Sunday, September 2, 2012

Jeremy Lin's Miracle Night

What an incredibly moving and powerful testimony from Jeremy this past Sunday in Taiwan! Thank you Jeremy for sharing and for your tremendous courage, perseverance, compassion, and love.

Thanks to via wong for the links.

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  1. Thanks for posting this- I had a terrible night working in the ED and Rom 8:28 was such a comfort to me. Fantastic testimony. Praise God.

  2. Thank you for sharing...
    GOD Bless you Jeremy.

  3. It's good to hear someone sharing their faith and praising God, without including religious politics or preaching homophobia against gays. Manny Pacquiao and Tim Tebow couldn't do that.

    Jeremy Lin's message is focused on God. No political agendas or distractions.

    1. I am not religious, but jlin's sharing actually touches my heart. I am so glad he did it without the superstitious screaming and yelling. Ahem. Thanks.

    2. You don't get any more uncontroversial than Tim Tebow. He shies away from political issues as much as (if not more than) Jeremy. Furthermore, I'll bet you almost anything that Lin and Tebow agree with each other and with Pacquiao on the issue of homosexuality (whether they'll say it in public is another story...)

  4. I agree with you. I came from Philippines and doesn't really admire Manny Pacquiao.

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  6. I love Jeremy and he seems like a genuinely nice fellow, so I hate to say this about him, but all this God and Lord worship is far-fetched to me personally. Don't get me wrong, because I respect his personal beliefs, and it's his freedom and choice to immerse himself in Christianity. But my belief is in him, and his achievements come from hard work, dedication, and perseverance! Don't forget he comes from a good family and his parents raised him the right way by instilling quality characteristics and mannerisms in him and his bros. I'm not one to judge him and his ideals, on the other hand, I don't trust that religion has been the one carrying him to success in his life by any means. Thanks to a thoughtful and loving family that the world now has a wonderful and promising young man.

    1. I don't really care about his personal beliefs, what is important to me is that he trains very, very, very hard. As long as he produces and destroys his opponents, I couldn't care less about his personal beliefs.

    2. I don't mean to argue with anyone...but just trying to give a Christian perspective that hopefully you guys can consider so that you may understand where Jeremy is coming from. God gave Jeremy a thoughtful and loving family that brought him up the right way. God also gave Jeremy his talents, his character, and the ability to work hard, and to have dedication and perseverance. During the tough times, God gave Jeremy the perseverence and strength to carry through. So if you think about it from the perspective that everything we are and have (including family) comes from God, you can understand why we give all glory to God. Especially when it comes to can't choose which family you're born into you know. I remember someone once said on this forum way back during the winning streak that he/she wished Jeremy would give more credit to his family than to God. But Jeremy himself has said, that the greatest thing his parents taught him was "to put God first even before family." Not that we don't love our parents...the bible says "honour your parents"...just that God gave you your parents, He is the ultimate benefactor. So I'm sure Jeremy's parents are very proud of him for giving the glory to God. I know that if I had kids, I would want them to know that there is a God who's there for them even if something unfortunate happens to me and my spouse, and that God and not us (parents), are more important. The Christian also knows that however hard you work, if God is not with you, you can still fail. You may work hard all night and day building a house, but what happens if a typhoon comes the next day to blow it down? That's Jeremy's point. Yes he will work hard. But whether he succeeds or not is up to God. Will all the hard work matter if he gets into a car accident (touch wood) gets injured and can't play basketball? Not everyone has a Linderalla story...some people may work or train just as hard and NEVER get an opportunity to shine, much less make use of whatever opportunity presents itself. Talent, character, opportunity, family...even being alive and healthy...all these are God given. Something to consider? :)

    3. @anon
      You are saying that to :) , right? Like I've said, I'm happy as long as he plays well and destroys his opponents. His personal beliefs are his prerogative.

    4. @:)

      I am also very suspicious when it comes to religion. Moral and ethical values that derive from the bible are not universal and they are definitely not infalible. In fact - over time ehtical and moral values of christians have changed frequently - cause they were again and again proven to be wrong, cruel, inhumane.

      There were times when it was ok for christians to kill non christians, burn women accused to be witches or enslave people. Not long ago - christians only had to give money to the church as penitance. Until the 1960s (I think) anti-semitism was official doctrine of the catholic church.

      Right now they are aiming at gay people. It is a matter of fact that christians - in order to feel good about themselves - have to have their finger pointed at someone at all times. Otherwise - priests would have nothing to talk about.

      Christian have always thought to be superior when it comes to moral and ethics. They forget that Hitler was christian, they forget that german soldiers of the 3rd reich all had belt buckles saying "god with us". Priests blessed tanks before they were taken into battle and the catholic church celebrated the birthday of Hitler every year. The first contract Hitler ever signed was with the vatican.

      Jeremy told us how many things had to happen for him to get were he is. How many things have to happen for a 3 year old child to have cancer, a tumor growing out of its eye? Endless pain and suffering?

      If you are critical you might even see it as if Jeremy said "thank god Amares brother died". Im sure he doesnt mean it but and he would never say so but...

      ...wise people have always said:

      Good people do good things, bad people do bad things. For good people to do bad things - you need religion. Anyway - I love JLin and Im looking forward to see him play.

      BTW - Im a christian so dont say I hate christians. Im just critical...

    5. Please, Let us stop this debate on his personal beliefs. This is not the right place for that people.

    6. I won't deny that Christians have a pretty bad history...and at the end of the day, all will come under judgement, more so if bad things were done in the name of Christ. But there's a lot of good as well. Many people who have turned from a life of crime and addiction to become better people and even serve back the community. Christians who helped hide the Jews and smuggle them out during the Holocaust at the cost of their own live. A christian priest who volunteered himself to be killed in the gas chambers in place of a jew (I can't remember his name but you can probably look it up on the internet)
      Countless testimonies of christians who had to undergo a ridiculous amount of suffering (including having children who died of cancer, and much much worse)...but they can still praise God and see a purpose in their suffering. I'm pretty sure that even if Jeremy didn't have Linsanity and wasn't successful he would still see God's grace in his life. He pretty much said so himself..that God was with him even when he was in the pits.
      I'm not trying to be self-righteous because I'll be the first to admit that I don't know if I can still praise God if tragedy keeps striking me (like loved ones dying, being tortured etc), or if I'll have the courage to stand up for God at the threat of my own life (like the girl in one of those mass school shootings...was it Georgia Tech or colombo? anyway, the shooter went around asking "Do you believe in God" and shooting those who said yes. She still said Yes). I'll be the first to admit that I'm not sure if I won't become cynical and bitter when life is a bed of suffering. But I pray that God will give me the grace and faith not to become like that, but to instead turn suffering into good. Like parents whose children died from cancer and they ended up being the support group for other parents suffering from the same thing.
      Especially from a sports perspective, someone's success is often someone else's loss. It's not "thank god Amare's brother died"...but rather that God placed Jeremy at the right place at the right time. And as Jeremy himself said, even the bad things can turn out for him being waived by the Rockets on Christmas eve.

      There's an article that was written about this as well by someone else:

      Once again, I don't mean to offend anyone. I used to think like you willydilly. Please don't take this personally. I just wanted to point out some of the good stuff that christians have done in case some non-believers on this site start thinking that christians only do bad stuff...

    7. sorry nephelauxetic, saw your post only after I had posted mine. You're right, I will try to stop posting religious stuff. Apologies if it offended anyone.

    8. September, I know where you are coming from. However, the fact that JLin believes that God made this happen for him is a very powerful factor. By the way, I am not a Christian and am not sure whether God made man or man made up religion and/or God because of so many things we cannot control. When all is said and done, man cannot even control cells which make up our body.

      Anyway, I am all for inclusive religion and against any exclusive religion. If you use anything positively, that's all good in my eyes.

    9. @Anon:

      Why should I feel offended? You explained your point of view very well and thats great. In fact - I even agree with you. One of the greatest people I have ever known was the priest at my church. He himself used to be a soldier of the 3rd reich. During the war he saw and did horrible things (he used to talk about it). Thats why he decided not to start a family but to become a priest when the war was over. That was his way of remorse.

      It was also him who taught me to be critical - especially when it comes to faith. Because of his experiences (christians commiting atrocities) he taught me to always put ethical and moral values of humanism ahaead of values of christianity... sounds paradox but it isnt.

      And that is my point. The good people you mentioned - did they do good because of faith or because of their humanistic values? When they did good - did they do it because they felt so by heart or did they fear god or were they even afraid of going to hell? Motive matters you know...

      Anyway - I personally believe that Linsanity was a result of hard work, his parents teachings, his character and a little bit of luck.

    10. but , his belief (or faith) is what he acknowledges that carried him through , especially through his tough times... i commend jeremy for boldly professing that.

    11. Well said Anon. Thanks for the sharing. If we are truly Jeremy fans, we should care what he cares most.

    12. @JC

      I believe I am truly a Jeremy fan, but it's because of his basketball skills and the dedication he has put into his training. It's an added plus that he is so caring that he volunteer his time with the kids.

      I don't believe I need to become a Christian because that is what he cares about the most.

    13. This has been on my mind for awhile. I hope I can enjoy watching the Rockets school other teams during the next season without being constantly proselytized about how great Christianity or being Asian American is. I just want to see a great player and a potentially great team get their due.

    14. @:)

      Like you, I am not religious. However, I do recognize that belief is powerful, regardless of whether or not the belief is true.

