Saturday, May 12, 2012

Linsanity In Photos

Interesting to see in these pictures, Jeremy constantly getting whacked in the head. Also, Woodson and Jeremy never look happy together:

Knicks Now - Relive the Season in Photos: Linsanity


  1. Off topic but will we see Jeremy get a 2nd chance with the warriors next year? With Ellis out and curry injury prone, the warriors are looking thin in the backcourt.

    Other possible teams:

    Raptors - helped sell raptors tickets everytime Knicks played there.

    Bobcats: MJ needs help and he needs it now. Jeremy is a player who makes all players on the court better which is what they desperately need.

    Clippers: looks like Jeremy and Blake got along very well in the all star weekend, while Chris paul does not look like he enjoys playing with Blake. Interestingly, CP looks like he would fit in better with melo and stat. and this team IS in LA...... Sounds like a great fit for Jeremy.

    Those are the most likely teams to pursue Jeremy. You can forget the lakers, nets, Houston,bc he won't mesh very well with Kobe, or play in cross town rival in ny, and rockets seem to be focused on other things.

    1. Lin isn't going anywhere. He is going to get the $5 million exception. The Knicks are going to use their veteran exception on J.R. Smith, and they are going to use the rest of the money that they have available to pursue a veteran PG to compete with Lin (in order to make him better, not to take his spot).

      Lin is better off being a key piece for a contender than being the #1 guy on a terrible team. Incidentally, if you think that Chris Paul, a score first PG, would fit in better with Melo and Stoudemire, let me just say that I disagree with you, and I wonder how you would justify the logic of that. And I am certain that Chris Paul didn't find going to the 2nd round of the NBA playoffs after all those years going nowhere with the Hornets enoyable in the least, and is just DYING to get out of that situation. Right?

    2. Lin being the centerpiece on a bad team will mean that team won't stay bad for long.

      I can see Chris Paul fitting in better with Stoudemire and Anthony than Lin can. The simple reason is that CP is a "superstar" that Woodson really respects and who can yell at Stat and Melo without incurring a team mutiny. But in terms of actual basketball production, I agree that CP3 or any other All Star PG would not necessarily produce more than Lin does.

      I do not feel that the Knicks are a lock to keep Jeremy Lin. If some team offers him that backloaded contract, he will likely take it in order to ensure his long term NBA survival. I'll go so far to say that I expect him to be playing for another team next season.

    3. Khuang knows what's goin on here. Is everyone aware the Knicks have 9 free agents this summer? Melo, stat, and chandler have sucked up all the salary cap space and management is forced to fill the rest of the team with minimum salary scrubs... Meanin that Jeremy is too expensive go the Knicks to retain( assuming te Knicks want to keep chandler stat melo combo) the backend contract for Jeremy is the deal breaker that the Knicks will not afford to match bc they need some bench depth and can only afford to pay minimum scrub players. This is a huge problem for the Knicks bc Linsanity increased the value of all of te bench players such as Novak fields Jerome Jordan jeffries, making it hard for the Knicks to retain them again. Bottom line, Knicks can't afford Jeremy if they retain the 3 money guys and Jeremy prob prefers to play elsewhere that has more potential.

  2. jeremy apparently starts losing much for a good christian idol...guess it's tough to keep your christian faith with so much temptation in new york...

    1. Going to a club and having a drink does not equal losing his Christian faith. Unless he's out getting wildly drunk all the time. We wouldn't know that anyway, so relax. :)

    2. agree. having a drink does not equal to losing Christian faith...

      besides, considering that could be their "last day" being team members (clear lockers), jlin went out with the buddies n drank till 4am was really no big deal...

      and if JLin really did something WILD / BAD ... i am sure the "Sources" or "Onlookers" will let Post/Daily knows.. =P

    3. I don't like the tone of the Post article or the people judging. What's with the unprovoked schadenfreude? Jeremy, if he chooses to can party with the best of them. He proclaims his faith b/c that's what he believes in. So what? I'm not religious, but let his pastor or his God judge his behavior. Sending off the year with teammates who will scatter to the winds - wow, that's scandalous. He's sitting with pretty girls - wow, that's scandalous. Wait until his wife finds out... wait...

