Sunday, September 16, 2012

JLin Then PSY

After hanging out with JLin in Asia, David Lee and his girlfriend, Sabina Gadecki, are hanging with PSY:

Gangnam Style Dance Hits US Sports World--MLB, NFL, NBA - I Sports Times


  1. I am sure Psy is a big fan of JLin.

    1. @ # 1 j

      ...The racism?

      Hope he comes out with a less novelty-ish track soon [but he seemed to have been going for a niche market? Nicknamed "Bizarre Singer" because of his unusual dress, candid lyrics and comical dance movies.]

      PSY: 5 Things to Know About the 'Gangnam Style' Rapper,,20302940_20627446,00.html

      PSY hanging out with Usher [& Scooter Braun]

    2. Ponies, Lifeguards & More Parodies of PSY's Gangnam-Style

    3. He prolly knows a fair bit [of JLin's story.] The pic of him & DLee was taken right after DLee came back fr JLin's Taiwan camp, fair to say they woulda gotten talking?

      [I'd like to think PSY's a big fan.] :)

      As for PSY's work, don't know if the satire is translating well...[Have this feeling no one really knows what the song is about, it's a "horse-dance."] But now that he's signed with Bieber's manager & has broken into the US market, it would be interesting to see what he'll come up with next.

    4. You can't make a comparison between Jeremy Lin and Psy. One is a basketball player, the other a music artist. They are both talented in their own way, and they are both being exploited by American media in their own way.

      Just like we couldn't compare JLin to Tebow, even though they are both athletes. It's a completely different contest, and JLin is up against other NBA players like Lebron, Kobe, etc.

      Let's hope JLin and Psy can inspire other Asians to pursue their dream, and to realize that the big stage is not reserved exclusively for White people.

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    6. I would never sell out my soul and culture to become a big time star like Psy.

      We have enough Asian haterade out there. Now this Psy guy is adding on to it.

      I want nothing to do with Psy and his despicable art.

    7. @KHuang,

      Honest question but what makes your think he's selling out? to me he make a korean song for his korean fans, put it on youtube, and it went viral beyond korea and after a few celebs (TD celebrations and others) did the horse dance it totally blew up.

      now he's been invited to the today show, mtv music awards, etc. what pop star would turn that down?

      still don't understand why you think he's a sell out. didn't really see or hear anything from him to warrant that label. on the today show, he even gave a shout-out to his korean fans in korean and they went ballistic.

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    9. Psy made a video mocking Korean culture and Korean men.

      I don't like ANY musician that makes a living by mocking others.

      I am not Korean, but my childhood memories of them are filled with gratitude and respect toward the kindness they showed me in both America and Korea.

      There are people who like Psy because he is poking fun at stereotypes about a particular subset of Korean culture. Fine, they have the right to enjoy that and I respect that. But it's still going out and trying to embarrass people with his art to make a buck, and I don't like any musician who does that.

      None of any of you can sway me from my opinion, so trying is pointless. I HATE Psy and his art!

    10. I am not a pop entertainer, but I do play music for a living.

      I'd rather COMMIT SUICIDE than accept those awards that Psy is getting for parodying his own people.

      All my life, I have been degraded in the arts because I am Asian. People don't come out and say it openly, but they pull the same racist garbage on me that they pull on Jeremy Lin.

      Like Jeremy Lin, I am an All State high school champion in a big state (New York) but in music. it did me no good, just like it did Lin no good. I endured decades of ostracization and hate just to get to where I am today, and I've been kicked out more than I've been accepted. But I never SOLD OUT, though I had plenty of chances to do so like the one time my employers wanted me to appear in stage in DRAG and I probably fired myself for turning that down outright.

      After all the prejudice and outright warfare I've been through, I of all people would be the last Asian man on the planet to degrade my own people the way Psy does and then get congratulated by nonAsians for it. MTV and all those mass media organizations can KISS MY YELLOW BUTT, especially since I don't pay for or watch their TV shows anyway!

    11. sorry i'm dense but aren't there like lots and lots of asian musicians at juliard and other top music schools? i would think asians are disproportionally represented in these places but i could be wrong.

      i listen to From The Top every sunday night on NPR and it seems like every other one of these young promising musicians is asian.

      unless you're talking about other music genre that asians don't normally pursue.. i tend to think when it comes to performing arts asians are pretty well represented and respected but i could be wrong. you're in the industry so i'll take your word for it.

    12. I WENT to Juilliard 25 years ago, and it was almost all Asian back then too.

      At the amateur level where no money is exchanged, Asians are everywhere. "From the Top" is one of those programs featuring amateurs.

      But at a professional level, Asian American men cannot advance very far unless they go overseas, earn their fame there, and then return. Even Jake Shimabukuro of mandolin had to get signed by SONY Japan before anybody really recognized his once in a lifetime talent.

      There is no "Jeremy Lin" of the music industry. There won't be one for a LONG time.

    13. ukelele for Shimabukuro, not mandolin.

      That guy is the Jeremy Lin of Asian American music if there ever was one!

    14. wow that's just sad. is it the same for asian women too? i tend to see more of them performing in big stages but then again the only places I go are disney concert all and hollywood bowl.

      you're right though.. come to think of it, i don't think i've ever seen or heard of an asian american male violinist or pianist. i really hope and believe that i'll see one in my lifetime.

    15. It is not the same for Asia women because they're are seen as delicious sex symbols by lecherous older non Asian men who see them as "marketable". At least that's the way the book "Who Killed Classical Music" says it.

      I am one of those male musicians that won EVERYTHING as a kid but got passed over because of racism. Currently I live and work in Phx because I am treated like everybody else here - a NOBODY. The instant I was discovered in Phx, my career exploded because I had it all along but never got a chance to show it.

      What really hurt me in music wasn't the taunts or prejudice. What really hurt me was my inability to be allowed to perform with top people when I was coming up as a super talented student. It was equivalent to being Jeremy Lin had even Harvard and Brown rejected him. Not even Jeremy Lin could've played his way into the NBA had he not played for Harvard for 4 years.

      The year I was ranked #1 in NY as a high school musician, there was another Asian musician ranked #1 too. However, he grew up across the pond in Canada and had a completely different training experience from me. Today he is world famous because he got the chance to test himself against the world's best while my chances were limited to some student experiences at Juilliard.

      Me starting my career in Phx would be like Jeremy Lin starting in overseas basketball had Harvard and Brown not accepted him on their basketball teams. At best, Jeremy Lin would be a good but not great player in an Asian league and likely not even in Europe or Latin America.

      One needs YEARS of high level exposure to reach one's potential. I never had that, but Lin does!

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  3. The Gangnam Style video hit count went up 67 million in 6 days since that article.

    Psy is a medium height, considering how tall DLee is and how tall Lee's girlfriend is. I like Psy's voice and he's talented.

    On an unrelated note, there are some sites that still keeps the headline that says the MSG stock is all time high since Lin left the Knicks. The fact is, this is what ensued:

    1) MSG stock went down $93 million soon after Lin left: Yes, Lin had something to do with it. 2) Some NBA players went to Asia - and sports companies were reminded of how rapidly NBA's popularity is growing in the populous - and economically growing - region. Thus, of course the stock rebounded. 3) During the offseason, the Knicks's increasingly improved their roster, as they are in a all-out win-now mode, due to their aging bigs. THEREFORE, of course, the MSG stock would add to the increase in their value (Also, their hockey team, Rangers, have something to do with it as well). A half of the Knicks' experienced roster are old, but they only need them for 1 or 2 years.

    The NBA, Stern, New York, and the Knicks have been trying to undermine Jeremy Lin's popularity in making the NBA more popular than ever in USA and around the world. While it is true that NBA had already been growing in popularity around the world, the exposure of Jeremy Lin around the globe (as the result of his backstory combined with the sudden and meteoric rise) ABSOLUTELY spiked that growth. And Jeremy Lin still is - and will be - extremely popular around the world.

    1. I also wanted to say - but forgot:

      I predict the MSG stock would be a little higher now if Lin was still a Knick; the reason for *little* is that Lin would have been a mere backup with them; I think the MSG stock would be roughly $20 million higher than what it is now at already an all-time high. Had Lin remained their *starter* (which was never going to happen with Carmelo and Woodson), I think MSG stock would be roughly $50 milliom more than what it is now ($93 mil original drop *minus* about $43 mil after some of the knee-jerk reaction died down).

    2. Actually, I think one of the reason that MSG stock rose was the fact that at their annual shareholders meeting, they had such a good report out with revenue this past year... which jeremy lin helped influence(Time Warner cable deal, chinese advertisement/Coke...) With these deals, MSG reported great results... hence the rise in stock price. So the rise is a lagging indicator.... and a big part of that was due to Jeremy. It's an aftereffect... let's see if they can replicate next year or whenever the contract needs to be renegotiated once again... this time Jeremy wont be around to save them.

    3. martan267 - a good point. Thanks.

    4. MSG stock did rise, but only because Linsanity pushed up profits, raised ticket prices, and settled the cable dispute between Time Warner and MSG network.
      Remember, the investors are looking at the profit report from the previous quarter, which includes February to March. So from seeing the better numbers, shares went up because they think that MSG and the Knicks are on the rise ... which is not really the case. It's a stock bubble that will soon burst.
      NHL lockout will keep MSG from making money off of NY Rangers games. If the Knicks underperform to expectations, fans will leave to see the Brooklyn Nets.

