Friday, July 6, 2012

Knicks Or Rockets?

Where would you rather see JLin end up, Houston or New York? Vote in our poll at the top right of the main page.

Remember, Jeremy has no choice in the decision. It's all up to NY Knicks owner, James Dolan if he wants to match the 4 year 29 million dollar offer from the Rockets.

If he ends up in Houston it would be "his" team and they have some nice athletic pieces to surround him with. Also, the Rockets would go after DHoward. JLin and Howard would be an amazing dynamic duo.  However, I'm pretty confused by the Morey offer because it seems so likely to be matched. After not wanting to pay Dragic and trading Lowry, you'd think he'd really raise the ante.

Here's JLin meeting Howard back in 2010:

Jeremy Lin #17: JLin meets Superman

The Knicks situation seems a bit awkward. First they go after Nash hard, fail, and then get Kidd. Wasn't it Kidd who's flagrant foul (not called), could have seriously hurt JLin? Don't get me wrong, I was the biggest Kidd fan around, and was overjoyed when he got his ring beating the Heat. He can definitely help JLin in practice and from the bench, but playing crunch time minutes over JLin??

Yes, if  things come together, they could make the Eastern Conference Finals but they still need a shooting guard who can shoot. I'd have loved to have had Ray Allen instead of Kidd for the same price.


  1. Will Leitch:
    Last night, Lin and the Houston Rockets agreed to a four-year, $30 million offer sheet, and that's pretty much the best news the Knicks could have hoped for. Initial reports said that Lin might reject the Rockets' offer to try to get more money elsewhere (or from them), which would have just been more of a pain for the Knicks because, as ESPN's Marc Stein put it yesterday, the Knicks "will match any offer on Lin up to 1 billion dollars." Fortunately, it won't quite get to that point.

    All told, it could have been much, much worse. Lin will be paid $5 million in 2012–13, $5.2 million in 2013–14, and $9.3 in 2014–15. Then the Knicks — oh, sorry, "the Rockets" — have a team option for the same amount in 2015–16, which will be a year after the Stoudemire, Anthony, and Chandler deals expire anyway. In other words: The supposed "poison pill" isn't so poisonous after all. This is a perfectly reasonable contract for Jeremy Lin: Frankly, when you consider the off-court business, it's a freaking steal. Lin probably could have gotten more, had he pushed for it. But he'll be a Knick for the next three years, and maybe more. He is the Knicks' guy.

  2. "Lin probably could have gotten more, had he pushed for it."

    Pushed who, I wonder?

    Rockets: This is our final offer. Take it or leave it.
    Lin's agent: But Jeremy made the Knicks so much extra money last season! They'll match any offer!
    Rockets: We're the Rockets, not the Knicks, and Jeremy didn't make us any extra money last season. This is how much we're willing to pay him. Take it or leave it.

    1. this is your guess? fact? rumor? or just a joke?

      I don't think Rockets putting up a huge welcome sign outside of their stadium just to do what you said.

    2. Yes HY, I have this conversation on a tape recording. It will be up on TMZ shortly. Make sure to watch out for it.

      What is a huge welcome sign outside of their stadium worth? Apparently, 4/29 with a team option on the 4th year.

      I'm reacting to the assertion by Will Leitch in Andy's comment that Lin "probably could have gotten more, had he pushed for it."

      I don't see how. Assuming the offer that Lin agreed to was the best offer on the market and the best offer the Rockets chose to give, then Lin had no leverage to push for more. If there was a bidding war for Lin that wasn't reported, the Rockets already won it. Lin's best bargaining leverage (eg, the extra money Knicks made from Linsanity) is with the Knicks, not the Rockets, but the best offer the Knicks could make him was limited to 4/24. Lin had to go out on the market to find more than that.

      This is a solid contract for Lin at this point of his career, nothing for him or his fans to feel disappointed about. He earned it. The next time Lin is a free agent, assuming his career progresses as we expect, he'll be in a much better bargaining position with the Knicks and the rest of the NBA.

  3. Knicks.

    If Houston already got Dwight Howard, then maybe Houston. But at this point, the Rockets are a mess. It's pointless for Lin to go to a team just for the sake of him being the centerpiece. In the Western Conference, Houston will struggle to make the playoffs. With the Knicks, they should make the playoffs every year at minimum. Would you rather have Lin be the superstar on a losing team or a lesser star on a winning team?

    Btw, I know that Lin fans think that his offer was too low, and some Knicks fans think that it's too high and not worth matching. But when I thought about it more, I think the contract is just right. $7M/yr will command the respect and commitment that he deserves, and he'll be the Knicks highest paid guard. But at the same time, it's not ridiculously high that it will put immense pressure on him, where if he has one off game, NY fans and media will be booing him out of town.

  4. Split between being a JLIN and KNICKS fan; I believe there are pros and cons for him to choose either Rockets or Knicks, so ultimately KNICKS has to choose to match it or let him go. LIN has not much say in this and I would say that pairing up with Kidd is good for his development too as long as Kidd understand his role is to mentoring and supporting Lin and also to substantiate KNICKS backcourt. I guess JLIN fans are delighted how things will turn up eventually. What I can do is only to pray that Jeremy will get what he deserve in term of pay, acceptance, respect and playing excellent basketball with a team that will give him the aforesaid.

  5. Split between being a JLIN and KNICKS fan; I believe there are pros and cons for him to choose either Rockets or Knicks, so ultimately KNICKS has to choose to match it or let him go. LIN has not much say in this and I would say that pairing up with Kidd is good for his development too as long as Kidd understand his role is to mentoring and supporting Lin and also to substantiate KNICKS backcourt. I guess JLIN fans are delighted how things will turn up eventually. What I can do is only to pray that Jeremy will get what he deserve in term of pay, acceptance, respect and playing excellent basketball with a team that will give him the aforesaid.

  6. Dallas was possibly the only team left that Lin may have gotten a better offer since most of their championship team is gone.

    I don't get why people focus so much on the negativity of fans. There were both fans from New York and Houston that did not want Lin on the team if he was going to get a max $40 million contract. There's good and bad with every major city. I've seen as much fans wanting Lin back, as are the ones who don't.

    With the addition of Kidd, it's 100% NY. Now he has a future HOF and one of his idols as his teammate. Not to mention he will have Chandler guarding the paint, and hopefully Shumpert and Novak will be back. In Houston, he won't have that kinda help.Lin will have the biggest stage to prove again what he's made of. The doubters don't bother me because Lin has been doubted his whole career.