      One of Lin's old college teammates made a thoughtful post on this subject:

    15. I don't see anybody proselytizing Christianity or Asian Americanness on this thread.

      I certainly don't feel proselytized. And anybody who does is welcome to leave if they feel oppressed.

  7. Can anyone tell me when will JEREMY return to US?

    He is running out of time. He is only training for 4-5 hours per day. He needs to elevate it to 12-14 hours per day. He has only 1 month before training camp. I'm getting anxious for him. He may be in good shape but I doubt he'll be in NBA shape with his limited amount of training. He needs to prioritize the more important things and that is his training. I can give him a tentative DAILY SCHEDULE for the whole September:

    9 pm - 4 am Sleep
    4 am - 5 am Eat and Prepare for Training
    5 am - 5:30 am Warm UP
    5:30 - 7 am upper body training (squats, etc)
    7-8 am Training on his lateral quickness
    8-9 am Passing and Dribbling (especially the left hand)
    9am - 12 nn Shooting, Fastbreak situations, Attacking the basket, Pick and roll situations
    12 nn - 1 pm Cool down and Eat
    1 pm - 1:30 pm - Warm up
    1:30 pm - 7:00 pm - Every possible training
    7 pm - 9 pm - Cool down, Eat, Free time

    Then repeat, do this until Training camp
    I'm pretty sure he'll be in tip top form after this.

    1. For anyone who will surely call me crazy, Yes I'm crazy. You want to be the best, You have to work like your the best.

    2. In the vids, he's markedly trimmed down. An excellent beginning to your daily regime, neph :)

    3. If Jeremy Lin trains 12-14 hours a day, then he'll burn out and get injured like a guy who trains 12-14 hrs a day.

      We then could look forward to Jeremy Lin making his Houston Rockets debut in the 2013-2014 season.

    4. I was exaggerating a bit. Maybe 8-10 hrs

    5. A leisurely 8-10 hr regimen would possibly have Jeremy Lin ready to play roughly after the 2012-2013 All Star Break, though Lin would only be at "85%" health.

    6. He's in Guangzhou at the moment, then back to the US. He'd be buckling down in serious training then.

      This entire trip has been one long carb-up extravaganza, haha. His face is lean but he's been "commenting" on gaining some weight.

      I can actually see JLin taking neph's OCD-ish [kinda] approach, lol. He's known to be somewhat of a perfectionist [er, a bit anal?]

    7. @via

      Is Jlin in Guangzhou for sponsored event?

    8. @ liv


      in Guangzhou for KFC 3-On-3 [Nat'l Youth] tournament.

    9. doubt if lots of other players are overseas playing pick up games with different groups of people every day. so jeremy is not doing too bad. imo my concern is that if he's knee not 100% then he should just give it a break and work on other parts of his body. sure when he hits training camp there will be absolutely no chance to give that knee a break.

    10. [Pics] KFC Nat'l Youth 3-On-3 challenge

    11. Isn't Jeremy supposedly stronger, faster and more accurate now than any time in his past?

      This post makes it seem like Jeremy just showed his report card to his parents, and the parents are complaining why he got a 3.9 instead of 4.0 GPA.

    12. He looks good in practice and against weak opponents, but you don't know how he'll perform in an real NBA game against a tough opponent like the Miami Heat or the OKC Thunder.

      Let's just back off until he plays a quality NBA opponent in the regular season.

    13. I wouldn't assume anything about Jeremy Lin's parents, Etane.

    14. KH. Was I talking about his parents literally?

  8. Jeremy Lin's Witnesses, I deeply feel that he really is a devout Christian, I believe that the power of religion, Lin ,If not the main force, the existence of ''Linsanity'' today, relative Jeremy Lin's life experience, the beginning really not an easy one, a kid growing up in a white community, once lively and rebellious, mischievous childhood memories.
    adolescence,In order to love basketball, but also made ​​a great effort,from the Warriors,has been to the NBA, if not the power of the Lord,2010-2011, Jeremy Lin also share the case of depression, however, rely on the Lord, let him overcome the difficult, but also it can be said that the Lord is his father In fact, if Jeremy Lin in this life is smooth, personally think that the Lord, he will be strange, is because his life experience in particular, in order to let the opportunity to moisten his mind ~ ~ this is Jeremy Lin said the soul.

  9. No matter what moves Mr. Romney made, the president said, he and his team were going to cut him off and block him at every turn. “We’re the Miami Heat, and he’s Jeremy Lin,” Mr. Obama said, according to the aide.

    This was posted by via wong in the last thread.

    - Another one that cannot seem to stop using Jeremy's name to gain attention. jeremy should really use this as another motivation. I want some butt-kicking action. I want someone destroyed in the hands of Lin. He should go out there and not just beat his competition but completely OBLITERATE them. When he faces the old guys such as kidd, Nash, Miller, Fisher, etc, I want Lin to embarrass them, break their ankles with a crossover, run past them every single possession, demoralize them, make them RETIRE, make them regret that they did not retire this past off-season. I want some LINBARRASSMENT. I'm sick of these people.

    1. Mainstream Media's on it.

      Zach Lowe @ZachLowe_SI
      Obama on Romney in NYT (and via anonymous aide): "We're the Miami Heat, and he's Jeremy Lin."
      6:10 AM - 3 Sep 12

    2. Ah, Lin should be HONORED.

      Lin is now a HOUSEHOLD NAME!

      More free advertising, this one courtesy of the President that our nation's Electoral College selected for us!

    3. & It's an election year.

      That aide, haha.

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    5. I love Obama but sometimes he says some stupid shit. DO not say you are the Miami heat. America still hates that team. They still hate Lebron.

      I know what he was trying to say and he was not down playing Lin but in politics they take every little thing and blow it out of proportion.

      I know he needs Florida but find another team in Florida to attach yourself too.

    6. Also find that aide and fire him/her

    7. @ ChuckT

      Lol, that aide is done. [Or else exiled to the White House equivalent of Siberia...]

    8. Here's the solution:

      Sign Barack Obama to CAA!

      Then Obama can get PAID for keeping Jeremy Lin's name in the presses for FREE.

      I really admire CAA's hard work in advertising for Jeremy Lin via Spike Lee, Stephen A Smith, Carmelo Anthony, JR Smith, Mike Woodson, Madison Square Garden, and countless other celebrities who say "controversial" things about Lin and are providing free professional support for Lin's growing brand!

    9. I hate to say this. Usually when lin gets criticised warranted or not, his supporters sometimes say that they are racist or haters.This is not always true. Obama knows what people would have interpreted with his analogy. Yet, he chose to say it . Lin was such a nice story until the media went to shove it down people's throat to make money. Obama IMO, is just destroying the lin story. That is why lin had trademarked linsanity. It was supposed to be about hope and determination. Now, you have the Obama just discrediting his hard work and his work ethic. Also, it is not even free publicity, this is just creating a further rift.

    10. Obama's words got YOUR attention, didn't they?

      He riled you up to the point that you came to the "defense" of Jeremy Lin. That's how free advertising, even negative, works in Lin's favor.

      I guarantee you that there are nonbasketball fans who are observing Obama and are asking "Who is this Jeremy Lin guy?" That results in more attention paid to Jeremy Lin, which means MORE FANS which means MORE ENDORSEMENTS and MORE ALL STAR VOTES.

      Jeremy Lin has it almost TOO good. It's a bit unfair that a single player is getting all this presidential attention, but then there has never been a player in the NBA like Jeremy Lin!

    11. This comment has been removed by the author.

    12. Geez, I used to like Obama. Now he thinks he's the established force and willing to corner a harder working guy by force. A very dumb statement. He would lose my vote for sure.

    13. Re mint & KHuang

      The more I think about it the more I think Obama did not say this at all. Lin and Obama and many people in his administration went to Harvard. His head of education department is huge lin fan/ booster for the Harvard basketball program

      I think it was the aide that made up this Lin story in order to sell it to New York paper. Reporters pay their sources money all the time to make stuff up.

    14. you do realise that he is running for an election to garner more votes? Recently, Fox tried to discredit Obama by talking about how he invited melo to some charity game .Melo made a snitching video but that was years ago. See how lin suddenly comes into the picture? Also why would the aide do that? It serves no purpose for obama. If anything, Obama is insulting lin period. That analogy was not even necessary. He knows what lin means to the asian american community and he knows why he did it. When you have the president saying that about lin, do you realise he is just reinforcing stereotypes? Lin hard work was nothing but a fluke. How insulting is that.

    15. When did Obama ever say anything negative about JLin? Did I miss anything? Please post some links or any kind of reference to prove that.

      Obama mentioned JLin in an interview months ago. He was asked if he heard about Linsanity and Obama said that he has heard of JLin way before Linsanity when JLin was playing at Harvard. How is that negative? In fact - he spoke very respectful of JLin. Have the republicans spread lies again? Can they do anything else besides lie? I think - Jesus would vote for Obama.

      Here is Obama on JLin (starting 1:40):

      BTW... Romney visited 3 countries and now people in these countries hate him. This is how Obama was received in Berlin even BEFORE he was president (people all over the world love Obama - many americans dont know that):

      Sorry if I mispoke. If what his aide said was true, I stick to what I said.


    18. I love Obama, BUT WT... hmmmm. I want him to explain and then shut up about Lin now on.

    19. The only thing I saw "wrong" with Obama's statement is that it took TWO teams to bring Lin down that game: the Miami Heat AND the deliberately tanking unprofessional NY Knicks!

      I had no issue with the Heat trying to Linbarrass a minimum wage nonguaranteed reject as if he were the MVP of the NBA. If it takes 3 All Stars and a concerted team effort to shut down a single waiver wire player, that says great things about the waiver player indeed!

