while you can, as that would never happen against the Rockets, as long as JLin is on the court down the stretch.

    8. Guys! Stop drinking beer this early.... and pour cold water on yourselves!

      It was just one game. Douggie won his spot over the others. If anything, they should have kept Livingston in lieu of Machado for the 3rd spot. And then let Livingston play on days when Douglas is cold - like the other day.

      Douglas will fine today - you'll see!

      I'm guessing that the Rockets will win by 12, based on Douggie playing solid, and based on them cutting down easy misses against the better team.

  4. A little late but still worth reading - Lin and Harden plotr revenge on NBA :)

    1. Im very excited to see the HardLin combo play. They will be the talk of the NBA. Im worried about the Rockets bench though. TD is a streaky shooter what he has unfortunately proven during Pistons game. His PG play has not really improved. A lot of people are still saying that he should rather be SG than PG. I like TD but...

      The bench is forcing the HardLin combo to play more than necessary. Harden played 44 minutes during Pistons game - if McHale lets Harden play that much during every game he will sooner or later run Harden into the ground.

    2. I hope the rabid media BASH both players for every mistake they make and I even want them to criticize them for no reason at all. Those criticisms will just be FUEL for both players. I want Stephen A. Smith to take his HATE towards Lin to the next level.

      Their chemistry was so good after the first game together. They may not be the best individually but their synergy will be the BEST after this season is over.

    3. Well, the rabid media is already bashing Lin.

      I have my Flamewatch going. The Bash-o-Meter is currently set at ONE due to USA today's bashing of Lin over last game.

      The American media loves to Linflame their viewers by bashing Asian American men. Let's see what further hate articles they come up with.

  5. In the previous game, there were too much divisive comments such as "Harden is stealing the show from Jeremy" , "I'm not happy that Lin is reduced to a role player such as Mike Miller", and other comments that want Lin to be the alpha or the one with the best stats. Those comments were just TOO DIVISIVE and TOO SHALLOW in my opinion.

    In a team, every player is important to the success; they will have their moments. There were a couple people that was not happy because there was no "Jeremy LIn Show".

    Let me tell those people that this is the HOUSTON ROCKETS TEAM not the Jeremy lin Rockets, not the James Harden Rockets or any single player's Rockets. They are a team for goodness sakes.

    They wouldn't win without the contributions of Harden , Lin, Parsons, Delfino, Asik and others. Clearly, Harden was the player at that game. Some games, Jeremy will shine more than Harden; some nights other players will shine more than both Harden and Lin.

    Harden and Lin aren't individuals in different teams. They are both in the same team which means they must work together for the benefit of the team. It just so happens that Harden was out of his mind last night. Jeremy has no intention in competing aimlessly with Harden because they are teammates.

    I really hope there would be less of those JEALOUS and DIVISIVE comments. I know only few people said those kind of remarks. It makes us Lin fans look immature and petty because we want Lin to have his numbers instead of being happy for the WIN.

    Let me be the one to tell the people here that if you are expecting insane LINSANITY numbers then you are setting yourself up for Disappointment. Jeremy Lin will produce enough for his team to WIN. That is all that matters.

    1. I actually disagree with you a bit, neph.

      It would be interesting to see what would happen if James Harden went down due to injury. My firm opinion is that the Rockets would continue to win because of Jeremy Lin.

      Now if Lin goes down, I couldn't see Harden being able to carry the team the way Lin does. Maybe and hopefully he can, but I'll reserve judgment until it actually happens.

      Linsanity numbers? Ok Lin is not scoring 20 ppg (yet), but he's always at the top of the NBA in some category. It was steals this preseason, and for one game it was +\- for a three man trio. IT'S STILL LINSANITY when Lin is so good that he's continuing to lead the NBA in categories just like he did in Golden State and NY and Rockets preseason.

      This is a Jeremy Lin fansite. People are SUPPOSED to have Lin as their favorite player here. If it's "jealous" or "divisive", TOO BAD. Nobody controls anybody else's thinking here.

    2. First of all, I never commented on whether Harden can handle tougher defense.

      My point was comments such as those above are petty and divisive. What is their motivation for saying "Harden is stealing the show"? What show? the Jeremy Lin show? This is a team game wherein no one player can win the game for his team alone. Everybody is important.

      The Rockets crushed the Pistons in the 4th and these people are worried about "why is Lin not the headline"?
      Don't they know that Jeremy does not like the attention? They want Jeremy to be the center of attention. Those were exactly what Carmelo, Deron and others want. Jeremy Lin is not insecure of Harden. He doesn't need to compete with Harden. He plays with him not against him.
      They are supposed to help each other be better as they did.

      I actually think Lin played terrific since he controlled the tempo. Both players contributed a lot for the win and these people are worried about who's show it is?

      What I said was Insane Linsanity numbers: 25ppg shoot over 55%. Those kind of numbers.

      I can confidently say that Lin will not average 20+ ppg this season. But that is not the end of the world. This is not about who gets talk about in sportcenter or in any television shows. This is not a popularity contest.

      The point here is not about who the best player is. The issue here is that why are some fans disappointed that Jeremy was outshined by Harden but still win convincingly at the end. So only Lin deserves to have this attention? That is my issue with those people. By the way, this is a Jeremy lin fansite where we appreciate Lin's skills. can't these people realize that Harden and Lin made each other play better? Can't they realize that Harden's explosion will actually help Lin?
      Why are they so insecure of Harden possibly being the alpha?

      What happens in the future if Lin teams up with the likes of Durant. Nightly, you can expect Durant "stealing the show" from Lin. Is that a bad thing? NO
      Do these people still want Lin to be the center of attention and have the best stats?

      That is my point. Will I cry about Lin not being the alpha when he plays with Durant or others? No, I will appreciate that Lin can play better with Durant or others which may lead to a successful basketball team.

    3. @ nephelauxetic

      uh oh. prepare your anus

    4. They want Lin to be the Durant of the Houston Rockets.

      It may be that they are thinking in terms of popularity.

      On the other hand, it may be that they aren't so much focused on popularity, but that they simply enjoy watching players being the main play-maker. They wish to JLin to be the Durant of the Rockets because they enjoy watching JLin playing that role.

    5. Khuang is right. When Lin was out of 3rd quarter the pistons had a double digit lead with harden playing all 3rd quarter. Lin is the DIFFERENCE MAKER and the REASON the Rockets win.

      People are downplaying Lin eventhough he is NOT at 100% and if Lin was to play in that 3rd quarter he would have easily had a double double.

      The reason Lin fans want Lin to do good in his stats is because we don't want to give anything for the LIN haters to use as excuse to downplay Lin. We know what he's capable of and what he has continually been doing. But if he has just an okay game, you see all the articles calling him a fraud.

      Harden has an 80 million contract compare to lins 25 million. Harden is suppose to play like an all-star. Harden had one great game against the pistons but we all know he wont be putting up numbers like that consistently. As far as who's team this is and who is the face of the franchise. Its Jeremy Lin hands down. If Harden goes down with an injury Lin will still to produce wins in vice versa, Harden would be another Kevin martin with a little more defense without Lin.

    6. achondraplasiaphobia, I'm not THAT good!

      neph, you're just gonna have to get used to people saying Lin is the center of their universe on a website that makes Lin the center of its universe.

      Or in simpler and clearer terms, QUIT YER BELLYACHING.

    7. Neph makes good points. The synergy between Harden and Lin may make both of them play better than alone -- that's what we should look and wish for. However, since this is a Lin fan site, I care less whatever comments are made in support of Lin; I learned not to respond to what I consider ridiculous comments. Many sports writers did recognize and value Lin's contributions.