    If everything goes South, the people might talk crap about Lin, but the pressure is on MELO. He's the superstar of the team regardless of Linsanity. Not to mention Melo is usually out several games every season, so Lin will get his chance do his thing as well but this time with Kidd helping him out.

    Lin will be on a mission next season to show the WORLD that he wasn't a one hit wonder. But as Jason Kidd said, it's up to everyone else to judge whether or not if he's a great player, but Kidd will teach him how to be consistent and once Lin gets that, the haters will be eating crow. No doubt.

    1. It helps Lin that Anthony is under pressure now, not only as the resident superstar and centerpiece, but he's 28 now - in his prime - and his peers are winning championships while he's getting hurt, making his coach quit, and being blamed for his team underachieving.

      The thing about Anthony is that he is immensely talented. When he wants to, Anthony can do everything you can ask for from a SF not named Lebron James: pass, rebound, defend, run the floor, post-up, work off the ball, iso, drive, 3s, shoot off the dribble, spot up, read and react. Anthony just doesn't play the point. If Anthony wants to be the best, he has all the tools.

      If Anthony is committed to being at his best next season, Lin as a PG will have a fantastic teammate to play off of and with. Lin and Anthony's versatility have the potential to make them one of the top dynamic duos in the NBA.

      Lin will be there, doing his best. It's up to Anthony to show up at his best.

  7. There are some unanswered questions about this, and probably we'll never know the answer because the media is mainly focused on Nash and D-Will :

    But, it had been reported earlier that Jeremy Lin was going to meet with more than one team: Rockets, Mavericks, and Raptors. What happened to that ??
    Did they decide to stay with Houston, or were those teams just not interested in making an offer to Lin ?

    Why is the Rockets deal so low ? If they're serious about signing Lin and making up for "past mistakes", then they would offer him a max contract. Why didn't they.

    Maybe it's the fact that Grunwald has publicly stated that the Knicks will match ANY offer, no matter how high. Other teams didn't see any chance.

    1. Frankly, I don't think Lin was ever #1 on the list of free agent PGs for other teams. Raptors wanted Steve Nash and went to the extreme route of offering Fields that contract in hopes NY couldn't trade for Nash, but eventually got Lowry. There were reports that the Raptors weren't completely sold on Lin and were reluctant to give him that big contract. Rockets wanted Goran Dragic first.

      I would assume if Dallas or even Golden State were pushing hard for Lin, his agent wouldn't have agreed to Rockets deal right away. Basically it seems like most of the teams were not sold on Lin and weren't willing to give him a max deal, and even that 4th year option. Oh well, he'll be a Knick regardless.

    2. I assume Lin's people, led by his new agent Jim Tanner, made the rounds and the Rockets made the best offer.

      Apparently, Lin's value is higher for the Knicks than anyone else. I guess other teams were interested but just not at the price needed to pry him from the Knicks. Plus, they may have believed Lin would not be pried from the Knicks at any price.

      The max offer the Knicks could make to Lin was 4/24 (roughly 5/5/5/5 + raises). Lin could only get a better contract from another team. It's like the Rockets stepped in to save Lin a lot of embarassment and did the Knicks a favor by offering Lin a contract that was both better than Knicks' max offer and palatable for the Knicks.

      That 4th year team option is more valuable and useful to the Knicks than any money saved in the offer by the Knicks.

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  8. Rockets offer makes no sense, it was so...NYK-friendly, why'd they even bother? & their Lowry took out the Raptors from the list.

    Yea, Nyk FO made it clear they'd match "up to 1 billion dollars." & TMZ was disseminating that Mastro dinner thing around [at their behest, even, maybe.] There's the impression it's a done deal with the Nyk, go for someone else...

    Nyk was playing hardball with him:
    "Lin was confused by the Knicks' radio silence, according to a source. From afar Lin watched the Knicks chase after Nash like schoolgirls chase after Justin Bieber, and he watched them land Kidd on the rebound. He was hearing some noise about Felton, who also looked like another Nash under D'Antoni before returning to form in Denver and Portland. Alone with his thoughts, Lin had to be asking himself a lot of questions. Were the Knicks recruiting Nash as the full-time, no-questions-asked starter? Do they think Kidd still has enough in his legs to pose a Tebow-like threat to the first-stringer? Do they believe somehow, some way, they're going to end up with Chris Paul this time next year?"

    This contract, 3/19 [& 4th yr team option.] Lesser than Landry's. Where's the high-powered agent.

    1. "Nyk was playing hardball with him"

      I don't know about that.

      If any Knicks action undermined Lin in the market, it would be their loud signals they were committed to matching any offer.

      From that standpoint, any Knicks signal that they were replacing Lin should have helped Lin. Of the PGs named by O'Connor, though, only signing the still-viable Nash with a big contract would have made other teams reevaluate the odds that the Knicks wouldn't match on Lin.

    2. Nyk's resoluteness in both insisting they'll match, & yet diving headfirst for other FAs is signalling to me that they want JLin, but not for bball. It's...unnecessarily dismissive, subliminally contemptuous even. Like yeah he's no good, but we want him [rub fingers/ money sign, wink-wink.] Could this have spooked the market? You can't say impressions don't affect evaluations, or JLin would not have gone w/o scholarship, undrafted, blah blah. There's a reason people cling to that Heat game: it maintains their preferred narrative & resolves the cognitive dissonance of what is.

      & Wtf with that Rockets offer, seriously, this is the best poison pill Daryl 'MIT Sloan' Morey can put together? It's a breath mint. [Perhaps a quid pro quo between the FOs?]

    3. Spooking the market? Yeah, I think it's safe to say that was the Knicks intent.

      The Knicks didn't pursue just any FA PGs: it was Nash and Kidd. I think the Knicks have the same opinion as Phil Jackson about the "clumsy" fit of Anthony, Stoudemire, and Chandler. It's pretty obvious. After last season's chaos at PG, they believe they need an elite facilitator and floor general PG for the Big 3 to work.

      Does that mean the Knicks don't believe in Lin as a basketball player? The Knicks are a win-now team and Lin is a young developing player. I think the Knicks believe in Lin's talent and that he can become the elite PG they need, but don't know how long he will take to become that PG. In the meantime, Kidd is a(n old) veteran facilitator floor general PG who hopefully will help accelerate Lin's development as a PG, too.

