Thursday, August 23, 2012

JLin Turns 24

Happy Birthday Jeremy! Yes, he is 24 today. This is a reminder to the NY Post writer who's been calling him 24 for the last year.

For those of you who may question me calling JLin an all time great, HOF player in the making, check out the points and assists for a few of these all time greats at 24:

Steve Nash 7.9 ppg, 5.5 apg
John Stockton 7.9 ppg, 8.2 apg
Jason Kidd 11.6 ppg, 9.1 apg
Gary Payton 13.5 ppg, 4.9 apg

JLin looking cut up:


  1. He look a bit slimmer; In his video where he was training with Atkinson, he was quite bulky. Getting his weight maybe below 200 could be good for him to increase footspeed and lateral quickness.

  2. Lol, there's an operation #HKLinWatch
    [I hope he won't feel too claustrophobic. His entire Asian tour is a long, continuous Linwatch.]

  3. I think those guys on clutchfans even the site owner are all butthurt that the Rockets let Dragic leave for nothing and go for Lin. They either never watch Lin play or simply don't understand bball much. Reading them all say how Rockets let go better players in Dragic and Lowry is pretty funny to me. Hate the Knicks organization but one can't deny that fans in NY are more bball knowledgeable than fans in Texas where it's mainly a football town.

  4. Lol. They hate him because they love him or they would just not care. Some of them are just brainwashed by their media. It's same as Cavs and Lebron. Knicks fans are kind of delusional but you can't deny their enthusiasm, love for the team and how quickly they embrace a true great player like Lin. MSG sold out even in their 20-win seasons. The stupid Knicks organization simply doesn't deserve this kind of fans.

  5. Happy 24th Birthday to Jeremy, and a 24 ppg and 7 apg season!

  6. Rockets fans hate Lin because the team let Dragic leave; what are the reasons of Knicks fans hating Lin for. They should go after Knicks FO instead. During one of rhe interview in Dongguan, Lin reiterated the fact the player has no control over the team's roster or who they want to sign on. His job as a player is to perform his best to help the team winning games. I agree with his answer.

    1. Rockets fans don't realize what they have with JLin, yet.

      They'll be pleasantly surprised, & be converted soon enough. :)

    2. Any debate about who's the better point guard for the Rockets will end after a few weeks into the season.

  7. Rockets fans hate Lin because the team let Dragic leave; what are the reasons of Knicks fans hating Lin for. They should go after Knicks FO instead. During one of rhe interview in Dongguan, Lin reiterated the fact the player has no control over the team's roster or who they want to sign on. His job as a player is to perform his best to help the team winning games. I agree with his answer.

  8. Rockets fans hate Lin because the team let Dragic leave; what are the reasons of Knicks fans hating Lin for. They should go after Knicks FO instead. During one of rhe interview in Dongguan, Lin reiterated the fact the player has no control over the team's roster or who they want to sign on. His job as a player is to perform his best to help the team winning games. I agree with his answer.

  9. Lin will always have his haters. The reason why is 1st he is Asians guard. Guards and small forwards are the glamour positions in the nba. This same sort of thing still happens to black Quarterback's in the NFL.

    In both these cases haters use stereotypes Black people are stupid so they cant play quarterback. Even though there are a lot black doctors, scientists and even the president is a legal scholar and one of the best legal minds in country

    Asians men have an old school racist stereotype of being Emasculated and weak. (This is despite the fact that since the 70's Americans have seen Asians being the fastest and most skill fighters on screen) They say things like Lin is not athletic (which is a joke) or that he is injury prone. (They don't say the same thing about blake griffin)

    This is why I am so mad at my black brothers and sisters for believing in the racist stereotype about Asians.

  10. Nice vid. Jlin played basketball in Dongguan.
    Happy Birthday, Jlin!

    1. Wow, I didn't appreciate his speed until seeing the video from court level.

  11. I don't see Jeremy Lin's 2011-2012 season as being any less impressive than Michael Jordan's first NBA season in which Jordan averaged 28 and led his team in rebounding and assists (I think).

    What makes Lin's campaign even more unbelievable is that he did that with coaches that didn't believe in him and teammates actively sabotaging him.

    I'll go so far to say that if the young Jordan was thrust into Lin's position and had to battle his own coaches and teammates as well as the triple teams while sleeping on his brother's couch on a no guaranteed contract, Jordan would not have done any better than Lin did!

    1. I read there was a point when even his parents & friends were broaching the subject of quitting with him, but he just plugged on.

      Will. Determination.

    2. Yeah, I've been trying to locate the paper, it might be one of the chinese publications where he's been recounting how hopeless things had seemed, but then with faith he was able to overcome. I was surprised myself since I've always taken it for granted his parents were on board 100% at all times during all this. I'll try find that paper.

    3. I'm not that surprised actually. As a parent it must have hurt to see your child getting hurtand demoralised time and time again. I remember in the gospel channel Goodtv in Taiwan, mama Lin said they decided to give b ball a shot for one year soo the time line was one year and Jeremy was already into his second year when he went to the knicks. It's not that his family didn't believe in him but there are so many other factors influencing success. Sometimes hard work just ain't gonna cut it, it depends on opportunity etc and I'm sure Lin's family are all too aware of the harsh realities of life, like stereotyping etc blocking his career in the NBA. For every success story like Jeremy, there are a dozen more whose dreams didn't come true no matter how hard they worked. As a parent you don't want your son to keep chasing what could ultimately be an empty dream for his entire life, wasting what could be his other gifts. I think it was wise of Lin's parents to support their soon in chasing his dream but to also set realistic timelines so that you don't get lost just trying. Sometimes we just have to be practical. From a Christian perspective, sometimes what we want is not what God wants for us. Am sure Jeremy and his family also wondered if God had shut the door on his career because He wanted Jeremy to do something else or maybe still play b ball but some where else like overseas. But I'm sure they prayed about it and received God's comfort enough to say let's give it another shot. :)

    4. @ willidilly


    5. @via wong:

      Im afraid I will have to trust in your words. I have only attended two 4-week-chinese-classes and I can only read/write about 30 chinese words.

    6. @willydilly

      :) Lol, my Chinese is not super good & I have to go thru Google Translate myself [can't read simplified script.]

      He said that if not for his performance on Feb 4, he might have left the NBA, left the court, left basketball, & probably be looking into some other work. The thought of quitting crossed his mind. Prior to his breakout, his parents & good friend tried to persuade him to leave the NBA, even his coaches who validated his abilities tried to talk him into quitting. The NBA is at the highest level of basketball in the world, & even if he is pretty good, they thought he may not be suitable for this league & should try out the others. But he persevered & gave himself another chance. He believed in God, believed that the Lord would not be unfair to him. Finally, he did it, & he had his hard work & God's [Divine] Plan to thank for. He said this world is very fair, the next time you think about giving up might be just the time when your success begins.

  12. People never gave out any legit reason why Lin is gonna bust anyway. Athleticism? Check. Bball IQ? Check. Work ethic? Check. Leadership? Check. The only reasons people always gave was he's Asian and undrafted (which could be traced back to being an Asian). Lol. When did you ever see a talented kid with great work ethic bust? Rarely.

    Happy bday Jeremy. Can't wait for your new great year!

    1. For some mysterious reasons, these people talk as if he cannot improve, only regress. & He's only 24.

    2. @Cara:

      Athleticism and so on -> check! Absoulutely! We know he has balls (Diepenbrock said so). We know he can be cut throat (Diepenbrock said so). We know he has swagger - he loves to throw 3 pointers right in peoples faces. Just remember Torronto or watch this starting 0:33 -> in my face? In your face dude! Immediate retaliation! Thats how I play...

      But as JLin fan I wonder when it comes to leadership. I dont say JLin cant be a leader. In fact - people have respectfully talked about him leading the team (Knicks for example). But - JLin is not the typical alpha-dog-follow-me-or-Ill-bite-you kind of leader that americans like so much.

      Hes more of a team guy who is wise and leads by example. We will have to see how the rockets roster deal with that. After all - prof. sports means that there are prof. atheletes. Prof. athletes are usually very ambitious. Ambition almost always leads to pecking order, vanity, false pride, selfishness.

      Lets wait and see.

    3. Steve nash and Tim Duncan do not also have an alpha-dog mentality. He'll be fine. If you ask me, that kind of leadership can better in the long term.

    4. @ nephelauxetic

      It will depend on the type of guys on the team. You can't always luck out & happen to have nice guys playing with you. [Another thing is Nash & Duncan are not doubted as much as JLin. They get Respect.]

      I'm sure JLin has learned a lot from the Nyk locker room.

      He can actually afford to be a 'nicer' guy now that he's coming into the team with a bit of status this time around. But he should still keep an eye on disgruntled team mates looking to foment discontent [supplanted vets, ambitious rookies] & let it be known he's not laying down & rolling over. He's the face of the franschise & expected to be the leader. He should make his position clear & indisputable in the locker room. People want someone to follow.

      [On the other hand, the guys on the Rockets seem nice. So maybe it'll be light & easy after all. It'll depend on who remains on the roster.]

    5. Uh, if there is one true alpha male in the entire NBA it is Tim Duncan.

      Tim Duncan leads the Spurs. He embraces his teammates and makes sure everybody gets a chance to succeed. He quarterbacks the team on both ends of the court and knows all the plays so well that he is the TRUE coach of the Spurs. Tim Duncan even teaches rookies how to play and behave while deflecting abuse from Coach Popovich that would break players otherwise.

      People have an incorrect notion that an alpha male is a bullying tyrant that runs guys out of town and hoards all the food for himself. That's actually a beta male pretending to be an alpha male. True alpha males make sure everyone is fed and enforce the rules so that nobody is left out.

      Tim Duncan is the ultimate NBA alpha male. Jeremy Lin would learn a lot about true leadership by watching Tim Duncan captain his team and coaches in a way that keeps everybody happy and involved.

    6. @nephalauxetic:

      I totaly agree with you. In sports or when it comes to work I have always prefered "the nice way" of leadership - whether someone is leading me or whether Im leading myself. I agree with you - in long term perspective it is always better.

      But we also have to agree with via wong. Whether that way of leadership works is not just depending on Jeremy. Jeremy is at a point of his career where people still want to test him.

      Its an unwritten rule -> look for someone who has a better position than you -> walk all over him and you get his position.

      So - he will have to learn to spot the "rebels" and smack them down or someone will have to do it for him (coach?!). Im a few years older than JLin (dont know about you guys) and I know that it is a normal progression to learn these skills. I really think of it as a skill - same as you learn to bargain.

    7. Jeremy Lin has been THE LEADER all his life.

      Like Duncan on the Spurs, he makes sure everybody gets fed and plays his role. That is why Lin's teams win, because you can't just beat Lin. You have to beat Lin's whole TEAM.

      Even on the Knicks, Jeremy Lin was the leader. Like a bunch of spoiled kids who make hell for the teacher but love going to that teacher's class, the Knicks all played off Jeremy Lin and won like crazy when they bought into it. The veteran Knicks tried to buck Lin's leadership, but Lin's alpha male in court leadership provided everybody their opportunities even if they refused to admit Lin was creating for them.

      Off the court, Lin is a leader too. During Linsanity, he had the bench Knicks hanging out and partying as if they had college team chemistry. Once again, Lin made sure nobody was left out and everybody had a place on the team.

      Lin will be a fine leader for the Houston Rockets, just as he was for the NY Knicks.

    8. An alpha male is so strong that he cannot be knocked off his leadership by challengers.

      To protect himself as he gets older, the alpha male grooms up and coming talent to take his place once he is no longer physically capable of leading the pack. Then once the younger protege takes over, he looks after the older guy the way the older guy looks over him.

      A perfect example of this was David Robinson handing the leadership to Tim Duncan. At first, Robinson openly resented Duncan's success. But once Robinson realized that Duncan wasn't going to force him out the door, Robinson gracefully allowed Duncan to naturally become the leader. Robinson was rewarded with his championship rings and revered status in Spurs history.

      If Jeremy Lin is to be Houston's alpha male, then he needs to prove it against everybody that challenges him for his position. If Lin is not up to the task, he needs to gracefully step aside and let someone else lead just as Robinson let Duncan lead. But my (and Houston's) money is on Lin beating off all challengers and becoming even more of a leader jn Houston than he was in NY!

    9. If Lin is a true alpha male capable of leadership, he'll beat off all challengers and take control of the Rockets just as he did with NY.

      Everybody wants to be the alpha male, but not everybody is strong enough to be one.

      Alpha males are secure in their strength. When they take the NBA court alongside other alpha males, they coexist peacefully. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are two alphas that get along well and take turns being the leader.

    10. @ KHuang

      Again , it depends on the guys you will have to work with.

      Being firm is not = a bullying tyrant that runs guys out of town & hoards all the food.

      Like willydilly said, he will have guys trying to see how far they can push him.

      Especially him. People love to bash him bec it adds to their street cred. The league is looking to humiliate him to prove a point. Who is a better foil [in their minds] for an ambitious up & comer than him?

      "Jeremy Lin has been THE LEADER all his life."

      - He's never met the like of Melo before, yeah? & Melo is not that unique in the league. He is the norm. Most players ARE spoiled, ARE the incarnation of Ego. They are not students listening to coaches, they are players manning the coaches.

      "That is why Lin's teams win, because you can't just beat Lin. You have to beat Lin's whole TEAM."