      Now the Knicks tanking on their teammate in an order to make him look bad? HELL NO. That's unacceptable behavior, and it will haunt the Knicks for years to come as Jeremy Lin becomes the star player that he's destined to be.

    20. KHuang - You're absolutely right.

      Carmelo-lovers and racists are always bringing up "that" Miami game. But there are a number of reasons why Lin played poorly. Besides, everyone has a very poor game once in a while.

      Is Kobe a bad player just because he played poorly on March 18, 2012 against the Jazz? Kobe was $25 million, 15-year veteran; it was a HOME game for Lakers; the Lakers had the PREVIOUS DAY OFF; the Jazz was a vastly INFERIOR team.

      On the other hand, Lin's salary was $800,000; he had a very little experience as of that Feb 23, 2012 game; the game was on the ROAD; the Knicks also PLAYED a ROAD GAME THE DAY BEFORE; the Heat was a vastly SUPERIOR team

      In addition, there is no question that Carmelo and JR Smith (Lin's own teammates) sabotaged that game, in an effort to get rid of D'Antoni and kill the Linsanity. AND ALSO, the Heat's Big Three (LeBron, Wade, Bosh - all who are Carmelo's buddies, as well as fellow CAA clients) were targeting Lin - also in an attempt to kill the Linsanity. Needless to say, it was an EXTREMELY UNUSUAL GAME indeed. Lin can totally discount that one game and realize how cynical, racists and jealous some people are.

    21. Here's how Carmelo and the Knicks hurt themselves by refusing to take Lin and also tanking games:

      The first round opponent for the Knicks was the Miami Heat. Had the Knicks won more games, they could've avoided the Heat in the first round.

      Lin got injured, in no small part due to all the uncalled flagrant fouls that referees refused to call. If the Knicks had embraced Lin, Lin likely would've been starting - and probably not against the Heat in the first round!

      Mike D'Antoni would've finished the season as head coach. While he probably would not have been renewed since the Knicks were hellbent on signing Mike Woodson because he'a a CAA client, Linsanity would've continued and the Knicks would have steamrolled opponents.

      Of course, Lin would be a Knick again this year if they wanted him.

      Thus the Knicks actively conspired to get rid of Jeremy Lin for strictly nonbasketball reasons. And that's why the Knicks can never win - they operate strictly based on nonbasketball reasons!

    22. @KHuang

      Everything happens for a reason. The Knicks have been dysfunctional for more than a decade now so why are we surprised? Anyways, Jeremy will a better place in Houston. He's going to be the center piece, he has teammates who just want to win, and all of those players are young so they have the opportunity to build a dynasty after 3 years. The next 3 years will all be about the Heat, Lakers, OKC, Spurs, and Celtics. No other teams will win a championship outside those teams, I guarantee it! So the Rockets are better off rebuilding.

    23. I think most people agree the Nyk have always had a self-sabotaging tendency...

      JLin's better off with more open team mates.

    24. New York may not win a championship for the next 3 years but I still see them winning 50-55 games. Mike Woodson may not be the best offensive coach but his defensive schemes are quite impressive. Like I said, they are going to win a lot of games in the regular season but they are going to struggle in the Playoffs.

    25. "Jared Jeffries thinks the Knicks didn't do enough to help Jeremy Lin on Thursday night against Miami."

    26. @nephelauxetic

      You're right that Lin is better off with the Rockets. In fact, like many of you, I was fearful that they might match. But the Knicks were unscrupulous towards Lin the entire offseason, which isn't surprising. Lin has Nash to thank. I believe Nash was polite in saying that living closer to his kids was the most important factor (he's divorced). He probably was unsure about playing with Carmelo because of his reputation. I also think that it still bothered him the way his friend and former coach was treated.

      It took me a while to figure it out because I wasn't thinking cynical enough. But it turned out that the Knicks wanted Lin as a backup to Nash (Lin would have wasted precious years). However, they DIDN'T WANT Lin to be the starter over Felton! Most of the fans and the media would have thought something is wrong with that picture; the simple solution was not to match (but at a cost of not getting anything for Lin). Now they expect Carmelo to score more and to be on track to becoming the most popular player on the Knicks.

      Some people say that the Knicks never planned to re-sign Lin. If that were the case, what about the challenging for the Bird rights for waived players. I believe the Knicks were confident that they would land the "mainly distributor" Nash for their Carmelo boy one way or another. Prior to free agency, they poked around and found out that dangling *the biggest stage* and "contender" didn't work on Nash for him to stupidly sign for the vet minimum. But they were apparently confident that *the biggest stage* and MONEY (via sign-and trade) would get the job done.

      When the Knicks were blindsided and unable to secure Nash, they ironically felt the need to let Lin walk and replace him with a deeper PG bench to make up for what they consider a "marginally better" PG in Lin over Felton (Although publicly they insist Felton is better than Lin, their flurry of PG acquisitions betray their true feelings). Carmelo, Woodson and CAA wanted to watch Lin's career and popularity go south as a marginalized backup, and then kick him out of NY as a trade chip. But let Lin play alongside Carmelo as a starter over Felton? Hell no!

    27. The bounce of the basketball squishes the worst laid plans.

      If the Knicks had kept Lin, he'd have utterly ROASTED anybody the Knicks chose to start over him.

      Nobody on the Knicks roster could play consistently after having been beaten to death by Lin in practices. He destroyed all the PGs ahead of him last season, and my guess is that he destroyed Acie Law in Golden State too.

      Lin would have been a starter in NY, and Carmelo Anthony would continue to meekly hand him the ball in the 4th quarter!

    28. People, Let us stop talking about the Knicks anymore. We might narrate once again every detail of his New York days . So I humbly asks everyone to cease this Knicks talk.

    29. @KHunag -

      That's what the CAA, Carmelo & Co were afraid of! And the resulting of the continued locker room problem = enough game losses, again. Had they matched, they would had to wait a whole year to trade Lin.

      @nephelauxetic -

      I agree that we should stop talking about the Knicks. It's frankly boring, as well as ad nauseam. Hopefully, the media and the Knicks stop using Lin's name; they have plenty of fresh NY drama to attract viewers..... With the latest angle I came up with about the Lin-Knicks situation, I am now SATISFIED in my mind: No more confusion and head-scratching..... GOOD RIDDANCE, Knicks!

    30. It is true that Neph seems to to talk about something and then says "lets stop talking" about this or that LOL ;-) (I scanned briefly just under this article by the admin - and there are 2 like that)..... But - without Lin there - the Knicks are BORING AS HELL to talk about now.

      Unless there are new bomshell revelation about the inner workings of the Knicks organization that we don't know about (we DO KNOW about the CAA and CAA's infiltration into the NBA), the Knicks are done in the minds of many former temporary fans like myself.

    31. Some news [skip if uninterested]:

      Frank Isola ‏@FisolaNYDN
      Word on the street is that Scott O'Neil couldn't work for James Dolan anymore. Shocking, no?
      11:10 AM - 5 Sep 12

      Frank Isola ‏@FisolaNYDN
      Scott O'Neil and Jeremy Lin...both Harvard educated, both rising stars at MSG, both gone, both looking for a new cable provider.
      11:38 AM - 5 Sep 12

      Bill Simmons ‏@sportsguy33
      1 of the most respected/connected execs out there. Go Dolan go! RT @FisolaNYDN: MSG president Scott O'Neil is expected to resign next week.
      1:23 PM - 5 Sep 12

      Madison Square Garden sports president O'Neil resigns

      The move comes just 1 ½ months after the Knicks prized marketing cash cow Jeremy Lin was allowed by James Dolan to sign with the Rockets.
      It could be a impactful loss as the Knicks brace for the onslaught of the Nets in Brooklyn. O’Neil had made a trip to China in late spring to explore Lin marketing opportunities.

    32. Thanks for the links, via wong.... Yeah, I read some of them already (about O'Neil). Interesting!

      Gotta go to read the others.

    33. @via wong

      "the Knicks brace for the onslaught of the Nets in Brooklyn"

      - Hate the Knicks or not , there is no way the NETS are even a threat to NYK. They were 18-6 under Woodson despite no training camp and numerous injuries. They may have the most unsuccessful owner but he's not the one making the team work, it's the Headcoach. Woodson has been successful defensive coach. He has a good record in the regular season except those rebuilding years in Atlanta. So, I do not understand why people keep saying that the NETS will be better and that the Knicks will not make the playoffs. This is coming from an unbiased Spurs and Celtics fan.

    34. This comment has been removed by the author.

    35. This comment has been removed by the author.

    36. @ ztrta

      Stated more bluntly:
      Lin supporter O’Neil resigns post as MSG sports president

      Donnie Walsh gone. Jeremy Lin gone. Scott O'Neil gone.
      All three reportedly had their run-ins with Knicks owner James Dolan...

      @ neph

      Could they mean 'a financial onslaught?' The Barclays Center?

    37. @via wong
      I thought you personally said it. My bad. The Knicks will not beat my Celtics and Heat and maybe even the Pacers but the NETS? They may have improved but I really doubt they will be really that good. They are a 6th seed at best. I actually see them 6th or 7th depending on the performance of the Bulls. They may even fall to the 8th spot if the Hawks can somehow stay competitive. I expect the Knicks to be 4th seed maybe 3rd seed if they stay consistent.

