Wednesday, May 30, 2012

2010 Pre Draft Flashback

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  1. The worst rated player in the 2010 draft turned out to be the BEST.

    1. No way, that can't be! You mean that Asian kid from Harvard? He's not athletic enough but deceptively quick and can't shoot well :)

    2. Jeremy Lin didn't play very well at Portsmouth, but he played well enough that Donnie Nelson the Mavericks GM invited him to his house and signed him to a Summer League contract. So maybe it wasn't exactly his game that attracted attention back then, it was his dedication and scrapiness.

    3. Actually, Jeremy Lin played like Jeremy Lin.

      He filled up the stat sheet, played efficiently, and made a very positive impression.

    4. I thought he did well. It was just that scouts and teams already made up their mind on who he was.

    5. Yeah, they probably took one look at him and wrote down unathletic. Which leads you to wonder why the Knicks drafted Andy Rautins that year...

      Btw, the MVP of the Portsmouth tournament was Jerome Randle, also a highly scouted prospect. I wonder where is he now ? Last time I saw him was when Lin schooled him and got a triple double vs. Maine Red Claws in D-League.

  2. He made some good passes and did pretty well. I mean he certainly didn't play worse than others.

  3. Lots of Portsmouth 2010 stats here

    2nd in Steals
    4th in Assists
    6th in Field Goal Pct

  4. On a somewhat unrelated note, I need advice from everybody here.

    What is it about Anthony Davis that makes people so excited that he is going to be a future star?

    I am completely unimpressed with his game. The main value I see to him is that he's a rangy defensive player who can switch quickly on defense to cover penetrating guards. Also, I see some developing post instincts on offense from him.

    Other than that, I am simply not impressed by his game as pertains to a #1 pick. I think that he's going to get knocked around pretty hard by anybody he faces. I think he's not athletic enough to shoot over guys or establish post presence. I think that he lacks the perimeter skills to play the Kevin Durant small forward role that he envisions for himself.

    Basically I see a very good 1st year college player who needs to bulk up and work on his game. Right now, Davis looks to me like the second coming of Brandan Wright. I am expecting to have a Brandan Wright impact in his first and even 2nd season.

    So please correct me on why Davis is a better NBA prospect than I think he is. I was much higher on Jeremy Lin than I am on Anthony Davis.

    1. Not that high on him either nor am I impressed with the projected 2nd pick in Thomas Robinson.

      I believe he's going number 1 because he already a very good shot blocker and possibly have the potential to develop a nice offensive post-game. Maybe scouts are hoping that worst case he can be a Tyson Chandler type player.

    2. Ok, then it's not just me. Thanks, unknown.
      If scouts really think that Anthony Davis can be the next Camby or Chandler, they might just be right. The problem is that those guys didn't develop for a LONG time.
      One lottery prospect that looks pretty NBA worthy to me is Jeremy Lamb. I see a guy that can step in and contribute right away, though I can't project him as an All Star talent at the moment. If I were Washington, I'd take him with the 3rd pick to give John Wall some help.

      I've been criticized here for writing that I'd trade any of these 2012 picks for Jeremy Lin and other considerations. I accept that I might be foolish in feeling that way, but I just don't see any of the guys in the lottery making as much of a leaguewide impact on winning as Lin can. Maybe somebody can set me straight there too.

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    4. NBA scouts like to see size, raw talent, and athleticism ... as if the NBA is a track meet or a jumping contest. That's just the way it is, European teams emphasize teamwork and shooting the ball.
      That's why when team USA plays against international competition ... they always select a bunch of good shooters and passers. Everyone on the court needs to be able to shoot and defend the perimeter. They use guys like Elton Brand and Shane Battier as Centers.

    5. I think alot of time nba scouts are affected by what they see up close and are drawn in by the aura and hype vs. taking an objective view from afar. From afar there is nothing spectacular. From up close he seems to be a big rangy athletic intimidating guy on defense and can dunk and has good offensive moves (not great). In person he might seem super athletic. However if you look from afar you notice the passing, the movement with and without the ball, the shooting, repertoire of moves, the system, the crunch time plays, the speed, etc. From that perspective its good but not impressive like a kevin durant. But overall, in my opinion lanky guys with broad shoulders and moves well tend to do well like a durant, luol deng, ron artest, eddie gordon. Of couse they got have skills. I am not enamored by him, but I ll take him as a first pick

    6. If I were Rich Cho working for Michael Jordan, I'd draft either Jeremy Lamb or Andre Drummond (who I think may eventually become a solid NBA center) and offer Lin that backloaded contract to get him off the Knicks.

      I really think Lin can help the Bobcats not repeat as the league's worst team of all time.