      - But first, he needs to HAVE the whole team with him. We are not talking about the good guys, we are talking about the bad apples & how they will derail a team.

      "Even on the Knicks, Jeremy Lin was the leader. Like a bunch of spoiled kids who make hell for the teacher but love going to that teacher's class, the Knicks all played off Jeremy Lin and won like crazy when they bought into it."

      - The key words: WHEN they bought into it. Bec they can not-buy into it, anytime they wish. They can in effect do whatever they damn well please, whenever they please, to disrupt the whole team. Isn't this the problem? That a few bad apples [who will of course not buy in] eventually holds a team hostage?

    11. @KHuang

      "The veteran Knicks tried to buck Lin's leadership, but Lin's alpha male in court leadership provided everybody their opportunities even if they refused to admit Lin was creating for them."

      - WTH should they be allowed to refuse to admit JLin was creating for them? WTH should they get to deny his contribution to their wins? Why do they get away with not giving him his due?

      "Off the court, Lin is a leader too. During Linsanity, he had the bench Knicks hanging out and partying as if they had college team chemistry. Once again, Lin made sure nobody was left out and everybody had a place on the team."

      - You understand we are not addressing Linsanity, right? Linsanity was great, everybody was with him, no problem to address. It was the things that came later, when you have to clamp down & make everyone [some of whom are unwilling] go in one direction. When you have people within your team 'fighting' your leadership. Melo couldn't have pulled his crap so easy had the other guys not scatter. They could have pooled together, but they were unsure what to do, who to follow.

      "An alpha male is so strong that he cannot be knocked off his leadership by challengers."

      - No one 'cannot' be knocked off. You can take steps to stop adversaries, but anyone can be knocked off with enough time & will.

    12. @ KHuang

      "To protect himself as he gets older, the alpha male grooms up and coming talent to take his place once he is no longer physically capable of leading the pack. Then once the younger protege takes over, he looks after the older guy the way the older guy looks over him."

      - Where is JLin's 'older guy?'
      Where was he when he was in the Nyk? D'Antoni, who's powerless?

      "A perfect example of this was David Robinson handing the leadership to Tim Duncan. At first, Robinson openly resented Duncan's success. But once Robinson realized that Duncan wasn't going to force him out the door, Robinson gracefully allowed Duncan to naturally become the leader. Robinson was rewarded with his championship rings and revered status in Spurs history."

      - This is an ideal case, but hardly one you can base your entire assesment of the league on. Do you think the punks JLin will be facing is anything like Robinson?

      You can't just will things while remaining oblivious to the environment, that's all I'm saying. Perhaps his team mates will be nice guys, fine & well. But what if they turn out to be JR-esque ahole? You need contigencies for these things, that's why people are to "Hope for the best BUT PREPARE FOR THE WORST."

    13. "Alpha males are secure in their strength. When they take the NBA court alongside other alpha males, they coexist peacefully. Lebron James and Dwayne Wade are two alphas that get along well and take turns being the leader."

      - Yes, ideally you'd like to work with guys like that, but unfortunately you will not get to all the time. Alphas are classy, confident, etc. The punks who will make trouble for you & try to one-up you in your own team will be sh*tty aholes.

    14. I'm not even talking about being a bully [which tbh he will never pull off] or being a tyrant. Just be not the super-nice guy who everyone can take for granted. Put the guys who are looking to F with you on notice, & not 'just work on myself & tune out the negativity.' Be firm. Less forgiving.

    15. @ KHuang

      "Then once the younger protege takes over, he looks after the older guy the way the older guy looks over him."

      - Or did you mean by this succession of power, that the older guy was...Melo? Who would of course give JLin the keys, yeah?

      The thing is, with JLin it's different. Look at how he's excelling, & still, people deny him. It's not just a matter of performing well on the court, not for him. It's wrong, it's unfair, & it is what is, at this point in time. You once made a comparison with Jordan & Bird, you know those guys need only excel in their game, & respect will be given? Punks will not think to challenge them even. They can wear tutus, for all they care, & no assumptions are made of them. Not JLin.

      People will treat us the way they see us. No, people's perception is not what we are, but people's perception will make it more likely they keep challenging us, F-ing with us, fouling us hard on the court, etc. Unless we check their thinking. [No, it is not that we are responsible for other people's stupidity, but I think we would like to be responsible for our own well-being.]

    16. oops

      On another note, people are puzzled by JLin's haircut. Is it him trying to toughen his look?

    17. And despite all that, via Wong, Lin still became THE LEADER of that Knicks team.

      Carmelo Anthony tried to lead, but his selfish ways alienated Stoudemire and Chandler. Though Anthony clashed with Lin at first, Lin won out because he made sure Anthony got his and so did everybody else. That's why Mike Woodson grudgingly handed control to Lin - the LEADER had been determined on the court and Lin was the man.

      Alpha males like Lin are alpha males because they are willing to clash with misbehaving teammates in order to save the team. When Lin screamed at Stoudemire and Anthony for deliberately letting Ersan Ilysasova score that layup uncontested, that was an alpha male thrashing guys under him. Even though Lin was a sub million dollar reject and Stoudemire and Anthony are Max contract All Stars, Lin screamed at them because he was the alpha and those guys were sabogating the team.

      Lin can be super nice AND super tough. That is the only way an alpha can lead. And in the NBA, Lin easily leads guys like JR Smith and helps Smith win contracts and wins and hugs. When Lin was leading the Knicks, JR Smith meekly fell in line like the rear of the Knicks behind Lin's leadership and had one of the most bonehead free stints of his sordid NBA career.

      By the way, Lin's "older guy" is Yao Ming who is actually not an alpha personality but has sort of learned how to pretend to be one. Notice how Lin now plays for Yao's team?

      Don't worry, via Wong. Lin is a big time NBA alpha male who would not have gotten so far had he not been a truly dominant personality. Enjoy Lin's leadership of the Rockets as he puts guys where they are supposed to be and maintains team order just as he did with the Knicks once Woodson's coaching change essentially gave the ball BACK to Lin!!!

    18. :) Believe me, I don't think of him any less than an alpha, you don't force through that many walls to get to where he is today if he is not one.

      As for being a leader of the Nyk, I just can't help but think they could have contained Melo if they were more cohesive, if they were able to come together [him being the core.] & How do you ignore the way the team abandoned him there after Kidd fouled him. The thought of this happening again makes me sick to my stomach. That just cannot be allowed to happen again, with this new team.

      Woodson needed JLin, & yet continued to disrespect him in public. That's just...wrong. JLin had the leverage, & yet. Meanwhile, the guy Woodson respects [fears] is Melo. It shouldn't have been like that. JLin is the one with the answer, Woody shouldn't have been able to treat him like that.

      "Alpha males like Lin are alpha males because they are willing to clash with misbehaving teammates in order to save the team. When Lin screamed at Stoudemire and Anthony for deliberately letting Ersan Ilysasova score that layup uncontested, that was an alpha male thrashing guys under him. Even though Lin was a sub million dollar reject and Stoudemire and Anthony are Max contract All Stars, Lin screamed at them because he was the alpha and those guys were sabogating the team."

      - This is in fact what I've been saying. He doesn't have to be a bully or a tyrant. Just do this. [I suspect he was carried away by the heat of the moment. I hope he can do this whenever he needs to.]

    19. And don't think for a second that respect was automatically given to Jordan or Bird or Magic.

      When Magic was a rookie, his veteran teammate Ron "Iron Man" Boone talked trash at Magic and tried to get tough with him. Magic punched Boone in the neck and knocked Boone out. Magic's coach got on Magic, and Magic cursed him out too!

      Larry Bird had Cedric Maxwell pointing at him in practices and saying "Look there, that's our SAVIOUR". All of the veteran Celtics went hard at the rookie Bird, and only after defeating them all were they grudgingly accepting of Bird's leadership.

      Michael Jordan played for some coked up Bulls teams in which he had to be the man. But in All Star games, Jordan had to earn his due just like everybody else did. Against the Detroit Pistons and NY Knicks in playoff series, Jordan was tripled and brutally fouled as if he were Jeremy Lin. Jordan overcame all that.

      In the NBA, guys get knocked around until they can stand their ground and even do a bit of bullying themselves. Jeremy Lin is experiencing those hard times now, but when he fights through it and retaliates properly he'll be respected like anyone else in the league.

    20. Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin had excellent on court chemistry when Anthony decided to stop tanking games.

      As far as guys not standing up for Lin goes, Lin needs to first stand up for himself. Now, I am sure that Lin wouldn't hesitate to tear Carmelo Anthony into little bits if they were Knick teammates again.

      Guys will be bounty hunting Lin this season, and it's on Lin to hunt them back. Like John Stockton who probably spent more of his game headhunting than actually playing, Lin will simply have to take on all comers and beat them down so that they know better than to mess with him.

    21. @ KHuang

      In fact he can be a nicer guy in Houston, where he's coming in at the top. I just think he needs to show his hardness before he can show his soft. He needs to dispel people's wrong beliefs about him first, or people will keep coming at him & he'll spend all his time putting out small fires. To be secure in a position of influence & THEN be humble, that's a much stronger statement.

      "By the way, Lin's "older guy" is Yao Ming who is actually not an alpha personality but has sort of learned how to pretend to be one. Notice how Lin now plays for Yao's team?"

      - I see what your saying. It might as well be that JLin is now with Yao's old team. But when he was with the Nyk, it was a non-factor.

      "Carmelo Anthony and Jeremy Lin had excellent on court chemistry when Anthony decided to stop tanking games."

      - See, the problem here is JLin being at the mercy of another's whim. It's all about whether Melo wants to or not. WTH should he be allowed this power? He shouldn't have been allowed this prerogative.

      "Lin will simply have to take on all comers and beat them down so that they know better than to mess with him."

      - JLin might have to show even more force, perceived as he is as coming from a lower baseline. But would he? He's physically able, & we know he's fearless, but...

      I don't even dare think this is a viable thing to hope for. The best I can think of is him finding a way to get his team to fight for him. When this season starts, Kidd's stunt would be nothing compared to what everybody will try on Mr 25mil. They will seriously try to hurt him.

    22. People have been talking about the roster all the time. Who is going to protect Lin? Shoudlnt we debate that? Rockets need someone who is willing to do all the dirty work. As soon as somebody is trying to hurt Lin one of his teammates has to go and foul that person - kick his ass :)

    23. McHale was one of the meanest, dirtiest, toughest, trashtalkingest, punchiest, and fairest enforcers as a player in NBA history.

      As one of the greatest Hall of Fame big men ever to play the game, Kevin Mchale will make sure that his young are accounted for. He'll KILL anybody who doesn't stick up for Jeremy Lin, likely physically!

      Nobody understands the art of NBA psychological warfare better than Kevin McHale. He will teach Jeremy Lin how to defend himself and be a CHAMPION.

    24. Via wong, you don't understand that Carmelo Anthony LOST control of the Knicks to Jeremy Lin.

      Just when Anthony thought he had killed Dantoni as his coach, Dantoni struck back in the presses and let it be known that Anthony was tanking. The backlash plus the coaching change plus Lin's ongoing alpha male distributor leadership forced Anthony to fall in line like everyone else behind Lin.

      On the Knicks, the "old guy" was Tyson Chandler. Even though Chandler was only in his 1st Knicks season, he embraced Jeremy Lin. Notice that Chandler was all too happy to let Lin lead, as Chandler's game benefited so much from playing off Lin.

      Lin has long mastered the art of leadership, having led underdog teams all his life against powerhouses and winning anyway. Just as Lin mastered the incredibly difficult Knicks and turned them into his team, he'll have no trouble leading the less toxic Houston Rockets.

    25. @ KHuang

      "Carmelo Anthony LOST control of the Knicks to Jeremy Lin."

      - Yes, I can see how it can be seen this way. It was Melo's team, then suddenly it wasn't. Suddenly, by sheer skill & leadership ON THE COURT, it became JLin's team. For a while. If only this could have been sustained. This arangement fell apart once Melo decided to pull his crap. That he was able to drag the whole team to a string of losses should tell you about the real leadership situation, shouldn't it? It's not just an on-court thing. The other guys failed to come together behind JLin in the locker room, & on court after Melo came back. [Do you think if they see him as their leader, they would allow him to get basically beat up on the floor night in night out like that? They did nothing to stop this. They could have, but they just didn't care enough.]

      "The backlash plus the coaching change plus Lin's ongoing alpha male distributor leadership forced Anthony to fall in line like everyone else behind Lin."

      - Fall in line? You mean Woodson falling in line, right? & the whole team afterwards? Melo "falling in line" = Melo behaving. Why shouldn't he, he got what he wanted, Woodson caters to him. That they have to go to JLin in the 4th & STILL Woodson throws him under the bus during the playoffs & never ever affirm his starting position [until they were playing their FA games] should tell us something, shouldn't it?

      "Notice that Chandler was all too happy to let Lin lead, as Chandler's game benefited so much from playing off Lin."

      - Sure, they were talking about Chandler having to buy JLin dinner, JLin was feeding him so much on the court. That didn't compel him to come out stronger for JLin [vs Melo] in the locker room. Or after, when he was basically doing damage control about Melo liking JLin so much [really?] & wanting JLin to come back [really?] Although I understand why Chandler would speak for Melo.

      "Lin has long mastered the art of leadership, having led underdog teams all his life against powerhouses and winning anyway. Just as Lin mastered the incredibly difficult Knicks and turned them into his team, he'll have no trouble leading the less toxic Houston Rockets."

