Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What's Jeremy been doing this summer?

He's been training hard and getting ready to play for the Knicks. But oh wait…ahh..never mind.

Nice passing by Doc….

We really thought Morey might keep JLin the first time:
Jeremy Lin #17: Fresh Start For JLin

But he has redeemed himself:
Daryl Morey Has Second Shot With Jeremy Lin -

Gregg Doyel of CBS Sports sees the truth and tells it like it is:

With knack for making dumb moves, Knicks really dumb to let Lin go - NBA - News, Scores, Stats, Fantasy Advice

Twitter Reactions:
Twitter reactions on Jeremy Lin - Knicks Blog - ESPN New York

From the Owner to the Media, they are just ruthless in NY. No soul, very sad:
Frank Isola (FisolaNYDN) on Twitter


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    1. Ah, it is a twitter quirky feature. Novak replied to Lin's tweet, so it only shows up if you click "All Tweets"

    2. yeah twitter keeps changing their interface. it's hard to keep up.

  2. jeremy, get your butt out there in houston and prove yourself why you're worth that 3 years that houston has offered you. it'll be nice to see the nay sayers get shut down by you. so go get it, jeremy!

  3. Frank Isola is going sour grape and nuts! He must have twitted more than 20 times just to get the last bite off Jeremy.

    This is exactly why I am all for Jeremy in Houston...

    1. Isola is a parasite. He uses Jeremy's fame to get his own name out there, at any cost, with no scruples. He is human spyware.

    2. yeah, this Isola guy's writing is full of deceitfulness and hatred; he twists everything. I don't think they teach you to write with an agenda at a journalism school. At least, A. Smith is entertaining, the way he speaks, like he's preaching at an Afro-American church. That reminds me, he would have made a great preacher, because you can't prove or disprove God. I think A. Smith is in a wrong profession; he should look into becoming a minister.

  4. I think most of the crowd at MSG is great but I hope Jeremy get over the NY fans. No need to have hard feelings vs anyone. Just go and play his natural game for the Rockets. I think he will do well as long as he has a coach and a manager and teammates who believe in him.

  5. Coach Kevin McHale is 100% positive on Jeremy Lin being the starter and leader.

    Contrast McHale's admiration of Lin to Keith Smart's dismissal of Lin's talent, Mike D'Antoni's initial doubts but eventual appreciation, and Mike Woodson's criticisms of Lin's experience and talent.

    We've moved on from the past and McHale is the coach. Now it's Jeremy Lin's turn to step onto the court and produce.

    1. "Contrast McHale's admiration of Lin to ... Mike Woodson's criticisms of Lin's experience and talent"

      No contrast at all. McHale is on the exact same page as Woodson when it comes to Lin. Both see in Lin a promising young starting PG with room for improvement. McHale will reap the benefits of the to-do list Woodson gave to Lin in his exit interview.

      McHale on Lin:

      “Jeremy Lin is a young guy,” McHale said on the air during Houston’s Summer League game with the Bulls. “He’s a young kid that is really learning the game and learning how to play. It will be interesting to see how he grows as a player and I’m looking forward to coaching him.”

      McHale warns that Lin is still “a work in progress.”

      “A part of his game that he has really worked on is his shooting,” the coach said. “He is very realistic about his game and all the things he has to work on.”

      McHale has already given advice to his newest player.

      “I told Jeremy he has to be a basketball player,” he said. “He has got to be able to run the team, run offense, catch and shoot, be a basketball player and do a little bit of everything.”

      Read more:

    2. Eric is right.
      If you watched the Rockets final summer league game, then you heard the interview McHale gave during the game. He said he was disappointed that the Rockets couldn't retain Dragic or Lowry, and only then did they pursue Jeremy. Jeremy Lin was not McHale's first or second choice.

      It's entirely up to Jeremy to win him over with his play.

    3. Here's McHale's interview.

      At the 1:20 mark he talks about wanting to keep Dragic or Lowry as his first choice.

    4. Keep in mind, unlike some here, I believe Woodson was and would have been good for Lin, so I don't view aligning McHale and Woodson as a negative.

      I actually hadn't heard the interview, only read the newspaper quotes. To be fair, Dragic and Lowry are young veterans with more experience and they actually played for McHale. Lin is just as good as Dragic and Lowry. He'll win him over.

      My main concern is that lack of roster depth will cause McHale to push Lin too hard, moreso since Lin will be carrying a heavy load with defenses focused on him, like he had to face under D'Antoni.

    5. Total lies by Eric, as usual.

      McHale believes McHale is a great young starter in the league. Eric and Woodson believe that he's a backup.

  6. Wait a second! There's something definitely being censored from that video about what JLin has been doing this summer.

    You know, the part about how JLin has been having marathon "bible study" sessions with hot supermodels every night and him performing hands-on demonstrations for Kim Kardashian on the intimate details of NBA "hand-checking."

    Jeremy is a playa--and not just on the court! ;-)