  4. NBA Live 13 Official Trailer [1st look]

    First shot, Rockets JLin

    1. @ ztrta

      Delayed but not canceled.

  5. McHale welcomes benefits of a full Rockets training camp

  6. So JLin's furniture still out [how has he been managing, smh]

    Nat Heston ‏@natheston
    Great time with my boys @JeffWolfe12 @MattyMattAg and @jlin7 at Taste of Texas last night. Should we schedule next month's man date now?
    5:06 AM - 14 Sep 12

    Matt Martin ‏@MattyMattAg
    @natheston @JeffWolfe12 @JLin7 good man date. And yes, let’s schedule now. TofT, fishing, and LC… one heck of a weekend to look forward to!!
    6:26 AM - 14 Sep 12

    1. Ashley Im ‏@ash13yim
      @JLin7 will be giving his testimony at my church in a couple of weeks!!!! #nbd #isthisadream
      5:44 PM - 16 Sep 12

  7. Ask Men: Voting for Top 49 Men [2012]

  8. @ # 1 j

    It's become a tradition. :)

  9. Lol @ Seth [P&T - Knicks]

    Seth Rosenthal ‏@seth_rosenthal
    @landryfields LOOK AT THIS SHIT RT @johnschuhmann: RT @ChandlerParsons: Glad all that money didn't change him @JLin7.
    11:46 AM - 16 Sep 12

  10. OT

    10 Reasons Why Space Jam 2 Would Be The Greatest Thing Ever

  11. JLin already bringing Rox more int'l attention :)

    Jeremy Lin va squatter le canapĂ© de Parsons: L’ancien joueur des Knicks va retrouver ses bonnes vieilles habitudes.
    3:05 AM - 17 Sep 12 · Details

    eduardo schell ‏@eduardoschell
    Jeremy Lin no cambia pese al contratazo de 25 kilos y le pide a Parsons dormir en el sofá via @marca
    3:01 AM - 17 Sep 12

  12. Chandler Parsons ‏@ChandlerParsons
    It's official, @Highway_30 is my ROOK. Follow him and show him love.
    11:50 AM - 14 Sep 12

    Royce White ‏@Highway_30
    Thanks @ChandlerParsons for making me the "Bell of the Ball" #RookieShit lol
    11:38 AM - 14 Sep 12

    Wonder who JLin got...

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  14. More PSY

    It's Art

    Right Now

    We Are The One

  15. Jeremy Lin Hates Celery
    [Comcast SportsNet Commercial]

  16. that is a great tweet :)
    now if only we can combine Psy's horse-style dancing with Jeremy's couch, Twitter will blow up!

  17. This message is for Khuang. FYI..I don't want to get into a flame war..

    Sorry K. I love your basketball insight and your passion for racial issues, but I don't think your getting the big picture here with respect to Psy. When I first heard and saw Yao Ming, I saw a 7"6 freak from China who looked like Frankenstein and was extremely unattractive. I didn't see him appealing to the wider US audience, and I couldn't identify with him. Then, if you recall and I'm sure you do, Shaq went on one of those Fox sportsnet shows and was asked what you would say to Yao Ming. He responded with "ching chong ding dong crap..". At that point, I knew he was one of us, and I frankly started rooting for him big time from that point on. Yao wasn't the ideal basketball player for becoming the first Asian star, but his entire career paved the way for the future of NBA basketball players. If it hadn't been for Yao, we might be stuck with Jlin in New York fading away into mediocrity because Melo won't give him the ball.

    I can already tell that the primary reason you don't like him is because it makes Asian men look like a joke and I see your point. I would have much preferred that Gin the Chinese rapper broke through, but the US isn't ready for that cool guy that all the women fawn for yet. If Psy really fulfills his promise, other artists will be on their way...that's why we should root for him.

    1. NO.

      I get the bigger picture better than anyone, ESPECIALLY because I am a show business professional entertainer.

      You don't break through in the arts by parodying yourself and your people the way Psy does. Sure people are laughing at him and Asian men, but guys like Psy make it all the harder for legitimate Asian artists like Lang Lang or Ray Chen to be properly recognized as real men let alone real artists. What Psy is doing is FEEDING the racist attitudes that Hollywood perpetuates about shallow sexist lecherous unattractive Asian men.

      Unlike you, I never saw Yao Ming as a "freak who looked like Frankenstein and was unattractive". I saw a tall PERSON who was worthy of being a celebrated #1 pick and who had great marketing value. Indeed, that is exactly what Yao Ming IS. I don't look at Yao Ming or Jeremy Lin or Psy with subconscious anti Asian attitudes, just like I don't look at white or brown or black people with preconceived notions.

      Psy is the worst kind of sellout because his marketing team has him pandering to American taunts of Asian men. Just as we saw horrible commercials of William Hung surrounded by fake money and fake women, we'll likely see WORSE with Psy. And Psy will grin it and encourage it because he's eager to make his buck if it degrades Asian American men.

      I hate sellouts of any race and color. I'm not even Korean, so it's not as if Psy is selling out my heritage like he is to Koreans. But I am Asian American and have long suffered a bad image in the media, just like Jeremy Lin or worse. Now we're gonna have a whole generation of Asian American sellouts chasing the dollar by crucifying their manhood and heritage to get laughs from racists, just like Psy's marketing team deliberately has him following in the footsteps of William Hung who at least wasn't actively trying to be dorky or sell his culture out.

      So when this Psy sellout comes out inviting the America media to turn him into the human embodiment of all bad stereotypes Asian, I get pissed because Psy is making it WORSE for all of us Asian American men who already suffer greatly from emasculation and racism!

    2. Another area where I am opposite from you is that I don't identify Yao Ming as "one of us" just because Shaquille O'Neal made public racial slurs about him.

      Yao Ming is not defined by what Shaquille O'Neal or what racist Americans think of him. Yao Ming is definied by Yao Ming. Maybe the racist American media defines Yao Ming differently, but they don't make Yao what he is.

      Because I don't watch TV, my head is not filled with endless hours of anti Asian American male programming. So when I see garbage like Psy, I react to it as the garbage it really is. I am not gonna sit there meekly and clap excitedly on cue because I'm so starved to see ANY Asian man on TV, even if he's a human Asian PUNCHING BAG for nonAsians to enjoy ridiculing!!!

    3. Just my opinion, I don't like PSY and his art. I even get irritated because many people I know are so much fond of him. I really don't know why they like what he does.

      I don't really view his art in terms of stereotypes but I can easily say that he conforms to the TREND of Hollywood stardom. It is easy to conclude that he does PANDER to the public. He's nothing unique since almost all celebrities do what he does.

      I don't know about selling out his own race but he performs this art because it sells. Just like many GARBAGE stuffs from Hollywood, they keep doing those things because it sells to the shallow needs of the slowly deteriorating minds of Americans and other race. I don't know if people do like his style or they are merely laughing at him. I personally find his style ridiculous and I don't even want to continue. I predict his style to be just temporary unless of course he does another GARBAGE that feeds the feeble minds of the public. I have nothing against him but I'm irritated in his style. It reminds me of the hit song "Call Me Maybe". That song was TOTAL GARBAGE , it is pointless and I cannot believe even students from Harvard succumb to the idiotic song. There are too many GARBAGES out there.

      This is just my independent opinion. I'm just a spectator.

    4. Thanks for giving your unique perspective as a showbiz professional entertainer, @Khuang.

      I also have the same reservation that Psy will portray Asian/Asian-American men as emasculated, feminine, cartoonish, silly dancing man especially because at first he looked very much like William Hung who unabashedly cashed in his 15-minute fame and popularity as a silly awkward bad singer.

      So far there is a mixed review of good ones ("he's super talented" by multiple celebrities, music executive Scooter Braun signing Psy to break barriers together) and bad ones (several reaction videos gave first impression of a fat old silly man, bad playboy portrayal of himself) so the judgement is still out if he gives more positive images of Asian men than the bad ones.

      I don't particularly like his playboy portrayal to sexualize women as role model for kids but I have to admit the fun dancing in the video is contagious and can cheer up people.

      The viral video is undeniably a phenomenon with 7-8 million hits/day reaching 194M today but we'll have to wait and see if he has a staying power.

      IMO, he has to come up with a completely opposite persona in the second video in the US so he won't be boxed in as a silly-dancing Korean rapper. Hopefully it will be a good role-model for Asian-American like Jeremy Lin because I can see his influence over teenagers in the US.

      SNL skit gave positive image of his video to cheer up mall workers:

      Interesting article with video link of Psy and Scooter Braun drinking Soju to celebrate "breaking barrier" collaboration

    5. I never really likened PSY to William Hung cause PSY does have SWAG.

    6. No doubt PSY has the talent. The question about him is his pandering to the feeble public. He's like the other "stars" that does whatever the trend is. It is smart for marketing but will America still appreciate him after a couple of months.

      By the Way, William Hung does not have talent period.

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    8. @Khuang,
      I don't want this to become a flame war..let's have a healthy debate. I believe you and I are really rowing towards the same goal, but ultimately we are differing on opinions with PSY. The Asian American man as the effeminate, asexual, karate chopping, over-achiever is not something that I enjoy seeing in the media. I grew up in the mid-west before moving to CA, and I remember seeing my brother get beat up every day for simply having slanted eyes..I was a little young so I was probably spared.