      - They followed him when he was helping them [individual players] thrive, who wouldn't, he benefited them. But they didn't come out to support him & fight for his leadership when he needed them most, when the team was being sabotaged by Melo. They could have, they didn't. They took what he could give them, dumped him when it became inconvenient.

      I agree that the Rockets' seem like a less toxic environment though, let's hope there's no repeat of the Nyk locker room garbage.

    26. Via Wong, you need to understand how the NBA works.

      The franchises assemble players and make decisions on who goes and stays. The Knicks made the decision to offer Lin only a minimum wage contract, and that is why Lin took the Rockets' offer.

      But on the basketball court, it's the PLAYERS that determine who is in charge. Coaching and favoritism only go so far before the losses pile up.

      Carmelo Anthony took a beating for tanking those Knick games. He paid a heavy price for his wilfull disobedience, especially since he lost the team to Lin. It took Lin being knocked out by the knee injury for Anthony to reclaim his top spot.

      I also don't read too much into the Knicks not standing by Lin when he took that hit. If they choose to do that, consequences happen. Anthony and Stoudemire sure did not help their reputations as team players, at the least. Besides, it's on Lin to stand up for himself first.

      The NBA is a fluid league where the bounce of the ball determines the outcome of games, not the petulant attitudes of misguided coaches and players. Jeremy Lin thrives in the NBA because he knows what to do when the ball bounces his way.

    27. @ KHuang

      "Carmelo Anthony took a beating for tanking those Knick games. He paid a heavy price for his wilfull disobedience, especially since he lost the team to Lin."

      - Paid a heavy price? By getting want he want? [D'Antoni out, Woodson in.] Do you think he cared what people say? If he did, he wouldn't have gone on record talking about not giving his full effort. He wanted to take credit in fact, & let his new coach & the guys in the locker room know 'You don't f with Carmelo Anthony.' Do you think the league look down on him for this? That he has that clout? Yes, the fans were appalled, pundits lamented the death of sportmanship etc. So? He does not care. [He was in fact quite self-satisfied, & why wouldn't he?]

      "It's on Lin to stand up for himself first."

      - & He is, but in a different & possibly misguided way. He's standing up for his ideals. Listen, to anyone who thinks he is just this placid, timid asian, this is a guy with a temper since childhood. He would throw crazy tantrums when he doesn't get what he wants [or lose in vid games,] he made a number of Sunday school teachers cry, was regularly kicked out of practice, was deemed uncoachable. Did he suddenly turn into a lamb?
      Is it possible for a guy to be repeatedly fouled & not want to retaliate? I would think that it would be basic instinct the 2nd time or 3rd time, let alone a string of them. Especially someone like him who has size, & is no coward [just look at how he plays.] It would have been so so tempting for him to just smack someone down, & it won't even be an issue, since it's justified too. I bet JJ or Chandler would have been happy to see him do that, & he knows he'd get approbation from other players. What man would not want that & instead settle for a rep of being soft?
      But doing violence obviously IS an issue, or he wouldn't be staying his hand. Something is more impt to him, & this 'thing' he prioritizes. What he's doing takes self-control [I just hope he realizes there is a higher form of self-control. It's easy to abstain from things: alcohol, violence, etc. It takes more control to be skilled in using these things in moderation, this takes discernment, a constant awareness of conditions. Sometimes, you just can't abstain.] There is this archetype of the strong, enduring man of character, who does not kowtow to the mob. I just don't know if this is the way to go.

      Huang大哥, I respect your opinions. & I'm not saying they are wrong. But sometimes different circumstances call for different approaches. IMHO, 'leading' a team who have something to gain from following you is not the same as being in control of that team when hard times fall. Mercenaries would follow someone who benefit them too, but they will desert you in a blink of an eye when no more advantages could be had. [It's not even that, JLin clearly benefits his team, CLEARLY, & yet they don't come together for him at the crucial moments.] I just don't want his team to leave him on the floor like that again.

      [I also understand & agree, to a degree, about people creating their own reality. But we also cannot ignore that such reality can only flourish when the environment actually allows for it. If the environment you're in does not upheld the values of this reality you're trying to create, it will not survive.

    28. Oh, & I DO believe it's good to have ideals. How can we lift ourselves from the animal if we don't have any? But it would be good to actually survive the environment first.

    29. Oh,

      "Coaching and favoritism only go so far before the losses pile up."

      - The losses did pile up, didn't they? What did Melo care? He wanted his shots, he eventually found a way to get them, he's happy.

    30. @ KHuang

      :) I'm not being needlessly obstinate. If only he can do something close to what you suggest. [But how? I just can't see it...]

    31. Things are not as bad as you think, via Wong.

      Lin weathered a few more hits after the Kiddisaster. He bounced up, ready to challenge and stand his ground. The Knicks found their groove as a result, and Anthony and the other Knicks meekly looked to Lin to win games for them especially in the 4th quarter.

      Lin learned the toughness he needed to go along with his super alpha role on the Knicks. He was rewarded by a fat new contract by a better franchise that won't yank his success away.

      As far as Anthony goes, he gets to be locked in for a few more years with that dysfunctional old overpaid Knicks team that is destined to be a 1st round playoff loser at best. Knicks management did what it always does: kick out the promising young talent in favor of old overpaid washed up ex players. Anthony may be the man on the Knicks, but that's not saying a lot!

      Lin created his own destiny in the NBA. He'll continue to do so. Lin has already beaten the ultimate challenge - simply making the NBA AT ALL. Dealing with future teammates is easy, especially considering that Lin is the only point guard who has ever caused Carmelo Anthony to meekly play a secondary role because it helped the team win games!

      Expect Lin's Rockets to eventually go much further than Anthony's Knicks.

    32. This comment has been removed by the author.

    33. This comment has been removed by the author.

    34. You know what gets me? It didn't have to happen that way with the Nyk.

      Look how Melo: waits for a brawl to get underway, throw a sucker punch, runs away.
      Proclaims he loves Linsanity, waits for Nyk FO to get the anti-Lin machine geared-up, throws a sucker punch [ridiculous contract], runs away [back pedals on his words], waits for people to pile on [JR, Stackhouse, Machado] & get things underway, comes back takes another jab [Melo selfish is Linsanity's fault.]
      Will not talk to D'Antoni [they don't talk after games], 'I'll just tank like the passive-aggresive wimp that I am.'
      Tells the press he's good with D'Antoni [oh we fine, I'm texting him, blahblah,] looks both ways to see if D'Antoni's gone, then comes back to claim the credit for 'killing the coach.'

      Is this the kind of guy who will lead a coup? He might be great at scoring, but he's gutless, he's no leader. [I mispoke calling him alpha. I meant a bully. He's no alpha.] He's your classic frenemy, too gutless to make overt moves, waits to take advantage of your oversights, but never attacking up front. He couldn't have destroyed the locker room if JLin & the guys were more cohesive & directed. [Of course it's not JLin's fault. I'm just sorry a chance was missed. Things could have turned out better.]

      The whole locker room was basically leaning towards JLin, since he's elevating their play. [Except JR & Baron Davis, understandably.] If they had the will, & pulled tighter together, Melo would not have gotten his way so easily. They could have gotten Amare to pull his weight [& not check out like he did,] actively managed the chaos in the locker room [by providing a clear leader.] The Nyk would have won some of those games. By the end, D'Antoni was benching Melo to minimize the damage he's doing. Who knows how it would've ended if things were handled better?

      As for Dolan, I don't see him to be specially attached to Melo [except for not wanting to trade him & admit he made a mistake paying so high for him.]
      If the Nyk were winning, & the money was rolling in, he won't care if Melo sits part of the game.

    35. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. So much for the argument made by people here that Dragic is more athletic than Lin because Dragic can two hand dunk and Lin cannot.

  14. Imagine how angry people would be if Dragic and Lowry were capable of doing the things Lin does every game!

    Of course, they wouldn't have been released by the Rockets!

  15. When I first posted here in January 2012, I wrote that Jeremy Lin could become a crosss between Jason Kidd and Steve Nash ... and got FLAMED for it.

    As it turns out, Jeremy Lin was basically better than both of those guys put together at age 24.

    Indeed, Jeremy Lin could end up becoming the best PG in the entire NBA and a Hall of Famer.

    I still can't help making my tired Micheal "Sugar" Ray Richardson comparisons. From the photo here, it appears that Lin has become as ripped and springy as Sugar was in his prime.

    I highly urge people here to go on YouTube and look at Sugar's game. He's the same height, weight, game, and even uniform as Jeremy Lin!

    1. Personally, I still see him as Manu ginobli because of his BB IQ, craftiness, unorthodox way of playing, great court vision and ability to penetrate despite limited space. I may have my personal bias since I've watched a lot of spurs games.

      Maybe he can learn some of Ginobli's "tricks" if you know what I mean. LOL!

    2. The difference between Ginobili and Lin is that Ginobili is not a point guard who sets up the offense and quarterbacks the defense.

      Ginobili is more of a finisher where Lin is more of a setup man.

    3. But Ginobli can play the point. He is a pretty good passer. They have Duncan and Parker so Ginobli gets little opportunity to run the offense

    4. In actual NBA games, Ginobili and Lin have completely different roles.

      Besides, it isn't as if Parker or Ginobili ever had to beat a double team because Duncan is essentially guarded by 5 guys every time he crosses the half court line on offense!

      Jeremy Lin has to beat those double and triple teams which will come strong and hard next season, unlike Ginobili and Parker who have to beat only one man or less!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. @1j:

    Unfortunately there are still lesser people out there who are kind of racist, cling on to stereotypes and have double standards.

    We have to make a disctinction though.

    There are people who dont really hate others for their race. They use racism and stereotypes for their own advantage -> make themselfes look better, attract dumb fans, get a better contract, get more spotlight, get a roster spot, introduce a pecking order.

    These people are opportunists. Its not just athletes though - its also people like S.A.S or extremist fans who use stereotypes and racism to bash certain people or support other people.

    Why and how? Because it works. Lets be honest - if youre black or asian or hispanic and let certain stereotypes get to you - you are in a weak position - youre hurt - and thats what people exploit.

    Luckily most people are better than this. Like JLin or Kobe.

    I probably dont have to explain Lin, how he worshipped black athletes, withstood the taunts of evil people and said that we are simply to be proud of who we are.

    And Kobe? Watch this first:,69084

    Also watch the Bruce Lee documentary of 2011 "I am Bruce Lee". Famous actors, recording artists, KOBE BRYANT who practices Jeet Kun Do, respectfully talk about Bruce Lee and how they worshipped him.
    I also like how Gina Carano said that she finds Bruce attractive :)

    My point - lets keep an eye open for racists and opportunists but lets not let them drag us down - whether we are black, asian, hispanic or whatever. Lets learn from these fine people who give crxp about racism (JLin as a fan of black athletes or Kobe as a fan of an asian martial artist).

    Also - JLin is a Rocket now. Lets shake all that NY media negativity off. Lets not forget about Dolan though. Cause we may forgive but we should never forget. After all - we should blame it on white people - they started it :) <- JOKE! Really - just kidding...

  18. I'm not ready to call Lin an elite point guard but I'm convinced that he is already much better than Dragic and Lowry. In the future, he can be a top 5 point guard in the league. I'm not sure about being the best pg in the league (you never know if someone drafted turns out to be the next steve nash or magic johnson)

    1. I'd rather have Lin on my NBA than any other PG Including Chris Paul.

      I consider Lin a top 5 pg right now, as far as doing point guard things actually goes.

    2. If we only considered PG skills, there are definitely other PGs (Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash, Chris Paul) better than Jeremy.

      But if we take the whole package of making the whole team better, I have to agree because I watched the NY clips against Cleveland when JR Smith became a willing passer (Can Rajon Rondo do that with me-first attitude?), Melo had zipped pass to Amare. The "team-first" basketball style that Jeremy plays is fun to watch and contagious to the whole team.

      And if there were people watching NY Knicks games before Jeremy became starter, you would agree that there were no offensive flows and rhythms. It was painful to watch. Jeremy makes the whole team better than the sum of its parts. That's the definition of a great PG.

    3. I seriously doubt that Rondo or Paul or Nash could even beat out Lin for the starting PG position on the 2011-2012 Knicks, let alone outproduce Lin as the starting Knick PG.

      If those guys started over Lin, it would be a coach's decision and not because those guys could outplay Lin in practice.

      I definitely do not feel that those three have better pg skills than Jeremy Lin.

    4. "I definitely do not feel that those three have better pg skills than Jeremy Lin."

      - I don't know what to say KHuang. You are overly underestimating those point guards. Lin is a good point guard but not yet great. Let us all remember that it will be just his 3rd nba season. He has still to learn a lot of things about basketball like the other young players.

      Let us be more conservative with our expectations. It is not right to prematurely declare that lin is the best pg in the nba. It is also unfair to Jlin to expect him to be an elite point guard despite his inexperience. Let us not hurry/rush Jeremy. Let us wait what happens next season before saying he's an elite pg.

    5. You don't know what to say because you don't watch Lin play nor understand his stats.

      It's that simple.

      Lin played as well as any pg did in the 2011-2012 season. His historic start, win streaks, and dominant stats attest to that.

    6. But are those enough to say he's an elite pg? Maybe a top 15 or top 12 pg. There were also times he struggled which just proves that he is still learning.

      I'm pretty even J Lin will admit that he is not an elite
      point guard right now. If your talking about the future that is a very likely outcome. But as now, I'm gonna call /label him as a good point guard.

