Monday, September 10, 2012

JLin Testimony Redux

Here is a link to a great review of Jeremy's testimony from Taiwan and also some working video links:

Jeremy Lin Testimony about Linsanity from Taiwan |


  1. After his rookie season, he changed his perspective and decided to play ball for God and no one else.

    -that pretty much sums it all. Go JLIN!

    1. I always wondered what he was thinking that moment... 47:35

      He was gone for quite a while...

  2. I'm not religious but I respect how Jeremy uses his faith for inspiration -- not as a means to impose Christian beliefs on others.

    1. He thanks God, & he does these testimonies with the Christian community. That's it.

      Despite His Christianity, I Like Jeremy Lin

  3. @ # 1 j

    ROCKET RED couches :)

    Those jerseys...

    19 Houston Rockets
    With today's billowy NBA uniforms, those stripes just look too swoopy -- the effect is almost clownish. Also, the chest lettering feels scratchy and primitive, which doesn't match the team's space-age name. Also-also, the big "R" in the center of the team's logo is supposed to look like a rocket blasting off, but it really just looks like dripping paint.

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  5. Caught this Twitter convo:

    Elise Butler ‏@elisebutler
    Needed to fill the gangly, lovably awkward, smart guy void that Lin left? MT @HowardBeckNYT: Knicks have signed forward John Shurna of NU.
    4:33 PM - 10 Sep 12

    Daniel Lee ‏@Dan1elLee
    @elisebutler @HowardBeckNYT u called a 6'3 210 pounds gangly? stereotyping & emasculating Asian man are deeply ingrained in this society.

    Elise Butler‏@elisebutler
    @Dan1elLee I promise you my tweet had no racial motivations behind it. I'm sorry you read it that way.
    5:58 PM - 10 Sep 12

    1. Daniel Lee, stating only da truth and nothing but DA truth.

      Elise Butler, PUNK'D!!!

    2. KHuang, only Asian men can be gangly. I kid.

      If they're not gangly they're freaks that are 7'5" 310lbs.

      Elise, a 6'3" 200+lbs pro athlete is kind of "jacked" if you ask me. Please sit down.

    3. Elise Butler can't HELP but be negatively influenced by the negativity aimed at Asian American men.

      It's conpletely understandable in a certain sense. Asian American men are not "supposed" to be anything but asexual subhuman villains as far as the media and most of American society is concerned. Elise Butler is merely voicing that opinion, just as she learned from TV and all that.

      I'm glad she's not posting here. I'd teach her the meaning of AWKWARD.

    4. Gangly is slightly better than being called "kinda small" or short for his position by a few dumb sports announcers despite being 6-3 w/o shoes. But lovably awkward what is that? Did this moron just rent sixteen candles? I don't think we are overreacting because this is how racism starts and the negative influence KHuang mentions is so widespread comments like this from elise seem almost ok.

    5. Ya, imagine the FUROR if somebody called Tim Tebow or Kobe Bryant "awkward" and "gangly???"

    6. I do think there was no malice meant with her tweet. Some women actually thinks highly of the romcom-type hero: gangly, lovably awkward, smart. [It's the indie-hero model.] She might even thinks she's being complimentary & not a few would agree. It's not easy to understand the harm bec she is outside its experience: female, caucasian. [Not excusing her behavior, but understanding with an eye for correction.]

      It's just that, 6'4 [shoes] 205 lbs of pure muscle = gangly is ridiculous. & that's how implicit stereotypes work, in the subconscious. It's hard to unlearn when you're steeped in a consensus reality where a certain group is always portrayed a certain way. [Just try to defy a Stroop if you think learned response can be rehabilitated by REAL sensory data = very stressful, & people are lazy thinkers.]

      Media representations of Asians must change.

    7. This is why Jlin is an inspiration to Asian Americans. He is flipping the script on sterotypes in America and mainstream Western society as it relates to Asian-Americans who are often lumped in with Asians from Asia in general based on looks alone.

      The better Lin plays, the more transparent and ridiculous these sterotypes become. Granted sterotypes exists for a reason, but it's funny when you see the mass media attempt to put ill-fitting racial stereotypes on Lin.

      The one thing everyone needs to acknowledge is that sterotypes exist for a reason. While the weak meek Asian sterotypes don't fit Lin that well ANYMORE (it used to), it still sadly fits many/most Asians Americans unfortunately. To that end, Lin has demonstrated remarable determination and resolve in making it as far as he already has in the NBA. He broke barriers because he had elite talent to go with his resolve.

      Media representations won't change on their own unless the stereotypes are completely unfounded. When every other Asian kid is on the football or basketball team instead of in the math club or playing a violin, things will start changing in media representation. But for media perceptions to really subside, Asian Americans need to permeate into the entertainment and glamour industries instead of all becoming CPAs and Doctors. Right now Jlin is the only Asian American male who I can even think of beside a few small time actors like John Cho (he's the only one who doesn't play a complete Asian ass clown on TV like that Bobby Lee guy or Ken Jeong)who are part of the American entertainment & sports culture in the USA.

      It's simply going to take time, not much else anyone can do about it.

    8. The good thing is, Asian-americans seem poised at this juncture in time to make changes. Increasing numbers = political clout. Rising economic status = ability to make consumer demands, social influence. I agree that working from the inside out, not merely as consumers of media but as its producers is key.

      As for the stereotypes themselves, the right media reframing can be transformative. There need not be one type of masculinity, surely. What is portrayed as weak & meek can easily be seen as cultured & peaceable, again depending on how media spin certain traits. Nothing more masculine than a man who takes responsibility, makes sacrifices & takes care of his family, who upholds society [& builds civilization.] A Jock is one type, the Scholar another.

      Like you said, it'll take time. Hopefully, not too much.

    9. You don't see many Asian males in America show business, period.

      There are not many Asian males portrayed on shows like ER, nor are they seen as top concert violin soloists on American stages.

      I don't think that will ever truly change, but sports are where Asian Americans can make a cultural impact.

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    12. If you can't join 'em, BEAT 'EM.

      Beat 'em till they turn yellow from healing from bruises.

      That's what Lin and other macho Asian toughs like me are doing! People say you are inferior, you RISE UP and CRUSH THEM.

      Yellow is yellow, whether it's from bruising or birth!

    13. And that is exactly why I know Lin will kick ass for the rest of his career, and get better and better over time. The NBA didn't let some fringe scrub enter it's league. Lin himself felt he dominated a few tryouts out of college yet didn't even get drafted because the scouts and decision makers could not see past his face and what he lacked in athleticism ( sub par NbA level lateral movement, vertical leap, and nba physical strength). This is not to say Lin is slow, can't jump, or extremely weak. But as an outsider looking in, he needed to be elite in all those facets to be treated as par. Everyone just kept looking to his weaknesses as an excuse to overlook him. This happens to people everywhere, but it is just magnified in professional sports.

