Monday, October 22, 2012

JLin Meets with the Media after today's (10/22) practice


  1. Everyone is still interested in that knee. JLin learning to be a bit more vague: "It is where we are expecting it to be."

    I am wondering about JLin's stamina more than his knee.

  2. Hmm, I wouldn't worry about his stamina. He hasn't looked "winded" to me, and we all know what a great 4th quarter performer he is. I really do think its the strength of his knee.

    Even after a surgically repaired joint is 100% healed, the full strength and flexibility doesn't return for a while (because you had to rest it for so long). And until it does, the lift in your jump and balance in your legs will be off. This is especially a big deal for a point guard. Just like back trouble is especially a big deal for a PF or C.

    BTW, I watched McHale's interview too, and he basically said there isn't enough time to implement the whole playbook by the beginning of the season.

    That worries me when it comes to facing the savviest, most veteran teams, but it probably means more high pick-and-rolls for Jeremy (since it's a simple bread and butter play they know he can run). As the Rockets commentators said last game, they haven't ran many of those in preseason.

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    2. "There is a hush-hush quality to NBA off-season conditioning." According to the ESPN article below.

      But why do I have the feeling that Jeremy would share with everybody ANY and ALL of his conditioning method? He may even make more video of it and put it on YouTube. Sigh. Although it may not be a secret, he's already blown horn about doing yoga. ..................................

      An excerpt from (about the possible first female NBA coach):

      "We're looking for a coach who stays ahead of the curve"

      There is a hush-hush quality to NBA off-season conditioning. If a player thinks he has found something that is dramatically improving his game -- sand workouts or an unorthodox ballhandling drill -- he doesn't want anyone else to know for fear that other guys will start doing the same thing and his edge will be lost. Dozens of NBA players train during the summer in Los Angeles, and everyone wants to know what everyone else is doing. Who's working hard, and who's coasting? Which personal trainers are devising new forms of basketball magic? Guys tell stories about Kobe Bryant sneaking into the gym before the sun rises, but nobody knows what he does in there. Goran Dragic, who signed a $34 million deal with the Phoenix Suns in July, is said to be a beast in the summer.

      So when Nakase and Knight met up in L.A. in the summer of 2011, they began revamping their workouts, borrowing new drills and ideas from the city's basketball elite. Nakase became a sponge. She would hang around local gyms, taking notes, asking permission to use a drill she found particularly interesting. Eventually, she found herself watching a workout with Tyrell Jamerson, who trains Oklahoma City stars Kevin Durant and James Harden. Jamerson told Nakase she could use any of his methods, so she pieced together a new collection of drills, creating some of her own and adding a few twists.

  3. It worries me whenever they keep the health issue under wraps. Last time the Knicks management said the sore knee was only minor issue... which turned out to be a torn meniscus. I hope its nothing serious this time. For a point guard, JLin does need a lot of jumping in his game to draw contact, shoot, pick off passes etc.

  4. Robin Lundberg ‏@robinlundberg
    2 things on Knicks: 1. Not a great sign when you DESPERATELY need JR Smith 2. Maybe should've kept only ball handler who could create
    5:06 PM - 22 Oct 12

    1. Howard Megdal ‏@LoHudKnicks
      Don't feel like having a Jeremy Lin discussion tonight. But had he returned, would we be wondering where the offense comes from sans Amar'e?
      4:51 PM - 22 Oct 12

      Azaz ‏@AzazNYK
      @LoHudKnicks funny I just tweeted about the Knicks need for a guard that can get 12+, free throws and yea Lin definitely fits that.
      4:54 PM - 22 Oct 12

    2. Don't worry, Felton scored 23 points on Philly without Bynum, Holiday and Turner. "Die hard Knicks fans" will claim how much better Felton is than Lin.

    3. Carmelo scored his 20+ points at 7/21 (2/7 3 pts) shooting, so a typical night for him, lol. He will always average his 25 ppg at low efficiency for the season and then claim himself a top 5 player.