    4. I don't like the tone of the Post article or the people judging. What's with the unprovoked schadenfreude? Jeremy, if he chooses to can party with the best of them. He proclaims his faith b/c that's what he believes in. So what? I'm not religious, but let his pastor or his God judge his behavior. Sending off the year with teammates who will scatter to the winds - wow, that's scandalous. He's sitting with pretty girls - wow, that's scandalous. Wait until his wife finds out... wait...

    5. If Jeremy Lin had ex ABA coach Slick Leonard as his coach, Slick would've paid for the drinks.

      If Jeremy Lin had ex ABA coach Babe McCarthy as his coach, Babe would've paid for the women.

    6. Strange enough though unlike the earlier gossip which was supported by photo, this time round there isn't any photos? The club hopping stretched on for hours yet no "onlookers" curious enough to snap photos? Hmm...

      In any case, Jeremy has to be more careful with this sort of outings in future. As a christian myself, I wouldn't judge Jeremy just based on this "a couple of drinks with teammates on a night out", but many of his haters may take the opportunity to blow things out of proportion...

    7. Let the haters blow things out of proportion.

      Those guys hate Lin whether he's drinking or not. So trying to placate them is a total waste of time.

      So Jeremy Lin was seen as acting a bit tipsy. If I had a incredible season like his, I'd be tipsy from just looking at myself in the mirror!

      I don't know about other people, but I act STUPID around beautiful women. I don't need any alcohol to embarrass myself in front of them.

      Jeremy Lin may have had his last outing with his Knick teammates, especially if he gets signed by some team like Toronto.

    8. Isn't it very typical for them wanting to hang out with their friends as long as they can on the day they clear their lockers, and at the same time wondering if they will go separate ways next season? If that's the case, that's understandable.

      I think people expect Lin to live like a saint, at 4am, he should be a good mama boy sleeping in bed, or if he can't sleep on such a day, he should be reading bible. That's a constant struggle for a Christian. People think, as a Christian, you should do this, you should not do that, which is exactly what the bible says they only see "the splinter" in others' eyes, and don't see "the beam" in their own eyes.

      Still I have some things that I don't understand:
      1. isn't that alcohol is not good for a body/knee in recovery from surgery?

      2. these young men should know perfectly well that they are famous public figures now, especially when Jeremy is with them, and they will definitely stir up some gossip, why would they want to go to those public places? Were they just trying to be like regular people, going to regular hangout places? If that's the case, it's understandable. But then again, they are not regular people like us any more.

    9. 1. Jeremy Lin isn't going to delay his rehab by enjoying one night of controlled supervised partying with his work colleagues. Imbibing a few drinks that one night won't have any nasty effect, provided he doesn't do the "Arvydas Sabonis" who messed up his knee in Europe after a wild night of partying. Not did Lin get so drunk like Sabonis did in the 1992 Olympics that Sabonis was unable to stand on the medal platform with the Lithuanian National Team.

      2. "Famous public figures" are still people. They should have the right to go out on the town like the rest of us do. As long as they're not getting shot at the way Julius Hodge was when he was playing for the Nuggets, that's cool.

    10. Hanging out with friends is great. We all love to do that. That's completely understandable. After they've been through together through the whole up-and-down seasons, even I would want to get together with a few Lin fans to talk about Linsanity the whole night.

      But it's really painful to see article like this:
      to ridicule our beloved players.

      BTW, KHuang, I'd like to thank you for your postings, I really enjoy all of them.

    11. You're welcome, HY.

      I think that Jeremy Lin has shocked the world by being something that the Asian hating media cannot comprehend: a NORMAL GUY.

      If it weren't about race, the headlines woukd read like this: "Knick players spotted at a nightclub. Harrelson, Fields, Lin, and Jordan enjoyed a normal night out".