      We all know now Lin seems to have one of the best first steps in recent Nba memory, and now he has bridged the gap in his lacking vertical, lateral quickness, and strength through heavy weight work and plyometric training. Now it's he can't go left, shoot 100% from the field, or hold onto the ball. After he conquers that, it will be that he can't lead scrubs to an Nba title....

      Whether its being an Asian, another minority group, or being a woman etc, you simply have to be better than your mainstream counterpart in order to be treated as equal. In Lin's case, he will show he is one of the elite NBA talents, I have little doubt unless his body breaks down. Lin had to be THAT much better, not just a little better, than his counterparts just to make it to the NbA and now that he luckily got a chance to play over 10 minutes in a game, he showed his true potential.

      It's not a shock to me at all that Lin coulda play in the NbA. Everyone on this board from the old days knew Lin easily could have averaged 14,5,5 his rookie year in golden state of he actually was given a chance. I was just as frustrated as Lin because I could see it too that he just wasn't given a fair chance under Coach Smart because Smart subconsciously didn't believe Lin could play. I know how racist the USA is so I have no doubt that LiN is for real because he had to have some elite abilities to make it and will continue to be a thorn in the side of the American culture that wants to project the image that every single Asian is a video game playing engineer nerd.

      With sports you show talent early on and Lin was no different. It's so obvious Lin is masterful at getting steals, and has an uncanny ability deflect balls and get in passing lanes. He's been doing that since he was 12. He was always a scorer and that's what he is now. He could always penetrate and it will just get magnified in the nba. What he has worked on is his shot, his ability to read defensive schemes as a young PG, and working on improving his body.

      Lin will have some bad games this year, everyone does. But he will have more good games than bad, and I think he will beat the Heat at least one time or put on such a show In a losing effort that even Lebron and Wade willl privately relent the kid can play. Once other Nba players all acknowledge he can play, Lin will be accepted as an aberration like Steve Nash. Lin had yet to even face Cp3 or go home to smash the warriors. He needs to pay everyone a few times and this will be the year.

    14. @swinglinezigzag

      So what are your predictions on Lin's numbers? I like to know your perspective. I personally predict around 17 and 7.

    15. Around the time of pre-draft camp in Portsmouth:

      "I thought there were several workouts where I played very well and it just seemed like nobody noticed or cared," Lin said. "I was very confused at times. I'd call my agent and say I was easily the best one in this workout, and no one seemed to care."

    16. @neph:

      I believe Lin's ability to win games is more important than anything. Lin can average 30 points and 13 assists in a losing cause and nobody will care, or they will talk about how inefficient he must be and what a ball hog he is to get those stats on a losing team.

      To keep his team competitive, I believe Lin will average something like 15-20 points (I lean towards 20 because Lin is a scorer first), 7-9 assists, 5 or 6 rebounds, 3-4 (yes 4!!)steals, .8 blks per game. Honestly, I have no clue what Lin's stats will be, and I don't really care because AT WORST Lin will score 13 points a game with 6 assists WHILE keeping the Rockets a competitive team night in night out. He won't let this team get blown out all year long. Even if they miss the playoffs, they will look promising by years end. Plus these unestablished rookies don't have the luxury or clout of carrying out agendas like established stars like Carmelo etc. They all have to play to perform or they will be on the bench and out of the league in 3 years.

      Teams this year will mix it up on Lin just like they do to all good players. Last year, Keith Smart wanted to shut Lin down from scoring in the NYK-Kings game. So Lin put on a passing show and blew the Kings out so bad the Kings players called the Knicks "Phoenix East". The Lakers dared him to shoot when everyone said Lin couldn't shoot so he obliged. I think that's the kind of player Lin is. The top guards all do that, CP3 included.

      Many times CP3 scores 8-12 points when scoring is not needed in that particular game. But most times, CP3 steps up when it counts or a big game requires his all around talents. I believe Lin, although his game is quite different from CP3, is cut from the same cloth.

      Lin is not a nice guy on the court. He is ferocious/tenacious in his own way short of hitting people in the groin like CP3 use to do. Shawn Merion called Lin "fiesty" because Lin is not fun to play against. Lin slaps defender's hands and uses all the subtle offensive tricks he knows to gain advantage like everyone else. There is a reason Lin showed out last year, it was not luck as the rest of the paid sportscasters would have you believe.

      So as a random guess, I'll say Lin averages close to 18pts, 8 asts, 5 rebounds, 3.5 stls, and .5 blocks per game this season. But again, I will be much more impressed if he can will this team to win averaging 6 points, and 12 assists per game, if that gets the job done on the court.

    17. @swinglinezigzag

      Your predictions are close to mine. I don't know about 3.5 steals; maybe around 2.0-2.4 would be more accurate. I think Lin will have at least 2 triple-doubles.

      Yes, statistics does not tell the whole story but I would still prefer him to get impressive stats alongside winning.

    18. Guys, Lin HAS to get impressive stats for his Houston Rockets team to lose pretty, let alone win!

  6. Some more pics from Taiwan:

    Volvo Lin-credible tour

    Training camp

    Fan Meet

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  8. [Interesting] Grantland Podcast
    Dan LeBatard [Miami Herald] & Jon Sciambi [ESPN] talk with Stan & Jeff Van Gundy about the sports media, coaches lying & Stan's handling of the Dwight Howard mess.

    Rips Stern
    1:08:36 Poor officiating, Yao Ming unfairly targeted

    1. Sean Highkin ‏@shighkinNBA
      "The only untouchable people, whose performance you cannot evaluate, are David Stern and the referees." - SVG
      9:40 PM - 10 Sep 12

    2. SMDH

      [Anyhow, Happy Birthday Yao Ming!]

  9. 在哈佛體悟的人生四堂課
    [Four Life Classes from Harvard]

    1. SWeekly Feature

      [三好學生林書豪] 勤奮、自律、堅持⋯⋯林書豪的成功,並不只是幸運那麼簡單。 “關鍵是你要認准人生的方向,並作出持之以恆的努力。
      [Diligence, self-discipline, adherence - Jeremy Lin's success is not as simple as luck. “The key point is you have to get a clear understanding of [your] life's direction, & exert persistent efforts towards it.”

  10. This is the life story of Jeremy Lin, naughty witnessed too many miracles to be seen, the help of the religious mind how Jeremy Lin because of their dreams, never give up, because God let him contentment.

  11. I signed up for NBA League Pass to watch regular season games of Houston Rockets, but where can we watch pre-season games of Houston Rockets? Does anyone know?