      Achon, :) funny. But I doubt posters will be mean since he makes good points. Keep on posting Neph since I enjoy your posts.

    8. eb5attorney, I think YOU are ridiculous for wasting your time here reading "ridiculous" posts.

      Seriously, why do you bother reading this site if uou can't stand what's written here? There are a gazillion other websites where people agree with you that Lin isn't some sort of great player. You've been whining like a spanked little tyke about people for months, and I'm now sick of YOU too.

      Unlike you and neph, I don't get my panties shook up if I read guys gushing in Lin praise on a Lin praise website.

    9. Oh yeah.

      We're all HARDLINERS here.

    10. Khuang, you are wasting your time responding to my post. I just said it's ok if people gushing about Lin. Read before you write your "ridiculous" post. Got that boy?

    11. @ eb5attorney

      I agree with neph, too.

      I was just giving him good advice. :D

    12. I think it would be a good idea to have a feature (if any) if each user could block particular posters so their posts would not show up on their screen. Question for Admin: Is there such feature available or possible?

    13. achon, I know what you meant. I just liked the way you gave him your advice. :) Funny and very true what you said. Every time you post something reasonable, you have to be ready for anus attack. I guess that's what makes it fun. I also enjoy your posts.

    14. To clarify, I meant that participating in this blog is fun, not the anus attacks. :)

    15. Lin helping his team win is a good thing and should be appreciated. @Damon houston makes a good point though. Media/sports writer do not necessarily care much about contributing to wins through defense and being a good teammate. They care more about putting up Linsanity numbers and stealing the show away from Harden. JLin doing so is one way of defending his credibility with the media. You may say credibility with media is overrated. However, it's also reasonable for fans to wish that someone they appreciate as their favorite basketball player to be respected by the media. One way of gaining respect from the media, and also to defend from their trashing, is to gain credibility by putting up Linsanity numbers and stealing the show away from Harden. Thus, it's not that fans are necessarily motivated by petty or divisive intentions.

    16. I am wishing for one "Linsane" like game from Lin; hope it will come soon, just to give more excitement like what Harden did on his first game. However, as long as he plays solid and Rockets win, that's more important.

    17. AAA for Anus Attack Association. :)

    18. i agree with you neph. And lets be honest here. even if Jeremy played great for the rockets without Harden they will still be a lottery team. With just harden and no lin same situation lottery team.I want Lin to get to the play-offs because that's where the big boys give their all.If lin played well during the play-off those haters will shut up. I don't want him to be a great player in a lottery team i want him to be a great player in a good team. And based on what i saw harden and Lin got a good future together. If they make the play-off with this current roster what do you think will happen if they get another star? I'm talking about a big three that can compete with the LA and Heat. I mean just last week fans are talking about 2-3 years of rebuilding, now they're contenders. Couldn't be more happy.

    19. eb5, we're working on improving the comment interface. Thanks for your patience.

    20. Good point romz. Win-win situation.

    21. Those fans who wish to the best for JLin's reputation may be encouraged by romz's comments. Although it may seem like the media will have more avenues to attack JLin's basketball profile now that Harden is overshadowing JLin by putting up bigger numbers, in the long run, participation in the playoffs will make raise JLin's profile in a way which is not possible on a lottery team. I've always felt that in the long run, JLin being a major contributor on a winning team will do more for JLin in terms of credibility. I personally can appreciate JLin's contribution in the form of team D and facilitating offense, but I also see where other fans are coming from who enjoy seeing more of the clutch time offensive machine version of JLin.

    22. Block guys like me out of your own mind, eb5attorney.

      Then again, this site would lose a lot of appeal for you. You're here to flame people just as much as you are to enjoy Lin.

      And if you feel that your anus is being reamed every time you flame people and get fired back on, then I suggest you take that as an opportunity to CLEAN UP YOUR ACT.

    23. All I said was when someone other than Jeremy becomes the best player for the GAME, we as Lin fans, shouldn't whine through comments such as "Why is that guy stealing the show from Jeremy Lin" , "Why is Lin not the alpha male for the night" and others. So, what if one time, Parsons have a triple double , will these people cry and whine? Shouldn't we be happy because Lin is getting help for the benefit of the whole team?

      There will be times where Jeremy is not the best player of the game. We should just appreciate Lin rather than giving jealous statements such as those above.

      I didn't even say anything about who the best player will be. For me, I don't really care. Lin will still be Lin regardless of his role. He will still produce in his capabilities. I personally think he had a big impact in the game because both their presence opened lanes for both players. They played well together and made each other better PERIOD.....

      By the way, there is nothing wrong with giving praise to Lin. Statements such as "Why is Harden stealing the show" are not appreciating Lin's game at all. Lin's game is about making others better. So, if Harden thrives with Lin on the floor, we as fans should appreciate Harden playing so well as a result of playing with Lin.
      It is that simple. I have no problem with fans being a die hard Lin fans but at least don't force Lin to be Melo or Deron that wants to be the "Center of the Universe" every time. Lin is not like that.

    24. I don't see how defending JLin on a JLin website is ridiculous.

      The fact that fans are doing it is not ridiculous. The content of the posts are not ridiculous. In fact, many are quite well researched and shows a high level of basketball insight. Is it the style of response that makes the comments ridiculous?

    25. neph, I agree that Lin does not wish to be the Melo type player. (Whether he can be is another thing!) Again, maybe those fans who are disappointed so far may be worried about his credibility being attacked for the lack of stats. Reputation is an important thing for some fans, and I wouldn't say worrying about reputation is unreasonable. For some fans cheering for JLin also includes defending his reputation.

      For those who are disappointed with the lack of Linsanity numbers, try to see the new kind of excitement in the dyamic duo that is beardsanity!

    26. To eb5attorney, neph, and ach, defending Lin on a Lin website IS ridiculous.

      For months, those three have been trying to tell us Lin fans what to think. They get all offended when guys like me say "YOU DON'T ORDER PEOPLE AROUND HERE".

      This is not about Lin. This is about CONTROLLING OTHERS.

    27. eb5attorney, neph, and ach are not JLin's fans. they are subtly saying

    28. I want to see Lin do well.

      But I won't make excuses when he doesn't play well, unlike many on here who try to put blame everyone else.

      And I've watched enough basketball over the years to know when a homer is making outlandish claims about Lin, like he's this superathletic player the likes of which the world has never seen, greater than Jordan lol.

      I defend Lin when it comes to racist attacks against him (like players suddenly disparaging another player's contract). But when he makes poor plays, I can't defend him from those. When he plays well, I praise him and enjoy it, and it is awesome.

    29. I don't try to control posts that are basketball-related; I actually enjoy them. However, posts such as those mentioned before are flat out jealous and divisive.

      By the way, saying statements such as "Why is Harden stealing the show" are not defending Lin. How in the world did that statement defend Lin in ANY way? You defend Lin by countering with arguments. Comments I've mentioned are merely whining, crying and complaining.

      This is how to Defend Lin:

      "Lin is a poor defender"

      - No, his stats prove otherwise

    30. neph, your effort to be the speech and police arm of this website is not going to work.

      heed my advice.

    31. @livyrlife

      We are divisive says the guy who want divide Jlin fans and not-Jlin fans. You are the one being divisive. I'm actually suggesting to some people that they should stop dividing Lin and Harden. You are subtly divisive

      Ohh! I'm not a JLin fan based on what? I gave him credit for his BIG IMPACT in the previous game. I've also said I expect all-star productions from him when healthy.