    7. Khuang you seem to love lin and the bobcats. I dont know how much jordan can help him. He loves women more than teaching or running the team. I think a good teacher is hakeem olajuwon or even a kobe bryant (there are some instructional videos from him online)

    8. Nah, I don't love the Bobcats.

      I do love Jordan's basketball ability. It would be neat for Lin to receive some.pointers from Jordan.

      Also, the basketball purist in me wonders what Lin can do with the worst team in NBA history. I suspect that Lin could turn that team around.

    9. Besides, if Jordan is so worried about money then he definitely should get crowd favorite Lin to boost his franchise's earnings and value.

    10. The old saying is that "great players aren't always great teachers".

      Michael Jordan has it in him to teach. In his flight school videos, he does an amazing job of teaching scoring skills. Anybody who knows the game that well and can explain hinself that clearly is a PHENOMENAL teacher.

      The problem Michael Jordan has as a teacher is the same one most great teachers do. All of his high level teaching doesn't work on standard NBA players that can't do or grasp his concepts. Michael Jordan is singularly talented, so only a select few people can work with him. People like Jeremy Lin.

      I've been crowing for Lin to have a retired NBA star as a mentor for months. There is no better mentor for Jeremy Lin than Michael Jordan. Lin has the athleticism and intelligence to learn plenty from Jordan, his boyhood idol.

      I have no allegiance to the Bobcats, but I'd love to see Lin reaching and Jordan teaching.

    11. I agree, the NBA should have a mentorship program where NBA greats like Jordan, Kareem, Bird, Elgin Baylor, and Michael Cooper teach youngsters how to play the fundamentals of basketball.

      This will make for a better NBA product on the court and more money for the league.

    12. Yeah, but Jeremy Lin is not like any NBA player that has ever entered the league.

      If Lin and Jordan got together, Lin would attack him the way he attacked Gary Payton one summer. Jordan would start to get chippy and then the trash talking would begin. And Lin would LEARN.

      I actually think Lin would have been the only backcourt partner Jordan would have truly accepted. Lin backs down to no one, not even Michael Jordan.

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  6. in other unrelated news.

    HS Sophomore Chris Tang is transferring to Oak Hill Academy.

  7. Good news, Oak Hill is a much better program in a tougher division. Lots of college and pro scouts find players there. Let's hope Chris puts up some good numbers. Welcome to the big time.

  8. Despite the idiocy of the average sports executive, I'm still surprised no team drafted Jeremy.

    Even before Linsanity, he got some national attention and Sportscenter coverage for beating BC (two years in a row). He was on the Cousy Award shortlist and midseason Wooden award list. He destroyed UConn on ESPN. He played well at Portsmouth. Sites like DraftExpress had good things to say about him

    And from a cynical business perspective, his Asian-American Harvard Christian background should have pushed him over the edge. I mean, when you're drafting in the mid-to-late 2nd round, you're just throwing darts anyway (Pape Sy? Ryan Reid? Those guys were drafted in 2010).

    Why not take a flyer on a truly feel-good story that is no worse than any other "fringe" prospect? Such stupidity and prejudice...gah.

    1. And now the same morons who were certain that Jeremy would never make an NBA roster are the same dolts telling us that "Dragic is DEFINITELY better than Lin." Or that "Lin will OBVIOUSLY never be as good as Nash or Rondo."

      Oh well. It just makes Jeremy's success more fun and inspiring.

  9. Very disappointed Jeremy Lin DID NOT get nominated to the Teen Choice Awards 2012 ...
    nominees were: Albert Pujols, Kobe Bryant, David Beckham, Tim Tebow, and Shaun White.

    1. Most people don't even know who he is. Just give it time and they shall.

    2. Most people have heard of him and/or linsanity. Not all are fans, just like with anyone.

      Hollywood doesn't know how to promote anybody who isn't white. With the attention that Lin gets from Asia, you would think he can be a marketing gold mine for a growing consumer market. He should be at every red carpet event.

    3. And now David Robinson is holding Lin up as a bad example of why Tim Duncan isn't getting more fame.

      With all due respect to my favorite player in Duncan, the Admiral is way off base. Number one overall picks like Duncan and Robinson are supposed to dominate.

      Jeremy Lin going from unwanted waiver wire reject to elite PG status overnight is the most amazing rags to riches (couches to condos) story I have ever heard in the NBA.

      #1 picks like Robinson could not possibly understand that.

  10. Amazing display of PG skills by Rondo during playoffs. He has such a unique way of passing, stopping and freezing opponents that I don't think other PGs can copy what he does. His holding the ball in his right hand and freezing opponents is just amazing.