    4. Add: The Rockets offer is friendly to the Knicks. It looks like they offered Lin a contract based on what they were willing to pay Lin, rather than an amount too high for the Knicks to match. Who knows? Maybe the contract offer they made actually includes an extra 'poison pill' bump above the amount the Rockets would otherwise pay Lin.

    5. A poison-less poison pill. What's the point? It's goofy. Something's up.

  9. Would you rather have Yao be your mentor or Kidd in NY??? Picking Houston is a no-brainer and Asian needs to stick together, lol (sarcasm)

    1. Lin's post-up game is better than Yao's.

      While Lin didn't post up in the traditional sense last season, many of his drives ended in essentially an advanced post move in the paint.

      For that matter, posting up Yao in the traditional sense didn't work, either. His best post-up moves came off of cuts rather than bodying up.

    2. Yao Ming never claimed to be a mentor of Jlin. As Yao himself said, he only talked to JLin after games occasionally.

      As for Jason Kidd, maybe he can give the Knicks some tips about how to win an NBA Sportsmanship Award--even after pleading guilty to beating up your wife.

      That's quite a feat and certainly just as incredible as some of the slick passes he's been known to dish on the court.

    3. I saw video of how yao ming mentor romor got started. Reporter made the assumption that because lin is chinese, he asked whether yao min helped. Lin was visibly taken aback by the questioned and then said, we talk all the time... seemed sarcastic. Like if someone asked kurt susuki whether ichiro is a mentor... stupid question. Next day, bermans headline is yao is mentor .. fits into assumptions and stereotype narrative.

    4. Yao and Lin have a business relationship. I don't know if that means they also have a basketball mentor-mentee relationship.

    5. Lin talks to Yao after every game.

      One would imagine that they talk about the NBA, at least just a little bit.

      Meanwhile, Yao is not going to help Lin just because they are both Chinese. It isn't some sort of Asian conspiracy when they talk.

  10. So Rockets & Mavs now making a run for Sessions...

  11. I prefer Rockets.

    They want to sign him for real money because they think he's a real starting PG. NYK still thinks he's a 13th man D league type worth only $1 million a season.

    The best Jeremy Lin can do in NY is be blamed for the luxury tax and be rewarded by being included in a megatrade for a veteran PG like Chris Paul.

    On a basketball level, Lin has far more help in Houstkn than he does in NY. With a supportive coach in Kevin McHale and a roster filled with skilled players, Lin can focus on doing his role instead of covering up for guys on the Knicks who won't or can't being their game. And if Lin does well, the Rockets aren't going to seek to immediately trade him the way NY will.

    That said, Jeremy Lin has more of a chance to become a "star" in NY than in Houston. The ineptness of the Knicks has created a toxic salary cap situation in which good backcourt players cannot be afforded by other teams. That means that the Knicks cannot sign a true player to put beside Lin, which means more opportunities for Lin and more stardom. That'll bode well for the Knicks as they try to trade Lin for a "bigger" star.

    Lin can play better basketball in Houston, but he'll have more opportunities to lead his own team in New York. Since I'm a basketball purist and not truly a "Go Lin" fan, I prefer Houston where Lin will have some help and will not immediately be traded.

    1. "NYK still thinks he's a 13th man D league type worth only $1 million a season."

      K, look up qualifying offers to restricted free agents.

    2. Doesn't matter.

      The Knicks aren't exactly in love with Jeremy Lin's skills. They still may not match, and Kidd is supposed to be his replacement.

    3. I suspect that, too. As I mentioned yesterday in another thread, on, yesterday evening I still see a link to ESPN ( for voting "BEST BREAKTHROUGH ATHLETE" for JLin and other athletes. And at midnight, it was removed.

      Does it mean anything? Or am I too sensitive?

      Is that an indication that they may not match?

      I heard on NY ESPN radio, they were talking about "Kidd may be getting MORE minutes than expected." Is that another indication that they will use Kidd and let Lin go?

  12. Neither is a good situation. Houston fans hate him, for whatever reason. For proof, just go and read their message boards or read the comments sections on

    On the other hand, New York isn't going anywhere with that core of Melo and Amare.

    It's like a choice between douche and turd. Would you rather freeze to death or burn to death?

    1. New York is the least worst choice.

      Many Houston fans are provincial, bigoted, and suffer from a bad case of racial xenophobia (see their reaction to Yao Ming). They make New York fans seem civilized in comparison. That's how bad they are.

      The Knicks are going to match Houston's offer anyway. So the debate is largely moot.

      Anyhoo, Houston fans can have fun enjoying yet another rebuilding season--this time with no point guard. As they say, Houston, you have a problem!

    2. As much as Yao became a global icon, his basketball career with the Rockets was ultimately a disappointing one. (Possibly inevitable if his 7'5" body was physiologically incapable of standing up to NBA rigor.) The whole Francis/McGrady-Yao era failed to fulfill its promise.

      With the Chinese association of Yao to Lin, I wonder if those Rockets fans are transferring their disappointment in Yao's Rockets career onto Lin.

    3. Yao is a talented player. Unfortunately, he was forced to play a lot of games even during the off season (Olympic, Asian tournament,....). Look at his schedule. His injury was largely due to his unrest schedule. The China Basketball Association should take the blame.

    4. Yao was super gifted, but he played as a center. Not a guard, not forward, but a center only. In order to be mentored by somebody, they should play the same position. Nash and Dragic. David Robinson and Tim Duncan. Kareem and Shaq. Etc. It's good that Kidd can mentor Lin, and he's a big PG too, so he can teach him how to post up.

      I hope the Knicks can also sign PG Pablo Prigioni. I want Lin to learn how to pass like this ......

  13. JLin has not officially signed yet, so Cuban may come in before July 11 with a better offer. Morey may also have another offer in his back pocket, knowing that it's never wise to give your best offer early on in a bidding war.

    I do not want to see JLin play w/ Kidd, the man who probably caused JLin's knee injury. I'm really surprised Toronto traded for Lowry instead of bidding for JLin. After offering Nash $36 million and losing him, I thought they would for sure target JLin.

    1. I wonder if the Mavs had resigned Kidd, whether they would be more inclined to bid for Lin. Assuming that Kidd has enough left in the tank to be productive, Lin's combo game is tailor-made to complement Kidd's game.

      If the Mavs are uncertain about giving the starting PG role to Lin, they may have been more confident about giving Lin the SG/combo, back-up PG role playing next to the starting PG Kidd.

  14. Eric,
    I have been reading your posts in the last couple of threads about how teams evaluate Jlin's value and why Rocket's offer is not as high as other Lin fans expected. I think this article from Howard Beck pretty much summarized what you have been talking about.