      I'll be the first one to admit that I'm not an obsessed fan /blind fan / fanboy / homer. I'm not his cheerleader. I'm a big LIN fan and sometimes a BIG LIN Critic when he does not produce. That is how I am. I wouldn't waste my time on a Jeremy Lin fansite if I'm not a fan of Lin. I follow him because he's good. Let us just call it Tough love.

    32. Anyways, I'll stop here for the sake of other readers.

  6. Is there a way to listen to the game on the internet free?

    1. Why listen when you can watch. Firstrowsports.EU

    2. is pretty good, but you may develop bad eyes from watching them too much. I myself watch on League Pass which has a better quality. If it wasn't for Lin, I would not have subscribed to League Pass.

    3. League pass is free from now till 11/6. All you have to do is register for a NBA account. You don't have to supply your credit card information. If you have an Xbox, download the free NBA Game Time app and watch it on the tv in HD.

    4. SportsTalk 790 in Houston is their official Rox broadcast station. You can listen for free on iheart radio.

    5. Thanks a lot!! I don't have to watch crappy streaming online anymore. I may just get the broadband leaguepass to watch Rocket games now for $120 because its pretty nice in HD and I can tell who Lin is on the court finally.

  7. Don't know about you all, but I'm excited to watch the game. Why do you all waste so much energy correcting each other's comments? This is JLin's fansite, we all should respect each other's opinion about JLin's game and not get worked up with all the negativity. JLin's a phenomenal b ball player period. Either you like him or you don't like him. I read all of your posts and comments on this site, and I learn a lot about basketball doing it, and for that I thank you all. Yeah, some of the posts or comments are just hilarious to me, but I'm not going to be hateful and irritable and be all defensive. I really like this fansite because it keeps me engage in basketball during off season. JLinfan#1 is doing a fantastic job with this site. Thanks man!

    1. For MONTHS, I've been saying exactly what you said but have been getting flamed for it.

      On the other hand, people have a right to dislike what I or anybody else write. Nobody can stop peoole from disliking anyone else here.

      I'm good with this place just as it is. I don't find anybody or their comments "ridiculous" the wat eb5attorney does.

    2. KHuang is a bully who likes to cut down anyone's posts which gives constructive criticisms of Lin's game.

    3. @ iHoopsAlot

      "correcting each others' comments" Lol when you put it that way, it does seem like "wasting(ing) so much energy"!

      I think the majority of the time there is genuine interest in the discussion rather than for the sake of nitpicking at each other's comments.

      There are certainly interesting personalities which I find enjoyable as well, but I do agree that the negativity can be a put off sometimes. However, there are also strong personalities here and negativity seem an inevitable part of the that when they clash!

    4. eb5 is a sneak attack specialist who flames people with seemingly innocuous comments and then whines like a pansy when people retaliate.

      Here, he doesn't EVER get away with those sneak attacks. Calling people here "ridiculous" the way he does invites a lot of trouble on himself.

      He calls me a "bully". YES I AM, when it comes to defending not so much Lin but the intelligence of people on this site!

  8. KHuang, let's not be petty and be civil to each other. We are all Lin's fans here (although the level of fanaticism varies), so I am all for making this forum a good place for all Lin's fans.

    1. Many people know you and I hate each other, so the least we can do is be civil and not ruin this site for others. I am all for it. "Sneak attack" vs. "Anus attack". Ha, ha.

    2. Absolutely correct, eb5attorney.

      I will happily comply with your gracious request.

      I have written repeatedly here that I am your FAN. I like what you post when it comes to straight basketball. I actually agree with you more than I disagree, same with neph and ach.

      My goal here is not to fight you or anyone. I have great respect for everyone here, you included.

    3. For the sake of this argument, OK we "hate each other".

      I'm still YOUR FAN. You're a smart guy who knows his basketball.

    4. OK, we have concluded our truce before we both get kicked off this forum. That having said, I have a bad feeling Rockets will lose this game against ATL. ATL is definitely one significant level above Pistons.

    5. Besides it's not like there is a better Lin forum for us to go and share our comments. :)

    6. I disagree with you again, eb5attorney. RAH!!!!

      I think the Rockets have an EXCELLENT chance of winning this game.

      The Hardliner backcourt cannot be stopped by Atlanta. The only guy on Atlanta that scares me is Horford, but the Rockets have size and bodies in the frontcourt to throw at him.

      I don't like to predict wins or losses in the NBA, but I think that the Hardliners have a good chance of beating the Birds.

    7. If ATL has a similar team they had last year, they are going to be tough to beat. They were a tough, physical team like Memphis but could shoot also. We will see, but note even though I think Rockets will lose, I am "hoping" they will win.

    8. The Hawks have an older veteran front court who will probably "school" the Rockets' big men. But Rockets have youth and energy, and that can go a long way to counter their inexperience. However it will require good coaching and a bench that steps up bigtime. Don't let the Hawks outside shooters get hot, and double team the inside whenever possible. And on offense, run and attack the basket.

    9. Double team Horford, but not Smith or other ATL player.

      Make Korver and Morrow dribble. Let Williams and Teague fire all they want from outside.

      Push Josh Smith out of the paint. Don't let him pogo stick around the rim. Body him up and make him play a skills game instead of letting him be a human trampoline!

  9. What nephelauxetic wants is not unreasonable. It is possible to root for Jeremy Lin without tearing down James Harden and particularly without making totally unfounded attacks on Harden's character (i.e. the people who are already comparing him to Melo) and game. It is possible to talk about the greatness of Lin and the very goodness of Harden simultaneously.

    Incidentally, if the media or if McHale favor Harden over Lin, that's not Harden's fault. Harden is getting paid way more than Lin? Largely because Harden got the major college scholarship that Lin didn't get, which led to Harden being the high draft pick that Lin wasn't. Again, not Harden's fault. But if the Rockets weren't paying Harden $80 million, some other team would. The difference is that had Harden gone to another team, his talents would be helping other teams play against Lin. Instead, Harden's talents are helping Lin win games. That is a good thing, not a bad one. Harden makes the Rockets a better team, period. The idea that it would be better for Lin to be on a worse team so that no one else would get more headlines, fan support or a higher salary than Lin makes no sense. So does the idea that it is possible for the Rockets to be a good team with Lin being their only good player.

    Take the game against the Pistons, a bad team. Yes, the Rockets wilted when Lin wasn't on the floor and Harden was, proving that Lin is more important to the team and better than Harden. So what? Without Harden's 37 points, 12 assists, 6 rebounds, 4 steals and 44 minutes, the Rockets lose. Lin scores a lot more points and has a lot more assists, but where does the other offense come from? And if the Rockets can't beat Detroit, who can they beat?

    Right now, the "problem" is that USA Today, Bleacher Report and what have you are erroneously giving Harden more credit for the Detroit win than they are Lin. Granted, that is a problem, but had the Rockets LOST, the headline would have been how Lin was unable to lead the Rockets to a win over the lousy Pistons. That's the reality. If you think that Lin is going to earn praise and respect from putting up big numbers for a team that loses 2/3rds of their games ... that isn't going to happen.

    Now look, Harden isn't going to go off every night. Instead, they are going to alternate. Harden is going to have his 30 point nights. Lin is going to have his 30 point nights. But the fact that they are winning is going to make their 30 point nights meaningful. Lin's having 30 point nights on a losing team by himself would be ignored at best. Lin's having 30 point nights on a team that wins ... that is going to get noticed. One night Harden will get 30, Lin will get 20, the team will win, and Harden and Lin get noticed. Another night Lin will get 30, Harden will get 20, and Lin and Harden will get noticed. That is how it is on every good team.