    4. Well, Felton did play pretty well and did make shots, especially 3 pointers, even though his assist number was not high which is understandable when he was scoring. Felton definitely is not the drive to the basket scorer but likes to take open shots. No need to discredit his playing. Oh, I forgot that preseason games don't count.

    5. Indeed. Preseason games are utterly irrelevant.

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    7. I am beginning to see that, so whether a player plays well or badly, I don't give too much weight as I used to. Otherwise Lakers should suck during this season based on their preseason record, but you know that's not going to happen. This is why I want to see JLin keep on taking shots confidently during preseason, even if he misses them. Hell, if you are going to practice shooting, you might as well do that during preseason games.

    8. @eb5attorney,

      I disagree Lin should have confidently practice his shooting in preseason games.

      Lin is unfairly judged by different standard.

      A bunch of both real and phony (Bleachers) sports writers have already declaired how bad Lin has been in preseason games, despite the fact that as it stands now, Lin performed like #3 among PGs - And that is with his poor shooting so far and with the new youngest team.

    9. C'mon, guys.

      Play the game. Eb5attorney is here strictly to flame Lin and his fans.

      Don't fool yourselves into trying to debate with him. He's just TROLLING.

    10. Yeah, guys. KHuang is just smoking something and making outrageous claims that make you laugh inside but no one wants to argue because he just likes to call you a hater. You can judge for yourself what I said and make up your own independent minds.

    11. You hate the fact that we believe in Lin, so you take every opportunity to flame everybody here.

      At least we're fighting openly. That's good.

      I ain't the only one here who believes in Lin. Take me down and others will step into my place.

    12. I didn't see anything wrong about what eb5attorney said. Khuang, i think you should use your claims of hater or flamer more selectively. By your definition, I am also a troll or a hater any time anyone has a dissention viewpoint. Love to read your posts, your knowledge and history of the game is expanse, for that it is always a great read. However, you do throw around the word hate alot. It's really tough for somebody to write anything else meaningful after that allegation.

    13. True, mt.

      I'll disagree with you based on how eb5attorney posts in the past, but I'll tone it down quite a bit.

      Even though eb5attorney doesn't like me, I'm still his fan. I actually enjoy the basketball content of his posts as long as he's not trying to put us down.

  5. Rick Kamla and Dennis Scott on NBA TV just got done trashing Lin saying they aren't high on him and that he can't go left and all anyone has to do is crowd him on the right side. Rank him maybe 15 as far as PGs.

    Then proceed to mention how high they are on Kevin Lowry.

    I'm dying for the season to start so Jeremy can hopefully make these guys eat some major crow.

    1. Good, I see this as a positive for Lin. He already got into the Lebron, Kobe and MJ status that he got mentioned in every broadcast even he is not playing. You don't see them mentioning average players like Goran Dragic or Kyle Lowry when they are not playing.

    2. Whoops mean Kyle Lowry. Yeah, I think Jeremy will have to play at an all-star level for a sustained period before these haters will shut up. He was right that he will have to prove himself far more than any other player simply due to his ethnicity.

    3. Don't worry, Lin will play well overall barring injury for 2012-2013 in terms of his positive on-court affect. But if Houston doesn't win a championship or at least make the playoffs and claim a round 1 upset, nobody will care and these analysts can get away with their shifty analysis of Lin.

      I believe Houston will make the playoffs and everyone who is objective will see that Lin has a big positive on-court affect, even if Lin's stats are average. But I am already expecting the media to give credit to Lin's teammates like Asik, Parsons, etc even if it is as clear as day to everyone that Lin's direct assists and overall presence account for 2/3 of Asik's and Parson's etc. points. Not to mention Lin's ability to cause havoc on offense and defense, which don't show up in a box score so nobody will mention it. In short, the media will look to discredit Lin by crediting Lin's teammates UNLESS Lin produces Linsanity type stats, which nobody can ignore.

      As the lone Asian American, he has to produce mind boggling stats to merit praise from the mass media. That's why Linsanity happened - because he produced ALL TIME stats. It was the only way a guy with an Asian face would ever be noticed in the NBA.