    12. EH - Even one of my Christian friends went a little wild during a work trip recently. Not interested in bashing anyone here but Christians are still human too. They can (and will) party as much as anyone else.

    13. "jeremy lin":

      You don't know much about Christianity I see. Evangelical and fundamentalist Baptists (see Tim Tebow) and Pentecostals are the ones that are opposed to drinking alcohol. Jeremy Lin is a Calvinist, which is like a Presbyterian. Presbyterians are not opposed to social drinking, and even use real wine in communion, as do Episcopalians. (Calvinist Southern Baptists also often see nothing wrong with social drinking, though they don't use wine in communion.)

      Your simplistic, stereotypical and negative view of Christians makes me believe that you aren't one yourself. Plenty of people into the Christian rap music scene - of which Jeremy Lin appreciates - use the club scene in their evangelism. In doing so, they show that it is possible to go to a bar and nightclub and take a drink or two without getting sloppy drunk, and it is possible to be in the social company of and making conversation with attractive young ladies without leering at, groping and attempting to bed them. That is a great way to show that being a born-again Christian is DIFFERENT from being unsaved, because Jesus Christ living in you gives you the power to resist temptation. It is the type of witness to how Jesus Christ changes your life that is much more difficult to exhibit if you live the lifestyle that is more associated with Christian fundamentalism.

      You have to forget: Lin is a more cosmopolitan sort. He went to Harvard, not Bob Jones University. Let's not forget: the apostle Paul was both a religious Jew AND a Roman citizen who was very well knowledgeable of Greek philosophy, in contrast with Peter whose entire world was Judaism. Paul's more varied background allowed him to be much more comfortable in both circles.

      You are exhibiting a narrow-minded thinking that is not present in the Bible at all sir.

    14. There are many shades of Christians. My father is a pastor and my brother is a lay leader in his church. I have seen both mature through life and understand that there is more to life than to judge others. They lead lives they aspire to and hope others follow. I do not have the same beliefs as my family, but respect them as I believe they respect me. Jeremy is a GOOD Christian from what I know about him. I can say that without being one and I respect him for it.

    15. I personally am morally outraged and shocked that JLin was in a nightclub drinking alcohol and talking with women in tight-fitting dresses!

      Next thing you know we'll hear reports that Jeremy has been inviting supermodels to his Manhattan bachelor pad for nightly marathon "Bible study" sessions.

      What would Tebow think?


    16. yeah he should be doing bible study with tebow and pacquiao not with sexy hot girls, that will be very distracting. oh well its fun to be young and oh so famous.

    17. The bible does not say

      Also, being a Christian doesn't make you better than others. As a Christian myself, the bible clearly states that people become Christians through grace- its a gift. We merely accept God's Love and providing his one and only son Jesus to us. That's it.

      The bible DID tell us about having self-control and not indulging in drunkness..orgies? lol etc.
      So as long as he's not getting crunk 5 days/week I see no biggie- Than again, NO ONE can judge. Only GOD can.

  3. Second photo and there's Woodson. Apparently he's a prominent of Linsanity.

  4. JLin is a wild man!

    He's gonna be on TMZ every night partying with Jay-Z and Beyonce and sexing up super models like Tom Brady does!

    This is another aspect of JLin's "game" that he's going to be working on this summer:

    Jeremy Lin, babe magnet.

    Jeremy Lin fan poster: ‘I want you LINside me’

    Hey Girl, It’s Jeremy Lin

    1. Just no Kim Kardashian, OK?

      If Jeremy Lin joins the Nets, Kris Humphries will protect Lin from Kim. So will Kanye West, provided that he doesn't get both Humphries and Lin kicked off the team.

    2. why not kim kardashian? you don't want sloppy 5ths, 6ths, 7ths, 8ths, 9ths, and 10ths?

    3. OK OK!

      I have the solution:

      Jeremy Lin and Kris Humphries date the same girl. According to Kris in an interview, her name is SPALDING!

