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What Does The Future Hold for JLin?

JLin Season Recap:

JLin's Future In New York?

NY Knicks' Jeremy Lin says future in New York 'isn't set in stone' as Steve Nash rumors fly - NY Daily News

Jeremy Lin, Mike Woodson among Knicks' unsettled offseason issues - Sam Amick -

Back to the bay?

Could Jeremy Lin come back to the Bay?

Where would you like to see Jeremy end up next season? I'm actually hoping he ends up with a team like the Toronto Raptors, where he'll be the main star and where he'll shine bright. None of this 6th man, backup non-sense talk. This guy is a star and will be a true superstar very soon. If he is allowed to run a team next season, like say the Raptors, Trailblazers, or Phoenix (if Nash leaves), he'll be a shoe in All-Star. If JLin stays in NY, he'll still be fine but he'll just have to deal with Melo and Woodson who'll hold his numbers down.


  1. When Lin signed with GS way back when, my dream was to have Lin at PG and Curry at SG. That would have been amazing. It would still be amazing.

    But Golden State, its management and its (diehard) fans are so incredibly numb-skulled, I don't ever want Jeremy to go back there again. Ever.

    Brooklyn, Phoenix or Toronto would be my Top 3 choices (in that order).

    Nets have the ideal pieces and location. Phoenix has that incredible medical staff. And the large Asian market in Toronto means Jeremy would be the unquestioned #1 Franchise Player for as long as he was healthy and productive.

  2. Well Raptors, Blazers or Suns aren't exactly good long term situations either. Raptors just have bad management like forever. Blazers is definitely a no no. Whoever goes there seems to always get injuried. And the Suns have a very cheap owner. Even Lin becomes as good as Nash there but he will probably never be surrounded by enough talent to win it all like Nash.

    An ideal situation should be an organization with a great owner and management who are committed to winning. It's also important to have unselfish teammates whose skills complement Lin's. Dallas (if they can't get Deron) or LA Lakers (if they let go of Sessions) will probably be the best. Lin can play with Dirk or Kobe for a few years and then take over the leadership role when they retire.

    1. I said Brooklyn, not Blazers!

      And if Lin were on the Suns and Raptors, the amount of revenue he would bring in would allow them to spend more and build around him. They don't spend now because they have no financial reason to.

      JL could thrive in LA (despite the egos) or Dallas, but it would be better for Lin and the sports world if he could build something special from the ground up. Not just join an existing "empire."

    2. You meant the Brooklyn who traded a lottory team for an expiring Gerald Wallace? No no no. Their management is even worse than the Knicks and Raptors.

      If Lin is smart, he should go to a team who really appreciate his bball skills and is committed to winning and also has a good enough front office to put together a winning team, not some dreadful clubs with bad owner or management, also not those who only want to use him as a circus cash cow rather than a real bball star.

      Anyway, I think our discussion is moot though. As a poster here said, Lin's loyalty will probably get the best of him, again. He will most likely stay at NY no matter how bad the situation here is.

    3. Sorry, I meant lottory pick, not lottory team.

    4. Cara is right about Brooklyn's ineptness.

      As far as winning goes, the Nets are screwing it up with their most important free agent. No, I am not talking about Deron Williams.

      Kris Humphries is the man I'm talking about. He is the lone anchor of the Nets frontcourt. I consider him Tyson Chandler-lite. Humphries is a PLAYER, and the Nets should have signed him to a multiyear deal.

      Losing Humphries will hurt the Nets more than losing Deron Williams will, as far as winning and losing goes.

      Kris Humphries would be a SUPERB future teammate of Jeremy Lin. Humphries would be the enforcer that prevents opponents from collectig injury bounties on Lin.

    5. Plus, JLin and Kris Humphries could go on double dates with the Kardashian sisters!

      Or maybe not. ;-)

    6. Kris Humphries will DEFINITELY be Jlin's enforcer if a Kardashian tries to date Lin!

    7. JLin and Humphries need to run some tag-team "Pick and Roll plays" with the Kardashian sisters--if you know what I mean.

  3. hahaha. woodson states lin doesn't have the full time starting gig... and so many of you wanted lin to risk his entire future to come back against the heat while his knee still prohibits him from reaching the rim? yeah. no.