      Billy King, general manager of the Brooklyn Nets, said "Whenever you're the first, people don't want to see you succeed. I think there would be a lot of cruel jokes made behind closed doors, and there would be a lot of people trying to make sure it didn't work."

      King was talking about Natalie Natasake, who wants to be the 1st female NBA coach, not Lin. But King might as well have been referring to Lin. The quote fits any ground breaker.

      Lin just has to be Lin and that should be enough for any of his supporters. But if Lin wants to turn the establishment on its head, Lin has to continue to produce in a Linsanity type manner in some relevant statistical categories while winning games to make the naysayers look like fools and force racial doubters to shut up. Look at Doug Gottlieb and John Barry who were forced to change their tune eventually and acknowledge Lin could play after Lin made them look like fools game after game. If Lin plays exceedingly well, he will get ridiculous accolades as the sole Asian/AsianAmerican guard in the league. If Lin plays "average" like Darren Collison, he will be treated as an Asian marketing ploy and considered D league garbage. It's that simple.

    4. No way Rockets will make playoffs without JLin playing well, that's for sure.

    5. Kamla and Scott are obviously paying too much attention to the mainstream media. JLin is falsely believed to have no capability of driving to the left. I personally saw a couple of plays last season and this preseason that Lin drove to the basket in his left side. By the way, those two guys are hosts of fantasy insider so they'll just look in he box score without analyzing the game play-by-play.

      Anyways, Jeremy must have an impressive statistics for the Rockets to play well. I agree that Lin's overall effect cannot be accounted for using statistics but he must still have a good scoring/assists/steals numbers.

    6. Well seems like people have been discounting jlin for a long time do these guys really want to go there. can't go left blah blah thats just band wagon talk at this point picking up where they left off last year. /ignore

      I agree with eb4attorney no way rockets make playoffs without Jlin playing well. He's the quarterback/catalyst.

    7. You all care too much about what the media thinks.

      Let me tell you how the media works. Jeremy Lin is Asian American. He will be FLAMED even if he wins MVP and the championship.

      Just sit back and watch him play. Pay no heed to the haters until they cross your path. Then SQUASH THEM and move on. You are not going to change their minds by any means, so don't bother wasting your time worrying about what they think.

  6. Lin shouldn't play with pressure since it might backfire against him. He just needs to do what he did against the Grizz. He does not need to produce linsanity numbers to live up his contract. I prefer Lin have the same numbers as Jason Kidd in his prime with the NETS. He gives you points/rebounds/assists/steals none of those are really insanely high numbers. However, he was still able to lead the NETS to back-to-back NBA Finals appearance to be defeated by the elites such as Lakers and the SPurs

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    2. One big reason why Lin played well during Linsanity was because he played *without* pressure, because he had nothing to lose. It was not because he wasn't scouted (contrary to the common parroted statement); he'd been scouted and often double teamed since his starting game #3. However, Lin might not know exactly why that worked.

      The REASON playing with pressure is BAD is because of what is known as "reverse effort": When one is focused`on the negative, such as *not* failing or *not* shooting badly, one tends to fail and shoot badly (it also makes one tense, which is not good for the muscle for athletes). It's like when hiking on a narrow mountain cliff path: If one is so afraid of falling, his concentration on falling (because he doesn't want to fall) tends to becomes a self fulfilling prophecy by losing balance; imagining is very powerful, which is why Olympians use imaginary motion prior to their turn, such as slalom skiers. Whenever, I really want to lose weight, I lose weight at will. How? I don't talk to anyone about dieting (not even to my family members) or constantly think about dieting, because if I did that I would be constantly THINKING ABOUT FOOD! Preoccupation with not wanting to eat much food used to temp me to eat even when I wasn't hungry! Now I simply cut down on desserts and sweets and eat 2/3 of what I normally eat and do moderate exercise 5 days a week - If I'm hungry, I'll eat some fruits or cook vegies, which I love.

    3. Lin is focused on making the RIGHT basketball play.

      There's actually no need to be focused on anything else.