  10. For 1+ year that I've been lurking here, I think I posted once. Anyways, since we're on the topic of criticism, I just want to see how many of you guys are full positive supporters of having your future kids play a sport and really encourage them to go far with it no matter what.

    What I love about KHuang is that he's very encouraging and always manage to say something support Asian and Asian Americans in sports. If more asian parents are like him, we'd have more Jeremy Lins. My parents were born in the 1940s and are completely opposed to sports because they see life not as something to balance out on, but rather something for us to specialize in...hence all the doctors, lawyers, and engineers..HAHAHAHA. (The farthest I got was high school varsity and then they took me out of the team so I'd have more time for schooling....which of course was bs)

    so my question is....would you guys try to get your kids ( or future kids ) to go far in a particular sport?

    1. I would encourage anybody of any age to go as far as they could in ANYTHING they tried, Ricky T.

      The worst thing that happens to people that try is that they run into limitations. Strong people like you and Lin simply pick themselves up and move on in life.

      The crazy thing was that for me, I should've spent more time on sports and less on academics. I spent all my time on academics to the point I was burned out before high school was finished! Today my income comes from those "nonacademic" sources that my parents worked so hard to discourage. But asking me to become a doctor or lawyer was like asking puny little me to beat Jeremy Lin in one-on-one!

      People should try life out. There's no other way to find out what you do and what you can't!

    2. Haha, I'd get my future kids to go far in sports and I guess the flip side would be academics! Perhaps sports as a career in itself (actually that would be fantastic), but knowing that few are able to make it a career, I appreciate participating in sports as a means of building life skills. Sometimes going far is a matter of talent as well. I'd certainly give the kid a shot at it to discover if the talent is there.

    3. Yeah, I would encourage my kid to go into sports just because I believe in "healthy body, healthy mind", but if a kid is really talented, there is no reason to "push" your kids into sports or academics. Perhaps you can persuade them to try it once, but that's all you can do. My parents never pushed me to study, and I got relatively bad grades (B minus average) from HS, college and law school, but yet I am somewhat "successful" attorney. Was somewhat good in HS tennis and soccer (played basketball recreationally) but not "talented" enough to go to college level. Now, just trying to lose belly fat by walking (not running) hard. So, my tendency is never to push my kid too hard. Also, I read somewhere that the key ingredient to success is surrounding your kids with books and encouraging them to read, not do well in school. I tend to agree because even though I received not so good grades, I read a lot.

    4. Speaking of reading, I developed a bad habit from having to study too much due to overwhelming parental academic demands.

      I have a bad case of READING ADDICTION. Anybody who follows this site can see in me a "textbook" example (pun intended).

      I was forced to read so much as a kid that I now actually have to TEAR MYSELF away from books and study materials to do basic necessities of life like cooking and cleaning. I am so addicted to reading that it ruined my schoolwork because I'd overscrutinize my lessons and start seeing things that the teachers didn't want me to see!

      Today I work in a sports field. My childhood overemphasis on academics hurts my sports, not the other way around!

    5. I think what our parents didn't see was that even if going into sports didn't pan out, it give numerous benefits like being athletic, confidence, increase social skills, team skills....etc. If someone did make it into college, then great, if not, no big deal. At least they reap the benefits.

      I think the culture between Asian parents and western parents and their views on sports is what set their opinions apart. My family are from Shanghai, China, so the way how the Chinese see sports and athletics WAS very negative. They equate it to loser status with no bright future. However, I'm really happy that now a days, its changing.

      People in western countries did and still see sports and athletics in a much more positive light...hence the emphasis in it.

    6. Asian patents living in America do have something that they need to be given credit for.

      The anti Asian male bias is still VERY STRONG in American culture. It is part of America's social foundation. it also hurts the career opportunities pf Asians, not just in sports but in any field (academic too).

      Ironically, I experienced more career killing racism in academia than I did out in the jungle of entrepreneurism. Old boy networks did me in at every academic turn, just like how no NCAA division 1 school would give Jeremy Lin an athletic scholarship because he was Asian. But when I went out into the workforce by myself for myself, I suddenly didn't have to fight the old boy networks and lose anyway. That resulted in better career success because I spent my time producing as opposed to fighting!

      For guys like me that lack the aptitude to succeed as doctors or lawyers or engineers, we do the best with whatever talent we have in a hostile world (at home as well as outside). When I see Jeremy Lin succeed, I cheer him on the way I cheer MYSELF on!

    7. Playing sports definitely gives you another way to learn the competitiveness and never-die attitude. My favorite sport is actually boxing, which to me, combines the athletics and art. NBA basketball is like boxing in that there is nowhere to hide and your weakness will be exposed. Having went to HS during early 80's, I feel I know how much Lin had to endure to get to this level. I give him all the respect getting even this far. He's one tough cookie.

    8. oops.

      I forgot to write that Asian parents are subconsciously aware of the anti Asian male racism and try to shield their kids from that by encouraging them to be doctors or lawyers.

      The problem is when Asian parents have a son like me that cannot academically compete at a doctor or lawyer level. Often that causes tremendous family tension. as it did in my case.

    9. Thanks for the prompt, Ricky T.

      I played 3 sports in high school and gradated as one of five top athletes in my class. I got some letters from Division 2 coaches, asking me to visit their campus and talk with them about going to their programs. I also had good enough academic scores to get me into most UC engineering programs.

      I took the path of academics (making the parents happy), graduated with a BS and MS in Computer Engineering and got into a Ph.D program where I studied for a couple years before ultimately deciding that it wasn't for me. Since leaving the university, I have found (what I deem to be) a successful career and life for myself.

      I am very proud of what I have accomplished academically and in my burgeoning career, but I will always carry with me the question of "What if I had gone with sports".

      I have thought about it a lot and I have already made the decision that when I have children I will push them to play sports. There are just so many life lessons that I learned through sports that I would love my children to have as well. If my children are talented and determined enough to have the same choices I had when I graduated high school, I will give them my thoughts and my life experiences and urge them to go for their dreams. I will make my children realize that they are at a major crossroad in their lives and that their decision is a big one, but ultimately they will have to choose a route and when they do they should put forth their best effort and see how far they can go.

      In any case I will make sure they know that they have my full support.

    10. NICE stats bsd. You must of made your parents proud...until you dropped out of the phd program haha. No worries, I got burned out much sooner...around the 1st year of my MS program. I dragged myself, with depression/anxiety and all that, through the MS deg finish line before leaving my family for good back in 2005. I quit computer science then and traveled to the east coast for a few years.

      Funny thing was, all the lessons and athleticism I learned from high school helped me slowly gained back my sanity. In 2009, I somehow went back into comp sci and now I'm doing pretty well doing mobile development. I'm under full conviction that sports is imperative to anyone's well-being and proper up-bringing. I will definitely having my future kids be involved in sports.

      This leads me to believe that JLin's parents may not be your prototypical Asian parents ...probably because his dad loved basketball so much so their views on sports are much more different than all of our parents' views. I read somewhere that Jeremy's mom gave him a nice little timeline for doing well in the NBA...and if it doesn't pan out, then he should just go into finance somewhere.

    11. When I went to college in early 80's, I can testify that there were not many Asian-American students majoring in English Lit or Humanities area, and they were just getting into law schools, so that majoring in English Lit and going into law school in itself was against the trend. Now, so many Asian-Americans in medical and law area. Also, playing sports is a good way to release tension and gives you better focus when you do decide to study.