    1. I would think its the same deal as regular season games. We get to watch whoever broadcasts them and we piggy back.

    Sep 10, 2012 About a decade-long Dolan-IsiahThomas relationship... mentions O'Neil, Grunwald, Lin

    Glen Grunwald jumped in his place, and late last season Mike Woodson took over Mike D'Antoni's head coaching spot. Both were former teammates of Isiah's in Indiana, and Grunwald once worked under Thomas with the Toronto Raptors. These things don't happen by accident, and it bears repeating that if Grunwald had any basketball sway over his bossiest of bosses, Jeremy Lin would still be a New York Knick.

    Lin was O'Neil's guy. He championed him at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference last spring, and reportedly wanted nothing to do with the re-hiring of Thomas (or the aborted attempt to re-hire Isiah as a consultant in August of 2010). Apparently just the idea of keeping Thomas around as an unpaid consultant was tolerable enough for O'Neil following that 2010 flirtation with official status, but the combined shock of losing Lin and Thomas' lingering presence was probably too much for the guy.

    And too much Thomas is never enough for Dolan, though you get the feeling the Knicks are at a saturation point with Isiah.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Note: Having posted the above excerpt.....

      I absolutely believe that Lin is MUCH better off with the Rockets. I was sleepless for two days until the decision, and me and my friends celebrated the "restriction-loosened" occasion with screams and jumped up and down. We all truly believed that matching would have ruined Lin's career big time. Any other team would have been okay too, but a medium-market team like Houston is good for Lin at this time in his career.

    3. I am one of the few people who actually thinks Isiah Thomas did a good job with the Knicks.

      There is an article floating out in the web about how Isiah took the fall for the destructive contracts handed out by Dave Checketts and especially Scott Layden. Having endured the Layden era, I felt that Isiah did as well as he could.

      I know that Isiah has been dogged by some ugly internal politics and has had a losing record. But he got the Raptors into the playoffs, coached a 61 win team in Indiana, and graduated an incredible 93% of his players at FSU (a vast improvement over his predecessors).

      I'm OK with Isiah Thomas thinking that Jeremy Lin was not the right man for the Knicks. It's actually TRUE, given how the Knicks didn't like being made to win by Jeremy Lin. If anything, we Lin fans should THANK Isiah Thomas for encouraging Dolan to let Lin walk with a new hefty contract to the Houston Rockets!

    4. Who knows if that's true or not; Dolan has a few spin-machine vehicles and connections.

      However, I think the Knicks' dogged plan to use Lin as a backup only, as well as trying to low ball his contract (one reason being a cheap contract better fits a backup-tradechip player) has a lot to do with racism and the fact that Lin is not a CAA client: Dolan likely is not a racist against Asians per se, but he's apparently super close to Isiah; CAA I'm sure is not racist against Lin, but their motive is greed (endorsements and cuts from their clients); Woodson is a racist imo; Carmelo was shocked by someone else overtaking the spotlight.

      As far as black NBA players, it appears that only (or mostly) the superstars are resentful of Lin's fame, because they are so used having their people in the league's stratosphere. Nobody is or ever will be a Larry Bird, but Birdie must have gone through the same BS, *except*, in comparison, there were quite a few whites, to not stand out so much, and the fact that the NBA itself is located in the country with a ton of the present-age ruling-class whites.

    5. No, Larry Bird didn't go through anything remotely resembling the struggles Lin went through.

      Bird was a 5 stat recruit in basketball crazy Indiana. He has been accepted by teammates and even opponents of all colors. Never has his race blocked him from being highly regarded as a basketball player.

      Jeremy Lin continues to be poorly regarded as a basketball player. Yet he has done so much to bust the negativity and is on the upswing of what appears to be a Hall of Fame career thus far!

    6. Larry Bird was accepted by African Americans all his life.

      Sometimes he had racial things thrown his way (Dennis Rodman saying "if he were black, he'd just be another good guy" - sorta true - with Isiah Thomas rolling his eyes in either frustration at Rodman or tacit agreement going "Yeah"). But it wasn't as if anybody ever PREVENTED Bird from stepping onto a basketball court or refused to treat him fairly in basketball negotiations.

      Jeremy Lin has endured more abuse and disrespect than any single player I have ever seen in the NBA. Yet what he faced is TYPICAL for a lot of Asian American men like myself.

      Racism will always dog Jeremy Lin. But Jeremy Lin will always dog racism!!!

  13. I know it is too late but why did Mark Cuban not throw an offer to JLin or did he? He seems pretty happy with his team but Darren Collison as his starting point guard? This guy is 5-10 barefoot and Jeremy Lin had his way with him.

    1. Mavs called JLin's people 1 July 12:01 AM ET. They were interested, but put off from making any offer bec the Nyk were going around saying they'll match.

      "At that point, Lin's representatives began going on the offensive, telling clubs that were interested in Lin, most notably the Toronto Raptors, that the Knicks were not likely to match a lucrative offer. But most teams, still convinced the Knicks wouldn't let Lin go, didn't believe them."

    2. My understanding is that the Mavs and Raptors wanted Lin but didn't bother because they believed the Knicks' threat that they would match Lin "up to a billion dollars".

      I honestly think Lin would have helped the Mavs more than Deron Williams would.

      In the end, Les Alexander wanted Lin and GOT him.

    3. Wow, I didn't know that the Mavs were *really* interested in Lin. I had preferred Lin going to the Mavs more than any other team BECAUSE I felt they were the ideal for Lin, for the following:

      -- A Medium market
      -- A bully of a team (thus acting like a big market team)
      -- A young knowledgeable owner with a win mentality.

    4. Hey KHuang..... I forgot to say:

      I don't know if everyone knows this: When a team makes an offer to someone, that "offered" money must be set aside and not used for anyone else, so when the Knicks kept airing that they will match, it really did scare other teams for fear that they may be just tying up the money until the moratorium is over; and that they could miss out on using that money for other significant recruits who are UNRESTRICTED free agents.

      The Knicks were and are terrible to Lin during the entire off-season. They wanted Lin only as a backup (they were confident of securing Nash with the combo of big money and big market), and yet they tried to keep Lin away from other teams until most teams would have filled all their key positions.

    5. I run into Deron Williams quite often here in NY near my office.

      He couldn't get a cab today for at least 15 minutes when I was downstairs waiting for someone.

      No love from Manhattan towards Brooklyn. LOL

    6. The Knicks tried to bluff Lin.

      Daryl Morey fell for it, Les Alexander did not.

      Les showed his aces and the Knicks folded. FLUSH.

