Thursday, June 21, 2012

1 is 2 Many and Steph a Believer

Jeremy joins some big names in this public service announcement:

Steph saw Jeremy everyday in practice and worked out with Jeremy a bit this past summer so he  should be a believer:

I missed my calling as a photographer. @StephenCurry30 over @... on Twitpic

Steph Curry, Lin's ex-teammate, a believer - Knicks Blog - ESPN New York


  1. Steph has always been a believer in Lin. This was Steph's tweet the day Lin was waived from the Warriors:

    "to my man @jlin7…can't say it enough man your work ethic and skills are gonna pick you right back up…keep the faith bro and keep ya head up"

  2. Looks like Erik Spoelstra became the first Asian-American and Filipino-American head coach to win a NBA championship. We'll see if and the rest of the Jeremy Lin fan club is going to count him.

  3. You should never hit a woman, ever.. Unless, she continues to talk/talk/talk and the only other option to terminate this problem is a back handed pimp slap right across the face.. Look, I have never hit a woman in my life ever and I know some guys who are abused by woman but there's no video for that one right??? You want to keep your woman in check??? Treat her as if how you want to be treated, show some love and respect and maybe you won't cross that line...

  4. That public service announcement would have been more credible if they didn't have scum politicians like Barack Obama and Joseph Biden in it.

    It's funny these two politicos are pontificating about the "abuse of power" and "ending the violence" when they are guilty of these things in ways much worse than domestic abuse.

    Including politicians in a PSA is like giving Jason Kidd the NBA Sportsmanship Award.

  5. Hey, woman can pinch really hard and pull your hair. Does that count as a physical abuse also? :) Unknown? Count him as what? Of course Spoelstra is the first Asian-American and Filipino-American head coach to win a NBA championship. He sure out-coached Scott Brooks who couldn't or wouldn't make any adjustments. I believe OKC had physical ability to win the series; their coach just made them play the same way.

  6. OKC lost because Kevin Durant needs to do more than be a face up dribble drive scorer.

    Durant can learn from Lebron James about posting up and playing with his back to the basket. I like what Lebron has done with his post game.

    Also, this was OKC's first trip to the Finals. Their inexperience showed in their rushed shots and blown defensive rotations. OKC would play good defense in a possession but then would get beaten by the extra pass. Next season they'll play defense for the full possession.

    I don't blame Scott Brooks for being outcoached. If he can't run postups because his players lack back to the basket skills and can't get his guys to stop rushing shits with 20 seconds left on the shot clock or can't get his guys to play defense for a full 24 seconds, that merely puts him in the same boat as Spoelstra who wrestled with the same problems with the Heat last year.

    I look forward to seeing Jeremy Lin going against OKC and Miami.

    1. edit: "shots". I really meant "shots!"

      i think i just made things worse

  7. Big news! Knicks are granted Lin's Early-Bird Rights which means if they stay under the luxury tax, they will have the FULL MLE available to them and can offer other free agents like Nash, Kidd, etc that MLE.