    7. As has been repeatedly explained to you by basketball experts here with far more patience than I have, ALL point guards in the NBA will have rough stretches in today's game.

      Deron Williams, Chris Paul, and Steve Nash all had their share of 6+ turnover games and single figure scoring, just like Lin. Yet for you, it's not OK for Lin to have a bad game every now and then even though those All Stars are allowed to.

      Your problem is that you don't think Lin is capable of being a NBA point guard even though he has already performed like a HISTORICAL GREAT POINT GUARD HEADED TOWARD THE HALL OF FAME.

    8. It's suffice to say that even among Lin fans many sees him from a good PG to an elite PG.

      Many people point to standard individual PG skills such as ball-handling, bad passes, TO-prone etc. to assert that Jeremy is a PG with just good not great individual PG skills.

      But IMHO the greatness of a PG should be measured by its overall impact to team plays. Does the PG make other players better than they are (i.e. Steve Novak, Tyson, Shump, Jeffries, Amare, Melo, JR, etc.)? Does the PG put them in position to succeed? Ultimately, does the PG give better W-L record that can be measured with PER, +/- ratings?

      In the case of Jeremy, most people would give a resounding yes despite his rookie shortcomings in several individual PG skills. He's got tons of potential to be a lot better.

      In terms of setting low/average expectations (15pts/6asts), I can see the benefit so Jeremy can fly under the radar and easily surpass the expectations. This is better than we set such lofty expectations (22pts, 10asts) that critics would still hammer on him even if he did great.

    9. Nash, Paul, Rondo > Lin...for now. Can't wait till season starts so Lin can go to work on those guys.

      I can agree with KHuang on bad games. Why do those guys get a pass for them and not Lin.

    10. KHuang is absolutely right when he says "Lin played as well as any pg did in the 2011-2012 season". At first, I was skeptical in placing Lin among the ranks of Paul, Nash and Rondo, etc. But then I did some research. Since the 1985-1986 season, only 22 players have averaged 19+ points, 8+ assists, 2+ steals per 36 minutes over a span of 26 or more games in a season:

      Michael Adams
      Darrell Armstrong
      Sam Cassell
      Baron Davis
      Clyde Drexler
      Sleepy Floyd
      Tim Hardaway
      Derek Harper
      Kevin Johnson
      Magic Johnson
      Michael Jordan
      Jason Kidd
      Fat Lever
      Jeremy Lin
      Eric Murdock
      Chris Paul
      Gary Payton
      Terry Porter
      Mark Price
      Rod Strickland
      Isiah Thomas
      Russell Westbrook

      That's 4 Hall-of-Famers, in addition to multiple perennial All-Stars and future Hall-of-Famers. Lin and Paul are the only two to have done it last season.

    11. Lin's numbers would be even better if Carmelo didn't spoil the party. Just saying.

    12. Interesting how statistics back up what I can see with my naked eye.

      I had no idea that a list like that existed, and I'd take Jeremy Lin over all but a few of those historically great players. I've seen every one of those greats play, and Jeremy Lin can compete against any of them.

      I do not feel that Rondo, Nash, or Paul had more impact on winning games than Jeremy Lin did. Thus I do not consider them better players than Lin as far as the 2011-2012 season went.

    13. i'd take Fat Lever ANY DAY!

    14. I beg to disagree people. Objectively speaking, Lin does not have more impact on winning games than those 3 players you mentioned KHuang. We are talking about last season only not the future. Don't get me wrong, Lin's performance last season was indeed terrific but let us not get ahead of ourselves.

      Paul made the clippers playoff contenders (40-26 good for the 5th spot). The clippers were terrible the last few seasons but Paul had the greatest impact that a point guard could have last season. He was 3rd in MVP voting for a reason. Paul was first in PER in the 4th quarter around 37+ (Jeremy being 2nd around 33+). So statistics agree that Paul was the best pg in the nba last season. There is no argument there.

      Nash had a bunch of scrubs and lead them to a 33-33 record. He managed to dish out 10.7 assists despite the scarcity of talent and skills around him. He made shannon brown look like a basketball player. He made Gortat average 15 ppg and 9.9 rpg. There are too many marginal players in phoenix and for nash to even lead them to more than 15 wins was already impressive. For the Suns fans here, I have always been harsh towards their team (because I'm a spurs fan! LOL!)

      Rondo managed to average 10+ assists for 24 straight games. So without him, the celtics are going nowhere. I doubt they would even make the playoffs. He runs their offense 95% of the time since he is the purest point guard in the nba. Jeremy can learn a lot from rondo in terms of being a pure point guard.

      So with that being said, Jeremy is probably a top 12 pg in the league RIGHT NOW. In the future, he has the opportunity to be a top 5.

      People should be cautious with their predictions in my opinion.

      KHuang, I was wondering, what are the numbers you expect Lin to have next season? I want to know what are the statistics for Lin to deserve to be the "Best PG in the league".
      This is a serious question; I really want to know your opinion.

    15. Lin took a .333 team and went 16-10. He started out with a bunch of scrubs, had to fend off tanking teammates, and then steamrolled the league once he wrested control of the team away from those malcontents.

      Chris Paul had a stacked team over there in LA, even after Chauncey Billups went down. See, Chris Paul's greatest talent is getting himself traded off teams like New Orleans where he'd endure Jeremy Lin like conditions. Chris Paul wisely got himself traded to a team where he'd have help, unlike what Jeremy Lin had in NY and Houston next year. Thus no double and triple teams, at the least.

      Rajon Rondo plays with 3 Hall of Famers that are so good that they are All Stars even at their advanced ages. Teams allow Rondo to score because it's better than having the Big 3 hoist up shots. Rondo has never seen a double team, nor does he have teammates that refuse to play the way Lin did.

      Steve Nash had a typically wonderful Steve Nash season. Yet Nash has a team built around him unlike Lin whose team was mutineering until Lin took full control.

      Each one of these point guards played in better situations than Lin. Yet Lin still scores and assists and wins at least as well as any PG in the league.

      I don't predict stats, as that is completely subject to team influences. What I can predict is that Lin will have a typical Lin season in that he bolsters his teammates, plays tough defense, makes the right basketball plays, breaks opponents down in isolation, draws double and triple teams, and leads his team on and off the court. The sum total of that leads to DOMINATION, and Lin has already proven that at an NBA level under the most trying circumstances I have ever seen an NBA player endure.

      Lin had to be a superstar PG to lift the Knicks out of their lottery bound funk.

    16. #1 j, I don't have a computer game presence online!

      Right now I am trying to defeat the ancient PS1 game "Perfect Weapon". 15 years ago, I defeated the game on my computer. The PS1 version is far more difficult because the opponents in one of the final levels are far more aggressive than on the computer!

      When I play video games, I tend to beat them so thoroughly that there's nothing left to do. For example, I crushed NBA 2k5 so hard that I was beating the All Legend teams with teams of scrubs. I was beating the Hall of Fame mode by as many as 90 ppg, and Wang Zhi Zhi was my small forward averaging 30 in 20 minutes!

    17. If Lin leads the Rockets to the playoffs, that'll be as impressive as Tim Duncan leading his Spurs team to the playoffs every year despite having only one player beside him capable of starting for another team in Tony Parker (and even that I have real doubts about).

      Houston with two starting caliber point guards and a solid team of veterans could not make the playoffs in the powerful West. So if Lin manages to pull it off with that young inexperienced team, he'd definitely be the best PG in the entire NBA.

      Lin has been a one man team most of his basketball life. He'll need to be next season given that his starting center averaged 3 ppg last season and his only veteran teammate is a disgruntled SG who wants to play for another team!

    18. @KHuang
      I really do not get why you keep on underrating Paul. The clippers did not even come close to making the playoffs before Chris Paul arrived. So how in the world can you say that he had lesser impact on the winning ways of the Clippers? His PER says it all.

      I'm also surprised that you keep underestimating Rondo. First of all, Ray Allen last season had injury problems (including the playoffs). I agree that he has 3 scorers in his team but if you watch them they rely on Rondo to run their offense most of the time. Even doc said that the Celtics are definitely Rondo's Team. You also forgot that he is a triple double machine.

      So what if he is not double teamed? He still manages to average 12 assists per game. He doesn't score a lot since he is the PUREST point guard in the NBA.

      I'm sorry I have to bring this up but the people here forces me to do this. Just to remind everyone, the last time Lin match up against Rondo the results were not so favorable for Jeremy. Rondo put up historic numbers. So who is the better point guard now? Even if you say that his teammates were tanking, Jeremy was still responsible for guarding Rondo so now you know.

      "I don't predict stats, as that is completely subject to team influences. What I can predict is that Lin will have a typical Lin season in that he bolsters his teammates, plays tough defense, makes the right basketball plays, breaks opponents down in isolation, draws double and triple teams, and leads his team on and off the court. The sum total of that leads to DOMINATION, and Lin has already proven that at an NBA level under the most trying circumstances I have ever seen an NBA player endure. "

      - Your criteria is quite subjective KHuang. If you will not use stats, then what will you use that will provide onjective evaluations about a player's performance. I agree to the fact that Stats are not everything but they are still very important. Another thing, why does people take into account his supposed "toxic condition
      " in New York? Regardless of the environment, the basis for evaluation is what is seen in the court. Based form what I've seen Jeremy is NOT THE BEST PG IN THE LEAGUE. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jeremy is in the top 12 point guard maybe even top 10. But there is no way I'm putting him above the elite point guards since he's not yet a great point guard.

    19. Continuation

      People have to wake up and face the reality. I'm a big fan of Lin but that doesn't mean I'll stop being objective on my analysis. If I said Jeremy Lin was the best pg last season because despite having tanking teammates and his inexperience was able to perform effectively, then people might laugh at me (and they should after making such ridiculous statements).

      Why are we using his inexperience as a factor in determining who the best pg in the nba was? Let us use that kind of reasoning in comparing Durant and Lebron. I'll say Durant is the better player since he is only 23/24 and he's nearly the level of Lebron at age 27/28. Instead of comparing their performances straight up , people are somewhat on Durant's side since he's better with respect to his AGE. People use relative factors like age and inexperience for Jeremy.

      So since Jeremy averaged 18 and 8 as a starter with no training camp and no experience, he's already the best pg in the league? People have to stop using his inexperience as an excuse for Jeremy. It doesn't change the fact that he's not that good with his left hand dribbling and penetration. He's a pedestrian perimeter shooter. He picks up the basketball under pressure. He's an average defender. why can't we just take a look at the FACTS and evaluate him if he's the best in terms of basketball skills.

      so now, do you think Jeremy is better in basketball than Paul, Parker, Nash, Rondo, williams, Westbrook and others? I don't think so since those players are better shooters than Jeremy except for rondo. Those players are better ball handlers hands down. All those players are better playmakers except for Westbrook. All those players except Nash are better defenders than Jeremy. So although I'm a fan of Lin, but I do not have the AUDACITY to declare him right now the best point guard in the league. People will not take me seriously if I said that.

      I'm not saying he's not good but prematurely declaring him as a superstar is also wrong and unfair. I'm sure even Jeremy will admit that he is not the best pint guard. For the future, I cannot predict what he will do or how good he will be. Only time can tell if he will be the best point guard in the league but right now he is legitimately a top 12 pg.

      People should stop being mad at someone telling lin is not the best pg but only a top 12. That is still a compliment to Lin despite his obvious flaws and inexperience. Maybe after next season, he'll climb up the ladder and possibly become top 7 or top 8 pg in the league.

      "Who is this closet Lin hater....?"

      - Are you referring to me?
      Would a hater openly admit that Lin is much better than Lowry and Dragic? Would a hater even say that Lin is a top 12 pg in the league? A typical hater would say he's just a backup pg in the league or that he's a d-league player or something. Please stop labeling anyone who doesn't jump to the Jeremy-Lin-is-the-best-pg bandwagon. a hater. I love watching him play and I'm pretty sure he'll continue to improve as a player. But it is unfair for Jeremy to be expected to be immediately the best point guard in the league. Basketball skills do not improve in a year or so. It takes a lot of time to develop. Let us stop hurrying/rushing Jeremy by boldly declaring he's the best pg in the league. Again, I'm a huge Lin fan but I'm not gonna concede to all your premature anointing. I'm gonna wait for him to develop as a player and just enjoy. I'm gonna start calling him the best pg if he is the best pg. I did not become a fan of Lin because he was the best pg in the league.

    20. "If Lin leads the Rockets to the playoffs, that'll be as impressive as Tim Duncan leading his Spurs team to the playoffs every year despite having only one player beside him capable of starting for another team in Tony Parker (and even that I have real doubts about). "

      - KHuang once again disrespected the Spurs. So you doubt Parker is capable of starting for another team? This is blasphemous and so disrespectful. They have Ginobli by the way. They have leonard and Jackson. They have Diaw and many more.

      Duncan maybe the greatest pf in the history of the nba but he still had help you know. Please stop with your Tony Parker-Hate campaign.

    21. The arguments you make to criticize Lin are the same ones used to degrade Lin from getting a D1 scholarship and an NBA draft contract.

      Since you do not take a player's situation into account when evaluating their game, you miss out on seeing how much more difficult it is for Lin to rack up assists against a tanking teammate who refuses to catch the ball than it is for Rajon Rondo who can get assists simply by inbounding the ball. And that's how the entire NCAA and NBA missed out on Lin the first time around.