    1. I know..whats up with that (woodson)? Who else does he got om this team? I would ve said based on what Lin has done he deserves to be the starting point guard, however competition is always good. On this team no one is guarranteed a position. He have to earn it.

  4. Did you guys read Jeremy's latest take on his free agency? Apparently "nothing is cast in stone". He said he's had discussion already about it with the Knicks management, presumably he's starting to get the feeling that perhaps the Knicks isn't the best place for him. The Nash rumors are gathering strength but even if those don't pan out, I think Jeremy realises that the Knicks will always be on the look out for someone 'better'. That's not the kind of pressure he should have to live with. And perhaps the Knicks aren't keen in offering him the entire MLE because they want some of it for Nash or whoever else they're interested in this weekend. Add that with Woodson probably being extended, Melo-ball being the order of the day and Stoudemire publicly stating his preference for Nash as a team-mate and I think Jeremy is beginning to look at his other options.

    It seems to be a give than the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors will make offers for him. And I think both teams will offer him a long term, backloaded deal. And quite frankly, I think he should take either offer.

    He'll not only be given free rein to operate as he does best (i.e. Linsanity) but those organisations would be committed to Jeremy as top players. That, more than anything is what he needs, security and confidence in his abilities. The Knicks will not give him that. Not to mention he deserves the MLE, unquestionably. My preference would be for him to go the Nets, that franchise is ripe for a fresh start and who better than Lin to reinvograte them? We all saw what he did with an already established team, suddenly "scrubs" and role players were playing like superstars. I think Jeremy will always have that effect on his team-mates.

    Imagine this, D'Antoni hired at the Brooklyn Mets, Novak and Jeffries lured away and join Jeremy on the team. That's half the core of Linsanity already. Really think this could work.

    Hope Jeremy thinks long and hard about a future with the Knicks. It's not looking very bright right now and I'd rather he take a chance and try and shine elsewhere than to be marginalised and constantly questioned on the Knicks

  5. I think there's too much drama and instability in NY. Sure, it's the biggest media market, which will translate to more fame and endorsement deals. But my personal favorite for Lin is still Dallas. And the upside of Dallas is that he won't get assaulted by Jason Kidd.

    1. "But my personal favorite for Lin is still Dallas. And the upside of Dallas is that he won't get assaulted by Jason Kidd."


      Don't forget. Jason "Wife Beater" Kidd was a proud recipient of the NBA's (cough, cough) Sportsmanship Award this year!

  6. OMG i freaked out when i read this article

    "Because he is of Chinese and Taiwanese descent, Lin could be a candidate to play for one of those national teams. He said both nations have reached out to him before. While China will play in the Olympics, Lin doesn't know if it's possible he could join that team in London."

    "Probably after the season, we'll talk," Lin said regarding Chinese officials. "They'll come, if they want, they'll come and talk and I'll look at everything and make a decision."

    All along i thought this harvard kid is a freaking smart dude but the things he said in the past few days have backlash against him. Why would he said he's 85% when he admitted himself he can't jump and touch the rim.

    If he ever decide to play for China, surely he would lose a lot of love from the asian american community, americans in general and surely the taiwanese. he will have to live with the tag "chinaman" above his head. (fyi i'm chinese)

    I really don't know if he is just too innocent and naive or he had other ambitions. I hope it's the former and he needs to learn what not to say in public as people might have the wrong perception.

    1. I say TO HECK WITH public perception.

      Lin should play where he wants when he wants. It is his life.

      If I were Lin, I would gauge my ability to be selected for the US Olympic team. He doesn't have a Select Team invite, nor is anybody even talking about it. Besides, there is a "pipeline" of players ahead of Lin that has "paid their dues" even though the unproven Anthony Davis is being selected ahead of NBA veterans like Roy Hibbert, DeMarcus Cousins, Spencer Hawes, and other young centers around the league.

      Chris Kaman played for Germany. A few people criticized his decision, but it was that or NEVER play in the Olympics.
      Jeremy Lin and a lot of other NBA players have the same problem, especially since Jerry Colangelo and Mike Kryzewski are in charge of USA Basketball. Since when did Colangelo prove he was a guru of international basketball?

      So if Lin gets a Chinese offer, he should listen hard. Same with Stephon Marbury who is a hero in China and Public Enemy #1 in America. A Lin and Marbury backcourt would be interesting in FIBA.