  5. OMG, an Asian American man is a BABE MAGNET and PARTY ANIMAL???

    How this be? Stop thine fluttering heart! Bust out dem tabloids! Send in the nerd police after Lin even though a white teammate (Harrelson) and a black teammate (Jordan) were doing the exact same thing. All legal, too.

    Not all Asian American males are unattractive nerds with no sex appeal and no fun. Indeed Jeremy Lin is one of the most "influential people in the world".

    And I don't want to see any racist movie starring a nonAsian like Tom Cruise starring as Jeremy Lin, like that stupid movie producer suggested.

    1. Haha, I know what you mean.

      Lin might be the only person in the world for whom partying is an important and "noble" endeavor.

      That is, he can shatter even more stereotypes. Yes, he's Asian. Yes, he went to Harvard. Yes, he's a great basketball player. Yes, he does lots of community service work.

      But he still likes to party with friends and hot women. He's not gonna turn into some sleaze-ball like Ben Roethlisberger, so I'm totally fine with it...even a little proud, ha.

  6. Happy Mothers Day everybody ! Let's take the time to appreciate how our mother guides us through life.

  7. Lin and Woodson can despise each other for all I care, so long as Woodson keeps putting the ball in Lin's hands to win games like he did in that must-win against Philadelphia when Lin was A) playing hurt and B) struggling with his offense the entire game. Woodson was under no obligation whatsoever to do so. He could have put the ball in the hands of Melo or J.R. Smith and no one would have complained win or lose. There were a lot of moments like that during the season, and the folks who keep playing up the "Woodson vs. Lin" angle just ignore it.

  8. Lin didn't have the skill sets to score in Woodson's system. Carmelo can pass him the ball, but only if he can hit 3-pointers or cut to the basket. JLin doesn't do that stuff very well ... he does better slashing to the basket off the dribble.

    I think that he should work on that in the offseason, outside shooting and moving without the ball.

    1. The way the Knicks were winning with Woodson and an injured Lin, there was no need to hit 3s or cut to the basket!

      Lin does not have to be a perfect player to succeed in Woodson's system. And from what we've all seen, Lin doesn't even have to be totally healthy to excel either!

  9. Pretty interesting comparison of BAM scores between Lin and elite guards Rose, Wall and Irving(see Lin's "start speed" was the highest and even higher than Usain Bolt's. The question is how the knee injury impacts that first step quickness that is way off the charts.

  10. Just curious prediction: when will Jeremy have a formal girlfriend? Is it much more difficult now for him to meet girls that he likes mentioned in his interview with Rachel? With all the girls throw themselves on him, the right girl he is seeking may shy away from him, the super-star? Those girls throw themselves to Lin, are they prepared to have a 'low maintainese' life?

    Maybe his home church has some good candidates?

  11. In the previous thread, Eric brought up the concept of alpha males.

    I'll say this with absolute certainty: Mike Woodson is no alpha male, but Jeremy Lin is. And that's the fundamental root of their disconnect.

    Keep in mind that Mike Woodson can be a fabulous coach for Jeremy Lin provided that he doesn't try to limit Lin's inborn gift of taking care of his teammates.

    Woodson would be wise to learn from Gregg Popovich who knows he's NOT an alpha male and thus allows alpha male Tim Duncan to provide opportunities for his far less talented teammates.

    Similarly, Lin eventually can learn from Duncan how to subvert his own personal glory to elevate the play of his teammates. But now is not the time for that. Lin needs to attack and establish himself as a star in the NBA.

    1. Khuang, Gregg Poppovich is without a doubt an alfa male. He was an ex Air Force guy who s always been a leader with a tight ship. I dont know about Tim Duncan. He may be. But because he s military, he understands the team concept and anybody who doesn't buy in to that is either not wanted or shipped out.

    2. Put an alpha in charge of a beta and the alpha exerts his will in a quiet dominating way that lets the beta feel safe and strong. Think of Duncan (a) and Parker/Ginobili (b) or Lin (a) and all the players on the Knicks (b) especially in the 4th quarter of games when Lin takes over.

