Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why We Love JLin

Why we love Jeremy:

Jeremy Lin Skypes distraught five-year-old fan - Storyful

Why we question Melo:

Time for Melo to do more than talk success - NBA - CBSSports.com News, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice

Jeremy the Rock Star:

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  1. I like a multi faceted of Jeremy Lin (all positive attributions) On court : focus, dedicated, agreesive and cocky. Off court: humble, goofy, kind hearted and soft hearted especially towards less privilege and children, being true to himself and the Lord.

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    2. In Changping [昌平] with underpriviledged children [of migrant workers]


  2. What Spike want to say but isn't saying: http://youtu.be/155MZ27AXM4

    1. Kudos to "Spike" Clay.

      As for Spike LEE...

      But who leaves New York?

      "Orange and blue, the mecca and all the love he got here?” Mr. Lee shakes his head. “Has he ever tried walking around Houston?”

      Whatever. Mr. Lee will be there when Mr. Lin returns to the Garden as a Houston Rocket. He’ll watch Mr. Lin snake down the lane, and he’ll expect the Knicks to do what they must.

      “He might get whacked.” There’s that cackle again. “Not personal. Just basketball.”

    2. And Jeremy Lin just might whack peoole back.

      Several times, I've seen him put his knee into big man defenders that challenge him.
      Plus, Jeremy Lin already has a new enforcer. That's Chandler Parsons who is 6'10" of above the rim play and below the belt toughness.

      Hopefully the refs will call flagrant fouls on people who hit Lin. Had Michael Jordan been smacked around like Lin, there would have been no Airness. Lin is the most poorly officiated guard I've ever seen play in the NBA.

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    4. Royce White as enforcer?

      Royce White: "I don't think he wanted no part of me"

      [Houston Rockets rookie Royce White talks after Houston's win over the Portland Trail Blazers on 7/17/2012. White talked about the end of the game where Portland's Nolan Smith was hurt after a defensive play by Zoran Dragic. One of Portland big men confronted Dragic and Royce White stepped in.]

    5. I can see Royce White turning into the Rockets junkyard dog. Doing the dirty work and being nasty. CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEASON.

    6. They did smack Jordan around like that. Jordan Rules. It just didn't matter... #JORDANGOAT


      But Lin still produced, and this year he is going to be even more ready.

      Plus, SMH, he's gonna have people on the Rockets that are willing to scrap for him and a coach who will toughen him up. SMHNYK

  3. Do not believe the power of Asians, and perhaps some Western countries, know, Jeremy Lin's performance, he showed applaud performed poorly to surgery, given criticism ~ ~ ~ ~
    Asians, the idea is to unite, because we see serious LinShuHao, regardless of his physical condition or performance on the pitch, serious and honest allows us to always love him.
    Asians love a person, from the heart, and you trust me.

  4. Sponsor Maxxis Tires: Bye MSG, hello Toyota Center.


    1. Not to mention Acer computers and Taiwan airlines. Plus there were other Asian sponsors lined up who are now going the Rockets way. This wasn't about money, if it was, keeping Jeremy Lin would be a no-brainer.

    2. You think Coca-Cola and Time Warner are regretting their deals now?

  5. More pics from JLin's 2012 Nike Summer Nights [8/4]


  6. SI: 7 teams with intriguing offseasons


  7. That is why JLin is so loved by many people around the world. He is the real deal n no money can buy his humbleness n love for his fans...priceless!!!!!! Always think about other n no of himself...took time off this busy schedule to skype a 5 year old kid...think how much it ment for the kid he will remember it for the rest of his life...this is the kind of role model we need in this world. Not making millions n buy fancy stuff to show off.....Lin make millions n he is still humble n down to earth n reachable...this kind of action is an allstar by itself. Wish other star out there can do the same maybe this world would be a better place....i rest my case!!!!! JLin you are a true man n a man of god..keep doing what u r doing n good luck in Houston!!!!

    1. @bigblack

      If only more people think like you do...

      57m HM ‏@TheMindOfHM
      Its really unfair to @jlin7 and to myself as Naim's dad that some media people are trying to spin this story as some sort of PR move #wrong

      54m HM ‏@TheMindOfHM
      Jeremy's team did not upload the video, I did, his manager said @jlin7 wanted to talk to Naim via phone call, I suggested Skype/Face time.

      53m HM ‏@TheMindOfHM
      @jlin7 is a real class act, special person people should just respect it, that should be it.