      I don't agree with your point on Psy being a sell-out. I'm Korean American and I can tell you that this video was created in Korea with the intention of appealing to Korean audiences and probably other parts of Asia as well. Psy has been a star in Korea for 12 years, and has always been unique and unusual. It's because of this "uniqueness" that Psy has survived so long- most Korean stars don't last past 25 years old (99 percent of them). A sell-out to me is someone who knowingly tries to defame their own race or origin to make a buck..this is not PSY at all..he's extremely proud of where he comes from.

      It's interesting that you criticize me for de-humanizing Yao Ming when in fact you do the same with comparing William Hung and Psy- creating a single human being out of two people who are totally different both in terms of physical features and ability. My point with Yao Ming was that I can't identify with him, and the fact that he's not very good looking (ask any female out there) and I'm not 7"5 inches makes it difficult to do so. He's not my ideal basketball Asian hero (Jlin is or close to it), and I didn't see him breaking stereotypes initially. Once I looked past his exterior, I saw a genuinely good person who really did have an opportunity to make an impact on Asian American men. I think Psy is the same way.

    9. I respect your posts and your point of view. I'm not trying to flame you either.

      My point was that I saw Yao Ming as he really was because his exterior doesn't bother me and I'm not looking at him with American colored sunglasses. I'm not condemning you for feeling the way you did about Yao, but we have a definite difference in first impressions and my utter lack of exposure to American media is the main reason why. It's also why I was predicting Jeremy Lin could be an All Star when I first came here in January 2012 - I saw a PLAYER, not a stereotype.

      By your definition of "sellout", Psy IS degrading his own people in order to make a buck. His taunting of the crass aspects of Korean culture and degradation of women as mindless sex objects who perform only for money is exactly what your definition of "sellout" points to.

      I won't condemn anyone for enjoying Psy's anti Korean performances. Everybody has a right to like and dislike what they want. I will never agree with the notion that Psy is good for the battered image of Asian American men, but I can respect others who think he is. I am a veteran stage performers and I've had my share of criticism hurled at me from all directions, so I can definitely relate to not just Psy but his fans.

      Make no mistake - I'll never be a fan of Psy. But I do respect his fans out there, as they have a right to like and dislike whatever they want.

    10. Thanks Khuang for your thoughts and opinions..always insightful though I might not agree. Perhaps my opinion of Kangnam style is a bit different since I understand what the video is actually about (Korean-American). For those of you not familiar with Kangnam, Kangnam is a neighborhood where households have a net worth of at least 10 Million dollars US (it's a rough guess, but probably not that far off). It's where the filthy rich perch and get to look down on those less fortunate Koreans while satiating their own materialistic desires for Mink coats, designer handbags, etc. . I too am laughing at the ridiculousness of the video, and frankly don't feel bad at all that the joke's on Kangnam. Perhaps I'm looking at this from a Korean American perspective as well.

    11. But what about the people in Kangnam that made it legitimately?

      I've never heard of Kangnam in my life, but surely some of those people have earned proper money and the right to spend it?

      Thanks to Psy, Kangnam is now a worldwide punching bag for Asians AND nonAsians to laugh at.

      This is why when I perform, I take special care not to antagonize any specific group of people. The stereotype ALWAYS proves false for some people in the group, and I respect the "outliers" too much to throw 'em in with the rest. After all, Jeremy Lin was condemned as being unathletic and unworthy before he simply OVERWHELMED people with his one of a kind talent!

    12. There's definitely no crime in being rich, and I'm sure that there are lots of people who have worked hard and legitimately earned their money in Kangnam. Of course, I agree there is an ethical issue with labeling a whole group of people. However, it's hard to feel sorry for some of the richest people in the world who have no qualms with showing off their wealth.

    13. Y'know, I hear people complain that sports stars are overpaid just because they're sports stars.

      My response is that people aren't enthralled by MY scrubby sports performances. People are amazed by pro sports figures and are willing to spend money to be entertained by them. Thus I don't begrudge sports stars any of their money.

      Similarly, I don't begrudge the rich their money. Maybe it's because I've met so many rich people, but I don't ever have a problem with them being rich. And if they are rubbing their wealth in my face, I am either too dense or self absorbed to notice.

      By the way, I once performed at the birthday party of a big time golfer named Tom Lehman. I was told that he was the captain of the Ryder's cup, whatever that is. I went to his house, set up my guitar like I was supposed to, and serenaded the wives who crowded around me. I did get to meet Tom Lehman and some of the other men at the party. All were super nice, but aside from Lehman (the guy paying me) I couldn't name or pick those guys out of a police lineup. I did see Lehman on TV this Saturday, but I'm not a golf fan and so I wasn't starstruck or anything like that.

  18. Some Korean perspective about Psy would be nice? Any Korean here?
    The way i see it, he is a talented musician that does thing out of the ordinary, that's what make him unique. If he is handsome and attractive, i bet all Asian guys would be so proud of him and his achievement. But sadly America accepted him because he represent the stereotype of unattractive Asian men rather than his talent. I know Koreans and Asians love him for his talents but sadly that's not what racist america sees.

    1. Not a Korean perspective:

      What KHuang was questioning about PSY was his pandering to the American Public. Yes, he definitely shows a lot of talent but he seems to me that his performances are primarily meant to feed what the public wants or the so-called stereotypes. Some may like him or his style but I personally find him ridiculous because I can easily say that he tries too much to conform to the norms of the GARBAGES of HOLLYWOOD.

    2. William Hung, in real life, is a CLASSY man who I can imagine can be attractive to women. Now he's working for a police department, I think.

      I have no problem with William Hung's or Psy's looks. If we took the most handsome Asian man and put him in Psy's role, I'd still bash him just as hard for mocking his own people and making himself look like a socially inept lecherous man unworthy of real romance.

      As good as Jeremy Lin has been for busting negative stereotypes about Asian males, Psy is just as bad for perpetuating them. Don't think for a second that LiveNation (the entity that runs ALL pop music in America and even owns Ticketmaster) doesn't know this and seeks to exploit it to keep its own nonAsian products looking great in comparison!

    3. @777am

      "But sadly America accepted him because he represent the stereotype of unattractive Asian men rather than his talent." you don't know that. people could like him for very different reasons. you're generalizing america in a big way. if what you're saying is true (america is racist) then linsanity never would've happened.

      i think his videos are cheesy. but my 5 year old nephew thinks he's funny. nfl players thought his dance is a cool way to do a TD celebration. most probably just like the beat and rhythm.

      saying that america only likes him because it fits their stereotype about asian men is the same as mayweather saying that asians like jlin just because he's asian and not because of his talent.

    4. Let's face it. No race looks like whatever their so-called stars look like. Blacks don't all look like Denzel Washington, and Asians don't all look like Rain or Bruce Lee. The precise reason I like Psy -- and I suspect many non-Asian fans like Psy -- is because he acts very comfortably and is happy with who he is.

  19. I disagree completely with people who think Psy presents a negative image of Asian-Americans. If you look at the way he behaves in talk shows, you will see that he does not sell out to anyone. In fact, he carries himself with a great deal of masculinity and humor, and does not kiss ass to anyone. In fact, if Psy was a basketball player, he would have whacked Jason Kidd for fouling him hard. I say this while agreeing with some people's judgment that there are a lot of garbage popular music out there. However, Psy's music is just as good (or bad) as any popular rapper's music minus all cuss words. While I like and admire JLin the basketball player, I am not that much into his "goody two shoes" image. Psy is a very shrewd person who is definitely more savvy than JLin in getting benefits out of the American media. Psy may very well become one-hit musician to the general American audience, but he's a talented and experienced musician. He definitely broke the color barrier for Asian musicians (not Asian-American), like Yao Ming did in basketball.

    1. Excellent point. You guys need to watch some of his interviews. He's actually everything you want to see in an Asian American male: he's confident, charismatic, funny, and articulate despite some limited English: . His initial video is a bit of a parody Weird Al song, but if he breaks through, I can guarantee that his next songs will be less satirical, but probably just as weird. If he does succeed in getting big in the US, this will pave the way for other more serious artists. We've never had any Asian American in the pop music industry come close to this kind of's baby steps. One day we will have the Asian American Usher, but it will take time.

    2. I can also say that Psy didn't come to the US to be a joke and be laughed at. He's far too serious of an artist to do that.

    3. Well, Psy is in for a RUDE AWAKENING then.

      He's gonna find put firsthand how RACIST the music industry is, just as I've been dealing with for decades.

    4. I can tell you that Psy has a great deal of sense of biting humor and intelligence, a lot more than other fake musicians. Unlike many musicians, he stuck to being himself and original. His personality is really appealing, especially to young kids. Even though Psy looks like a Chinese restaurant owner portrayed in old American movies, he's one media savvy guy.

    5. Well, so will JLin be in for a rude awakening. If he falters on basketball court, the media will be merciless in their attacks.

    6. I do agree with Khuang in this. My friend who is involved with the film stuff says in his experience, the media is one of the most racist institutions in that they don't want any new race, including Asian-Americans, succeed on their turf. You look at Disney channel, how many Asian faces do you see?

    7. The media is merciless in its attacks and racism toward Lin NOW.

      That's what Psy has waiting for him.

      Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Jeremy Lin, and myself have all dealt with Asian American media emasculation. It hasn't changed in 50 years and it's not going to.

    8. My friend and I always lament that to this day "Bruce Lee" was the coolest Asian dude in the American media. There is a reason why Bruce Lee went abroad to make films which ended up being hits (or cult hits) in the US! However, I think as the Asian countries become more powerful and rich (which fact scares the shit out of a lot of Americans), Asian artists and athletes will break through. I see JLin, etc as the beginning of the gradual process.