    7. Hahaha (;~) well said.

      Lin's agents are sharp and they rolled up their sleeves and got to work at the 10th hour when they saw the light. BTW, both of Lin's agents are black and Lin handpicked them.

    8. To the *good* Unknown:

      Every time I see a post by Unknown, I've been cringing. But I can tell you're the good Unknown (a Lin fan on this Lin fan site) after reading the first sentence LOL.

      I don't understand WHY the admin allowed you the same user name that was already taken by someone else.

    9. The other "unknown" has a WEALTH of basketball knowledge and is very intelligent.

      I actually enjoy his posts very much when he's just talking baskwtball. I respect him and his views, as they accurately reflect what mainstream society thinks.

    10. Yeah, but he sounds like Stephen A. Smith who is interjecting a WEALTH of basketball knowledge talk - and some superficial nicer talk - just in order to maintain a presence here.... Although hee could be just a black NBA insider (but not SAS)because he sounds far more intelligent than SAS.

      And then for a short time, there was this person who was talking psycho-babble crap about KHuang (you lol) - that s/he was trained as a debater on TV. I'm guessing s/he is a black. The person sounded far less intelligent than most people in this forum.

      I like black people in general very much.... but too many black people side with Carmelo and Woodson just because they
      are black. To me that's unjust.

    11. @ ztrta

      :) I don't think you can get SAS to defend anything that will not benefit him in some concrete financial/ social way.

      Unknown loves the Nyk, this much I know. [My very 1st post ever, he gets on my case for saying something anti-Nyk. We got into a back-&-forth culminating in him explaining how/ why he feels for the Nyk. I've always felt...he shouldn't have had to defend his love for the Nyk. A guy shouldn't have to feel so embattled that he felt he had to explain...]

      Our posts here can sometime seem anti-Nyk [or even deliberately, w/c is understandable knowing what they did to JLin] & it hurts him. The way perhaps it hurts us when people bash JLin [of course the difference is, JLin's is completely undeserved.]

    12. Lol, I'm sure Chuck is smh-ing about Nyk fans' unreasonable doggedness haha.

      [Unknown & TV reporter/ debater is one guy. He also has one other handle on here, I think.]

    13. Just to be clear, I'm not saying Unknown is right. But he must really like JLin/ JLin's game [in some way] or he wouldn't be hanging around here, & going through all the trouble.

    14. I don't know which Unknown you guys are referring to.

      Is there a way to change the display name so I don't get called SAS?

    15. Frankly, I myself and a lot of others here are GUILTY of OVERRATING the scouting skills of NBA teams.

      The Mavs probably wanted Darren Collison over Lin for a simple reason: they think Collison is a better player, just like they thought Rodrigue Beaubois and Dominique Jones were and are better than Lin.

      For years, I mistakenly assumed that basketball teams would truly study the players they looked at. I was so naive that I used to think that if a team drafted a bust, they'd go back and figure out what went wrong in the scouting process. I was WRONG.

      I'll bet that most NBA scouts go to the games, collect fat paychecks, enjoy the travel and perks, write little reports with fancy words that they themselves can't understand, and kiss a lot of management butt. Because if they were really so great at scouting, there is no excuse why they should be drafting busts and signing losers!

      A couple years ago on, a very astute poster called "Stop'nPop" wrote something very insightful. After enduring GM David Kahn's bust laden drafting and horrible scouting and coaching, Stop'nPop proposed that most internet basketball fans could have outdrafted David Kahn simply by going on the Internet for 5 minutes and reading up on some of the players!

      Most of the time in the NBA,, the only reason for dumbness is DUMBNESS!

    16. I am no longer Unknown.

      Lin fan, not SAS, not a reporter, not black, not a Knicks fan, not right all the time.

    17. Actually, none of us would mind if you WERE all those things!

      As long as guys come on this board and respect Jeremy Lin and his fans, they are allowed to dislike his game or even us. They just have to be able to take the heat when we voice our support of Lin.

      If SAS came on this board and was respectful, I'd be the first person to salute him. And if he came on this board to be disrespectful, I'd be the first person to FLAME him.

    18. *JLi* sounds a lot better - it's nice not to be associated with that "other one" just by the association, lol

      Also, your display name is now pretty enough to be framed and hang on your living room wall.

  14. Omer Asik working on his offensive game

    1. I know I asked this a few times, but I'm getting nervous. Where has Lin been these few days, when some Rockets have started working pretty hard?

    2. Perhaps he has some extra responsibilities [appearances?] he's taking care of...
      But he'd be assiduously training, solo or not.

    3. Oh, no, please, no more appearances (i.e. if what you guess is true, via wong).

      Every team out there is waiting to get him next season. He will be playing playoff-like game for each and every one of them. He needs to train with his teammates as soon as possible.

    4. No need to worry.

      There is no way to simulate NBA game intensity other than to play in NBA games.

      Lin, in his short stint as a starter, has already seen it all defensively. As long as Lin can make in game adjustments, he will be just fine.

    5. But he can use his extra time to improve his shooting instead of a some things that are secondary to his basketball training. He needs to improve his stamina, durability, lateral quickness, ball handling and shooting. I'm not saying he hasn't improve but he should use every single second to improve his game. He NEEDS and SHOULD start training 10 hours per day. Every day is important; Every hour is important. He should not WASTE his precious time on other responsibilities especially appearances. Hasn't he had enough? More than one month already? He needs to have some sense of URGENCY. I'm feeling anxious for him.

    6. Relax, neph.

      Guys that practice 10 hours a day break down after 10 games. You don't want Jeremy Lin to become like Blake Griffin who missed his entire rookie season because he messed up his legs overtraining with that insane Marine boot camp instructor!

      The NBA game is such that there is no way to truly simulate the intensity in practice. Players have to get into games and learn by playing. There are tons of guys who KILL in practice and are utterly unable to perform in games. Think of Shaquille O'Neal and Wilt Chamberlain who were fabulous free throw shooters in practice but couldn't shoot free throws in games.

      All a player can do in practice is maintain his conditioning and work on his fundamentals. Training camp is where the player gets worked into the game plan. Preseason is where the highfalutin' plans get exposed and are tossed out the window, and then the actual NBA season is when guys really start playing.

      Lin has been through this entire process twice already. This time though, he's coming in with a solid guaranteed contract and a defined role. Lin is ready to go and likely has been for months.

      My fear is that Lin does the "Blake Griffin" and injures himself by trying TOO hard!