    1. Thanks, Cocohead. Perhaps Howard Beck lurks here? Why not.

      I'm a Lin fan. My use of the #1 overall analogy to peg Lin's basketball value was actually knowingly biased towards Lin because it assumes a 'can't miss' talent valuation of Lin's samples.

      I've seen statistical arguments that did not show Lin is a 'can't miss' talent. His small sample size was further complicated by the wide range of results, from the height of Linsanity to the depth of the Heat game. Then he got hurt, which denied teams a larger regular season and any post-season sample to analyze.

      As Lin fans, it's easy for us to cherry-pick from the data to show that Lin is an inevitable superstar. But it's just as easy for Lin skeptics to show that Lin, while undoubtedly an NBA rotation player, is a back-up or average.

      The projections for Lin right now are simply all over the map. The problem is the small sample size. It's easy and fun for fans to spend millions of dollars for teams and eat up their salary cap. GMs and owners look at risk/reward differently than we do. Where some Lin fans like to cite bad NBA contracts to justify a big long offer to Lin right now, from a front office perspective, calling their attention to failed risky gambles discourages them from taking a risky gamble on Lin - at this point.

      Next time, Lin will be in a very different and better bargaining position.

  15. The Knicks are the better situation for Lin to develop as an NBA PG in the short term.

    Win-now team. The Knicks aren't on the Heat's level as a championship contender, but for the sake of Lin's development, the Knicks are a win-now team that will make the post-season. They should play into at least the 2nd round. The more quality and winning regular and post-season reps Lin can get, the better for his development. Lin wouldn't get the same quality of game experience with a rebuilding team like the Rockets. *

    * Many Knicks fans and media believe the best, perhaps only, chance for the Knicks to beat the Heat will be for Lin to turn into a star. Not a marketing star, a star on the court in the post-season.

    PG development. Lin's combo game is already elite and will be refined with experience. He could build a very good career based on his combo strengths alone, and those strengths will always be his calling card. But right now as an aspiring young NBA PG early in his career, Lin has a golden opportunity with the Knicks to develop his conventional PG skills under Woodson while co-starring with veteran leads, and now with Kidd. Lin's 'Linsanity' strengths aren't going anywhere. He'll still use them as a Knick. But I believe Lin can build an entire dimension to his game and has the innate PG ability to do so. Do we want Lin to be like Parker, Rose, and Westbrook? There's nothing wrong with that; they're stars. Lin can go to any rebuilding team right now and be that type of lead guard. Or do we want Lin to be more like Nash? At this stage of his career, the Knicks are Lin's opportunity to develop that side of his PG game.

    Mature as a co-star. Lin can mature into a veteran without having to carry the burden of being the centerpiece of his team. Not a big reason, but something to consider. Younger top draft picks are thrust into the lead role from the start of their careers and most mature fine as veterans. But this is easier.

    Continuity. Again, not a big reason, but something to consider. While Lin will build positive relationships on whatever team he's on, he has a start with the Knicks. Lin knows his teammates, his coaches, the front office and franchise, and these fans. His teammates and coaches know him. They can build upon what they started last season.

    Why short term? Lin is destined to be a centerpiece who can carry his team on deep play-off runs. The main benefit of the Knicks for Lin right now is the development opportunity. At some point, Lin will fulfill his development as a Knick. I believe he will need only 1-2 seasons to outgrow his co-starring role. Nash left the winning Mavs and rejoined the losing Suns at age 30; Lin should get his own team earlier than that.

    So with this contract, that leaves 1-3 years stuck as a Knick after Lin has outgrown his co-starring role. Either his teammates and coach will adjust to Lin's growing stature, like the Celtics with Rondo, or Lin will have to settle for improving as a PG and winning games until he's traded or an unrestricted free agent.

    Keep in mind that the Big 3 contracts end in 3 years. At that point, the rebuilding team that asks Lin to be their centerpiece may be the Knicks.

    1. Eric, your arguments above on post-season games and easier to mature as co-star convince me to switch my vote from Houston to New York.

      About the PG development, this comment from D'Antoni reported by Marc Berman yesterday may provide some idea: "I know he's really good,'' D'Antoni said. "We'll have to see as he goes on and he'll keep improving because he's that type of player and that type of person. He's very intelligent. And there was a lot of times that my staff, we were looking at each other [at] things he was doing on the floor, and we're going, 'Oh, that looked like Nash right there.' The guy is a really good, smart, competitive player."

    2. The Knicks are worried enough about their offense, with the "clumsy" fit of their Big 3, that they tried to trade for the original Steve Nash.

      If Lin can successfully develop into the PG that the Knicks need - and the Knicks believe they needed Steve Nash - he'll know he's become an elite NBA PG.

  16. 26 starts, 35 games is a robust sample size. Some players can do it for a half dozen games, but show me a 23 year old who averaged a 20 PER for the year and ended up being a bust.
    The uncertainty argument is unconvincing. Players in the NFL get big contracts for half a season of only 8 games, Lin played huge minutes against a variety of teams including teams playing Lin like it was game 7 of the finals to show him up. Even under Woodson Lin went 6-1 with many blowouts.

    1. That sample size still got Lin 4/29 (or 3/20). Not too shabby for 1225 minutes.

    2. Ugh.

      You just don't get it, do you?

      Just because GMs around the league think Lin has no experience and isn't worthy of his contract doesn't mean that Lin is truly as unreliable as you say he is.

      Lin has repeatedly proven himself in circumstances much more trying than that of the typical unsigned free agent guard. He has amply demonstrated his All World ability to rise above any challenge. Just because NBA scouts are TOO DENSE to see that doesn't mean Lin hasn't actually deserve a bigger contract than he has been offered.

      Your basic presumption is that if NBA "expurts" believe that Lin isn't worthy, then we Lin fans are wrong for believing that he is. Well, we nailed Lin as a successful NBA player long before they started making the same retread excuses you do. That's because most of us here can easily see Lin's true value as the NBA's most dominant young point guard.

      This is all just your front to make us Lin fans appear stupid. We all know that here, so you're not fooling anyone. It really isn't about Lin at all.

    3. K, have some patience and enjoy the journey Lin is taking us on.

      He fought his way onto his HS team, and a state championship and player-of-the year honors. He fought his way onto a D1, if Ivy League, team. He fought his way onto the NBA radar and an invite to a summer league team. He fought his way onto an NBA roster. He fought his way to meaningful minutes and a starting role. He fought his way to a 4/29 contract. If the Knicks match, he will have gone from undrafted player to entrusted with the win-now hopes of a marquee NBA franchise.