    9. Totally agree on the media issue. When was the last time that an Asian American male kissed a non-Asian in a movie? They wouldn't even let Jet Li kiss Aliyah in the movie they made together..awful..I think it's just to threatening to the general American public.

    10. Actually let's be honest, Jetli kissing Aliyah would have been a joke for that movie. Especially cause Jet Li plays an Asian foreign/socially awkward outcast in that movie. Well he does that in all his movies it seems. That or he is some ghost like in the mummy.

      Plus Asians from Asia have their own social norms and are racists too :) Supposedly, Aliyah kissed Jetli as a playful gesture during some pre-release tv interview, and I read/heard he was very upset at her for doing that. Sounds like he was actually more racist or awkward than anything if that's true. But dood is from Asia and is not Asian American, although he's the only Asian action star you see on tv unless you count Cung Le in his D list movies.

      I agree the media is messed up, just can't say every single time the media does something that it's messed up...maybe 99% of the time though :/

    11. Things are SO BAD with Asian emasculation that I actually "LONG" for the days of Long Duk Dong in "Sixteen Candles" (bad pun entirely intended!)

      For those of you who don't know, Long Duk Dong was a fictional Asian immigrant who was totally hypersexual and was able to score with chicks because of his dorkiness. In the context of a movie like 16 Candles where EVERYBODY was made fun of, I was OK with that! There are worse things to be than an Asian superstud, even a dorky one.

      The only Asian American guy that gets the girl in the movies is Keanu Reeves who has a white mother and Chinese father. Obviously Reeves doesn't advertise that he's Asian American.

      I met Keanu Reeves on the street when he approached me asking for walking directions to the NBA All Star Game in Phx. I looked at him quizzically and he grinned big and nodded at me in a way that so many Asian men do. I was actually not there for the game, as I was performing with the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra that week!

    12. I thought Reeves had some Polynesian blood also, no?

  20. Nephe, you seem to be against Psy not because you believe he's feeding the stereotype but because he's going down to the low level of the popular American music. But all Asian-Americans can't be Yoyo Mas. Some have to pander to the low-level popular music culture of America. At least, Psy's music doesn't have cuss words such as "b***h" and "f**k". I also do not see why he became so famous, but I do find the video funnier than many videos made by American musicians. To become top of the popular culture, you have to exploit some and give some. If I was forced to choose, I rather listen to Psy's music than Rihanna or Beyonce stuff, that's all I am saying. So far, I heard no young Asian-American kids dislike Psy for the reason you mentioned. I guess the popular culture by definition is limited to the young kids.

    1. Heh.

      When I was in Juilliard, I knew several Asian American boys that had Yo Yo Ma talent. But none of them got their start overseas like Yo Yo Ma did.

      Had Yo Yo Ma not been discovered in a FRENCH violin shop, he'd be another no name no fame Asian American nobody being actively BLOCKED from the best opportunities like all us Asian American boys at Juilliard were.

      There is no such thing as an Asian American homegrown Yo Yo Ma, and there likely never will be.

    2. Becoming a star is not a matter of fairness. It is especially hard when it comes to classical music. Be honest... how famous is clasical music in todays western society and how marketable is it?

      There are lots of great musicians out there and most of them will spend their life as nonames. If they are lucky they can call themselves member of this or that orchestra/philharmonics but thats about it.

      In the end - becoming a star is not just about being as good as someone else - its about being better - sticking out - having special achievements - being very lucky - taking chances - having a special name - being liked by certain people or to be creative and being blessed with a nice smile (Vanessa Mae).

      If you ask the average american - they probably know Jojo Ma because hes been in the media a lot. But ask them for another star of classical music - most people wont even know anyone else - because classic music is simply not pop music.

      Asians have made their impact in classical music all around the world. A career in classic music - thats probably the last thing that asians would consider a problem.

    3. For Asians, making a career in classical music is difficult ONLY IN AMERICA.

      I won't get into how the American system works, but suffice it to say that Asians are not welcome in the spotlight.

      Vanessa Mae is someone who was a near contemporary of mine at Juilliard. She made her fame with her "sexy" album covers and image. Violinistically, I am not impressed by her but do acknowledge that she has done much to bring classical music to the masses. I salute her, but I'm not her fan.

  21. I should disclose that I have not watched any TV shows or American popular music for the last 10 years, so what I say is based on my vague recollection of the popular American music or TV shows. It saddens me when I see many black athletes make stupid racist remarks about Asians because both races overcame a lot of hurdles to be where we are in America. Next time I see Shaq, I will say "You big, fat Kunta Kinte" for what he said about Yao Ming. :)

    1. African Americans would laugh if you compared their plight in the USA to the plight of Asian Americans in the USA. Nobody believes the subtle racism that Asian Americans are forced to bear in the USA can compare on any level to what black Americans have endured.

      That's why SAS and most other African Americans and other non-black Americans feel it's ridiculous to say that Asian Americans face any racial intolerance in the USA. They feel it's fine calling an Asian American guy a nerd, dork, or William Hung because 1. they believe it's true; and 2. it is nothing compared to being physically beaten or tortured, nothwistanding such brutality and overt racism that only ended a couple generations ago. Guys from SAS's generation and after never experienced any racism aside from racial profiling and being called racist remarks but that's besides the point.

      Plus the large percentage of Asians & Asian Americans that become sucessful business and working professionals in the USA further exacerbates the problem. Non-Asian-Americans don't see any racism. They see Asians taking up jobs, even though those jobs are often limited and have glass ceilings. Asians as a whole tend to be seen as over-achieving in the classroom. That causes more subtle disdain for Asians. To them, Asians excel and get more than their fair share of opportunities so what's the problem. Asians are butlers and personal assistants to celebrities and CEO's, not leaders of men.

      Now an Asian - Lin- is invading foreign territory - American sports in a glamour position as the lead guard of a team. How dare Lin have the audacity. How dare he speak English properly!? He's a marketing ploy - everyone knows that, right? I don't think Carmelo meant "Rudy" just cause Lin is Asian. He probably meant "rudy" in the context Lin was a high school academic overachiever(for NBA player standards); Harvard player (meaning Ivy League scrub, not a REAL baller); Lin isn't "cool" in the tradition sense of talking about religion and he doesn't exude hip hop or urban culture so prevalent in the NBA so he doesnt really fit that way either; and lastly yes, because he's Asian. Each element reinforces the other elements.

      But for many of us, we see it much more simply. That Lin's trajectory was jacked from the start because he wasn't properly recruited out of high school based on how he looked. He wasn't and isn't a Rudy even though Carmelo and everyone else wishes he was. We are pissed he almost didn't make it when he should have been a can't miss talent.

      Hines Ward talked about how embarassing it was to be half Korean when he was a kid. He pretended his Asian mom wasn't his mom at all. That should tell you something - that for a high school kid it was more embarrassing for him to found out as being partially Asian than for him to say he was 100% black.

      Like I said, being Asian American aint easy in the USA. Sure there are outliers who excel and people who fit in well here and there. The vast majority are just lumped in as foreignors, followers, or freaks. What are ya goonna do :)

      Dont be sad when any athlete makes fun of Asians. During the Olympic leadup, CP3 accidentally insinuated Lin, like Gasol and Rubio, was a foreigner who made it today because the Dream Team of 1992 dominated the other countries across the globe and inspired future generations of players around the world like Lin. I'm sure CP3 knows Lin was in his California driveway shooting hoops with his dad when the dream team was playing but it is what is...

    2. There are many ignorant people in all races. I doubt CP3 even read the autobiography of Malcolm X. If he did, I would respect him more.

    3. "African Americans would laugh if you compared their plight in the USA to the plight of Asian Americans in the USA. Nobody believes the subtle racism that Asian Americans are forced to bear in the USA can compare on any level to what black Americans have endured.

      That's why SAS and most other African Americans and other non-black Americans feel it's ridiculous to say that Asian Americans face any racial intolerance in the USA. They feel it's fine calling an Asian American guy a nerd, dork, or William Hung because 1. they believe it's true; and 2. it is nothing compared to being physically beaten or tortured, nothwistanding such brutality and overt racism that only ended a couple generations ago. Guys from SAS's generation and after never experienced any racism aside from racial profiling and being called racist remarks but that's besides the point."

      Those African Americans would be just as ignorant as much of White America then.

      Apparently, they have never heard of the Japanese American Internment, where over 110,000 Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps during WWII for the crime of being Japanese?

      Or how about the ethnic cleansing and racist pogroms against Chinese American laborers in the 19th century as documented by Jean Pfaelzer's book below:

      _Driven Out: The Forgotten War Against Chinese Americans_

    4. Sadly, there are simply not enough Asian Americans in this country for it to matter. Asian Americans are just so fractionalized in terms of grass roots/cultural movements.

      All we can do is worry about ourselves and be the best we can be, create opportunities where there aren't any or be ready like Lin when a sliver of opportunity arises. Easier said than done of course, but we have to be better than the next guy to make a difference or stand out. We need more JLins but we can do our part to all be great ourselves in our own professions and lives.

      We can only whine so much on here before it falls on deaf ears, and there are some sympathetic ears on this board. I've been one of the biggest whiners on here...

      Khuang, you have expectional talent in your profession, based on what I've read. It's infinitely easier to become a doctor or lawyer than become a recognized musician, and for that I applaud you for going down that path. I'm sure you have made opportunities better for those behind you.

