Saturday, October 13, 2012

JLin to CP

This Rockets team looks a bit more athletic than the Knicks of last year. We'll be seeing a lot of these this season:


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    1. Great! Glad you guys are having fun there.

      You know what's funny? There is this HUMONGOUS bruising he-man twin brothers in the NBA, named Brook and Robin Lopez. And both Brook and Robin evokes beauty and beautiful sounds of nature..... Well, what's not funny is that one of them, Robin, took a cheap at Jeremy the other day! What a jerk. The preseason game didn't even count in the standings.

  2. Seen someone posted his own fantasy team so if anyone of you are interested i've created a fantasy League for this site's follower

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    That would be fun for sure :D

  3. So far, NBA defenses are just as clueless about what the Rockets can do as the Rockets themselves are!

    Teams WILL figure out how to pack the paint and keep guys like Parsons and Asik from diving inside for layups and dunks. Plus, they'll eventually jam the perimeter so that the non Lin guards have to actually make plays.

    The Rockets will likely start the season nice and strong, winning plenty of games. But then they'll start losing because they'll get their primary offensive options taken away from them. That's when Jeremy Lin puts on his Superman cape and begins to PLAY!

    1. Vegas sets them at 30.5 wins. [That's a bit low?]

    2. Even the rockets don'tknow how far they can go :D

    3. I'll make a SUPERBOLD prediction.

      If Lin can stay healthy while playing a very conservative brand of basketball, the Rockets could win 50 games!

      I make this superbold prediction because a Lin team is going to be excellent defensively and play a fluid unselfish brand of basketball that scores easy baskets. Plus, Lin is one of the best 4th quarter closers in today's NBA.

      I don't know if Lin will score enough points to make the All Star Team. But in terms of being the main man for the Rockets, Lin is already the catalyst. What he's doing with these Rockets looks suspiciously to me like what Steve Nash did with the Suns in his deserving MVP seasons, albeit Lin's Rockets are way younger and far less heralded than Nash's Suns were!

      Historically, Lin won't let his teams lose. If he gets beaten in nontanking situations, it's because he faced teams with overwhelming superstar talent. That's why I'm predicting FIFTY wins in 2013!

    4. Finally got to watch a full Rockets game!

      I think the major worry is still the lack of a post presence. Sooner or later, some big rebounding teams will control the boards and cut off those easy transition points. I definitely can see the Rockets team struggle in the half court. So far the only sets are Lin high post pick and roll and Martin preimeter one on one. They badly need to establish some sort of low post post up play and play more inside out and open the floor. I really hope not just big men but Lin, Martin and Parsons can learn some post up moves and the Rockets can run some iso in low post for them to post up smaller mismatches. Andre Miller and Kobe are 2 guard examples who can post up very nicely that Lin and company can learn from.

    5. The only chance the Rockets can win 50 games plus without a legit post presence is to duplicate the Nash's old Phoenix Suns model or the current Denver Nuggets. But I am afraid compared to those teams, the Rockets currently don't have as many shooters as the old Suns nor they have as many playmakers as the Nuggets. Last year's Spurs are also a good model that play with pace but the Rockets lack a dominating post presence at both ends like Duncan. The Heat lack big men like the Rockets but the Rockets also don't have a Lebron who can play D and fast break for the Heat.

    6. After seeing the videos of training camp and 2 preseason games, I truly believe 50 games is very probable. This is a playoff team! JLin will average over 10.0 assist, 2.0 steals/gm this season! With his playmaking abilities, he doesn't need to score 20 pts/gm. I can see seven players scoring in double-digits/gm. Kmart will score 20+ pts/gm as he will find his 3pt touch and ability to get to the line like he did 2 years ago.

      The Rockets would have been a playoff team last year if Kmart did not go down. This year, the Rockets have a better defensive center and a more efficient (PER) PG. I'm expecting Patterson to regain his rookie year form after working so hard this offseason. Parsons will play better w/ JLin. The bench is very strong with Jones, Delfino, and Lamb. Montiejunas may become the team's best post-up player. If he can consistently knock down 3s, he will be a huge offensive weapon. Douglas looks like he has found his shooting touch after having a miserable season last year. Machado was a sleeper pick-up. If the Rockets had a 2nd round pick, Machado could have been drafted. He's a great playmaker, and his shooting will eventually come around.

      Royce White-- Rockets should just let him play home games only because he will struggle on the road. I think White will eventually become a premier rebounder. He won't be like Charles Barkley, but White will make an impact getting defensive rebounds and running the floor.

    7. Montiejunas may, MAY..........

      so far it does not look good for him. The NBA post game is not doing it for him.

    8. They've got the pieces to be successful.

      Lamb, Martin, Delfino, are all bombers. TD looks like he's got his jumper going.

      Lin, Parsons, Montie (ugh) can all step out some.

      They've got players that can put the ball on the floor.....


      They've got lots of scorers too.... with the pieces they have.... in today's NBA game.... the low post (while it can be very impact-ful still) is not as necessary anymore. You just don't need a low post offensive wizard these days.

      PS - Montie will be able to feast on the smaller, less physical teams though probably.....