      I say let Lin play for the national team that will have him. Hopefully it is the US team.

      By the way, I would love to make a US superteam of the best international pros coached by longtime FIBA legend David Blatt. I openly wonder how such a team would do against any USA Basketball team that is sent into international competition.

    2. I seem to recall reading somewhere that Mike D'Antoni is one of the US Olympic team coaches : would he have any say in player selection? It'd be interesting to see him coach Melo again though, if he's indeed an Olympic coach. Does anyone know?

    3. Here is why Jeremy Lin will not play for team china in the Olympics :
      He would have to forgo his natural US citizenship and become a Chinese citizen. Since china do not recognize dual citizenships, he can't be an American citizen any more. So yeah if he wants to play for the nba and live in US I don't think he would be stupid enough to do that

    4. You just been fool by the media again it's been cut paste

  7. Dallas is my first choices
    Last time the owner offer Lin a spot to play in the summer league hope they know more about Lin value now

  8. Lin's loyalty always gets the best of him. He rejected counter offers to play for his hometown Warriors. Now Warriors cut him and NY gave him a chance he would probably want to stay in NY so he can be close to his brother in NY.

    1. You are Jeremy Lin. 3 teams give you offers.

      1) Team One says that they want you to play yout entire rookie season in the D league with zero chance for an NBA callup. Team one also has at least 5 veteran guards in the rotation with guaranteed contracts.

      2) Team Two has D league players manning the backcourt rotations and an owner who has followed you since high school. Plus their two main guards are injury prone.

      3) Team Three has a backcourt with two veteran NBA starters and a respected backup PG who hardly plays because the minutes aren't there. Plus Team Three has an established rotation that has been in place for years.

      Which team would you pick?

    2. If I were Jeremy Lin, I would pick (2). Yay!

    3. I wouldn't be surprised if Lin goes back to the Warriors to come off the bench for Steph Curry. Even though that team neglected his development and kicked him to the curb.... Jeremy said he really misses his Bay area Chinese church. He watches their sermons online and doesn't want to switch to a new church. Hmmmmmm.....

    4. as loyal as he is, harvard won't be that stupid.

  9. Toronto would be a very good landing spot for JLin, especially if they amnesty Calderon. He could be a critical building block of that team with Andrea Bargnani.

    I know a lot of American NBA players just love to hate on Toronto and Canada in general, but Toronto would be good fit for Lin culturally speaking and fanwise.

    Canada in general is more supportive of multiculturalism than America with its official assimilationist Melting Pot dogma.

    So Lin would probably be more appreciated by Canadian fans (see the fan reception during the Knicks/Raptors game in Toronto) than Americans, many of whom have been spouting racist vitriol against Lin since his college playing days.


    that stupid smith is talking again,
    ". Smith notes he’d choose Steve Nash, an unrestricted free agent, and Goran Dragic, a restricted free agent, before making Lin the starting point guard."


    1. The stuff that comes out of him is unbelievably stupid. I mean, what makes a "franchise caliber point guard" anyway? Someone like Derek Fisher?! I say let Smith have all the rope he wants to hang himself, everyone now knows he has an agenda against Jeremy, an axe to grind, so readers like me will automatically discount or ignore whatever he says, not just about jeremy but everything else because he has amply proven his stupidity.

    2. Who cares what Stephen A says. Both Dragic and Lin are starters.

      I would choose Dragic to start over Lin at this point though simply because he is a bit more seasoned. But I have no doubt that Lin will be the better player down the line, and in a very short time for that matter.

    3. Stephen A is a sad story and doesn't even know he is a racist.

      You look at how he comments on Tebow and Lin and it's always "That's not enough. African-Americans had to overcome much more"

      It always has to be about the skin color with him, what's wrong with hard work and being a good role model to be successful no matter if you're blue or green?


    4. Lin is incomparably better than Dragic to me right now.

      Thus I'd start Lin and have Dragic as his backup.

    5. Dragic's 20+ games at the end of the season was phenomenal, averaging 18+pts 8+asts with 3TO's. I think he's got Lin by a hair right now but not for long.

    6. Lin's historic start that was marred by Carmelo Anthony's attitude problems was far more impressive to me.

      Lin went on his first winning streak with a depleted Knick team, unlike Dragic. Lin's 2nd winning streak happened with several blowouts, also unlike Dragic.