    4. I hope so.

      And be a gym rat like N_sh (and K_be). He said that he would be out of a job if everybody worked as hard as he does (in a video that's several years old). He has been very generous with good advice regarding shooting technique and practice. However, I believe even he has been hush about his conditioning and drill methods.

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      So, we have to re-post our comments. Thank you.

    2. @ Jimmy

      Are you for real?

      I for one appreciate interesting links that posters here share, but you are clearly spamming.

      The "news" you have shared so far were either previously posted by the admin or shared by members.

      The comments exclusively refer to one website. It is clear that you are abusing this site as a tool for advertising that other website you link to.

      "Just sharing news" is evidently not the reason behind your comments.

      If admin removes your comments, it means that it is NOT ok to re-post them, so STOP doing it.

  8. Jeremy should play just like jeremy. That's it. It's what mchale and chandler told him to do and i'd be much worried if he thinks about stats. The Lin we all know is the one who put team first and make his team win.

    That's the Lin i love. Pressure must be away cause we don't care bout journalists' stuffs.

    Off topic

    if you're looking for a new sugar ray i think it could be tony wroten the rookie of memphis. He plays the same and he's the same

    1. Tony Wroten doesn't physically compare to Jeremy Lin or Sugar Ray.

      The speed, explosiveness, and reflexes are not there and never will be. Thus the Lin/Sugar production in the NBA won't be there either.

    2. Honestly i hope jeremy will be better than michael ray and with a longer NBA carreer :D

    3. I'm pretty impressed with Damian Lillard so far in preseason. But it's still only PRESEASON.

      I think he can be among the top tier of PG's in the league in a few years. He's got a good handle, has range, can get to the rack and has good vision. Like most rooks he will have to make better decisions and try to minimize the TO's. Defensively, he has a ways to go before he reaches Lin level. :)

  9. I'm sort of worried about Lin's stamina. Am I the only person that saw how tired he was in 3Q vs Griz? I half expected him to pass out.

    The injury really cost him, nothing he can't regain but he is maybe 75% at best. TD is going to see a lot of play time this year that's for sure. I hope Lin doesn't overdo it and end up in and out of injury like DRose.

    IMO he's suffering on offensive production because his help defense is tiring him out...And getting double/triple teamed means he'll just tire out faster. I hope McHale doesn't ride him like D'Antoni did, otherwise Lin's career might be short lived.

    1. Hi kenoshi,
      "I hope Mchale doesn't ride him like D'antoni did, otherwise his career might be short lived."

      Your remark doesn't do justice to our boy. Sounds a little gay...sorry just teasing

    2. I think JLin will be fine if McHale continues using him the way he is in the pre-season.

      MDA was heavily reliant on JLin as the main scoring option or to generate offense. With McHale and indeed Woodson, the burden is shared by other teammates. You see plays designed for other players where JLin's involvement is to drop the ball off and wait in the corner for an open shot. McHale will want him to take a more passive role in many plays, while of course in others such as the pnr he will be one of the main guys initiating the offense. The balance of pnr plays and other plays will likely not be so pnr heavy as it was under MDA. JLin is still an important part of many of the offense though, but just not as the main scoring option.

      More passive involvement in some plays is not necessarily a bad thing. I agree that his help D and getting double and triple teamed means he will tire out more quickly. Being able to have teammates generate the offense on some plays gives him a break and allows him to stay sharper for longer.

      I would actually prefer JLin taking a more passive role on the offense until the last quarter and if the game is close. In the 4th, JLin should have the offense run through him. The advantage is that JLin can stay fresh until the end of the game when his offensive skills are needed the most and won't be burnt out for next games.

    3. Lin's jump shot is the only thing missing in his game right now.

      Given his history of being a SUPERB jump shooter in games, Lin will eventually hit a few and that'll get him going.

      So far, the Rockets have been extremely competitive with top Western playoff teams when Lin is in the game. That's more than good enough for me, given how inexperienced these young Rockets are.

      I see no need for Lin to "fix" anything. His jump shot will return as he plays more real games and gets his timing back.