    9. I miss JORTS. He is in a good place in Miami but would have been a good backup center.

  4. I agree with Jlinfan's comments that this new Rockets players are much better than those who played with lin during linsanity. some of them are very good shooters. This Asik showed totally different from the one in Bulls. He will be next Yaoming? I'm worried about lin. It looks like he can not get many chance to score as before and some big players of the other teams would try hard to knock him down. I think Rockets should protect him as much as possible to use Patterson or jones to deal with strong PGs like Weskbrook or Daren Williams so Lin can do other things. Also Kmartin wants to be all stars. that's why he tried so hard so far. I noticed these young players are very competitive in preseason. Are they trying to get a position? Lin should not do the linsanity thing now. Just try to build chemistry with teamates and develop game plans. Do you agree?

    1. As long as they win, who cares if J Lin scores 20 a game....... we all know he can do it if he wants.


      If that means racking up assists, ballhawking, or taking charges.... so be it.

    2. Yao Ming was much more talented offensively. I haven't seen Asik hit a jumper yet (has he even taken one?)

      Casual fans and sports reporters will look at points, so for his reputation around the league scoring more will be beneficial. After all it seems like for guards that stats that get reported most often are Points and Assists. It is debatable whether his reputation with the media and casual fans is important.

      I'd like to see him score more because it is so enjoyable to watch. In the bigger picture and in the long run, as # 1 j said, helping the team win defines the truly valuable basketball player. Plus, as I believe KHuang pointed out, once the season starts and opponent teams gradually figure out the Rockets' set plays, they will depend more on JLin to create his own shot and consequently you should see him score more.

    3. I feel certain that Russell Westbrook and Deron Williams - among others - are using steroids or other PEDs. Look at them! It's just NOT FAIR !!! The NBA needs to do a certain amount of surprise drug testing.

  5. I still can not watch any game online free. I'm from NY. Anybody can ell me how to watch Houston games free on IPAD?

    1. iPad no flash no dice.

      I hate my iPad.... so overrated, over hyped, over priced.

  6. @Believe123 If you don't mind the commentary is in Mandarin, you can download an app called pptv. You can watch live Houston game through it.

  7. Jonathan Feigen ‏@Jonathan_Feigen
    With a back-to-back Sunday, Monday part of 4 games in 6 nights, Rockets to rest some players. KMartin to sit Sunday, maybe some up front.
    12:52 PM - 13 Oct 12

    1. I'd like to see Jeremy play Sunday against a deep, quality team like the Spurs. If Martin is sitting, we can see some sweet Lin-to-Lamb action too.

      Jeremy should sit out the next game against the Mavs. They won't even have Dirk and he has nothing to prove against them. Better to rest that knee and see what Douglas and Livingston can do with more minutes. I like Machado, but he definitely needs a couple months of D-League before he's ready to join an NBA rotation.

  8. this guy mitch lawrence has always bad mouthed jlin in the ny press since they let him go. I'm sure he's on dolan's payroll.

    1. Don't read this article if you like Jlin. You'll want to punch your computer if you do. I've seen both games, and Jlin is doing fine.

    2. don't click the article! writer is trying to get page views!

    3. here is the article if you want to read and not click on it:

      Tough times for everybody’s favorite point guard. Everybody but James Dolan, that is.
      More than six months after undergoing surgery to repair a torn meniscus, not exactly a catastrophic injury by any stretch, Jeremy Lin continues to cite problems with his left knee for his early struggles with the Rockets.
      “My speed and my explosiveness and my agility (are not) there yet,” Lin said the other day.
      So it was hardly ideal circumstances when the ex-Knick made his Houston debut against the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook. even if Lin had two completely healthy knees, that’s a mismatch, going up against one of the NBA’s top athletes.
      Predictably, in his first action since injuring his knee last March against Detroit at the Garden, it got ugly in a hurry. Lin made only one shot and couldn’t stay with the fleet Westbrook, who went for 19 points in 16 first-half minutes.
      While some Rockets coaches have confided that Lin needs to work harder to improve his play, he points to his knee as the chief problem.
      “I’m still trying to recover from knee surgery and get to where I was pre-surgery,’’ Lin said.
      Perhaps wisely, he didn’t venture a guess as to what percentage his knee is feeling, at this point.
      Lin didn’t have microfracture surgery or tear his ACL, so we can now safely assume that he’s one of the world’s slowest healers. But let’s also remember that even before his storybook career in New York effectively ended against the Pistons, he was anything but a premier athlete. Any problem he might have because of the knee in the future is going to make the Rockets’ $25 million investment look even more ridiculous than it did last July. When you consider that his old team was able to spend that amount of money to go with Raymond Felton ($15 million) and Jason Kidd ($9.3 mil) at his old position, you can see that the Rockets overpaid.
      But what’s done is done. This past week, the Rockets might have gotten a preview of what could be in store for the face of their franchise.
      “More than a problem with his knee, what I saw again from Lin is that he is limited as an athlete,’’ was how one person with years of NBA experience put it after seeing Lin’s debut. “Offensively, he should be fine. But when he has to guard opposing point guards, especially guys with speed like Russell Westbrook, he is going to really struggle.’’
      Sounds like more tough times ahead for Jeremy Lin.

    4. Well, I'm amused by the article

      Indeed, Jeremy Lin gave a preview of the Rockets season to come. Nice all around game, easy Rockets victories.

      If Lin plays this well with a bum leg, then the Rockets are in for a GREAT season!!!

    5. I don't think we should cite articles from a-holes like him. All he's trying to do is get page views. An increase in page views means more ad revenue for the paper and ultimately more money for himself. He's no different from those idiot financial analysts making predictions about stocks.


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