    12. Great question. As a parent of a 10 year old son, I am so greatful for Jeremy. I remember watching the breakout game last year against the NJ Nets and thinking to myself this changes everything. My son finally has asian american role model in the pros that he can look up to. I am so proud of Jeremy on so many levels. The way he conducts himself on and off the court and being true to himself and to his faith. He is an international basketball superstar but you also get the feeling that he is a normal guy that could be your next door neighbor. Tonight I am taking my son to AAU basketball practice. He may not make it to the pros but I am thankful for Jeremy that he has given my son that dream of maybe.

    13. Sports taught me that "it's never over until the fat lady sings" attitude which helped me hang in there during tough business times.

    14. Interesting topic of discussion, Ricky :)

      I definitely would encourage my two sons to love sports balancing them with academics. I'm a big believer in training them in the way that God gives them natural talent so they can work hard and enjoy what they do whether it's basketball, golf, baseball, or music, academics, businesses.

      For me, it is important is to have fun and enjoying the sports as a way to build fun memories as a family, even if they don't have the talent to be professionals. My wife and I are more concerned about their character development to have the work ethic to pray hard, practice hard, study hard in whatever they do. I don't mind them getting a B at school or did not win sport tournaments if they have put in the work and be brave enough to try and fail at something. I would get on their case if they get lazy or complacent not to work on their talent or chores. It's more about the character-building process than accomplishing perfection for me and my wife.

      I respect Jeremy's mom to work hard to drive him around to basketball practices and to help him pursue his NBA dream but still gave a backup plan with a college degree if things don't pan out in basketball. Her friends actually discouraged her to let her boys pursue their basketball dreams being wise it gives a bleak future as a career-choice but she focused on God-given basketball talent and encouraged them. I respect that!

    15. Thanks Ricky T, it's taken me a while to actually appreciate my accomplishments after dropping out and thus disappointing my parents. They, like many Asian parents, are glass-half-empty people when it comes to academic achievements. Like all parents they want the best for their children, but (like most parents) they don't really know what they are doing.

      I'm glad you got back on your feet. It is not what you do after a win that matters, but what you do after a loss. Yet another lesson learned through sports.

      Your comment about JLin's parents is probably correct. I'd say Jeremy is lucky to have the father that he had. Introducing him to Basketball and taking him to YMCA every night to shoot around with his brothers. My dad really likes soccer, and so I was introduced to it quite early and excelled in it once I started playing in an organized league.

      Starting early is important, but sticking with it when the other kids start getting bigger and you're still small is the most important thing.

    16. College, even top schools like the Ivy League, will always be there as an option later in life. There are 70, 80 year olds earning degrees.

      There's a half life to be a competitive athlete or anthing physical, like a dancer, though.

      If you have a chance to live the dream as an athlete, do sports first, school second. Universities admit based on 'holistic' review anyway, so being an elite athlete will help you when you eventually apply. And you can use tutors and study aids to catch up with the school stuff later, if necessary.

    17. Add: I wasn't a competitive athlete but I did do something physical after HS. I enlisted in the Army rather than earn a college degree first. My time as a soldier was the best, most productive experience of my life, and I wouldn't trade it.

      After I left the Army, I went on to earn my degree at an Ivy League school, so I know from personal experience that putting off school to do something productive with your shortlived youthful physical vigor is a viable option.

    18. Eric, it is really nice to hear it from another. I've always thought the same thing. College and education can always wait a bit, but the things that require youth to do, its a great idea to do NOW before its too late. My kids will not make the same mistakes.

    19. You're welcome. As an Asian American who also grew up in a school-first family, I agree with you completely.

      Bonus: An athletic father can bond strongly with his children through sports, sons especially, but daughters, too.

  11. I am sure there are Harden fan sites or Rockets fan sites on the Internet if you want to gush over them. I fail to see how we need to appreciate them and put down Lin here at a Lin fan site. I fail to see how it's wrong for Lin fans to wish that Lin has best stats or becomes the best player in the nba here at a Lin site.

    1. Cara, that is not what is being done. Rooting for Lin is fine. I do the same. It is the Harden attacks that isn't fine, especially when the attacks are unfounded or things that Harden has no control over. Failing to see the need to compliment Harden on a Lin site is one thing. Trashing Harden when Harden is Lin's teammate and has done nothing wrong is another. Because really this isn't about Harden. If Harden leaves, the Rockets will go out and get other good players because the Rockets want to win so then what are you going to do? Bash those players too? Accuse them of not respecting Lin because Lin is Asian too? Accuse the coach of favoring those players over Lin too? And if they don't go out and get other good players, the Rockets will stink. And you know what you will do then? Talk about how bad the Rockets are and how they need a new coach, new GM, new owners, new players, etc. and root for Lin to go someplace else.

      At some point it is going to have to be accepted that Lin is playing a team sport, and not tennis or golf. Even if Lin has the best stats or becomes the best player in the NBA, if there aren't other good players - other stars - on his team, his team is still going to stink, which means that the respect that you so badly want to come Lin's way will never come. In team sports, you get respect when you win games, especially championships. That isn't going to change, nor should it.

    2. If Lin scores 37 and gets 12 assists, I am sure all "dumb" media outlets will make a big deal of that. Many can score 37, but it's not easy to do that while getting 12 assists. Lin's goal, as he stated, should be to help the team get to playoffs. To do that, you need Harden type of players who can create and take a lot of pressure off Lin. Harden also has a lot to prove, so he will have to play a team basketball to have a chance at playoffs. Harden seems like a no non-sense type of person who will do whatever it takes to help the team. I am even rooting for Douglas to do well, so he doesn't sit on the bench. I really feel bad for this guy, because he seems like a nice dude.

    3. Cara, I of all people lnow what you're REALLY railing against - and Harden is NOT it. You like James Harden, just like all of us do here.

      Don't worry. Your issues have been sufficiently addressed already. I've already moved on, as I am satisfied.

      I've even dealt with your valid dislike of racist journalists bashing Lin by comparing him negatively to Harden and other players. That's what I have my Bash-o-Meter for, keeping count of the racist articles wrtten against Lin after every regular season game!

      The media wants you to be a crazed Asian fan who hates James Harden because the tabloids use James Harden to bash Jeremy Lin. DON'T fall for their trap!

    4. I can agree with neph's and Unknown's main point.

      Rooting for JLin to get 30pts/10asts/4stls != Bashing Harden for having the same stats

      "We can root for JLin's success without the HATE in putting down his teammate for 'stealing his thunder' " . We should expect some casual fans who don't watch a lot of basketball to be disappointed when they don't see JLin filling up the box score sheets and dominate the ESPN highlights. But we can help them learn to see that he played a big part whether through +/- stat, defensive skills, playmaking. We should root for their success together as a Houston Rockets team to bring them to the playoff. At this time, not many believe JLin and Harden can lead a bunch of inexperienced players to the playoff. And not many believe that Lin fans are knowledgeable in basketball. Lin and Harden can prove them wrong and so can we!

      KHuang made an excellent reminder not to fall in the trap of tabloids with their divide-and-conquer strategy to pit Lin fans against Harden and vice versa.

      Time to root for the Rockets, folks!
      2-0 will speak louder than any words or criticism.
      And start saying your prayers or wishes in any language that you wish :D

    5. I think Harden is the perfect guy to play next to Jeremy. He's not a black hole or chucker, he takes smart shots within the flow of the offense and also looks to make plays not just for himself but also for his teammates.

      He's basically the anti-Melo or anti-Westbrook.