    1. Although I am a JLin fan, I think the way Rondo plays is so unique that he would be the most important player on almost any team. And besides, he just took it to a whole different level. I know JLin can drive to the basket and score, but Rondo's passing skill is on another level; Rondo has an uncanny ability to slow down just slightly and time his passes perfectly so that other players can shoot without breaking their rhythms. I had several "holy cow" moments watching Rondo pass. I am actually having a lot of fun watching Conference Finals, even more than when MJ was playing. I just don't see Knicks, with or without JLin, will ever beat Heat, Oklahoma or Spurs in any playoff series. That's why I want JLin to go to a team which can contend for a title (even if not next year, the year after that), because the playoffs are where the reputation is made and a star is born.

    2. I completely disagree with a viewpoint that Rondo is overrated. I guess only time will tell, although I feel that Rondo's finishing skills can improve. HIs passing skills are second to none. I am more inclined to ABC Baller's analysis below on Rondo, although I believe from what I have seen, Rondo's jump shots have improved. I think he's so good at creating good shots for others that sometimes he does not take enough of own shots.

    3. Rondo simply can't shoot, and he can't even create a shot for himself.

      Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett are three Hall of Famers who don't need anybody to create shots for them. Those guys were dominating the NBA long before Rondo was even drafted.

      I think that is great that Rajon Rondo is making the best out of being the quaternary option for the Celtics. But let's not pretend that he's a guy like Jeremy Lin who completely turned the Knicks season around all by himself.

    4. Completely disagree with your take on Rondo. From what I heard, Magic Johnson is a big fan of Rondo. He can have a huge impact on the game by his passing alone. Without him, Celtics are not going anywhere. A lot of what Rondo does do not show up in stats. When the Celtics Three Bigs say that Celtics are going only so far as Rondo takes them, you know it's true. From what I have seen, Ray Allen cannot create shots for himself.

      Since this is JLin Blog, I will stop talking about Rondo. I predict JLin's stats for the upcoming year with Knicks:

      30 to 35 minutes
      14 to 15 points on 50% shooting
      7 assists
      4 turnovers

      I have no idea how the above numbers stack up against other PGs. Anyway, I hope he will have no injury so people can now see his stats.

      JLin can finish in transition, but having observed PGs such as Parker, Paul and Rondo, I see how far JLin has to go to improve his PG dribbling, protecting the ball, etc. skills.

    5. Ray Allen has been battling injuries all season, as have Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett. A healthy Ray Allen, even as his age, needs no assistance to score.

      You are correct that Rondo has been very important this season with the injuried the Celtics have had. That said, I believe that there are a lot of guys in the NBA who can do MORE for the Celtics than Rondo is, Jeremy Lin being one of them. Only on the Celtics can an average NBA player like Rondo be an All Star due to the lack of coverage given him.

      I have been saying all along that Jeremy Lin needs backcourt help. There are no starting caliber players in the Knicks backcourt, including Iman Shumpert who is the second coming of Michael Pietrus (good defensive energy but doesn't actually get stops, can't shoot, can't dribble). The best secondary ballhandler is Carmelo Anthony and he's a post up small forward.

      There is no backcourt in the NBA weaker than the Knicks. Put a player beside Lin who can actually get the ball upcourt without a stretcher and Lin would magically look like the best PG in the entire NBA. Every other elite PG, particularly Rondo and Westbrook and Parker, have starter caliber ballhandlers on the court with them at all times and that is why teams cannot load up on them the way they do with John Wall and now Deron Williams who teams eventually figured out was out there dribbling by humself.

      I should also mention that guys like Russell Westbrook and Tony Parker and especially Rajon Rondo (drove Ray Allen and the Celtics coaching staff CRAZY because of his lack of game) were far less capable pgs than Jeremy Lin was in their 2nd years.

      The most important point guard skill is the ability to run NBA offenses and defenses. Jeremy Lin has amply demonstrated that he can run an NBA team on both ends of the court. Get him some HELP and he'll look better from not having to do other people's jobs for them out here.

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  12. Rondo is a good example of a pure point guard. He's not a shooter, has very little range on his jump shot, but he is not looking to score. But what he does best, he does consistently ... getting into the lane with penetration, pushing the ball in transition, and finding open teammates where they are most comfortable scoring.

    This is what makes him a great point guard.

    He's also a great rebounder and pesky defender with his long arms. But that's icing on the cake.

    1. Take the three Hall of Famers away from Rajon Rondo and we'd be seeing John Wall without John Wall's athleticism.

    2. It took Rondo that long to get his jump shot going for one simple reason: he lacks the talent to create his own shot.

      Rondo is not like Jeremy Lin who can stare down any single NBA defender in isolation and easily score against that defender if a double team doesn't come. Rondo relies on his more talented teammates to siphon defensive pressure away so that he can attack the gaps.

      In that sense, Rondo is the modern day Scottie Pippen: a good solid role player who doesn't have great individual skills but looks soooo much better than he really is due to Hall of Fame teammates beside him.

    3. You sure about that, #1 j?

      I know Pippen was selected to be All Everything, but I could never understand.why.