      Most of us here at are Asian Americans who have been similarly devalued like Lin and thus are held up as inferior to all other men because we perform in lesser conditions. Hence we have a keen understanding that it's much easier for Chris Paul to play defense when Griffin and Jordan are actively trying to rotate than when Stoudemire and Anthony are deliberately blocking Lin from fighting over the pick to defend his man.

    22. "To the hater.

      I'm going to tell you the same thing I've told you on some of your other long winded, back pedaling, closet hating, double standard, blinders on, flip flopping type essays.


      You once again lost me. So just because I did not agree that Lin was the best pg in the league, I'm a hater? I'm a hater if I claimed that he is a backup pg or something. I've been consistent with my views on Lin, I've said that he is a top 12 pg in the league. What did I say to contradict that statement? Please explain how in the world those statements become hating, back-pedaling and double standard. I'm now really confused especially the hater label. Is being called a top 12 pg such a bad thing? I'm a hater because of that? There are lower expectations for him from other people you know. By the way, I did not understand your last phrase.

    23. @KHuang
      I have no intention in devaluing Lin. All I've said was he is not the best point guard right now. In the future? Maybe but I'm not sure about that. I'll stick with my previous statement that Jeremy Lin is a good point guard (and developing) and probably ranks 10th to 12th in his position. I expect him to slowly climb the ladder as his career goes on.

    24. I feel no need to rehash the arguments against neph since he thinks that Jeremy Lin is worse than Rondo and Paul because Rondo's and Paul's teammates weren't trying to make them look bad like Lin and STILL Lin put up better numbers than Rondo and nearly matched Paul.

      But I will respectfully disagree about disrespecting the Spurs. Let's look at their lineup.

      Emmanuel Ginobili is a fabulous player when he is healthy. However, he has not been healthy for about the last 5 years. His body has broken down and only his talent, grit, and especially Duncan are keeping him in the league.

      Tony Parker is a marvelous NBA scorer when Tim Duncan sets him up. Yet I know even less about his ability to read defenses or beat double teams than I did about Jeremy Lin this season. I would be very curious to see what happens to Tony Parker once Tim Duncan retires and teams start loading up on him - if they even have to.

      The rest of the roster is largely unimpressive. Stephen Jackson is a fine player, but he is not the same dynamic wing he was when the Spurs were winning the title with him. Boris Diaw has been cast off every team he has previously played for, though I think that the Spurs are using him right. The rest of the roster is filled with low picks, aging veterans, and D league callups.

      I am also impressed at how Duncan has handled Gregg Popovich. Ever since Duncan forced Popovich to take that terrifying swim in the Caribbean in which Duncan would have been happy to save him if Popovich floundered, Duncan has gently let Popovich bark orders while always letting Popovich know who's REALLY in charge. This is why Popovich wisely tells people that the Spurs revolve around Tim Duncan.

      Tim Duncan is truly a one man team in the NBA. When Ginobili is out, the Spurs continue to win. If Tony Parker ever went down, the Spurs would continue to win. If Duncan goes down, the Spurs likely would be drafting the next under skilled bust in waiting from Kentucky #1 the following season!

  19. He's been doing it since Harvard. People keep unseeing what their eyes were seeing.

  20. I'd like to make two points.

    1) Jlin IS an alpha dog and he is fearless. The reason why I know this is because of the Milwaukee Buck's game where a "rookie" 23-24 year old basically stared down Carmelo AND Amare on the last possession where Carmelo/Amare didn't box out and they lost the game. You don't do that without some serious cahones and leadership: However, I don't understand why he didn't punk Jkidd after that brutally vicious foul...he should have slammed him on the next play.

    (2) I can see some similarities between Ginobili and Lin (ability to slash and get to the rim at will, etc.) but as Khuang mentioned, Lin is a set up guy and is a guy that elevates the play of all his teammates. I see Ginobili as more of a star that is a complementary player to a greater star in Duncan. Jlin is a lead man.

    1. Sorry..I should have said he is 23 unlike that idiot in the Post.

    2. Jeremy Lin and Jason Kidd get along extremely well off the court, and there is legitimate mutual admiration there.

      But when Kidd plays against Lin, Kidd is going to have to deal with being Linbarrassed just like the rest of the NBA will.

    3. Hehe, @4:02, that was more than a stare down. He flat on shouted at them as if he were the head coach.

    4. A master martial arts expert once explained to me that you don't become a master until you become a great teacher also. I am so happy to see Jeremy teaching.

    5. @ jlinisasuperhero

      Do you know how many people agreed to him screaming at Melo/ Amare that game? People respected what he did. More of that.

      Yes, he could have done something about Kidd's hair-pulling crap. But perhaps he was too shocked.

      Where was his team?

    6. @JLinisasuperhero:

      We never said that Jeremy cant lead on the court. We were actually talking about leadership in the "locker room". Believe it or not. Things that happen in the "locker room" can influence the chemnistry of a team. And - as sad as it is - nice people are usually not so good at "locker room leadership". Why? Cause they have something called conscience. Lesser people dont carry that burden.

      People schemme, people connect, people plan how to get you out of the way so they can get your position, your contract, your stagelight, whatever.

      Remember Dantoni? He tried to trade a certain member of the Knicks team for quite some time. In the end he had to give up - and left the team. There even have been talks about Dantoni leaving so Lin would not be harmed by the players turmoil against Dantoni. Cause - with players not showing effort on the court - it wouldnt just make Dantoni but also Lin look bad. Of course... its rumours and chances are we will never know the truth.

      Remember the losing streak? There were rumours about certain members of the team sabotaging Lin. And during free agency? Certain members of the team went public to ridicule Lin and the offer sheet from Houston.

      However - there are already some very nice written lines about that (above). As people have pointed out - its a fresh start. Players should know that JLin is the star of the team. If they buy in and let JLin lead -> great things will happen. I just hope that none of the players are "represented" by the CAA :)

    7. JLin is capable of leadership in the locker room. That capability does not always transform to actual results, and it is at no fault of JLin himself, for example not being more assertive or standing up for himself. There were factors working against JLin which were outside his control.

      One factor is management. A lot depends on the hierarchy set in place by the coaches, general managers, and other players with status (justifiably or not) in the locker room. JLin's position was a virtual rookie last season.

      He had an impact no doubt, but players ultimately follow management's lead as to who is supposed to be top dog and falls into line with that expectation set by management.

      In practice, management is the ultimate top dog because it writes the pay cheques. Management has the greatest influence on who is top dog. Management determines who is entitled to demand respect in the locker room, regardless of actual leadership abilities. Case in point: Melo.

      If you have no support from upper management, such as owners and managers, its close to impossible for others to respect you, subject to tenure and general reputation in the profession.

      Another factor in gaining respect in the locker room is tenure. This factor was also working against JLin. Jefferies in his interview with ESPN after being traded to Portland called JLin a rookie even though JLin was already in his second year (probably an honest mistake.) The point is that respect in the locker room always require tenure in the league, but last year JLin even to his close and supportive teammate was perceived as a rookie.

      Yet another factor was his general reputation in the basketball profession. While I don't think this is a necessary factor for controlling the locker room, general recognition among the profession for being a beast on the floor will translate to more respect in the locker room. That will come as JLin proves himself over and over again.

      I think an easier way to see why his colleagues did not respect him in the locker room is to draw an analogy with the corporate setting. A manager or team lead will never admit they should be deferring to the new grad even if the new grad is a superstar with demonstrated leadership skills. The grad will probably not gain full respect even in his second or third year in the corporation.

      The analogy makes me think of the bamboo ceiling in the corporate world. JLin has certainly busted through many of these ceilings in the NBA world. Will there be a ceiling which will keep JLin from being respected among his peers as an all time great, if he gets to that point? An encouragement that the NBA is ultimately based on meritocracy, at least in the long run, is Steve Nash, who won two MVPs in the position even though he doesn't fit the usual MVP profile.

      JLin has leadership abilities on and off the floor and has done his part in demonstrating and using those abilities. However, whether it translates into his peers actually following his lead on and off the floor depends also on what management, tenure, and general reputation in the profession.

    8. Jeremy Lin has already busted through the bamboo ceiling.

      That is because on the court, the bounce of the basketball does not respect anything but what actually happens on the court.

      Management and coaches can play whatever tricks they want. Even the players can try to freeze Lin out. None of it worked because Lin put his head down and PUNKED people in practice until they were no longer able to battle him in practice and also play consistently in games. Lin made it impossible for his coaches to play others ahead of him and made it impossible for his teammates to freeze him out.

      Ok, so the Knicks only tried to pay Lin minimum wage and Houston was the only team that offered Lin a real contract. But the bottom line is that Lin signed that hefty contract which is very real. He did it because he forced the Knicks to play him major minutes, even after his two coaches tried their hardest to bench him!

      Watching Jeremy Lin succeed wildly in the NBA has totally reaffirmed my belief that one can bust through the bamboo ceiling and create his own destiny!

    9. I believe that JLin would have had many more offers from around the league. The Knicks FO were being dicks towards JLin, promising they would match up to a billion, discouraging other teams from bidding, and in effect setting themselves up to give JLin a low ball offer.

      JLin definitely showed his value even in the face of cynical skeptics. He created his own path to a leadership role on the Knicks. Even as a leader, he wasn't a respected because he didn't have management support.

      On the Houston Rockets, he will be in a position to demand respect. He is one of the highest paid players, which indicates the owner's full support. He should also gain the coach's support as as result of the owner's backing.

      Naturally, of course his on-court pwnage will gain him respect from the coach as well as his fellow teammates, or at least from those with a right head on their shoulders.

      Overall, I don't expect anyone on the Rockets roster to be in a position to undermine JLin's authority, given JLin's strong backing from management.

      True respect from fellow ballers will be the same old story....proving himself over and over again.

      Jeremy Lin has busted through bamboo ceiling after bamboo ceiling in his story so far. Each of his struggles transitioning from high school, college, summer league, d-league, and NBA bench were bamboo ceilings each in their own right. Yet, more bamboo ceilings will be put in his way.

      The current bamboo ceiling is league sentiment that he is over-hyped and overrated, and therefore should know his limits, know his place, and stay as a good, but not great PG.

      As KHuang points out, JLin's wild success is an inspiration that the bamboo ceiling can be busted through.

      (Quite sensationalist scene and perhaps historically questionable sign, but JLin's busting through the bamboo ceiling reminded me of the scene where this famous martial artist called Bruce Lee busted through a sign disrespecting Chinese -

    10. I'm substantially MEANER than Bruce Lee.

      I bust through PEOPLE that disrespect Chinese, not just mere signs.

      I have been in far more fights than Bruce Lee has, physical and otherwise. If people come after me, I PUNISH them. And if horrified onlookers come after me or criticize my defensive efforts, I go after them too.

      Everything Jeremy Lin has gone through, I have gone through similar things. In my own way, I've busted the bamboo ceiling too. People still ridicule me, but they dare not ATTACK because I'm all too eager to open that can of Whoop Ass on them.

      Lin should learn from me how to PUNK his attackers.

    11. The Bamboo Ceiling is right. Asians get passed over for leadership roles [regardless of whether we are more educated, have tenure, brings in results, liked by management] bec higher-ups cannot envision us as leaders. We are seen as introverted, uncreative grinds, no leadership qualities [bec obviously being a leader is all about looking the part.] Meritocracy? Think of all the asians doing grind-work [aka REAL WORK] in some lab somewhere, or doing the hard number crunching, but never getting the credit. [There was a scene in Harold & Kumar where a colleague was dumping all the work on John Cho.]
      When Asians topped the PISA, people dismissed it as "oh, rote memorization, cram school. Asians are automatons, no independent thinking, borg-like drones, blahblahblah can't innovate. [Obviously, Chinese Civilization which was once the most advanced in the world, never happened.] Results are dismissed as products of hard work, not creativity. [Breaking down the US scores, it just so happen that Asian-americans as a group comes out on top too.]

      Why Aren't There More Asian-American Leaders?

      You can produce results all you want, & so? Do you see how JLin keep punking people & yet people keep dismissing him? Oh, it's not because of his skill, it's because he's hardworking. It's bec he can 吃苦. He can get the job done, but being The Leader? Nah, can't see it. You see Woodson giving JLin the ball over & over again, but a starting position? "Let's see."

      It's gotten to the point people are indulging in revisionist crap: He got only 1 offer bec he isn't that good, that's why he went undrafted.

      Look, does he look unathletic to you? So how is it people believe this? Do they not have eyes?
      People who can believe asians are somehow both effeminate weaklings AND super martial artist, or dull uninventive memorizers AND yet crafty, sneaky villains can believe anything.

      Jefferies called JLin a rookie [he is not], that's a slip of the tongue [no edit,] so you know it's a true belief. Not his true thinking, but BELIEF. Sometimes we come to believe outrageous things bec we are steeped in a culture where certain lies are repeated incessantly as facts, & we can't help absorb them. If we were thinking, we'd see how baseless they are, but we're not. That's how you'll see people who are otherwise intelligent & kind holding some baffling, unreasonable belief. & That's why some stereotypes are so insidious. They sit in the unconscious & tend to color everything a person sees. Is JJ a Lin hater? No. But he can't help seeing him in a certain light. I mentioned Chandler treating Jlin like a boy. He does not do that to Shump who is younger. Perhaps we might not think much of it bec we have a cultural or Christian tradition of brotherly relations, but in a group of men like that, you don't want to be seen as a boy. You want to be seen as a MAN.