      Most people on this forum can't even relate to your experiences and I can't either since I'm sure you dealt with more than I have. In fact most Asians from Asia or Asians within the USA/Canada who have stayed culturally rooted in their own Asian culture think people like us sound crazy on this board or they could care less about fitting in because they don't see themselves as American despite living abroad. In large part, these people represent a broad spectrum of what Asians are in the USA/Canada etc. and why racist jokes permeate throughout American culture.

      I see a lot of people on this board alone conflating PSY being Korean and talking about how he is influencing Asian American stereotypes. We can't blame PSY, a Korean-Korean, for reinforcing William Hung stereotypes. The dood is from Korea, and even if he realizes his image is negative, why should he care about the plight of Asian Americans? He's freaking Korean-Korean. I'd be more concerned at Ken Jeong and Bobby Lee for reinforcing the image of the Asian American loser/weirdo. Plus PSY does not carry himself like a clown and I think people will find that our quickly if they try to embarrass this guy. That's why I think he's going to fade out because he isn't the Asian clown off stage that the American media wants him to be.

      We can sigh in despair or learn from a young kid like Jlin to be "stubborn" and have some self worth and faith in our abilities to make it. Some Asian Americans think just because Lin was in the NBA, that shows that the USA is not racist at all. I completely disagree with that assessment but hey everyone gets to think for themselves.

      One thing we can agree on is that this kid should give us all hope that if he can break through on a national stage in which millions of entertainment dollars are at play, we can surely find a way in our professional lives to break through our own racial barries as well imagined or unimagined, whatever it is that we do.

    5. I'm not as forgiving of you on Psy, as I understand exactly how his handlers are framing him.

      Psy's Korean handlers are 100% aware of the media's hatred toward Asian American men. They seek to exploit it and US for their own financial gain. They're so hellbent on kissing white corporate ass that they're deliberately playing into those evil stereotypes. And it could not happen without Psy's consent!

      I have sacrificed so much to be a real musician, as I lack the aptitude to be a doctor or lawyer even though that is my preference. I'm just a no name musician relying on my guts and hard work to BATTLE those sick stereotypes. And then in walks this Psy guy with his team of money grubbing handlers to degrade ME AND MY CAREER for HIS FINANCIAL GAIN. Not no, but HELL NO.

      In pro music, the first thing you learn is who your enemies are. Psy is my enemy and I am Psy's. That is the truth and only truth, and those who can't handle it either wash out of pro music or get mercilessly exploited and then get kicked out anyway.

  22. Check this video and see if this isn't funny:

    Cracked me up big time.

  23. Lastly, I cannot cut down Psy too much because my son's friends have commented that I look like Psy. :)

    1. It's not Psy's looks that guys like me have a problem with.

      It's his FLAMING of his own people that we dislike.

    2. You lost me there. I just don't see him flaming anyone. Maybe in future videos, he will start flaming all kinds of people. This is very different from Margaret Cho.

    3. He's flaming Kangnam's people and their alleged excesses via the musical message of his video.

    4. Making fun or being satirical is different from flaming. Besides, the video was never expected to be marketed in the US. You ask Gangnam residents and see if they are offended; no Gangnam residents are probably offended at all.

    5. @Khuang:

      When I see Psy I see social satire and thats wonderful. Satire is an important tool for people to criticise the digressions and flaws of societies. Its a peaceful and funny way to get attention, spread your critique, ridicule certain behavior, get people to think about something and contribute to the development of a society.

      I cannot understand how you see it as flaming. Are you not familiar with the concept of satire? I really hope you are not one of those people who think criticising your own people or country is the same as treason. You know where there is/was hardly any social satire? North Korea, Nazi Gemany, Maos PRChina...

      If people dont have a way to criticise their own people - who is going to do that? How can there be democracy and whats life worth in such a society?

    6. Hrmph.

      As everybody knows here, I am probably the most CRITICAL person on this board. I don't have any problems opening my big mouth.

      What I don't do is parody others for MONEY. Another person's shame is not my source of income, like Psy is doing.

      So don't you go on your little preacher pulpit and lecture me about criticism. At least I am STRAIGHT UP about it and am more than willing to take the heat that inevitably (and JUSTIFIABLY) comes my way. And I'm not earning a cent from bashing Psy either.

    7. If I was from Kangnam, I'd be TOTALLY OFFENDED at Psy's video taunting.

      Let's say I was one of the many successful businessmen from there. I work my tail off, make tremendous sacrifices, take care of my employees, put my finances at risk, and spend a fortune on advertising. Then this evil clown Psy comes in to DESTROY the goodwill I earned from years of hard labor and sacrifice by degrading me and my town as a bunch of no substance playboy lecherous idiots with fake money?

      I'll tell you, Psy should be glad I'm not from Kangnam. Because right now I'd be on the Kangnam streets rallying my fellow residents to DEFEND OUR TOWN'S REPUTATION against the inevitable onslaught of media negativity that is bound to follow.

      I am an Asian WARRIOR who defends his turf against enemies that would humiliate me or take away my ability to make a living. Even though I am not from Kangnam, I won't let Psy and his high falutin' ass kissing money grubbing handlers make a buck off me by making me look unappealing to those that I do business with!

  24. Gangnam-Style [eng sub]

    PSY on ABC

    PSY on CNN

  25. Fastbreak NYC ‏@theFBNYCsnitch
    We got exclusive @BrooklynNets vs @HoustonRockets tix to see @JLin7 on Friday Feb 22 at Barclays. Email if interested.
    8:09 AM - 17 Sep 12

  26. Rocketscast Live: Blasting Off

  27. Different path, but similar stories for Lin and Parsons

  28. It looks like the Rockets big men won't have a chance to be tutored by Hakeem Olajuwon this season. He will be full time teaching the Knicks big men how to score in the low post.

    1. The Rockets have the BEST big man in basketball already, and that's Kevin McHale!

      Olajuwon is also a fabulous coach. But he is not an upgrade over the great Kevin McHale.

    2. McHale..... all right. It's good to know.

      Also, if Olaj is so good and unique, get a film of his moves!

  29. eb5attorney wrote:

    While I like and admire JLin the basketball player, I am not that much into his "goody two shoes" image. Psy is a very shrewd person who is definitely more savvy than JLin in getting benefits out of the American media.
    I feel the same way - and probably most people who aren't Christians. Ethics is far more important to God (and people) than being a "goody two shoes": Things like not abusing one's power (religious leaders, teachers, bosses, politicians, are in positions of power), respecting other people's free will (one's religion is a major part of it), not encroaching on others or their property, and giving goodwill to others; notice that it takes true humility and goodwill/love to have all those traits. Most humans don't have the capacity to love everybody like they do their family or close friends - but they can give others goodwill.

    Ethics and fighting back or defending oneself are NOT mutually exclusive; not fighting back, when called for, is STUPID. Ethically speaking, one's religion should not have conflict with being the best basketball player that one can be. I hope that Lin didn't mean that when he said the following:

    >> "I have to really understand that I'm not playing for all my fans, for my family, even for myself, I really have to play to glorify God," -- Jeremy Lin

    A lot of religions are offshoots of an ancient religion that all the religious leaders wanted people to forget (because they didn't want to lose their power, control, prestige, money), which is why there are some profound passages in every "Bible" of each religion. And they all share certain similar concepts like Trinity and doing everything in the name of God. Doing things in the name of God (if you like, in Lin's case, Jesus) is an EXCELLENT thing (Do it the best you can, do it with love, do it with presence of God's in mind). Doing his best should also mean that Lin should recognize that the Rockets are paying him for his services - to try win games, and that the fans are paying the Rockets!

    >> "And when other people see me play basketball...the way I treat my teammates, the opponents, the refs, that's all a reflection of God's image and God's love so that's the stuff I try to focus on." -- Jeremy Lin

    On the court, you treat your opponents like your enemy! The same way as other players. In the NBA, the coaches are rightly screaming and belittling at their players for "playing soft", because that's how they lose games..... Also, I hope that Lin will NO LONGER undermine referees when they call flagrant fouls on him against an opponent, by being all chummy with the opponent and say he didn't think it was a flagrant. It was unnecessary and not very bright in the NBA, even for a young player (in fact, that may be the first - and there were 18 year olds in the past and 19 year olds still); I believe Lin thought it was a religious thing to do, but was very misguided: He wasn't working in an office - It was a freaking thuggish NBA!!! A huge part of Lin's appeal is that he was winning games while playing cool, but some of his sound bites heard around the world were definitely uncool - nor necessary - in his line of work; and his opponents may take advantage of him. And now, as a leader of a very young team, that type of behavior will seriously UNDERMINE LIN'S LEADERSHIP; and the coach will shake his head.

    1. Believe me, Kevin McHale will do more than just shake his head if Jeremy Lin wimps out next season.

      Kevin McHale was one of the meanest and toughest players in league history, and he's just as tough as a coach. He'll shake Jeremy Lin's head if that's what it takes to toughen Lin up.

    2. Khuang,

      I think you're right..... McHale will not be a "respecter of any persons". lol

    3. Kevin McHale is one of the true NICE GUYS in the NBA.

      That's because he'll PUNCH, CLOTHESLINE, SHOVE, TRASHTALK, and PUNK anybody who crosses him. Thus people don't mess with him and so he can be a nice guy!

      For learning NBA toughness, Jeremy Lin could not have a better coach in the entire NBA than Kevin McHale!

    4. I just hope he toughen up, will be very disappointing if he did not speak out when there's an injustice against him. that's the only concern i have with him and he's too nice personality.

