Friday, October 26, 2012

JLin Looking Good

Wow, JLin was great tonight! I thought it would take him at least a month or longer to get his legs back. However, it looks like it took him all of 2 days. He is still not 100% but he looked close tonight. What a great way to end the preseason. I can't wait for opening night, Wednesday.

13 pts
5 ast
3 reb
2 stl
0 tov
3/4 3P

Game highlights:

I love the giddyup step:


  1. NBA start, Jeremy Lin's performance will be better, and we expect the mood to bless him perform better.

    1. You are absolutely right! Confidence may be a better performance booster than steroids (although many players have both in their systems). But I don't think JLin ever lost confidence in his skills; he was just a bit rusty from the surgery (It turned out Jeremy practiced too early for the Nits, his former team); plus he's with new teammates; plus the games didn't count.

      Having said that, the Rockets played better than most teams, so you can view those games as successful "practice" games for them.

  2. Speaking of Lin, here is a picture of him in Chandler Parsons' party:

    Scroll down

    1. Maybe that is the why Jeremy played so WELL and was so MOTIVATED.

    2. LOL :) Those girls looked like they want to do some Bible Study with JLin.
      And that's the most uncomfortable look anyone has given Jeremy this preseason ;^}

    3. JLin looks great on the picture but the girls... what the hell are they wearing? No wonder JLin keeps his hands in his pockets :)

    4. Honestly, the girls in that pic are nothing special. They are just gold diggers looking to sleep with any famous guy. Probable hookers. Doubt Jeremy is into that. But knowing how the league works, I am certain that a few hookers have been thrown on him. The REAL question is, just how Christian is the REAL Jeremy Lin? ;) I hope someone can ask Jeremy this, because I know this stuff happens.

    5. Hahaha, Parsons invited girls who aren't Jeremy's type. I've read an interview where he described his type of girls: Love God, helpful to others, low maintenance, easy going. Another words, naturally pretty and smart type who don't wear makeup (minimum makeup for special occasions) - more like the type of girls found in Ivy League colleges. And those type of girls wouldn't be easy to find for (or attracted to) that type of birthday party.

      It was a good thing that JLin didn't put his arms around the girls in that shot, because he wouldn't want to mislead any girls; also, the tabloid would have fun with the photo.

    6. I wouldn't judge these girls' character by their appearance.

      They're probably just decent girls who'd make fine girlfriends and wives, like most people.

      Don't be like those idiotic NBA gms who looked ay Lin and said he couldn't play because he was Asian.

  3. A couple more weeks, and he'll be finishing those drives consistently too. Or at least exploding to the hoop quickly enough to draw fouls. With the exception of the Hornets game two days ago, I have to admit that his lack of FTs was mostly legit and not due to bad refs.

    But Jeremy is definitely shaking off the rust now, and once his legs are full strength...WATCH OUT. He could establish himself as a Top 5 PG by season's end.

    1. What he can improve on:

      Decision Making:
      - jumping to pass
      - overpenetration
      - making same plane passes
      - left side penetration (I've noticed this)
      - keeping his dribble alive (did a good job this game)
      - Perimeter shooting
      - pick-n-roll Defense (he already improved this preseason but I want more improvement)

      What he needs to add to his REPERTOIRE:
      - Floaters
      - Pull-up mid range jumpers
      - step-back jumper (like in this game)
      - Up-and-under when he penetrates against big men (His coach is an expert on that move)
      - More headfakes and pass fakes (just like Rondo)

    2. It's hilarious to me when people post comments such as "JLin needs to improve ... Jlin needs to add ..." The man is a Harvard grad, a pro basketball player, and he's good enough for Houston to sign a $25 mil contract. Do you really think he doesn't study the video of all his games and see what he needs to work on? Do you think you are smarter or better than JLin that you see all these flaws in his game and not JLin himself? *Shrugs* Just watch the dude play and appreciate. It's pointless to post comments such as mentioned above.

    3. I mentioned those lists because zxcvb said that Lin could become a Top 5 point guard in the league. So, I listed some of his weaknesses and flaws and added some suggestions for him not to be too predictable. Those were my reasons; I simply answered how Lin can be a TOP 5 PG.

    4. I think you will see what lin was working on in the regulare no reason to show it in preseason . Jeremy just wanted to learn about his teamates in preseason and work on his defense . He has been working of catch and shoot and going left .I think over time people will realize lin is way more advanced at his age then nash , parker and paul and most all star points guard .
      GO lIN

    5. I think you will see what lin was working on in the regulare no reason to show it in preseason . Jeremy just wanted to learn about his teamates in preseason and work on his defense . He has been working of catch and shoot and going left .I think over time people will realize lin is way more advanced at his age then nash , parker and paul and most all star points guard .
      GO lIN

    6. The domination Lin was doing with Mike Woodson last season has spilled over into this preseason.

      I'll keep predicting 50 wins for the Rockets.

      I don't know if Jeremy Lin will make the All Star team, but he's certainly been WINNING like one.