  10. I love the fact that Jeremy said that you can fulfill your dreams, reach the height of your career and still not be satisfied. I feel that he's saying it not just about himself, but it also describes us fans...1 or 2 years ago many early fans on this website would have been happy just to see him as a starter. Now we're talking about making the playoffs, schooling old players and getting a championship. And after a championship, we'll be chasing Jeremy to get ANOTHER championship, and so on and so forth. Jeremy knows that he can never forever meet people's expectations. One day he will grow old and become like those old guys too, and some young kid will be the next Jeremy Lin trying to school him. At the end of the day, what matters most is who he is as a person and his relationship with God :)

    1. Humans have a natural insatiable appetite.

    2. spot on but at the same time i believe God does not create Linsanity to be mediocre. He will use him in a miraculous way.

    3. Exactly, if it was really a miracle from God, wouldn't Jeremy Lin have beaten the Miami Heat, instead of getting humiliated and humbled by them ?

      Does this mean that God loves Lebron James and DWade more than Jeremy Lin ?

      The answer is, no. He got to where he is because of hard work and determination, rising up against Racist pressures. If God and Christ is behind his work ethic and will to succeed, then so be it ... that's a good thing.

      But to say that Asian males can't compete with Black players in the NBA, without some help from God ... well that sounds like an insult to us.

      It's like saying that getting a job at McDonald's and driving a Toyota is a miracle from God. When other people are making much more money and driving better cars.

      It takes hard work to be successful. If you want to thank God for your will to succeed, that's fine.

    4. Nah, it's not that we can never be satisfied.

      None of us knew then (or even now) what Jeremy Lin's ceiling is. Heck, I don't even know if Jeremy Lin knows what Jeremy Lin's ceiling is!

      The guy keeps raising his game, even when his own team tried to make it harder and harder for him. All we can do is helplessly and giddily watch in slack jawed amazement.

      So far, Jeremy Lin has showe no signs of being stopped. I'm just sitting back and watching him win and Lin his way through the NBA.

    5. @ ABC Baller

      SOMETIMES Christian consciousness is somewhat of an alchemical approach. [It works if you work it?]

      It's not just disparate tasks accomplished, but a Grand Narrative, a Journey one goes on. Weaving a tapestry of synchronicities, fashioning Meaning out of Time. Transforming strivings into 'service' & offering, receiving results [perhaps] as Grace. It's transcending the materialist realm. :)

    6. oops, not implying it's all just some kind of dramatization. Not at all. The most important part of it all is Sincerity. Can't will that. The very act of Willing [awareness] destroys that very quality. One must truly buy in.

    7. I've gone to Christian church off and on for many years. I went a lot during my early college days but since dropped off. Part of the reason is that believing in a "God" isn't quite enough. You have to believe in Jesus as the savior. Not here to be preachy but that is the root of most Christian beliefs (unless you go with the Mormons or other "sects").

      I'm of the belief that "God" (or Life for those who are atheist) puts both the good and bad experiences in your way for you to learn. For the atheist, Jeremy Lin was "lucky" to be dropped by the Warriors & Rockets and then picked up by the Knicks. For Jeremy, it was all part of the grand plan.

      It's all in the matter of perspective and unfortunately Christians have a bad reputation.

    8. I once joined a Pentecostal Christian ("born again") church because I was told that one could have a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with God. But after one year, i didn't have it, no matter how much faith I had. And just as I was having doubts, I was told by a member, who was a buddy of the pastor, that I'm not tally lost in worship because I'm not waving my hands and screaming "praise the Lord" and such (and pretending to talk in "tongue"). I used to just close my eyes and pray and praise in "regular voice" and raised arms sometimes, but without them flailing.

      So I got out. As I was really searching, I soon found a spiritual path in which I DO HAVE a personal relationship with God right off the bat (but it's not J), where we can hear the sound of God (such as the "rushing wind" that the Bible mentions the early apostles heard) and see the light of God (such as the "burning bush") practically on a daily bases. What a shock! There IS such a thing!!!!! Today's Christian leaders don't have *actual* personal relationship with God, which is why they don't talk about important things like hearing the Holy Spirit of God, and the followers are assumed to believe everything based on FAITH ONLY; No ACTUAL EXPERIENCES - in fact the subject never even comes up. There are a lot more good sincere Christan followers than pastors or ministers (percentage wise). For most of Christain leaders (not all - and Lin would make a great pastor, imo), it's a matter of their livelihood (which also happens to bring respect and reverence with it). When people are tired of not having a one-on-one relationship that's promised (if indeed that's what they are looking for), they leave their organization (But some delay and some don't, due to peer pressure and strong social ties).

      I respect everyone's religious path, BUT I don't care for proselytizing. In my religion, it's a violation of one's free will to proselytize. If the Holy Spirit nudges us, we will talk about it briefly (but mostly listen to the person); if they want us to stop talking (not the case if it's really God's nudge), we'll stop right there. Chewing someone's ear, manipulating, pushing, talking to them about it again later when they are not the one talking - all of that will bring bad karma at some point, whether one believes that or not, because it's a universal law, just like physics: In God's own time, things come back at you, whether it's a positive thing or negative.

  11. Jeremy is obligated to play best to his ability because his employer is paying him - but I think he knows that.

    In the path that I belong to, we are discouraged from preaching to people in-your-face or door-to-door because of the individual free will; it is a violation to proselytize. And it says that God allowed all major religions because everyone has a different level of consciousness. People are automatically drawn to us, our books or our organization when they are ready. So many of our members are former Christians (and includes former atheists and Muslims) simply because there are a lot of Christians out there. I was raised as a Catholic, but once I thought for myself I converted to a Baptist, then Evangelical Christian for one year before finding the current path.

    People first join this spiritual path (which I will not name here) out of faith because of their search, but eventually (some right away) they rely on DIRECT experiences and direct proof to themselves. We have inner and outer experience with God on a daily bases if we choose to be in tune. This is the same one God that other religions call by their chosen name for God. Faith is just an initial step, but faith doesn't prove anything.

    God's imprint on Lin's life is nothing new. Many people have it - including atheists (which they will recognize later). In my path or "religion", it's known as "connecting diamonds". Also, when one sets a goal and perseveres towards it, s/he will get there. But not everybody will get what they want in one life time (otherwise this world wouldn't be a school of learning), as they may have karma to work through. Life in this world will always be in cycles, just like the four seasons and land topography.

    It's obvious that Jeremy Lin is a sincere Christian. And unlike many Christians (and most pastors and church leaders), he is both religious and spiritual. Being spiritual is positive but being religious is negative.

    1. Sorry, I shouldn't have said being religious is negative. What I meant to say was, being religious is not necessarily positive.

    2. Tao one taos, not Tao.
      Name one names, not Name.

      We all play our part. :)

  12. Let us add the president to the list of doubters/Haters:

    1.Stephen A. Smith (of course)
    2. Dolan
    3. jr Smith
    4. Carmelo
    5. StackHouse
    6. Larry Brown, I. Thomas, and Co.
    7. Almost everyone in the New York Media
    8. Some hypocrites called "real Knicks Fans" (some but not all)
    9. Prigioni
    10. Felton (not really a hater but he claimed he's the best)
    11. Chalmers (not also a hater but I'm pretty sure Jeremy is itching to face Chalmers)
    12. Rondo (not a hater but since he wants to embarrass Jeremy, Jeremy should return the favor)
    13. President Obama (not a hater but he has the audacity to use Lin's name for his political campaign)
    14. Who's NEXT? Stay Tuned

    1. I don't think Obama is a Jeremy Lin hater at all. But I definitely think Larry Brown (probably my least favorite coach in my years of watching the NBA) is a total hater.

      I recognize that players are jealous of Lin, but I myself am having trouble calling them "haters". I think to no small extent, virtually all of them respect Lin's accomplishments. I have not heard a single player say that Lin didn't deserve his success, though many of them whine about his money because they don't understand how much more difficult Lin's path to the NBA has been than theirs.

      Lin will always have his haters, and if he plays to defeat them then the unending rage will cause Lin to defeat HIMSELF.

      All Lin needs to do is stay sharp and protect himself. He only needs to focus on the game, as that's hard enough.

      The vitriol Lin is going through is what impact players deal with. The better the player, the tastier the haterade!!!

    2. @KHuang

      Look at my notes beside their name. What I mean on this list is the people that Jeremy should teach a lesson!

    3. My former classmate who's an aide to Obama in his last election campaign shared with the class on how careful they have to be when dealing with the press. In most occasions, they can't speak directly to the media without any prior consensus scripts. We didn't quite take her supposedly "insider" information seriously but now that I recall what she said, I wonder how this bad press not managed and the fact that there isn't any "damage control" till now, there is no doubt the statement wasn't taken out of context and both the aide and Obama knew exactly the impact of such statement.

    4. Before haters 1-14 even heard of JLin, the following were hatin' in the bay area - you should add them to the list:

      - Keith Smart
      - Matt Steinmetz
      - Bob Fitzgerald (only a doubter, but a shameless Acie Law supporter on his radio show)

    5. @ liv

      Pres Obama showing he's down with the Asians [or Stoners?]


    6. Actor Kal Penn on Obama, Asian Voters

      Will Asian voters swing the election?

    7. Whatever Pres Obama's real thinking on JLin is, that aide of his really messed up [Perhaps the aide had his 'interview' over a bottle/s of wine or something...]

    8. "I wonder how this bad press not managed and the fact that there isn't any "damage control" till now, there is no doubt the statement wasn't taken out of context and both the aide and Obama knew exactly the impact of such statement."

      - Hoping that ignoring it will make it go away? Underestimating the significance of JLin for Asians/AAs?