    4. wilc,

      Jeremy still needs to do some offense before the last 5 minutes of the game, otherwise he may get out of rhythm.

      I hope he practices a LOT of 3-point shots, to conserve his body and energy, and get more points than 2-pointers by moving back a little (last season, he shot a bunch of 2-ponters by just 3 inches off). Plus, perhaps experiment with a different shooting technique(s). At the NBA level, one has to shoot a little quicker once catching the ball, thus it's worth experimenting with another technique such as top players are using. He can stick with the current one if he doesn't like it, after giving the new one a reasonable chance.

      Looking at Monday's rotoworld headlines, there were 3 players who shot 3-pointers either 5 or 6 times. So I quickly looked up how many other players did well with 3-points the same day. Obviously, it's just a matter of technique and practice if these guys can do it (These guys are far from the best at it; others players do it more consistently). In order of highest percentages:

      Lillard (Ptld) 3 of 4 (was 1 for 4 previous game)
      Felty (Kniks) 5 of 7 (was 0 for 3 previous game)
      Batum (Ptld) 5 of 8 (was 1 for 3 previous game)
      MikeD (Buc) 3 of 5
      Carter (Mav) 3 of 6
      JasonR (76) 6 of 12

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    6. ztrta

      I agree that Jlin will better conserve his body and energy if he scores more with threes, but don't know if his shooting technique is the problem. He does get very high with his release and has a high arching shot. I remember doc saying that has so much explosive power that it affects how he shoots. It's kinda counterintuitive, but perhaps he is jumping with too much power and therefore throwing his shot alignment off. High arching shots are technically get into the basket more easily. There is greater surface area through which the ball can go through because I'd the trajectory. However, it's also harder to control in terms of alignment and distance. There are however good shooters like Redd and Allen who have relatively high archin shots and ok shooters like Fisher with the similar high arching trajectory. I guess at the end of the day it's just about practice, as you said. Thanks for the stats btw.

    7. Jeremy's 3's over Dirk and Marion (sp?) in the same game were mighty fun to watch. He will get his mojo back with practice and *positive* imaginations.

  10. [Pre Season] JLin leading the league in steals

  11. Replies
    1. We know how it works. Get a laugh :D

      what's most important is jeremy plays like he knows. Don't care about the rest

    2. I disagree about these players:

      Conley - this player has the luxury to play with Gay, Randolph, Gasol, and Mayo (up to last season); I'll credit him for his defense but cannot score in the basket the way Jeremy can; he's also not a better facilitator than Lin;

      Curry - he's an excellent shooter with some playmaking ability; his defense is mediocre at best; I'm not sure about his ability to finish in the paint; although he has some playmaking ability, that is obviously not his greatest strength

      Rubio - just a flashy passer who is a nosy defender; But has not ability to score in an efficient manner; He shoots around 35 % if I'm not mistaken; No way he's better than Lin

      Holiday - I have no idea about this guy being no. 12

      Jennings - he scores a lot with a lot of attempts; he's explosive but with very low IQ; Does not make teammates better;

      Dragic - this is probably the most difficult to evaluate since statistically speaking, they produce 18 and 8 as a starter;

      Ball Handling - Dragic
      Shooting - Dragic
      BBall IQ - Lin
      Finishing ability - Lin
      Defense - Equal
      Clutch plays - Lin (hands down)
      Transition plays - Dragic
      Court Vision / Floor General - Lin
      Speed / Quickness - Dragic
      Strength - Lin
      Craftiness - Lin

    3. The only issues I disagree with about Dragic are:

      Defense: Lin. Better numbers, far greater team effect

      Speed/Quickness: Lin. Dragic cannot possibly be faster than Derrick Rose and John Wall, both of whom tested as roughly equivalent to Lin in speed.

      Finishing ability: Dragic. Dragic has a complete offensive repertoire while Lin is still getting it done via raw athleticism.

      Craftiness: Dragic. He knows where to pick his spots. Lin is still discovering where he can poke opponents offensively.

