Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Diepenbrock Basketball School Summer 2012

You may get a chance to see Jeremy. Whenever possible, he attends to help out the kids and to support his former High School Coach.


  1. It's gonna be kinda hard for Jeremy to attend these summer camps being a celebrity in all and living in New York??? Then again that's just me and I don't like kids...

  2. It's the NBA offseason, he's going to be spending time in New York, SF Bay Area, China, Taiwan, maybe London for the Olympics practice .... who knows ?

  3. Fields and Shumpert should do summer camp with Doc Scheppler.

    Jeremy's jumper went from 'awful' to 'solid' over the course of a summer with Doc. Meanwhile, the Knicks' starters' inability to hit 3s, really limited their offensive potential. Novak and Smith are the only threats and Smith was too streaky.

    1. Idk, Doc has never coached at the NBA level. It's different teaching kids and young teens how to shoot, and teaching a grown man how to shoot.

      Different levels, the kids use more jump because their arms are not as strong. I notice that Jeremy uses a lot more jump than he needs on his shot, which is sending the ball too far off the back rim.

    2. I disagree. Doc could have coached at the college or pro-level if he wanted. He doesn't just coach young teens. 5 young women from his 2010-11 State Championship team alone, received college scholarships.

      We'll see how Jeremy's shot looks after another summer with Doc. My guess for next season:

      47% fg
      37% 3p fg
      85% ft

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    4. ABC baller. what do call the work with Jeremy? He's not a" youth or a young teen" is he? My mother taught me it's better to be thought a fool than to be one by opening one's mouth and removing all doubt. Why don't you ask Jeremy about it

    5. His J has definitely gotten better, partly because he abandoned that "scissors kick" method he used at Harvard, and partly because he is taking open shots, instead of shooting only when the shot clock is almost over.

      But his shot is still not where it needs to be. Teams like the San Antonio Spurs and Phoenix Suns are really good at developing shooters.
      Channing Frye was a post player who only made a few 3's in his career with the Knicks, now he's one of the NBA's best marksmen right after he was traded to the Suns. They have good shooting coaches.

    6. A great shooting stroke with beautiful rhythm is a piece of artwork that is developed with years of dedicated practice. The improvement that Jeremy made in that year defies motor learning principles and is a testament to his work ethic and the progressive, methodical teaching he received. My feeling is along the lines of jlinfan#1 that he'll make incremental improvement in the coming year. Look at his last 44-47 Free throws before he got hurt. Shooters aren't built in a year, but, in this case, the facts stand out that he's on his way.

    7. I was quite surprised that Jeremy improved his FT from 75.8% in Feb to 85.1% in Mar, and since Mar12, he got 100%FT in 5 games. I wonder what made this happen.

      On the other hand, Landry's FT% is terrible. I read in some article that he also hired a shooting coach during the last off season. In spite of his efforts, his FG% & especially FT% degenerated this season. Thus, it's hard to tell if a coach can really help or not.

  4. Lin needs to shoot at least 40% from 3 in order to make up for the bad shooting of Landry, Shumpert, and Jr. Smith. Josh Harrelson is also a big man who can shoot, he will play a bigger bench role next season.

    Dragic is shooting at 40% consistently from 3, and that's whats driving his value on the FA market.

    Also Lin needs to hit the one dribble pullup shot when defenders close on him. Just like Novak does it, that's a very effective weapon.

    1. ? Dragic shot 34% from 3 this season. Maybe he shot 40% as a starter.

      Remember, it's hard to shoot when you're afraid you might upset your star player.

      By the way, the only starting pg who shot over 40% was Steph Curry (actually should play the 2), Kyrie was at .399.

      Basically, you're asking Jeremy to be a top 20 3 pt. shooter in his pseudo 2nd year and top 2 as a pg in the whole NBA. He'll eventually be close to 40% but it may take a few years. 37% would be close to top50 in the league.

    2. It's good to see you posting on your own blog, Jlinfan#1.

      To me, Jeremy Lin appears to be a fabulous set or jump shooter. Let him get a rhythm and he'll drain it over and over again over anybody, including 7 footers.

      Where teams can limit Lin is in the midrange. Teams focus on jamming Lin at the 3 point line and in the lane. That forces him to take a midrange jump shot, usually with body contact (i.e. uncalled blocking fouls).

      Lin has evidenced signs of developing his midrange floaters and finger rolls. I personally believe that those skills cannot be truly practiced in the gym but must be worked on in actual NBA games.

      When I first came on this board, I wanted Jeremy Lin to develop a half spin dribble a little like the one used by ex Michigan State star Steve Smith. I'd like to see Lin dribble toward the basket, stop while making that half pirouette while still dribbling, and then explode to the hoop or away from it. Great stars like Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan would often string together 2 or 3 of these moves in a row.

      I have faith that Lin will develop that spin dribble. Once he gets it, he'll be able to shoot his little finger roll or elevate for a fallaway turnaround jumper in a nearly uncontested fashion.

  5. Will Jeremy be playing summer league hoops at Kezar this yr.?


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