      Let's watch him fight his way to the stature of "NBA's most dominant young point guard". Our insisting it, while our prerogative as fans, doesn't make it so. He'll make it so the way he's always done it, on the floor.

    4. Ok, that's honorable and cool Eric. I'll back down.

      We Lin fans, you included, have the right to believe in Lin more than NBA scoutd do!

  17. Perhaps both Lin and Kidd can both be on the court in the fourth quarter with 6 minutes remaining. Lin has already proven he can win with minutes remaining and the game on the line in the 4th quarter. "Lin for the it!"

    1. Assuming Kidd has enough left in the tank to be a closer (I'll believe it when I see it), Lin-Kidd may well be the Knicks best option to close games.

      Lin's combo game is a tailor-made complement to Kidd's game. Kidd needs to play with a combo guard like Lin, if not Lin.

    2. Kidd needs to PRODUCE, no matter who he's on the court with.

      His 6 pts and 5 asts a game might work in Dallas, but it won't be enough to make him a worthy starter over Jeremy Lin.

      It doesn't matter what kind of game Kidd plays if he isn't producing. Keep in mind that I'm a Jason Kidd fan.

  18. Lin is a PLAYER.

    Stick him on the court, let him play. He'll create for others or finish himself. On defense, he'll challenge anybody.

    It's important not to get too hung up in trying to limit Lin's game to set roles. The main thing is to let him get on the court and let opponents figure out how to play against him.

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    Look at this bullsh*t, what is it with these ESPN ppl. They don't know basketball and still undermining JLin's game.

    IMHO I want to see him on the Rockets bc there it will be like it was with Mike Dantoni. I want to see JLin be the focal point of the offense and flow, this will develop his game even more faster.

    I don't like JLin playing with ISO Melo or even Amare w/Melo, just Amare will work.

    1. Lin and Scola would run a mean pick-and-roll.

  22. Jason Kidd was on the Michael Kay show yesterday. Jason Kidd said that he feels great and that he can play about 25 to 30 minutes. Jason Kidd also said that it doesnt matter if he start or Jeremy Lin start its up to coach mike woodson but he wants to play in the last 6 minutes of the game.

    Michael Kay ask if Jeremy Lin will be a good pg, Kidd said Jeremy Lin will be a consistant pg.

    here listen for yourself to kidd interview.

    1. 25-30 MPG? Not if Kidd wants to have anything left for the play-offs. Or the 2nd half of the regular season. Or those game-closing 6 minutes he wants to play.

  23. what if the knicks match houston offer sheet but Jeremy Lin wants to go to houston, what will happen than?

    1. Do you realize that when the Knicks match his contract, that's essentially binds Lin to the Knicks organization? He can be disgruntled all he wants, but if he refuses to play then it's breech of contract. The NBA will throw it down on Lin if he chooses to go that route. Not to mention, Lin has not given any indication that he doesn't want to play in NY, unlike Eric Gordon and New Orleans.

      Billups tried to threaten teams not to bid on him, but the NBA called his bluff and warned him that he refused to honor his contract that he would face severe consequences. Lin will play for NY if they match. No doubt about it. I'll even bet you that he will.

    2. Lin can call the Rockets in 4 years, or 3 if the Knicks decline the team option.

    3. If Lin is not satisfied with his place on the team, he can always request a trade, e.g. Kyle Lowry, Steve Nash, Deron Williams 2010.

      It doesn't always happen, but 90% of the time, they end up being traded to their preferred destination.

    4. ABC Baller:

      First of all, plenty of trade requests go unanswered, especially the ones that are never made publicly known.
      Second, the Knicks couldn't trade Lin if they wanted because they have no other options. That is what everyone is ignoring. If they let Lin go, it is back to Baron Davis/Mike Bibby/Toney Douglas type play at PG. Yes, they have Kidd, but at 39 he won't be able to play very many minutes over an 82 game season ... he only played 28 minutes a game for less than 50 games last year. Lin isn't going anywhere.

  24. Oh look, someone made a JereME Lin thread on RealGM? lol

    Already a Flip Murray 2.0 comment and the Heat game as basically destroying Lin's career.

    It doesn't matter if Lin goes to Houston or NY, until Lin proves the doubters wrong, haters are gonna hate.

    1. Lin had good games after the Heat game. If I recall right, the Cavs game following the Heat game was one of Lin's better post-Linsanity games. And if I recall Murray right, his game was one-dimensional. Lin's game is multi-faceted.

      I wouldn't mind at all if Lin stores up the memories of all the teams that doubted him too much to bid on him and resolves to personally lead the Knicks in blowing out each of them next season.

  25. Some points.

    1. If Jeremy Lin is worth $40 million based on 30 games, then how much is Kevin Durant worth for winning 3 scoring titles and taking his team to the NBA Finals? (Don't play the "what about Lin's potential" card when Durant is only 5 weeks older than Lin.) The NBA salary structure is what it is for a reason.

    2. If Dwight Howard joins Lin in Houston, it will be Howard's team, not Lin's. And if you think that Lin is better off with Howard - who is still seeking a trade AFTER blowing up that organization and is basically just a low post player offensively - than Melo, that is just absurd.

    3. The only reason why this question is being asked is that everyone is furious at the Knicks for choosing Melo's 9 years of being one of the best players in the NBA over Lin's 27 games of being one of the best players in the NBA. Which makes absolutely no sense. Even if the Knicks BELIEVE that Lin is special, they don't KNOW it yet. Meanwhile, they KNOW that Melo can take them to the playoffs, so they are going to go with that until they find out for certain what they have with Lin. Picking Lin over Melo meant keeping Lin and losing Melo. Picking Melo over Lin meant keeping both. Which one would you choose were you the guy whose job and reputation required building a winning team? Simple ... the same one that the Knicks did.

    New York is where Lin can maximize his salary, exposure and cultural influence, and be a key starter on a winning team - part of New York's big three - to boot. There is no downside. It is a shame that folks won't admit that just because they are angry that New York is Melo's team and not Lin's. Because here's the thing: even had Melo lost, the Knicks still wouldn't be Lin's team. They'd be Deron Williams' team. Even if the claims - which are totally without basis by the way - that D'Antoni would have gone with a Williams-Lin backcourt are true, it still would have been Williams' team.