      Transition plays: Lin. On both ends, Lin is one of the best (if not THE best) transition player in the NBA. He's constantly forcing the action and making plays in chaos. Dragic doesn't force the action like that, as he prefers to play at the speed of the game instead of dictating tempo like Lin does.

    4. It's just another biased and subjective article without any numbers to back it up.

      The premise of the article is to rank the PGs because they have won the last 7 out 8 MVP award if we count LeBron and Kobe as focal point to initiate offense. But it did not offer any method how to back up their selection. Why not use the PER (Player Efficiency Rating) which accounts for all contributions to show the overall impact as a PG?

      Jeremy was #8 in the 2011-2012 PER list ( see ESPN Hollinger 2011-2012 rank) so until he shows regression or progression, he should start at #8.

      It's just mind-boggling that Jeremy's preseason shooting was a factor to be ranked #18 but John Wall not playing due to patella injury for the next 2 months earned him #11. Talk about bias here.

      But on the positive side, Jeremy can definitely beat such low expectations at #18 rank easily.

    5. You can't let praise or criticism get to you. It's a weakness to get caught up in either one.
      -John Wooden

      Jeremy will do what Jeremy does best. Play ball at a high level to help win games.

    6. I'm also surprised to see that Rajon Rondo was only ranked #19 in the PER list. Perhaps his poor shooting (True Shooting%) was so low at 0.483

    7. It's a well thought out article. Jlin ranked at #18 is very fair.

      PER does not tell the whole story, otherwise, based purely on that, Jarett Jack, Jerryd Bayless and Nate Robinson are better PGs than Rondo, Conley and Holiday.

    8. Indeed PER doesn't tell the whole story. In addition to being top 10 in the best currently available aggregated box score stat, PER, Lin also turned around the Knicks season. Also, he was #2 among all players in 4th quarter PER.

      Beyond that is defense. Lin was #2 among all starting points in steals-blocks-charges taken/40:

      Sort on the DEF column.

      It's little slights like these that MrScrewup, nephelauxetic, and eb5attorney slip in that reveal they are sophisticated trolls rather than Lin fans. The objective data has been provided dozens of times in this forum, yet they continue to casually refute it with no arguments nor numbers to back up their gibes. I suspect some members of the subtle troll brigade are actually sock puppets.

    9. That's probably true that PER formula incorrectly put more weight on TS% that put Rondo at #19 while overinflating the contribution of other players with higher TS% like Jarett Jack, Bayless and Robinson (all above 0.534).

      Rondo and Conley had lower TS% but much higher assist numbers so they should be ranked higher.
      Jrue actually had lower assist number so he is correctly ranked below Bayless, Jack and Robinson.

      Hollinger definitely should put more weight on the assist to come up with a more accurate PER number reflecting the player's contribution.

    10. While PER number might not be very accurate, there is no way that JLin is correctly ranked at #18 behind Jrue and John Wall. We knew JLin had much better contribution to his team than them.

    11. Thanks, Michael. The #2 DEF rank definitely shows JLin's contribution on the defensive end (steals-blocks-charges taken/40). And it does not account for other small things important for team defense such as help defense, deflections, etc. that helped Tyson Chandler to be DPOY. I think KHuang also referred to JLin helping Chandler won this award.

      :) I don't think MrScrewup, nephelauxetic, and eb5attorney are sophisticated trolls :) I believe they are JLin fans but they have not seen JLin's contribution on the defensive end they way some of us do. It is important to do so because defense wins games and championships.

      Now I want to see how the PGs are ranked in adjusted +/- or +/- per game. Any good sites, Michael?

    12. @Michael Terry

      "sophisticated trolls"? I never knew I was sophisticated

      I agree that I don't really use Stats as much as some of members here since I based my posts from my personal observations and evaluations. They can be accurate or not; I'm not claiming I'm always correct but I post anyways.

      I'm not so sure about what slip in you are talking about but I assume it's about the speed and defense of JLin.