    9. Obama made his comment in feb. Probably days after the heat game. When things were fresh. Its only coming out now which is why the comments seem offf. Remember the heat game was the BIGgest hyped game before the break.

    10. What really pisses me off is the fact that Jeremy who was not even involved in Politics was singled out. Of all the possible Americans that he could have cited, he picked Jeremy out of the millions of Americans/people that shows similarities with his POLITICAL ENEMY!!!!!
      What a cruel world jeremy Lin lives in? That game just have to cited again. Everybody will now never move on from that game since OUR BELOVED PRESIDENT used that like it is some kind of an expression. Jeremy now will be part of the American Political History. He's now the symbol for Romney!!!
      Truly a hateful world Jeremy Lives in? The leader of your country views you as his enemy.

      What a special attention he is receiving.

    11. Barack Obama's words are not racially derogatory toward Asians, nor do they put down Jeremy Lin.

      I actually thought it was pretty neat that he invoked the Heated Lin game. With all the other major league sports and athletes out there, Jeremy Lin's name came up over all of them.

      The majority of people are gonna be like "Whatever, it's just empty politician talk".

    12. @KHuang
      I never said it was racially derogatory. Why can't people just leave him alone? Does Jeremy really have to be mentioned every now and then?
      Anyways, I'm pretty sure jeremy will USE this as a motivation. I don't care if this is just an empty politician talk. I would personally keep the list above and complete them if anybody tries to use Jeremy's name again.

      I will quote someone from (This is a message for Mr. Obama)

      "Barack be nimble
      Barack be quick
      Barack be gone
      November 6"

    13. @ A.L.

      In essence, Obama: We're shutting Romney down. We are the Heat [fast, powerful] He's Lin [overhyped, hapless. Considering the contempt he regards Romney with...]

      Like you said, it was Feb, it was fresh. He might have said it then, but it's come to light now. This quote is making the rounds in major news outlets, & has reached the Sinosphere

      However he thinks of JLin, that quote is bound to have some effect on the Asian community whose vote he's been courting.

      But surprisingly, his camp have been passive about this thing so far.

    14. People can't leave Jeremy Lin alone because they are spellbound by his quality.

      After all the years of Hollywood induced ostracization of Asian American males, we now have a bonafide homegrow Asian American superstar who is not an import. People of all colors and nationalities are EXCITED about Jeremy Lin, including our president who is a Lin fan!

      Embrace the change, guys. Lin is singlehandedly getting respect for Asian Americans!

    15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    16. Fan of Lin? Heck, he compared him to his political ENEMY! ENEMY!
      I'm not saying he's a hater but he's not a true fan. He was a fan of linsanity during its height but after that Heat game, like many hypocrites, turned on him and probably believed he's a flash-in-a pan. I will never forget that time where even some ungrateful Knicks Fans mock Jeremy. Some people flop their opinions and joined the Hater's/Doubter's Bandwagon. So, do not call him a fan just because he may not be a hater. He's just everybody else that was a fan of Lin during the good times but as soon as he encountered a setback, they've all become Stephen A Smith (a flip-flop).

      I cannot wait for Lin to create HAVOC in the NBA. I want the season to start so these HATERS can now STFU. I want some LINBARRASSMENT.

    17. The analogy is wonky unless it's emphasizing how 'easily beatable' Romney/Lin is.

      Like ChuckT said, why the Heat, no one likes the Heat, lol.

      Obama compared Mitt Romney to Jeremy Lin. I don’t get it.

    18. You guys are going crazy.

      Relax. It's just a sports analogy of an entire team ganging up to stop one guy.

      I'm not reading into this "Jeremy Lin being compared to Mitt Romney" stuff.

      The President's statement means little and says even less about the players he invoked. I can't believe people are getting worked over "politician talk", of all things.

    19. "However he thinks of JLin, that quote is bound to have some effect on the Asian community whose vote he's been courting.

      But surprisingly, his camp have been passive about this thing so far."

      Asians account for about 6% (about 18.2 million) of the US population, according to the latest Census Bureau figures.

      In the past, candidates didn't pay attention to Asian voters, but now, their votes is the key to victory...

    20. This comment has been removed by the author.

    21. I think what Obama meant to say is he is as competitive as the Miami Heat when they played against Jeremy Lin.

      If I read the article correctly, it was said at a fund raiser where there are other NBA players present hence the basketball analogy.

    22. This comment has been removed by the author.

    23. @ Etane

      [Not to beat a deadhorse, but]
      Pres Obama was in a 'placid' meeting with Democratic governors, Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana asked him about the Presidential race.

      This news clip reminds Pres Obama how he had praised JLin in public & took credit for knowing about him from Harvard [the Simmons interview] etc

      Politics. *shrug*

  13. Q&A With Kevin McHale: Part I
    [Talks about the unique challenges of coaching young talent]

  14. i was in tears at some points in his testimony... the kid is really special.. he is really chosen to fulfill God's purpose in this opportune time...

  15. It doesn't surprise me. Obama has always been a flip flop bandwagon politician. Linsanity was on top of the world ... what does Barack do, he krazy glues himself to Lin's name.
    Then the Miami Heat win the championships, and Linsanity fizzles ... Barack jumps ship and becomes an instant Lebron fan.

    Americans wanted energy independence, Barack advocates drilling more domestic oil. Then the BP disaster strikes the Gulf coast, the President turns against oil drilling and even kills a proposed oil pipeline from Canada to Texas.

    Americans wanted out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Barack runs for President under a platform of pulling out. Then he eliminates Osama Bin Laden and becomes a "War hero" President.

    Changing faces. Always changing with the tide of public opinion.

    1. I should probably stop commenting on politics, but I can't help it. It was probably one of the greatest moments of my life when Obama won the presidency...I never believed that the entrenched racism of the past and present could have been overcome by this one sweeping moment in history. Based on his "Change" campaign and his minority status, I really felt like the country would be in for positive changes.

      4 years later..reality has reared its ugly head. He's been Bush junior's we still have the "Patriot Act" (what's so patriotic about it?), all of Bush's tax cuts which are clearly slanted towards the 1 percent, and now he's bagging on Jeremy Lin (WTF?). Unfortunately, Romney is our alternative...sorry just had to vent.

    2. I truly think we were THAT close to 20% unemployment and to expanding from 2 war fronts to to 3 or 4. Considering where we were 4 years ago, I think the country is in great shape. But, realistically, it will take even the "perfect" president more than a term or two to fix all the damage it has incurred during the 2000s even with a willing congress.

    3. I agree 100% with @ABCBaller. Sadly, Obama knows how to win election by choosing what's popular (riding Jeremy in Feb and dumping him for Miami Heat in August) although his report card in jobs and economy is really bad. The main issue is about trust.

      In 4 years, Obama doubled the number of unemployed people for more than 6 months soaring from 2.6M to 5.3M.

      In 4 years, Obama doubled the rate of National Debt increase from Bush's 8 years ($4.93T in just 4 years vs. $4.89T in 8 years) so it is now at $15.56 trillion.

      The real numbers don't lie if you research more about it. The country is not in a great shape. On job creation, his biggest mistake is to force ObamaCare tax scaring businesses to create more jobs. Not a good report card in capitalist system but an A+ in socialist system so more jobless people will depend on government handouts then higher tax for the working people and so it continues.

      I have to admit he is a true genius in fundamentally changing America into a socialist country without people realizing it. I wonder if US Citizens will wake up too late in 2016.

    4. If anything, Obama is closer to those stereotypes of Jeremy Lin:

      Obama is a flash in the pan. If it wasn't for his race, he wouldn't be nearly as popular. He has bad defense (deficit management). He can't handle the ball (Economy). He turns over the ball a lot (Exports jobs). He is the product of a system (Hope campaign).
      Maybe some scouting will expose Barrack Obama's flaws too.

    5. But more shocking to me is how much time Pre Obama spent on pursuing less consequential trivialities.

      " His idea of birthday relaxation is competing in an Olympic-style athletic tournament with friends, keeping close score. The 2009 version ended with a bowling event. Guess who won, despite his history of embarrassingly low scores? The president, it turned out, had been practicing in the White House alley. "

  16. KFC Nat'l Youth 3-On-3 Bball Championship Challenge Ad

    1. 4 Sep - JLin as KFC China's bball ambassador at the 2012-13 KFC 3-On-3, Guangzhou Gymnasium

      JLin delivered a short speech, Q&A w/ fans, presented the award, autographed jerseys, played a game which his team easily won 19-10. After the event, he took an evening flight back to Taipei [& to the States next day.]

    2. JLin flying back to the States

    3. JLin flying back to the States

  17. I truly admire how Jeremy is always willing to share his Christian faith without forcing his belief to others. As a Christian, I know some Christians mean well to share their faith but it can come across as pushy and become a turn-off. I agree with @ABC Baller that Tebow can fall into this category even if I believe he is sincere. I don't know enough about Pacquiao.

    I found it fascinating that his main message was not about sharing 13 things in his life that created the global Linsanity phenomenon but truly about the emptiness in his heart after he achieved all the success more than he ever dreamed off in March 2012. I didn't know about this before. After 7-game winning streak, he became the toast of New York, appeared in multiple SI magazine covers, ESPN but he realized power, money, fame, success truly did not bring joy and happiness in his heart. It only brought more pressure to please others and achieve more and more. When he focused on playing just for God, all the pressure was gone and he found his joy of playing again.