    So, even asking if Houston or any other situation would be better for Lin than making $30 million as the starting PG on a playoff team in New York is irrational. It just is.

    1. Odd thing about the Knicks season, Linsanity onward. No Anthony, Lin blows up. Anthony returns, both struggle but over-all do okay. No Lin, Anthony blows up.

      Anthony and Lin should be able to play off each other, and got together for some pretty plays last season, but they still need to figure it out.

    2. Someone has to reply to Unknown's absurd as usual comments:
      - of course Kevin Durant will get the max his next contract allows, it still doesn't resolve the fact that Lin is someone Unknown has never seen before ever and someone Unknown backwards penalizes Lin for using past prejudice to somehow use as proof of his talent
      - Carmelo is not a leader. You can put up his total career minutes but he was sub500 as a Knick, admitted tanking to get D'Antoni fired, and there is plenty of bedroom evidence that he's lazy and the next Vibce Carter instead of a champion

    3. If Lin wants to be a key part of a play-off team next season, no doubt that's the Knicks.

      But it's not all bad with the Rockets. Lin, Scola, and Martin could do some things. Beyond that, hard to say what the Rockets plan is.

    4. Dwight Howard wants to play with an established star PG like Chris Paul or Deron Williams ... he made that very clear, and those were his demands.

      Either Lin performs at an championship MVP level, or the Knicks make a move to get Chris Paul. Those are the only things that will bring Howard to New York.

    5. Wow..someone has some serious Carmelo Anthony goggles on. Did you know CA has a career playoff .419 FG percentage? Did you know that he makes more than Lebron James. Since he does, why don't we compare the two in terms of PER (player efficiency ranking):

      LJ- 2009 PER at 31.76 (1st), 2010 PER at 31.19 (1st), 2009 PER at 27.34 (1st), 30.80 PER (1st)

      CA- 2009 PER at 19.09 (33rd), 2010 PER at 22.29 (13th), 2011 at 21.82 (16th), 2012 at 21.15 (28th).

      He is hardly an elite player and is a second tier star in the NBA- that stats show it. Check the PERs out for CP, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, will be blown away.

      BTW, Jlin would do great in Houston. If Howard goes to Houston, he is more of a defensive/rebounding force, but he is somewhat limited offensively. He does pass the ball and is not a black hole like Anthony/ISO-Woody ball. Lin will have a coach/management that truly believes in him (as mentioned before in this forum), and a system tailored and built around him offensively. I prefer he goes to Houston rather than the terrible chemistry of the current Knicks.

    6. unknown, dude, why are you so hung up on Melo? Your tiresome rant in defense of him makes me wanna throw up already. Seriously, this is a Lin site. And seriously Melo sucked everywhere he's been up until Lin came along. He had plenty of talented teammates in Denver and he couldnt do jack. Lin had second rated talent and he won and won with or without Melo. Got the whole world supporting him. Do you feel your voice is so small that you keep repeating the same thing? Go to a pro Melo site. Deep down inside i think you think Lin is pretty awesome. He's like the common man. Everybody can relate to him. As for Melo, not everyone can relate to him because he has the entitlement complex. As in "i am entitled to play only when i want to so I can get my coach fired." Who in their right mind can root for that?

    7. It's Hater Unknown again (groan).

      C'mon, let's just FIGHT instead of pretending not to. You hate us here because most of us are Asian American like Lin.

      You keep coming after us, we'll keep coming to you. Deron Williams starting with Jeremy Lin in the Knicks backcourt. NYAH NYAH.

      We dislike you almost as much as you dislike us.

  26. "I'd have loved to have had Ray Allen instead of Kidd for the same price."

    So who is the backup PG in that scenario? The Knicks have Smith and Shumpert to play SG. Granted, they lose Landry Fields at SG, but they lose Baron Davis and (hopefully) Mike Bibby at PG. Signing 37 year old Ray Allen to be in a SG rotation with Smith and Shumpert is not more conducive to building a winning team than is signing 39 year old Jason Kidd to back up Lin.

    As for Kidd injuring Lin ... come on, do you honestly believe that it was personal or something? That Kidd did it because he just plain doesn't like Lin? Please. Kidd did to Lin what he's done to hundreds of other guys in the NBA, is no different from the pounding that everybody else gave Lin, and is what Lin himself is going to have to add to his game and learn to do to other players if he wants to be a future Hall of Famer like Kidd. It is part of the game, which is why there will be no "awkwardness."

    Look, the Knicks were going to sign a backup PG, OK? They weren't going through next season with Lin, Toney Douglas and nobody else. If you can name a better available backup PG for the Knicks situation than Kidd, go ahead and try. Let's hear it.

    1. "Look, the Knicks were going to sign a backup PG, OK? They weren't going through next season with Lin, Toney Douglas and nobody else. If you can name a better available backup PG for the Knicks situation than Kidd, go ahead and try. Let's hear it."

      Pablo Prigioni !!! Sign him NOW Grunwald !!!

    2. The problem is that the Knicks didn't just want to sign a backup for Lin. They went out of their way to chase Nash not as a backup but as their starting PG. Not until Nash said no to them, they signed Kidd. This just shows plain disrespect and distrust to Lin as a starting PG.

  27. Good analysis on JLin's game:

    Seems not biased and fair.

  28. Let me add one more thing. I heard during radio talk shows, many Afro-Americans argue that if JLin were not an Asian, he would not be getting all the attention. Yeah, that's true, but are you telling me that many Afro-Americans were not following the career of Jackie Robinson when he became the first Afro-American professional baseball player? That's how many Asian-American viewers feel about JLin. Let's say he turns out to be just a decent NBA player, Asian-Americans would still follow his games.

    My mom voted for Barack Obama mainly because she understood how hard it must have been for Obama to have made it this far in the American politics. Afro-Americans and Asian-Americans should be more sympathetic to each other's history, because in some sense, they had to endure a lot of discrimination to arrive where they are.

    People should listen to the below radio talk show:

    1. Lin being Asian-American is partly why he gets that much attention. But I think people who only use the Asian card aren't critical thinkers. It's quite obvious the #1 reason why Lin got that much attention is because it was in NY. People also forget that Kobe Bryant, although flashy and had talent, in his second year was voted onto the All-Star team as the youngest player ever and he didn't even start on his own team. That comes to show how much a big market can help boost a player's profile. It's no coincidence that even Kobe's agent and Adidas wanted him in LA from the start.