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  12. I like how Jeremy responded diplomatically with "nothing is set in stone" during the Season Recap interview to counter Woodson's remark of "Jeremy is absolutely coming back next season".

    Jeremy still expressed the desire to come back to NY but at the same time realizing NBA is business and nothing is official until the new contract is written. Noone can dispute that so he's loyal but he'll listen to offers. Now he gives more hope for those NBA teams to pitch their bids and sweeten the pot for Jeremy :)

    If I were Jeremy, I would consider these factors in the off-season:

    1. Focus on rehab and strengthen his body to withstand the rigor of NBA season

    If you noticed in the video, Jeremy mentioned learning about the imbalance in his body contributing to his injury. So he knows about this already.

    I would talk to Phoenix Medical Staff like A-Rod did to learn about kinesiology, paleo diet (no processed sugar), physiology, functional anatomy concept, etc. In a nutshell, the Suns aim to ensure that a weakness in one area does not compromise other parts of the body, causing other injury.(i.e. see the anecdote when Channing Frye’s butt cheek muscle caused his shots to misfire). I would also consider talking to Tim Grover (Michael Jordan fitness trainer) to learn the secrets of Attack Athletics philosophy to get stronger, faster, fitter.

    2. Decline any Olympics/National Team offer

    The main focus is to rehab and rebuild his body to prevent chronic injury.

    Why add unnecessary stress to the body being practice player for the US National team or main featured player for China/Taiwan? And create more controversy questioning Jeremy's loyalty and the severity of Jeremy's current injury? Just say you're honored but politely decline due to injury recuperation. Otherwise you can't help much anyway. There are times to say NO and this year is one of them. Perhaps in 1-2 years when his body and skills matured

    3. Listen to the pro vs cons of long-term plans of 6 or more NBA teams pursuing him

    I would work with Jeremy’s agent to provide hints and soundbites to the media of what the highest priority for Jeremy:
    - Long-term PG-centric position (Phoenix Suns)
    - Long-term health of NBA career (Phoenix Suns)
    - Big marketability, with emphasis to Asian countries (NY, Lakers and Toronto)
    - Etc.

    Jeremy should defer talking directly to the media about this and let his agent be the main advisor of the business side so there is no media perception that he is all about greed and star power.

    But he has to think long-term about what's best for his long-term career and most importantly where God wants him to serve.

    It's possible that God wants Jeremy to smooth the dysfunction of Melo and Amare in NY and make them work as a team. Now that in itself would be a miracle!

    God Speed, Jeremy!

  13. If the Nets don't resign DWills, then they may be in the best position and have the most need for JLin. With no superstars left on the team, they can offer JLin a back-loaded contract, which the Knicks won't be able to match.

    5 Mil for first two years as max MLE, then two more years at 14 Mil.

    JLin will be a draw for the Nets help them create a worldwide brand. JLin gets to stay in NYC, with it's large Asian-american population and media center.

    The Nets are moving to a new arena and have a billionaire owner with unlimited funds. They also will have the cap space to sign players that will play team ball.

    I just heard an interview with JLin where he stated the NBA "is a business", when asked if he was returning to the Knicks next year.

    The Knicks will be Melo's team for the foreseeable future and I do not see him being able to lead them to a championship (even with JLin on the team).

  14. You look at Denver team without any so-called "super-stars", all running and taking it to LA Lakers. That should show Knicks that a team where the ball gets passed around and anyone can shoot is a potent team. I really enjoyed watching Denver take it to Lakers. I am convinced more than ever after watching the Denver team take it to Lakers that the Knicks way of playing will not carry them far into playoffs. And I rather have 4 or 5 good players rather than one super-star. To me, Melo is a great offensive player but is nowhere near the caliber of LeBron or Wade or Durant or Dirk, if you know what I mean. Heck, I wouldn't even call Melo a franchise player.


    2. The Denver team is also known as the 2010 New York Knicks + rookie.

    3. Im a Laker fan but I love how Denver plays sans Carmelo and JR Smith with their current group of guys. Afflalo, faried, and Danilo some of my favorite guys in the NBA. Danilo surprised me by how tough he s become. I Just love afflalo. These guys are so tough and have an all around versatile game. And Ty Lawson makes them go. They are the rising stars after Oklahoma. All they need is a dependable scorer, like Paul pierce. Yeah NY and Denver swapped identity. NY came up short. George Karl lucked out and his health probably improved since Melo left. Swallow that Stephen A.