    5. I hope McHale gets into Jeremy's face during games. I would like someone to really challenge Lin especially during tough games. We do not want someone who is too nice to Jeremy just because he's the star of the team. Jeremy needs a motivator every single game. He needs someone to shout at his face when he does not deliver the way he should.I know Jeremy is mentally tough but that toughness may fade if the coach is too soft.

    6. I hope you guys are right about McHale toughening up Jlin..he needs it badly. I don't care if it's Landry Fields clothes lining him, and Jlin retaliating. They can kiss and hug after the game at dinner. Jlin needs to lear n to toughen up or we'll be seeing another Yao soon. The day I heard Yao's career was basically over was when I gave up on the NBA.

    7. @ ztrta

      I AGREE WITH YOU 100%

      Having said that -

      "not fighting back, when called for, is STUPID."
      - He might be thinking "...avenge not yourselves" Romans 12:19

      "I hope that Lin didn't mean that when he said the following:
      >> "I have to really understand that I'm not playing for all my fans, for my family, even for myself, I really have to play to glorify God," -- Jeremy Lin"
      - He really meant it. You'll notice how sincere he is, how diff from Landry [also a Christian.] JLin is PARTICULARLY devout. & Being in the public eye, he feels the responsibility to represent his Christian beliefs even more. He puts God's Glory ABOVE ALL ELSE [even his family.]

      "Doing his best should also mean that Lin should recognize that the Rockets are paying him for his services - to try win games, and that the fans are paying the Rockets!"
      - But in his mind, it's possible that God's commands > Rockets/ his pay/ winning games/ fans.

      "On the court, you treat your opponents like your enemy!"
      - He will run into "Love your enemies..."Matthew 5:44
      If there was ever a tinge of things getting personal, he will immediately call on his Christian education, & try douse it down with Love.

      "The same way as other players."
      - He is ACTIVELY trying NOT TO BE LIKE a typical NBA player [but instead play for God's Glory.]

      "I hope that Lin will NO LONGER undermine referees when they call flagrant fouls on him against an opponent."
      - He was trying to be fair [Godly character.]

      "his opponents may take advantage of him."
      - They constantly take advantage of him, esp knowing what he would [& would not] do in return.

      "Kevin McHale was one of the meanest and toughest players in league history, and he's just as tough as a coach. He'll shake Jeremy Lin's head if that's what it takes to toughen Lin up."
      - But if McHale's orders go against JLin's Christian beliefs, how do you get JLin to follow? He'll just...endure. God > McHale. God > EVERYTHING.

      JLin's favorite verse is suffering-heavy: Romans 5:3-5
      Not only so, but we[a] also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.

      Suffering -> Character. He is going to endure things. I hope people in his circle will put it in his head it's not only what you can take.

      There were suggestions about him learning martial arts. Really, someone should get him to do this [& he's adventurous enough to be receptive to this too.]

      Learning martial arts will allow him to have a craft-type appreciation for physical violence, help him abstract physical force from its emotional [& in turn, moral] wellspring. It will put him in a mindset where he can unpack a violent act into strokes he can call on reflexively without going into some anti-pride guilt headspace/ Christian moral dilemma everytime. Getting into martial arts [even the most cursory practice] will help him appreciate whatever it is McHale will want to teach him.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

    9. Let ME teach Jeremy Lin kung fu.

      I'd teach him a bunch of styles that he could incorporate onto the basketball court. It would shield him from any sort of attack and give him even more swagger than he already has.

      What I'd teach him wouldn't be the modern wushu that has been deliberately stripped of application. I'd teach him the real stuff. For example, one can do the Bagua Single palm change while dribbling a basketball with either hand going backwards or forwards.

      What Lin would really benefit from learning from me is how he could wage a physical war without breaking basketball rules. For example, I'd teach him how to harden parts of his body while leaving the rest of it soft for shock absorption, which is a Drunken Style technique (Internal Strength). Or if guys are jostling him when he doesn't have the ball, I'd teach Lin how to use his shoulders and hips to legally smack opponents back in a nonfouling way that intimidates them from even trying - a Tai Chi Chen Style technique.

      I have been in more vicious fights than anyone save the most hardened criminals. I've also used kung fu to beat off headhunters on the basketball court in nonreferee situations. Nobody knows better than me how to teach Lin how to defend himself.

    10. @via wong - you misunderstood me on the following quote of mine:

      I said, "Ethically speaking, one's religion should not have conflict with being the best basketball player that one can be. I hope that Lin didn't mean that when he said the following:" ...... I know Lin meant what he said - because he said it. But what I was saying, in a sense, was that that I hope Lin performs his job (as a basketball player) well and correctly for the profession he's in (which is a thuggish sport). God is not going to "get him" for doing what he is supposed to do in his line of job: Go by the league rules; do his best to not commit flagrant fouls, but hard fouls are allowed; and when a referee lets all dirty plays go for the other team, his team must play dirty also. And he doesn't need to take cheap shots like a docile person, etc. Lin's job is not an office job; it's playing in the NBA, so he needs to perform his duty correctly within the rules - and that shouldn't be taken as having conflict with his religion.

      So much of your Bible verses are taken out of context; there are other Bible verses that says to stand up for your self (in so many words). Anyway, taking Bible verses out of context or isolating some verses (the same applies to any other religion's sacred scriptures) creates a lot of problems for their followers, as well as for their victims - all in the name of their God.

    11. @via wong

      Sorry, I have to say your reasoning is flawed. I cannot accept that line of thinking. Using your reasoning, JLIN might as well get sucker punched and not even retaliate.

      He needs to separate his religious beliefs from basketball. He can o back to being religious AFTER THE GAME.

    12. :) ztrta

      We talk about ethics, but it might not be so cut & dry for Christians? [or you won't have problems with say abortion for rape victims etc.]

      I understand completely what you meant with your previous post & I AGREE COMPLETELY [I'm not talking as a Christian here, since I'm no longer one.]

      What I'm saying is, it's possible JLin is choosing to act the way he does bec he is adhering to certain "rules."

      "I hope Lin performs his job (as a basketball player) well and correctly for the profession he's in (which is a thuggish sport)."
      - I AGREE.
      However, that's precisely why JLin will not. He will ACTIVELY go the other way [at a personal cost] bec he will insist on playing Godly bball & not "succumb to the world." [thuggish bball]

      "when a referee lets all dirty plays go for the other team, his team must play dirty also."
      - I AGREE.
      But JLin himself might see this as going against "Godly bball" & not see it our way [It's justified.]

      "And he doesn't need to take cheap shots like a docile person, etc."
      - I AGREE.
      However, he might see this as being strong, enduring, not docile. [I fear that he'll need to be pushed to the very limit to finally consider retaliation, out of self-preservation.]

      "Lin's job is not an office job; it's playing in the NBA, so he needs to perform his duty correctly within the rules - and that shouldn't be taken as having conflict with his religion."
      - I AGREE.
      But JLin might have a diff take on what "correctly" is, & the gray areas within the rules.

      As for Bible verses & standing up for oneself, it depends on w/c part of the Bible really. [There are entire swathes of the Bible where God's chosen goes on a rampage, under his command even.]

      It seem though that JLin is NT heavy. [His favorite is Romans, after all.] It's Paul, you know, the guy who advised slaves to serve & not rebel against their masters? "For the sake of Christ, then, I am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For when I am weak, then I am strong." There is an emphasis on endurance, on self-discipline, on being stoic.

      The bottomline is God's words > winning [if it's by what he might see as iffy means.]

      Remember, he aims to play 'Godly bball' [cannot be dirty, even if justified.] It's for the Glory of God [w/c dirty play will undermine.]

      Look, this is a guy who bangs his head on the wall as a kid when he does not get his way [even before he can speak.] To be this patient [the way he is now] is not his nature. He is clearly applying a great deal of self-discipline to be the way he is now. It's not that he does not know what he could do, it's not that he cannot do what others could do. It's HE WON'T. [Something is making him not do it.]

      You will have to hack HIS conception of Godly bball to include the physicality we want him to include. [That's why I suggested martial arts.]

    13. @ Neph

      I don't know what he will do if he gets sucker punched. Hopefully his instinct makes him punch the f back. & not do the physical equivalent of "much love to the fans & the haters." [His FB reply to the haters leaving crap messages on his wall.]

      His identity is in Christ. He considers himself ABOVE ALL a Christian [& will be hesitant to tarnish that with a whiff of anything not above board.] Esp as he sees his high profile as not only an opportunity to represent Christ, but as in fact God's doing/ miracle [for His purpose.]

      All he needs really is to widen his idea of Godly bball to accomodate some "physicality." It can be done. [Prolly after he's been pushed enough. But he can endure so much...]

    14. via wong,

      Jiminy Cricket! What you're saying about Jeremy is scary, lol. I hope he's not that "narrow minded" (for lack of a better words - at this hour).... As for banging his head as a child, to get things he wanted - a lot of kids do that. I used to do that too - it can be potentially dangerous. Well adjusted and rational kids eventually grow out of it. To my observation, kids who act like brats tend to have higher IQ than kids who are docile, who tend to be also less inquisitive. Of course, they must grow out of it ASAP and having loving (less harsh, laugh) parents would be a lucky thing.

      FWIW, here's an interesting article about religion and pro sports that I remember reading in February:
      'The Jeremy Lin Problem' By DAVID BROOKS (on NYTimes Opinion page) Published: February 16, 2012

    15. @ ztrta

      Sorry I have not addressed the verses properly.