    7. Like what I've said at least work on your fundamentals (dribbling and shooting at least)

  15. One more from the lot of Last Pick

    1. Gospel work [?]

      Eating healthy

    2. The filming [weekend] was in the Bay Area, for something involving The Jubilee Project [Episode name: Last Pick?]

      The Jubilee Project

    3. Hannah Storm ‏@HannahStormESPN
      Behind the scenes shooting intro to new @JLin7 commercial for @espn @SportsCenter today. #funny
      5:58 PM - 11 Sep 12

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. John Brubach ‏@JohnBrubach
      Jeremy Lin is making an appearance at Rogers High School today.
      6:51 AM - 12 Sep 12

    6. Keith Miller @kdrift78
      Jeremy Lin filming a "This is SportCenter" commercial. Right by my cube
      5:11 AM - 12 Sep 12

    7. Random pic up there, Henrik Lundqvist, btw.

  16. Irving Thomas short talk on JLin

    1. thanks...I didn't know the Lakers had offered Jeremy a 2 year contract before he chose Golden State. I like the Lakers..a lot of their players (Kobe, Metta Worldpeace etc) seem to respect JLin and were rooting for him during the Linsanity period. And now I find out their scout and management were onto Jeremy before he became famous Will be harder now that they are in the same conference though...

  17. GoodTV's Jeremy Lin's Miracle Night
    [authorized version]

  18. Nike Hyperdunk 2011 Low “Son of Dragon” Pack [New Images]

  19. @ # 1 j

    Hated all around, whatever the color haha.

  20. Jeremy Lin will rank at 100 or less among all NBA players.

    ESPN published 101 - 140 and JL is still not on the list! Already a 300+ spot jump. Godspeed JL!

  21. Hi guys!!! I've been reading you since quite a while actually.... Since the free agency saga....

    I'm a big fan of jlin as well and get punked by the knicks cause i bought his jersey a couple of weeks before he left (who said there aren't free agent's products in the store?).

    My question is : anyone is interested in creating a fanta nba and create the league jlin fan? That would be great ... Actually I'm doing that on hoops sports but if you create it please let me know the password :D

    see you

    1. If you bought a Jeremy Lin #17 jersey before the Knicks pulled it off the racks, spotless mind, YOU are the one that punked the Knicks!!!

      That NYK #17 Lin jersey is going to be a valuable collector's item one day!

  22. I forgot .... I'm italian and sorry for my english :D

    1. Welcome Spotless! Your English is fantastic!

      I too have been visiting here a lot too. No raving, ranting ans cursing one-liners. Folks here are insightful and substantive.

    2. Think i'm gonna change my pic now :D

      this one was the italian national football team's coach who was hardly criticisized by journalists even with dirty words and in the end he won the world cup in 1982. Hope jlin will do the same :D

    3. :) @ Spotless. [Your English is great.]

      You never know, he might just pull off an incredible upset.

  23. Hi, does anyone know if jlin got a real tattoo? There was a photo posted that showed a small tattoo on his right arm, and his face was flushed. He looked unhappy.

    1. & he has a cap on? [Is this the pic you're referring to?]

      It's a faux-tattoo, from the early days. :)

    2. It was a photo posted yesterday by heisjeremylin. Jeremy had a cap on with red badanna underneath. Right arm had small tattoo with arrow pointing down, can't seevthe rest. He was sitting down. Looking flushed. Left arm also has black badanna wrap. Is this photo you were referring to? I am concerned. Thank you so much.

    3. @ Shirley

      Old pic, faux-tattoo, don't worry. :)

    4. Thanks so much! You are awesome!!!!

    5. :) We do know about the pressure he's dealing with, guess it's normal we'll be concerned.

    6. I don't think it will suit his image.

    7. He once wore a chinese "warrior" character faux-tat too.

      You'll be happy to know he'll prolly never get a real tat [don't like needles.]

  24. Rocket Launch

    5 Oct - JLin & Chandler Parsons autograph session, Lone Star National Bank. Free admission.
    6 Oct - Public practice, UTPA Field House in Edinburg. Free admission.


  25. Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine
    Harden wants to stay. OKC's star trio legitimately tight. But would you, at 23, take less than max if you knew you could get max elsewhere?
    1:23 AM - 12 Sep 12

    Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine
    I know at least two teams near OKC (Houston & Dallas) that are huge Harden fans and will have cap space to sign him to loaded offer sheet
    10:23 PM - 11 Sep 12

    Marc Stein ‏@ESPNSteinLine
    OKC knows Harden is virtual lock to receive max offer in July if not extended by Halloween and he gets all way to restricted free agency
    10:22 PM - 11 Sep 12

    1. More info:

      Thunder signing James Harden 'might' be impossible

    2. The Rockets do not need James Harden at the salary he is asking for.

      He is not a better player than Kevin Martin or Jeremy Lamb, plus he is way more expensive than either of them.

      I do not regard James Harden as highly as most NBA scouts do. I don't think he is a player that can carry a team in the NBA, and only guys that can truly carry a team should deserve the max contract he is asking for.

    3. The rockets should not give Harden a max contract, like what KHuang said. I prefer a power forward like JOSH SMITH. Get him if Motiejunas or White or Patterson does not meet the expectation. He's in his prime and a he's a double-double machine. Unfortunately, I don't think the ROCKETS are a tempting team since they will most likely not make the playoffs this upcoming season. Smith wants to win now so he'll probably team up with another star to form another super team. Paul Millsap and Jefferson comes into mind.

    4. Harden is a good player not a superstar but who knows .... Maybe one day he'll prove i'm wrong. What concerne me the most it's his private life...

      I'm a jlamb believer. I think he's gonna be pretty good one day....

    5. If the Rockets young big men pan out, there will be no need to acquire further players.

      The one player I don't think is going to work out is Marcus Morris. I didn't like his tweener game when he was playing with Kansas, and I like it even less now that he's in the NBA. The best hope for him is to turn himself into a Shane Battier type of tweener defender who occasionally hoists an outside three pointer, but he lacks Battier's All-Everything court sense.

      Josh Smith is an explosive player, but I always viewed him as an athletic power 3 instead of a stretch 4. He really needs to join a team like Toronto where his inability to guard larger players and power forward tendencies would beautifully complement the soft perimeter game of the athletically limited Andrea Bargnani.

      I've been clamoring for the Rockets to get Darko Milicic to play behind Asik and Motiejeunas. If the Rockets had Darko, they could trot him out alongside Asik to play the big teams like LA with Howard and Gasol or Boston with Garnett and Bass. I'd assign Darko to the best frontcourt scorer, as Darko is a terrific defender despite his low defensive team numbers from playing for those bad teams.

      I'd like to see Chandler Parsons REALLY imitate Larry Bird, which was Parsons' stated goal in college. To do so, Parsons needs to shack up with McHale and learn to score inside from all angles the way Bird could. Chandler Parsons is a player who could eventually become a very tough cover at SF because of his size and agility.