    But he never forced people to convert to Christianity, he only shared how God can bring true joy in his heart and not fall into the trap of all the pressures in the world to achieve in high school to get into good college to get good jobs to get good spouse and kids and repeat the same cycle again. It resonated well especially with the Chinese culture that values academic and career achievement over serving God and others. I admit I often struggle to balance life to be a Chinese Christian or a Christian Chinese first as I found many of my friends at church do.

    Here’s hoping and praying that Jeremy's humility will never leave him and God can use him to serve others and share God's goodness on-court and off-court. I believe God has an even greater plan to give him a platform to share his life story of perseverance to millions of Chinese in China, Taiwan and even non-Chinese. Thanks for inspiring all your fans no matter if they're Christians or not, young or old, Chinese or not, Jeremy!

    And thanks for sharing the original links, @via wong! We all appreciate your hard work.

    1. great post. totally agree. of all the things he said in his testimony, this was the one thing that stuck in my mind and resonated with me.

      As a fellow Christian, this is not new revelation. but how often we forget when we get caught up in the middle of the rat race - looking for more and more to satisfy our need to validate ourselves, to validate our worth. i would imagine the pressure to be even greater now that he needs to validate his 25mil paycheck! really good to be reminded of this. hope he has people around him to keep reminding him of his conviction throughout the season.

    2. Thanks @fighton1999. Yes, Jeremy can certainly use all our prayers/support and more importantly trusted family/friends around him to not stumble amidst $25M pressure plus all the temptations that come along with it (i.e. girl groupies, jealous players, being lackadaisical, etc.). Charles Barkley once said to MJ during Oprah interview that millions of dollars make all man handsome. I'm sure Mama Lin has an strategic plan during offseason:)

    3. His struggles with emptiness stood out for me as well. To stay consistent and true to himself, his faith played a central role.

    4. @ Psalm234

      :) It's hard to see how one can not be touched by his humility & sincerity.

      I myself have always marvelled at that part before Linsanity. How was he able to hold on to his Faith? To be sent over & over to the DL, & yet to continue to praise God. To be cut on Christmas Eve [!]

      [I wish he'd enumerate the verses he read. Actually, I wish he'd come out with a book talking more precisely about his spiritual practices.]

      I'd also like to know what exact actions he took to transform himself from 'uncoachable' to the quintessential learner. In short, how he was able to tame his pride so. :)

      On Manny Pacquiao, I think he got into some trouble bec of this...

    5. @via wong,

      Have you read the "Jeremy Lin: The reason for the Linsanity" book? If not, I know you will thoroughly enjoy reading this book because it has the answers for your questions It does not have a list of his favorite Bible verses :) but it retells childhood stories and adversities that shaped his character and faith. It is a very-well written the book filled with background stories and interviews with Jeremy in the past 2 years.

      Note: It has the Kindle version if you're not in the US. Also, if you have Kindle, I can figure out a way to loan you the e-book :)

    6. And this Amazon comment is a good summary of the book. Sorry if it's a bit long

      5.0 out of 5 stars
      Fantastic insight on the NBA Linsanity and the core of who Jeremy is
      June 11, 2012; By BayArea GC

      Amazing read about the story behind Jeremy Lin's unthinkable rise to being one of the star performers of the league. Everyone loves to repeat the fallacy that this came from nowhere, but the reality is that this Linsanity story was put together, piece by piece, through the hard work and possible supernatural confluence of events that led to that fateful seven-game stretch of wins and record-breaking statistics.

      The story is deftly crafted and broken down by the seven games of that initial win streak that Jeremy and the New York Knicks experienced in February. For the NBA fans who were following the Knicks, they were in the midst of a losing streak and were on the verge of becoming irrelevant for the remainder of the season, despite starting the season as possible contenders with the new core of Amare Stoudemire, Carmelo Anthony, and newly signed free agent center, Tyson Chandler.

      In the midst of that struggle, on the fateful day of February 4, 2012, Coach Mike D'Antoni was forced to go to the end of his bench to find some spark for his team after 9 dismal minutes in the first quarter where the team only scored 16 points. Enter stage right: Jeremy Lin, an unknown commodity to the world, save for those few fans who followed his career from Harvard and his first season with the Golden State Warriors.

      The book has seven core chapters, broken down by the games in the initial winning streak

      Chapter 1: New Jersey Nets - The Parable of Perseverance
      Chapter 2: Utah Jazz - "Mysterious and Miraculous Ways"
      Chapter 3: Washington Wizards - General Lin
      Chapter 4: Los Angeles Lakers - The Makings of a Folk Hero
      Chapter 5: Minnesota Timberwolves - Mission Accomplished
      Chapter 6: Toronto Raptors - Having Faith When the Ball Is In The Air
      Chapter 7: Sacramento Kings - One More Day

      My deep appreciation for this book stems from Dalrymple's ability to speak knowledgeably about the various factors in Jeremy's upbringing: Asian-American roots, Bay Area upbringing, being a competitive athlete with Christian faith, Ivy League education, the subtle racism against Asian-American athletes, and being able to wrap up all those threads to weave together the fabric that makes Jeremy who he is, and why he was able to persevere through hardships and disappointments to catapult him to thrive on the biggest stage of the NBA, Madison Square Garden.

      The story highlights a couple of principles that have been a bedrock for Jeremy. First, Jeremy learned that hard work and focusing on developing your weaknesses was key to being a successful pro. Second, Jeremy had to unlearn living to please others (like the millions of Asians rooting for him), but had to play in such a way that he was only playing to please God, not man. All of these stories helped me understand why Jeremy played so well in a venue (Madison Square Garden) where many "great" NBA players have struggled or could drill a game-winning three pointer in on the road (Raptors, Game 6 of Linsanity). If the crowd and hype and hoopla aren't a factor in how you well you play, you can understand how Jeremy could break the 8-game scoring record by a starter previously held by Shaquille O'Neal.

      The story of Jeremy Lin is still ongoing and hopefully won't end anytime soon, but this is a great book to see how it all got started...from the very beginning. You won't regret reading more about Jeremy Lin and you'll come away from the book wanting to be a better person. Jeremy Lin's life is inspirational, even at the young age of 24, and even Bill Simmons, The Sports Guy, labeled him the "real-life version of The Natural."

    7. Thanks much for the info! @ Psalm234 [& the offer] :)
      I'll try to get a copy, sounds like what I'm looking for.

    8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. What happened to all the video links? They say the "video has been removed..."

  19. I think I may have found a new link:

    1. :) 3 other links

      Jeremy Lin's Miracle Night

      1:01:15 JLin Testimony


    Dwade on Dave Letterman recently. Dave mentions Lin (continuing to poke fun at the Knicks dumb decision!). good clip.

  21. Jonathan Feigen ‏@Jonathan_Feigen
    Rockets to sign Scott Machado, NCAA assists leader last yr, to partially guaranteed, 3-year deal this wk, source said.
    8:11 PM - 4 Sep 12

    Rockets to give point guard Machado 3-year deal

    1. I am glad Rockets is building up its backcourt with additional guard. But I hope the comments Machado made earlier, in July if I recall correctly, will not cause any anmonisity or hard feelings of the court. Ifit does, Rockets management got to straighten things up before it further damage extendef on to the court.

    2. Machado provides Lin another motivation. If Douglas was the backup, how in the world will Jeremy be challenged? I'm not saying Machado is good or anything but he's definitely better than Douglas and Livingston. The comments were similar to Rondo's. That was another non-story. Let us all remember that it was from New Yorks Daily News.

    3. Machado gets a 3-year deal? He hasn't even played in one NBA game. Jeremy Lin did not get a 3-year deal with the Warriors. He got a non guaranteed 2-year deal, with the 1st year only partially guaranteed, and the 2nd year not guaranteed at all.

      That should be what Machado's contract would look like.

    4. Indeed signing of Machado provide: additional PG backup, motivation for Jeremy Lin to challenge himself more and finally but not the least, take tgis opportunity to be a leader on and off the court by building strong camaderie and rapport with his new team and team mates. his doubters and his fans are looking forward for what can JLIN and ROCKETS can deliver for the new season. Jeremy Lin intend to show that he is serious and appreciate the oportunity given to him either in KNICKS in the past or the ROCKETS now, that he is indeed has what it takes to be a leader on and off he court for his path to the NBA in the past, now or future has been and will be peppered with obstacles and doubts because of his etnicity. (I say this out loud)**** I am flabbergasted that JLIN is still being ridicule and his name has been paraded repeatedly by some of the league stars such as Rondo, Wade and even the incumbent US president Obama; they already have the limelight of the media so what are their objective indeed!! Anyway, thanks to them, another free promotion /publicity for JLIN and ROCKETS.

    5. Sooner or later, GM Daryl Morey will learn that there are MILLIONS of guards like Scott Machado who are out of the NBA because they can do everything except finish at the rim in traffic.

      Before Machado was even on the Houston summer league team, I was writing that he's not a NBA caliber athlete. Signing him to a partially guaranteed 3 year contract won't make Machado any more NBA capable.

  22. just when i thought the rockets will begin cutting players, they add another one on their roster. i was looking forward to see r.white backup jlin at point, although still a possibility. then white can move to the 4 on defense. with this signing, it could mean the end of the road for t.douglas.

  23. Q&A With Kevin McHale: Part II
    [What it takes to win big in the NBA]

    Part I
    [The unique challenges of coaching young talent]

    1. very cool interview. thanks for posting.

      obviously i'm reading this with an eye towards jeremy and trying figure out how he will do with mchale as the coach. i think it'll be good for jeremy - veteran coach who's been through a lot of years of NBA at a championship level. i think mchale is gonna kick some ass on the team and that's a good thing; hopefully weed out the bad and galvanize the players that are willing to do what it takes to win.

      he's a big believer in owning the paint so jeremy's style of dribble drive and attacking the rim fits that philosophy. hopefully they will find one or two shooters on the team that can reliably hit the outside shots when the ball is kicked out. anyone know who those might be?