      If the same thing to Lin or any other player with the same background story with the Lakers, he would have gotten just as much attention. People seem to forget that not only was he in the biggest market, but the Knicks were playing horrible and were almost out of the playoffs. Also he was doing it at times without their star player Melo. Switch Lin with Jimmer Fredette, it might be even bigger.

      Just a lot of jealous people.

  29. By the way, I admire Malcolm X more than Martin Luther King. If I were an Afro-American living back then, I probably would have looked up to Malcolm X more than Martin Luther King. Of course, the history will honor MLK more than Malcolm X, but to me, Malcolm X deserves to be remembered and recognized more.

  30. I just read about nba free agent rules. If the knicks match the Houston Rockets offer sheet, Jeremy Lin has to go play for the knicks. the whole 4 years, depend on the contract.

    same situation as eric gordon in no.

    that sux.

  31. Jeremy Lin's story is a great story because it has broken down stereotypes for ALL minorities. I know that there are a lot of educated, intelligent black americans who are rooting for Jeremy Lin just as I did when Obama was elected as the first black president. The media and society have created a perception of black Americans as being great athletes, singers, dancers, and thugs, but what being a doctor or a lawyer? Jeremy Lin's story tells us that race can be transcended if you are persistent enough and believe in yourself. This is why I am a huge Lin fan....his story gives people hope.

  32. I perfer Lin goes to Houston. Here is one good article:
    "Jeremy Lin should seriously consider joining Houston Rockets over NY Knicks"

    "If the Knicks bring Lin back, we find out if Mike Woodson will give No. 17 the ball happily and voluntarily and see if he can make the Knicks better in Woodson’s system, even though you mostly describe Woody’s system this way: Throw Melo the damn ball.
    Everybody expects the Knicks to match the Rockets’ offer. But you look at the whole thing sometimes, and not just from the team’s perspective, and ask yourself one last question about Jeremy Lin and the unselfish way he clearly likes to play basketball:
    If the Harvard man could make his own decision about the business of basketball, not his own marketing, what does he think the smartest play is for him?"

    Read more:

    1. It's ride or die with Melo and within 3 seasons if Melo is still playing iso Melo, and it's already proven he can't win that way, most of NY will be requesting him to be traded. Frankly I want to see it play out. As good as Lin is, he can't do it by himself and Melo can't either. I think as long as Lin keeps improving, he'll be productive no matter what. When he played at Harvard, he didn't only play SG because that was the only position he could play, but also out of team necessity. They needed Lin's scoring. If Lin isn't scoring the ball, he'll create and make his teammates better. He can also focus on the defensive end and if Mike Woodson holds true to his word, then Lin will most likely be in his plans long term.

  33. I think all the Jeremy Lin fans in nyc want him to stay with the knicks, and all the other fans want Jeremy to go to Houston.

    If Jeremy Lin stay in nyc, he have to deal with mike woodson halfcourt offense with melo iso ball. Melo wants the last shot, and now Jason Kidd wants to play in the last 6 minutes of the game. a lot of drama there.

    Houston need a pg now without lowry and dragic. Houston need a star. Jeremy can be linsanity 2.0 there with kevin mchale pick n roll offense. Houston has a lot of young player and can built around Jeremy.

    Houston can be Jeremy team.

    1. In a subtle and twisted way, Jeremy Lin is probably more likely to have NY become "his team" than Hou.

      The Rockets have quality team players on the roster. Jeremy Lin would walk onto that solid Houston team and fit right in as their new team leader. But he'd also end up distributing the ball more than shooting it. So while Lin would enjoy a Tim Duncan-like efficiency that we diehard NBA fans would appreciate, he's going to not do anything spectacular because the Rockets won't need him to. Then the "We miss Goran and Kyle" nonsense would start.

      New York, on the other hand, will always be a dysfunctional team no matter who they add to the roster. They are "loaded" - with attitude problems and inconsistent play. Jeremy Lin was thrown into that mix last year and stabilized it, which is something only an All Star can do. And if the Knicks re sign him, Lin will have to be even better next year since he doesn't have Landry Fields at SG or even Iman Shumpert who is injured. It doesn't even matter if Coach Woodson benches Lin because Woodson will (re)discover that Lin is the only player on the Knicks that can make his gameplan work on either end of the court.

      So this is how it shapes up: Mild mannered Lin in Houston since guys can play, fire breathing Lin in New York since guys can't.

      I personally prefer Lin in Hou since I'm a basketball purist that can recognize when a guy is playing well even if he's not appearing to do much, but New York now needs Lin to do more than ever.

    2. I agree the Rockets can offer Lin a Linsanity-like setting. It's easy to predict Dragic's success last season with the Rockets would translate to Lin. Scola and Lin playing off each other would be fun to watch.

      However, what you view as cons with the Knicks - Woodson's offense, Anthony as centerpiece, and the addition of Kidd - I view as pros for Lin at this point of his career.

      I don't think Lin is a finished product yet. Lin's PG skillset is underdeveloped and the Knicks situation will push him to develop it. I believe he has the innate PG talent to do it.

      I'm not surprised Dragic moved on from the Rockets to take Nash's place in the Suns' similar offense. The question is whether Dragic can run the point for any other offense. The same question could be asked of Nash, except Nash honed his craft with the Mavs before he rejoined the Suns.

      I agree if Lin goes to the Rockets now, he's joining a team that will ask him to play to his strengths. He would achieve success and acclaim that would gratify his fans.

      On the Knicks, Lin will struggle some at first while he's pushed to develop areas of his game that are now relative weaknesses. His fans will worry about him. But Lin's strengths will still shine and he will hone his craft. I believe Lin has the talent to pick it up quickly, moreso with Kidd in his ear.

      With the Rockets, Lin may well achieve quicker results and find faster individual acclaim. If Lin was 28 and already in his prime, I'd say he should go to the Rockets. But a 23, I think Lin should follow Nash's Mavs example, hone his craft with the Knicks, and become a well-rounded NBA PG.

    3. K, the PG in a pick-and-roll offense normally shoots more.

    4. I agree the "clumsy" fit of the Knicks team will lead to breakdowns that will lead to more iso's. Anthony can't take all of them. The ball will find Lin and then he'll get to do this thing. If the defense is weighted to Anthony, Lin will hurt defenses caught in rotation.

    5. As usual, you completely misunderstand my thinking.

      Woodson's offense is an ideal fit for the Knicks, contrary to what you erroneously assume me to believe. And since I already consider Lin a complete starting NBA pg eho can flourish in any NBA system, I actually feel that Lin would be a superb guard in NY. Besides, Kidd gives the Knicks the second ballhandler that Lin never had last year, which will cut down on Lin's turnovers.