  15. Don't believe the rumors about Amar'e wanting Nash in NYC. Check out the actual questions asked and full context of STAT's quote. I created a full transcript from the video of the Amar'e interview (including all the qualifiers in the questions) and you can decide yourself at

    1. Thanks for the full transcript. It's amazing how words can be totally taken out of context!

  16. I was looking to see if Lin's return to the Knicks is a guarantee if they use their entire MLE (5 mill). According to the link below it is NOT a guarantee even IF Knicks use full MLE. Intresting if true, it cites at least 6 teams willing to test NY's resolve on a high multi year deal. Link below but here's the beef of JLin info:
    Larry Coon's CBAFAQ:
    So the wrinkle gets a little sillier, especially if a team with cap space makes a big cap space type offer. According to Larry Coon’s CBAFAQ, Lin’s maximum offer can be constructed like this:

    If a team that is $9 million under the cap… [and] wants to submit a four-year offer sheet, and wants to provide a large raise in the third season, they can offer a total of $36 million over four years. The first-year salary is limited to the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level exception, or $5 million. The second-year salary will be $5.225 million (4.5% raise). This leaves $25.775 million to be distributed over the final two seasons of the contract, with a 4.1% raise from year three to year four. So the entire contract looks like this:

    Season – Salary – Notes

    1 – $5,000,000 – Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level amount for 2011-12

    2 – $5,225,000 – 4.5% raise over season 1

    3 – $12,628,613 – This is the amount that yields $25.775 million over the final two seasons with a 4.1% raise

    4 – $13,146,387 – Raise is 4.1% of season 3 salary

    Total – $36,000,000 – Average is $9 million, which equals the team’s cap room

    For the team making this offer, this contract would count for $9.0 million (i.e., the average salary in the contract) of team salary in each of the four seasons if they sign the player. If the player’s prior team matches the offer and keeps the player, then the actual salary in each season counts as team salary. The player’s original team is allowed to use any available exception (e.g., the Non-Taxpayer Mid-Level or the Early Bird) to match the offer.

    ** END**

  17. is there a deadline for matching an offer? i hope this gets resolved soon for Jeremy's sake. honestly i'd rather see him in a younger team with some solid backup veterans. playing in between superstar duds is just going to hold him back.

  18. What do you guys think about a reunion with D'Antoni in Orlando which has been recently rumored? They definitely need a faster PG to replace Jameer.

  19. This blog post is also very instructive about the options the Knicks have:

    1. A really good logical argument to use MLE for Jeremy over Nash if the Knicks is not foolishly thinking short-term.

      Also showing Melo's fragile psyche if he does not have the ball. From his recent comments, I don't think he's going to grow up anytime soon to play more team-ball the way Jordan did to win championships when he kept losing to the Pistons in the early 90s. They guy is too talented for his own good!

  20. Anyone listening to Stephen A.'s comments about Jeremy Lin in ESPN podcast?

    Do you guys agree with is opinion about jeremy lin?

    I got really made when he said that if Knicks got Goran Dragic that he should start over JLin. Are you kidding me?!?!?!

    1. Stephen A. Smith is ESPN's resident Black Bigot. His hostility towards Lin is driven by Black chauvinism not some "objective" analysis of his skills.

      Racist Black bigots like Smith have a hard time dealing with the idea that an Asian guy can compete in what is thought to be a Black dominated sport.

    2. Did you hear Jared Jeffries defending Jeremy against SAS? Jared is a great teammate.

  21. Typical strategy to avoid sounding like a hated.... "I don't hate Lin .... But so and so (white guy) is better." "I don't hate Lin but Yao Ming was the best Asian player." Nevermind that Dragic will never sign for the midlevel exception and will command at least 10 million per.

    For the Knicks its either Lin or a veteran pg at the end of his career.

    1. screamin a smith is indeed a racist. he just recently accused pacman of steroid use again, and is always on his knees sucking on chickenweather and praising him, ignoring the fact chickenweather has been ducking pacman for years.

  22. fuck off pos j lin site lin will stay in nY
    i bet ur just from canda well o f urself no one likes canada.. jk i like it but i dont prefer hockey or their other sports teams