    6. I always thought it would have been better for OKC to trade Westbrook and keep Harden, and then bring in someone like Lin after he gets up his level. Westbrook is one dude who is very talented offensively but he in some way is NOT all that great at making the team better. In some ways, Durant's greatness is compromised by Westbrook -- that's my opinion.

    7. My eyes see the same thing, eb5attorney. I can't count how many times I yell at the TV screen, pass the ball to Durant! He actually got better when Fisher came in mid-season last season but he still thinks he is Option 1.

      Barkley said the same thing last night about Westbrook to change his ways to defer to Durant the way Isaiah Thomas changed his ways to involve Joe Dumar more.

      If OKC has Durant, Harden and Lin, they would have multiple championship! Nothing is stopping them on offense and defense!

    8. Once Westbrook tears a knee, his career will be over...

      You know what's funny? Kmart...Kmart was wide open many times against the Spurs and Westbrook just ignored him. Kmart was afraid to say anything or do anything more than raise his hands into his shooting pocket to let Westbrook know that he was open. Westbrook just ballhogged or turned the ball over till Reggie Miller voiced disgust at Westbrook's terrible play.

      When Lin missed Kmart just 1 time in pre-season against OKC, Kmart barked at Lin despite Lin penetrating and dishing to Asik for a foul. Westbrook yesterday ballhogs and falls on the ground while looking off Kmart, who then walks over & tries to pick up Westbrook while Westbrook shrugs Kmart off and gets up on his own LOL. Karma is a B*itch Kmart. Have fun playing with Westbrook. OKC won't be winning a championship with that lack of chemistry.

    9. haha :) Westbrook and KMart deserve each other! Let them taste their own medicine.
      I just can't stand 'selfish' basketball players

    10. Me either, that's why I respect Kobe but dislike his game as well because it's also too selfish. Kobe in his prime was like a big Westbrook so he could get away with that kind of play even more. Now that he's old, it's starting to show more and more when he tries to "Westbrook" teams and falls short more often than not these days.

      Truth be told, Westbrook would kill Jlin in a game of 1 on 1. But basketball is a 5 on 5 game as Lin himself acknowledges. In a 5 on 5 game, teams play team defense and team offense. Jlin can hide his weaknesses in a team game and he understands his own abilities to max out his talent in a team setting.

      I agree Lin would be a better fit in OKC instead of Westbrook. But I bet Sam Presti doesn't agree. He might not agree even if Lin establishes himself after 2 years in Houston. People will always discount Jlin. When Jlin hoists that NBA Championship Trophy, he can laugh at these fools all the way to the bank.

    11. That is why I said that Morey did not only help his team in the Harden trade but also aided the SPURS. Even Without the Manu ginobli, the SPURS defeated the Thunder. I guarantee that Spurs will beat OKC in the 2013 WCF. BOOK IT!!!

      Who in the world will be their playmaker?

      However, it is also partially Durant's fault. If he isn't too nice to Westbrook and actually start DEMANDING for the ball instead of waiting for Westbrook to pass him the ball.

      Kobe said that Durant will be the best player if he has Westbrook's attitude and I agree. Attitude when it comes to aggressiveness to score. he lacks that killer instinct in my opinion. He should be friends with LBJ. You are supposed to DESTROY him and prove to the whole world you are better than LEBRON. I'm not saying he is but his mentality should be like that.

      and yes, Martin and Westbrook will be the best backcourt in the NBA when it comes to BRICKING.

    12. *He shouldn't be friends with LBJ

    13. Lebron James is a scorer with point ability who could control the ball end to end. James can set up his own scoring chances. Scorers like Anthony, Nowitzki, and Durant need a point to set up their shots.

    14. * who CAN control the ball end to end.

    15. "He's basically the anti-Melo"

      The difference between Harden and Anthony is that if Harden decides to dominate the ball, Harden has the point ability to take away - and keep the ball away - from the nominal PG.

      No matter how much a ball hog Anthony wants to be, he's not a point nor does he aspire to be the point. Therefore, the PG on Anthony's team is guaranteed to have the ball in his hands. Indeed, last season, Lin called his own number on plays where Anthony was asking for the ball.

      In short, Anthony lacks the ability to take the ball away from the PG, eg Lin, even if Anthony wants to. Lin's touches at PG would have been guaranteed playing with Anthony. In contrast, Harden, if he wants to, is able to take the ball away from Lin. That's not saying Harden will take the ball from Lin. But Harden can if he wants to.

    16. To want Jeremy Lin to have the best stats on the team in my opinion *misses the point*. I want Jeremy Lin to play at his highest level. And I want the Rocket's to win more than anything else.

      Jeremy has played a big role in both wins so far. I will repeat this ad nauseum: Winning games is far more impressive than good stats. And will give Jeremy Lin far more overall respect from everyone in the NBA and out of the NBA. At least anyone who knows what really matters.

      Overall I think Harden is a superior player. He's playing at MVP levels right now, easily. All that said, Jeremy Lin is still my favorite player.

  12. Rockets win by fancy analysis here, I just think we're going to witness some serious synergy today. Plus my lucky coin keeps dropping heads, Rockets win!

  13. i have a feeling chandler parsons is going to have a nice game tonight.


    Good article here on how receptive Lin was to the Harden trade. He probably knew that having Harden would be better than having Martin, although Martin is no slouch. If Harden can help Lin raise up the level of his game, no problem. After all, this 23 year old guy has 45 more playoff experience than Lin.

    1. Hilarious typo (Freudian slip?) in quoting McHale on JLin:

      "He’s a very god basketball player."

    2. Ha :) Now we know what McHale really thinks of JLin!

  15. In that Pistons game more than half of Harden's points came off of Jeremy Lin assists, or Lin breaking down the defense. Harden is not that good at manufacturing his own offense, as people are led to believe. Don't let the box score fool you, Pistons shut him down without Lin on the floor to distract them.

    1. @ABC Baller, Houston got outscored 7-12 (-5 differential) when Lin was out due to foul trouble so it's likely true that he can't carry that game by himself.

      We can also give him the benefit of the doubt that he did not have chemistry with his teammates yet because they only had 2 practices. With more practices, he'll be a better playmaker. He is not as disruptive as JLin in defense but I give him a little edge in shooting (as JLin is not 100% yet). That's why I said they are perfect complement to each other as playmakers because they leverage their strength and minimize their weaknesses.

      As to whether Harden is good at manufacturing his own offense, he's actually the best in OKC compared to Durant and Westbrook.

      In the Top 10 list of 3-player combination producing the most +/- per game during OKC 2011-2012 Regular season, Harden appeared 2 times (ranked #2 and #4) without any help from Durant or Westbrook but Durant and Westbrook always need 1 of the Big Three's help. That tells me that Harden is what makes the Big 3 tick. With time, Harden will get better.

      Morey uses this +/- stats in his advanced statistics so he knows this full well in making his decisions.

      At this point, I am not concerned who is the better playmaker but together they will increase their +/- stats to new heights and bring a lot of wins for Houston. For now, they need to stay on the floor together most of the time to produce since Harden has not developed chemistry with his teammates yet.

    2. Did Harden played better with Lin on the floor? Yes

      Did he get shut down by the Pistons without Lin on the floor? No

      First of all, it is really hard to penetrate when you are the only threat on the floor. That was the case when Lin got into foul trouble. Replace Lin with Harden, I'm pretty sure Lin would not be as efficient as when Harden is on the floor. However, that never happened.

      It is really unfair to criticize Harden despite playing out of his mind. He and Jeremy made each other better. This relationship is mutual and not one way.