      Haters gonna hate.

    2. JLin & Naim Skype gone viral , now in Oz.

      Alan Hahn ‏@alanhahn
      This is tremendous: 5 yo boy saddened by @JLin7 departure; Lin Skypes with him and says to keep rooting for the Knicks: http://bit.ly/ONubDi
      Retweeted by Ian Begley
      1:55 PM - 7 Aug 12

      Ian Begley just interviewed Naim's dad, article to follow.

      Complex ‏@ComplexMag
      Yo, how awesome is Jeremy Lin? This video makes the Knicks look even worse than they already did for giving him up. http://cmplx.it/QJ7kyi

    3. Now We Miss Jeremy Lin More Than Ever -- Daily Intel - http://nymag.com/daily/intel/2012/08/jeremy-lin-skype-video-kid-naim.html

    4. Even if he was doing it for the PR, every player does this kind of PR stuff. I'm sure there are plenty of players and plenty of acts they do that are genuine. But it's hard to imagine that the lot of these players and acts don't have a component of "selfishness" (for PR reasons) as well.

      He didn't post it up on his Twitter. He didn't put it up on his homepage. Shoot, whenever you hear about other players doing stuff like this, many have articles sent out and posted all over the web on blue chip mass media outlets ---- ESPN, SI, etc etc.

      Shoot with the amount of good deeds that JEremy Lin does, public relations - schmublic merations. WTF ever. He's been doing stuff like this way before Linsanity.

    5. Funny tweets

      Steve Conoscenti ‏@SteveCono
      @netw3rk @steventurous "Ex-Knick humbly tells 5 year old to root for his old team. Knicks star hangs self-portrait over fireplace."

      Steve Conoscenti ‏@SteveCono
      @netw3rk Ex-Knick consoles heartbroken child fan over Skype. Knicks star blames him for his public perception.

      netw3rk ‏@netw3rk
      I'm sure that five-year old Knicks fan was influenced by the media's coverage of Carmelo.

      netw3rk ‏@netw3rk
      Ex-Knick consoles heartbroken child fan over Skype. Knicks management breaks fan's hearts; never holds a press conference.

      netw3rk ‏@netw3rk
      Ex-Knick tells child fan of the team to keep rooting for them. Current Knicks owner presides over decade of futility; mocks fans in song.

      netw3rk ‏@netw3rk
      See what evil Linsanity has wrought? Makes fans call Melo selfish and children cry.

      netw3rk ‏@netw3rk
      "I want Jeremy back" and "My bad rep started with Linsanity" are two statements that don't seem jibe with each other.

      netw3rk ‏@netw3rk
      The Knicks: crushing childhood dreams since 2000. RT @IAMAGM: Lin skypes w/ 5 year old Knicks fans that had a breakdown

  8. Only skeptics, haters, doubters and people with pea size brains and hearts will spin off some idiotic story and false claim from a die hard and innocent young fan's frankness and also the voices of some KNICKS fans.

  9. I completely disagree with the article that calls Carmelo Anthony's motives into question.

    To me, Carmelo Anthony is a scorer. He's a guy that gets 20 a game. He'll get his points whether he's playing for a lottery team or a contender and whether his team wins or not. I don't consider him a "team player", but an individual scorer.

    My only beef with Carmelo Anthony is that I think he can get distracted by macho manhood battles instead of focusing on beating his opponents in the game. He'll macho himself not just against opponents, but teammates as well. As we saw with Jeremy Lin and Mike DAntoni, Carmelo Anthony's macho streak caused him to refuse to adhere to the game plan on either end and that's why the Knicks went on a losing streak in midseason.

    If I were playing against Carmelo Anthony, I'd subtly challenge his manhood. Since my goal would be to bait into playing 1-on-5 instead of 5-on-5, I'd try to get him so riled about being "disrespected" that he plays to win the individual battles instead of playing THE GAME.

    1. "If I were playing against Carmelo Anthony, I'd subtly challenge his manhood. Since my goal would be to bait into playing 1-on-5 instead of 5-on-5, I'd try to get him so riled about being "disrespected" that he plays to win the individual battles instead of playing THE GAME."

      - Good strategy.

    2. KHUANG --- I get the feeling players already do that. NBA trash talk at its best. =)

      What part(s) of the article did you not agree with? I thought most of it jived with what you and I both think/wrote about Melo and the Knicks.