      & The truth is, JLin is The Man. He saved the Nyk season, where were they before he came along?
      Everything he did in MSG, he's done before [did he magically acquire those skills on the eve of Feb 3?] but people react as if it was some aberration. Despite all the barricades, he smashes through, but can they see this? Sure, that's why the Nyk thought he's not worth the max.

      You talk about Bruce Lee. But you know what? He didn't just try to earn people's respect by working harder. He DEMANDED the respect. DEMANDED. You don't f with him & get away with it. You cross him, you PAY.

    12. JLin needs to be more confrontational to protect himself and his career, and also for the sake of his teammates. He has been practically anointed face of the franchise. He is the team captain and represents his teammates. He owes it to his teammates not to be a push over.

      Someone like Bruce Lee can make people pay by kicking their faces in.

      Someone like JLin who has religious concerns is faced with a delicate balancing act. Religious concerns and demanding respect is not always mutually exclusive. But where they do conflict, it takes much wisdom to balance them.

      How do you demand respect in a Christian way, but from a non-Christian world?

      Perhaps he can get wisdom through prayer from God. Of course every situation warrants different reactions; that's why its a delicate balancing act. Nevertheless, I am very curious about this issue and would be very appreciative if the more well-traveled Christian brothers here can share some of their wisdom!

  21. Hey guys, I was kind of tired about hearing how "26 games is too small of a sample to assess Lin's potential". Inspired by the NY Times' Nate Silver, I wrote a FanPost on, "Jeremy Lin Is No Fluke, continued", where I used a program I developed to search for players who averaged numbers as well as Lin's in 26 or more consecutive games. Let me know what you guys think!

    1. Great work, @Aids Bike. That is quite impressive list of only 22 players to achieve that feat in 27 years. I'm somewhat surprised Steve Nash is not in that list. What were his numbers in the MVP years?

      I also notice only a few players who did it in multiple seasons. Only 2 did it in at least 3 seasons (Chris Paul and Gary Payton). Jeremy would make a strong case to be considered to have equal impact of these two players if he can do it in 3 seasons. That won't be a fluke! Great job!

    2. Aids Bike, thanks for the interesting research.

      Unfortunately, some people will still dismiss even the impressive 26 games as a fluke.

      As Psalm234 points out, JLin will gain more respect as he repeatedly accomplishes more of these feats over his career.

    3. Thanks for doing this, @Aids Bike.

  22. Wow! So much the message must be very happy .... Jeremy Lin.


    I really think theres nothing that JLin cant do :)
    Anyway - why dunk at all? Looks nice but its pretty bad for the joints :)

  24. "Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says he will not agree to have Jason Kidd's number retired because the veteran guard turned down his team to sign with the Knicks. Cuban did not dismiss the idea he'd retire Jeremy Lin's, however."

    Haha cool! I'm beginning to like Mark Cuban a lot. I wish the Mav had made a greater effort in pursuing Jeremy instead of being intimidated by the Knick's will "match any amount" bravado.

    Here is a vid showing Maestro Lin demonstrating his craft in his Chinese bball camp. He looked extremely fit & his footwork sharp.

    Happy birthday to Jeremy! May all his bday wishes come true, especially the one about winning an NBA championship.

    1. There is no vid of Lin in chinese bball camp. You forgot to link?

    2. Here you go.

    3. one more

  25. JLin with earring :) See how different he looked back then. He definitely has totally transformed his entire body.

    1. I remember this earring story in the Reason Behind Linsanity book. His mom actually "transformed" the earring to disappear :)

    2. @ willydilly

      Yup, transformed.

      @ Psalm234

      That earring was surprising, considering how afraid he is of needles. :)

  26. Jeremy playing in Houston against Rockets :)

  27. Slam: Jeremy Lin’s Year in Videos
    [In honor of the point guard’s birthday, a visual recap of all things Linsanity]

  28. JLin & fam celebrating 24th bday at Akita Teppanyaki 秋田鐵板燒 in Wanchai.

    JLin trying to get through media barrage

    JLin after bday dinner

    1. JLin shopping on Aug 23 eve, escorted by about 20 body guards & other personnel, using his iPad to shield himself from media hounds. Mama Lin getting back at the paps by shooting at them.


    3. Dude's going to his bday dinner and the media feels entitled to encroach into his personal life ... and complains about it. I guess it comes with the territory. Unfortunately, he can't enjoy the local charms of the cities he visits.

      I was wondering if he would continue his training even in HK. My impression was that HK does not have many bball facilities. Yet, he still trained three hours early in the morning. That's work ethic for you!

    4. @ wilsc

      If there is one thing he insisted on the best of, it's training facilities. People have repeatedly commented on how simple his requests were, he never require special treatment [food, sleeping quarters, etc] & was basically easy to please [diff from other celebrities.] But one thing he always insisted on was high-quality training facilities.

    5. JLin interview

      New World Springboard charity event [for underprivileged kids]

    6. @ # 1 j

      Absolutely. He'll get state-of-the-art. If he can get decent training facility in China, what more in HK, a world city & financial hub. The problem would be escaping the notorious HK paps, haha.

    7. There's a very good chance.

      [You know stupid people will be talking crap about "undeserving," "China vote," Stern somehow rigging something, & the general butthurt when Chris Paul loses his spot.

    8. If Jeremy Lin had another season that is statistically similar to his numbers as a starter, I'd vote him into the All Star Game over Chris Paul even if Lin were a black or white or Latino guy!

    9. New World Springboard charity event @K11

    10. oops

      CNN: Asian fans cheer 'Linsanity'

    11. [Longer K11 Intro, Hand-printing Ceremony]

    12. More @ K11


    13. English version: K11 charity event

    14. the K11 interviewer is one of the best interpreters i've heard interviewing JLin so far...accurate and efficient :)

    15. JLin can read chinese! He did a pretty good job reading a question from a fan in the interview (considering that he only learnt it in college) :)

    16. @ anon

      Yeah, the translation was good. Which is fortunate, since JLin don't have any Cantonese at all & couldn't have corrected the guy if he was off, haha.

      They cut out the part where he ate sushi.

  29. Wisdom doesn'tn ecessarily come with age; Wisdom, compassion, and courage are the three universally recognized moral qualities of man and I found all these virtues in Jeremy even at the age of 24; he might had his mistep once or twice with the press in the States but he is well like by Asia media during his Asia tour and never spoken ill of anyone, even towards some disgrunted ex team mates.

  30. Jlin forecast as worst newcomer for next season:

    I hope Jeremy sees this and gets more motivation to prove his doubters wrong.

    Can't blame the writers though. To be honest, 26 games is only 26 games and he did struggle in a quite a number of them but he still got paid superstar money so he has some very high expectations to live up to.

    1. The doubts are just normal; he'll just have to prove them wrong to silence them.

    2. Well - I dont like this but I guess youre right. One season - slightly above average performance and 99% of all doubters will shut up for good. Of course - there will still be haters. But I guess theyre just like that one smurf that hates everyone and everything.

    3. No, the doubters won't shut up even if Lin plays well enough to make the All Star Team.

      Lin is Asian American. The media won't accept an Asian American star even though the fans already have and voice their approval via ticket and jersey sales.

      Frankly, I laugh at the notion that Lin Is going to be the worst NBA newcomer. He's the one guy of all the free agent signings who has the best opportunity to expand his already all encompassing game. That's just typical media racist haterade saying that Lin is the worst when he's poised to be the BEST newcomer based on basketball and even marketing reasons!

    4. And just because the doubts are "normal" doesn't make it RIGHT.

      Lin was a dominant high school player who became a dominant college player who became a dominant D league player who became a dominant garbage time player who became a dominant starting NBA player.

      There should be no more doubts about Lin's ability to succeed. He had been a gigantic success all his life, even when his teams were trying to freeze him out!

    5. You see - there have been certain people (TV shows, magazines and so on) who have been hating and doubting all along. They probably wont stop but they will run out of convincing arguments.

      But there also have been people who have been supporting Lin since day one - whether they are asian, white, black or whatever (even when he was still in Cali). Its up to the fans to hang on and criticise all the knuckleheads who are hating on him. Buddha, Jesus, they all started with just a hand of followers :) The brighter JLin shines - the more he will put his haters and doubters to shame. Sooner or later - MOST OF THEM will shut up :) The rest of them -> consider them smurfs who hate on everyone and everything.

    6. I can blame the writers. Most of the writers don't watch the games in the 1st place.

      If they would have watched Irving they would have seen his bad games too and plus the fact the dude has been injured multiple times. (In college Irving only played 11 games. missed a lot of game last year in nba and got hurt again in the summer )

      There is no real analysis on ESPN or any other sports network. There jobs is to make stuff up.

      Since Lin is Asian they just rely upon there biases.

    7. I laugh at the notion that the media hates Lin because he's Asian. They love any story that sells. The only color they see is the color of money. I remember what Dwayne Wade said during the height of Linsanity - everytime he turns on ESPN, all he sees are clips and discussions of Jeremy Lin. Some of the best compliments of Lin I've heard have come from ESPN. Ian O'Connor who writes for ESPN is an ardent supporter of Lin. (Check out all his articles and you can tell). I don't doubt that at an individual level, there is some racism out there e.g. Steven A. Smith. But to pull out the race card every time an unflattering piece about Lin comes out is just inaccurate. It's like the boy who cried wolf and it dilutes the true meaning of racism.

    8. I don't think you (MrScrewup) did not read my post. The media does not really watch the games. That is why they go off biases. Look at what the media said about Cam newton. last year

      This is after he won the Heisman had the best qb rating in college and won the college national championship

      The haters only shut up about him since he broke mannings QB records. But before he was Jamarcus 2.0 and a bust waiting to happen.

      The same thing is happening to Jlin. They don't watch the games or use logic to analyze games. Mark Cuban exposes the media here

      Skip and SAS are like most writers.

    9. It IS racist to write an insane article like that because I can think of a whole lot of non Asian guys who probably will have a bigger drop off next season than Lin will.

      Let's take Jonny Flynn, the man that Houston cut Lin for because Daryl Morey though he was better than Lin. Jonny Flynn had a horrendous 2011-2012 season and may not even be in the NBA next year. Yet Jeremy Lin is supposed to be worse than Flynn or have a bigger dropoff? FUGGEDABOUTIT!

      How about the yet unsigned Leandro Barbosa who was a solid role player with the Indiana Pacers? Barbosa is a NBA veteran shooting guard who occasionally plays the point (not too well, either.) Yet Barbosa is going to contribute more to his new team and improve his stats while Jeremy Lin loses his ability to play? YEAH RIGHT.

      Jeff Green just came off of heart surgery. Even before surgery, there were questions about his tweeter inability to play PF at his true height of 6'6"-6'7". So Green at $9 million a year is going to do more for the Celtics than Jeremy Lin will for the Rockets? Er, NO.

      Here is how media racism works. They hold up Jeremy Lin as a loser even though there are so many other guys who are destined to have worse seasons than Lin is.

      And if anybody is dumb enough to come here and think Jonny Flynn is going to be better for his team than Jeremy Lin will be for the Rockets, that person is a racist AND an idiot!

    10. @MrScrewup: I agree that the race card has been overplayed by Lin fans when it comes to the media. During the past season the NY media owes half of its paycheck to Jlin and, like a dog that won't let go of a juicy bone, they are going to keep gnawing this bone to attract eyeballs, usually the more outrageous the headline the better. Personally I refuse to click on titles that are obviously designed to serve this purpose.

    11. @MrScrewUp:

      Noone is playing a card here. By saying so you insult all JLin fans who have been taunted for their own ethnicity and simply spoke up when the media taunted JLin.

      You would dare say that black people "played a race card" when they defended themselves after someone uses the "N-Word"? I dont think so. There we have the double standard again.

      Please keep in mind - you are not to decide when people feel offended and when not.

      Besides - just because people owe their paychecks to JLin that doesnt mean they have to treat him with respect. What twisted sense of logic do you have? People are biting the hand that feeds them all the time - especially the media. It doesnt matter if they bring positive or negative news. News is news and what sells - sells. To say that the media has moral and ethics is just ridiculous.

      Just watch this and think about it - its just a school project from young students but they obviously dont look away and are much wiser than you guys!

      The whole story of JLin is a story of a man fighting against prejudice and racism. If you dont see that - you dont see a lot.

    12. Did I say racism does not exist in our society? If you read my post again, I said at the individual level, it does exist. But to say that the entire US media is conspiring to put down all non-white athletes is STUPID.

      My point was 2 things:

      1) You cheapen the meaning of racism by calling every unflattering article about Lin as due to racism.

      2) You cannot say all US media is racist. You have guys like Ian O'Connor from ESPN who have nothing but good things to say about Jeremy Lin. So is he not part of the US media?

    13. @MrScrewUp:

      Youre right. Not all media is racist. To say that would be wrong. People might have exaggerated a bit but noone has insisted that ALL media is racist - dont make things up.

      If you think about it you will see that JLin has been doubted, taunted and bashed excessively by bball fans and the media - even after all hes done.

      This behavior of people can only be explained by opportunistic behavior (to exploit people with different ethnicity) prejudice and racism. Anyway - these claims are based up on things that happened to JLin for real.

      Now - people here have explained in hundreds of wrtings why they see racism behind many negative wrtings about JLin. They complain that and explain why there is double standard. If you dont care - ok. But to come here and tell that you "laugh at the notion" is disrespectful. People are serious about it. They dont play and they definitely dont overplay.