      Will he continue playing this well? maybe not

      Depending on the approach of the defense, Lin or Harden maybe the primary option.

      You're being too critical of Harden. You could have done this after his bad game but not after he produced insanely.

      Why can't people just say that both Lin and Harden made each other better because they are both threats to the Pistons.

      I know we are Lin fans here and we can appreciate Lin without being so condescending towards Harden. Lin had GREAT impact even if his stats were not insane. Both players carried the team and not just one player. BOTH PLAYERS

  16. I understand where many people are coming from about Lin & Harden. Lin fans are scared that Harden will overshadow Lin because Harden may simply be a more useful/effective/efficient offensive player than Lin. But that may be the reality folks. So brace yourself.

    However, Lin can play. He will at least be Pippen or Wade even if Harden is the Lebron/Jordan. He will not regress into a scrub. So do not fret. Houston has 2 studs whose abilities shine in TEAM ball situations. It will take a season for these 2 and this team to really gel. Eventually when Harden becomes too dominant on offense after the next 10-20 games, other teams will scheme for him with 2 or even 3 guys allowing Lin to wreak his havoc style of play. Give Lin 2 months to get in game shape before you start crying.

    There is actually nothing to fear yet. Harden showed how effective he was in game 1. People are fretting already like Harden was a non-effective ballhog at Lin's expense. That was not the case. Only a non-basketball fan would actually think that. But yes, there will be a game soon where Harden kinda has the ball too much and the team loses while Lin lacks touches. That game will come and this forum will be a mess when it does.

    Remember, when the games get tough against the REAL teams, do not fret, as Lin will be forced to make plays and help lead the way when those good teams take away play #1 and play #2. Harden just smashed a weak Pistons team like Lin smashed the Wizards last year. Worry when they play the teams like Miami, Spurs, Memphis, Clippers, Boston's etc. Those are the ONLY games that matter.

    BTW, I am starting to understand the kind of kid Lin is the more I follow him. Now I know that Lin will SMASH the NYK's when they play. I wasn't sure till recently. Playing the Knicks may be how Lin gets his groove back. Houston will win BOTH games and Lin might get stats but it will be his intangibles that bring the victory. His effect in those games will be so obvious he may even get some praise by the media.

    1. Here's a REALLY GOOD comparison:

      Hardliners = the Braxton boys

      Harden/Lin = Jimmy Jackson and Jason Kidd (Kidd and Jackson had a media inspired "feud" over Braxton that broke them apart, sadly)

    2. EXACTLY!

      Just look at a top 10 player in WADE. Despite his greatness, he has to defer and play as Robin of Lebron. That is just reality that people must face. There is no shame in that. Wade did not regress into a scrub or role player. He still is a very important piece as one of the leaders.

    3. Khuang, those guys were good and a nice comparison although that Dallas team was mediocre at best due to lack of on court chemistry due to TBraxton most likely.

      Luckily the Hardliners wont have the same problem because I don't see Lin trying to get with Trina. Supposedly Harden tried to hit on Keri Hilson upsetting Serge Ibaka before they shipped the Beard out. Luckily, Lin and Harden probably don't go for the same type of women...

      neph: yes that is why I used the jordan pip/lebron wade comparisons to infer that the 2nd banana guy was still an ALL TIME player on those teams.

  17. From Basketball Reference dot com, Hawks last season:

    PTS/G: 96.6 (17th of 30) ▪ Opp PTS/G: 93.2 (6th of 30)
    Off Rtg: 104.9 (16th of 30) ▪ Def Rtg: 101.2 (6th of 30)

    Take the predictive value of the Hawks' 2011-12 offensive stats with a grain of salt because the Hawks roster has changed significantly. The team is getting used to new teammates and a new offensive style. The Hawks may be a better or worse scoring team post-Johnson. We don't know yet.

    The Hawks team defense is more interesting. Although they're incorporating new players, the Hawks should still field a quality team defense this season, albeit switching Joe Johnson at the 2 for small guards and slow-footed shooters will hurt the Hawks on defense.

    Harden will have an advantage at the 2 and I'm not worried about Lin's match-ups. He played well against all of the Hawks' current PGs last season.

    Facing a good defense after the Pistons game is a good thing for the Rockets, and moreso for Lin. A team can get away with mistakes and bad habits against a bad defense like the Pistons'. The Rockets performance against the Hawks will be more clarifying to judge the Harden/Lin Rockets than game 1 of the season.

    What to watch for:

    The Rockets Fs. Will McHale incorporate his rookies in game 2? Will 3rd-year F Patrick Patterson prove to be the needed F complement for the Rockets' star guards?

    Iso-Harden vs Lin/Harden dynamic duo. In the previous thread, I expressed the 1st glimmer of a possible concern about 'Iso-Harden' due to the 4Q of the Pistons game. For now, it's easier to chalk up Harden's domination of the ball in the 4Q as simply riding the hot hand. The smart play was to ride Harden's hot hand to the win, and Lin is smart.

    But now the Rockets are facing a good defense. The Rockets are less likely to get away with Harden 'taking over' again, which will push the Rockets to play smart unselfish team offense, which is what Lin is all about. If the Rockets respond to good Hawks defense, especially in a close game, with a smart team offense that makes the most of the Lin/Harden dynamic duo, then that will extinguish my ember of a concern that McHale will respond to close-game pressure with 'Iso-Harden' as a reflexive strategy. However, if McHale responds to close-game pressure with 'Iso-Harden' for a 2nd straight close game, but this time against a good defense, then that will be a growing cause for concern.

    For Lin, it's about touches more than shots. Nash at his best didn't take a lot of shots, but there was no doubt he was in control of the team. There was also no doubt that Nash would take the big shot, if needed. I don't mind Harden taking more shots than Lin in the clutch, but I will be concerned if Lin is deprived of touches again.

    1. Not the same Hawks.

      No Joe Johnson, no Marvin Williams

    2. True. The 3 spot is a question mark for the Hawks and replacing Johnson clears the way for Harden to have a big game. But Williams was inconsistent, so I'm ambivalent about his leaving the Hawks. I'm also less interested in predicting how well Chandler Parsons might do against the Hawks' 3s.

      I wonder if the Hawks will plug in Ivan Johnson at the 3 rather than Korver/Morrow. That would be interesting.

      Otherwise, same coach, so same principles. Same PG. Same bigs, which is key. The Hawks defense will be affected by the changes, but it should still be good. At least better than the Pistons defense anyway.

    3. Add to 'What to watch for':

      The Lin/Harden/Delfino line-up and Lin/Harden/Delfino/Parsons line-up. McHale relied heavily on playing his smartest, most veteran, most versatile players together in game 1 vs the Pistons, likely to compensate for the lack of practice time with Harden. I want to see if those line-ups were a game-1 stopgap only by McHale, or whether he will continue to combine his team's smartest players on the court so their chemistry can grow.

  18. No Lin No Wins

    Jeremy Lin aint damn Pipen or Wade. He is Iverson and he is the leader of the Houston Rockets. No, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Lin being Iverson.

    Lin's fans aint afraid of insecure Harden. Kevin Martin is an offensive scorer but everyone could see that Lin was the Leader. Harden wont put up those kinds of numbers every game. Believe that. THIS IS LIN'S TEAM.

    1. Much like Anthony before him, Martin couldn't take away Lin's role with the team if he wanted to because Martin doesn't have point ability. Harden does have point ability.