    3. I disagree with the notion that Carmelo Anthony is not a winner at the Lebron James or Dwayne Wade level just because they have won championships and Anthony has not.

      Carmelo Anthony IS a winner. Given that his goal is to glorify himself first to make as much money as he can, he has accomplished that beautifully. Maybe he's not the greatest team player, but that never was his goal.

      Anthony's FIBA experience is not influencing him to be a better team player or anything like that Anthony is simply a guy who takes a lot of shots and will occasionally have a big night. There's little else to his game because to him scoring is what the game is about.

      From a basketball purist standpoint, I'm with you guys as far as being critical of Anthony's team game goes. That's why he lost control of the Knicks to Jeremy Lin who is the ultimate team player.

      Jeremy Lin and Carmelo Anthony could not be more opposite in basketball skills and goals.

    4. I think it's like..... if someone says, "ur not stupid, but ur doing stupid things."

      It's not a case of he isn't a winner on the inside (lots of winners come to shtity teams and lose) but he keeps doing stuff that isn't exemplary of a winner, and more importantly a leader.

      I'm not gonna rehash everything we pick on Melo for, but the latest. Being wow he lost weight finally after 9 years in the league as supposedly a top 5 winner, leader, lebron level kinda guy? The guy was so out of shape and tanking it this year that after such a compressed and grueling season he lost another 12 pounds right after for the olympics?

      He talks all this talk, he's had plenty of opportunity, and some great teammates & coaches, he doesn't walk the walk. He thinks people say he's selfish just now cuz of Linsanity? LOL

      There are different types of winners, and this is not the kind of winner/leader behavior most teams need from their alpha.

      ~THEN AGAIN~

      Maybe he gets it now, he flipped the switch, good for him, I hope he flips the switch. I would love to see Melo do work like Wade, Lberon, Kobe, and tear everything up..... but the things he keeps saying makes me wonder.

      You do hear questionable sound bites from LBJ, KOBE, etc, maybe it's because they have a better track/work record but their sound bites don't ever sound so bad.

    5. Can both Lin and Melo co.exist in the same team? We will not have that answer now since they are now on diff teams. If Lin can compliment the rest of the teammates, I see no reaon why he is unable to mesh with Melo, giben enough time training together. But if someone has no intention to change the way he played last season, this duo is deems to be doomed.

    6. Lin is a player who can be ball dominant, OR he can be a role player in a system. Melo is only a ball dominant player, he cannot mold his game into a part of a team.

    7. To be fair to Melo, he looks a pretty great role player for Team USA, by being an explosive scorer off the bench. I actually think Melo being in a structured system that allows him to be this one dimensional scorer is better than him being a ball dominant playmaker. It's just that I don't think his ego allows him by having a young player like Lin dominate the ball more than him.

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    9. I agree with you Cara.

      Reminds me of Kobe during the post Shaq years.

      In his defense (even if you need some passing for winning championships), when Kobe was ALWAYS extremely selfish and didn't consider passing, (sometimes he does shoot too much still, but at least the thought of passing flashes for him now) he had Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Luke Walton..... all at the same time.

      Too bad this attitude was brewing the whole time he was with shaq, and possibly derailed a 4th championship for that dynasty. Kobe had 3 other hall of famers on his team, yet was called uncoachable during that time by PJ.....

      Melo has Amare, Chandler, had Lin, Billups, Iverson, Steve Novak (the guy shot 47% from 3.... it was hard watching Melo force it rather than pass to him) and more over his career while being considered too selfish.

      When Kobe got some players that were at least average and then good, he learned to do more by doing less. He doesn't even do all that much less. But just that little bit of trust, faith, and passing to his teammates led to success without Shaq.

      If Melo pouts on TEAM USA like he has for his NBA teams (not getting enough stats in team wins?? admittedly tanking it to make the coach and other players look bad), he would get benched and laughed off. There are plenty of legitimate non-cancerous all stars and superstars to replace him.

  10. I hope Jeremy will add MJ's fadeaway jumper to his repertoire someday.
    At 46, MJ is still unstoppable jumper after jumper. Simply amazing!


  11. I believe that video was from one or two years after he retired. But I think MJ can still do that now. The jumper is probably the last thing to go and it would be an amazing skill for JLin to have. I do remember seeing JLin drive into the paint, do a reverse spin away from the defender and hitting a fade away jumper!