    7. I agree with neph on most of his areas for improvement (e.g. getting caught under the basket w/o room to pass or shoot), but Jeremy already has MOST of the moves he mentioned in his repertoire.

      Jeremy used plenty of floaters, step-backs and up-and-under moves as well as some pull-ups and head-fakes last season. It's how he was the 3rd best "jump shooter" in the league behind Nash and Curry (Synergy defines "jumper" as any shot that isn't a dunk or layup at the rim). Just watch the 2nd Pacers game. Or the Bucks game.

      He hasn't utilized these moves this preseason, but that's because he's already mastered them. Instead, he focused on his non-PnR playmaking, getting his explosiveness back and his 3pt jumper. Which is exactly what he should have done.

  4. At opening night, I think the Rockets can beat Detroit by 10-15 points. Jeremy needs to play around 28-32 mins. No need to play all out. I expect a solid game not an insane game. I don't really know so much about their players.


    15 points, 4 rebounds, 7 assists, 3 steals, 2 TO,

    Houston by 10

    20+ points for Martin
    Double-double for Asik

    1. I say :

      9 points, 5 rebounds, 11 asst, 2 steal, 4 TO

      Houston by 7

      7 players in double figure scoring.

      Lets see who is closer.

  5. A noteworthy WSJ article of the rise of Asian-Americans inspired by the rise of our very own Jeremy Lin. This is a must-read for all Asian-Americans and even Asians.

    "Rise of the Tiger Nation"

    Asian-Americans are now the country's best-educated, highest-earning and fastest-growing racial group. They share with American Jews both the distinction and the occasional burden of immigrant success.

    1. JLin-related excerpt.

      Last March, an interviewer archly asked President Barack Obama whether he was aware that he had been "surpassed" by basketball phenomenon Jeremy Lin "as the most famous Harvard graduate." The question was misformulated. If there was any surpassing going on, it was that Mr. Lin had become, briefly, more famous than Mr. Obama as the country's most exemplary figure from a hitherto marginalized minority.

      Asian-Americans are now the country's best-educated, highest-earning and fastest-growing racial group. They share with American Jews both the distinction and the occasional burden of immigrant success. WSJ's Stu Woo talks to author Lee Siegel.

      Mr. Lin's triumph on the basketball court is a living metaphor for the social group he comes from. No one would dispute the opening paragraph of the Pew Research Center's massive study of Asian-Americans, released over the summer: "Asian-Americans are the highest-income, best-educated and fastest-growing racial group in the United States. They are more satisfied than the general public with their lives, finances and the direction of the country, and they place more value than other Americans do on marriage, parenthood, hard work and career success." Or as Mr. Lin put it in a video of congratulation he made last spring for the overwhelmingly Asian-American graduates of New York City's famed Stuyvesant High School: "Never let anyone tell you what you can't do."


    2. Lin is a darkhorse MVP candidate.

    3. Why should I?

      The Rockets are already winning way more than they have been predicted to be.

      This ragtag bunch of 2nd tier veterans and inexperienced playera may end up making the playoffs, and not just as the 8th seed either.

      Spearheading all of this will be Jeremy Lin. He's engine that makes this entire motor run.

      So far, Lin has put the Rockets on his shoulders and crushed opponents for a gaudy 6-1 record even on a bad knee and poor shooting. It'll only IMPROVE as Lin gets back in health.

      Seriously, why SHOULDN'T I not call Lin a darkhorse MVP candidate?

    4. LOL...I swear Khuang if you weren't posting on this Lin fan site I think it would be pretty dull. Love the bold predictions you make...keep it coming LOL...

    5. Hey Etymology,

      Are my predictions "bold" if they become TRUE?

    6. Not that crazy. If Lin did just a little better than Hollinger's projections AND Houston got, say, a 6th seed, he'd be in the discussion for sure. The only question would be how much Kevin Martin averaging 23 points a game would detract from the narrative, in some voter's minds.

      This probably won't happen, but it's not nearly as far-fetched as most people would think.

    7. Yep they are "bold" whether or not they become true or not. But if they become true it's becomes "bold" and "accurate" "spot-on" and your next career change should be a NBA scout LOL...

  6. Jeremy Lin Full Game Highlights:

    1. Thanks for sharing this link.

    2. I missed most of the game so thx for the link :)

    3. Heres another one - Lin and team highlights:

    4. a viewer (MsPROOFthatGODexists) of the link provided by "TaiwaneseStyle17" said this:

      "I've watched this video at least TEN TIMES, but how did I and the announcers miss Jeremy Lin's AMAZING between-the-defenders-legs pass at .33 seconds? Wow!"

      I didn't notice that until MsPROOFthatGODexists pointed out. It IS INDEED an amazing move.

    5. IMO those are the kinds of passes that got him in trouble vs Hornets and he should avoid them...Besides it was around the defender's right hip, not between the legs.

    6. The pass does look like it was between the defender's legs. So that was a clever pass - not sloppy or risky pass at all.