    2. Why do you say Harden is insecure? He is the last guy to feel like that. He knows he has a game.

    3. Lin and Harden have high mutual respect for each other, as evidenced by their recent comments and McHale story that Lin was the most excited when told of Harden news.

      They are the type of unselfish players who would never say "This is Linsanity team" or "This is the Beard's team" bravados to put themselves above their teammates.

      Why do we need to pit them against each other if they don't?

    4. I wouldn't call Harden "insecure". But Harden does have something to prove. So does Lin, but Lin is out to prove he's the next-generation Nash (controlling the game at 12 FGA/36), which will make his teammates better.

      I'm optimistic about Harden, who has a promising rep, but considering the way he played the 4Q against the Pistons, it remains to be seen just what Harden is intent on proving.

    5. Isn't it clear that the keys to the franchise has been given to Harden by Morey and somewhat by McHale? It seems that in the private meeting between Harden and Morey, he told Harden he was the star for this young team. Who without that authority (fresh of the plane) would line members of his new team doing windsprints? In the 4th quarter who has the ball on offense? This is McHale's decision. Who controls the offense like that more or less is the leader.

      Maybe Harden's the Patreus and Lin is McCrystal.

      BTW does Harden play hard on defense or does he leave that to Lin so that he can save his energy on offense?

    6. GEN Odierno is a better match for your Petraeus-Harden analogy than GEN McChrystal.

    7. "BTW does Harden play hard on defense or does he leave that to Lin so that he can save his energy on offense?"

      Harden looked like a solid defender against the Pistons, but this is an interesting point nonetheless considering that Thabo Sefolosha, a defensive specialist, started at the 2 for the Thunder when Harden was their 3rd guard. So stopper defense hasn't been demanded of Harden in his career. Douglas is supposed to be a defensive stopper at guard, but he's not, which means Harden will be called on to defend at the 2, maybe even 3, for the Rockets without a Seflosha-type safety blanket.

  19. Stop putting Lin vs Harden comments
    They both feed off one another. Its poetry in motion.

    And Lin is not Allen Iverson.

    Lin should create his own identity:

    1. great on defense ( average 2 steals per game )
    2. great at distribute the ball and run offense.
    3. Scores when necessary. Drives more
    4. Close out each quarter well.
    5. Pick N Roll the other team to death

    Those are his identity.

    An all around point guard , a bit similar to Rondo. Except Rondo can rebound better.

    Lin just need to set his own goal and improve on those.

  20. I see many Lin fans are having a case of BEDLAD (BEard Destroying Linsanity Anxiety Disorder)
    The symptoms are excessive worries, recurring nightmares and even insomnia that Harden will want to put his individual statistics first and make Lin look bad.

    Fortunately for both of them, Harden and Lin would never put individual accomplishment above the team because it's not in their DNAs.

    For Lin, we know that already because he repeatedly said he wants to play the 'right' way for the team.

    For Harden, he just offered the greatest example in the 4th quarter of Game 1. How so?

    1. He had a chance to pad his stats from 31 points after 3rd quarter to reach 45-50 points to stick it to his old team OKC , and cemented his status as the top dog in Houston.
    But he didn't. He played the right way to pass to the open teammates.
    Still not convinced?

    2. He was only 4 points away from surpassing his career high of 40 points!
    If he was selfish, he would have gunned for it even if they're triple-teamed. But he DIDN'T
    I believe Westbrook would, KMart would, Kobe would.
    But Harden and Lin wouldn't unless it's in the flow of the game.

    Really, it's not that hard to understand people by matching their words and actions. Harden and Lin are brothers from another mother in their 'unselfish' DNA . So if you have this anxiety disorder, you can relax people :)

    Until we see Harden keeps shooting while being triple-teamed at the end of games, you can breathe and relax. Life is good. Their unselfishness would help them win more games together.

    1. It will be interesting to see who McHale entrust with the ball in the 4th quarter and in the last two minutes of a close game. That will probably determine who McHale deems the leader.

    2. I think Mchale is going to be LESS bias than anyone of us here. And Mchale has a much better grasp of NBA basketball strategy than anyone of us here. If Mchale wants Harden to have the ball at the end of the game it's because he believes that this will give the Rockets the greatest chance to win. I think we are obsessing over these issues too much. It really doesn't matter who has the ball at the end of the game. What matters is that the Rocket's win.

    3. My guess is whoever is playing a better game or more open to shoot will try to make the most plays. Some games it will be Harden, some games it will be Lin.

      Both will have this mentality but there is greater expectation for Harden because of his max contract so he might get more calls.

      I see Lin has more natural killer instinct so when he's back 100%, he won't hesitate to pull the trigger if he's more open than Harden.

    4. The issue is not about get-mine or personal scoring records, but rather about control.

      Harden controlled the ball in the 4Q while Lin's touches dropped off noticeably in the 4Q. For Lin at PG, like Nash, managing the game is about touches more than shots.

      Harden played Linsanity style in the 4Q. Harden got assists, especially to the hot-shooting Delfino, but he created those assists off his scoring. He stopped swinging the ball for 'hockey assists', which was most noticeable when he drove (successfully) through the teeth of the Pistons strong-side defense while Lin was open on the weak side.

      I'm not worried yet. I want Harden to attract defenses and open space for Lin. But it bears watching to see if Harden taking over to close out a game turns into a trend or pattern. Lin's ability to close out games is one of his best strengths, and I don't want to see that taken away.

    5. Add: Analogy. Pippen often ran the point for 1st 3 Qs of games for the championship Bulls, but for games in the balance, we all knew who would take over for the Bulls in the 4Q.

      Is Lin playing Pippen to Harden's Jordan satisfactory? After all, Pippen is a Hall of Famer and hailed as one of the greatest NBA players of all time.

    6. I see what you're saying about control, Eric.

      I wouldn't worry about it too much because they will experiment with it anyway. It's just a lot easier when the players have the same mindset to win to leverage their strength. They'll figure it out. Whatever helps the team win.

    7. Agreed. The fact it happened the 1st time opens the door for us Lin fans keeping an eye on the issue, but there's no cause yet to sound the town air raid siren.

  21. Lin showed some good form on the 2 jump shots he made vs. Pistons. Would've been 3-pointers if his toe wasn't on the line. But it shows his evolution as a more well-rounded player with spot up shooting ability, as well as driving to the rim.

    Lin's drive to the rim is not as explosive as was last season, maybe he's slowed down a bit due to injury. Also, he's not doing that reverse layup in traffic to elude shot blockers, instead he's choosing to jumping into the defenders to draw contact ... which the refs are not calling. His game has changed, for better or for worse.

    Adding Harden will be good for Lin in the long term, because he will no longer be the main focus of the defense. Teams will need to go to a 3-2 zone strategy to stop the 2 Rockets guards, with the SF rotating over to guard Hard-Lin. This will leave Chandler Parsons more wide open, so he'd better hit those shots.

    1. Interesting implication within your comment. If Lin's explosiveness hasn't come back after 6+ months since his surgery for what was supposed to be a relatively benign knee injury, perhaps what we see now with Lin's athleticism is what we'll get.

    2. And we're getting A LOT with Lin's so so leg.

      We have a dynamic scorer who is tripleteamed whether he has the ball or not.

      We have a guy that can split double teams and finish inside or outside.

      We have a ballhawk who controls the tempo on both ends of the court. Lin is only one of 5 players in the NBA that can do that.

      We have a guy that improves his team so much that an inexperienced team like Houston is now being talked about as a playoff team.

      Lots to like. Hardly anything to dislike

  22. I just want to point out that Harden shot 74% from the field. Now that's amazing.