    6. If Lin and Parsons play at an all-star level (or at least near that level) then maybe the ROCKETS may have some chance in making the playoffs. However, if only one or none at all performs near an all-star level then they are out of the playoffs. One all-star cannot take his team to the playoffs alone. Maybe in the past years he could. But the teams in the WEST are too good and loaded. The top 6 spots are virtually locked. The 7th seed and 8th seed are up for grabs but there are more experienced and talented teams than the ROCKETS such as Dallas, Utah, Golden State, Minnesota, and even Portland. You can also argue the Suns. The Rockets are clearly better than New Orleans and Sacramento.

      I'm expecting them to win around 30 - 34 games probably finishing 12th or 13th in the West. They may have a lot of potential but that is only potential. So, Parsons together with Lin should play at a very high level for the Rockets to even win more than 40 games. Parsons needs to average 18-20 ppg, 7 rpg and 3-4 apg while Lin needs to average 20 and 10. But realistically, I don't expect them to put up those numbers at this point of their careers maybe in the future. I expect Parsons to average around 15 ppg and 6.5 rpg and 3 apg. For Lin, I expect around 17 and 7. But if they prove me wrong on my expectations then GOOD for them and their team.

      Today, you need more than one star to make a team good because of all the super teams.

    7. Jeremy Lin provides to the Rockets the one thing that many of those West teams don't have:


      Owner Les Alexander instinctively knows that Jeremy Lin brings that chemistry, and that's why he was so desperate in trying to pry Lin off the Knicks.

      Lots of NBA teams are super talented. If talent and skill were alone to win the NBA, the Sacramento Kings would be a contender. But too many times NBA teams look like a wagon party being pulled in several different directions, like the Knicks last year.

      My money is on Jeremy Lin leading this Houston team and getting all the players (yes, Scott Machado too) moving in the same direction. That is what Lin has done on every underdog team he's played on, and that's why he has turned around every team that was smart enough to play him.

      In terms of team chemistry talent, I regard Lin as highly as I do Magic Johnson or Larry Bird as far as "making guys better" goes. Lin might not have the individual talent of those two, but he is no less a leader.

      I have no idea what the Rockets are going to do. But I do know that Lin will make sure all the players are accounted for, and that's why Lin is a WINNER!

    8. Like what I've said, it doesn't matter how good LIN plays if he has no help. Chemistry takes time to develop in my opinion.

    9. This is baketball, not rocket science. Chemistry takes a few months to develop at most. If the talent is lacking, there is only so much chemistry can do.

      The rockets can legitimately fight for the playoffs. I think they will obviously struggle to make it but they do have a chance.

      The Rockets plan on playing the young guns ala OKC and using Lin as the focal piece. If Jlin is elite it is gonna work and they will be competitive.

      I can go into detail, but without doing so, I see the rockets as a 6th seed first or second round flameout. If Lin is actually an all star player, they need at least one more Elite talent. The only one I see that can be that is Royce White, but it might take white a year or 2 to play up to potential if ever esp since he can't shoot well of rom the field right now. Otherwise they need to trade or get a free agent.

      DMo ( Novak) - more athletic but less accurate big man 3 pt shooter
      parsons (fields) - I actually think parsons is better than fields
      White ( Jeffries) - they play a little different obviously but white is a glue guy with more game
      Asik (chandler) - asik will do a job on D, but can he even catch the ball much less pick and roll?
      Lamb (nobody to compare to) - lamb is something Lin didn't have in nyk, maybe a better more controlled version of what jr smith was.
      Machado ( will be like Eric mayor of OKC) - a backup pg to spell Lin and step in when Lin is playing poor or play along side Lin when Lin shifts to Sg. Lin will need to own Machado during training camp and then Machado will fall in line. Talent dictates who is the alpha dog.
      Patterson (amare) - both sucked last year. Obviously amare much better still
      Kmart (no comparison) - another weapon type Jlin didn't have in nyk. You can never have too many shooters to surround around Lin.
      Morris ( bill walker) - walker is better in my opinion and believed in Lin.
      Jones ( no clue) - I have no clue about him or what he can do. I hope he kicks butt.
      Delfino ( Carmelo j/k) - Delfino is a scrappy ballsy shooter who can slash. This guy will be on the court with Lin quite a bit. I rather see him playing than Kmart that's for sure.

      So this Houston team is in some ways similar to the linsanity Knicks Plus it will have a real bench though it will be mostly rookies unless they use Kmart and delfino as 6th and 7th man instant offense to play along with the bench rookies.

    10. "I actually think parsons is better than fields"
      - I actually think Parsons is a future all-star like Lin and Lamb

      Lamb can be like Hamilton with more creative shots

      Kmart will be traded

      Like you said, Lin has to perform at an elite level. What are the numbers you consider as elite?
      Is it 20 and 10; That would be very difficult for this season.

      I expect Lin to give you 17 and 7 so that is near all-star level; Parsons will be better but not yet an all-star caliber; Lamb will be solid (12-15 ppg) ; Delfino will also be crucial;

      "this Houston team is in some ways similar to the linsanity Knicks"
      - If that is the case then Lin must give you 25 and 8 every game. That is too much in my opinion. Linsanity would not occurred if he didn't have those crazy numbers. I don't Expect any point guard to have those numbers in the next 5 YEARS.


      If Lin and another team mate performs at an all-star Level then they will win a least 40 games but if not then no playoffs for sure.

      I personally disagree on your opinion; I think they will win 32 games and finish 12th in the WEST. In the 2013-2014 season, they will be the 7th or 8th seed in the west. WE NEED TO BE PATIENT WITH THEM

    11. @swinglinezigzag

      What are your statistical predictions for Lin next season?

    12. OKC
      (Dallas, Warriors, Blazers, WOlves, Utah)

    13. Isiah Thomas had a great quote that I never forgot:

      Chemistry is for guys that don't know how to play!

      The Houston Rockets thus need all the chemistry they can get!

    14. I've heard jlamb's father is also a pastor so there could be good chemistry...

      Parsons looks a good guy lamb should be if this team get stuck together can go pretty far. I dunno about royce white .... He looks so close to tv and journalists and for me that's not good..... Maybe jeremy could help him to get over the panic attacks .... But i dunno if he can get miracles too :D

    15. It's hard to say college success translates to the NBA, but Royce White looks ridiculous in his college highlights. I am expecting him to kick some butt in the NBA before his NBA career is over if he doesn't mentally crack first.

      The Rockets pose an intriguing line up of players. They can go big, they can go small. They can play power basketball or they can go finesse. I would love to see mixed lineups of Lin, White, Dmo, Delfino, with the 5th guy being either Lamb, Parsons, or Asik depending on the team they're facing.