    2. Practically everybody on the Houston Rockets roster can step out and hit the 3, likely even Omer Asik!

      Outside shooting doesn't concern me for McHale's Rockets at all. Big man paint offense does.

      If the Rockets big men prove to be inept at scoring inside, then opponents will crowd the perimeter and force the guards to dive inside against athletic shotblocking big men. It would be a George Karl Denver Nuggets game, only with lesser and slower athletes in the frontline.

      Kevin McHale will likely make sure that all of his post players have two moves: a jump hook over the right shoulder and a turnaround jumpshot going left. If his players only had those two moves, they would have to be guarded inside and thus opponents could not jam the perimeter.

    3. Agreed about Omer Asik. Asik can become one of the top 3 point shooters in the league, thanks to Jeremy Lin. There is NO LIMIT to what Jeremy Lin can do!!!!

    4. Nice try with the lame flame attempt at sarcasm, phobia.

      But something you don't understand about the NBA is that guys work on aspects of their games that fans like you may never see.

      For example, the Chicago Bulls coaching staff said that power forward Horace Grant was one of the best outside shooters on their squad. Grant never showed it in games, but his ability to stroke it from outside was always there.

      I have no idea what Omer Asik can and cannot do. For all I know, he can't even hit the rim on a jump shot. And maybe he's the second coming of Bill Laimbeer. Keep in mind that almost all European big men can step out and hit the 3 pointer.

      If you want to flame me, phobia, at least pick a subject in which you have a shot at succeeding. This lame attempt to flame me because I say that Asik MIGHT be able to shoot a 3 is as weak as your insistence that Goran Dragic is more athletic than Jeremy Lin because Dragic can 2 hand dunk and Lin supposedly cannot (even though Lin was clearly photographed 2 hand dunking this summer and also did it at Harvard against UConn).

    5. Well, KHuang, it's more accurate to say that I think Dragic and Lin are comparable athletically, while you think Lin is the most athletic player in the NBA (LOL).

      And let's just ignore that Dragic has regularly two-hand dunked IN THE NBA. Yeah, let's just ignore that since it doesn't support your skewed view.

      After re-watching tape on both guys this summer, I'd say Lin has a quicker first step and comes off picks better than Dragic, but Dragic has more leaping ability. Translation: they are comparable.

      But neither are elite athletes in the vein of Rose, Westbrook, Lebron, etc., like you laughably keep insisting.

      And yes we do have a pretty good idea of what Asik can and cannot do, since he's played in the NBA for two seasons already, plus he's already 26 years old. You honestly think he can become a 3 point shooter? Serious question.

      If you do think that, well then I believe Deandre Jordan can also become a 3 point shooter, but ONLY on the condition that he has Jeremy Lin on his team. Because with Jeremy Lin on the court, there are no limits!

    6. In the NBA, weird things can happen.

      I see that after repeated PUNKINGS, you are finally admitting that Dragic is not a superior athlete to Lin. Athletic testing would likely reveal that Lin is in the top echelon of athletes at his position, as he's actually comparable to John Wall and is FASTER than Derrick Rose (Westbrook I don't know his numbers on, but I seriously doubt he's faster than Lin and Wall). You'll figure that out with my assistance, over time.

      Omer Asik is probably not going to hit 3 pointers in games, but that doesn't mean that he has or doesn't have the capacity to hit them. Playing for the Bulls, Asik was there to rebound, defend, and clear out defenders for Derrick Rose to attack the basket. He never got a chance to do anything offensively, which can be said of ALL the Bulls when Rose is on the court.

      There have been a few incidences of big men not known for their shooting coming into the NBA and becoming 3 point shooters. Mehmet Okur, Bill Laimbeer, Rasheed Wallace, Antoine Walker, and Manute Bol are some of those players.

      I actually agree that Omer Asik is probably not going to be a downtown threat. All I'm saying is that so little is known about his game that it's impossible for me to know what he can and cannot do.

      Like I have pointed out at you repeatedly, phobia, you are only here to flame people using Lin as the excuse. You remain in character with your actions of the past.

    7. Also, the rim is 10 feet high for both Goran Dragic and Jeremy Lin.

      When Goran Dragic two hand dunks on that 10 foot rim, it is not any "better" than Jeremy Lin two hand dunking on that same 10 foot rim. Only you, phobia, would insist here that Dragic's two hand dunks are somehow superior to Jeremy Lin's two hand dunks.

      Unlike you, I can't imagine Goran Dragic jumping over Lin for ANYTHING. If the hyperathletic John Wall can't outjump Lin in a jump ball, I can't see Goran Dragic outjumping BOTH Wall and Lin as you repeatedly (and I will add ERRONEOUSLY) insist!

    8. From watching games I'd say Parker, Wall, Rose, Lawson, and Westbrook (in that order starting from fastest) are all faster than Lin at the PG spot end to end.

    9. Athletic testing revealed Lin to be as fast as any PG in the league.

      That said, Tony Parker was clocked as having the fastest in game speed from end to end. I'm not convinced that he is the only one that can pull that off, nor am I convinced that Jeremy Lin couldn't do it either.

      In the NBA, perception is not always reality. Most people, including phobia, thought Lin was a slow unathletic guard (many people STILL think Lin is slow and unathletic). But athletic testing does show that Lin is a lot faster and more athletic than people realize, though there are plenty of folks like me who can SEE that Lin is as fast and as athletic a point guard there is in today's NBA.

      I love how guys love to say Lin is unathletic but then have to eat crow after athletic testing and in game performances reveal the opposite.

    10. Dragic is not a superior athlete to Lin. But neither is Lin a superior athlete to Dragic. That's what the word "comparable" means.

      And here you go using combine numbers to dispute in game results.

      If I ever see Lin (or Dragic for that matter) do something like this,

      (click me)

      I will then start to consider either of them (Lin, Dragic) as athletic as Derrick Rose. If Lin even does that in PRACTICE, not even in a game, but even just in PRACTICE, I would be impressed.

      Until that happens, continue to cling tightly to your combine numbers obtained under a controlled environment, in a non-game setting, to hang on to the delusion that Lin is as athletic as the NBA's elite athletes. Vernon Gholston and Tony Mandarich would have loved to have had you as their agent.

      As far as Asik, sorry, your examples don't help your point much.

      Okur was shooting 3 pointers starting from his rookie year and has always been an offensively oriented player.

      Rasheed Wallace and Antoine Walker were offensively talented. Both could already shoot. Developing a 3 point shot was not stretching reality for either of these two.

      Bill Laimbeer and Manute Bol were before my time. I was too young to remember how they played with my own eyes, so I'll leave those two to you.

      And for the record, for those who haven't been following this little ongoing conversation, please don't get it twisted: I want to see Lin succeed. But people like KHuang who grossly exaggerate Lin's abilities for whatever reason, make it very hard to be a fan and at times make it embarrassing to be grouped in with people as blindly biased as him. Racists like Stephen A. Smith are despicable scum, but people like KHuang are at the other end of the spectrum and are nearly as bad. From your clinging to combine results to claim Lin is as athletic as Derrick Rose (while ignoring what actually happens during games), to your suggestion that Lin can turn Asik into a three point threat, assertions such as these expose your utter inability to be objective about Lin and make it embarrassing to be associated with your ilk.

      To me, and to any objective, rational observer, Lin's strength is not his athleticism. He is an above average athlete to be sure, but not an elite one by NBA standards. Even Lin himself compared his athleticism to, you guessed it, Goran Dragic:
      He thinks the best model for the way his game could develop is Phoenix 6th man Goran Dragic, especially the way Dragic attacks the rim in the pick-and-roll.
      “Neither of us is a freak athlete, but we’re both effective and know how to play the game,”

      Those are Lin's words. Lin's words, not mine, not anyone else's, Lin's.

      His future success will depend not on him being an elite athlete; he is not and will never be an elite athlete by NBA standards, but that's not a death sentence. No, his success will depend on him accentuating the strengths he already possesses (master at manipulating defenders on the pick and roll, ultra-aggressiveness, energy and tenacity, unselfishness, very good court vision and passing, ELITE mental toughness, overall court intelligence, ELITE competitor, huge clutch gene, utterly fearless in big moments, gigantic testicles), and addressing and minimizing his weaknesses (protecting his left hand dribble, jumpshooting, transition turnovers, and telegraphing his passes).

      I wish people like you would quit making Jeremy out to be something he's not. It doesn't help anyone and does nothing but diimnish the credibility and reputation of fans of Jeremy Lin.

    11. It doesn't matter to me if Lin is the most athletic player or not because basketball is not only about athleticism. Lin's best abilities are his court awareness, basketball IQ, passing, and especially driving and finishing in traffic. I will not comment on his athleticism.

      I would like to quote achondroplasiaphobia

      "master at manipulating defenders on the pick and roll, ultra-aggressiveness, energy and tenacity, unselfishness, very good court vision and passing, ELITE mental toughness, overall court intelligence, ELITE competitor, huge clutch gene, utterly fearless in big moments, gigantic testicles"

      You hit the nail on the head!

    12. What separates Lin and Dragic is Lin's mental toughness and clutch Gene . Maybe add court vision and BB intelligence. I'll give dragic ball handling and shooting (For now).