      I meant by the "Love thy enemies" Matthew 5:44 quote is: If you turn his opponents into his "enemies," all the more he may not be able to fight. Guilt of pride, the discomfort of hatred [Christians are suppose to love] will give rise to such an internal conflict, he'll prolly choose to be passive than to sin.

      I meant by the "Avenge no yourself" Romans 12:19 quote is: There is a call to let God handle the book-keeping as far as justice/ fairness is concerned. He'll prolly see hard fouls against him as playing bball wrong [but he cannot follow these guys & commit them himself, w/c would be what Retaliation will be.] He'll prolly just try to suck it up & play his game the best he could.

      Any appeal to anger will trip his "rules." You have to get him to redefine what Godly bball is.

    16. @ ztrta

      Not only banging his head [it shows an inborn hair-trigger temper] but he made sunday school teachers cry, was constantly thrown out of practice, was deemed uncoachable, used to scream at his team mates when they lose, trashed things. It takes a lot of self-discipline to turn that into how he is today. Lots of self-control.

      Yeah, David Brooks was laughed at for that article [a lot of people were pointing out all the athletes who are religious.] But JLin is specially sincere.

      Take Landry, a Christian [who constantly tweets GGTG or Give Glory to God.] He's shacked up with a bombshell, gets hopped-up on goofballs no prob [someone saw him], drinks & cavorts with no guilt whatsoever.

      Compare that to JLin, who covers his face in the club while drinking fr a bottle of water, was accused by Jezebel of slut-shaming bec he wouldn't speak with sexy-dressed girls [except when he's drunk,] spends his time giving Christian testimonies left & right, makes it a point to humble himself [makes himself pick up trash after others, when he is by nature very messy - can be seen on his pics, vid]

      Even Tebow, who also wants to be a pastor like him, is not as devout as he is.

      & He's also a perfectionist even with his Christianity. So he's going to serve God first, then his team/ team mates, himself last.

    17. If Jeremy Lin gets sucker punched, there are ways to retaliate without getting called for fouls.

      One thing Jeremy Lin can do is when he gets the ball in a triple threat, he can lower his head and headbutt his opponent. Or he can body check the opponent when he's without the ball. On defense, Lin can run the offender into a double screen. All of this is LEGAL, too.

      Kung fu teaches many ways of intimidating and controlling your opponents.

    18. People... you all need to remember that jeremy does not exist to please YOU and follow your world-view. do NOT put your asian identiyy in him and expect him to act a certain way do certain things because of your pride. you WILL be disappointed. greatly.

      he does not represent anyone - he only chooses to represent what he believes he's called to do on earth, which is to honor his god and please him only. nothing else matters to him. if he believe that turning the other cheek is what pleases his god, then he will do that regardless of what this world thinks. that's why he picks up trash after his teammates and do all the stuff that he does which put him, in the public eye, in a not so favorable light. but you know what, he doesn't care!

      and folks, that's real toughness and strength right there.. to do what your convictions tell you regardless what the world may think of you.

      and at the end of the day, if he'd decided to play for anything or anyone else, he will NEVER be satisfied and he knows that. he said it himself - he felt empty during linsanity. can you believe that? on the cover of time 100 and SI, and he felt... empty. and really, if we expect him to carry our asian identity, we'll never be satisfied either, and it's not really fair to him. we want him to start.. ok he's starting. now we want all star, then HOF, then best pg of all time, most money and biggest contract of all time while punking and stepping and dunking all over all his opponents. then what?...

      let him be who is. let's enjoy this gift and let him be who he really is.

    19. It's not a matter of wanting JLin to represent whatever Asian identity. He needs to fight back or he's looking a serious injury. Christianity & Martial Arts aren't incompatible, are they? [I don't think so?]

    20. of course they're not. and if we're talking about injury that's one thing but if we're talking about an attitudinal (is that a word?) change than that's something else altogether.

      all i'm saying is he has a very different world view than everyone else, especially non-christians, and it has nothing to do with what he is "allowed" to do and what he is not "allowed" to do in certain situations.

      our values determines how we act in all situations. his values are different than most, and so he will react differently than most to different situation. let him be who he is. and if he doesn't react to fouls and taunts the way that we think he should? so be it. all i'm saying is if we put him on a pedestal and expects him to carry the mantel of what an asian-american male should be, people will be disappointed because his definitions of what that should be is most likely different from others'.

    21. @ fighton1999

      We're talking about injury.

      I don't think anyone wants an attitudinal change from him? That's why the martial arts suggestion. So he can become comfortable with fighting in a purely abstract, not emotional way. In that way, he needs no attitudinal/ values change & will be able to respond to the fouls by reflex. [If he can widen up his idea of bball to accomodate a bit more physicality.]

      I must say though, his shift from bratty to patient & accomodating has a lot to do with his faith. It's not what he is "allowed" or not "allowed" to do, he takes God's words in the Bible to heart & they form the criterion for what pleases the Lord/ the right thing to do. [Using the word "rules" might be a crude way of putting it.] His values clearly changed after embracing Christ fully [for the better.]

      He NEEDS to react to fouls. or his career is going to be short.

    22. @ fighton1999

      Perhaps there's a misunderstanding bec this discussion occurs in the middle of a PSY/ AM identity thread. & Also, that martial arts is much identified with Asian culture. [Any fighting tradition is fine, maybe Krav Maga?]

      My citing the 2 verses is not a way of mocking Christians as pedantic or blindly following what's allowed/ not allowed, it's a lame attempt at synecdoche [I'm bad at exposition, better at execution haha] As you know, the message behind "Vengeance is mine says the Lord," & "Love thy enemies" are cornerstone to Christian thought that I think even non-Christians recognize.

      There's a reason people are encouraging him to see his opponents as enemies. We all know the easiest way to tap into aggressive energy is thru anger/ hate. JLin's faith is an inhibiting factor to this precise thing. [After all, his past anger issues was one of the things he sought to resolve when he came to Christ.] What a trainer can do is have martial arts training as another routine alongside his other routines, & he acquire the muscle memory. It's a way to slip another weapon in his repertoire. & as he train simultaneously on both sets of routines, it would feel much natural to mix parts of them together. In a game, instinct will take over & he will naturally call on what he knows when he needs it, instead of trying to rile himself up to react. It will spare him from needless inner turmoil, it leaves his faith untouched, & he avoids injury. :)

    23. @ via wong

      "he will naturally call on what he knows when he needs it, instead of trying to rile himself up to react. It will spare him from needless inner turmoil, it leaves his faith untouched, & he avoids injury."

      The turmoil with God would then become whether to equip yourself to react instinctively, but in an ungodly way, or not to equip yourself at all if to do so would make you instinctively react in an ungodly way.

      I do agree that if he can acquire that muscle memory and his instinctive reaction is still a godly reaction, that would be a viable martial arts response to this dilemma of preventing injury in a Christian way.

      "He NEEDS to react to fouls. or his career is going to be short."

      That may be true, but again, when it comes down to it if he had to make the choice between injury and reacting with violence in an ungodly way, he'd probably choose injury and suffering if that is what the right attitude with God requires.

    24. @ wilc

      Playing in the NBA = playing the game the way it has evolved in a specialized environment with its own implicit rules.

      Tbh, is HIS idea of Godly bball even possible in this league?

      [He's not the only Christian on the court, they adapt just fine...]

    25. He said he learned a lot in NY. :)

    26. @via wong

      I agree that Christians can succeed on a high level and cope with playing in the NBA just fine. The problem is where the Christian principles and playing in the NBA principles conflict. I guess learning a lot in the NY and depending on God's wisdom is key for such hard situations. I do agree that he will have enough wisdom to do just fine at the end of the day! He may even add new meaning to what it means to "play in the NBA"!


  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. It would be interesting to see what PSY will do [or will be allowed to do] in the US.

    I like his no-boundaries freedom call, his transgressive style [against the back-drop of asian social conformity, cultural rules, the status-quo.]

    There's no denying though, that his worldwide popularity [of w/c the US mainstream is a big influencer] is under "Those Wacky Asian [men.]"

    Gangnam-style on French TV

    Even when translated, they don't get it.

    Reporter: ...I am surrounded by very intelligent people who translated it for me...PSY is basically singing his praise for the women of this area...

    [...By leering at women & thrusting pelvis repeatedly in the elevator?]

    They don't see the character he's playing.

    There is so little accurate representation of Asians [men] in the media, that they take this at face-value. [Why not, when the precedents are Mr Chow, or Hans from 2 Broke Girls.]

    Tbh, it's not fair that PSY can't simply evolve his art the way he believes [but must somehow be forced to represent.] There's no counter-PSYs out there to provide a balance, unfortunately.

    It's also unfortunate that what the US mainstream seemed to have latched-on is the novelty element. It's Gangnam-style stripped of its context.

    Gangnam-Style PSY is now going to be one of THE image of an Asian man [It's not even PSY. & an askewed Gangnam.]

    I wonder what he'll do next [in the US.]
    It'll be interesting if he decides to subvert expectations [wacky asian LMFAO?] by going against type, or something.

  33. Why is there so little positive AM representation out there? Where are the Asian-american writers/ film-makers/ photographers? What about indie?

    Tbh, a positive film portrayal of a Lang Lang-esque male lead trumps a hundred Lang Langs. [Sounds superficial, but true.]

    1. Asian American talent is seen as an economic and social threat by the American mainstream media, that's why.

      The American media regards Asians as foreign devils out to rip power and fame from established stars who generate major money. Thus the American media tries to blackball Asian American artists whenever it can.