  7. Just for Fun, Let us predict the results of the first 10 games of the Rockets just like what the Clutchfans did:

    @Detroit- Win
    @Atlanta- Loss
    vs Portland - Win
    Vs Denver - Win
    @ Memphis - Loss
    Vs Detroit - Win
    Vs Miami - Loss
    Vs New Orleans - Win
    @ Portland - Win
    @ Los Angeles - Loss

    I predict 6-4

    Worst Case: 3-7
    Best Case: 9-1 (when the lakers still struggles; There is no way they are beating Miami)

    1. My prediction is 6-4

      Worst Case: 2-8
      Best Case: 8-2 (Lakers big men and Miami's quickness are too much too handle)

      @Detroit- Win (close win as the young Rox overcame early jitters to come back from behind)
      @Atlanta- Loss (close loss because the comeback fell short, the Rox got outrebounded)
      vs Portland - Win (close win in these back-to-back game for both teams, Rox bench is deeper)
      Vs Denver - Win (Rox outruns Denver)
      @ Memphis - Win (Rox outruns Memphis)
      Vs Detroit - Win (close win in these back-to-back game for both teams, Rox bench is deeper)
      Vs Miami - Loss (Rox defense is not quick enough)
      Vs New Orleans - Win (easy win)
      @ Portland - Loss (close loss on the road)
      @ Los Angeles - Loss (Lakers big men and bright light is too much for the young Rox)

  8. although there is too much hyped. I do think JLin got what it takes to success in the game

  9. Finally the shooting is coming :D now let'swait the start ...

  10. That nasty chasedown rejection of Jameer Nelson is an typical example of the NBA leading Jeremy Lin athleticism.

    Nobody else on the Rockets has the speed or hops to have been able to keep up with Jameer Nelson on that fast break. When Lin blocked Nelson, his hand was almost at the top of the box! That's Lin's All NBA athleticism right there.

    Every game, Lin makes jawdropping plays like these. He's like ESPN's Top Ten Highlights, all by himself!


    1. Yeah I saw that incredible play, except the rest of the rockets were too lame and lazy to keep up with Lin.

      I do believe, however, Lin's energy and leadership will be infectious to his teammates.

  11. at 4:22, JLin bumped into a Magic player (got bounced back like he bumped into a wall), when he got up, he stumbled, and it looked like his knee was still not strong enough

    1. I noticed that too. Watching his knee buckle and his body stumble made it apparent that he still need a significant amount of time to heal.

    2. probably why they took him out right after that.

    3. Looks more like he slipped to me.

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  13. since this is jlin's first season w/ the rockets and recovering from knee surgery, i'm not going to expect linsanity to happen this season. i'll be content if he stays healthy, shoot above 40% on the floor, and have a decent assist/turnover ratio. based on preseason stats, jlin is averaging 8.5 asst/3.5 turnovers/36 min., which is an improvement from last season.

    late january of last season, i told a friend that the knicks have a secret weapon, but they don't know it. at that point, jlin had some impressive stats w/ limited minutes, not to mention his triple-double in the d-league.

    after this preseason, i believe the rockets also have a secret weapon, and they are just finding that out. again, his minutes are limited, but his stats are so impressive, he's a must watch. coming into the final week, he was on the chopping block, but in the last few games, i believe he can be the answer to the rockets season. his name is greg smith. not only is he going to make the team, i think he will make the rotation at the start of the season. if he continues to play as well as he has, he will overtake patterson at the starting 4 position. i can't believe i'm saying this, but he's also got the potential to be an all-star.....just like what i thought about jlin before feb 4, 2012. greg smith, in his 56 minutes in preseason, he has shown to be an extremely efficient scorer.he may not be a great rebounder, and i don't have enough info on his defense, but i know for sure he's a much better defender than d-mo and white at this point. with all the young poward forwards the rockets have, someone has to break out. greg smith is now most likely to be that player. tjones looked great in the preseason opener, but since then he cooled down. it's possible for smith to regress back to a bench player, but for now, he is the player to watch. i don't think he will continue shooting 93% on the floor, but he's got the potential to shoot over 60% in a season if he's that good. i have never seen anyone go 14 for 15 on the floor, and become a nobody. it's just like one can come out and post amazing stats and be a fluke. even if most of his scores are dunks, smith is showing his ability to get to the rim, and draw fouls. smith will help boost jlin's assist totals, and that's not even counting the passes that sends smith to the foul line. that's what the rockets need at the starting 4 position.

    before preseason, i expected the 4 (1st round pick) rookies to make the rotation. today, i'm not sure if any of them will play regularly to start the season. i think the 3 rotational players will be douglas, delfino, and smith. jones, d-mo, and lamb will be getting limited minutes, and may not play in some games, depending on matchups.

  14. Honestly, none of the rookies looked impressive to me except maybe Terrence Jones, and he was hot and cold at times. The rest should spend some time in the D-league.
    It will be Douglas, delfino, Smith, and Jones off the bench. That's it. And that's a decent 2nd unit that will halo keep Jeremy's minutes sown so he can rest and recover.