Tuesday, May 29, 2012

JLin's Summer Plans

From what's out there, here is what I believe Jeremy's overall 2012 summer schedule looks like:

June - Train in Bay Area
Early July - Train with Olympic Select/Olympic Team (If he signs a contract by the start date)
August - Summer Nike Tour of China and Taiwan
Sept - Back in Bay Area
Oct - Start of NBA training camp

My guess is he'll also probably train a bit in Vegas at Impact, and play pick up in L.A. and at Charity events like last year.

Also, I found the interview with Jeremy talking about winning a Gold Medal back in 2010 before he even played a game in the NBA:  Jeremy Lin #17: Gold Medal for USA?


  1. Don't forget, Jeremy is hosting a basketball camp in China starting June 2, across nine cities including Shenyang, Harbin, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Urumqi, Guangzhou and Dongguan.

    1. I don't think it's in June but I could be wrong.

  2. Yesterday, Parker of Spurs played the best PG game I saw a PG play this year. He sliced and diced OKC to its slow death. Beautiful to watch. OKC has to let Durant take more shots if it wants to win.

    I was reminded again, how more effective JLin can play if he develops a better jump shots; just driving to basket is not going to be the answer. The way he kept on dribbling, always in control -- without many turn-overs -- beautiful to watch, such clean cuts and penetrations. Just being able to run his team like that is something that sadly JLin will not be able to do in Knicks organization saddled with an owner without too much basketball knowledge, an organization lacking in commitment to a clearly-defined system, i.e., Pacers, and wanna-be super stars.

  3. And don't forget the most important off-season activity that JLin has planned:

    June-Sept: Special private "Bible study" sessions with an assortment of fetching young ladies in Cali. ;-)

  4. Tony Parker is good because he has good players around him who can set screens and hit open shots when needed. If you put him on the Sacramento Kings or Charlotte Bobcats, with no real supporting cast ... you will see a definite plunge in his numbers and games won.

    Basketball is a team sport ... the point guard is only one component of the team. He needs good players around him.

  5. That is one reason he will not be able to shine in the Knicks organization -- that's what I am saying. For this reason alone, I don't expect JLin to achieve great stats or playoff success (in terms of Knicks going far in playoffs) in the Knicks organization.

  6. The June 13 hearing on Lin's Bird rights will be big. Don't know if it's necessary for him to return to NYC to attend the hearing.

    Same reaction here watching the Spurs this post-season: Lin would be a good fit in Parker's role. Lin's PG instincts are better than Parker's, although Parker is a better ball-handler.

    The Spurs offense is fun to watch, like a souped up Euro offense with a core group of smart players and coach that, like the top Euro teams, have developed together over years.

    Keep in mind that at the same point in Parker's career where Lin is now, Parker was not the player that Parker is now. For the 1st part of his career, there were doubts that Parker should be the Spurs PG. If the Spurs had signed Kidd, Parker would have been the Spurs SG or 3rd guard. Parker's natural game has matured, he's disciplined, and his judgement is better, but he's still not a conventional PG. Neither is Lin yet, but Lin's potential to develop as a PG is higher than Parker's.

    As far as the Knicks play-off prospects, it's hard to judge off this season. Entering the play-offs, the Knicks could have beaten every other team in the East. The Heat were the only bad match-up. The losses of Lin, then Shumpert and Davis eviscerated their backcourt when it already had been established conclusively that Anthony is not a point forward.

    I look forward to seeing Anthony and Lin develop chemistry with a full healthy season together. Their chemistry didn't gel this past season, but there were flashes that the two could become a dynamic duo under Woodson.

    Lin can be a star playing with Anthony and for Woodson. I agree, though, that for the Hall of Fame level heights of Linsanity to be reborn, Lin needs to be the centerpiece of a team with full freedom and full control of the ball, like he had under D'Antoni before Anthony returned from his groin injury.

    The biggest foreseeable problem with the Knicks next season is not the Anthony-Woodson-Lin dynamic, but rather the increasingly gimpy Stoudamire. He's gumming up the works. Stourdamire looks like a product of the D'Antoni system more than anyone else, doesn't fit with Anthony and Chandler, and his unreliable offensive production is compensating less and less for his always-poor defense and average-at-best rebounding.

    We're also being optimistic and assuming Lin's knee issues aren't chronic.

    1. What's this conventional PG talk? Sorry, but the "conventional PG" is a thing of the past. There are very few left. You have to be able to score to last in the NBA as a "PG" these days. The conventional PG's, by and large, do not make it. Parker is doing just fine and Lin isn't that far off.

    2. Well yeah. If Lin gets to play in the Spurs system with Parker's teammates and for Parker's coach, Lin would be fine.

  7. can you post the summer nike tour schedule? Im gonna be in China around august, might be cool to see him.

  8. I know it won't happen, but what do people think of how JLin would fit in with a team like OK Thunders? If Thunders played with a little more discipline, they would be unbeatable. Their weak point is that Westwood and Harden (and I blame their coach) do not utilize Durant as well as they should. When you have a super star like him who is a very efficient shooter he should be the first option in most situations. Knicks' sad state becomes obvious when you try to equate Anthony/Stat with Durant/Westwood who are getting paid similar amount of money, and the only thing that comes out is a snickering laugh. Really, in terms of money, Durant is worth all of the money being paid to Anthony, Stat and then some. No matter how you slice and dice it, too much of Knicks salary is tied down by these two players who do not make other players around them better. I crack up when Stat keeps on saying Knicks have one of the best front courts in NBA. Best paid front court. It's a shame that Knicks owner has no talent for judging NBA players.

    So far, during the playoffs, from what I have seen, I would place the below players in the great players to super star category using the requirement that without the player, their team would be playing for sure at a significantly lower level.

    Wade (LeBron and Wade work much better together than Durant and Westwood)
    Chris Paul

  9. David Stern wants to change the Olympic rules so that only 23 and under can play in the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro ..... Which means Jeremy will be too old to play in 2016, he will be 27 years old.

    1. I doubt that will fly with NBA players. These guys want a gold medal in their collection