      In order to temporarily placate the growing anger in ALL of society at the deliberate ostracization and castration of Asian males, a few token Asian males are let "in" for brief periods of time before they are cast off after broad public humiliation. Psy is the latest of the Asian male punching bags, and the American media has deemed him the successor to William Hung who has already served his purpose and has been discarded. Once Psy has run his course according to preplanned schedule, a new "Psy" will take his place as America's punching bag.

      This is why a true Asian American film star like Philip Rhee ("Best of the Best") who had all the traits one would want from a major star has been blackballed out of future career success despite his movies that portray him as a strong sensitive good Asian American man.

    2. K..totally agree except for the Psy part, but you know where I stand on that issue :). I'd like to make the point also that Asian American men have to battle the ingrained media influences where we are basically being taught that we are less masculine than the rest of the men in society. We are taught that we are unattractive, passive, geeky, and shouldn't voice our opinions. We don't have any positive representations and that is really harmful. For example, where are our Asian American super heroes- Green Lantern, Iron Man, any of the Avenger, The Hulk, X-men, etc.etc representation?

      I'm so afraid of this negative influence on my son that I constantly have highlights of Jeremy Lin running on youtube all the time..I know it sounds ridiculous, but I want him to have a positive image of the Asian American man. I think it's working..he was running really fast the other day (he's 4), and he said "daddy I'm running fast like Jeremy Lin." I want him to be proud of who he is and not have to go through some of the stuff I experienced.

      PS..K et should watch the Walking Dead. There's an Asian American actor on that show who is a "stud". he is a real hero on the show. It's a great show as well..I love it. Also, I made a comment questioning why Jet Li didn't kiss Aliyah in the movie they made together. I hadn't ever heard Jet Li was pissed that she kissed him, but I still don't fully understand why they didn't get together in the film. Is it really that bad in China that they would boycott Jet Li for kissing a hot black girl?

    3. Green Lantern's bf is Asian [who, of course, dies.]
      I mean it's great to have an asian character in there, but c'mon...

    4. jlinisasuperhero

      "In fact, the movie originally ended with a kiss, but producers supposedly cut the scene at the last minute because it didn't "test well" with audiences."

    5. [Wiki]
      According to the documentary The Slanted Screen, Han and Trish were supposed to have a kissing scene, which explains the title of Romeo, but this was met with derision from a pre-screening with an urban audience. Jet Li stated on his personal website that they had filmed both versions of the scene (with kiss and without), and decided to use the one without instead because it would be "somewhat strange and awkward" for Han to have witness his father's suicide and then to come out and kiss someone.

      - Jet Li was clearly trying to explain things away [what else can he do, really?]

    6. Asian American men should watch all 106 episodes of "Hokuto No Ken" (Fist of the North Star).

      I'd go so far to say that it's required viewing for learning how to openly defy the racists and haters.

      Though the setting of Hokuto No Ken is a post nuclear apocalyptic wasteland, my entire real life has felt JUST LIKE THAT SHOW. The level of daily violence I faced as a kid and young adult was totally comparable to what was portrayed, albeit without the constant deaths.

      Even though I was an adult when I first watched that show, Hokuto no Ken still did a lot for me. What I didn't fully realize as an adult was that I was being targeted just as much as when I was a kid, only without the overt physical violence that I grew up with at school and at home. Hokuto No Ken taught me how to identify the real attackers in my life and how to PUNK THEM in a way that would cause them to think twice about reengaging me in racist combat.

    7. @Via Wong,
      I'm confused at what you said about Green Lantern. Green lantern is a Caucasian male just like all of the rest of the other super heroes, but you mentioned that Green Lantern had an Asian boy explain. I haven't kept up with the comic book in about 15 years.
      As for Romeo, I knew it there was something wrong with that movie. A previous poster implied that Jet Li and Aliyah didn't kiss because other Asian countries would view it negatively due to their own issues of racism .

    8. i think nowadays there are a lot more asians in hollywood behind the scenes than you know.

      ever heard of lin pictures? google it. a taiwanese harvard grad that went to my church, worked at warner, and is now one of the hottest up and coming young producers. he produced sherlock holmes and bunch of recent block busters.

      you know who's behind most of the artistic concepts for all the recent marvel films such as avengers, thor, and upcoming thor 2 and defenders of the galaxy? charlie wen, also a taiwanese american (who also went to my church). if you're into comic books, check out "the art of avenger". he penned the intro to the book and you can check out all of his renderings and artistic development concepts. he's pretty well known in the comic world and is a celeb at comic-con book signing. sooner or later he's gonna develop his own characters and they will be HIS characters regardless of whether or not they're "asian". most likely cyborgs and super-humans. hahha.

      anyway, the arts and hollywood is gradually starting to be a place where asians can succeed, at least behind the scenes. sooner or later the opportunities are going to be created by these guys.

    9. @ jlinisasuperhero

    10. In short, he's a gay Asian prop, used only to introduce Green Lantern.


    Greg Pak ‏@gregpak
    Been reading up on @JLin7. And I love the guy even more. Genuinely inspiring story of determination, fortitude, and good will.
    8:35 PM - 17 Sep 12

    Greg Pak ‏@gregpak
    @JLin7 didn’t get basketball scholarships. Went to Harvard, not known for basketball. Didn’t get drafted by the NBA...
    8:36 PM - 17 Sep 12

    Greg Pak ‏@gregpak
    …got picked up as a free agent by the Golden State Warriors, but then they sent him to the D-League, cut him after 1 season...
    8:37 PM - 17 Sep 12

    Greg Pak ‏@gregpak
    …so he got picked up by Houston, then dropped 2 weeks later. Finally picked by Knicks, sent back to D-Leagues...
    8:37 PM - 17 Sep 12

    Greg Pak ‏@gregpak
    In short, @JLin7 had as many stops as starts. Constant setbacks. Jerked around by multiple teams multiple times.
    8:39 PM - 17 Sep 12

    Greg Pak ‏@gregpak
    But every time, @JLin7 turned setbacks into opportunities to get better. And he was ready when his chance came to shine.
    8:40 PM - 17 Sep 12

    Greg Pak ‏@gregpak
    He also seems incapable of holding a grudge. Accepted the business behind his apparent ill-treatment and moved on without rancor.
    8:41 PM - 17 Sep 12

    Greg Pak ‏@gregpak
    What’s important is staying in the game & getting better. Let it go, play ball. Hugely inspiring, whatever your field is. Thanks, @Jlin7!
    8:43 PM - 17 Sep 12

  35. Does anyone know any videos about the pre-training camp of the Rockets?

  36. can that tweet article about JLin's couch surfing have its own thread ... it definitely deserves its own comments section thread

  37. Let's be honest guys ...

    I hear many complaining that Asian Americans don't get a shot in mainstream music, movies, television, etc. But then why aren't we as Asian Americans supporting other AA musicians and actors.

    Ever heard of Clara C, the rapper Jin, Far East Movement, Kev Jumba ? How often do you listen/watch their stuff .... Probably not as much as you listen/watch Katie Perry and Seinfeld.

    Would Tyler Perry and Snoop Dogg be where they are now, without the support of the Black fans and the Black community ?

    We need to do a better job of supporting our own Asian American talent. They will not become popular in the "mainstream", if they are not popular with us first.

    1. You're preaching to the choir here.

      I'm here promoting Asian American artists other than Jeremy Lin.

      I don't promote those guys just because they're Asian American. I promote them because they're GOOD.

  38. eb5attorney said:

    >> ".... However, I think as the Asian countries become more powerful and rich (which fact scares the shit out of a lot of Americans), Asian artists and athletes will break through. I see JLin, etc as the beginning of the gradual process."

    It's interesting you mention that. In one of my recent posts, I used the terms "the present-age ruling-class whites". Everything in this world is subject to constant changes and cycles. God does not favor one race over another; people who believe in karma and reincarnation know that - which I do, and so do millions of people of all races from every country, and more and more people every year. Right now, it just so happens (since it doesn't happen for who knows how many generations) that we are actually witnessing the gradual transition of the shift in ruling race from one race to another. I also realized what was going on because it's been predicted in a book of prophecy (which I will not mention here, because it's one of the books from my religion, which has members from every county - except probably North Korea).

    1. p.s. - and probably just a few of Arab countries.

  39. interesting points of views. I think everyone has their own beliefs about what Asian-American is, and it isn't up to us to define it, however, I am a fan of PSY. I understand the bad representation of AA males in the media, but I also see too many guys who whine and cry all day long. PSY is doing him and I applaud that.

    THere are many positive Asian Americans on Youtube

    Timothy Delaghetto- this guy is confident, funny, and pushes the boundaries. He's short, not great looking, but doesn't let that stop him...

    JustKiddingFilms- these guys are the same. pushes boundaries, not afraid,etc.

    SimplePickUp- Kong, the asian guy, picks up girls of all races. again, not great looking, but that doesn't stop him.

    so in a way, yes, we need more Godfrey Gaos and good looking asian guys to rep us, but on the other hand, let's stop trying to wait for that to happen. Make it happen ourselves. Im sure we are more alike with the average looking male. Go out there and do smoething about it. Do you see these youtube guys complaining and doing nothing all day long? nope. So go out there and try to push yourself, support fellow AA artists, stop bickering amongst asians, and that would be a good start.

    don't wait for the white hollywood to put you in, you go out there and put yourself in..