      People cheapen JLins achievements and you worry about us cheapen the word "racism"? Good fan you are...

      And - there is not just racism on individual level. There is organized racism. If you dont understand that you dont understand the history of the United States, you dont understand the injustice and disparity that people still suffer because of peoples stupid views on ethnic groups. You cheapen peoples strugles through hardship and you ignore peoples fight for equal treatment. Good person you are...

    14. Your points fall on jaded ears sick of hearing those lame excuses for trashing Asian males.

      Since you think you as a nonAsian are qualified to set us Asians in the place you want to set us in, why not explain why Lin is the rightful target of that article? Explain why a guy like jonny Flynn is not going to have a worse season than Lin, then.

      In fact, why don't you explain exactly why a guy like Lin who had the historic season he did despite having no training camp and a team out to get him is necessarily going to be a worse player next season.

      Guys like you who hate Asians uniform seek to muzzle us when we speak out faint beig racially targeted in the media. Only here, a guy like me is going to call you on it.

      There are indeed articles lauding Lin .. that appear typically in response to racially negative articles written about Lin's ethnic manhood. After all, ESPN is the home of SAS and the "chink" headline!

      Jeremy Lin is WINNING the race war, for a war it IS.

    15. At MrScrewup, not willydilly

    16. @ MrScrewup
      Meaning of racism - "a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race"

      How do you "cheapen" racism? How is pointing out that racism is the basis of biased evaluations and comments regarding JLin cheapening the meaning of racism?

      Having read most of the posts and comments here for the past half a year, the fans do not make that claim that all US media is racist. The fans here are much more nuanced and discerning than what you make them out to be.

      Those JLin fans who call out the individuals in media for being racist are not calling them out merely because these individuals have something bad to say. They are calling them out because their criticisms are unjustified. These individuals in the media would unlikely make the same comments about other players with the same achievements. There is clear bias there.

      As logical people we ask why the double standard?

      You say those who are offended here jump the gun and answer "it is because of his race."

      So I ask you, what is your explanation for the double standard?

      And using double standards to dismiss JLin's achievements is only one form of racism.

      The youtube video posted by willydilly points out the other ways that the "Media" and not only individual writers demean JLin's race.

      So there are two levels on which the US "media" and in fact corporations are racist. On the first level, it is racist management allowing "chink the armor" to be published and fortune cookie to be put into ice-cream with a JLin reference. On the second level, some individuals in the media are racist. SAS is one. Ian O'Connor is probably not.

      However, don't mistake individuals who have "nothing but good things to say" about JLin for a sign that that individual is necessarily not a racist. There is always soft bigotry which has been discussed here. Similarly, an individual who says something "unflattering" or bad" is not necessarily a racist.

      When JLin fans call out "Media" for being racist, they see that there is a clear double standard and/or demeaning actions. With the absence of other convincing explanations, reasonable JLin fans, especially collectively and individually those JLin fans who have abundant life experiences living in America as minorities, who understand American thought, and who personally experience racism, should not be criticised for "playing the race card."

      In light of the clear instances of unexplained double standards, which I personally would conclude is double standard flowing from racism, you accuse JLin fans of "cheapen[ing] the meaning of racism." You seem to be guilty of exactly what you accuse others of.

    17. Well, I'm NOT DONE.

      MrScrewup calls JLin's contract superstar money. Since when did superstars earn JUST ABOVE THE LEAGUE AVERAGE???

      Lin earns below the league average for the first two seasons. Then he gets his poison pill year that gets him barely above the league avg $7 million for the entire contract.

      So Lin is not paid like a superstar, yet this racist freak MrScrewuo expects him to perform like one??? BfrigginS DOUBLE STANDARD, racism in its PUREST FORM.

    18. SMH.

      To label another JLin fan 'hater' just 'cos he/she doesn't sing from exactly the same song sheet as oneself 100% of the time reminds me of the Red Gurards who rained down "Counter Revolutionaries" and "Enemies of the People" labels freely on their countrymen during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

      Believe me, as an Asian woman who has lived in the US a long time, I've had first hand experience of overt racism. Yet, I don't agree with minorities who trot out the race card every single time they feel slighted. Why? Because playing victim does not garner respect, only results do. And NOBODY understands this better than Jeremy Lin.

      No doubt some writers/journalists who denigrate Jlin are racially motivated, but all I was saying is perhaps the money motive is an even bigger part just because Jlin's name sells. So now I'm being labelled "hater" based on that???

      It would be truly sad if this site, the best Jeremy Lin fan site, should become dominated by bullies and extremists who try to beat down others who happen to not see the world through their own hate infused lens.

    19. tabloid-sauce

      I am sorry to say but you need to read more about american history.
      When you say things like this "I don't agree with minorities who trot out the race card every single time they feel slighted." what are you talking about? No minority goes around blaming white people for everything. Can you give me an example when a minority does this. Because When minorities do say something they have good reason.

      That is why there are terms like he bamboo ceilings or driving while black. Minorities don't just make these terms up they based on FACT.

    20. I am 32 years old and my mom and dad lived in a time where there were separate bathrooms, drinking fountains restaurants and schools. So this idea that systematic racism happened a long time ago is just foolish.

      Do you think all those people in power back then magically started being loving and opened minded to everyone?

    21. I know that tabloid_sauce is rejective of anti Lin articles.

      That said, nobody of any color should apologize about defending himself when he is racially attacked. And make no mistake, evil articles like this are RACIAL ATTACKS ON LIN.

      It just so happens that Asian American men get ridiculed in the media more than any other men of any other color. This article is Exhibit A, or more like Racist Haterade #37483548.14!

      We Asian American men are not truly touchy. We just get attacked a lot and thus have to fight a lot. This exchange here is Anti Racism 101 for those of you that are reading this blog.


    22. Anybody who writes anything bad about Lin is a racist. There is no such thing as a non-racist JLin critic. Is that right?

    23. You see the world in utter absolutes and whine like a pansy about it when people call you on it.

      But unlike you, the rest of the world doesn't function in absolutes. And when they see a guy like Lin being trashed while other guys who perform far less are ignored, we aren't hardheaded like you to believe it cannot POSSIBLY be racism.

      So in answer to your little question, YES because you going to believe what you want to believe about Asians whether it is true or not (likely not in your case). Meanwhile real Asian Americans like me will happily acknowledge progress and embrace anybody who can see that Lin has had a very rough racial ride and it only gets harder from here on out.

    24. LOL.

      Talk about hypocrisy. The guy who doesn't whine about racism is the whiner and hardheaded while the guy who can't stop whining about racism and conspiracy theories and can never accept the possibility of anything negative about Jlin is the balanced one. ROFLMAO.

    25. I asked you 2 questions:

      Anybody who writes anything bad about Lin is a racist.

      Your answer is YES.

      There is no such thing as a non-racist JLin critic.

      Your answer is YES.

      I rest my case. We got nothing to argue about. The facts speak for themselves.

    26. If I wrote no, you'd answer yes anyway because you are a FLAMING RACIST WHO HATES ALL THINGS ASIAN INCLUDING LIN.

      The truth is that this forum is not mine or yours or anybody else's. You don't like what you read here and can't take the heat, go away and stay away.

      This is a Lin forum. When a racist like you comes here to condemn Lin and his Asian fans, it's ENTERTAINING to watch you CRY as we PUNK your RACIST ASS.

    27. #1 j, FORGET about Asian women who won't date Asian guys.

      You do not want to be with any woman of any color who won't date you because of your Asian race. Kick their racist butts to the curb and move on.

      There are women of all colors who are happy to date Asian guys. Finding those women may take you a crazy long time and some serious upgrades to your game, but it can happen for you or any other Asian male. And if it doesn't, then you know it's not your fault.

      It doesn't matter if you are a man or woman, don't waste your time trying to kiss some racist's ass.

    28. Racist Aussie skit: :(

  31. Compared to the immense struggle it took for Jeremy Lin to get into the racially hostile NBA, turning the Houston Rockets around and making the All Star team will be much easier.

    I expect Houston to become a desired destination for players once Jeremy Lin goes through his first season. Just as JR Smith signed with the Knicks because he knew Jeremy Lin would get him the ball, players will be trying to sign with the Rockets because of Lin's unselfishness and proven ability to make guys better. I wrote before that signing Jeremy Lin opens the door to signing prized free agents, and we'll see how that plays out.

    In a similar mode, I consider Lin's teammate Jeremy Lamb to be a serious contender for Rookie of the Year. With Lin and Lamb creating shots for each other, the All Jeremy backcourt likely will become one of the best in the entire NBA.

    I am also curious to see Lin feeding his young big men in the post. I consider Lin a fabulous half court point guard capable of thriving in a post up slowdown Celtics offense with its corner post ups the way his coach McHale used to play in. If you fused McHale's Boston teammates Danny Ainge and Dennis Johnson into one guy, you'd have Jeremy Lin with Ainge's athletic motor and Johnson's hops and toughness!

    I have been awaiting the return of an 80s style postup basketball team, which is probably why I am a Lakers fan when Phil Jackson was coaching them with the triangle offense. I am hoping that Jeremy Lin can be the point guard for such a team. I miss the days where basketball was played from inside out and even the guards routinely posted up inside if the matchups were favorable!

    1. Sounds good and makes sense. We have been talking about that alpha male situation and if players will follow Jeremys leadership (locker room thing).

      If people buy in on Jeremys game and leadership - Houston should really become a successful team AND a haven for players who run from teams in wich they were suppressed by poisonous athmosphere and pecking order.

      In fact - JLin could achieve for players what CAA is trying to achieve for their clients. Except - JLin wont look like a racist mafia head like S.A.S. does.

    2. I blame Michael Jordan for the demise of the guards who post up. Someone needs to get some tapes of Adrian Dantley and Barkley to these kids.

    3. ???

      Michael Jordan was THE GUARD that posted up. He was the sole low post threat for the Bulls.

      Michael Jordan started his career playing a similar game to Jeremy Lin. He was a good outside shooter and matchless penetrator. As he got older, he adjusted to Phil Jackson's triangle by often occupying the center slot near the basket that today's coaches call the "Karl Malone Elbow".

      With the influx of international FIBA players that have been squeezed out of the lane by the formerly oversized trapezoidal lane and the shorter 3 point line, there has been far less emphasis on post up play because the Euros typically can't score with their backs to the basket. The sole exception are the Gasol brothers, particularly Pau who learned American style post ups from coach Hubie Brown at Memphis and from Phil Jackson with the Lakers.

      Most coaches in today's NBA shun post ups because they would rather see the ball pinging around aimlessly on the perimeter. Plus, there is no point in running post up plays for players that cannot score with their backs to the basket.

      The Enes Kanter debate exemplifies what I am talking about. His Turkish team coach wants to turn him into an outside shooting forward. The 7 ft Kanter WISELY said "Hell no" to that perimeter garbage and is working out with the Jazz on planting his 7 ft 270 lb butt smack in the middle where he can play like the big man he is!

    4. Yeah, #1 j!

      Not only did Jordan use that unstoppable fadeaway to shoot over similar sized defenders, he also had this nasty head fake that would lead to a baseline spin for the poster dunk or the reverse layup.

      Not long ago, there was a NBA player who had a similar move but couldn't elevate the way Jordan could. That was Gordan Giricek who was a journeyman after being Emmanual Ginobili's arch rival in Europe.

      Giricek was the same height and weight as Jordan, and he was laterally NBA quick. But because Giricek couldn't jump over defenders when they crowded him off the baseline, teams would play him for the baseline drive and then cut off his bailout pass to the opposite corner where a 3 pt shooter was waiting. That is why Giricek had some good NBA years but eventually washed out of the NBA because opponents had solved his game.

      Jeremy Lin is not Jordan's equal in vertical lift, and few players are. But Jeremy Lin is no Gordan Giricek either. Lin has amply demonstrated that he can score against battalions of top level NBA defenders.

    5. Yeah, there are so very few true post up big men in the NBA these days. In fact, you see more post ups in the women's WNBA than the NBA. I think the reason is that most female players don't have the explosive speed that the men use to get to the rim, and the court paint is smaller so the inside out game is more effective. I find that watching a WNBA game is good for seeing the fundamentals of scoring the basketball instead of just sheer athleticism.

    6. NBA scouts do not value low post specialists.

      They want the "raw athletes" that can dunk the ball and appear on Sportscenter. Usually those guys are more "raw" than "athlete" when athletic testing is actually performed.

      For example, even I was stunned to find out that #1 overall pick Greg Oden tested as a below average leader and a below average strength bench pressure. The guy looked like an athletic beast against college competition. Even when Oden was playing, he didn't light the NBA on fire.

      In every draft, there are big men with NBA caliber low post skills that get undervalued or ignored. In Lin's 2010 class, Omar Samhan had a polished post game that he used to thrash lottery picks like DeMarcus Cousins with in summer league. This year, Andrew Nicholson and the less talented Jared Sullinger enter the NBA with polished post games but were both drafted low.

      If I were an NBA scout drafting big men, the ability to effectively score with the back to the basket would be a critical part of evaluating players. Playing the post takes talent, skill, and determination to learn those skills. Usually a guy who plays effectively in the post has mastered other skills that make him capable of playing effectively at the power positions in the NBA.

