Monday, June 18, 2012

JLin News

Jeremy on SF ProAm Roster. Did anyone see him at the game tonight?

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JLin ranked #15 overall and #3 point guard in Hoopshype free agent rankings. Can you explain to me why he is behind Lou Williams?

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Lin and Lee out to dinner,  David picked up the tab:



  1. I think the Pro-Am listing was placed way before Lin was selected to be in the Olympics Team USA select team, and before his exhibition trip to China. Doesn't look like he'll have any time to play for the South Bay.

  2. At the risk of sounding condescending, it is common sense that Lin won't be playing anywhere until he signs a new contract. I don't get how people can overlook that. He probably won't even play for the Select team if a deal doesn't get done (unlikely) before they practice vs. Team USA. So, with all the training he intends on doing and the promotional tour in Asia, my guess is Lin might play the Pro-Ams in August, if he plays at all.

    1. Good point. Free agency opens on July 1 and the Select Team training begins on July 5.

      The Knicks offer will be immediate, so Lin could be under contract by the time Team USA gathers. But some darkhorse may delay Lin's contract by promising the backloaded contract needed to force the Knicks hand on Lin.

      Even without a contract, Lin may elect to train with the Select Team under the premise that he would be training with basketball activities regardless and the Select Team is an exceptional training opportunity.

  3. My question is can Jeremy Lin be as good as Deron Williams?

    Barring injuries, I see no reason why Lin cannot become as good a player as Williams.

    By the way, I find it hard to watch Deron Williams illegally palming the ball almost every time he takes a dribble. If he wasn't a "superstar", he'd get called for that illegal dribble. Little kids who dribble like that in recreation leagues aren't allowed to palm the ball the way Deron Williams does.

    1. Deron Williams is more of a scorer, always looking for his own shot first. In international competitions he's usually a shooting guard. He has a better jumper than JLin at this point in their careers. Defensively, Lin is better on ball defender. He's also a better team player who won't put himself before the coach or team.

    2. D-Will has got some wicked crossovers.

    3. D-Will has a killer pull-up jumper, just like Tony Parker, which makes them a triple (Drive, shoot, pass) threat in transition.

      I wish that Jeremy can develop a reliable pull up jumper so that he can stretch the defense and blow by defenders.

    4. I think Lin has a pull up jumper when he goes right, but not to his left.

      Lin's crossover looks good too, and he doesn't illegally palm the ball the way Deron Williams does.

      I personally believe that Lin's knee injury was the main reason we didn't see these moves much after the All Star Break.