Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lin Sweeps Awards and More

  • Jeremy also has reportedly hired a new agent, Jim Tanner. In a classy move, he will retain Roger Montgomery in some fashion. Montgomery is a solid guy and did a nice job with Jeremy up until this point. However, he doesn't have the experience or the bandwidth needed for a budding mega star like Jeremy. Some of Tanner's current players include Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, and Ray Allen:  Jeremy Lin Hires Williams & Connolly as Agent - Businessweek


  1. Awesome quote from the Bleacher Report article: "Linsanity isn't a person, it's a movement." =)

    I'm sure that when Lin was entering the league, there probably weren't too many agents that were even returning his calls. So Roger Montgomery definitely deserves some reward for helping Jeremy get to where he is today.

    But of course, now that Linsanity has become what it is, he needs an agency with experience with international deals. Looking at Jim Tanner's client list, I was amused to see that it was pretty much "first team NBA nice guys": Grant Hill, Tim Duncan, Shane Battier, Ray Allen. So Lin will fit right in. =)

  2. Seriously, when was the last time you saw Tim Duncan, Grant Hill, Shane Battier, or Ray Allen featured in a commercial? Do any of them have a signature shoe ? Tanner is a Washington D.C. law firm trying to double as a talent agency.

    Jeremy needs a big time star agent, who can land him $100 million endorsement deals, get him onto the red carpet events, and fight for more media spotlight. He has so much marketing potential, and is the only athlete who not over-hyped, but under promoted.

    Lin should sign with CAA (Creative Artists Agency) they manage mega star athletes like Shaun White, Lebron, Derek Jeter, David Beckham, Ronaldo, etc. They also manage Hollywood's biggest actors, musicians, studios, etc. Tie-ins are important in the media world.

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  3. Lin didn't choose CAA probably because they don't share the same value with him or they just have too many mega star athlete clients.

    Both Melo and Woodson are clients of CAA. Besides, Isaiah Thomas (close friend of Knicks owner Dolan)and some Knicks consultant have a good relationship with CAA. Remember that Woodson signed with CAA because Dolan asked him to fire his last agent.

    At this moment when Lin is about to negotiate a contract with the Knicks, Tanner seems to be a better choice to serve his best interest.