  32. A comment on Lamb. I watched some Lamb highlights on youtube: . He moves **really** well without the ball. Lin and Lamb are going to mesh together perfectly....this is in contrast to Me-Melo who not only needs the ball in his hands to be effective, but doesn't like to pass the ball. I can't wait for next season. Let's hope Jlin stays injury free

  33. Forecast: Worst Newcomer in 2012-13

    Forecast: Best Newcomer in 2012-13

    1. @ # 1 j

      Yeah, I mean how is he at #1?!! I don't know what these people are thinking [obviously they are not.]

    2. I vote for Brook Lopez, who may not even be healthy to step onto the court to collect his max (!!!) contract for the next 4 years!!!

      I vote for Steve Nash, who doesn't have Grant Hill anymore to protect him on defense against hot young guards like Jeremy Lin and Russell Westbrook. Plus, his shot attempts and assists are bound to go way down playing next to Kobe Bryant who considers himself the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th option on that Lakers squad. Dwight Howard might get a vote from me too if his back doesn't improve.

      Boston's Jeff Green gets a vote from me too. Even if he comes back at full strength, he's not going to beat out Paul Pierce or Kevin Garnett or Brandon Bass or even rookie Jared Sullinger for playing time at either forward slot. Even though he's getting $9million a year for 3 years, I don't think he can live up to his contract.

      Michael Beasley could go either way for me. If he kicks the drug habit and focuses himself, he could become an outstanding NBA small forward who is just below All Star level. But I'm not holding my breath, given his history.

      Former MVP Derrick Rose has not been the same since Jeremy Lin swatted his layup. If he comes back next year, MAJOR DROPOFF until he gets back up to speed.

      Ironically, Kidd and Felton DON'T get my votes. They did so little last year that anything they do this year would be an improvement!

      If there's one guy who is DRASTICALLY going to IMPROVE, it's Lin with his brand new contract and favorable franchise situation!!!

    3. The most hilarious thing is that Omer Asik got the SAME EXACT CONTRACT as Lin...and Asik got only one vote despite having proven less and being older. It's just ESPN driving up traffic via Lin's popularity...with a dash of racial prejudice as always.

      Jeremy could wind up in the Hall of Fame and analysts "praising" him will say something like: "Jeremy Lin proved that you didn't have to be athletic or even very talented. Lin simply out-hustled opponents who underestimated him. His off-court impact makes him a Hall of Famer, though..."

    4. Yeah.

      Somehow a big 6'3.5" guard without shoes (6'5" in shoes) who tested out as one of the fastest runners in the NBA and dunks regularly in games while playing over the rim is "unathletic" and "untalented" while marginal players like Acie Law and Walker Russell are considered athletically superior to Lin.

      Lin tested out as being virtually identical to 2010 #1 pick John Wall who is considered the most athletic pg in the NBA. Nobody would think that Acie Law and Walker Russell are more athletic than Wall, but they will with Lin.

      If that isn't RACISM, then I'm not an Asian American.

    5. The worst part was when Jeremy Lin was dropped from the Golden State Warriors in favor of rookie Charles Jenkins ... who never even played an NBA game. Coach Mark Jackson said he was chosen because he's a better "physical specimen" ?
      I felt that was worse than Lin being allowed to walk in favor of Raymond Felton ... who at least had some experience under his belt.

    6. This is why I'm so cynical about depending solely on him playing well. He's been killing it, over & over & over, has it changed people's perceptions?

      They say he must not have been any good, or it would've been counter-intuitive for the scouts, the coaches, the GMs to pass him over. Even his team mates were surprised by what he could do [What, they didn't see him at practice?] He did it on the biggest stage in the world [So, people are just blind?] "Miami" [So what he did with Woodson never happened?] Bam score [ie scientific fact]? Pffft.

      It's not 'To see is to believe' but 'To believe is to see.' People will edit out anything that do not fit their worldview, & they believe a certain way about Asians. I mean how is he the worst?! Yeah, Asik doesn't get bashed for his contract but when it's JLin it's "not worth it." Regardless of whether ESPN is trying to rile people up to generate hits, they don't use this if it doesn't resonate with their readers. [Apparently this is a common sentiment amongst a portion of the population. Even the Nyk thought they could/ should get him on the cheap. WTH.]

      @ zxcvb

      I can actually see that happening. It's been one backhanded compliment after another. What else is new.

  34. Madison Square Garden Profits Surge In The 4th Quarter Thanks To Jeremy Lin

    1. Yes, thanks to Jeremy Lin's 2012 meteoric rise and phenomenal run.

      Surprise to see that MSG actually

      "attributes the rise to an increase in television ratings and ticket sales after a skyrocketed interest in New York Knicks' basketball player earlier this year."

      "However, the Garden's cash cow was traded (traded???) to the Houston Rockets in July. "

      Wrong, Jeremy Lin was given away for FREE to Houston. LOL

  35. I watched a Nash highlight mix recently, and I must say Lin and an in-his-prime Nash ARE somewhat similar in that their games stand out in the NBA. Granted they have different games and different types of styles, but what is unique is that they both have offensive skills and styles that are unique to the NBA, and they are athletic in agility etc. but not the classic NBA atheletic traits of jumping, lateral quickness, overt strength etc. It's even eerie that Lin and Nash like to scuttle backwards similarly after made 3 pointers in some situations.

    I have a feeling Lin to Houston will be like Nash to Phoenix. I don't know if Lin explodes his first month there, but there is no way Lin is going to regress into some scrub. I'm not concerned about him becoming a scrub whatsoever, rather I just don't know if this guy can be a legit NBA star. I can safely say that Jlin at worst over a 10 yr NBA career will be a poor man's Rondo with a better shot. At best he's gonna be an MVP candidate.

    I think most people are NBA highlight watchers, and because Lin seldom provides NBA highlight type plays, people assume he sucks.

    I will not be surprised this year when on-the-Court-Linsanity in some form continues because it will. Even if he actually sucks, the crazy Asian fans across the country will still come watch him and shout like crazy. Even worse for Lin haters is that Lin will probably do well to exacerbate the situation. I can actually see some poor male Asian fan getting beat up this year somewhere at a game in Detroit, Boston, or the midwest if Lin does too well.

    Who knows what agenda the NBA has for Lin. We'll see once we find out how the refs call the games. Also remember, the NBA screwed Houston on Pau Gasol, so I dont think the NBA will allow players to maul Lin time and time again this year esp. if Houston complains.

    1. I'm telling you buddy, watch those Micheal Ray Richardson videos if you want to see a true carbon copy of Jeremy Lin.

      Steve Nash is smaller, slower, and not as springy as Lin. Nash is not a guy that has truly ever been able to score in isolation. While he started his career as a lockdown defender for the Suns (I know it sounds crazy, but that is what Suns brass said back then), Nash does not have more than a token defensive presence.

      Lin, on the other hand, is a big rangy athletic high flying guard that plays above the rim on both ends of the court. He chases down the quickest PGs in the league to strip them from behind and will grab rebounds in traffic. In isolation, Lin is one of the deadliest scoters in the league. These are things Steve Nash has never done.

      Micheal Ray Richardson, though, is the same height and weight as Lin. Like Lin, Richardson was an athletic FORCE on both ends. Richardson even played for the Knicks until they got rid of him because he was a young up and coming talent, just like Lin. Micheal Ray and Lin even have the same MOVES!

      Where Micheal Ray and Lin differ is in drug usage. Lin is clean while Micheal Ray derailed his own career by snorting cocaine. Fortunately, old school fans of Micheal Ray like me will get to see the 21st century version of him in Jeremy Lin for years to come!!!

    2. And if Jeremy Lin isn't better than Rondo the way he was last season, that's an ASIAN FAIL.

      Rajon Rondo is the most overrated point guard I have seen since Maurice Cheeks. Only on the Celtics with those 3 Hall of Famers could a low first round pick like him that can't shoot or score be able to cherry pick off the openings created by opponents focusing on the marquee players.

      Rondo will be down to two Hall of Famers next year. And if he doesn't figure out how to shoot the basketball, he's going to lose minutes to Jason Terry.

    3. @KHuang
      Here you are again on your hate on every other point guard except JLIN. There was an interview on Lin wherein he praised guys such as Rose and Rondo. He said rose was too fast and both of them actually had a private conversation with each other. When he was asked about Rondo, he said rondo has great court vision. He hopes he can reach his full potential like Rondo did. So even J Lin said that he hopes to be like Rondo. He even said Rondo is his favorite Athlete. So stop hating.

    4. Jeremy Lin would do well learning some vicious traditional kung fu to protect himself on an NBA court.

      If I could pick one master for Lin to learn from, it would be the legendary Chen Xiaowang of Chen family Tai Chi. Chen Xiaowang is a highly battletested fighter who could teach Lin how to fight back against illegal contact without being whistled for fighting. Also, the Chen family iron body training would help Lin resist hits from NBA big men seeking to destroy him on picks and on drives to the basket.

      If Lin wanted a Taiwanese master, I'd suggest Su Dong Chen. I don't rate Su as hardened a combatant as the grizzled Chen, but Su is pretty tough. Also, I'd have Lin learn from Hong Yishan but he's elderly and only speaks Taiwanese which Lin doesn't speak.

      A short course of kung fu with the right traditional master would benefit not just Lin, but ANY NBA player who is regularly targeted for illegal hits. A guy like Blake Griffin could become a big time NBA retaliator if he knew how to bounce guys off his hips or tense up his body when people try to ram into him.

    5. The interview was translated by someone. You could see the interview in clutchfans,net
      The thread was "Jeremy Lin Arrives in China" ; page 7 (I think)
      It was mentioned by Umberto or something

    6. KHuang, I just watched Micheal Ray Richardson documentary by Chris Rock on Youtube and it's so sad that he could not achieve his potentials because of his weakness in cocaine, bad friends and most importantly the absence of a strong father figure. He was a lost soul but fortunately he thanked David Stern from banning him from the NBA which might have saved his life. It's amazing he was still playing at 42 in the Euro League.

      He was faster and got more moves than Magic, intimidated Isiah Thomas and was so dominating. It's good to see him find his peace. He is a coach in NBL Canada now and just won the NBL Canada Coach of the Year for 2011-12. Great to see happy ending and finally winning in life.

    7. I can hate on Rondo if I want, neph, just like you can hate on Lin.

      Get over yourself.

    8. Thanks for looking up Micheal Ray Richardson, Psalm234.

      I didn't think I'd see another Micheal Ray Richardson level PG after he washed out of the NBA. Yet here comes Jeremy Lin with the same right to left crossover dribble leading to the reverse layup on the left side!

      I am thrilled that Sugar has completely turned his life around. I would like him to become a NBA head coach one day, maybe even of Lin's team.

      I would liked to have seen Jeremy Lin play against a young Micheal Ray Richardson. I would not give the edge to either player, though I predict that Lin will have a more successful long term career.

      For now, I shall content myself with comparing the two players. Until this moment, I have been secretly predicting Jeremy Lin's career path based on Micheal Ray's career path given the similarities in their games!

    9. @KHuang:

      Yeah, Jeremy should, imo, pick up some kung fu techniques to punk those thugs maliciously harming him on NBA court.

      Watching his recent offseason video where he's having that traditional fire treatment, I was secretly hoping he'd already learnt some Kung Fu fighting.

  36. Aside being Asia, why can't critics see beyonds that and admits and give credits for JLIN for being a hardworking 23, now 24 who has overlook for whatever reasons. He emphasize all the fundamental knowledge in bb which he has been lobbying for his bb camps.I have seen him in the Dongguan camp; though just a duration of 4 days but the kids has learnt about bb but having a positive character is paramount in whatever dream one is pursuing. You can have see all the fancy moves and dunks and grooves from all the elite players in the league but if you ever watch how JLIN excecute his skills in making his opponents to jump ball & making bad pass, his steals, 3 points plays etc; that is another reason why most of us have very positive opinion of him as a person when is off the court and as a bb player on the court.

    1. Because most critics are RACISTS who cannot stomach the thought of an Asian American playing in the NBA.

      It's easier to call things as they are instead of wasting brainpower to spin excuses for the racists' bad behavior!

  37. Are the Rockets a Potential Playoff Team?

    The Inbounds: Houston, We Have A Solution

    1. Its not necessarily a solution. Its more of the possibilities of their roster because none of the Rockets players are proven players. I do agree with the article that if the rookies can be consistent (not necessarily all-star level) together with Jeremy producing at an all star level (maybe about 18 and 8). However, the problem is that none of those are guaranteed, All those players are not yet proven. Like the what the writer said: What if the young players do not turn into legitimate stars? The rockets are indeed in bi trouble when that happens but I expect at least 3 players to be stars. I expect Lin, Lamb and Mo to be stars. I'm not ure about white and jones. On the other hand, Parsons can be the next shawn Marion with a better shot form. He's an elite defender. He has good size so he can play at the 4th spot sometimes.

    2. That article is just trapped in a blind point. The Rockets really don't necessarily need a "alpha scorer" as he suggested. In fact, I am not sure there is anyone on the market as a better "alpha scorer" than Jeremy Lin or Jeremy Lamb. The last thing the Rockets need to do is to bring in a selfish so call superstar like Carmelo Anthony or Dwight Howard.

      Just roll out with this team and draft a low post big man with that Toronto lottery pick. This team will be good.

      Talent is talent. Unproven talent is still talent. It's pretty funny to me that so many people like the aboved hater have doubt about talent and would rather take proven non-talent or mediocre than unproven talent. Lol.