      Pippen was a guy who couldn't dribble, couldn't shoot, couldn't pass, couldn't read the court, and couldn't lead. He could rebound, and he could play defense against less athletic players. But he got lit up routinely even though he LOOKED LIKE he was stopping people.

      With Jordan beside him, Pippen attacked the gaps and was a superb secondary role player option. But once Jordan retired and teams figured out that he was a standstill player on offense, things got rough for him. Pippen's nonBulls stints with Portland and Houston when he was in.his 30s were completely pedestrian.

      The one good season Pippen had without Jordan took place because teams gave him too much respect on defense. Once people realized that they could get into him because he couldn't create off the dribble, the Bulls suffered. It's hardly surprising that Toni Kukoc (a player that could dribble) was given the last shot in that playoff game in which Pippen pouted and refused to reenter the game.

      People who are tired of Carmelo Anthony's antics have it good compared to Pippen. At least Carmelo Anthony can SCORE.

    4. Pippen led for only one season, and then he reverted to being the role player he always was.

      The following season, people had caught onto the Bulls and Pippen. It took Jordan coming back for the team to catch fire.

      Phil Jackson was the coach that drew up that last second play for Toni Kukoc. The horribly underrated Kukoc took that shot and made it. So the great Phil Jackson DID draw up the last play for the best player on the team!

      Phil Jackson is not perfect, but he knows his players. He knew that Pippen had a long history of choking in big moments, including the infamous migraine game and the failed Detroit series where he was punked out of his game. Jackson knew exactly what he was doing by removing the ball from the team's biggest crybaby.

      Carmelo Anthony has holes in his game, but he has two things that Pippen never had. First, he will take responsibility if he plays poorly and the team loses. Second, Carmelo Anthony can actually create a shot for himself.

  13. Woodson Backtracks:

    "Jeremy Lin is our starting point guard, without a doubt."

    Just like he backtracked during the regular season! I'm guessing Dolan, Grunwald and Lin's agent laid the smackdown on Woodson. Again. In which case, I'm now 100% sure Jeremy's resigning with the Knicks.

    That said, I still want Jeremy to keep his options open by signing only a one-year contract. Either that or break the Knicks' bank with a backloaded four-year deal. Nothing in-between for "the good of the team." Properly coached, the Knicks have what it takes to be a title contender. If they fail to reach that potential, they'll need to trade Melo or Amare anyway.

  14. Pippen played good defense, neutralized the other team's leading scorers so the Bulls can pull ahead. He was doing what Iman Shumpert is doing for the Knicks. Not much flashiness, but his role is very important.

    1. Pippen LOOKED like he was playing good defense.

      I remember that Bulls-Lakers series in which Pippen had to guard Magic Johnson. Everybody was raving about how Pippen was stopping Johnson. But when the boxscore came, it showed that Magic had produced at the same rate that he always had.

      Similarly, I remember when Pippen was supposed to stop Anfernee Hardaway of the Magic in a playoff game. Penny dropped over 30 on Pippen like 3 games in a row and made it look easy.

      When the Knicks played the Bulls in the playoffs, Xavier McDaniel dominated Pippen. Keep in mind that McDaniel was a hobbled washed up veteran whose best days were left in Seattle. But McDaniel got in Pippen's head and bullied him the whole series.

      Frankly, I view claims of Pippen's defensive "dominance" with the same veritas that I view NBA scouting reports of Jeremy Lin being too unathletic to play in the NBA.

  15. Thanks for asking, #1 J.

    I am a fan of Jameer Nelson. I liked him in college and with the Magic.

    My impression of Jameer Nelson in college was that he was a heads up pg who had NBA reflexes and just enough athleticism to barely survive. I figured that he'd do just fine on a team with big time athletes who were standstill shooters as opposed to slashers. That's because I always envisioned Nelson as a high passing quarterback type who could hit cutters for lobs or 3 pointers.

    My only "criticism" of Nelson is that athletically he is not a guy that can carry a team. He's not like Lin who can flourish in any system because he can get by anybody and score over anybody while being able to defend anybody. Nelson is a classic "pass first second and third" PG, which is rarer in the NBA than people realize.

    Orlando has surrounded Jameer Nelson with the shooters. But Dwight Howard or not, Orlando needs some athletic length inside. Because Jameer Nelson is one of the smartest and most traditional point guards in basketball, I would love to see him paired up with knucklehead types like Andray Blatche who are gifted in raw skills but need a guy like Nelson to direct them.

    I like Jameer Nelson's game, but he does not evoke in me the All Star feeling the way Jeremy Lin or Russell Westbrook or John Wall does. But Jameer Nelson is still a very fine PG who can help a lot of teams. I actually stated on this forum that he is the kind of mistake free pg who could blend with Carmelo and Stoudemire under Woodson. It wouldn't be as good as Lin though, as Nelson cannot physically break games open the way Lin can.