    1. Yes, that was against the Lakers, wasn't it? I remember it to be a quick and unpredictable move that stunned Fisher :)

      Perhaps it won't be the same fadeaway that MJ and Kobe have where they started with their back against the defenders but it will be a very effective option when he drives to the paint against big men to avoid the block.

      Check out how Steve Nash does it well. Maybe it will give Jeremy some ideas :)

    2. Yes, come to think of it, he did to to Fisher as well.

      What I had in mind was this play against Tiago Splitter of the Spurs.


    3. Similar move:


    4. Similar move:


  12. On Linsanity, stupidity, and the limits of one fan's endurance

    1. Thank you much @via wong.

      This paragraph really captured the beauty and excitement that we all have experienced from watching basketball being played as a a team as opposed to even the best of individual iso-plays. Can't wait for next season!

      ".. the Knicks remained focused on individual ability at the expense of team play. No one epitomized this more so than Anthony, an extraordinarily talented scorer whose pet play – an isolation on the wing that featured him holding the ball for five seconds, then either burying a one-dribble pull-up jumper or driving hard to the rim – just happened to involve his four teammates standing motionless in designated spots on the floor, like extras in a movie.

      Lin was different. He was always moving, always creating, always trying to make a play for a teammate. He had an uncanny talent for slithering his way into the lane and either (a) converting reverse layups on impossible angles, or (b) drawing shotblockers, then flipping up a lob to a big man for an uncontested dunk. He had exquisite court vision, especially on the fast break, constantly pushing the ball and getting teammates open shots before the defense could set up. His greatest allies were Steve Novak, a sharpshooting journeyman who morphed into a giant-sized Steve Kerr once Lin arrived, and Tyson Chandler, a defensive stalwart who embraced Lin's élan and became more involved on the offensive end than at any point in his career since he played with Chris Paul in New Orleans. In fact, immediately after Lin's tour-de-force performance against the Nets, I fired off an email to four friends who are fellow NBA diehards, quasi-sarcastically comparing Lin to Paul. He was that exhilarating."

  13. 8 Aug - JLin exclusive interview on Sina


  14. I am a woman, never watched a single basketball game until you know what, linsanity hit NYC. Before Jeremy Lin, I only knew Michael Jorden and Kobe Bryan, and Yao Ming. Jeremy's game opened my eyes for basketball, Jeremy Lin introduced a whole array of NBA players to me.

    I become a Jeremy Lin fan after I knew him through his off court interviews, videos, stories of what he did.

    He has the toughest winning mentality on the court, he is the example of hard-working leading to success, he is a team-player,
    he chase his goal with determination.

    Athletes with great skills are not rare, I won't become a fan just because of someone's skill. He is a great human being, that makes me become his die-hard fan.

    No need to repeat stories about him, that he established fund to help unprivileged youth well before he became so famous; he sent encouragement to someone who was suffering cancer; he went to schools to teach kids to play basket balls and most importantly encourage them to chase their dreams; the latest story, his tender heart was touched by the 5-years old Naim and he felt had to reach out to him to comfort him and encouraged Naim to continue to root for Knicks, because "they are a great team with or without me"

    While he was in Taiwan recently, someone said, people often ask, is there a God? Jeremy Lin said repeated that he plays basket ball for God, he wants to glorify God with his play. Look at Jeremy Lin, don't we see the some kind of image of Jesus?

    For a short second, I do feel that yeah, that is true, Jeremy is just too perfect. Just too perfect.

    Also, I like his voice, he talks clearly and slowly, seems never raise his voice and stay calm. He is so mature, even though he is only 23.

    Yet, he is really really funny, I love watch his video, he has some cool comic acting skill.

    If I had to list a couple things make him a human with sin, hmm, I don't like him going fishing. Fishing means killing fish, that makes me feel uneasy; another thing is, he seems not to smile much when he sign autograph for his fans. He has the brightest smile, I wish he smiles more when he meets his fans. Maybe I am asking too much though.

    1. Fishing is a way to relax the tension, cultivates and develop positive personalities such as patient and perseverance. He did release the marlin he caught during his fishing expedition in June.

  15. 林書豪真的是美國人
    [Really, Jeremy Lin is American]



  16. Yeah fishing is okay since we get a go signal from God to eat fish :) and Jesus loves to hang out w/ fishermen & give them loads of fish to eat & share :) good to know Jeremy releases an endangered fish though :)

  17. Should i add this to why we question about Melo?