Monday, September 17, 2012

Whose Couch Is More Comfortable?

Landry Fields or Chandler Parsons?

Jeremy Lin is still trying to sleep on his teammates’ couches | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports

Ultimate Rockets » Different path, but similar stories for Lin and Parsons


  1. new machado on lin quotes. a little more diplomatic this time...!

    1. In a funny twist, Machado could very well end up being "Lin's rookie."

      Every rookie has to be the lackey/servant of a veteran player for a little while. Royce White, for example, is Parson's rookie. That includes carrying his gym bag, running errands, and jokey stuff like wearing little girl backpacks. It's a tradition meant to humble new players...especially those with egos.

      Lucky for Machado, I can't see Jeremy making him do anything remotely annoying or embarrassing. If I recall correctly, Jeremy had to make a lot of food runs his rookie year.

    2. Machado can put on Hello Kitty headgear and backpack while running errands :D
      It will increase his marketability in Asia but destroy any street-cred in NY

  2. Why the heck didn't Lin park himself and his multimillion dollar contract at Motel 6 just for one night?

    Just sayin . . .

    1. Probably wants to avoid media hounding him. And I think he wants to move into a house in Parson's neighborhood, so he might as well see what it's like.

      I really think he and Parsons are going to have great chemistry on and off the court. There's a reason he was so excited to have Lin on the team - alley oops and easy drives and wide-open 3s all season long. He probably watched Fields and thought, "Man, I can do that even better."

      But make no mistake: Parsons is definitely a party boy and ladies' man. You could see Jeremy hittin' up clubs, parties and events surrounded by girls and drinks...which might upset some of his fans.

    2. @ KHuang

      That's why some people are saying it's a publicity stunt.

      [JLin's prolly seeing this as a chance to bond.]

      @ zxcvb

      Parsons might loosen him up a little, not necessarily bad.

      I really wish JLin learns to hold his liquor though. The media will be on the watch, knowing Parsons' rep. & the baby-mama wannabes will be too.

    3. ... or it will be chandler parsons who will be tamed , courtesy of JLin... hehehe

    4. It's a positive sign that their team chemistry is strong enough to share couches. I'm just concerned Parsons might set up some sexy ladies on that couch LOL (-> cue Psy's Gangnam song)

    5. @ Psalm234 - LOL. heyyyyy sexy lady...

  3. As long as Lin is training hard, Heck he could sleep on every couch in HOUSTON.

    I wonder if there are videos of the pre-training camp held recently?


    Chandler Parsons shared a link.
    21 hours ago
    To answer everyone, of course Jeremy Lin 林書豪 is welcome at my house. Unless he doesnt pass and then I am putting him with Patrick Patterson.

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  6. Get back to me with a poll when JLin is sleeping on Kim Kardashian's "couch"! ;-)

  7. Please don't click on the first link (the "Ball Don't Lie" one).

    That Dwyer kid is a hack who started out at clutchfags and somehow conned his way into a job at Yahoo! sports. He is a horrible writer with a stick up his ass, trust me.


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