      When you have a beta in charge of an alpha, mayhem erupts. The beta constantly tries to exert his will while tge alpha quietly takes it in order not to disrupt the peace. Think of how Popovich (b) is always pulling stunts on Tim Duncan (a) or how Woodson (b) is always finding ways to exert his imaginary control over Lin (a).

      When you have two betas who are trying to take charge, they either get along perfectly or they fight constantly. Examples of battling betas are Shaq/Kobe (both betas) or Carmelo/Stoudemire (both betas). Examples of harmonious betas are Woodson/Anthony or Popovich/Bowen.

      When there are two alphas in charge, they work together and quietly take turns being in the lead. This includes Lin/Chandler or Kidd/Nowitzki. For player coach pairings, examples of that are Auerbach/Russell, Magic/Riley, and Lin/Musselman.

      Just because Popovich is a military officer and the coach of the Spurs does not mean that he is a born alpha male. Like Mike Woodson and all the other coaches that learned from the biggest coaching beta of all time in Larry Brown, Popovich just cannot resist taking shots at his own team in order to reaffirm his authority in his own mind.

      When I see Popovich, I can't shake the image of a little beta dog barking constantly at a sleepy eyed big dog that just wants to keep the peace. Or I think of my own dog that flits around my neighbor's smaller dog but is quickly.put in her place when the neighbor's dog growls.

    3. Correction: Tyson Chandler is an alpha male in personality even though he doesn't quite have enough offensive skills to be the true basketball alpha the way Lin is.

      On the court Chandler is a beta, off the court he is an alpha.

    4. I dont think Poppovich barks like a beta, like a Larry Brown. Hes more on par with Phil Jackson. By all accounts hes allowed Tim Duncan to provide inputs. I dont recall them having any disagreements or major issues. There s definitely mutual respect going on otherwise the relationship would nt last as long as it has. Pulling stunts is different from barking. However he is the coach so hes allowed the privelege to do both. But he doesnt go overboard with any of that stuff. Your take is different from mine.

    5. Oh, Popovich BARKS AND BARKS AND BARKS.

      Tony Parker is his primary target. Tim Duncan is next.

      Popovich is well known around the NBA for his screamathons. He has looked like Munch's "The Scream" before he even had Tim Duncan.

      Tim Duncan PERMITS Popovich to do all of his Larry Brown stunts. If Duncan rebelled, Popovich would suddenly be a retiree.

  12. I hope this blog stays basketball-related and doesn't become TMZ.

    Just sayin'

  13. I wonder how Lin will be greeted by his Chinese fans when he goes on his Volvo car promotion tour ....

    Will they embrace him as one of their own ? Or will they view him as a foreigner like Stephon Marbury, T-Mac, etc. ?

    His overseas marketing appeal will decide his contract with the Knicks or any team.

    1. I think they'll embrace him as one of their own. In the 2011 offseason, Lin played a few games for the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) club Dongguan Leopards at the ABA Club Championship in Guangzhou where he was named the MVP of the tournament. Besides, He has good relationship with Yao Ming and it's easy for Chinese basketball fans to consider Lin as successor of Yao in NBA.

    2. I don't think they will consider Lin as successor of Yao in NBA.
      Lin will encounter mixed response in China, he has group of fans but he also has group of haters due to the complexity of his background

  14. I am sure the mainland Chinese will greet him as one their own . Jeremy's grandma has been supporting a Chinese school for more than a decade, people appreciate their love for the Chinese people.

    I would think people from Taiwan may have mixed feeling. Some people only consider Lin is Taiwanese descent, not Chinese descent .

    I hope people won't press jeremy to answer questions Taiwanese or Chinese, I like his identification Asian American

    I think he should avoid questions such as joining Chinese team for Olympic in Taiwan

    On one hand Taiwanese love him to death on the other hand their feeling may get hurt easily