Friday, April 27, 2012

Season Ending PER Of 20.0 And More....

  • 2nd Year PER of all time great point guards as well as top point guards of today:
  1. Magic Johnson 25.7
  2. Chris Paul 22.0
  3. Jeremy Lin 20.0my Lin 20.0
  4. Isiah Thomas 18.9
  5. Derrick Rose 18.6
  6. Jason Kidd 17.8
  7. Russell Westbrook 17.8
  8. Deron Williams 17.1
  9. John Stockton 17.0
  10. Tony Parker 16.5
  11. Steve Nash 15.6
  12. Gary Payton 13.1

  • Jeremy's jersey sales rank #1 for the 2011-2012 regular season and #2 for the calender year to April:

Fandom analyzes best-selling NBA jerseys - Sports Fans, Teams, Stadiums, Page 2 - Fandom Blog - ESPN Playbook - ESPN

  • We here at predicted his jersey popularity before he even stepped on an NBA court:

  • Time 100 Gala Interview:


  1. Jersey sales might be a little skewed because it doesn't count sports stores, just online at and the NBA retail stores. But it could cut either way in terms of retail stores. But very impressive given the jersey was only available late Feb/Mar

    BTW, check out Lin's video to NYC's Stuyvesant High class of 2012: "Never let anyone tell you what you can't do."

  2. It helps when the flagship nba store is located in NYC. Especially to Anthony and Amare. But I cringe every time that the Knicks fans said Lin's famous due to NY. It sure helps a little bit but imagine if Lin had blown up in GSW, that would be way more crazy imo.

  3. Lol. Jeremy Lin trying to mention God in every sentence, "It's a blessing from God .... " idk he probably went on a Tebow-esque hyper-Christian rant but the camera cuts his interview short right after that one sentence.

    Lin is talking and behaving much differently after Tebow became famous. Copycat ? If you listen to Lin interviews when he was in Summer League, or playing for the Warriors .... He did not have to mention God or Jesus every 5 seconds.

    1. You got it wrong. Ever since Lin got to the NBA in the fall of 2010, a full year before Tebowmania, he's been mentioning his faith frequently in all his interviews. People probably just hear it more often now since his profile skyrocketed this year. (Who knows, Lin was probably mentioning his faith during college interviews too, but I wouldn't know because they didn't show his Harvard interviews on ESPN, lol.)

      As evidence, I submit this youtube parody that was posted April 2011 near the end of his rookie year. At 1:12, the poster pokes fun of Lin's frequency of mentioning God in his interviews.

      On a side note, I don't understand why people attribute "thank my Lord and Savior" and praying on one knee to Tebow. There have probably been hundreds of football players who drop to one knee and say a prayer after scoring a TD. And there have been tons of athletes before Tebow who said the "thank my Lord and Savior" in every interview. Ever heard of guys like Reggie White and Kurt Warner?

    2. I concur with you, real-dsb. Jeremy frequently mentioned his faith and his gratitude to God in all his interviews.

      Jeremy didn't imitate Teabow, Jeremy is just being his usual self in not forgetting the grace of God.

  4. Maybe it's because God wasn't so kind to him then but is more kind to him now. ;-)

  5. check this out, Knicks play-off videos:

    very touching! Through Lin, I got known the knicks teams, one by one, now I love them all! The knicks got the talents, I wish all the talented people can grow and glue together and
    win championship!

    Interesting observation, Lin's video is listed on the top.

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  7. This is slightly off topic, but here goes. I'd like to make two points:

    (1) Jeremy needs to toughen up in games when he gets hard fouled and protect himself. I hope he can learn to do this or his career will be in serious jeopardy from injury again at some point in the future. Though I don't necessarily agree with Kobe's choice of word's in this link:, I do agree with him that like Griffin, Jeremy needs to do a better job of protecting himself. Jeremy can be a great guy off the court, but he should be physically aggressive if he needs to be to put people on notice. I wish he had come back and smacked down Kidd after that vicious foul. Kidd definitely deserved it.

    When the Knicks lose to the Heat in 6 games, they will go aggressively for Jackson: If they get him, I think it might be time to look at the Knicks as a true championship contender with Jeremy leading the way.

  8. Doesn't Jeremy Lin's PER of 20 indicate that he really is a GREAT PLAYER?

    I know that Woodson calls Lin a "good but not great" PG, but I didn't agree with Woodson back then and I definitely don't agree with Woodson now.

    I also read today that the Knicks are 28-15 since Lin joined the team and 8-15 before him. The 28-15 mark ties the Miami Heat's record jn.the same time.

    I sure hope that some NBA stats geek is looking at Jeremy Lin's ELITE numbers and recognizing him as the great player he ALREADY is.

    1. People are more interested in Woodson's record and Anthony's numbers in the Woodson era these days.
      BTW, I read a little bit about Woodson's history at Atlanta. He had improving regular season record nearly every year but he probably had only one good postseason. That's pushing an eventual champions Celtics to game 7 and that's it in his 6 year tenure. A lot of Atlanta fans complained that his offense was horrible and he didn't preach ball movement and particularly had only play in him that's isolation. And his defensive scheme mainly included a lot of switching which could be horribly exposd against pick and roll. They also complained of his overuse of a bad Bibby and underutilizing and underdevloping of Teague. He only liked his PG to bring the ball up slowly and hit 3s.
      Honestly, I don't know if Woodson can improve from his stay at Atlanta. I am not sure he has it in him to win in playoffs. I won't be surprised if his coaching skills are exposed in the playoffs. I am just afraid that despite those, he already has some built in excuses of facing a Miami team and having no Lin.
      But we will see. Maybe he and Anthony have improved and can do it this time. I am just not convinced yet despite Woodson's great regular season record so far.

    2. Looks like Woodson is finally a bit exposed in game 1 vs Miami. I think how he will response and adjust in game 2 will more accurately show if he has what it takes.

  9. I stand corrected on my "sub-par writing" comment - apparently it was not Jeremy's writing, but rather the work a person whose writing expertise is seemingly confined to contracts and negotiations. For next time, I'd say let the Harvard grad do it himself.