Friday, June 15, 2012

Jeremy Lin Speaking At Coach Diepenbrock Basketball Camp

Jeremy Lin speaking at the Diepenbrock Basketball Camp. Pete Diepenbrock was Jeremy's high school coach at Palo Alto High where they won a state championship.  Jeremy comes back to camp as he is very loyal to his coach.  Sorry but the audio isn't good.

Here are some of the questions(we missed the beginning of questions):

Who is your favorite teammate?

Jeremy said there are 4 favorite teammates on Knicks: Landry, Tyson, Steve Novak and Jared Jeffries.

What is your favorite shot?
Dribbling with left hand and pulling up for jumper.


  1. What was he talking about? Does anyone know?

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  3. A kid asked who Is ur favorite player to play with:

    4 way tie: Landry, Tyson, Novak, jared

  4. Notice he didn't say Melo....