      I saw the BAM scores of Lin in comparison with Wall and Rose. Based from that, the three of those players are comparable in terms of some aspects of athleticism. But as I've said, I personally based my opinion from my observations. Although the numbers may seem reliable, my eyes do not see the same thing. I personally find Dragic a little quicker than Lin. I'm not sure if that is correct assessment but that is what my eyes saw so I post it anyways. Lin doesn't seem to be at full speed as much as others (e.g. Westbrook and Rose) so that may be a reason for my underestimation of his speed. Anyways, I personally haven't seen Lin go at turbo speed so I cannot conclude that he's as quick as those players mentioned before. I will still choose my observations over the numbers.

      As for the defense, your numbers only account for the help defense (steals, blocks, and charges drawn). There are also one-on-one and pick-n-roll defense. In terms of one-on-one defense, I'll rate Lin as an above average defender; he's not that easy to get by but I would not consider him as a lockdown defender. As for his pick-n-roll defense, I'll have to say he's average. He's not the worst but he has a lot to learn. I'll rate dragic higher in terms of pnr defense but I'll rate Lin higher in terms of help defense.

      By the way, even without knowledge of Lin's and Dragic's 4th Q PER, I can easily conclude that Lin is a far greater clutch performer than Dragic. I was able to do this by watching him personally so numbers are not really necessary most of the time.

      Moreover, I'm actually still being nice to Lin. Although I'm a Lin fan, I'm not going to mince with words when he has a bad game. I can be his biggest fan when he delivers but I can also be his biggest critic (without being a hater) when he doesn't produce the way he should. I let go of the SPURS game since it was a pre-season but if that was a regular season game then I would have been critical of him. That is the just the way I am, I have a tough love for Jeremy.

    13. The problem with the PER is that it is primarily dependent on stats alone and we all know stats can be overrated if you do not watch the game.

      An example of this anomaly is Kevin Love (PER = 28.3). He grabs a lot of rebounds and scores a lot. What is not accounted in PER is man-to-man defense and pick-n-roll defense since this cannot be accounted for using steals and blocks. We all know Love is a bad defender but it is not seen in his PER which is 2nd in the NBA by the way and is ahead of Durant.In terms of rebounding, he doesn't have an competition from any of his teammates like Howard of the Orlando Magic. Expect Howard to have lower Rebounding numbers.

      Another one is Gortat (20.6). Gortat shoots a high percentage and averages 15 and 10. That obviosly contributes a lot in his PER but what was not accounted was the fact that he played with Steve Nash. Gortat's high percentage can be attributed to Nash's ability to create an easy shot (most are dunks and lay-ups). Without Nash, Gortat's PER would not be so high since he wouldn't get those easy baskets.

      Basically, PER does not account whether created the shot or somebody else created it for you; it also does not account for the type of defense used against a particular player. For example Lin and Dragic: Lin is obviously guarded more tightly since he creates more havoc in the paint compared to dragic who is more of a shooter. If you used the PER, you would not now that.

      Conclusion: PERs cannot the only tool for ranking players

    14. So if you play with players that elevates the performance of other players such as CP3, Nash, Lin, Duncan, Parker, Rondo, Lebron, Durant, and many more then your PER is elevated; thus, it creates an anomaly in the evaluation of the player's overall skills.

    15. For me, basketball stats are like a REPORT CARD.

      Hype and shizzle have absolutely no effect on me. I simply watch basketball games without bias and with blinders that shut out the yammering of agencies like CAA or blowhards like SAS. Thus I don't see the game with the same hype colored sunglasses as most NBA observers do.

      For me, I don't really need stats to SEE with my naked eyes who can play and who can't. But it's nice to see stats, particularly PER, corroborate what I'm seeing even though people criticize me for holding my views.

    16. I would like to add that the shot creator does not always get rewarded with an assist. There are times that the player that attracted extra defenders will pass to an open teammate but the defense will rotate towards him so he'll be forced to make an extra pass; thus, the shot creator does not benefit from that possession due to the extra pass.

      Another scenario is when teammates are unable to convert to open shots consistently. This results to a lower PER for the shot creator.

      Defensive rotations are also not accounted for.