    16. I am not sold on Royce White's game at all.

      I don't see NBA reflexes from him or Terrence Jones. I fear that they will have passes and players zinging by them, especially on the pick and roll where they won't be able to keep up with opponents or teammates.

      I liked both Andrew Nicholson and especially Jae Crowder over White and Jones because Nicholson and Crowder have NBA reflexes and reactions.

      Both Royce White and Terrence Jones are tweeners. To be a NBA tweener, a guy has to have some unusual skill that overrides his slow feet and short height. Royce White has his passing, especially in the open court. Terrence Jones has his scoring, and he could eventually become a post up small forward who backs in the smaller players and dribbles around the bigger players.

      I hope Royce White and Terrence Jones prove me WRONG and become excellent NBA players.

    17. Yeah I can see that re both players. With White you just hope the guy's unique style of play and passing translate. He might end up only being a role playing glue guy but I truly believe he will be a prominent part of the rotation. White reminds of a modern day Anthony Mason . I just see White being a glue guy, enforcer, passer, charge taking type teammate. dmo Lin parsons and white are all overtly cocky on some level. You need guys like that to win in the nba.

    18. I NEVER would've thought Royce White was like Anthony Mason.

      Anthony Mason was a very quick footed and explosive guy despite his massive 6'7" frame. He didn't have much basketball talent, but he knew how to position himself and could keep up with smaller players defensively. A guy like Lebron James would have a hard time scoring against Anthony Mason.

      Royce White is the opposite of Mason. Royce White lacks Mason's footspeed and explosiveness. He compensates with his good open court passing and heads up halfcourt play. Thus, White has the basketball skills that Mason never had but cannot defend or get to spots like Mason could.

      I see more Boris Diaw, post doughnuts, in Royce White than Anthony Mason.

  26. I really want to buy some jeremy lin merch but the rockets jerseys are horrible, they remind me so much of the t-mac/ yao era.

    & that black t-shirt is seriously awful...

    hopefully Nike will start releasing some JLin stuff.


  27. This is an article about Omer Asik

    "hitting his free throws at a better than 70 percent clip"
    - good, if he can be an average FT shooter.

    Hopefully, he can do some basic postplays. He also need to improve his footspeed especially during Pick-n-Roll situations.

    It also seems that he's pretty strong based from the article but he's quite heavy (297 lbs); He needs to lose some weight;

  28. Jlin interview

    1. wow family like locker room:)golden state as he mentioned.


    HOUSTON - The Rockets joined the rest of the country in honoring the heroes and victims of 9/11 Tuesday afternoon, dropping by several different police stations and fire departments to express their gratitude for the men and women who put their lives on the line every day for their communities.

    Rockets CEO Tad Brown led a host of players, coaches and Basketball Operations staff to the various downtown Houston municipal headquarters on Tuesday, giving all involved an opportunity to personally thank the police officers and firefighters present.

    Royce White, Donatas Motiejunas, Greg Smith, Marcus Morris, Omer Asik and Terrence Jones dropped off baked good and bags of Rockets paraphernalia to the police department while shaking hands, signing autographs and posing for pictures along the way.

    Meanwhile, General Manager Daryl Morey and Head Coach Kevin McHale led their respective staffs to Fire Departments Nos. 7 and 8 to meet the men and women who serve there, while handing out their fair share of gifts and goodies as well.

    This series of impromptu visits was part of the Rockets’ way of expressing their gratitude for the people who keep Houston safe, and honoring the thousands who lost their lives during the September 11th terrorist attacks upon the United States in the New York City and Washington D.C. areas.

    It appears lots of the teammates are already in Houston training. I really hoping Jeremy arrives in Houston soon rather than right before training camp to meet/build camaraderie with his teammates.

    Can't wait for the season!

    1. Kevin McHale is THE MASTER when it comes to teaching big men how to be big men.

      The players mentioned who are already in Houston are likely there to participate in McHale's minicamp.

      Jeremy Lin and the other perimeter players don't need the level of big man instruction that McHale is teaching in his minicamp. Thus they don't need to be in Houston until training camp.

      On a side note, big men used to be coached by Pete Newell who got mixed results, mainly successful.

      I am happy to see former superstars like McHale and Olajuwon and Sikma and Jabbar and Walton and Dantley becoming big man professors. There is nothing like learning NBA low post play from a great NBA low post player!

  30. #NBArank 99 Omer Asik | @AsikOmer
    Houston Rockets | C | Age: 26 | 2011 rank: #156

    1. As a bench player, he was surely ranked so much higher than he should have been

  31. JLi September 12, 2012 8:14 AM

    I am no longer Unknown.

    Lin fan, not SAS, not a reporter, not black, not a Knicks fan, not right all the time.

    Hello JLi, the Lin fan! Good for you and good of you for changing your display name. Thanks! (;-))))

    This needs it's own thread, so that we can have the opportunity to thank JLi and send him goodwill.

  32. #NBArank 83: Goran Dragic
    33 minutes ago

    latest NBA pranking Goran #83. Wonder what rank Lin will get? My guess is between #50-60

    1. Probably 70-75

      But it will change next year!!!

      In 2013, Jeremy Lin in the top 30

  33. for the rockets to make the playoffs, jlin just need to replicate his numbers as a starter, and cut down on turnovers. kevin martin and patrick patterson both need to be healthy and playing like they did in 2010-11. parsons cannot afford to lose his shooting touch in his sophmore season. asik needs to stay on the floor, stay out of foul trouble, and rebound like he did in chicago. i'm hoping asik can show the rockets why the bulls were so successful in rebounding, and what they were doing to get into the right position in the majority of shots. or at least help the rockets coaches figure that out. as for the 5 rookies-- i see lots of potential, but nothing may materialize in 2012-13. i think rwhite and donatas have the greatest potential in becoming all-stars, while jlamb and tjones are more nba-ready at this point. i don't expect machado to break the rotation until late in the season if the rockets are playing below .500.

  34. Replies
    1. This had been overdiscussed to death here in previous threads.

      The general consensrd is a resounding "Meh".

    2. This had been overdiscussed to death here in previous threads.

      The general consensrd is a resounding "Meh".

    3. ???

      I didn't deliberately double post!!!

    4. Yeah just read on it a couple entries ago. Not sure if you caught him on Jimmy Kimmel being modest about his hoops game since he played against "generally shorter Asians" or in other words physically inferior competition. I honesty voted for him as a minority but I don't seem it any differently than Romney a White man talking down to Asian people. The guys supposedly a big Bulls fan first of all but lets not miss out on an opportunity to point out a Black man putting an Asian kid in his place on the court.