    13. As usual, phobia sees the game his way and deliberately IGNORES the official results of what statistics comply.

      He sees what he wants to see in games and then gets angry at people that see things that he also sees but refuses to acknowledge. That is because he is a FLAMEBOY who wilfully ignores the TRUTH in order to be mean spirited toward others.

      Jeremy Lin does astonishing physical feats of basketball, many of which are MORE astounding to me than appearing in Sportscenter highlights that phobia is so impresses by and uses to trash others. The historic scoring run, the wild scoring runs against battalions of defenders, the utter roasting of the NBA's best defenders (who rarely guard the other top pgs because they're concerned with bigger scarier players that those pgs play with), the chasedown steals on defense on All Star pgs, the high flying blocks of big men, and many other REAL and QUANTIFIABLE plays that cannot be attributed strictly to basketball skill are tangible evidence of an EXTRAORDINARY athlete at the NBA pg position.

      Phobia chooses to wilfully ignore all that hard evidence (and that's just scratching the tip of the iceberg) in arguing the physical superiority of other PGs over Lin so that Phobia can flame people here. Then he whines when he gets PUNKED and EXPOSED.

      The debate shouldn't be whether Lin can athletically measure up to those other PGs. It should be whether they can athletically measure up to HIM!

    14. Another thing that Phobia is 100% wrong on and deliberately tries to twist it here in order to flame others with is his insistence that NBA big men cannot improve their shooting after entering the league.

      With the exception of Bol, all the players I mentioned were solid inside players before getting to the NBA. Then once they reached the NBA, each one realized that he could not score inside consistently at the NBA level.

      There are many examples of inside big men that converted themselves into lethal outside scorers upon arriving in the NBA. David West, Charles Oakley, Kurt Thomas, and Channing Frye are a few more examples of that. Not everybody becomes a 3 point marksman, but it's possible and can happen like it did with Frye.

      I never said that Omer Asik would become a great 3 point shooter. On the other hand, it's entirely possible that he becomes an accurate outside shooter too. While I myself can't see it happening, I've seen guys like Bol fire away from outside enough that teams actually have stepped out to guard him, and Bol was truly a guy who could not compete in the NBA!

    15. slow and unathletic? NO. Elite athleticism? NO.

      Elite PLAYER? Very close.

    16. When a guy like Lin LEADS the NBA in speed in athletic testing, why should other athletes be considered more faster than him?

      Why should the guy who leads a category be considered inferior to guys he outperforms?

    17. One word sums up Lin's ELITE athleticism better than any other:


      People can fail Lin on eye tests all they want. After all, the human eye is subjective and not objective. The people that claim Lin is not a great NBA athlete sound exactly like the scouts that overlooked Lin in the first place.

      However, statistics reveal a strikingly different story than what those scouts and Lin skeptics claim. On paper and in numbers, Lin has regularly performed like THE best athlete at the PG position in the NBA.

      I will never stop repeating that it is impossible to lead the NBA in so many categories the way Lin does if Lin didn't have NBA leading athleticism.

      The numbers DON'T LIE, especially across as many statistical categories as Lin has been at the top of.

      There are plenty of people like me who don't even need those fancy statistics to see that Lin can run and even jump with the best of them. We simply watch him outquick and outjump and outmuscle guys, and that's more convincing than a guy appearing on Sportscenter highlights (which Lin appears on too, btw)

    18. We'll just have to agree to disagree on this matter but I will be buying league pass to watch this kid play because he is an outstanding player.

    19. @KHuang:

      I think I know the testing/stat numbers that you kept referring to but can't find the link anywhere. If you can find it somewhere that would be helpful.

      whether or not if you think Jeremy is an elite athlete, you can't deny that he seems to be able to get by anyone he wants, and that's saying something. He is not just a smart basketball player that gets by on skills and smarts (like nash). He is a true athlete, no doubt about it. But can he, or will he, be able to throw it off the backboard and dunk it or get his head up to rim level once in a while like rose? probably not. he's as fast and quick as rose or wall, but the testing also reveals him to be less explosive and not as strong.

    20. I have argued before that jumping ability is not the sole or even prime determinant of athleticism at the NBA level.

      Similarly, Steve Nash is an elite athlete in his own way. Nobody can be that good at that age on hard work and skill without super elite athleticism to go with it.

      Were Jeremy Lin the average athlete that phobia claims he is in order to flame me, the game wouldn't come so easy for him and he couldn't do physical feats like swatting Derrick Rose's shot or breaking Tayshaun Prince's ankles off a dribble drive. He also couldn't be leading the league in both offensive and defensive categories, even on paper.

      I know it's hard for people not to be mesmerized by Sportcenter highlights. But keep in mind that winning a slam dunk contest requires a certain kind of athleticism and winning a NBA statistical category requires another kind of athleticism that is less apparent to Sportscenter viewers and more apparent to guys that actually follow win loss records. Such is the nature of MONEYBALL.

      If I were judging Lin based on his ability to wow crowds at the Rucker or in slam dunk contests, I would absolutely say that there are MANY athletes who can outjump Lin and look flashier than him when they dribble to the basket. But if we're talking about scoring inside against 7 footers or being a top isolation scorer against the NBA's best perimeter defenders or chasing down quick PGs for steals, Lin is a superior physical specimen that plenty of people don't grasp HOW superior he is!

  24. Houston RocketsVerified ‏@HoustonRockets
    This season, Toyota Center will have the largest indoor center-hung scoreboard in the US. Release …
    7:31 AM - 4 Sep 12

    Toyota Center upgrades to Include New Concourse HD TVs, Wi-Fi and Concessions Systems

  25. With the addition of Machado any thoughts on the final 15?
    Depth chart from ESPN . I removed Sean Williams and added Delfino

    PG:Jeremy Lin,Shaun Livingston,Courtney Fortson,Scott Machado
    SG:Kevin Martin,Carlos Delfino,Toney Douglas,Jeremy Lamb,Gary Forbes
    SF:Chandler Parsons,Terrence Jones,Diamon Simpson
    PF:Patrick Patterson,Marcus Morris,Royce White,Jon Brockman,JaJuan Johnson
    C:Omer Asik,Donatas Motiejunas,Greg Smith

    So I guess we have 20 players listed. 5 will be gone unless somebody else gets signed or traded.

    My guess would be mainly I don't hear much about these guys. Fortson, Forbes, Brockman, Johnson, and Simpson.

    If Douglas shoots like he did last year, I can see him gone as well.


    1. I guess that is true. But I was more asking who would be the 15 players that they will be at the regular season games when the season starts. Unless I am wrong about the 15 players limit.

    2. FWIW

      #NBArank 175 Carlos Delfino
      Houston Rockets | SF | Age: 30
      2011 rank: #200 | @cabezadelfino

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. @ JW



    Just google and it comes out.

  27. I thought the players sent down to the D-League count as part of the 15 man roster, and do count towards the salary cap.

    Tony Douglas and Shaun Livingston are good defensive guards, and Livingston is probably the best passer on the team, but not much else.

  28. [Grantland] Hockumentary: Draft Day With Royce White

    1. Royce White ‏@Highway_30
      To everyone out there who suffers from mental illness, my objective is not gain sympathy, but raise awareness and break stigma for *others.
      2:20 PM - 5 Sep 12

  29. Knicks’ D’Antoni Doesn’t Remember Anthony Vouching For Lin

  30. This comment has been removed by the author.

  31. i think it's critical for the rockets to improve in 3 pt shooting. martin and delfino are the best 3 pt shooters now, but if parsons, lamb, donatas, and tjones can all shoot around 35% or better, that would really create space for jlin to attack the basket or play the pick n roll efficiently. they won't have a dominant post up game w/out howard or bynum, but in time i think donatas, tjones, and/or rwhite can become a strong threat scoring inside. mchale admit that are not a team that can consistently pound it inside right now, so they will probably rely more on jlin/kmartin picknroll with the forwards

  32. Ad campaign for the Astros/Rockets TV station stars JLin, Jose Altuve

  33. So this is a part of the '60 mins' thing?

    [Hello Kitty, smh] :)

  34. Does anyone know what Jeremy Lin is doing at the present time?
    I hope he's in Houston TRAINING with his teammates.

    1. Last spotted at SFO

      Lol, prolly need to get a bit of rest, @neph.

      @JLin7 thanks for attending the @dwyanewade book signing event in Harlem yesterday...collaboration not competition the key to a great life!
      6:43 AM - 6 Sep 12

    3. the instagram link doesn't work..

      he was at wade book signing in harlem? jeez... this guys is all over the place. prob had to to back to nyc to clean out his apartment. haha

    4. Dwyane has actually been respectful to Lin. He actually said that not playing in game 5 was the right decision. I wonder if they will be friends in the future.

    5. i think it's pretty cool that he went all the way to harlem to check out the signing, as opposed to somewhere closer to his own place in the city. i get the feeling that jeremy really enjoyed his time in nyc and loves the city (as i do after spending 6 years there). a little surprised that there hasn't been much noise about it 'cause i'm sure people saw him there. considering that this is his first time out in public after signing with houston i'd expect a little more chatter but i'm sure he preferred it this way.

    6. This comment has been removed by the author.

    7. @ fighton1999

      [The 2nd line is to credit the twitterer.] :)

      I agree about JLin loving NY.

      @ neph

      Dwayne on Letterman, talking about JLin.

    8. Like I've said, Wade is very respectful of Lin.

  35. @ # 1 j

    Pete Radovich [from CBS 60Minutes] who directs this vid, was in Taiwan to do a feature on JLin.

    [Guess we'll see, when it airs...]