      Jeremy Lin will be surrounded by shooters in Houston, unlike in NY. Those guys need shots and touches. What you don't understand about he NBA is that the PG is not necessarily the first or even best option in a pick and roll offense. Chris Duhon started for Mike DAntoni and his main role was feeding guys. A guy like Lin is going to find the open man, not necessarily shoot it hinself. And Houston has some guys that can SCORE that Lin will be sacrificing his own offense for.

      I am laughing out loud and shaking my head at your notion that Lin is not "well rounded". I am not a stats geek because they only reaffirm what true observers of the game can blatantly see with the naked eye, but it seems to me that Lin scores more, steals more, blocks more, assists more, rebounds more, and handles more than your supposedly more polished boy Goran Dragic. Lin turns over more, but at about the same rate as your ultimate PG Steve Nash. So I find your "well rounded" criticism to be hypocritical and flat out WRONG.

      Lin is a fine NBA starter who isn't perfect. Then again, no NBA player ever has been.

    6. K, I was responding to Deejay.

      The base of the pick-and-roll is the ball-handler, usually the PG, and the roll man drawing the defense. It is designed to open shots on the perimeter by drawing help, but it can't open those shots if the defense can lay off the pick-and-roll and/or the ball-handler has trouble reading and reacting to the defense.

      At minimum, the PG has to be a scoring threat. How does a PG establish himself as a scoring threat? Lin showed how during Linsanity. Lin's a natural instinctive scorer. If he's the Rockets PG, he's going to shoot. Dragic did.

      It's fine for Lin fans to believe Lin is fully developed as a PG. As long as Lin doesn't feel the same way, he'll be fine.

    7. No player in the history of the NBA has ever been "fully developed".

      Lin has the swagger of a dominant player who thinks he's unstoppable. That's what it takes to play on the NBA.

      Mchale, when he was coaching the Timberwolves, said that his PG's job is to get the ball upcourt but then get into the offense like any other player. Besides, NBA offenses change for each team.because of changing personnel.

      Trams don't defend Dragic with the Jordan Rules like they do Lin. That's because they are content with letting the less capable Dragic beat them if he can. It's not the case for Lin who is so dangerous that he is shadowed with or without the ball. Besides, it is impossible to extrapolate any player's success against another's.

      I am OK with you responding to DeeJay and not me. I still don't believe Woodson and the Knicks WANT Lin, which is not the same as NEEDING Lin. If the Knicks match, then Jeremy Lin plays.

    8. The Knicks need Lin alright.

      The Knicks want Lin as a prime talent and for his added marketing value, but they also want an accomplished veteran PG. The last 2 seasons with the "clumsy" Anthony and Stoudemire pairing and the chaos at PG last season showed conclusively the Knicks need a strong PG to function.

      Lin is learning on the job to be the PG the Knicks need. As a win-now team, they need him to grow into the role quickly. Anthony is the centerpiece and lightning rod, but the team will only go as far as the PG takes it.

  34. A few observations to add to the pile:

    A top Lin strength is running the break. Fastbreaks originate from defense. The Knicks play better defense than the Rockets. Anthony may jog back on defense and halfcourt sets when he's not motivated, but even an unmotivated Anthony likes his fastbreak buckets.

    Even assuming Woodson doesn't run plays for Lin, I'm not convinced that Iso-Melo would sideline Lin as a scorer. Based on Woodson's Iso-Joe teams with Mike Bibby and Jamal Crawford, Anthony's teams with Miller, Iverson, and Billups, and the 7 games Lin played under Woodson with Anthony, Lin should get a fair number of shots. Not a Linsanity number, but still a good number. No doubt Anthony will shoot a lot as he has his entire career, but Anthony can't take every shot. When defenses force the ball from his hands, he'll kick it out, and the ball will usually find its way to the best perimeter scorer. On the Knicks, that's Lin. The addition of Kidd makes it more likely Lin will end up with the ball. Lin catching the ball against a defense rotating off of Anthony is a dangerous Lin.

    That's just Lin as an outlet. Lin is the team's primary ball-handler. (Unlike Iso-Joe, Anthony is not comfortable as a primary ball-handler compared to Johnson.) A natural scorer like Lin with the ball in his hands, in any offense, will score.

    1. Add: If the Knicks run plays for Chandler and Stoudamire to score, that means the pick-and-roll and that means Lin.

  35. There's no chance the Rockets will sign Jeremy Lin this off-season. If they had Kyle Lowry, I think they would have had a better chance if they did a sign and trade w/ New York.

    If the Rockets trade Lowry and Chandler Parsons for Lin, at least the Knicks can get something instead of nothing in return. But the Rockets did not choose to go this route, instead trying to outbid the Knicks, which won't work.

    It's easier to trade than to try to take things by "force".

    1. Rockets did not try to outbid, actually the offer greatly favored the Nyk. [& Morey's not stupid to egg himself twice, there's got to be some pay-off for them down the road.]

  36. People like to single out Lin's game against Heat on 2/23 to discredit him.

    So I go to to gather some stats of other "famous" point guards who also played against Heat this past season.

    Except for CP3, I don't see (veteran) Nash/D-Will's performance was any better, and Lin is virtually only a rookie.

    Steve Nash (Years Pro: 16)
    3/20/12: 34 minutes, 9 points, 7 TO

    Deron Williams (Years Pro: 7)
    1/7/12: 39 minutes, 10 points, 5 TO
    3/6/12: 26 minutes, 16 points, 3 TO

    Chris Paul (Years Pro: 7)
    1/11/12: 45 minutes, 27 points, 1 TO

    Jeremy Lin (Years Pro: 2)
    2/23/12: 34 minutes, 8 points, 8 TO

    1. I go to other forums and point out that Chalmers has had 200+ games as a starter vs. Lin's 25, and has reached 30 pts only once (last year). I'd make the comparison after Lin's 200th game as a starter.

  37. As long as Jeremy Lin can play for a winning team, and get decent starter minutes. We should be happy for him. Any talk of a championship this season is unrealistic. Houston, NY, Dallas and Toronto are far from that goal. I just want to see Jeremy Lin play. We don't know what the future holds down the road.

    YES! Another 100 COMMENT thread.

  38. In my opinion I would rather see jlin with the Knicks but what ever they choose for him that is it anyways I wish him the best of luck the thing that I'm proud about is that he had played with the NY team


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