    5. Oh come on. Let's remember that Obama was a fan of Lin long before most of us were.

      There's nothing wrong with saying Lin got "owned" by the Heat. Doesn't mean he thinks Lin isn't talented. It's just being honest and having fun -- like when everyone said Lebron got "owned" by the Mavs in the 2011 Finals.

      And if he played against shorter Asians, then that's what happened. He didn't say that Asians are inherently less athletic. Imagine an Asian man saying: "I only played against short Jewish guys at the local synagogue." Just a statement of fact, not hate.

    6. @zxcvb

      i bet you are not Asian right? if you're not than just shut up, no need to budge in this matter.

    7. Well I'm a short Asian and I agree with zxcvb.

      In basketball, I AM physically inferior to most of my competition! It's not racism for me to say or feel that.

      I see nothing wrong about Jimmy Kimmel saying stuff like what he said if he meant guys like me, and I have even less problem with Obama saying what he did. Basketball is a big man's sport, though I do an excellent job of pretending I'm a big man!

      No harm was done, and so I see no need for zxcvb or anybody else to shut up here.

    8. People are getting mad over nothing. Let us all move on and just talk about JEREMY. It doesn't really matter what others think of him. He should even try to be the most likable guy or something like that. The world can hate/doubt Jeremy and I'm sure it is irrelevant to whatever potential he has. So once again, let us not dwell on these OLD NEWS.

    9. he could have said he played against a lighter opposition or shorter opponents. there's no need to add the "Asian". it's like "i played against Asian, of course i dominated cause they're all short and suck."

      i'm not saying he's racist cause i believe he's not. it's just that the image of an Asian dude has been so tarnished , that in the back of everyone's mind that we
      are all the same.

      it doesn't matter if you're tall or short, athletic or not. it's all the same in front of racist america. all they could see is, "u got chinky eyes and yellow skin, so u must be ugly, non athletic and unattractive". this is exactly what america has been taught about Asian dude since they were babies. this is exactly why people are still saying Lin is not an athletic guy. they couldn't see past his color.

    10. I'll respectfully disagree with that.

      I won a whole lot of games despite being a short Asian often playing with equally short or shorter guys of other colors.

      Just recently, I played a 2 on 2 game. I played against a man and a high schooler, both of whom were at least 6 inches taller than me. I had on my team the man's son who was 8 or 9 years old and SMALL (4 foot, but he could shoot and had game). We destroyed the father and the unrelated high schooler 3 games in a row!

      I also remember pairing up in college with another Asian dude who was shorter than me. We'd play 2 on 2 against guys a foot taller than us and win! I actually don't remember losing with him, and we killed it in 5 on 5 as the backcourt too. I heard my share of Asian racism off the court, but I never heard a word of it or even felt it ON the college court.

      I'd bet money that me and another small Asian ude with an outside shot could beat Jimmy Kimmel and some teammate of his choice, provided that teammate wasn't a center or power forward who played organized basketball!

    11. It's a special kind of punking to get beaten by guys 10 inches shorter than you, particularly if they're not super quick or super skilled.

      I've always had strong Taiwanese legs (stereotype there, I know). I jump pretty well for my height and can bounce guys out of the lane or pin them to the baseline.

      Many guys have walked into games against me smirking and calling for postups. I even encourage it with a special kind of trash talking in which I compliment the opponent on his vastly superior height and talent. Sometimes I even ask them if they play organized basketball. Meanwhile, I'm grounding and pounding these guys in the post to force them out of the lane or bump them behind the baseline so that they can't grab rebounds.

      The smirk is always gone after my team of shorties has beaten them, especially since I usually defend the best perimeter scorer or the biggest inside player despite being the shortest guy on the team. I'll even continue trashtalking my opponents AFTER I've won, complimenting them on their games. The scary part is that I'm SINCERE in my compliments!

      I always figured that if a small Asian guy with no game could beat a taller heavier opponent who has game, complimenting him would be complimenting MYSELF!!'

    12. Like yourself KHuang, I've been "punking" people all my life on the court. The difference was that we're physical opposites. I'm over 6' tall, lanky, slight but muscular and looked (and was) athletic.

      Within a minute into games and even after, I usually see looks of surprise or anger as if they've been offended by my athleticism. I'd routinely go by guys, pin shots on the backboard and occasionally throw down a dunk. I saw people react like this everywhere I played until people started getting familiar with me.

      That was what I call "Lin racism" I experienced (though this was even before Lin blew up). I am absolutely positive that many others can attest to these experiences. In their minds Asian players are not supposed to be athletic.

      What I've learned is not to play to impress others. Just shut up and play. Lin did that and did that at the highest level possible.

    13. Kimmel probably hasn't played with enough Asian people to come across a good player.

    14. There are two differences between me and you, JLi.

      First, you have GAME. I don't!

      Second, I am MEANER than you.

      When guys try to punk me on the court for being a small Asian guy, they are playing into MY game.

      I grin, compliment their game, and go right at them with or without the ball. I'll bait guys, occasionally let them knock me down, engage them in running dialogue, and use little tricks to catch them off guard.

      Sometimes, guys REALLY get mad at me. They even try to knock me down or make hero plays or post me up. That's when I really step up the compliments to get them MORE mad. So many times a huge 6'4" guy will angrily catch the ball in the post against me and fire an off balance shot that misses because he's too mad to shoot accurately!

      Win or lose, I always compliment my opponents afterwards. I have never had a guy stay mad at me after I sweet talked him, and so in future games they don't exert themselves against me.

      My mean little tricks have ZERO effect on Asian guys, though. Most of them just look at me disdainfully and then focus on punking me. Maybe it's racist, but I generally don't dare trash talk Asians and can't mess them up with my bag of tricks!

    15. That is why it doesn't matter what others perceive or think. People shouldn't be taking those so-called stereotypes seriously. At the end of the day, If you have game then you'll be good regardless of the opinion of the majority.

  35. CCTV5 Interview [Eng Sub]

  36. Top 10 Knicks topics that won't go away

    9. Jeremy Lin leaving.

    1. People have to move on from this issue. Life goes on regardless where Lin is.

      With all due respect to via wong, I don't think bringing up the KNICKS again in a fansite of a ROCKETs player is beneficial to anybody.

    2. Ah, it's all good.

      I'm a lifelong Knicks follower, which is not the same as being a Knicks FAN.

      This site helps me keep up with the Knicks.

    3. :) Neph, I put up everything, from cameo appearances that has nothing to do with bball, to hip hop songs mentioning his name. This material is out there, I relay. That's all.


    What's the biggest storyline heading into the 2012-13 season?

    - Heat go for repeat
    - Nash, Howard in L.A.
    - Revamped Nets
    - Lin in Houston

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.