      Usage rate is also variable for different players in different systems.

      Defensive pressures are different

      There are so many variables that are not analyzed or considered in calculating the PER of each player

    17. I guess what Michael Terry is REALLY saying is that the hard objective stats reveal just as much about US as they do about Lin!

    18. I agree with the approach that stats need to be used to corroborate what we see on the court because stats like PER reward the offensive contribution more than defensive factor.

      For me, the +/- is a more revealing stat of a player's contribution in both offensive and defensive ends. Yes, it can still be inflated if a player like Collison play with Durant, Westbrok most of the time but I believe we can actually normalize the +/- for a player by taking into consideration the +/- when playing with non-star players. For Durant and Westbrook, they should have high +/- no matter which OKC player are with them on the court. For Collison, it shouldn't be the case. Collison should have lower +/- while playing without Durant and Westbrook.

      Again, stats are tricky but we should verify the result with what we see on the court. We shouldn't ignore them but continue to improve them. Otherwise, we'll just be left with subjective opinions.

  12. wsmco ‏@wsmco
    Knicks tix at $800 / Knicks are awful but 800 seems like a lot for them to have to pay ppl to sit through a game
    6:01 AM - 23 Oct 12 · Details

    Axxxxx Ixxxxxxx ‏@AxxxAxxHxxx
    @wsmco gd luck w/ that I'll watch from home and when u get in enjoy spending $10 on a beer
    6:03 AM - 23 Oct 12 · Details

    wsmco ‏@wsmco
    @AxxxAxxHxxx zero chance I’d go to a Knicks game without Jeremy Lin.
    6:04 AM - 23 Oct 12

  13. Who is the idiot that voted the Nuggets to win the west without accounting for the SPURS?

    Carmelo third in MVP voting? How about Kobe, CP3, Dwight, Rondo, Parker, and more?

    Why would somebody vote Durant as the best "Shooting Guard" ? Really, are GMs today that stupid? They run the team but does not even know the position of a very famous player?

    Love is not the best PF in the league. He's similar to Deron Williams that have all-star numbers but are highly overrated in terms of leadership. He does not make his teammates better.

    My goodness, these GMs are already hyping Anthony Davis. I sure am not buying the hype.

    Finally, some respect for Gregg Popovich.

    1. Well, whaddya expect from the same GMs that thought that Lin could never make the NBA????

      Excellent observations as usual, neph.

  14. Micheal Terry, Khuang. You guys are the man. Call out them J Lin Hater trying to disquise themselves and downplay J Lin' game on a J Lin FAN SITE.

    1. Michael Terry and I are MONEYBALLERS.

      Because we're both involved in academic statistics, we view the NBA game differently than most people do.

      Michael Terry and I aren't rah-rah Lin fans that follow him because we identify with him personally, though I in particular get accused of that all the time. We simply see Lin the way the numbers portray him: as a DOMINANT player in the NBA who has a gigantic impact on winning games!

  15. count J.A. Andande of ESPN as a non-believer.

    "Looking forward to: The next out-of-nowhere story. Who will be the next Jeremy Lin? (And if I gave you a prediction, would that just spoil it?)

    Not looking forward to: … uh, what would be the opposite of Linsanity? Ord-Lin-ary? Because he looks destined to be just another player (at best) this season."

    Can't wait for the season to start and Lin proves them wrong. again! :)

    1. Take the advice of others, just ignore them my friend.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Bwahahaha...another pea-brained sports "analyst."

      It's all about generating hits and controversy. Not that Jeremy doesn't have legitimate morons making predictions about him. JA Adande is a little from Column A and a little from Column B.

      The one thing critics justifiably criticized Lin for was TOs. And what has he done undeniably well this preseason (even in the Spurs game)? Cutting down TOs -- despite playing with so many rooks and sophs.

      Get some popcorn, friends! And enjoy all the haters who will be back-peddling at the speed of sound by January: "No one could have seen this coming!"

    4. Last year we'd have been THRILLED if Lin turned out to be "just another player!"

      Lin has SHPOILED US!!!